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Cyanogen Mod
Software 1 day ago

How to install CyanogenMod on your Android Device?

What is CyanogenMod and How do you install it? Google’s Mobile Operating System, known as Android, is a widely-used OS...
General 5 days ago

What is Inbox by Gmail?

Google reinvents the mail app known as Inbox       Last Wednesday, Google announced the launch of its new amazing ap...
Android Lollipop
Software 1 week ago

Best Android Apps using Material Design

Google has launched its new Material Design Language and platform for developers in Google I/O 2014. It is being rapidly...
Logo Apple iPhone
Gadgets 4 weeks ago

iOS 8 Slowing Your iPhone 4S Down? Don’t Give Up Hope Yet – Try These Steps Out

Apple updated it’s mobile software releases with the iOS 8 earlier this month. iOS 8 came with several new features on...
Software 1 month ago

Learn How To Install iOS 8.1 Beta On Your Device In A Few Easy Steps

Apple announced the iOS 8.1 beta yesterday for the iPhone, iPad and the iPod Touch. The update is expected to come with ...
Software 1 month ago

Top 10 Free Educational Apps for iPad

Reports say there are now more than 200,000 education apps available on Apple‘s App Store. They are a huge amount with...
iphone logo
Software 1 month ago

Some of the Best iPhone Camera Apps of 2014

Best iPhone camera apps: What I am seeing? Point and shoot cameras are out of the way. Yes, smartphone cameras are just ...
Software 2 months ago

Top 5 File Managers for Your Android Device

Top 5 file managers for Android You have frequently browsed through the file system of your Android device to manage or ...
Software 2 months ago

Siri, Google Now, Cortana: The Ultimate Digital Voice Assistant?

Digital voice assistant: Siri, Google Now or Cortana? Love it or hate it, voice-activated digital assistants have become...
update Nexus 10 to KTU84L Android 4.4.3
Software 2 months ago

Top 5 Photography Apps for Android Devices

We live in a world where nearly everyone now and then has constant access to camera of some sort of. These days passiona...
Hardware 2 months ago

AMD Officially Announces Radeon R7 SSDs – 120G, 240G and 480G Variants from OCZ

Remember the Radeon R7 SSD launch we told you about a few days back? Well, the official launch happened earlier today. T...
ANdroid logo
Software 3 months ago

5 Guaranteed Ways To Keep You Android Device Safe From Viruses And Malwares

Smartphones are great. They’ve managed to give us an unprecedented level of freedom and accessibility any where right ...
ANdroid logo
Software 3 months ago

Speed Up Your Android Interface By Accessing Developer Options – Take A Look At How ...

Google’s Android has always been a little bit more about style rather than pure, raw performance. If you’re an Andro...
Industry 4 months ago

Paul McCartney Comes To The iPad – 5 Albums Re-released As iPad Apps

Former Beatles legend Paul McCartney has joined the number of artists coming to the app store for their music releases. ...






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