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Games 2 months ago

DOOM Open Beta Dated; DLC & Post-Launch Updates Detailed

Bethesda announced today in a press release that there will be a DOOM Open Beta later this month. More specifically, it …
The Division
Games 2 months ago

The Division Backpack Glitch To Be Fixed In 1.1 Update, First Incursion Screenshots Rele…

During last week’s episode of The Division State of the Game, Ubisoft Massive’s Hamish Bode has talked about…
Games 2 months ago

Ubisoft Figured Out a Way To Fit a Lot More Stuff in the ESRAM

GDC 2016 has been over for a while, but a lot of folks who were not able to make it to San Francisco have been waiting t…
Street Fighter V
Games 2 months ago

Street Fighter V Next DLC Character Should Be Guile, Capcom UK’s Community Manager…

Late last month, Capcom has finally released the first DLC character for Street Fighter V, Alex from the Street Fighter …
Horizon (4)
Games 2 months ago

Horizon Zero Dawn Render Shows Amazing Structural Detail

A Horizon Zero Dawn art render has emerged from a GDC presentation organized by Guerrilla Games’ junior art direct…
Mafia 3
Games 2 months ago

Fresh Mafia 3 Screenshots Show The Game’s ‘Breathing’ World

Some fresh Mafia 3 screenshots have surfaced from a GDC presentation that was presented given by the game’s system…
Star Wars Battlefront
Games 2 months ago

Star Wars Battlefront Unannounced Extraction Mode Audio Files Surface Online

Star Wars Battlefront, the game based on the Star Wars franchise released last year on consoles and PC in all regions, h…
The Division
Games 2 months ago

Ubisoft reveal The Division’s Incursions update changes

Ubisoft have revealed the new features, changes and updates that will be coming as part of the Incursions update later t…
Games 2 months ago

New PSN Sale for Tom Clancy’s Franchise

A new PSN sale just went up for US gamers. It will allow you to grab games in the Tom Clancy’s franchise at a favo…
Star Ocean Integrity And Faithlessness
Games 2 months ago

Star Ocean Integrity And Faithlessness Release Date Confirmed For North America And Euro…

Two weeks ago, Square Enix confirmed that Star Ocean Integrity And Faithlessness, the new entry of the long running role…
Games 2 months ago

Final Fantasy XV Will Have New Game Plus Mode & Chocobo Training; Sakaguchi Helped …

Final Fantasy XV will release on September 30. After years of speculations, the launch date of the latest installment in…
Games 2 months ago

SMITE 60FPS PS4/XO Patch Underway; Dev Urges To Lower Sensitivity

Smite developer Hi-Rez Studios just confirmed that players will be able to enjoy SMITE at 60FPS in the next patch for PS…
The Witcher 3
Games 2 months ago

The Witcher 3 Blood and Wine To Feature Quest Full Of Songs And Poetry, Czech Translator…

The Witcher 3, the successful role playing game developed by CD Projekt RED now available in all regions on consoles and…
Fallout 4
Games 2 months ago

Fallout 4 New Glitch Allows Players To Earn Huge Amounts Of XP With Minimal Effort

Being an open world game, Fallout 4 comes with a few glitches that have allowed players to do things that are not normal…
God of War 4
GamesRumor 2 months ago

God Of War 4 Leaked Art Shows Norse Mythology Setting

Concept art for the upcoming God of War 4 might have been leaked, and the art shows our beloved anti-hero Kratos, in a N…
Games 2 months ago

Doughnut Drake Dropped from Uncharted 4

Doughnut Drake, the fat version of Nathan Drake that has been an unlockable bonus since the very first Uncharted game, …
Games 2 months ago

Resident Evil 2 Remake is ‘Progressing’

Capcom have everything to lose with their remake of Resident Evil 2, and while hopes in the community are high, it’…
Games 2 months ago

Uncharted 4 Is the Series’ Longest Game & the Most Varied in Terms of Locatio…

The press embargo for Uncharted 4 previews is up, though we had already brought you some stunning leaked screenshots yes…






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