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[Rumor] Windows 9 is one of the more discussed iterations of operating systems out there. A new report by Winbeta reveals that Windows 9 also known as ‘Threshold’ will be getting a completely new Modern UI 2.0 with a new feature called Interactive Tiles. Now because I am not very familiar with OS and mobile related sources, I am going to be tagging this one as a Rumor, even though this report looks pretty much legit to me. Windows 9 Threshold Modern UI 2.0 Live Tiles

Interactive Live Panel to Feature in Modern UI 2.0 in Microsoft Windows ‘Threshold ‘ 9

Now Windows 9 is slated for a launch in 2015 according to latest reports with a beta coming in September this year. The Start Screen has been a thorn in the side of hardcore Windows users for quite a long time and is one of the multiple reasons why 50% of the Windows sector is sticking to Windows 7. Previous reports have indicated that Microsoft  will be disabling the Start Screen by default in desktops to appease the aforementioned crowd. However, I think the same users might be open to a completely redesigned start screen. One that actually has useful features like live interactive tiles for your email etc.

You can see the Live Interactive Panel screenshot above, courtesy of winbeta once again. Now the source goes on to state that the Start Screen will not be available in Desktop version and the Mobile version won’t have desktop. Thats a very interesting statement because it means that Microsoft will be able to pursue its Unification dream without changing the aesthetics that old users love. For devices like the Surface Pro 3.0 you can always enable the Start Menu interactive start- screen-thing. The removal of the desktop will feature mostly in Windows RT devices. Interestingly Win32 applications are being replaced by Modern UI alternatives, so Microsoft is actually going through a reboot of the desktop-less windows for tablet devices. Windows ‘Threshold’ is shaping up to be either a glowing success or another failure by the looks of things. However, if you follow the old wives (programmers?) tale of the failure-success pattern of windows, Windows 9 is slated to be the platform Win7 users finally upgrade to.


As we told you earlier, Microsoft has now introduced a monthly update schedule for Windows as well. The updates will now be based on customer feedback and the whole process is quite similar to the one on Xbox One. Well, this month’s Windows update is here, as scheduled by Microsoft’s Update Tuesday, according to which there will be updates for the popular operating system every month.


Just like the Xbox One, Microsoft has announced today that it will be bringing monthly updates to Windows 8 as well. Keep in mind that update here means major updates such as new features and tweaks. Microsoft presently has an update cycle for Windows 8.1 which is known as update Tuesday. This is a monthly process through which security and non-security updates are delivered for the operating system.


Awaiting the Windows 9, Microsoft’s Windows 8.1 has become quite a fan favorite especially for those with a mouse and traditional keyboard. Albeit a large amount of Windows 7 users have been complaining since the release of Windows 8 for its lack of user friendliness and a dash of awkwardness that is usually felt maneuvering through the latest iteration of Windows. While things are expected to change with the next major Windows update in the shape of Windows 9, we are seeing some fantastic new Windows 8 themes to give your machine a completely new look. From night scenes of Budapest to icy-chill panoramas of Uppsala, Sweden and some artistic looking maps of Maryland and Alaska – you have got about everything here. Here are the links to these definitely eye-catching and quite serene Windows 8 themes. While the themes may have been advertised as Windows 8.1, you can enjoy it on any of your PCs.Windows 8 themes

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New information that has just appeared reveals interesting details about the upcoming update of Windows 8.1 and the anxiously awaited Windows 9. ZDNet tells us that the upcoming update 2 (referred to as August Update) will not be a compulsory update for the operating system and will be the last major update for Windows 8.1. Meaning the next thing we see is Windows 9 finally landing.

windows-9-availableFan Made Concept of Windows 9.

Windows 9 May be Closer than Expected – August Update to be the last Windows 8.1 Update

Interestingly, Update 1 had been tagged as a compulsory update while as Update 2 wont be. Infact, it will be a relatively minor update and will simply be referred to, as the August Update. Now the source says that there won’t be an Update 3. The only eventuality in which an update 3 is released is one in which Microsoft decides to do so just for the sake of continuity and establishing a ‘serviceability’ pattern.  In all probability however, the source alleges, we will not be seeing the Update 3 at all. Infact the next stop is Windows 9 with all the goodness of the new start menu that we have been waiting so long for.

The August Update is coming on August 12 and will land dead center on Patch Tuesday. It would appear that Microsoft will not be making a very big deal out of this particular update and it wont contain any big feature changes. Though some design adjustments will be present, there is a reason Microsoft will be tagging it as non-compulsory.  Also it will probably be pushed just as another Monthly update. Apparently, all the folks over at Microsoft will be putting their energy behind Windows Threshold/Windows 9 to make sure it is completely stream lined and bug free at launch. The source indicates that Microsoft might even cut Windows XP, Vista and especially Windows 7 Users (50% of the entire user base I might add) some kind of deal by giving them a free upgrade to Windows 9 directly. All of this, just to get the somewhat stagnant Windows loyalists to get a move on. I have a feeling however, that the only real factor in triggering a migration will be if Windows 9 truly hits home.


[Rumor] The peeps over at the posted something very interesting. Apparently they have got their hands on a rumor which suggests that the Windows 8.1 Update 2 is just a few weeks away. Allegedly the update will not contain the Star Menu Update and will come later with Windows 9 ‘Threshold’.

One of Microsoft's biggest focuses at CES 2014: Windows 8.1

Start Menu Update coming with Windows 9 Threshold – Windows 8.1 Update 2, 12th August

Now Update 2 will contain a few bug fixes and some small tweaks here and there.  The full rumor actually stems from various other sources that are readily available on the Tech Report’s article. The new major update to Windows OS will be landing in a few weeks on the 12th of August 2014. However, Microsoft seems to be taking an interesting take on the entire Start Menu debacle. Apparently Windows 7 users who want the new start menu before they jump ship, will have to wait till Windows 9 Threshold. Microsoft’s move to remove the Start Menu Update from the 8.1 Update 2 might be met with retaliation from the desktop user base but in my humble opinion, and everything considered, its probably a wise move. See, Microsoft is currently suffering from Bad PR and it needs to disassociate itself from the Window 8 Fiasco completely.

Windows 9 Logo

Caution, Debunked: The actual screen shot is fake, whether the information is too, remains to be seen. The article remains below in its unaltered state.

Some new information about Windows 9 has surfaced over at This gives a much anticipated glimpse into what the developer version and probably the final version of Windows 9 is going to look like. It would appear that Microsoft is doing its level best to appease the adamant Windows 7 fans by ditching most of its Metro UI start screen system. Although snippets and glimpses of the new windows have leaked out before, this leak gives a look at the complete aesthetic of the upcoming Windows 9.

Windows-9-screenshots-start-menu-_2Courtesy of Chip Loco.

Windows 9 Has Full Support of DirectX 12 – Ready to Welcome Home Win 7 Users

Now the build is called 6.4.9788 which means that seeing the current trend we are looking at a release date of around Q4 2014. As we already know, Microsoft has decided to completely ditch the start screen in Desktops, and has reverted to the Windows 7 boot to desktop style. We have the beloved start button back, something, once again, which we already knew. Now we recently learned that Microsoft has incorporated some of the Metro UI into its start menus, and these screenshots show in detail just that.

The Metro Apps part will be the left side of the start menu, and for the Windows 7 die hards, it can be turned off thankfully. A more streamlined version of the familiar start menu will be on the right side and it looks like most of the windows 7 aesthetics have been combined with windows 8′s icons to a promising looking effect. I myself still use Windows 7, since I love the Aero look too much to move to the obsolete looking (in my opinion) static look favored by Windows 8/8.1. However, if most of the transparency functionality is included by default then I could get used to this, and since we can turn the Metro APPs off complete, it seems like a good effort from Microsoft’s Part. One of the primary reason Microsoft has adamantly refused to leave behind the Metro UI is because of its iconic role in mobile devices, which has admittedly costed them quite a few dollars. However, this new peace offering along with DX12 support might just be enough to win the support of the Windows 7 Community. Microsoft is ending mainstream support in 2015 anyways so now would be a good time to make the shift. Although to be honest, I would have killed for the following aesthetic.


With the launch of the Surface Pro 3, it finally looked like Microsoft had indeed gotten the hang of tablets. The Surface Pro 3 is indeed an impressive tablets which features several improvements over its predecessors. These come in terms of more processor, storage and RAM, amongst a few others. For an in-depth comparison of Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3 and Surface Pro 2, click here. You won’t be disappointed. However, with the Surface Pro 3, Microsoft was also rumored to have another tablet in the works, the Microsoft Surface Mini. The rumors seemed to be just that however, with very little word from the company on the actual existence of the tablet. Well we finally have updates regarding a Surface Mini tablet now, and they come from the ever reliable @evleaks.


Windows Threshold (Windows 9) is either going to be a complete win or an absolute train wreck. After the response Windows 8 received Microsoft took some pretty drastic actions in 8.1 and it would seem that they are going to take even more in Windows Threshold. They have decided to finally and completely ditch the Modern UI Start Screen and it will no longer be visible for desktop users among other things. A preview of the windows build will be available later this year according to

Windows 9 / Threshold Details Emerge – Looks like Microsoft is finally listening to Win 7 Users

Windows-8-Start-MenuNow from what we know, a desktop user will now boot directly to desktop and no longer see the start screen anywhere. The start screen can be re-enabled for anyone who actually misses the GUI. Also Microsoft plans to differentiate Windows 9from  Windows 8 completely and I for one think thats a really good plan. Sadly however it seems that we are getting a newly redesigned and reinvented start menu and after the windows 8 fiasco, I cant help but approach this with a wary eye. Apparently the new start menu will have some portion of the start screen integrated for a more ‘flexible look’. This includes Live Tiles that will be more or less floating inside the start menu and will represent a cut down metro style switchboard. Thankfully this can be turned off, if the user doesn’t appreciate it.

Interestingly Microsoft will allow Metro-Style apps to be compatible with Windows Threshold and ‘float’ inside thier own windows on the desktop. Ofcourse all these changes are only applicable for Windows 9, I assume a completely different schematic will occur for Windows RT and Mobile. Besides, Windows 8.1′s update 2 is going to be arriving sometime in August. This will fix your average bugs and do some minor tweaks and nothing major is expected in this update. Personally, I can’t get over the flat looking aesthetic of windows 8/8.1/9 but maybe that’s just me. Would it be too hard for Microsoft to provide different looks on the same base build? Resorting to after market solutions works of course but usually results in memory hogging, bugs or both together. Needless to say, the enthusiast community is awaiting the release of Windows 9 with pitchforks in hand, and to be honest, I cant say I blame them.


Current market trends show that laptops are slowly but surely going out of fashion. Users are switching more and more towards the mobility and easy functionality offered by tablets. There are numerous offerings of tablets available in today’s market. We’ve taken two of these – Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3 and Surface Pro 3 and compared their features for you to be able to make a better choice. Microsoft launched these devices originally as the Surface RT and the Surface Pro and as time has passed, we’ve seen a significant improvement in their functionality offered as well as their performance.

microsoft_surface_pro_3Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3.

Starting with the basics, the Surface Pro 3 has several display gains over it’s predecessor. Microsoft has increased the screen size on it’s latest offering, with the Surface Pro 3 having a display of 2160×1440 pixels coupled with a pixel density of 208 ppi. Compared to this, the Surface Pro 2 has a display of 1920 x 1080 pixels with a ppi value of 214. This is because in the Surface Pro 3, Microsoft has increased the screen size. The screen dimensions on the Surface Pro 3 are 12 inches wide and 8 inches high with a thickness of 9.1mm.  The Surface Pro 2 has screen dimensions of 10.8 inches by 6,8 inches with a thickness of 13.5mm. This ends up giving the Surface Pro 3 a much sharper resolution and will allow you to view pictures and videos in a much higher detail and quality. Despite the larger size, the screen on the Surface Pro 3 weighs a full 100 grams less than the Surface PRo 2. All of these also make the Surface Pro 3 a more likely laptop replacement, a quality Microsoft was aiming at with the launch of the Surface series.

Surface Pro 3 _Verge_1

Surface Mini confirmed by Microsoft:

Microsoft unveiled its Surface Pro 3 tablet in May this year. While Surface Pro is geared towards professional usage with tons of features exclusively advertised to set Surface apart from its primary rival iPad, many expected Microsoft to launch a Mini version this year too. Apple has been getting some good profits from its iPad Mini tablets, Microsoft’s Surface Mini was just a natural development expected.Surface Mini

However, Microsoft did not launch any Mini tablet and the earlier speculations of Surface Mini were considered to be just rumors and leaks. Seems like they were not simply rumors or leaks but Microsoft’s Surface Mini does

Microsoft Nvidia

According to latest industry updates, Microsoft is reportedly replacing Nvidia’s Tegra chips with Qualcomm processors for its smaller version of Surface tablets. This will be the first time for tech giant to ditch Tegra as the processor powered the previous versions of Surface tablets.Microsoft Nvidia

Microsoft ditches Tegra for Qualcomm:

World’s largest software maker Microsoft will unveil its new Qualcomm processors powered Surface tablet


Following the reports of Microsoft integrating Start Menu back into the Windows at annual Build developers conference 2014, here comes the new Windows 8.2 images. Titled as Windows 8.1 Update 2, Windows 8.2 is expected to be released in September this year.

Famous leaker Wzor claims that Microsoft will be reinstating the traditional Start Menu on the desktop versions. This would give the sense of familiarity as a number of users complained about the drastically changed interface that was introduced with Windows 8. Seems like now we can actually expect this highly missed and one of Windows‘ longest-serving features this fall.leaked Windows 8.2 Update 1

Microsoft Windows 8.2:


[Update]: OS Experience is now available on Cydia!

Many iOS users have yearned for Windows app experience on their iOS devices, especially on the iPad. While there have been a few tweaks to give you that experience, one upcoming iOS 7 jailbreak tweak seems to be a winning shot!OS Experience iOS 7

OS Experience iOS 7 JB Tweak:

Named as OS Experience, this iOS 7 jailbreak tweak offers some promising features, as shown in the demo video.

windows 8.1 leaked update

Microsoft is set to release the upcoming Windows 8.1 Update in April. However, seems like the company couldn’t keep the updated locked in somewhere. While company is yet to officially announce and release through the usual Update channels in April, you can already upgrade to Windows 8.1 leaked update!

windows 8.1 leaked update

Microsoft Windows 8.1 leaked update:

According to reports earlier, Microsoft has finalized the development of Windows 8.1 Update 1. Russian leaker Wzor claimed that final update was compiled on February 21st and is being shared with partners and PC makers ahead of its release in April. Following Microsoft’s Build Developer Conference earlier next month, company is set to release the update to existing machines officially on April 8th. 

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