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Hardware 10 hours ago

Weekend Hardware Deals and Shocking Steals

Finding hardware deals can be quite frustrating at times, because of the relative stable prices of most components, but …
Hardware 1 week ago

Memorial Day Weekend PC Hardware Upgrade Deals

All of this great news about the Fiji XT might make you thirsty to upgrade your own PC. But while it’s not quite y…
Hardware 3 weeks ago

Weekend Hardware Deals and Steals

With the weekend comes some of the best hardware deals that you can find. Of course the weekend is where we complete our…
Hardware 1 month ago

Jeff’s Weekend Hardware Deals and Price Cheats

Happy weekend everyone! Now that it’s the weekend, let’s get started on all those great hardware projects we…
Industry’s First Ever M.2 NVMe PCIe SSD For Desktops And Laptops To Be Produced By Samsung
Hardware 1 month ago

Industry’s First Ever M.2 NVMe PCIe SSD For Desktops And Laptops To Be Produced By Sam…

Fortune has finally started shining profusely in Samsung’s direction. After releasing its Samsung Galaxy S6, S6 Edge a…
Hardware 1 month ago

Jeff’s Weekly Hardware Deals and Price Cheats

GTA V has now been released with gorgeous looking graphics that necessarily require some upgrades. Not to mention the S…
HardwareOp-Ed 2 months ago

Jeff’s Weekly Hardware Deals and Price Cheats

What better way to kick off the weekend than to have before you some of the best hardware deals and price cheats to hel…
Games 2 months ago

Xbox 360 Update Adds Support For 2TB External Hard Drives

The Xbox 360, despite being old in gaming terms, is not being neglected or left in a dark dusty corner by Microsoft. Maj…
HardwareOp-Ed 2 months ago

Jeff’s Weekly Hardware Price Cheats

While gaming is the pastime we all enjoy, the means to participate in the hobby we love so much can also be quite expen…
Intel SSD 750 Series
Hardware 2 months ago

Intel SSD 750 Series Solid-State Drives Unleashed – NVMe Express Standard Comes To…

Intel has officially unleashed their latest SSD 750 series solid-state drives meant to push storage drive speeds on the …
Samsung Galaxy S4
GadgetsHardware 3 months ago

The Going Just Got Better With Super Fast (eMMC 5.1) Storage On Galaxy S6

The Samsung Galaxy S6 seems to be one impressive phone indeed with the amount of rumors, speculations and leaks surround…
HardwareIndustry 5 months ago

USB 3.1 Coming Next Year – Features Double The Speed And Reversible Ports

Digitimes reports that USB 3.1 capable products will begin to ship in the first half of 2015. Which is in part due to th…
Western Digital WD
HardwareIndustry 5 months ago

Western Digital Buys SSD Maker Skyera – May Become an Even Bigger Market Player

Western Digital announced yesterday that it had completed the transaction to acquire Skyera, an all-flash array / SSD ma…
Seagate 8 TB Archive HDD
HardwareIndustry 6 months ago

Seagate Debuts 8TB Archive HDD For $259 – Shipping in January

It’s been quite sometime since we last heard anything exciting in the mechanical hard drive arena. The past couple…
Security 7 months ago

Millions of Dropbox Passwords Leaked Online In Exchange for Bitcoin Donations

According to reports nearly 7 million of Dropbox accounts have been hacked with hackers having leaked some 400 accounts …
google drive
Software 9 months ago

How Google Drive Wins Over Its Competition?

Tired of limited storage? Google Drive is a handy Cloud Storage and Synchronization service which is linked with all of …
Hardware 9 months ago

QNAP Releases New NAS Products Featuring Quad-core Intel Celeron Processor and QvPC Tech…

Press Release – QNAP Systems, Inc. today announced the release of the new tower-based Turbo NAS TS-x53 Pro series …
Hardware 10 months ago

AMD Unveils Radeon Series Gaming SSDs – Radeon R7 120G, Radeon R7 240G and Radeon…

AMD is expanding its product offerings in a very imaginative way, something that is a very healthy habit for companies t…






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