Deus Ex: The Fall, just can’t seem to keep itself out of the internet, after making a debut tweet a few hours ago, the game already has a vine video and now a YouTube video to help create hype for the game, it gets even better when the date on the teasers points to 5th June rather than 10th June, which is quite surprising. The Vine video is very reminiscent of Deus Ex: Human Revolution, as we see the return of the same layout scheme for Human Revolution. The YouTube teaser how ever spices things up with a very interesting line of dialogue!

Deus Ex: The Fall


TellTale Games seems to be getting a head start on the new season of their point and click adventure game that captivated the world last year, The Walking Dead video game that was adapted by TellTale Games last year managed to sweep various awards, praise and even our hearts with a great cast of characters, a good story and even some truly well placed choices that either made the player a Rick Grimes or a Merle Dixon, the game met with such tremendous success that it went on to become retail to even have a new season already in the cards just about half way through the mid of the first season!

TellTale Games


Murdered: Soul Suspect is a new IP that is currently under work at Square Enix, while the game is known to being under the Square Enix umbrella, the publisher is yet to divulge any information surrounding the developer, following up to their recent tease of Deus Ex: The Fall, is Square Enix bringing out the big guns for what is to be the most significant E3 in so many years? I wouldn’t be surprised if Murdered: Soul Suspect would get extensive information blow out at the convention since the game has really piqued my interests.
Murdered: Soul Suspect

Injustice: Gods Among Us_1

Scorpion joins the next line up of characters in Injustice: Gods Among us, The previous entry to the DLC characters was Batgirl and despite the early judgement went on to be given the red carpet welcome. The latest character to join the ranks of the DLC bunch is a cross over character from another fighting game but not the same comic universe, We see legendary Mortal Kombat Character, Scorpion making a comeback and his appearance is slightly altered but still makes him a force to be reckoned with.

Injustice: Gods Among Us

Deus Ex: The Fall_1

Deus Ex: The Fall was a mysterious listing that Square Enix registered a few months ago, While the registrations weren’t really talked about much further it was assumed that the listing could potentially lead up to a new Deus Ex Title, I just hope this isn’t another Deus Ex: Human Defiance, but with E3 drawing so close I don’t think Eidos and Square Enix would be so cruel to play with our emotions twice in a row. Deus Ex: The Fall is an open ended meaning, will we see the continuation of Jensen or a new protagonist? Let’s wait and see.

Deus Ex: The Fall

Call of Duty: Ghost Leak_7

Call of Duty: Ghosts is undoubtedly one of the largest anticipated titles for the current generation consoles and even the next generation consoles, the latest Call of Duty: Ghost Leak shows us a look at the main menu, a look at what appears to be a new HUD and even a recycled main menu that is reminiscent of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. Since there is no proper source and of course leaks like this are bound to happen for this title, you are welcome to take this news with a pinch of salt.

Call of Duty: Ghost Leak_8

Battlefield Bad Company 3_1

Battlefield Bad Company 3 has been a long awaited title, the Bad Company series was a good way of branching out the Battlefield name and considering how addictive Bad Company 2 made the multiplayer an all so addictive experience with the added DLC of Vietnam, fans of the series have long been anticipating news on what they are hoping might soon be a trilogy. Battlefield’s official twitter account has just confirmed that EA does not have Bad Company 3 in its sights but is more focused towards Battlefield 4 and maybe Mirrors Edge 2 with all the surprise appearances the game is making.

Battlefield Bad Company 3

The Last of Us Demo

The Last of Us Demo that released earlier today marked an important day for PlayStation enthusiasts as the fans who were anxiously waiting for the early access demo to “The Last of Us”, an upcoming title from developers, Naughty Dog, who are famous for the Jak and Daxter Trilogy along with their work on the Uncharted Trilogy for the PlayStation 3, The Last of Us is definitely a masterpiece and is releasing later this month, the early access demo lasts a few sweet minutes but every minute is full of beautiful environments, great graphics and ends nicely enough, but if you are anxious to find out what happens after the clicker / runner encounter at the end of the demo, find out how you can get more from your game.

The Last of Us Demo_1


Assassins Creed 4 Black Flag has officially been announced as one of the first games to make a debut on the next generation of consoles, with the PlayStation 4 version already confirmed and Ubisoft already confirming that the game will come with additional content, fans of the game were quite anxious to see actual gameplay running on the next generation console. While the next Xbox is set to be revealed this coming May 21st and the PlayStation 4 has put a lot of cards on the table with their February reveal and a whole lot of surprise announcements as of GDC, we have details on the features and other perks of the console but no eyes on the console itself.


The Last of Us comes from the brilliant minds who were behind the Jak and Daxter Trilogy on the PlayStation 2 and more importantly helped introduce the spectacular Uncharted trilogy on the PlayStation 3. The game will be unlike any of their any other games because it will offer a whole other side that was previously alien to anyone who has played a Naughty Dog game, The Last of Us paints us a dark and gritty future where the weak die and the strong survive, no one helps deliver this message better than Ellie, one of the games protagonists.

Last of Us


Metro: Last Light is a successor to a very under appreciated FPS released a few years back, while DLC has caught on as a mainstream trend, Metro: Last Light has just pushed the final straw that broke the camels back. Ranger Mode is a difficulty setting that will truly give players the deepest experience of the horror segments of the game, but to avail it you either have to pre-order the game or buy it post-launch as for $5 which is absolutely absurd.


Star Wars Battlefront 3 is a modern day tragedy in gaming, a game that has gone through the development inferno has reared its head several times in the past but with the closure of Lucasarts studio by Disney, it is safe to say that the fate of this game has been sealed. Some newer footage has surfaced that shows the game in the Alpha stage of development, the game was going to be leaps and bounds above the previous games in the series but it got axed when it was at a 90% completion.

Star Wars Battlefront 3


GTA 5 is without the slightest shadow of a doubt the single most highly anticipated video game this coming year, while GTA 4 had a spectacular reception and was remarked to be a significant step in the series, GTA 5 looks like it is going to be leaps and bounds above any of the other games. For starters the game boasts a better color palette that should definitely help the players eyes relax after the muddy color settings of GTA 4.

The latest batch of Screenshots show us that Franklin, Micheal and Trevor are up to no good as they do a series of hijinks.


Borderlands 2 is a spectacular RPG FPS that truly rocked the gaming world last year, while the game is truly one of those that deserves to be purchased with a Season Pass, with each new DLC bringing in hours of fun and a new character class for the players to play as, The latest DLC has made its way to twitter by accident when one of the writers of the title decided to tweet a picture of himself lying on a Sofa but neglected to see the Tiny Tina promotional stand in the background, while the tweet has since been deleted we are all aware of the vigilant internet users who saved the picture as soon as it was revealed.


Today Sony released PlayStation Vita firmware update 2.10, it comes with a couple of new features, some enhances and optimizations. The update will definitely appeal to those who have been irked by cluttered icons on the Vita’s home screen. The latest PlayStation Vita firmware update 2.10 allows users to make folders of up to 10 items, the folders can be organized on the home screen. This would greatly help users in making their Vita’s home screen clean and clutter free.


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