Interview 5 months ago

The Future of Audio: OSSIC X

Preamble I remember when I first read about the reboot of Clash of the Titans. I’d loved the original as a kid, the tr…
Descent: Underground
Gaming 10 months ago

Descent Underground Hits Steam Early Access, We Go Hands On

Descendant Studios has just today released Descent: Underground into Steam’s Early Access. The Early Access versio…
Ashes of the Singularity

Ashes of the Singularity Alpha: The First DX12 Benchmark

Windows (and Xbox) gamers have been reading for the past year or so of the increased performance guaranteed by DirectX 1…
Shallow Space
Gaming 1 year ago

Fantastic UI, Great New Omega Ships Show Shallow Space Development on Track

Shallow Space, the upcoming revival of the tactical space RTS genre, is looking fantastic as development continues to ma…
Gaming 1 year ago

Cyberpunk MMO ‘Otherland’ Headed to Steam Early Access on August 26th

Otherland, a cyberpunk MMO inspired by the literary works of Tad Williams, is making it’s way into Steam Early Acc…
Xbox One
Gaming 1 year ago

New Xbox One Update (6.2.13326.0) Out, Should be Downloading Now

A new update for the Xbox One’s OS is just now starting to roll out. You should be seeing the update available for…
Exoplanet: First Contact
Gaming 1 year ago

Exoplanet: First Contact, Sci-Fi Western RPG Brought to Life

Certainly we see a lot of different independent game projects make their way to Kickstarter as a means to gather fundin…
Edge of Space
Gaming 1 year ago

Fight Space Laser Sharks in ‘Edge of Space’ a 2D Sandbox Survival Set to Rel…

The newest trailer for a hilarious 2D sandbox survival game has just been released. It shows off some of the great imp…
Gaming 1 year ago

MMO WildStar Now in Closed Beta for Free-to-Play Transition

WildStar is getting the free-to-play treatment sometime this fall. To help ensure that transition to the new model is s…
MSI Lightning
Hardware 1 year ago

MSI Confirms The 980 Ti Lightning at Gamescom 2015 Conference

MSI had quite the showing this year at Gamescom. They were anticipated to show some very great hardware, and they didn&#…
Elite Dangerous: Horizons
Gaming 1 year ago

Elite Dangerous: Horizons Announced by Frontier Developments, Planetary Landings Finally…

Frontier Developments has promised us a few features down the road for Elite: Dangerous, and they haven’t forgotte…
Battlefield 5
Gaming 1 year ago

‘New Battlefield Experience’ Confirmed by EA for 2017

During EA’s investor call recently, it seems that the CFO, Blake Jorgensen let the cat out of the bag about a futu…
Star Citizen
GamingOp-Ed 1 year ago

Controversy Over Star Citizen Continues To Capture The Limelight

Recently an individual, and independent developer, Derek Smart, had received a full refund of his money that was used to…
Gaming 1 year ago

WCCFtechPlays – Come Watch Us Play Games on Twitch

Twitch is a great way to interact with our readers, so to that end we’ll be making use of Twitch to show you what …
Gaming 1 year ago

Hitman Gameplay Videos Leak, Show Evolved Gameplay

Gameplay videos from IO Interactive’s upcoming Hitman have made their way to the Internet. These videos show off …
Hardware 1 year ago

Weekend Hardware Deals and Shocking Steals

Finding hardware deals can be quite frustrating at times, because of the relative stable prices of most components, but …
Gaming 1 year ago

Project CARS: Final Preview Build Gameplay Revealed for Xbox One

Well its not all buggy according to the latest news covered by WCCFtech. The PS4 version of Project CARS already has a p…
Gaming 1 year ago

GTA V PC Quality Comparison – Looks Way Better on PC Than PS4 and PS3

One of the most anticipated games across the gaming arena is the Grand Theft Auto (GTA) series. The GTA has, with every …



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