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Huawei Nexus Tablet With 7-inch Screen and Crisp Resolution Leaked

We reported that while Huawei was not prepping to release a smartphone running the purest form of Android, we did state that the manufacturer was going to announce a tablet soon. Since we revealed earlier that the screen size of the upcoming slate was 7 inches, here are more details related to its hardware specifications. […]

1 month ago 22

Galaxy View Now Carries a Price Tag of Just $350 for the Colossal Tablet

Galaxy View was Samsung’s way of showing that a monumental tablet running Android is definitely a possibility, although the lack of I/O ports pretty much means that you’ll be cut down when you’re looking for flexibility. However, you will be happy to know that if you desire an affordable slate with a kickstand to support […]

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TSMC Will Exclusively Manufacture Apple’s Processors For The 2017 iPad Claim Sources

Apple’s been having some interesting times lately when it comes to mobile processors. The company split its orders between TSMC and Samsung with the iPhone 6s. These came with performance discrepancies, that caused uproar among quite a bit of users. Now, it looks like Apple’s learning from past lessons. While the A9 was manufactured by […]

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NVIDIA Explains Why a SHIELD K1 Successor Will Not Be Released

We reported that a SHIELD K1 successor was not going to be released, and NVIDIA has some solid reasons to justify why it’s not going spend its resources on producing an Android gaming slate. NVIDIA Claims No SHIELD K1 Successor Will Come Forth Thanks to Business Reasons Despite the fact that the SHIELD K1 came […]

2 months ago 24

Leaked iPad Pro 2 Images Surface – Could Feature a 12.9-Inch Screen With A Powerful SoC

The 12.9-inch iPad Pro was one heck of a powerful slate and according to the latest image leak, Apple’s iPad Pro 2 has shown up, and could feature a powerful chipset that thwarts the remaining competition. iPad Pro 2 Images Leak Only Show 12GB Of Internal Storage – Could Very Well Be For Internal Testing […]

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Google Play Overhauled With New Algorithm To Cut Download Sizes Drastically

When it comes to smartphones, both hardware and software must deliver together for top performance. After all, the only purpose of hardware is to improve user experience, since without the latter, devices would have little function. Google’s been paying special focus to its Play Store for quite a while. In fact, both Apple and Google […]

4 months ago 23

Nexus 7: Is There Still Space In The World For A Refresh Model?

When Nexus 7 and Nexus 5 were announced, they represented products that provided Android handset users with the best possible OS experience coupled with top-notch hardware all packaged at a stellar pricing point. If there was ever a golden era for the Nexus smartphone and tablet lineup, it would definitely have to be this. Additionally, […]

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The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Vs Apple iPhone 7 Plus; Specifications, Design, Features & More

When it comes to the rumor mill, we’ve seen information about the iPhone 7 Plus and the Galaxy Note 7 surface with an alarming regularity this year. Both the devices have almost leaked in their entirety up till now apart from images of running prototypes, and judging by the rate things have been progressing, we […]

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Galaxy Tab S3 Images Pop Up Before Official Announcement – Here Are All The Hardware Details

Samsung is prepping to announce its flagship Galaxy Tab S3, where the South Korean tech giant is going to unveil two models of varied screen sizes and battery capacities. However, before the announcement, the leaked images of the tablets have sprouted, so let us check some details of these slates to see what these can […]

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ASUS Transformer 3 And Other Models Get Their Hardware Detailed – Kaby Lake Present In One Them

When we detailed the announcement of ASUS Transformer 3 and ASUS Transformer 3 Pro, we stated that they will be powered by Intel’s Kaby Lake family but unfortunately, lack of hardware details prevented us from providing you guys with the necessary information concerning the kind of chips present inside. Now, we have accurate information of […]

4 months ago 32

Nexus 9 Is No Longer Being Manufactured – Is This The End Of Nexus Tablets As We Speak?

The last time we had anything to say about Nexus 9, we reported that the 8.9-inch tablet has been pulled off from the Google Store, and that Pixel C was the only slate that provided users with a taste of stock Android. Now, it was only inevitable that HTC decided to stop manufacturing its powerful, […]

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Samsung’s Galaxy Note 6 Might Sport 6GB Of 10nm DRAM And Iris Scanning As Flagship Race Intensifies

With 2016 finally about to reach its first half, things have finally started to peak in the mobile world. Not a day passes by that we don’t see the rumor mill churn up some sort of information about upcoming flagship devices and by the looks of things so far, we won’t be disappointed this year […]

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NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet Will Be Receiving Android 6.0.1 Update – Adds Vulcan API Support

NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet finally gets the Android 6.0.1 update, and apart from numerous fixes that are accompanied with each software update for Google’s mobile platform, here is one huge change that is going to be added to the slate. NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet Finally Gets The Vulcan API Support – Will Developers Finally Take Advantage To […]

5 months ago 36

Lenovo Working On A Massive 18-Inch Tablet? As If The iPad Pro Was Not Big Enough

With an iPad Pro measuring in at 12.9 inches and Samsung going as far as to release an 18-inch slate, Lenovo also appears to have gotten into the game of releasing humongous tablets, and thanks to the latest benchmarking sheet, we now know that the hardware is not bad at all. Benchmarking Sheet Shows Lenovo […]

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iPad Air 2 128GB Model Gets A 38 Percent Discount – See The Deal Right Here

iPad Air 2 is a whole generation old but that does not mean it is slow in any manner. The A8X SoC is still a marvel when it comes to performance and if you want to own the 9.7-inch slate at a very affordable price tag (when comparing Apple standards), then eBay has just the […]

5 months ago 37

Apple’s iPad Air 3 To Focus On Performance As RAM Upgrade Rumored

Apple’s launch of the smaller iPad Pro came with its fair share of upgrades on board. We saw a greater focus towards the device’s display and camera specifications which was expected given the tablet’s smaller screen size.But the launch of the iPad made several folks wonder whether Apple will be discontinuing the lighter iPad Air […]

5 months ago 24

The Apple Pencil 2 To Feature Touch ID, Flashlight And More Shows Apple Patent

As 2016 is about to exit its first half, things aren’t that good over at the Apple camp. The Cupertino tech giant’s earnings call earlier this month showed profits decreasing for the first time in 13 years, finally marking an end to the massive growth spree the company had been enjoying since Steve Jobs tapped […]

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9.7 Inch iPad Pro Display Dissection; The DCI-P3 Gamut Shows Apple’s Moving In The Right Direction

Apple’s launch of a smaller iPad Pro last month came as a surprise for quite a bit of quarters, even though the device had been in the rumor mill for quite a while. Looks like a 12.9 inch slate did just prove to be quite a bit to handle for several users, forcing the company […]

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Microsoft Working on Its Own Picture in Picture Mode for Windows 10 Tablets

Windows 10 is going to receive a major update this summer, as a number of new features and improvements are expected to release. Along with other improvements and features, Microsoft is also planning to introduce a Windows 10 Picture in Picture feature. – How to download and run Bash on Ubuntu on Windows 10 Windows 10 […]

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Xiaomi Mi Pad Transformers Special Edition Can Turn Your Toy Tablet Into A Transformer

Xiaomi Mi Pad Transformers Special Edition is yet another tablet that has been added to the company’s diversified list of products. However, the tablet might not be what you were actually hoping for. Xiaomi Mi Pad Transformers Special Edition Is A Toy Tablet That Costs $20 Who’s Only Function Is To Transform – Company Played […]

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Here’s How the New Windows 10 Anniversary Start Menu Looks Like

At its Build Conference, Microsoft talked about the Windows 10 Anniversary Update releasing this Summer. This first major update since the launch of Windows 10 in July last year, is expected to bring several new features to the operating system. Many of these features were showcased or talked about a little at the event last week. […]

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Apple 9.7 Inch iPad Pro Specifications, Features, Price And Pre-Order Dates

Apple’s event today in Cupertino featured quite a few things indeed. We saw talk ranging from the company’s tussle with the government, and an all new energy initiative in China, which is expected to generate quite a bit of electricity, over there; much to the indifference of local yaks. While that was a surprise, we […]