At the end of the annual Pwn2Own contest this year, researchers managed to rake in a record $850,000 through zero-day exploits against all the major browsers out there. This list includes security flaws in Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer 11 and Apple Safari. Adobe’s Flash Player and Reader were also compromised.


White Hat hackers ‘Pwn’ major Browsers and take home $850K in cash

The first day of the competition, Wednesday, belonged to the French vulnerability research firm, Vupen. The firm managed to hack Firefox, IE11, Adobe Reader and Flash Player, all in the same day, to rack up a cool $300,000. “We’ve pwnd Adobe Reader XI with a heap overflow + PDF sandbox escape (without relying on a kernel flaw). Exploit reported to Adobe!,” Vupen tweeted. Firefox had a bad first day, with with researchers Juri Adela and Mariusz Mlynski also being able to exploit vulnerabilities. Researchers from the French team also managed to successfully bypass Chrome’s sandbox protection.

AMD Catlayst Logo


The Catalyst 13.35 was supposed to be one crucial driver from AMD. Previously AMD was working on this driver, now it’s leaked through inside Toshiba. This driver features enhanced support for the Radeon R2xx series graphic cards and will also support AMD’s upcoming APU’s. The “Kaveri” based Accelerated processing units will make the most use of this new driver.AMD Catalyst 13.35 Software

Catalyst 13.35 Download Link – Mantle Support

The 13.35 BETA driver will bring a lot of changes. Some of them include :

  • Performance improvement in Battlefield 4 – Thanks To AMD Mantle.
  • Frame pacing enhancements – Dual graphics support
  • AMD TrueAudio support
  • Support for Ubuntu 12.1, openSUSE 13.1 And RHEL 6.5.

This new driver aims to correct frame pacing issues which have plagued AMD’s graphic cards since the 7000 series. Many previous drivers have improved the condition but they haven’t rectified it fully. This driver may also help in frame pacing issues with Kaveri based APU’s. Running a Kaveri APU in tandem with a dedicated graphic card will require some serious support from the software side for a smooth gameplay.

Battlefield 4 Amd Mantle

Battlefield 4 is the EA’s biggest shooter right now. The game was released last year on all gaming consoles except Wii U and it showed high graphical rates on PC. The game only came with DirectX support but AMD fans were promised that they would get a new Battlefield 4 patch that would bring Mantle support to the game. The patch was delayed but now AMD has demonstrated Battlefield 4 running on Mantle with up to 45% performance boost at CES 2014.

Mantle Battlefield 4

Battlefield 4 Showcased At CES 2014 Running 45% Faster With Mantle – Game Patch For AMD’s API Would Come Later This Month

AMD and DICE were to release a Battlefield 4 update that would enable game’s support for AMD’s low-level graphics API called Mantle, but it did not happen and the update was delayed. A couple of screenshots were leaked prior to AMD CES 2014 presentation showing 45% Battlefield 4 performance boost with Mantle over DirectX, AMD said that the company’s new API would bring 10% improvement in games’ performance while running on same hardware, but these images revealed (and was later confirmed) that the performance would be far greater.

Back in December, when asked by Polygon for a comment on delaying the Battlefield 4 Mantle Patch, the chip and graphics cards manufacturer said, “After much consideration, the decision was made to delay the Mantle patch for Battlefield 4. AMD continues to support DICE on the public introduction of Mantle, and we are tremendously excited about the coming release for Battlefield 4! We are now targeting a January release and will have more information to share in the New Year.”


Your files on your SD card or your internal memory of your phone are mostly jumbled up. When transferring data from a PC to a mobile, generally we just copy and paste anywhere we see fit. A new app from Redirect Dev takes full care of this problem, clean up this mess.

How To Organize Android Files – Redirect

With Redirect you can move files of a single type to a particular place. One can move all the .apk files from within the SD card to a single folder by a single button.

best of black friday roundup

While we have been focusing a lot on getting you know about the most amazing tech gadget deals, we often forget about the apps. Though even the best Black Friday apps deals don’t normally save you $50 or so, but even a buck is always worth saving, no? Especially when we consider the trend of not liking to spend a lot on apps while we spend hundreds on gadgets, these Black Friday apps deals would do good to many! Some of them could save you as high as $10 and up.

Have you been wishing to buy some app for long? Din’t like to spend too much for it or simply wanted to try it for the lowest possible price tag? Let’s see if this post can get you some amazing Black Friday apps deals!

Best Black Friday apps deals:black friday apps

- Stickman Tennis: $0.99 - Free

ipad air hidden features
Gadgets Hardware

So two new iPad models – Mini 2 with Retina and rebranded Apple iPad 5 now named iPad Air – have just been released. I actually like the new name; how many digits would have the company gone up anyway – Apple iPad 21? Meh. Anyways, following the showcasing event yesterday, here are a few iPad Air hidden features that weren’t talked about. You might be tempted to get the new iPad Air after learning about them.

ipad air hidden features

Wondershare Video Editor Review

The Wondershare Video Editor is easy and user-friendly editing software that allows everyone or even beginners to edit their videos. It is compatible with all types of videos captured by different brands or makes of digital camera, camcorders, mobile devices and much more. It also supports all the major file types including the HD format.

android 4.4 kitkat

After the Android 4.4 KitKat was announced last month, no further updates were shared by the company. Nobody is sure what the new version is going to look like with everyone suspecting that the release of the KitKat Android will be more of an advertising gig for the chocolate maker rather than being a game-changer OS update. The news was a bit of let down since a major Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie OS update was supposed to be here by now. Today though, a few leaked images of Android 4.4 KitKat‘s UI have been posted giving some idea about what to expect.

Since Apple’s major 7th update is still very new in our lives, somehow we get the feeling of the similar minimalistic designing in these leaked images. User interface looks a bit freshened and brighter. These leaked images also show redesigned dialer and messages app with lighter color than previously seen in Android. Status bar icons appear to be grey and the dialer app has a new keyboard design. These leaked images also show colored status bar which changes color according to the picked theme.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Though the images don’t show off any new functionality, we still can see some major redesigning which wasn’t being expected with the incremental update. Hopes are still low as FAndroiders were looking for something big like iOS 7 and have been handed with the news of an incremental update. We do hope though that Google will make up to the absence of Android 5.0.

The latest Android 4.4 KitKat is set to be revealed on October 14th this year alongside the muchly awaited Nexus 5 smart phone. An updated Nexus 10 released either by Samsung or Asus running the new OS is also expected. If rumors are right, it’s just a few weeks until we can see what Google is busy doing for us. 

Read more about these Android 4.4 KitKat images leaked via our source 9to5Google.

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Radeon Logo

AMD Catalyst 13.9 Drivers have just been released. The 13.9 are WHQL certified and officially support Windows 8.1 even before its official release.

AMD Catalyst 13.9 WHQL Drivers Download and Details

AMD Catalyst 13.9 WHQL DriversA Pretty straightforward update from AMD. Microsoft Windows 8.1 has not yet been released but AMD has rolled out WHQL certified drivers with Windows 8.1 support. The patch also includes a couple of other fixes such as Eyefinity and Crossfire problems. Some frame pacing issues have also been addressed by AMD in this WHQL Certified Driver Release. Needless to say, since this is a WHQL release we urge everyone with AMD products to apply this update asap. Especially people who are currently playing Farcry 3 or have Multi-GPU and Multi-Monitor setups.

You can download the latest AMD WHQL certified drivers from the links given (Courtsey of Guru3d) OR the Official AMD Download Centre:

Radeon Logo

Well another Driver Update from AMD. AMD Catalyst 13.10 Beta Drivers, but dont get your hopes up high just yet because this update will mostly address Multi-GPU and Crossfire Problems.

AMD Catalyst 13.10 Beta Drivers Update Detailed

Catalyst 13.10 Beta Drivers

The Catalyst 13.10 Beta Drivers wont appease a lot of people. Mostly because they don’t really offer much frame rate improvement and focus mostly on bug fixing. Catalyst 13.10 Beta Drivers do however fix the notorious frame-pacing issues for certain games, namely, Tomb Raider, Metro Last Light, Sniper Elite, World of Warcraft, Max Payne 3, Hitman Absolution.

It is quite obvious that AMD has tried to address the Crossfire scaling problems in Radeon builds. Multi Gpu Tech isn’t perfect on Nvidias side either but AMD always had problems with Drivers. From lack of Native 3D support to Frame Pacing, we are glad to see that AMD is finally filling all the plugs.

AMD logo
Games Hardware

Anyone in the Indie Development knows that the cut scenes and facial expression rigging is one of the hardest things to get right. Asset, world and game creation are just a weeks sweat and blood away but AAA Title-Like Facial Expressions are not so easy. AMD and Mixamo have unveiled something that will let Indie Developers have the best looking facial expressions for their characters – with a webcam.AMD Mixamo Face Plus Facial Capture Technology

AMD and Mixamo Introduce Face Plus Technology for Real Time Capture of Facial Expressions.

These last few years have seen the rise of Indie titles at an unprecedented scale, where once Indie was unheard of its now an integral part of the Game Development Community. Most Indie games don’t lack in Asset Creation, Texturing or Game Creation. The main problem for Indie games is the cutscenes and animation rigging. While AAA developers have access to motion capture equipment which alone costs tens of thousands of dollars, Indie developers dont have this choice.

This is why they normally resort to Painted Images instead of true cutscenes. Cue AMD and Mixamo’s Facial Capture technology and now you just need a $20 webcam and you are good to go. This technology called Face Plus will allow anyone with a Webcam and the Unity Engine to create Realistic Facial expressions at no excess cost.

Windows 8 Banned

Windows 8 Banned by Top Benchmarking and Overclocking sites In a surprising news for us and probably disastrous for Microsoft. HWBot is a massive online database of Benchmark and Overclocl records and it is this site that first discovered a critical malfunction in Windows 8 RTC (Real Time Clock) protocols that would make any benchmarking software give completely incorrect results.

Windows 8 Banned

Windows 8 Banned from HWBot: The Reason

There exists inside every PC a very incognito but essential piece of tech; the Real-Time Clock. The job of the RTC is fairly simple but very important: all it has to do is tick away the seconds with perfect accuracy, matching every stride of your quartz watch. Because the RTC is basically a hardware implementation by nature, programs such as benchmarks trust the RTC implicitly. Windows 8 however deployed a new set of protocols for the RTC to manage devices with non conventional RTC and this eventually lead to Windows 8 Banned from various sites.

There are benchmarks that are on the look out for tricks, any kind of instability and they invalidate the benchmark. However it just wouldn’t occur to a benchmark to check for problems in the RTC and therein lied the main reason this went on undetected for so long and consequently Windows 8 Banned from Benchmarking sites. HW Bot didnt give the explicit Kernel Level details but they showed this table which we can see gives completely chaotic results. Under clocking the processor actually increases benchmark score ( because time elapsed for the RTC is less it thinks it made that score in less time ) and vice verso leading to chaotic and unrealistic results.

iTunes 11 Logo

iTunes 11 was released late last year, after what seemed to be an endless rumor cycle regarding what the new piece of software from Apple would and would not have. Today, you can download iTunes 11.0.13, the latest update to Apple’s software for Windows and Mac. This particular update brings a host of new features, including the usual bevy of performance and stability improvements as well as crucial bug fixes. Lets take a look in to what iTunes 11.0.3 brings to the table, after the break.


The last iTunes update was pushed out in February, which also was a minor update that brought a new Composer View. Apart from that, the software has not seen any major changes in the two updates it has received since it was released back in November 2012. iTunes 11.0.3 is the third update for this software, while still being an incremental update since there are no new major features or substantial changes in the UI, this particular update does bring a number of new features that are bound to make life easier for millions of users around the world.

The list of features include new MiniPlayer improvements and radically improved and enhanced multi-disc album and Songs View. One would think that they don’t exactly make up for such an exciting update, though it is subtle changes like these that greatly enhance the ease of use of any particular software, iTunes in this case. The user interface was significantly changed with iTunes 11 and it took users quite a bit of time to get familiarized with it. Some even criticized it for being too complex. We can’t really expect any updates to the UI being made at this particular point in time, not only is it too soon, it won’t exactly be a good move on the company’s part to drop one major update a few months after it has already released one.

Its quite easy to download iTunes 11.0.3 on your Windows or Mac machine. You can either use Software Update, which will automatically search and prompt that an update is available. Alternatively, one can also visit Apple’s iTunes page to manually download the software for their particular operating system from there. The update weighs in at 79MB.


The Samsung Galaxy S4 has just launched around the world with some tough competition from the HTC One M7 and the Sony Xperia Z. That said, it is still probably the most advanced phone in the consumer market in terms of specifications, so to say. With the latest iteration of Google’s Android (V4.2.2 Jellybean) packed with Samsung’s smoothest TouchWiz till date, its a sure shot winner at Samsung’s hands.  Read ahead to know how to measure temperature, humidity and air pressure on your Galaxy S4.

Software Web

If you’ve been using Google Translate on Windows or Android application or have difficulties in typing in your language on the Latin/English keyboard, Google is here to help you. The Search giant recently released what I would say, the biggest move towards localisation and native language support. The Google Input Tools. 

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