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iPad Air Deals target

iPad Mini and iPad touch ID:

The latest rumors shed some light on the features of iPad models coming this year. While not many new features should be expected this year from Apple’s tablets according to this report, the speculation suggest that Apple will introduce Touch ID feature in iPad models launched in 2014.iPad touch ID

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Only six months after their release, Intel has started making deliveries of updated models of the Atom Z3000 series. The Atom Z3000 series are processors designed to be used in tablets, which use the Bay-Trail-T platform. The Bay Trail-T is a variant of the Intel Atom family, powered by the company’s Silvermont micro-architecture, for even lower power consumption and competes with SoCs releases by manufacturers including Qualcomm, Samsung and Nvidia.


Updates to include cheaper versions of Android, support for 64-bit OS and 4GB of main memory.

Specification: The Atom Z3000 Series

Model Cores x frequency GPU Frequency Memory Memory Support
Atom Z3735D 4 x 1.33 to 1.83 GHz 311-688 MHz 2 GB DDR3L-RS 1 333 MHz
Atom Z3735E 4 x 1.33 to 1.83 GHz 311-688 MHz 1 GB DDR3L-RS 1 333 MHz
Atom Z3745 4 x 1.33 to 1.86 GHz 311-778 MHz 4 GB LPDDR3 1066 MHz
Atom Z3745D 4 x 1.33 to 1.83 GHz 313-792 MHz 2 GB DDR3L-RS 1 333 MHz
Atom Z3775 4 x 1.46 to 2.39 GHz 311-778 MHz 4 GB LPDDR3 1066 MHz
Atom Z3775D 4 x 1.50 to 2.41 GHz 313-792 MHz 2 GB DDR3L-RS 1 333 MHz
Atom Z3795 4 x 1.60 to 2.39 GHz 311-778 MHz 4 GB LPDDR3 1066 MHz

Chip maker Qualcomm, whose products are used in some of the world’s top smartphones, including the Samsung Galaxy S5, has announced two 64-bit additions to its line of SoCs manufactured. The Snapdragon 810 and 808 both feature ARM’s A57 and A53 cores. The 810 has a 4 big + 4 Little configuration while the 808 has a 2 big + 2 Little configuration. Qualcomm explained the shift to the new configuration as a reaction to the changing demands of the market in the demand of the 64-bit models supported by ARM cores; a change possibly started by Apple’s release in the iPhone 5S.

Snapdragon 810_slides for press_689_2

The Snapdragon 810 to feature a slew of new features including LPDR4 memory, rendering of 4K video at 30 fps and 1080p at 120 fps.

In addition to the adding of the A57 for high power tasks and the A53 for lower level ones, the 810 also has the modem integrated directly within the SoC die. In terms of connectivity, the Cat 6/7 on both the chips, has the capability for 20 Mhz exaggeration capability to achieve 300 Mhz down link speeds. In terms of GPU, in the 810 the GPU has been upgraded to the Adreno 430, which should bring significantly improved performance and lower power consumption when compared to the 805. It also shows Qualcomm’s focus to the 4K display and an increase in 3D graphics capability. The 810 supports two 4K displays at 30 fps, while the 808 has support capability for 2560/4Mp primaries.


WhatsApp is one the most crazily popular short messaging app having its best days (some say, worst!) after being acquired by the Facebook for some whopping $16 billion! The app offers easy to use messaging service for free over an internet connection. No doubt, this app has changed how people used to communicate via Short Text Messages (SMS) only a couple years back. As the company plans to go voice sooner than we know, you might be interested to install WhatsApp on tablet too. install WhatsApp on tablet

Here is how you can install this pretty useful messaging app on Android powered tablets.

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How to install WhatsApp on tablet:

mwc 2014 logo

Mobile World Congress 2014 Barcelona

Th Mobile World Congress happens to be one of the biggest events of note in the tech sector. As the name suggests it consists of everything and anything to do with mobile. Notably the launch of major smartphones and tablets occurs here. Ofcouse the major players are now drifting towards a more independent launch style for flagship products, the Apple Event being a prime example, but none the less the MWC 2014 will be the area to be for Mobile headlines and enthusiasts alike. MWC 2014 will take place in Barcelona and will begin on the 24th of this month on Monday. I.e. 2 days from the point of writing this article. An important thing to note this year is the Keynote address of Facebook’s founder Mark Zuckerberg. Now lets take a look at what to expect from the Mobile World Congress 2014.

Office for iPad app

Microsoft Rethinking Office for iPad:

Steve Ballmer had earlier said that Microsoft will build native Office edition for iPad and Android tablets. However, the project dint seem much certain until now. While official details are still unclear about the Office for iPad app, but it’d definitely be like Office Mobile for the iPhone.Office for iPad app


Intel recently has been deep into the mobile chipset world. Intel introduced many System on chips ( SOC’s) for use in tablets and putting up a good fight in an industry which is dominated by ARM based chipsets. You may have seen many tablets housing chipsets from Intel’s bay-trail series.

Intel Android/Windows Tablet Roadmap Leaked

Intel doesn’t really follow the Tick-Tock path when designing mobile processors. Some of the new processors which will be introduced by Intel in 2014 will be the Z3775D/E and the Z3735F/G. This naming scheme looks slightly confusing when comparing with other ARM based chipsets.

Intel Tablet

Intel is looking to aim the lower end of the food chain by introducing processors down to the $99 range and all the way up to $200 range. Some of the chipsets will fully support Windows while others will support both Android and Windows. This roadmap has been taken from a chinese tablet manufacturer which was going to use Intel processors in it’s various tablets.


Quad core Android based tablets are confirmed for spring. These will be powered by 64 bit bay trail SOC’s from Intel. According to Intel’s CEO, 64 bit bay trail powered tablets will be available in the second quarter of 2014. Before, Intel was more involved with windows based tablets, it seems the Android eco-system has caught Intel’s eye.

Intel To Make 64 Bit SOC’s For Android Tablets

ARM has had the upper hand in the Android dominated smartphone market and in the small but growing tablet market. “[Device makers] who build with our products now can already go out and start to utilize 64-bit. We are out there working with the OSs, all of the OSs and the OEMs to go enable that. By venturing into Android tablets, Intel hopes to get involved more and more with the ever growing platform. 64 bit computing has not yet shown it’s true colours in the Android system, with no phone or tablet carrying 4 GB+ memory.

Performance of the Bay-trial is estimated to be near the Tegra 4. The Tegra 4 itself is no slouch, with 4 x Cortex A-15′s and a custom GPU from Nvidia, it fares pretty well in benchmarks. Both the Bay-Trail and the Tegra 4 score near 3000 on the Geekbench. With a scalable GPU in the bay-trail SOC, Intel could really bump it up laptop level performance albeit with power issues.

iPhone 6 launch date

As we have already shared with you, quite a few rumors are suggesting that Apple will launch an iPad with a larger screen hitting at 12.9 inches. The tablet is being named as “iPad Pro” in the tech lounges and is rumored to be launched as early as this year’s third quarter.

Previously too, we got to some speculations that Apple is planning to launch an “iPad Pro” with 4K display screen (whoa!?) along with a version sporting Ultra HD display. This new rumor is also hinting at same timeline, although, doesn’t mention any display details. Remember, a lot is being discussed about Apple presenting a true hybrid of laptop and mobile computing.

Apple Ipad Pro

Apple’s 12.9-inch “iPad Pro”:

The current rumor is coming from a Taiwanese publication DigiTimes. The site is claiming its sources being “market sources” and claims that Apple will release the bigger iPad with 2732 × 2048 pixel density by the end of third quarter of 2014.

galaxy tab 3 lite specs

Samsung has finally made the budget Galaxy Tab 3 Lite official after a tons of rumors and speculations running around the budget Galaxy Tab 3. While the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Lite is similar to other tablets of Tab 3 range, it is targeted towards the fans who are looking to get a good slate within budget. galaxy tab 3 lite specs

Budget Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Lite specs:

Samsung’s latest budget Galaxy Tab3 Lite is packed with a dual-core processor, 1 GB of RAM, 8 GB of internal

ces 2014 best galaxy tab pro note pro galaxy tabpro benchmarks

Samsung has launched four new Galaxy tablets at this year’s Consumer Trade Show in its TabPRO and NotePRO line up. Samsung’s latest tablets offer varied sizes giving the user ease and variety to select the screen size desired.ces 2014 best galaxy tab pro note pro galaxy tabpro benchmarks

Galaxy NotePRO and TabPRO tablets by Samsung at CES ’14:

Unreal Engine 4 logo
Games Hardware

The new NVIDIA mobile chip is finally here. NVIDIA has revealed its next generation super chip for upcoming mobiles and tablets. According to previous reports, analysts suggested NVIDIA to windup their Tegra business because the company’s sales were continuously facing a downfall, but now it looks like NVIDIA is back with something very powerful. Below you can watch new Tegra K1 chip for mobiles and tablets in action with Epic Game’s Unreal Engine 4.

Tegra K1

NVIDIA Releases A Demo Of The New Tegra K1 Chip In Action With Unreal Engine 4

Previously recognized by its codename Logan, Tegra K1 is the most powerful mobile chip ever manufactured by NVIDIA. The chip would usher the mobiles and tablets into a new era and would provide a whole new portable processing and gaming experience to the users. The Tegra K1 features Kepler architecture that has been used in super desktop computers, laptops and world’s fastest computer i.e. TITAN.

Of course NVIDIA is a graphic card manufacturing company, so the Tegra K1 has been built with keeping the main focus on gaming. Being the gaming partner of NVIDIA, Epic Games is the first one to announce that it would work on Unreal Engine 4 with Tegra K1 to develop next-gen mobile and tablet games. With the announcement of bringing Unreal Engine 4 to Tegra K1, Tim Sweeny, the founder of Epic Games said:

Galaxy Run logo

Galaxy Run ($0.99) by Spiel Studios comes as a new side-running platformer with the purpose to win our competitive side taking you out of this world – literally! I’m telling you this because the game takes place in space, where will be playing as Rez who is trying to get home after his spaceship crashed against an asteroid. But to get home we need to go through a series of over 360 levels, it is your job to get him home.


Galaxy Run gives you the job to take Rez home, but is not going to be easy.

This game includes a various elements you can use but there is only one control, which only involves tapping anywhere on the screen of your phone or tablet. Despite this limited controls, Galaxy Run is still quite engaging and extremely challenging.

At the very beginning of any level you need to start running, which you only need to do is a tap of the screen. After this, you may start tapping the screen to make Rez jump. Also, depending on the different tools that are used, tapping may serve another purpose making things a little more easy. As an example if you attain a double-jump token, you could tap twice on the screen to make Rez jump two times going higher. Despite the only control involving the tap of a finger, this can help you to be saved a lot of times.


We have received word that Intel and AMD will be focusing some more on the x86 Platform and break into new markets in 2014. These markets will be Tablets and Ultrabook focused, more specifically 2-in-1s.

Intel Broadwell and Haswell Refresh Platform

Intel and AMD eye the 2-in-1 Pie. Will break into More x86 Markets in 2014.

The term 2-in-1 is not a very common PC Tech term so allow me to tell you what it is. 2-in-1s are basically the Tablet – Laptop Hybrid designs that have popped up. Remember the Tablet with the dock able keyboard? Yup thats it. However in the past these designs were more or less a gimmick with the 2-in-1 essentially being a glorified tablet. However in 2014, the 2-in-1s will become much more true to the name. Now we dont have specifics for AMD’s plan, but we do have the same for Intel.

As you can see Intel expects to increase its Bay Trail based Tablet shipping (focused on 2-in-1s) by a factor of 4. Certainly a very clearly outlined road map is in motion Intel plans to target every market niche of the 2-in-1s starting from the $199 range all the way up to $799. Intel is clearly gunning for this one last uncharted territory in the x86 Market, needless to say AMD will come guns blazing (or rather ARM-Blazing) into the foray too. We also have specific details on Intel’s Plans for the 2-in-1 market:

Hardware Industry

According to a recent rumor the upcoming Nexus 7 which will be released in 2014 will be powered by an Intel SOC. If this is true then Intel may have landed a huge deal with Asus or the next Nexus 7 manufacturer. However improbable this seems, this looks extremely interesting.

Intel SOC May Power Upcoming Nexus 7

Asus looks like the favorite candidate to build the Nexus 7 2014 as it has been doing so since the first Nexus 7. Keeping in mind the time Google gives to another Nexus 7 update, we can expect the upcoming Nexus 7 to be available in Q3 2014.

Nexus 7 2014

The Bay-Trail chips, possibly the Z3740 or the Z3770 will be used if indeed this rumor is true. Asus is familiar with these chips as it utilized them it it’s T-100 convertible Windows tablet also. Anandtech recently reviewed the Z3770. Both the devices performed formidably on the CPU front, acing processors to the likes of the Krait 400 used in the Snapdragon 800. The Z3770 is good for this generation but it may not be enough for the upcoming wave of mobile SOC’s.

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