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Apple A10 Fusion Are Bigger Than the Competition – Apple Designing Bigger Cores for Better Performance?

The Apple A10 Fusion chipset easily outperforms the Android flagship crew, as we’ve seen from the latest speed tests compared against Google’s Pixel and Galaxy Note 7. Now thanks to…

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Intel Core i5-7600K Kaby Lake Engineering Sample Benchmarked – 10% Faster Than Core i5-6600K

The Intel Core i5-7600K processor is yet to launch yet several Chinese sites have already acquired this chip for testing. The new Core i5-7600K processor is part of the Kaby…

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AMD Beats Wall Street’s Expectations, Posts Non-GAAP Earnings of 3 Cents Driven By Outstanding Console Sales

AMD’s third quarter earnings are out and the company has beaten Wall Street’s expectations (on a non-GAAP basis) on both revenue and earnings, posting a non-GAAP EPS of 3 cents…

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TSMC Certifies Synopsis’ Implementation Tools For 7nm; Early Tapeouts On The Cards

In a little over two months, we’ll have officially said farewell to 2016. The year has seen several interesting launches and events, even as we expected it to be quite…

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Intel Core i7-7700K Overclocked To 6.7 GHz on LN2, Core i5-7600K With 5.1 GHz on Air – More Kaby Lake Desktop Processors Confirmed

It seems like there’s no stopping when it comes to Intel CPU leaks. The latest come from various Chinese sources who have managed to grab the new Kaby Lake chips.…

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Samsung Falls Behind On Snapdragon 830 Production; Qualcomm To Allegedly Switch With TSMC

Samsung announced that it had commenced production of 10nm chips just a few back. The news came just on time, as the Korean manufacturer will launch the Galaxy S8 in…

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Huawei’s Kirin 960 Is Official – Octa-core Processor With a Powerful ARM GPU Is All You Need

Huawei’s Kirin 960 is officially here, which only means that the company’s Mate 9 will be just around the corner. Kirin 960 packs quite a punch and will feature the…

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Intel (NASDAQ: INTC) Earnings Are Out, Beats By 7 Cents – Stock Tumbles On Lower Than Expected Q4 Guidance

Intel’s third quarter earnings are out and the blue chip manufacturer has reported a revenue of $15.8 Billion with a GAAP EPS of 69 cents and a non-GAAP EPS of…

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Qualcomm Snapdragon 830 Will Feature 1Gbps Download Speeds – Company Announces Its Latest X16 Modem

As 2016’s about to come to an end, it’s time that we start to take a serious look on what to expect next year on the mobile end. We’ve got…

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Intel Core i5-7600K, Core i5-7500T, Core i3-7300 and Pentium G4620 Kaby Lake Processors Pictured – ASUS and Gigabyte 200-Series Motherboards Confirmed

The Intel Core i5-7600K processor has been pictured along with several other Kaby Lake based processors. Part of the 7th Generation Core family, the new FinFET Plus based processors feature…

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AMD x86 Zen Architecture Will Implement Game Changing Encryption Features Such as SME, SEV and HW Based SHA – Not Present In SkyLake or KabyLake

Today I will be talking about a very disruptive feature that will be present in AMD’s upcoming compute architecture. Disruptive is probably the most misused word in the history of…

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Apple iPhone 8 Will Feature TSMC’s 7nm Process Claims Wild Rumor From Alleged Supply Chain

As we enter October, 2016’s about to come to an end. It’s been an eventful year when we talk smartphone. The iOS and Android world saw their respective bit of…

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Intel Kaby Lake Support On All Asus 100 Series Motherboards Confirmed

With the upcoming launch of Intel’s Kaby Lake line of processors for the mainstream market there have been many questions regarding motherboard and chipset support. With the rumored 200 series…

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Google Pixel Xl GeekBench Score Shows Modest Performance For A Flagship – Take A Look

Google’s Pixel devices are an interesting pair. With their launch, Mountain View believes that it can take on the likes of Apple and Samsung. They also feature flagship level specifications…

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The Google Pixel Vs iPhone 7 Vs Galaxy S7 – Designs, Features And Specifications Decomposed

The launch of the Google Pixel and Pixel XL was predicted comprehensively by the rumor mill. Not only did we see complete specifications surface more than a month before the…

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Intel’s Massive LGA 3647 Socket For Skylake-EX and Knights Landing Processors Pictured

Intel’s Purley platform will be boasting a new socket known as LGA 3647. This socket and the Skylake processors that will be featured on it have been pictured in detail by…

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Alleged Apple A10X Benchmark Leak Shows 6588 Multi-Core & 4236 Single-Core Scores

Apple made some interesting hardware announcements this year. The iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus featured unique hardware upgrades. For starters, they became the first flagship smartphones from the company…

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Qualcomm Snapdragon 830 To Use FoPLP, 10nm And Make It On The Galaxy S8

Now that Google has launched the Pixel and Pixel Xl, it’s time for us to focus on devices expected in 2017. A few of them have already appeared on the…

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AMD Zen Launching In January At CES 2017 – High-End X370 AM4 Motherboards Shipping In December

AMD’s next generation Zen CPUs will reportedly launch at the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show in January 2017. This next generation family of desktop processors code-named Summit Ridge will feature up…

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5K Retina iMac Allegedly Posted On Best Buy With Core i7 Kaby Lake & More

In the Apple camp, Cupertino’s all done with the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. It’s the company’s high performance gadgets that are now due for updates. Out of these,…

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First Intel Core i7-7700k Benchmarks Are Out – Show Impressive Single Threaded and Multicore Performance in Geekbench v4 [Updated]

Update [10/4/2016]: Some readers have pointed out something concerning about the benchmark in question. We were using this verified result of the Core i7 6700k as a baseline to compare…

3 weeks ago 199

AMD Zen “Naples” Monstrous 32 Core CPU Benchmarks & Specs Leaked, Launching Q2 2017

Naples is AMD’s next generation Zen based top of the line enterprise chip that the company hopes to take-on Intel with next year, in the highly lucrative server market. It’s by far the…

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MSI 100-Series Motherboards Fully Support Next-Gen Intel Kaby Lake Processors Through BIOS Update

A few weeks ago, we reported that 100-series boards will allow support for Intel’s Kaby Lake processors. Well, it looks like MSI just confirmed this by offering early BIOS support…

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AMD’s Brand New ‘Avian APU’ Roadmap Spans From 2017 to 2019 – Codenames Of The Next Generation APU Platforms Revealed

A few details regarding AMD’s upcoming APU platforms have leaked out and I thought it would be worth doing a short piece on them. When I say upcoming, I am…

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Teclast Tbook 16 Pro 2 in 1 Tablet PC Review – A Windows Tablet With An Exceptional Value Proposition

The tablet in my hands today is from the company Teclast and is called the Teclast Tbook 16 Pro Tablet PC. In this review, I will be going over everything…

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NVIDIA Announces Xavier Tegra SOC – Features Volta GPU With 7 Billion Transistors, 512 CUDA Cores and 8 ARM64 Custom Cores

NVIDIA has announced their next generation Xavier SOC at GTC Europe 2016. The latest SOC is part of NVIDIA’s Tegra family and will replace the currently available Parker SOC in…

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AMD AM4 Motherboards For Zen & Bristol Ridge Processors Pictured & Detailed

The very first set of motherboards from AMD’s upcoming AM4 platform for Zen, Bristol Ridge & Raven Ridge have been detailed & pictured. These new boards will be compatible with everything from…

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AMD X370 Chipset For Enthusiast AM4 Motherboards Detailed – Designed For Summit Ridge CPUs, Full Overclocking Support

Details regarding the AMD X370 chipset have leaked out over at Planet3dnow. The details confirm that X370 will be the high-end chip designed to support the upcoming Summit Ridge processors.…

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Apple To Launch MacBook Pro & MacBook Air In October With Intel Skylake Claims Analyst

As Apple gets done with the launch of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, we now turn our attention to other potential offerings from the company. The MacBook upgrades…

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TSMC Roadmap Update: Will Be Ready To Take 7nm Orders By April 2017, Volume Production Scheduled To Begin By 2018

The silicon industry is nothing without the foundries that produce the brains for pretty much everything powered by technology; which is why the progress of these fabs in terms of…

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MediaTek To Launch Additional Helio X35 In 2017 Based On TSMC’s 10nm Process

In mobile hardware, we’ve got two manufacturers that are at the top. Samsung and Qualcomm have consistently managed to make their presence known in both top tier devices and high…

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AMD’s Zen Processor Might Power Next-Generation Apple MacBook Pro – Custom SOC Design With HBM2 Memory System

The next generation of Apple MacBook Pro products are rumored to feature an AMD chip inside them. Bits and Chips reports that due to tech stagnation in regards to Intel’s…

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AMD Zen PLUS 7nm “Gray Hawk” APU Launching In 2019 – Features 4 Cores, 8 Threads & Power As Low As 10W

AMD is working on a family of APUs code named “Gray Hawk” to debut in 2019 on Globalfoundries’ recently announced 7nm FinFET process. This next generation family of high performance Accelerated…

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Apple’s A10X Will Be Manufactured On TSMC’s 10nm Says Engineer Job Description

Apple’s got its own set of rules when it comes to gadgets. Cupertino’s holistic approach on design and performance is one reason that its products continue to do well. This…

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The Apple A10 Fusion Features Tighter Packaging, Die Utilization And Improved Libraries

Talking about overall design and product approach, Apple’s not a subtle company. Cupertino’s known for its unorthodox marketing strategies. Subtle upgrades on its products are showcased in striking ways that…

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AMD A12-9800 Scores A Massive 4.8 GHz Overclock – Achieved on ASUS Octopus B350, AM4 Motherboard And Wraith Cooler

AMD’s recently launched Bristol Ridge APUs have been overclocked to the extreme on air cooling. Overclocker Nam Dae Won (NameGT) was responsible for the achievement,  pushing the A12-9800 to its…

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AMD Vega 20 & Navi GPUs & Zen + CPUs To Be Built On 7nm FinFET – Globalfoundries Announces Risk Production For 2018

AMD & Globalfoundries announced a collaborative plan to develop 7nm FinFET process & bring it to market, projecting risk production by 2018. The new leading edge technology will complement the…

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AMD Bristol Ridge A12-9800 Tested Against Kaveri A10-7870K APU – AM4 Platform Brings Faster Performance To Mainstream Users

AMD’s top Bristol Ridge APU has been tested on the latest AM4 platform by Korean website, Bodnara. The testing involved the A12-9800 APU against the A10-7870K APU. The Kaveri chip…

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MediaTek Also Looking To Launch A Helio X35 That Might Reach 3.0Ghz Frequencies Claim Sources

When we talk about mobile processors, it’s generally Qualcomm or Samsung which take the lead. Lately, it’s been the Korean tech giant’s offerings that have dominated the market. The Exynos…

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Zen Based Notebooks Will Start Shipping in 2H 2017 – Will Put AMD Back On The Map For Mainstream Mobility

AMD has been more or less out of the running for notebook processors since Steamroller first came out. All this, however, stands to change with the introduction of its Zen…

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Google Pixel XL Benchmark Shows 4GB RAM, Android 7.1 And More

Soon, 2016 will be over and we’ll be ready to welcome 2017. There aren’t many flagship smartphones that are left for launch this year. Apart from Google’s Pixel and Pixel…

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Intel Core i7-7700K Flagship Kaby Lake Processor Listed For Pre-Order – 7th Gen CPUs May Work With 100-Series Chipset

Intel’s fastest Kaby Lake model has been listed by an online retailer months before its release. The processor, known as Core i7-7700K will be the flagship offering. Based on the…

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AMD Zen CPU & AM4 Socket Pictured, Launching February 2017 – PGA Design With 1331 Pins Confirmed

AMD’s upcoming Zen processors and brand new unified “AM4” socket have been pictured. Confirming a return to the company’s signature Pin Grid Array design with extensively expanded functionality. AM4 will…

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Intel’s 14nm Coffee Lake CPUs Feature Same Architecture as 10nm Cannonlake – Built For High-Performance Desktop and Notebook Platforms

Yesterday, we posted a roadmap detailing Intel’s next-gen processor roadmap. The roadmap showcased several new chips, including 14nm Kaby Lake, 14nm Coffee Lake and 10nm Cannonlake. While little details are…