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Mobile 2 days ago

Nvidia Shield Gets Updated To Android 5.1.1 Through OTA

It seems to be that time of the year when software updates are hitting up everywhere. Microsoft just recently released W…
Microsoft Surface pro 3 Render
Mobile 3 days ago

An October Launch In Play; Surface Pro 4 Analysis, Specs And Roundup

When it comes to gadgets and mobiles, Microsoft’s seen mixed amount of fortunes. While the company’s other o…
Xbox One Microsoft WIndows 10
Mobile 3 days ago

The Surface Pro 4 Can Come Soon As Microsoft Gains On iPad By 140% In Revenues

Its been no secret over the past couple of days that Apple’s iPad sales have not been as good as Apple would have …
windows 10
Software 5 days ago

Windows 10 Launch Exciting You? Top 5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Update Right Away

Tuesday night at midnight ET, Redmond will release the first major software update in nearly three years. So yes, every…
windows 10
AnalysisSoftware 6 days ago

To Upgrade or Not to Upgrade – 5 Reasons You Should Update to Windows 10

It’s been more than nine months and Windows 10 is finally here – well, almost. Tomorrow is the big day when …
Mobile 6 days ago

You’ll Be Getting An iPad Mini 4 This Year Vastly Similar To The iPad Air 2

The iPad Air 2 breathed some fresh air into Apple’s declining tablet portfolio. iPad sales, and the tablet market …
Mobile 1 week ago

LG G G Pad 2 To Come With Snapdragon 805 And 32 GB Storage

Even though the tablets market has been reported to be seeing a downfall in sales and market popularity, that doesn̵…
Industry 2 weeks ago

Microsoft Reported To Release Tablets with 12 Inch+ Screen Sizes

Microsoft seems dead serious about bridging the gap between tablets and laptops. Previously, we reported that the upcomi…
LeakMobile 2 weeks ago

Should We Expect The Galaxy Tab S2 In August As Latest Device Render Leaks

Over the flurry of leaks and rumors over the past couple of days, Samsung has been the news more than often. The company…
Exclusive 3 weeks ago

WCCFtech Giveaway – The Choose Your Own Android Phablet Giveaway

You’re sitting inside enjoying the quiet hum of the AC as it pours out heavenly glacial gusts of air upon you. It…
Games 3 weeks ago

EA Partners With Comcast For Xfinity Games, Game Streaming For X1 Platform

Comcast and EA are coming together to release their own game streaming platform to compete with the likes of NVIDIA, Son…
Exclusive 3 weeks ago

WCCFtech Deals: 50% Off ZeroLemon 20000mAh Solarjuice

Ever want to harness the power of the Sun? Me too, especially for allowing for a clean way to help keep my mobile device…
Mobile 3 weeks ago

Xiaomi Posts New Teasers For July 16th – The Mi5 Or Redmi Note 2 Headed Our Way?

Xiaomi’s expected to be launching several devices this year. These are expected to be the upgrades to its Redmi No…
apple bbc documentary
Mobile 3 weeks ago

Apple’s Not As Excited About The iPad Pro As Company Starts To Place Orders

Even though all that we’ve been hearing over the past couple of days in Apple world is news and speculation surrou…
Mobile 4 weeks ago

Samsung’s Aiming High As Pricing Details For Galaxy Tab S2 Duo Surface

As big as it is, Samsung doesn’t only manufacture only one category of devices. Aside from top, middle and low tie…
apple bbc documentary
Mobile 4 weeks ago

Apple’s iPad Pro To Come With Sharp And Samsung Display By End Of 2015

With the increasing amount of iPhone 6S rumors and leaks surfacing over the past couple of days, another Apple device th…
apple bbc documentary
Mobile 1 month ago

All Hope Isn’t Lost One The iPad Mini – Fresh Cases For Mini 4 Leak

Just a while back, Apple discontinued the first iPad from its online store, which officially marked the end of one of Cu…
Mobile 2 months ago

Samsung Galaxy Tab E Officially Announced, Features $225 Price Tag

Before South Korean phone giant Samsung announces its highly anticipated Galaxy Tab S2, the firm plans on targeting the …






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