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ExclusiveGames 3 weeks ago

Dev: The Technomancer Is Our Deepest & Richest Game to Date, Will Last Up to 50 Hou…

In the second installment of our exclusive coverage of The Technomancer, we delve into the fictional Mars created by Fre…
Sherlock Holmes The Devil’s Daughter
Games 3 weeks ago

Sherlock Holmes The Devil’s Daughter Gets Some Brand New Screenshots

Sherlock Holmes The Devil’s Daughter, the soon to be released adventure game developed by Frogwares, is definitely one…
Shadow Of Mordor
Games 3 weeks ago

Shadow Of Mordor Dev Looking For A QA Manager With Knowledge Of Nintendo Certification S…

Monolith Productions, the team behind the popular open world game based on the Lord of the Rings universe Middle Earth: …
The Division
Games 3 weeks ago

The Division 1.1 Update Crafting Changes Detailed; 100% Drop Rate Of High-End Items

Ubisoft Massive has detailed the upcoming changes to the crafting system that will be introduced with The Division 1.1 u…
medium (1)
Games 3 weeks ago

Consortium: The Tower joins Fig

When Kickstarter fails to crowdfund your project, there’s always an alternative in Fig. FPS RPG Consortium: The To…
Games 3 weeks ago

7 Days to Die Coming to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One

Telltale Publishing will bring survival horde crafting game 7 Days to Die to Xbox One and PlayStation 4 later this year…
ExclusiveGames 3 weeks ago

The Technomancer Now Runs at 900P@30 on Xbox One; 7th Core Gain Not Huge on Either PS4/X…

The Technomancer is a Sci-Fi Action RPG developed by French company Spiders and published by Focus Home Interactive. The…
Visceral Star Wars
Games 3 weeks ago

Visceral’s Star Wars Game Is Not An Open-World RPG Title

The upcoming Star Wars game from developer Visceral, won’t be an open-world RPG title if game’s co-writer is…
Umbrella Corps
Games 3 weeks ago

Umbrella Corps New Trailer Showcases Customization Options, New Release Date Revealed

Umbrella Corps, the multiplayer focused shooter game based on the Resident Evil series, has received a brand new trailer…
Rocket League
Games 3 weeks ago

Rocket League Devs Admit They Got Really Lucky, Would Still Go on PS+ If They Could Do I…

There’s no doubt that the biggest surprise in gaming last year was Rocket League by Psyonix. The company based in …
Games 3 weeks ago

DOOM Open Beta Dated; DLC & Post-Launch Updates Detailed

Bethesda announced today in a press release that there will be a DOOM Open Beta later this month. More specifically, it …
The Division
Games 3 weeks ago

The Division Backpack Glitch To Be Fixed In 1.1 Update, First Incursion Screenshots Rele…

During last week’s episode of The Division State of the Game, Ubisoft Massive’s Hamish Bode has talked about…
Games 3 weeks ago

Ubisoft Figured Out a Way To Fit a Lot More Stuff in the ESRAM

GDC 2016 has been over for a while, but a lot of folks who were not able to make it to San Francisco have been waiting t…
Street Fighter V
Games 3 weeks ago

Street Fighter V Next DLC Character Should Be Guile, Capcom UK’s Community Manager…

Late last month, Capcom has finally released the first DLC character for Street Fighter V, Alex from the Street Fighter …
Horizon (4)
Games 3 weeks ago

Horizon Zero Dawn Render Shows Amazing Structural Detail

A Horizon Zero Dawn art render has emerged from a GDC presentation organized by Guerrilla Games’ junior art direct…
Mafia 3
Games 3 weeks ago

Fresh Mafia 3 Screenshots Show The Game’s ‘Breathing’ World

Some fresh Mafia 3 screenshots have surfaced from a GDC presentation that was presented given by the game’s system…
Star Wars Battlefront
Games 3 weeks ago

Star Wars Battlefront Unannounced Extraction Mode Audio Files Surface Online

Star Wars Battlefront, the game based on the Star Wars franchise released last year on consoles and PC in all regions, h…
The Division
Games 4 weeks ago

Ubisoft reveal The Division’s Incursions update changes

Ubisoft have revealed the new features, changes and updates that will be coming as part of the Incursions update later t…






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