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Hardware 7 hours ago

Holiday Weekend Hardware Deals And Slender Steals, Time To Get Your Upgrade On

You’d think that with wonderful money you can save on mattresses over the weekend, that those awesome sales would …
Hardware 1 week ago

Weekend Hardware Deals, When it Rains, it’s Time to Upgrade

Is the inside of your PC getting a little aged? Perhaps the dust bunnies are collaborating and conspiring to slow down a…
Hardware 3 weeks ago

Pre-E3 Hardware Deals and Swell Steals

AMD has some very exciting things in store for us at E3, and with the great announcements they’re sure to have, yo…
OMG Deals!
Hardware 4 weeks ago

Weekend Hardware Deals and Quaint Steals

Computex and the lineup of exceptional hardware might be a trigger for some to start looking at the future of their PC a…
Hardware 1 month ago

Weekend Hardware Deals and Shocking Steals

Finding hardware deals can be quite frustrating at times, because of the relative stable prices of most components, but …
Hardware 1 month ago

Memorial Day Weekend PC Hardware Upgrade Deals

All of this great news about the Fiji XT might make you thirsty to upgrade your own PC. But while it’s not quite y…
Hardware 2 months ago

Jeff’s Weekend Hardware Deals and Price Cheats

Happy weekend everyone! Now that it’s the weekend, let’s get started on all those great hardware projects we…
Hardware 3 months ago

Jeff’s Weekly Hardware Deals and Price Cheats

GTA V has now been released with gorgeous looking graphics that necessarily require some upgrades. Not to mention the S…
iOS 8.2 Jailbreak Header
SecuritySoftware 3 months ago

TaiG Team Makes Announcement Regarding iOS 8.2 Jailbreak

Prior to the release of iOS 8.2 a couple of weeks back, it was suggested that Chinese jailbreaking group TaiG would hav…
PlayStation Music
Games 3 months ago

PlayStation Music; Sony Has a New Music Service on PS4

Unfortunately the Sony Music Unlimited wasn’t exactly the most popular of services on the PlayStation platform. In…
GamesGeneral 4 months ago

Dragon Age: Inquisition Wins Game of the Year at SXSW Interactive Festival

The SXSW Interactive Festival has been around for 22 years, but this is the second year the festival has given awards in…
Games 4 months ago

The Magic of Star Citizen Inspired Music

I really love the community that surrounds Star Citizen. It seems that not only do they financially contribute to the pr…
featued image
General 5 months ago

Learn To Download Music From SoundCloud To iPhone Easily Here

With music having a same influence on you as drugs according to some, a good playlist is everyone’s need these day…
Razer Leviathan
Hardware 8 months ago

Razer Leviathan – A Complete 5.1 Channel Surround Sound Audio Solution at $199

The Leviathan is a 5.1 Channel Surround Sound solution from Razer that includes a sound bar and a dedicated subwoofer. I…
root htc one max rumor round-up
Gadgets 1 year ago

Comic Fun: HTC One Teaser Video up ahead of March 25 Launch

HTC has been trying to catch some attention off the Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S5. Since Unpacked 5 event day, HTC …
Razer Adaro Wireless_1
Gadgets 1 year ago

Razer Adaro Headphone Series Unleashed- Designed For Professional Entertainment

Razer, the leading maker of gaming peripherals, today unleashed their latest Razer Adaro Headphone series which includ…
airplay music to unsupported bluetooth speakers
Software 2 years ago

iOS Tips and Tricks: How to AirPlay Music to Unsupported Bluetooth Wireless Speakers

AirPlay is an iOS compatible music streaming service that allows you to easily and quickly stream music from any Apple d…
holiday gift ideas
Gadgets 2 years ago

Some Holiday Gift Ideas for Every Age Group

Confused about selecting gifts for your loved ones this Christmas? Let us help you select some very affordable and yet u…






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