PlayStation 4 and Xbox One users are already enjoying some great open world action adventure games such as Watch Dogs, but without Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto title for the latest consoles, the library of next-gen open world action-adventure video games seems incomplete. However, word on the street is that Rockstar is most possibly preparing a stage at E3 2014 for Grand Theft Auto V next-gen port announcement; Well why not? Watch Dogs has tolerably taken over GTA’s next-gen throne and Rockstar needs to give out something everyone is hankering for to claim its place back.


Why Next-Gen GTA V Announcement for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One at E3 2014 is More Likely than Ever

GTA V has been rumored to release on latest consoles and PC ever since the game was originally released for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 last year. These rumors and leaks regarding next-gen version of the game have equally cheered up and annoyed many fans. Hints about a next-gen version of GTA V have dashed in from all means possible, including industry insiders and company officials. Looking at the sphere and how things are moving in the gaming industry; the possibility of Rockstar releasing its all-time hit title on next-gen consoles and PC is enough to make this post read on.

GTA V broke several industry records upon its release on the last-gen consoles. One of the seven top-of-the-list awards that the game has earned is the best-selling video game in first 24 hours of its availability. Reportedly, Rockstar generated more than $800 million from GTA V sales on its release day, this amount translates into about 13 million sold copies of the game. With a crowd this huge, GTA V became on of the top video game titles ever developed for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

PS4 and Xbox One

One of the most boasted Xbox One offerings before its release was Cloud computing, a powerful technology that will not only allow the console users to store and stream media content directly from their cloud drives, but will also help in enhancing overall Xbox One gaming experience by providing improved graphics, frame rates and bandwidths. Now that Microsoft’s latest console has been released, nothing much can be heard about the Xbox One Cloud computing.

Xbox One Cloud

Cloud Tech is Profitable for Xbox One – Prototype Ray Tracers for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are Already up and Running

Microsoft have always regarded Xbox One Cloud computing as something that puts the console above on the charts. The platform holder has not talked much about the Cloud after the release of Xbox One but the technology is gradually putting a positive effect on the console. For example, Microsoft exclusive Titanfall takes advantage from cloud computing by offloading some of its computational work to the remote servers offering smooth and fast gameplay.

One of the ways in which cloud computing proves to be greatly effective is that by managing side video game tasks, most notable AI, on remote servers, it clears up some space in the local machinery, allowing it to perform mainstream tasks, such as rendering video game graphics, more smoothly and quickly. In addition, the Cloud can also handle task related to object rotation and physics.

Dark Souls 2 Logo

If any of you is on a hunt for some action packed terribly horrifying and difficult game, scribble Dark Souls 2 on the top of your list. Developed by Form Software and released in March 2014, Dark Souls 2 is a game that might seem frustrating at first, but once you learn the drill, this hardcore action role-playing game will immerse you completely. Below are some Dark Souls 2 4K screenshots showcasing the dark world of the game.

Dark Souls 2 4K (16)

Dark Souls 2 4K Screenshots Let You Explore the Dark World in Ultra Resolution

Bringing forward the franchise’s renowned difficulty and gripping gameplay contraptions, Dark Souls 2 is a game that every RPG fan should try out. Hated and liked equally, the game can some times be pretty frustrating, but if you keep a cap on your temper, you sure will have fun playing through the gameplay. Developed using the potential of Havok engine, Dark Souls 2′s visuals on last-gen consoles are also enough nothing near lousy.

PC Gamer cared to shared some Dark Souls 2 4K screenshots showing different in-game environments. The screenshots show characters and objects of the game in a very detailed way. “I particularly love the way camera focus follows your character, so positioning him in certain places allowed me to manipulate depth of field,” reads the site post. Enjoy Dark Souls 2 4K screenshots given below. The screenshots are heavy in size so open each one in a new tab and give it some time to load completely.


The Last of Us Remastered Edition is easily one of the most highly anticipated surprises that PS4 owners can look forward to, people who have played the game on the PS3 can retake the journey of Joel and Ellie one more time with improved visuals while PS4 owners can embark on a memorable journey that will leave them speechless. Word is that GAME UK will be launching the game as early as June 13th.

last of usThe Last of Us Remastered Edition is a game that is coming with many more bells and whistles as opposed to its predecessor on the PS3, while the graphics and frames may not have been up to the “industry standard” the game still manage to sweep a number of accolades and be one of the few games in the history of the industry to sweep the floors with 10/10 ratings from almost every review site. The power of the story telling in the game was unmatched at the time and showed us that Naughty Dog is indeed capable of something more than Uncharted games.

GAMESBarnsley may have let the cat out of the bag prematurely but considering the tweet is now more than a few hours old it would be a safe bet to assume that the information could be true, why so? GAME did make a motion earlier when the Wolfenstein debacle happened and people wanted to roll over their pre-order.

Assassins Creed Unity Logo

This seems to be a busy time for leak hunters, with leaks practically happening left, right and center. It was only a couple of days ago that we saw the first look at the Assassin and his scientist companion were revealed in a Gamestop poster.

Assassins Creed Unity

Is Assassins Creed Unity Trying to Deliver a Strong Message Silently? Could We Be The Sam Fisher of Assassins?

Assassins Creed Unity is a game that is enveloped in mystery and intrigue. It will have a full fledged reveal at the coming E3 2014 conference and hopefully will be parallel to Comet. For now, lets move on to the new images that have surfaced on the internet. The first is from a Facebook page with the name of “Access the Anmius” which shows the unnamed Assassin overlooking the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. While we were led to believe that the game will take place in Victorian England during the French Revolution, perhaps we play as Phileas Fogg and are going to circumnavigate the world in 80 Assassinations?

Murdered Soul Suspect Logo

Murdered Soul Suspect is a game that really didn’t stand much hope, its release was over shadowed by the release of Watch Dogs and due to the lack of marketing around the game until the time of release drew closer. There are currently mixed rumors that Airtight Games, the developer may or may not be shut down right now. One thing is for sure though, the game is currently going through a LOT of mixed reviews right now.


Battlefield 4 Hardline

Battlefield Hardline has easily won the prize for EA’s leakiest game yet, the game has been leaked time and again on official and unofficial levels and it seems that the leaks will keep on coming, eventually the game could leak MONTHS before the actual game, Has EA picked up some Ex-Apple employees?

Battlefield Hardline Official Banner

New Leaked Battlefield Hardline Gameplay Shows Us a first look at Hardline, Can it Really Hold Its Ground?

Battlefield Hardline is a game that is not like any other game in the series. Battlefield has always been a name associated with military shooters just like how Medal of Honor was once associated with War simulations. Battlefield Hardline cuts away from its military roots and explores the more urban roots as we play games of cops and robbers while Battlefield 5 is being worked on. Currently the game HAS been leaked several times, primarily through a simple Battlelog update and then escalated to a full blown leak. We can add this as another feather in the cap for the studio as we see Blood Money mode in action in what appears to be the closed Beta for the game.

Uncharted Logo

The next installment in the famous PlayStation exclusive action-adventure third-person shooter video game series known as Uncharted has already been announced by the developer Naughty Dog. Other than revealing that the upcoming Uncharted will be exclusive to PlayStation 4, Naughty Dog has not shared much details about the game. However, if rumors and industry insiders are to be believed, Uncharted PS4 will be the next big Sony game after inFamous Second Son.


Naughty Dog Says Uncharted PS4 Looks “Amazing” – The Game’s Story is Going to be Evolutionary and Exciting

Sony’s upcoming Uncharted PS4 has been in mute since it was first announced earlier this year. Only the developer of said nothing about the game, else, Uncharted PS4 is running everywhere in rumors, leaks and industry insiders’ social media walls. Now finally, Naughty Dog’s Co-Founder Even Wells have mentioned something that can get Uncharted fans excited.

In an interview to GameInformer, Wells explained that the story of the upcoming Uncharted will be exciting and pretty much different than its predecessor titles. He said that the game is turning out to be amazing and that we will experience Drake, who is protagonist of the game’s series, and his crew in a whole new way. He stated:


After a pool of rumors regarding a next-gen sequel to Kaos Studios’ somewhat distraught first-person shooter video game, Crytek has finally announced the upcoming Homefront 2, officially named as Homefront: The Revolution. The game is an open world first-person shooter designed giving special attention to guerrilla tactics. Expected to release next year, the game will be published by Deep Silver.


Homefront: The Revolution Sparks a Revolutionary War in America’s Birthplace – Set to Hit the Local Markets Next Year

Just a few hours after the leak that emerged on the internet showing box art of the PlayStation 4 version of Homefront: The Revolution, the game was officially announced via a post on the PlayStation Blog by David Stenton, the Game Producer at Crytek, Nottingham. First details, trailer and screenshots from Crytek’s follow-up to the last-gen shooter were shared showing dynamic in-game environments and guerrilla warfare tactics.

Originally brought into existence by Kaos Studios and THQ, Homefront’s rights were acquired by Crytek one year after THQ lost its shares and went bankrupt. Kaos Studios was also closed down by the publisher after Homefront’s mixed reviews failed to impress the investors. Now, Homefront: The Revolution is being developed by those people who can be held responsible for all-time amazing games such as Crysis. The game will use Crytek’s famous CRYENGINE.


Ed Boon has just revealed Mortal Kombat X, the latest installment in the series that he has been leading us on for days to follow has finally been officially announced only moments ago on his own twitter account. Let’s wait and see what lies in store for us at E3.Mortal Kombat X

Mortal Kombat X Fatality Lives On – Features Multiplatform Support

It seems that Ed Boon’s bag of parlor tricks has finally run out, as he officially confirms the existence of Mortal Kombat X via an official tweet. While the genius is shy on details we can be sure that there will be an appearance at E3 otherwise he will surely show the game at one point or the other in other upcoming game shows such as GamesCom. For now, I am just glad that the Amazon Listings yesterday showed to be true as always and even though it kind of ruined the surprise I am still glad that Ed Boon has officially confirmed the existence of the game.

Naughty Dog

Naughty Dog is one of those video game developers who know how to make their games shine like anything. Working under the leadership of Sony Computer Entertainment, The American video gamer developer is home to some of the top PlayStation exclusive games such as the Uncharted series and The Last of Us. Of course, the artists at the company are not always creating something official, here is what they do in their free time.

Naughty Dog

This Amazing Artwork Shows How Naughty Dog Artists Polish their Skills

Video game developers and artists really have enough on their plate when they are working on some official game projects, but when the studio is on break, they get a chance to put their heads down. However, that does not mean that they don’t work at all during breaks. In fact, almost all skilled artists and developers continuously polish and put an edge on their skills by working on personal projects, which sometime turn out to be remarkably impressive concepts or fascinating fan art.

Thanks to DualShockers, today we got a chance to check out some personal projects and portfolios that belong to two very different artists. Employed at Naughty Dog, both of these artists work when on a break and create professional pieces of art.

The first man, whose portfolio can be seen below in the gallery, is a lead character artist known as Frank Tzeng. He contributed in creating some characters of The Last of Us. Frank is one of those artists who work for the sake of personal improvement, his artwork gallery includes some great concept and fan art such as characters from a TV show known as The Breaking Bad PlayStation 4 exclusive title called Killzone: Shadow Fall.


Homefront was one of the last few games that THQ had published, but once the company went down under, the IP was sold off to Crytek, better known for their work on the Crysis and Far Cry series. With a sequel to Homefront coming, can we expect a home run?


PS4 playstation 4

With every passing day, the crowd for Electronic Entertainment Expo is getting bigger and the industry insiders and officials themselves are pushing the circle even more by dropping small teases, leaks and rumors. Looking at how all the leaks and teases are pointing towards PS4, It looks like Sony is planning something big for this year’s E3 press conference.


Insider: “Next Week is Most Exciting for PS4 in the Whole Year” – Network Improvements Coming Today

The upcoming E3 is undoubtedly the biggest event that will take place in the gaming industry this year. Major video game vendors that will appear at E3 have already released their schedule plans. Sony and Microsoft are expected to make some big announcements during their press conferences that will surprise every gamer. However according to an insider, E3 is not the only place where Sony will reveal its secrets.

It is usually calm before the storm but if a reliable industry insider is to be believed, Sony is just about to prove that statement wrong. Known for breaking most important news early on Twitter, Tidux is one of the trusted and tried-and-true industry insiders. According to him, next week is going to most exciting week of the year for PS4 fans. It is clear that this tease was related to Sony as Tidux added “Greatness Awaits and PS4″ hashtags to the tweet.

PS4 and Xbox One

Expected to release next year, the newer version of Microsoft’s low-level graphics API is apparently going to be the next big endowment by the company to the gaming industry after the Xbox One console. DirectX 12 is not only a good news for folks that develop for PC, it is also claimed to be a game changer for the Xbox One by the platform holder. Every video game developer is concerned about the new opportunities that DirectX 12 will bring along with it.

DirectX 12

Naughty Dog Devs Talk About PlayStation 4 API Optimization and DirectX 12 for Xbox One – The New API is Something Worth Caring About According to Project Cars Dev

Almost all the video game developers who release their games on multiple platforms including PC take advantage from Microsoft DirectX, which is a collection of application programming interfaces (APIs) designed to handle multiple tasks related to video and game programming. The next iteration of DirectX is expected to arrive next year by the name of DirectX 12.

According to the American multinational corporation, DirectX 12 will open new doors for the video game developers and will prove to be much more competent and reliable than its previous versions. The new API is specifically claimed to be a luck charm for Microsoft’s Xbox One. Many developers have expressed their concerns over the topic. While many think DirectX 12 will surely help Xbox One find its way to the top, some say that might not happen.


Its no secret that Ed Boon, creator of Mortal Kombat, has been up to his teasing ways when tugging our heart strings by leading us on about a potential Mortal Kombat reveal on June 2nd. It appears that Amazon might have just ruined his element of surprise by putting up listings of Mortal Kombat X on Amazon UK for the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and surprisingly the PC. Has Amazon let the cat out of the bag? Or are there more surprises in store?

Mortal Kombat X

Mortal Kombat X Listed on Amazon UK, Ed Boon Shakes Fist in Return

Mortal Kombat X is a game that is allegedly shrouded in mystery, Ed Boon has been up to his old tricks and teasing many things, but he has had a track record of playing us all like fiddles (cookie for anyone who recognizes this reference :P) but it seems that Amazon UK might have one up on him, since they have beaten him to the punch by having Mortal Kombat X Listed on Amazon UK for almost every platform except the Wii-U (insert picture of Wii-U left out in the rain here).

While details surrounding the game are buried in mystery, there is one disturbing detail that really makes me sad to report, the place holder date for the game is December 31st 2015 which means that good ol’ Ed Boon has no intentions of releasing the game any time earlier than 2015, even though 2014 would be a perfect time to release game, but perhaps we will get a game worth fighting for. Considering we already know that the game has been in development for quite a while when we found out that Kiefer Sutherland is one of the people to lend his vocal talents to the game back in February, we can assume that we can definitely expect an E3 reveal.

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