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Star Citizen
GamesOp-Ed 2 weeks ago

Controversy Over Star Citizen Continues To Capture The Limelight

Recently an individual, and independent developer, Derek Smart, had received a full refund of his money that was used to…
Games 2 weeks ago

WCCFtechPlays – Come Watch Us Play Games on Twitch

Twitch is a great way to interact with our readers, so to that end we’ll be making use of Twitch to show you what …
Games 2 weeks ago

Hitman Gameplay Videos Leak, Show Evolved Gameplay

Gameplay videos from IO Interactive’s upcoming Hitman have made their way to the Internet. These videos show off …
Hardware 2 months ago

Weekend Hardware Deals and Shocking Steals

Finding hardware deals can be quite frustrating at times, because of the relative stable prices of most components, but …
Games 3 months ago

Project CARS: Final Preview Build Gameplay Revealed for Xbox One

Well its not all buggy according to the latest news covered by WCCFtech. The PS4 version of Project CARS already has a p…
Games 5 months ago

GTA V PC Quality Comparison – Looks Way Better on PC Than PS4 and PS3

One of the most anticipated games across the gaming arena is the Grand Theft Auto (GTA) series. The GTA has, with every …
Games 6 months ago

Bloodborne’s Graphics Will Be Better than What We’ve Seen So Far

Lately some new gameplay footage and character creation videos of Bloodborne were shown by IGN as part of their IGN FIRS…
Industry 1 year ago

Google Nest And How The Automated Home Is Now A Reality

Google purchased Nest this January for a modest $ 3.2 Billion. With the purchase of the company, it was also able to get…
Mobile 1 year ago

More Android Wear Features – Now Allows You To Control Your Environment With Voice…

As we’ve seen over the past few weeks, Android Wear wearables have made quite an impact in today’s tech worl…
GTA V Logo
Games 2 years ago

GTA V Most Expensive Video Game in History – Budget More than High Budget Hollywoo…

Thats right, we all knew GTA V was special, this just goes to show how much. GTA V is the single most expensive video ga…
virgin galactic logo
Industry 2 years ago

Virgin Galactic Test Flight Successful – Consumer Space Tourism Launching in 2014

If you are one of those guys who think that commercial space flight won’t start in your life time, Virgin Galactic…
Intel Haswell
Hardware 2 years ago

Haswell Die Configurations (Intel Ivy Bridge) Revealed – Mysterious Die Spotted

We always knew Haswell’s Design was highly Modular. This will just show you how much it really is, Intel revealed …
IFA 2013
Industry 2 years ago

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Unvieled, Features S Pen and More – IFA 2013, Berlin.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 has been unveiled at the IFA 2013 just now in Berlin. The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is basically a…
IFA 2013
Industry 2 years ago

Sony Xperia Z1 (Honami) Unveiled – IFA Berlin 2013

This is it people Sony Xperia Z1 has officially been unveiled today at the IFA 2013 Press Conference, Berlin. The much w…
Hardware 2 years ago

Bay Trail-T Ready for Reveal by Intel This Month at IDF – will be Optimized for Ga…

All our reports in the past point to the fact that Intel is getting ready to reveal the Atom Bay Trail-T  at the IDF (I…
Eurocom Neptune 3.0 NVIDIA Quadro K5100M
Hardware 2 years ago

Eurocom Unleashes Nvidia’s Flagship Quadro K5100M Workstation Mobile GPU with 8GB …

Eurocom has recently updated its Neptune 3.0 Mobile Workstation with Nvidias Flagship GPU – the Quadro K5100M whic…
GamesHardware 2 years ago

Nvidia Following AMD’s Lead – Batman Arkham Origins Bundle with Select GTX C…

That’s right, it seems that Nvidia has realized that AMD’s Game Bundles are a massive crowd-pleaser and are …
DDR4 32 GB Ram
HardwareIndustry 2 years ago

Samsung getting ready to Launch DDR4 32 GB RAM Memory Sticks

Apparently the folks over at Samsung are getting ready to launch a new  milestone in RAM: the DDR4 32 GB RAM and 16 GB …






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