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Games 27 minutes ago

Wasteland 2 Getting a Graphical Upgrade with the Unity 5 Engine

A graphical upgrade is in the (not so) bleak and post-apocalyptic future of Wasteland 2, which is a game that is produce…
Software 4 days ago

OxygenOS and CyanogenMod12S To Hit Users In Late March

There has been some heat sensed between two of the major companies related to smartphones. The manufacturer of well fame…
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AnalysisGeneral 1 week ago

Control Flashlight, Wi Fi And Bluetooth Through Your Voice With Voice Commands On Lollip…

Up to this day, Android users needed to download an external torch application from Google Play Store or use the one pro…
GadgetsSoftware 1 week ago

The Next Android Update (5.1?) Will Be Coming This March – HTC VP Remarks

Google’s Android Lollipop update last year was one of the more important software updates the search engine giant …
Games 1 week ago

DirectX 12 vs. DirectX 11 – Over 100fps Difference on Unreleased GPU

Microsoft gave respected industry publication Anandtech an exclusive preview of DirectX 12. In testing with the rigorous…
GadgetsSoftware 2 weeks ago

Learn How To Install Windows 10 On Any Lumia Phone With The Steps Here

At its Windows 10 launch event this January, Microsoft highlighted several features for Windows 10. One of these include…
Samsung logo
GadgetsSoftware 2 weeks ago

Breakdown – Android Lollipop Confirmed Again For Samsung Galaxy Note 2

Android Lollipop is Google’s biggest OS release and its update to many smartphones brings novelty in major visual and …
LeakRumor 2 weeks ago

Galaxy Note 4 Starting To Receive Lollipop Update In Poland

When we talk about Android Lollipop, there are some featured smartphones that are blessed to receive it like the LG G3, …
Games 3 weeks ago

Bloodborne’s Graphics Will Be Better than What We’ve Seen So Far

Lately some new gameplay footage and character creation videos of Bloodborne were shown by IGN as part of their IGN FIRS…
apple bbc documentary
GadgetsSoftware 3 weeks ago

iOS 9 Rumors – Apple Working For Major Stability Features

Looks like Apple is hard at work at improving performance capabilities for its mobile devices. With the launch of the A8…
RumorSoftware 1 month ago

Snapchat Might Launch A Mobile Payment Service Soon

The Los Angeles based Snapchat, which enable users to send pictures that disappear automatically, in a given set of time…
Software 1 month ago

Dont Like iOS 8.1.3? Downgrade To iOS 8.1.2 Here Quickly And Easily

Apple just released its latest iOS 8.1.3 update yesterday. While it debugged many little bugs found earlier, several use…
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GadgetsSoftware 1 month ago

Brace Yourselves – HTC One M8 Android Lollipop Update Starts Rolling Out

Soon after Google’s announcement of Android Lollipop, HTC promised its users that the update for its devices would…
Gadgets 1 month ago

Download iOS 8.1.3 Right Here For Several Fixes On iPhone And iPad

Apple has updated its mobile OS today, with the release of iOS 8.1.3. Over the last few update cycles, the company’…
Software 1 month ago

Facebook Introduces Facebook Lite for Low Specification devices (Download APK)

For the people living in the developing countries, Facebook has focused its insights purely on the low end specification…






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