Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4 is the center of everyone’s attention these days. For all the tablet lovers out there, it really doesn’t get better than this. The Galaxy Note 4 is expected to come in two variants. One of these will be the 2.5 GHz Snapdragon 805 while the other will be the octa-core Exynos 5433 with four 1.3 GHz Cortex A53 and four 1.3 GHz Cortex A57 cores.

The Galaxy Note 4 was recently featured in a massive specs leak, which as usual did not fail to impress. However, as the specifications of the device impress us, so should it’s alleged price. Retailer Media Markt, the largest retailer in Europe has told the world what the Galaxy Note 4 can be expected to cost.


With IFA to start in just days and the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 to be officially unveiled there, the device has shown up on Samsung’s mobile site and on an alleged IFA poster. Thanks to Samsungmobile several speculated specifications of the Galaxy Note 4 can now be confirmed.

The website shows the device model number to be SM-N920T. Going further, specifications of the Galaxy Note 4 are listed as the device having a display resolution of 1440 x 2560, which translates into QHD. The presence of a 64 bit processor on the device is also hinted upon.



This year’s IFA is almost upon us. Its only a month until we get to see the latest offerings from today’s tech giants. Excluding Apple of course. Samsung, Motorola, LG, Sony are all primed up for this year’s IFA. To be held in Berlin, we’ve made a list of products you should expect to see by these manufacturers. Of course, the IFA is not limited to these few only. Each year hundreds of companies present their latest offerings to the public and this IFA will be no exception.


So before IFA officially starts, a large variety of gadgets are expected to be unveiled in Berlin. So if you’re anticipating a gadget launch and want to know whether it’ll be launched at the IFA, here’s your chance. We’ve made a list of all the major releases expected this year. So let’s start!

NVIDIA SHield logo

Equipped with the Tegra K1 SOC and Full AEP and Unreal Engine 4 Desktop Renderer Support, Nvidia Shield is the tablet to buy for gaming. However, reports have surfaced which show that some batches might be suffering from factory defects such as cracked shells. Multiple users have reported this problem and even sent pictures of the same to EXPReview.comNVIDIA-Shield-Tablet-1-750x400

Nvidia Shield Seems to Suffer from Random Factory-Cracked Shells

It goes without saying, that this is a one in a thousand type of case you are dealing with and is probably bound by locality. However, it is still an unpleasant thing to have in a mobile company’s products. Some mainstream smart phones have also suffered from the same problem and the reason behind this is thought to be associated with an unbalanced amount of pressure applied when joining the seams of the device.

Thankfully, Nvidia offers a full refund/replacement to anyone that has this problem so even if you are unlucky enough to land an Nvidia Tablet with a cracked shell, you are probably covered. Any software bug in the device is covered because NVIDIA aims to deliver OTA updates directly from their servers so that your device carries the latest firmware and patches. This defect is relatively very minor and limited mostly to the aesthetics of the device. The crack appears in a place (near the seam) where it cannot really grow any larger (since it already cuts through the entire plastic shell) and is too small to let dust in. An actual problem from this could be if the crack is deep enough to cause the two edges to become offset but looking from the pictures it doesn’t appear to be the case.

2014 iPad Air

A new set of iPad Air 2 leaked images reveal quite a few details about the next-generation tablet from Apple. This slimmer, ultra-thin iPad Air 2 will keep up with the designing of its predecessors, however, there might be couple changes made as apparent from this leak too. These images are of the rear shell of the iPad Air 2 which is expected to be unveiled in October this year along with a smartwatch and possibly an ultra-thin, 12-inch MacBook.ipad air 2 leaked images

iPad Air 2 leaked images:

This is not the first time that we are looking at the iPad Air 2 leaked images of the rear shells as we saw some


With iPad sales reportedly not going as strong as Apple would have liked, the company is looking to shake things up with it’s popular tablet lineup. Well not that dramatically yet but reportedly Cupertino has it’s largest every iPad in the works. Bloomberg today published an interesting report that says that Apple’s suppliers have started preparations to manufacture the company’s largest iPad ever. The screen size for this mystical device? An unprecedented 12.9 inches.


The recent rumors for the iPhone 6 getting only 1 GB of RAM left us all a little disappointed. Even though iOS is known for its optimization when it comes to running the same applications Android does, nevertheless, in today’s world, a single gigabyte of RAM limits developer options considerably when designing apps for the iOS. This is further supplemented by the fact that iOS 8 will further expand the iOS platform and give developers more room.

Samsung Smart Watch

With the recent launch of the Galaxy Alpha, Samsung seems right on course for new product launches this summer. After the Galaxy Alpha, Samsung is due to launch the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 this September. Concerning the Galaxy Note 4, there have been quite a few leaks about the tablet in the past couple of weeks. And now, with only weeks left to it’s launch, it looks like an Indonesian Online vendor has posted detailed specs of the Galaxy Note 4 on it’s website.

DX12 logo

We haven’t head much on the DirectX 12 front, or the API front in general, for a while now. At this year’s SIGGRAPH however, Intel demoed DX 12 and showed impressive results. TDP Constraints are one of the biggest problems in Mobile Gaming, but with DirectX 12 the TDP of the device in question can actually drop by as much as 50% or you can opt for a performance increase of ~60%.

DX11 19FPS SIGGRAPH INTEL DEMOIntel Demo DX 11 TDP and FPS Baseline.

Intel DX 12 demo at SIGGRAPH shows a 60% boost in Performance Per Watt for Mobile Gaming Devices

DirectX 12 is, as I am sure you all know, a low level API. It works by reducing the CPU Overhead or the CPU Bottleneck effect by allowing the CPU to issue more drawcalls among other things. However, while this result is mostly performance increase in the Desktop sector, in the mobile side of things this is actually very useful. Since a Mobile Platform is always working with power and thermal constraints, both the CPU and GPU share a TDP Budget if you may, so any lack of power consumption by one can either be utilized in a zero sum or result in a decreased TDP rate. This is exactly how Intel has manged to show a 60% performance per watt boost in the mobile platform. This is pretty amazing news considering this is not a new architecture or a hardware change we are talking about but a new soft update.  Observe the two pictures below while keeping the baseline above in mind:

ANdroid logo

Smartphones are great. They’ve managed to give us an unprecedented level of freedom and accessibility any where right at our fingerprints. Whats even better is open source software, not limited to any particular device. And the market has responded accordingly, with Google’s Android have the greatest market share in smartphone Operating Systems. But with such popularity, threats are natural. Just like Windows and the PC, hackers and programmers with malicous intent are busy coding software and hacks to harm the eveyday smartphone user.


Yep, we have a plenty of options when it comes to browsers for mobile devices but we seem to be constantly in love with Google’s Chrome. While Safari and Firefox may have their own benefits, Chrome wins the hearts when it comes to fluidity, speed, and simplicity. Why then do we experience a little lag in performance when we use Chrome on our busy smartphones and tablets? Here is a quick tip to speed up Chrome on your mobile devices and get the performance that you have always asked for!how to speed up google chrome

Speed up Chrome on mobile devices:

Here is the promised quick tip to help you speed up Chrome on your smartphones and tablets. While it doesn’t take much of your time, this small tip has certainly kept many browser-fans happy with the speed and improved, lag-free performance.


The rumors have come true. Chinese manufacturer Lenovo has today officially unveiled the Lenovo Z2 Pro and it has some amazing specifications indeed. As it was rumored and expected earlier, the Lenovo Vibe Z2 comes with 6 complete inches of a QHD display. In addition to this, the flagship device comes with a premium metal body. Apart from metallic wholeness, the Vibe Z2 Pro boasts some impressive specs as well. But before we go into details about that, lets take a look at a video straight from the manufacturer showcasing what looks to be an amazing device indeed.


Apple product lineup for this year is being said to the company’s most exciting lineup in the past 25 years. We’re getting a variety of different gadgets this year from the Cupertino giant. This is of course a departure from the Jobs era, where the focus was on a few, highly focused products. With Tim Cook in charge for several years, this time around we’re getting two variants of the iPhone 6, two different iPads, a new Mac, new Macbooks and more. The rumor mill on the internet has focused mainly on the iPhone 6 for these past days.

Well today we’ve managed to get our hands on a couple of pictures showing what appears to be the case of the upcoming iPad Air 2. We know quite a few things about the iPad Air 2 so far though. Starting with the famous Touch ID sensor, the iPad Air 2 is to reportedly get a touch sensor. In addition to this, for the first time, the display of the device is to be integrated with the front panel. This will be a huge help in the thickness department and will make the device significantly thicker. Also, the iPad Air 2 will be getting Apple’s A8 processor and an 8 MP camera.


Microsoft greatly expanded its Surface Pro 3 lineup earlier this year. The tablet comes with several more options than the Surface Pro 2. The Surface Pro 3 was announced with five different variants. These covered one model with Core i3, two with Core i5 and two with Core i7 processors. The entry level price tag of the Core i3 model was $799, which shocked several familiar with the industry. However initially only the $ 999 variant featuring the Intel Core i5 processor with 4 GB  of RAM and 128 GB of storage was available.

Well this changes starting from today. Looking to capitalize on the back-to-school season, from today Microsoft has started selling the entry level Surface Pro 3 which costs only $ 799. This variant of the Surface Pro 3 comes with 4GB RAM, an Intel Core i3 processor and internal storage of 64 GB. While not much, it should nevertheless be a great option for those light on the budget yet still looking to capitalize on the two-in-one experience the Surface Pro 3 has to offer.


With all the hype surrounding Apple being mostly related to the iPhone 6, other parts of Apple’s lineup for this September seem to have been ignored mostly. Well, that ends today with new information having surfaced about the next iPad Mini. And starting from the basics, it seems that the tablet is going to get an entirely new nomenclature. The next iPad Mini is reportedly going to be called the iPad Mini Air from this September. This all seems justified with what the latest report seems to claim however. The Chinese Media is reporting that the  iPad Mini Air will be a staggering 30% thinner than the current version.

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