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Beta 4
MobileSoftware 11 hours ago

iOS 9.3.3, OS X 10.11.6, tvOS 9.2.2 Beta 4 Released – Update Now

iOS 9.3.3, OS X 10.11.6, tvOS 9.2.2 beta 4 software has been released for developers. iOS 9.3.3 beta is available to pub…
iPhone Secret Codes
MobileSoftware 3 days ago

Here’s A List Of All iPhone Secret Codes

Here’s a complete list of all the hidden iPhone secret codes for unlocking multiple features on your handset. List…
C++ Programming Bundle
Deals 6 days ago

Master the Super-Portable C++ Programming Language & Start Building Large-Scale App…

Today’s featured deal brings you a 92% discount on C++ Programming bundle. The language seems intimidating at fir…
stock apps
MobileSoftware 7 days ago

Restore Deleted Stock Apps In iOS 10 Beta – How To

Here’s how you can restore deleted system / stock apps in iOS 10 beta. The process is absolutely simple, so let&#…
Dual Boot
Software 1 week ago

Dual Boot macOS Sierra Developer Preview – How To

Here’s how you can dual boot macOS Sierra Developer Preview with any other version of OS X – El Capitan, Yos…
USB drive
Software 1 week ago

Create Bootable macOS Sierra DP USB Drive – How To

Here’s how you can create a bootable macOS Sierra Developer Preview USB drive in a few easy steps. Create Bootabl…
MobileSoftware 1 week ago

Apple iOS 10 Beta Vs Google Android N Beta – A Visual Comparison (Screenshots)

Here’s a visual comparison between Apple iOS 10 beta and Google Android N Developer Preview. We will compare corre…
Software 1 week ago

Microsoft’s Own Test Shows How Bad Chrome Is For Your Laptop’s Battery

We all know Google Chrome is a resource hungry Web browser. But how bad is it compared to the likes of Microsoft Edge an…
iOS 10
MobileOp-EdSoftware 1 week ago

iOS Has Come A Long Way; iOS 10 Definitely Takes It Further

Having used iOS 10 for a solid couple of days as my daily driver, here are my thoughts and impressions of it running on …
ios 10 jailbreak iphone 5
MobileSoftware 2 weeks ago

iOS 10 Has Been Jailbroken! (Video)

iOS 10 jailbreak has been achieved by well-known hacker iH8sn0w. The jailbreak was possible on an iPhone 5 smartphone. i…
Android Game and App Developer
Deals 2 weeks ago

Begin Your App Development Odyssey with Android Game & App Developer Bundle

Looking for tools and training to develop and create Android games and apps? You can now make your dreams come true as …
ios 10 beta vs ios 9 visual comparison
MobileSoftware 2 weeks ago

iOS 10 Beta Vs iOS 9 – Visual Comparison (Screenshots)

Here’s an iOS 10 beta vs iOS 9 visual comparison showing the changes Apple has implemented in its brand new OS. iO…
agile scrum certification
Deals 2 weeks ago

Score a Top Project Management Position with Agile Scrum Certification – 86% Off

Project management may sound a trendy job title, but it requires more than just leadership skills to increase the quali…
dark mode
MobileSoftware 2 weeks ago

iOS 10 Has A Hidden Dark Mode Feature – Screenshots

There’s a hidden dark mode feature in iOS 10 beta. The feature appears to be disabled for now, but could be enable…
iPhone 7 Concept
MobileSoftware 2 weeks ago

iPhone 7 Concept Running iOS 10 Is Everything We Need In Our Lives – Images

New iPhone 7 concept running iOS 10 has just surfaced on the Web. With iOS 10 portrayed running on the device, the missi…
Soccer game
MobileSoftware 2 weeks ago

How To Play The Hidden Soccer Game In Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger has a hidden soccer game which you can play. We’ll show you how you can jump right into the act…
jailbreak iOS 9.2
MobileSoftware 2 weeks ago

Apple Has Patched iOS 9 JailbreakMe Style Jailbreak Exploit In iOS 10

Remember the iOS 9.3.2 jailbreak that was shown off a while ago? It appears as though the JailbreakMe style untether has…
install watchOS 3
MobileSoftware 2 weeks ago

Install watchOS 3 On Apple Watch Without Developer Account

Here’s how you can download and install watchOS 3 on Apple Watch without an Apple Developer Program account. Insta…






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