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Featured Deal: Foldable, High-Quality FRANKLIN Bluetooth Headphones

The tech industry is just getting ready to finally ditch the wires. Apple removed the traditional 3.5mm headphone jack from its latest iPhone 7. While Samsung and Motorola are already working on a similar design. But, is the headphone industry ready to offer us amazing sound quality without those wired headphones we are so dependent […]

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Apple Removes Headphone Jack & the Real Home Button – Gives You Courage and a Free Dongle

Apple has just confirmed removing the 3.5mm headphone jack from the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. The good news? The company is giving you a separate dongle to connect headphones that use a standard 3.5mm jack. iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus will ship with this adapter in the box. Kind of a consolatory gift? Included […]

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Immerse Yourself In Gaming with Sades BPOWER Stereo Gaming Headset

Today’s featured promotion from WCCFtech Deals brings you Sades BPOWER Stereo Gaming Headset and Sades Antenna Plus 7.1 Surround Sound Stereo USB Wired PC Gaming Headset. Head over to WCCFtech Deals and truly immerse yourself in gaming. Sades BPOWER Stereo Gaming Headset Ready to up your gaming experience? The BPOWER Headset will immerse you in the […]

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Best Stereo Bluetooth Earbuds Available Now at a 45% Discount

Killer sound isn’t all that we ask from our headphones. They need to be comfortable, durable and ideally without any wires too. But what if they are sweat-proof and come in all sizes and forms too? Do you think finding the perfect stereo headphones is a difficult and super expensive task? You can now get 45% off […]

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Ideapad & Turtle Beach Gamer Giveaway: Enter to Win Over $1,200 in Gaming Gear

We know how you enjoy shouting orders at team members and hearing every movement of the enemy. But, to get that pristine audio, you have to invest in some gaming headsets. Or, you could get a few surround-sound speakers and then risk irking your neighbors. Take our word when we say gaming headsets are an absolute […]

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The Hardware Review: Sound BlasterX H5 Gaming Headset

The Sound BlasterX H5 headphones were provided by Sound Blaster for review purposes. Intro Ah, sound. Hearing is such a wonderful sense. Many underestimate it, but I love it, so when it comes to reviewing headsets, headphones, earphones etc. I’m a happy guy. I’ve always liked decent earphones/headphones for music, but only really got what […]

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How Apple’s Wireless EarPods Can Use Hearing Aid Technology In The Future

Judging by the recent reports that surfaced, it seems Apple might ship noise-cancelling, wireless EarPods with the iPhone 7. The idea of wireless EarPods seems legit due to the fact that the company has decided to ditch the 3.5mm headphone jack. The EarPods to be shipped with the iPhone 7 could be similar to hearing […]

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Apple’s New Patent Hints At Loud And Quality Speakers In Future iPhones

According to previous reports and rumors, Apple is looking forward to ditch the 3.5mm headphone jack from future iPhones. Considering these rumors to be true, it would make perfect sense for the company to equip future iPhones with better audio speaker. On that note, Apple has been granted a new patent that describes a way […]

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Chatting With Creators – The Man Behind the Soundscape of Star Citizen

Music can be a most important part of a game, adding or subtracting from the overall atmosphere, and if the music doesn’t fit correctly, it can seriously detract from the experience, ruining it. Over the past few years we’ve seen an influx of great composers able to weave together some fantastic soundtracks that could equally be considered masterpieces […]

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Soundtrack for Need for Speed Unveiled, Lots of Artists Included

EA just released the full Need for Speed soundtrack track list with 61 different artists included with nearly every genre being represented. Groove to the beat in Need for Speed with Dirty South, Avicii, The Glitch Mob and more. With 61 artists we’ll have a total of 64 different songs (listed below) with nearly every […]

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WCCFtech Deals – Wireless Levitating Speakers and AWS Certifications Oh My!

That delightfully wonderful wirelessly charging Bluetooth enabled magical levitating speaker is still for sale, in fact, I jumped the gun because I too was a bit excited, as it wasn’t even released yet! But it’s still on sale and worth every penny. And we also want to help you become an AWS master, because the […]

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WCCFtech Deals – 6 Month Pandora One Subscription

Music is a magical thing, able to inspire and help you be creative. Not for nothing, it can help you through an emotional time if you listen to sad music. Pandora has quickly become a popular and wonderful way to experience some of greatest music around. What’s not popular, however, are those annoying ads. A […]

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WCCFtech Deals – Avantree Bluetooth Headphones for Joggers, $29.99

One of the absolutely most horrible things about running and wanting to listen to motivating music, is the fact that most headphones end up popping out so very easily. That and having a wire connected to a device, even if it’s on your arm or someplace seemingly out of the way, can sometimes lead to […]

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Featured Deal: Jarv Nmotion PRO Bluetooth Earbuds at 57$ Off

Today’s featured deal gets you some good discount on Jarv Nmotion PRO Bluetooth earbuds. Originally priced at $70, you can now get the favorite earbuds of geeks at WCCFtech Deals for only $29.99. 57% discount on Jarv Nmotion PRO Bluetooth Earbuds: Giving you a saving of 57% off the normal retail price, you will love […]

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Super Spiffy Fun Time Weekend Hardware Deals

Well, that might be a slight misnomer, but some are not so bad after rebate!. Some aren’t necessarily the most impressive deals you’ve ever seen, but at the very least these are from legitimate establishments with workable return policies. That and some of these deals might just be able to sway you just enough in […]

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The Best Hardware Deals We Could Find This Weekend

Well, it might just be time to upgrade that aging, yet effective, PC you have there. Why not peruse the deals below to help enable that upgrade itch. The unfortunate part is that CPU’s don’t seem to have as many delicious and mouth-watering price cuts, discounts or other deals like some other components on the […]

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Summer Weekend Hardware Deals So Hot, You Might Melt

The summertime is a fun time, full of sunshine, beaches, vacations (sometimes) and enjoying the company of friends. Sometimes that means scouring the Internet during the most sizzling portions of the day for the best hardware deals. Even though Skylake is just around the corner (pre-order anyone?), it’s a good time to upgrade, especially with […]

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10 Remarkably Resonant Songs – Video Game Music At Its Best

Video game music is a very important part of the overall atmosphere. The right music at the right time helps evoke the right emotion, boosting the intensity of the scene and providing a necessary layer to the story-telling. High-quality music is almost the norm now. Even brilliant composers from other sectors are crossing over and adding […]

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Delightful Deals and Scrumptious Steals

Looking to upgrade or plan that upgrade this weekend? Or just perusing to see if prices are finally low enough on the PC hardware you need to complete your build? We’ve got a collection of the best prices on some very nice hardware here. The deals present might not be substantial, but they may be […]

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WCCFtech Deals: 28% Off REMXD Bluetooth Headphones

I’m a stickler for audio-quality, and that sometimes means that I need the absolute best. But at other times it’s nice to have a little bit of freedom from those accursed cords that tend to wrap around nearly everything as I move about. If you too need an inexpensive solution to that cord problem, then check […]

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Holiday Weekend Hardware Deals And Slender Steals, Time To Get Your Upgrade On

You’d think that with wonderful money you can save on mattresses over the weekend, that those awesome sales would spill over into computer hardware. But they don’t. So, instead we have the lowest prices for the products listed, some with a good natural discount and some that have a mail-in rebate attached. We can’t guarantee […]

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Weekend Hardware Deals, When it Rains, it’s Time to Upgrade

Is the inside of your PC getting a little aged? Perhaps the dust bunnies are collaborating and conspiring to slow down and heat up your precious components? Perhaps it’s that time again to upgrade to something stronger, faster and better. Core 2 Duo’s are still plenty potent for some things, but they’re a little long […]