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Project CARS
Games 1 month ago

Project CARS – Patch 2.0 Release Notes Revealed

Following the recent announcement of Project CARS 2, Slightly Mad Studios has revealed the Patch notes for Project Cars…
Mirror's Edge (3)
E3 2015Games 1 month ago

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst – DICE Developer Shares Details at E3 2015

EA DICE developer Patrick Bach previews the new Mirror’s Edge Catalyst game in this exclusive gameplay interview f…
Black Ops 3
E3 2015Games 1 month ago

Call of Duty Black Ops 3 – 13 Minutes of Campaign Tutorial & Gameplay

The Official Call of Duty YouTube channel has released a gameplay video for Call of Duty Black Ops 3 featuring the Cyber…
Games 1 month ago

Batman Arkham Knight – Warner Bros. Addresses PC Performance Issues

Warner Bros have released a detailed post on the WB Games forum, in which the team has assured that they are working di…
PlanetSide 2
Games 1 month ago

PlanetSide 2 Servers Still Offline in Europe, Hours After Launch on PS4

Unfortunately the PS4 launch for PlanetSide 2 hasn’t exactly gone as smoothly as expected. Having launched yesterd…
E3 2015Games 1 month ago

Hitman – Creative Director Shares a Few Details on the New Game

IO Interactive creative director Christian Elverdam shares a few details about Hitman, which has players performing co…
Batman Arkham Knight
Games 1 month ago

Batman Arkham Knight – PC vs. PS4 vs. Xbox One Graphics Comparison

Candyland has released a video for Batman Arkham Knight comparingg the PC, PS4 ands Xbox One versions. PC is set to max…
Kingdom Hearts III (3)
Games 1 month ago

Kingdom Hearts III – 2 New Screenshots of the Beautiful Action RPG

Square Enix have revealed an awesome new trailer for Kingdom Hearts III at E3 2015 showcasing the Lush World of Disney…
E3 2015Games 1 month ago

Assassin’s Creed Syndicate – Gameplay Footage from E3 2015

OutsideXbox has provided some nice gameplay from Assassin’s Creed Syndicate from E3 2015, in which Jacob Frye an…
Deus Ex (1)
E3 2015Games 1 month ago

Deus Ex Mankind Divided – New Augments Explained

Deus Ex Mankind Divided brings back Adam Jensen and a collection of new augmentation abilities. Outside Xbox talks with…
Games 1 month ago

Batman Arkham Knight – How to Remove the Framerate Limit

Batman Arkham Knight has released for both current-gen consoles and PC, and while the console versions have been gatheri…
Batman Arkham Knight
Games 1 month ago

Batman Arkham Knight Runs at 900p on Xbox One

Batman Arkham Knight has launched on the PS4, Xbox One, and PC. The PS4 version has already been confirmed to be running…
Games 1 month ago

Batman Arkham Knight – PC Version Outscourced to a Console Developer; PC vs PS4 Gr…

ScreenDr has released a video for Batman Arkham Knight, showcasing as side-by-side graphics comparison between the PC ve…
The Last Guardian
Games 1 month ago

Sony Explains the Long Delay With The Last Guardian

The Last Guardian almost has as much development time as Duke Nukem Forever had. Sony was kind enough, however, to expla…

Batman Arkham Knight – Denuvo DRM Could be the Culprit Behind the Performance Issu…

Batman Arkham Knight has been released today, and it’s been gathering rave reviews on almost every major game publ…
Games 1 month ago

First Project CARS 2 Gameplay Footage Leaked – Very Early Build Showcases Lancer E…

It has hardly been 2 months to the release of Project CARS and Slightly Mad Studios has already started talking about Pr…
Batman Arkham Knight (8)
GamesHardware 1 month ago

AMD Catalyst 15.6 Beta and NVIDIA GeForce 353.30 WHQL Released – Optimised For Bat…

Earlier, we confirmed to our readers that Batman Arkham Knight was having issue on AMD GPUs and hence Rocksteady updated…
Batman (1)
E3 2015Games 1 month ago

Batman Arkham Knight – NVIDIA Releases Developer Interview from E3 2015

NVIDIA released a new video for Batman Arkham Knight, in which members of the Rocksteady team share some details on the …






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