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We live in a world where nearly everyone now and then has constant access to camera of some sort of. These days passionate photographer get their hands dirty on DSLRs but however not everyone can afford it. However, following are the best photography apps for your Android. Having tested these apps on my  HTC One. You may use these apps to improve everything from how you take photos to how you organize and edit them.

Top 5 photography apps for Android:

1. Photoshop Touch

Download from Google Play Store

As far as Adobe Photoshop is concerned, the grand daddy of all photo editors now has a feature full option for Android that is Photoshop Express.

top 5 photography apps for Android


It offers advanced features. Layers, item selection and other complex operations are easy to use in large part because they’ve been reworked for touchscreen interfaces. However, Photoshop Express does not give all features as Adobe Photoshop. But it is surprisingly the best photo editing tool and its clean interface is fun to play with.

2. Camera 360


Remember the Radeon R7 SSD launch we told you about a few days back? Well, the official launch happened earlier today. The Radeon R7 SSDs are basically an initiative of AMD and OCZ to sell OCZ based Solid State Drives under the AMD brand name, therefore reaching more customers and targeting a specific market (gaming). I have the entire slide deck with me, but I am afraid I still don’t have word on what the pricing will be and how it will compare to the rest of the SSDs.

AMD Radeon R7 Series Page 01

AMD Officially Announces OCZ Based Radeon R7 SSDs – 120G, 240G and 480G

The Radeon R7 SSDs slot in between the ‘Mainstream’ Vertex 460 Series and the ‘Workstation’ Vector 150 SSDs. The R7 SSDs use the same controller as the Vector 150 and the only difference lies with the flash. Where the Vector 150 uses the 19nm MLC (Toshiba Multi Level Cell) node, rated for 50GB of write per day for 5 years, the R7 uses A19nm MLC (notice the added A) rated for 30GB of write for 4 years. The interface is ofcourse SATA III 6GB/s and the form factor is 2.5 Inches with an ultra slim 7mm width. The disk is 256 Bit AES path compliant and contains the usual features such as SMART and has an expected life span of 4 Years (30GB per day) or 42.7 Terabytes of write. It consumes a marginal 2.7W of power and can operate from 0c to 70c. The Radeon R7 SSDs can withstand shocks of upto 1500Gs and an operational vibration of 7-800Hz. Here are the specs and the complete slide set of the Radeon R7 SSDs.

Radeon R7 120G SSD
Radeon R7 240G SSD
Radeon R7 480G SSD
Max Read 550MB/s550MB/s550MB/s
Max Write470MB/s530MB/s530MB/s
Max Random Read IOPs85,00095,000100,000
Max Random Write IOPs90,00090,00090,000
Steady State Random Write IOPs12,00020,00023,000

ANdroid logo

Smartphones are great. They’ve managed to give us an unprecedented level of freedom and accessibility any where right at our fingerprints. Whats even better is open source software, not limited to any particular device. And the market has responded accordingly, with Google’s Android have the greatest market share in smartphone Operating Systems. But with such popularity, threats are natural. Just like Windows and the PC, hackers and programmers with malicous intent are busy coding software and hacks to harm the eveyday smartphone user.

ANdroid logo

Google’s Android has always been a little bit more about style rather than pure, raw performance. If you’re an Android fan, you probably like the various style features that Android has to offer. These include transition animations and so on. Well, as pretty as these animations look, the unfortunate fact is that they do end up taxing your processor. And if you’re a heavy smartphone user, then all this does contribute to lesser streamlined performance. So if you’re experiencing similar lag on your device and thinking of upgrading your smartphone, even though it would be better if you rather didn’t, then stop. There’s actually a way around this and it will help speed up your device.


Former Beatles legend Paul McCartney has joined the number of artists coming to the app store for their music releases. The historic songwriter and singer has reissued five of his albums to the app store. The albums have been transformed into native iPad apps by Paul McCartney and his record label. The albums reissued are those released by Paul McCartney after he left Beatles and the time he spent as part of Wings. This launch of apps is part of an increasing trend catching on with many artists. Among this list are pop-artists like Lady Gaga and Jay-Z. It is seen largely as a trend to get new content out for these artists.

samsung galaxy s logo

With the dawn of the smartphone era, the way we look at and interact with our phones has been changed forever. Phones nowadays aren’t restricted only to making calls and sending text messages. Thanks to advances in functionality, you can now do countless tasks on your phone, ranging from taking pictures, making videos, browsing the internet and playing games. However, the one area that smartphones currently lack is a long lasting battery life. Battery timings on most of the devices out there is far from impressive. So today we have good news for all the Samsung Galaxy S5 users out there. We’ve made a list of things that will make the battery on your Samsung Galaxy S5 last longer. So lets start!


A new ‘RAT’ or a Remote Access Tool has been discovered running on the Android platform. While RATs are common on the open source software, this one has serious damage wrecking potential. Security experts at Fireeye have discovered a new remote access tool running on the popular operating system. According to the experts, this tool has the potential to wreak great havoc. Malwares on the Android OS generally run in the background and are controlled by a Remote Access Tool, namely RAT. This particular RAT pretends to be a ‘Google Class Framework’ and automatically kills the antivirus software on the device.


Structure Of HijackRAT Malware

HijackRAT Malware Combines Several Malicious Tasks Into One Package. Framework To Carry Out Bank Hijacking Also Discovered

The HijackRAT discovered by experts combines several malicious tasks into one package. These include executing privacy leakages, stealing banking credentials and having a remote access to your data/device. In addition, experts have discovered a more worrying problems. A framework was found which is designed for bank hijackings. Starting from South Korea, currently eight banks are on the attacker’s list. But the hacker has the potential to expand to new banks with just 30 minutes of work. Both the developer of the malware and its victims are Korean speakers. Even more worryingly, this malware has an extremely low detection rate. Only 5 out of 54 antivirus programs were able to detect the malware. This is primarily due to its ability to change its command and control servers.

apple logo

Apple has just released the update for it iOS operating system. The iOS 7.1.2 has been released over the air and includes several bug fixes and security updates. This includes several fixes. The email attachment security bug, improved connectivity for iBeacon and data transfer for third party devices are some features which have been affected and improved by the update.


iOS 7.1.2 Includes Fixes For Email Encryption iBeacon Locksreen And Others

iOS 7.1.2 completely addresses the email attachment encryption issue which cropped up a while back. Even though a jailbreak tweak solution was available for the issue, the problem has been officially patched of now. In addition to the email encryption bug, connectivity for barcode scanners that connect to the iPad or the iPhone through iBeacon has also been improved. Data transfer for third party accessories which include barcode readers has been improved in the iOS 7.1.2. In addition, there was a lock screen vulnerability in the previous version as well. This allowed the passcode screen to be bypassed by simply giving a miss call to the device. This issue has been patched up by Apple as well in the iOS 7.1.2.

download OS X Yosemite compatibility

Apple’s latest announced OS X 10.10 Yosemite will be publicly released this fall. The software brings in an all-new design with an inspiration taken from iOS 7 and will replace the current OS X Mavericks. If you want to check OS X Yosemite compatibility with your Mac, this post will help you out.download OS X Yosemite compatibility

OS X Yosemite compatibility with Macs:

Following with previous year’s OS X 10.9 Mavericks, OS X Yosemite is also compatible with all the Macs that were


Apple has, mere seconds ago, officially released the new Mac OS X 10.10 codenamed ‘Yosemite’ at the World Wide Developers Conference 2014. Now interestingly Yosemite was actually leaked few hours before launch and even the features of the same were revealed in the same leaked screenshot. So here it is folks, the Mac OS X 10.10 ‘Yosemite’ update. ‘

apple mac os x 10.10 yosemite wwdc 2014
Mac OS X 10.10 ‘Yosemite’ Announced by Apple at the WWDC 2014

So the first thing you will notice is that even though the design has been tweaked a little, the complete aesthetics overhaul that was expected did not arrive. We have somewhat of a streamlining happen here with a few tweaks here and there make a subtle overall difference. However one of the major differences that the new Mac OS X Yosemite actually has is the new ‘Control Center’ which looks quite similar to the one in iOS. The new control center’s aesthetics are almost completely similar to the iOS counterpart and it will slide in from the left (the notifications center slides in from the right).

a story about my uncle logo


A Story About My Uncle Review – A Tale Not to be Missed

This year has been a great one for the small studios with big ideas and even bigger talent. Sitting down, looking at my ever-growing Steam library, I am constantly reminded that, more and more, the experiences had with the titles from the twenty man (if that) teams are time and again trumping that which we are seeing from the three-hundred man teams and their million dollar marketing budgets.

After finishing A Story About My Uncle, I am happy to say that it can count itself among those of that list. What more, I may have just found my current favorite title of the year thus far. The game places you in the young shoes of a nameless protagonist on the search of his recently gone missing uncle, Frederic. The story is told by a now older version of the protagonist to his daughter in the way of a bedtime story. This way of presenting the story to the player doesn’t just present itself and then let the game take care of itself. The more mature version of the character in question acts as narrator through the entire experience, giving context not only to the events taking place, but also to separate, secondary elements of the universe; used to help build a better sense that the locales you find yourself in are that of a real, living, breathing place.

Epic Games logo

The next Unreal Tournament is finally in the making. North Carolina based developer Epic Games has announced that the next version of the classic first person shooter game is finally in the making. And of course, the game will be powered by Epic’s own Unreal Engine 4. Epic also hopes to develop the game with the aid of it’s loyal fan base and Unreal Engine 4 development community.


Unreal Tournament Development to Take Place in the Open After Nearly a Decade Since the Last Title.

This development of the Unreal Tournament is indeed very different from the development of any game out there. The game will be developed as a collaborative effort between Unreal Engine 4 developers, Epic and Unreal Tournament fans. Epic said on its blog that Unreal Tournament’s development by a few veteran of the game has already started. “From the very first line of code, the very first art created and design decision made, development will happen in the open, as a collaboration between Epic, UT fans and UE4 developers.” -Epic Regular updates regarding the game will be conveyed by Epic via Twitch streams. This concept of having fans participate in the Unreal Tournament’s development through direct communication with the fans and developers is really very interesting. It just might provide Epic with more content ideas than would have been possible through the regular development progress. It will also allow loyal fans to have the satisfaction of knowing that their opinion was honored in the creation of the sequel of a classic title.


At the end of the annual Pwn2Own contest this year, researchers managed to rake in a record $850,000 through zero-day exploits against all the major browsers out there. This list includes security flaws in Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer 11 and Apple Safari. Adobe’s Flash Player and Reader were also compromised.


White Hat hackers ‘Pwn’ major Browsers and take home $850K in cash

The first day of the competition, Wednesday, belonged to the French vulnerability research firm, Vupen. The firm managed to hack Firefox, IE11, Adobe Reader and Flash Player, all in the same day, to rack up a cool $300,000. “We’ve pwnd Adobe Reader XI with a heap overflow + PDF sandbox escape (without relying on a kernel flaw). Exploit reported to Adobe!,” Vupen tweeted. Firefox had a bad first day, with with researchers Juri Adela and Mariusz Mlynski also being able to exploit vulnerabilities. Researchers from the French team also managed to successfully bypass Chrome’s sandbox protection.

AMD Catlayst Logo


The Catalyst 13.35 was supposed to be one crucial driver from AMD. Previously AMD was working on this driver, now it’s leaked through inside Toshiba. This driver features enhanced support for the Radeon R2xx series graphic cards and will also support AMD’s upcoming APU’s. The “Kaveri” based Accelerated processing units will make the most use of this new driver.AMD Catalyst 13.35 Software

Catalyst 13.35 Download Link – Mantle Support

The 13.35 BETA driver will bring a lot of changes. Some of them include :

  • Performance improvement in Battlefield 4 – Thanks To AMD Mantle.
  • Frame pacing enhancements – Dual graphics support
  • AMD TrueAudio support
  • Support for Ubuntu 12.1, openSUSE 13.1 And RHEL 6.5.

This new driver aims to correct frame pacing issues which have plagued AMD’s graphic cards since the 7000 series. Many previous drivers have improved the condition but they haven’t rectified it fully. This driver may also help in frame pacing issues with Kaveri based APU’s. Running a Kaveri APU in tandem with a dedicated graphic card will require some serious support from the software side for a smooth gameplay.

Battlefield 4 Amd Mantle

Battlefield 4 is the EA’s biggest shooter right now. The game was released last year on all gaming consoles except Wii U and it showed high graphical rates on PC. The game only came with DirectX support but AMD fans were promised that they would get a new Battlefield 4 patch that would bring Mantle support to the game. The patch was delayed but now AMD has demonstrated Battlefield 4 running on Mantle with up to 45% performance boost at CES 2014.

Mantle Battlefield 4

Battlefield 4 Showcased At CES 2014 Running 45% Faster With Mantle – Game Patch For AMD’s API Would Come Later This Month

AMD and DICE were to release a Battlefield 4 update that would enable game’s support for AMD’s low-level graphics API called Mantle, but it did not happen and the update was delayed. A couple of screenshots were leaked prior to AMD CES 2014 presentation showing 45% Battlefield 4 performance boost with Mantle over DirectX, AMD said that the company’s new API would bring 10% improvement in games’ performance while running on same hardware, but these images revealed (and was later confirmed) that the performance would be far greater.

Back in December, when asked by Polygon for a comment on delaying the Battlefield 4 Mantle Patch, the chip and graphics cards manufacturer said, “After much consideration, the decision was made to delay the Mantle patch for Battlefield 4. AMD continues to support DICE on the public introduction of Mantle, and we are tremendously excited about the coming release for Battlefield 4! We are now targeting a January release and will have more information to share in the New Year.”

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