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Geekbench 3
MobileSoftware 11 hours ago

You Can Download Geekbench 3 For iOS Absolutely Free – Direct Link

Geekbench 3 by Primate Labs for iPhone and iPad has gone free over at the App Store and you can grab it right away. The …
Deals 1 day ago

WCCFTech Deals – VPN Mega Sale!

The best protection is at least some protection when it comes to browsing through the Internet. And that’s not bec…
Google Apps
MobileSoftware 1 day ago

Google Play Cyber Weekend 2015 Sale: Save Big On Apps, Games, Songs, More

Google has kicked off its Cyber Weekend 2015 sale, and the Big G has put up a lot of great content with heavy discounts …
MobileSoftware 1 day ago

Google Play Now Lets You Gift Credit To Other Users

Google has finally made the big move to allow users to send Google Play credit to other people. Allowing to gift credit …
App Store logo
MobileSoftware 2 days ago

Pre-Black Friday 2015 iOS Apps Sale You Shouldn’t Miss Out On

Black Friday is just a day away from now and already many developers have put their apps and games for sale over at the …
OnePlus Might End Up Acquiring A Struggling Smartphone OEM
MobileSoftware 2 days ago

OxygenOS 2.1.3 Update For OnePlus X – Complete Changelog

OxygenOS 2.1.3 update OTA for the OnePlus X has been announced, and will start to roll out for users around the globe so…
Google Reported To Be Aiding Samsung In Refining Its TouchWiz Interface
Software 2 days ago

Google Reported To Be Aiding Samsung In Refining Its TouchWiz Interface

Samsung might have greatly improved upon optimizing its TouchWiz interface for its Galaxy S6 lineup of smartphones, but …
Web Development
Deals 2 days ago

Pay What You Want: Learn to Code Bundle (Web Development)

And now it’s time for you to name your own price for yet another great and massive bundle of courses. For today w…
iPad Pro
MobileSoftware 3 days ago

iPad Pro Hacked To Enable 3D Touch – Video

The iPad Pro does not have a 3D Touch display. That luxury currently lies with iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus users, with …
AMD Radeon Software Crimson Edition Thumbnail Feature
Hardware 3 days ago

AMD Radeon Software Crimson Edition Released – Performance Boosts, Clever Design A…

As you read this AMD will be launching arguably the most significant graphics driver update for Radeon users in over a …
AMD Radeon Software Crimson Edition Thumbnail Feature
AnalysisGames 3 days ago

AMD Radeon Software Performance Analysis – Is This the Crimson Tide?

Crimson purports to be the biggest enhancement to AMD’s drivers since the revolutionary drivers for the Rage Fury Maxx…
MobileSoftware 3 days ago

How To Copy Files To iPhone, iPad Without iTunes

Here’s how you can copy files, music and other stuff to iPhone or iPad without iTunes installed on your PC. Using…
Mac Security
Software 4 days ago

How To Enable Stealth Mode Firewall In Mac OS X

Here’s a complete step-by-step guide on how you can enable Stealth Mode firewall in Mac OS X. When you connect yo…
MobileSoftware 4 days ago

Google Play Store 6 APK Download For Android Devices Now Available

Google Play Store 6 APK is now available to download for Android smartphones and tablets. We have the direct download li…
Windows 10 Store
Software 5 days ago

Windows 10 Store Black Friday 2015 Deals Announced: 10 Days Of 10 Cent Deals

Microsoft has announced its Windows 10 Store Black Friday 2015 deals on apps, games, movies, music. Black Friday is the …
Software Development
EditorialExclusive 6 days ago

You Don’t Know Jack! How Software Gets Developed Part V

Recap Last week, we took a slight off topic look at budgets and how money is used/projected to be used during the course…
Exclusive 6 days ago

WCCFtech Weekly Review, Emulation Edition

And it’s that time of the week again folks. When Tiffany takes us through the most exciting news and happenings th…
GS6 Edge
MobileSoftware 6 days ago

Give Your Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 Edge A Speed Boost Instantly Using This Trick

Here’s how you can give your Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge a significant speed boost instantly. On paper th…






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