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Gadgets 4 days ago

Apple iPad Mini 3 Shows Poor Battery Life Compared To The Mini 2 In Latest Tests

At Apple’s latest launch event in Town Hall California, it was the iPad Air 2 which received the most attention. And r...
Gadgets 6 days ago

Apple’s Multi SIM for iPad Air 2 To Be Locked By AT&T

Apple launched the iPad Air 2 with several distinctive features on board. Apart from being the thinnest tablet on the ma...
Gadgets 6 days ago

Dell To Launch World’s Thinnest Tablet – The Dell Venue 8 7000 Coming Next Month

It appears that things have started to heat up in the tablet market. With the launch of the Nexus 9 coming with the Tegr...
Gadgets 7 days ago

Does The iPad Air 2 Bend? Device Tested To The Limits In New Video

When scouting for gadgets, buyers consider several aspects of a device beforehand. They relate mostly to performance, di...
ipad air 2 benchmarks
Hardware 1 week ago

iPad Air 2 GPU Benchmarks – Lightest Tablet Leads Over Tegra K1 Powered Nexus 9

Apple’s latest and apparently the brightest iPad Air 2 is powered by an unorthodox tri-core processing unit. An enhanc...
ipad air 2 benchmark
Gadgets 2 weeks ago

Go Big Or Go Home – iPad Air 2 Nexus 9 And Galaxy Note 4 Dissected Analyzed And Comp...

Apple launched the iPad Air 2 the day before yesterday and now we can finally see how well the device stacks up against ...
Gadgets 2 weeks ago

All You Need To Know About The iPad Air 2 – And How It Compares To The iPad Air

After much anticipation, Apple finally launched the iPad Air 2 just two days ago. The tablet was everything that was bei...
ipad mini 3
Gadgets 2 weeks ago

Apple Takes Charge of Industry by Offering Carrier-Freedom with Apple SIM

Apple took on the stage again this year yesterday launching some new products. iPad Air 2 and Retina 5K iMac definitely ...
ipad mini 3
Gadgets 2 weeks ago

Apple Shows Little Love to iPad Mini 3 – Powers it with A7 Processor

Apple unveiled successors of both its largely successful tablets – the iPad Air 2 and the iPad mini 3. The smaller is...
Gadgets 2 weeks ago

Apple Launches The iPad Air 2 – Take A Look At Complete Specifications Features And ...

The iPad Air and the Retina iPad Mini are official folks. And they’re everything we’ve been telling you about so far...
GadgetsRumor 2 weeks ago

The Thinnest and Lightest iPad Air 2 Leaks Ahead of Official Release

It’s only a few hours until Apple launches its new tablet duo, however, in a very unlikely event someone has leaked th...
Gadgets 2 weeks ago

Hands-On Images and Camera Samples of Beautifully-Designed Nexus 9

Google Nexus 9 from HTC is a 8.9-inch tablet featuring the dual core, 2.3 GHz Nvidia Tegra K1. This is the first device ...
Gadgets 2 weeks ago

Nexus 9 Benchmarks Appear – Beats Every Device By A Mile

Google launched two great devices yesterday, the Nexus 6 and the Nexus 9. And both of them come with great specification...
Gadgets 2 weeks ago

Apple Mistakenly Confirms iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3 and Their Features

The usually strictly-secretive Apple has apparently slipped a little this time revealing two of the major attractions of...






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