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TSMC Roadmap Update: Will Be Ready To Take 7nm Orders By April 2017, Volume Production Scheduled To Begin By 2018

The silicon industry is nothing without the foundries that produce the brains for pretty much everything powered by technology; which is why the progress of these fabs in terms of technology and schedule is of immense importance to enthusiasts. We have just received word that TSMC, a leading pure-play foundry, will be ready to take […]

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MediaTek To Launch Additional Helio X35 In 2017 Based On TSMC’s 10nm Process

In mobile hardware, we’ve got two manufacturers that are at the top. Samsung and Qualcomm have consistently managed to make their presence known in both top tier devices and high benchmark scores. We’re yet to see a third manufacturer join their ranks, but this gap might close soon. Major upgrades in mobile hardware are expected […]

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AMD’s Zen Processor Might Power Next-Generation Apple MacBook Pro – Custom SOC Design With HBM2 Memory System

The next generation of Apple MacBook Pro products are rumored to feature an AMD chip inside them. Bits and Chips reports that due to tech stagnation in regards to Intel’s mobility processors, Apple might jump ship over to camp AMD and use their latest Zen based processors to power off the MacBook Pro lineup. Next-Generation […]

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AMD Zen PLUS 7nm “Gray Hawk” APU Launching In 2019 – Features 4 Cores, 8 Threads & Power As Low As 10W

AMD is working on a family of APUs code named “Gray Hawk” to debut in 2019 on Globalfoundries’ recently announced 7nm FinFET process. This next generation family of high performance Accelerated Processing Units will feature up to four Zen+ cores and eight threads with a thermal and power footprint as low as 10 watts. Powering the […]

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Apple’s A10X Will Be Manufactured On TSMC’s 10nm Says Engineer Job Description

Apple’s got its own set of rules when it comes to gadgets. Cupertino’s holistic approach on design and performance is one reason that its products continue to do well. This is despite the fact that hardware wise, Apple products, especially its mobile lineup is underhanded in terms of core hardware specifications. Still, a couple of […]

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The Apple A10 Fusion Features Tighter Packaging, Die Utilization And Improved Libraries

Talking about overall design and product approach, Apple’s not a subtle company. Cupertino’s known for its unorthodox marketing strategies. Subtle upgrades on its products are showcased in striking ways that have worked out quite well for the company. With the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus we saw a similar approach. The pair’s processor in […]

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AMD A12-9800 Scores A Massive 4.8 GHz Overclock – Achieved on ASUS Octopus B350, AM4 Motherboard And Wraith Cooler

AMD’s recently launched Bristol Ridge APUs have been overclocked to the extreme on air cooling. Overclocker Nam Dae Won (NameGT) was responsible for the achievement,  pushing the A12-9800 to its limit on an AM4 platform. The chip which is part of the newly released Bristol Ridge family was just launched a few weeks back and […]

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AMD Vega 20 & Navi GPUs & Zen + CPUs To Be Built On 7nm FinFET – Globalfoundries Announces Risk Production For 2018

AMD & Globalfoundries announced a collaborative plan to develop 7nm FinFET process & bring it to market, projecting risk production by 2018. The new leading edge technology will complement the company’s previously announced low cost, low power 12FDX technology. 7nm FinFET will be the highest performing technology offering from the pure play foundry to date. […]

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AMD Bristol Ridge A12-9800 Tested Against Kaveri A10-7870K APU – AM4 Platform Brings Faster Performance To Mainstream Users

AMD’s top Bristol Ridge APU has been tested on the latest AM4 platform by Korean website, Bodnara. The testing involved the A12-9800 APU against the A10-7870K APU. The Kaveri chip was tested on an FM2+ platform while the Bristol Ridge chip got tested on the latest AM4 platform. AMD Bristol Ridge A12-9800 Tested on AM4 […]

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MediaTek Also Looking To Launch A Helio X35 That Might Reach 3.0Ghz Frequencies Claim Sources

When we talk about mobile processors, it’s generally Qualcomm or Samsung which take the lead. Lately, it’s been the Korean tech giant’s offerings that have dominated the market. The Exynos 7420, fueled by the Snapdragon 810’s overheating and its successor the Exynos 8890 have consistently led performance metrics. Qualcomm’s also started to catch up, with […]

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Zen Based Notebooks Will Start Shipping in 2H 2017 – Will Put AMD Back On The Map For Mainstream Mobility

AMD has been more or less out of the running for notebook processors since Steamroller first came out. All this, however, stands to change with the introduction of its Zen based x86 processors. Talking to sources familiar with the matter, we were told that Zen equipped notebooks will hit the shelves sometime in 2H 2017. […]

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Google Pixel XL Benchmark Shows 4GB RAM, Android 7.1 And More

Soon, 2016 will be over and we’ll be ready to welcome 2017. There aren’t many flagship smartphones that are left for launch this year. Apart from Google’s Pixel and Pixel XL devices, the flagship cycle for this year has come to its end. It’s also seen a fair share of controversy so far. Not only […]

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Intel Core i7-7700K Flagship Kaby Lake Processor Listed For Pre-Order – 7th Gen CPUs May Work With 100-Series Chipset

Intel’s fastest Kaby Lake model has been listed by an online retailer months before its release. The processor, known as Core i7-7700K will be the flagship offering. Based on the optimized, 7th generation architecture, Kaby Lake will be delivering improved clock speeds along with decent IPC increments. Intel Core i7-7700K Listed Online – Fastest Clocked Core […]

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AMD Zen CPU & AM4 Socket Pictured – PGA Design With 1331 Pins Confirmed

AMD’s upcoming Zen processors and brand new unified “AM4” socket have been pictured. Confirming a return to the company’s signature Pin Grid Array design with extensively expanded functionality. AM4 will share cross-compatibility with upcoming Bristol Ridge APUs and the Summit Ridge family of high-end Zen CPUs. Making it the first of its kind to offer […]

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Intel’s 14nm Coffee Lake CPUs Feature Same Architecture as 10nm Cannonlake – Built For High-Performance Desktop and Notebook Platforms

Yesterday, we posted a roadmap detailing Intel’s next-gen processor roadmap. The roadmap showcased several new chips, including 14nm Kaby Lake, 14nm Coffee Lake and 10nm Cannonlake. While little details are known about the Coffee Lake and Cannonlake chips, a leak covered by The Motley Fool might just tell us why Intel is going to offer […]

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Apple iPhone 7 & iPhone 7 Plus Benchmarks Beat Samsung’s Galaxy S7 And Note 7; Perform At Par With MacBook Pro 2013

The launch of the Apple iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus came with the usual claimsnof performance and efficiency upgrades. Apple dubbed its new processor for the device as the A10 ‘Fusion’, and claimed that the SoC had been designed to cater specifically towards power consumption. Other performance upgrades for the lineup also include an […]

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Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 Benchmarks Show Strong Single Core Performance As Chip Giant Reverses Ill Fate

Qualcomm’s seen mixed fortunes over the past couple of years. The company’s Snapdragon 810 became the center of a costly overheating controversy. Nearly every manufacturer who equipped their device(s) with the processor faced overheating issues. This resulted in widespread market dissatisfaction. The company was quick to respond with the Snapdragon 820,that features ‘custom’ Kryo cores. […]

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Samsung Exynos 8895 Will Improve Image Processing By 70% And Reach 3.0Ghz Frequency Claims Source

Only a handful of flagship devices remain for 2016. The Google Pixel and Pixel XL will be the only flagship smartphones which will be launched this year. They should feature the Snapdragon 821, a processor that hasn’t appeared on many devices so far. After the launch of the Pixel and Pixel XL, we’ll start looking […]

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Intel 2016-2018 Roadmap Reveals 14nm Kaby Lake, Coffee Lake and 10nm Cannonlake Processors

Intel’s latest 2016-2018 roadmap detailing the next generation processors for mobility platform has been leaked out. Slides pertaining the Kaby Lake, Coffee Lake and Cannonlake processors were leaked out by the community forums at Anandtech. A lot of juicy details and specific time points for theses processors have been detailed in the roadmap. Intel 2016-2018 […]

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AMD Zen CPUs & High-End “X370” AM4 Motherboards Coming February 2017 To Slug It Out With Intel’s Kaby Lake

AMD’s family of desktop Zen CPUs code named Summit Ridge will reportedly be available on shelves by February next year. Accompanied by a collection of AM4 motherboards, flagshipped by the company’s brand new high-end X370 series chipset. This update which we’re bringing you courtesy of our friend Chris L over at Benchlife also makes mention […]

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AMD Partner Globalfoundries Begins 12nm FD-SOI Rollout – Product Tape Out Expected In 2019

Globalfoundries, the world’s second largest pure play foundry, announced Thursday the rollout of its next generation 12nm FD-SOI process technology. The ex AMD manufacturing arm and longtime partner stated that it expects product tape outs in two years time. The 12nm fully depleted silicon on insulator process technology dubbed 12FDX is only the second of its kind and the direct […]

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Exclusive: Is Intel Really Starting To Lose Its Process Lead? 7nm Node Slated For Release in 2022

Changes in Intel’s hiring documentation have revealed what appears to be the first sign of the fact that the chip maker has delayed its 7 nm process to 2022. The 7nm node has been referred to, many times, as the end of conventional process technology and, quite repeatedly, the start of the road where physics […]