News: PlayStation

Fallout 4
Games 2 months ago

[UPDATED]Fallout 4 Season Pass Now Available For Free On The European PlayStation Store

[Update2] Contrary to was has been reported earlier today, those who have managed to get the Season Pass for free have a…
Mirror's Edge Catalyst
Games 2 months ago

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Districts And Factions Detailed, New Screenshots Shared

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst, the new entry of the series currently in development by DICE, has been in the works for qu…
Dark Souls 3
Games 2 months ago

Dark Souls 3 Gets New Gameplay Video From SXSW Gaming 2016, New Details Shared

Dark Souls 3 is now very close to its Japanese release, and publisher Bandai Namco has been showing more of the game in …
GamesOp-Ed 2 months ago

Sorry Sony, PSVR’s Real Price Is Not 399$

GDC 2016 is far from over and yet, Sony Computer Entertainment stole the show with its PSVR release date and pricing ann…
Star Wars Battlefront
Games 2 months ago

[UPDATED]Star Wars Battlefront Outer Rim DLC To Launch Next Week, New Trailer Released

[Update] During today’s Outer Rim focused stream, more details on what is going to be introduced and tweaked in St…
Witcher 3
Games 2 months ago

The Witcher 3 Wins Another GOTY Award; Now Has 251 GOTY Awards

The Witcher 3 from developer CD Project Red, has earned yet another Game-Of-The-Year (GOTY) award. The game was honored …
Games 2 months ago

Tequila Works: Team on Rime Is Now Even Bigger, It’s Going & Ending Well; Lac…

Tequila Works, the Spanish indie studio that created Deadlight for PC and Xbox 360, has been working on Rime in the las…
Valhalla Game Studios
Games 2 months ago

Valhalla Game Studios Opens International Subsidiary In Vancouver

Valhalla Game Studios, the Japanese development studio formed by a few high profile former Tecmo employees, such as Tomo…
GamesOp-Ed 2 months ago

Open Crossplay: One Small Step for Microsoft, One Giant Leap for Gaming

In my very first op-ed article after joining WCCFtech, I decried Microsoft’s backwards stance on Crossplay with ot…
Games 2 months ago

Rime IP Reacquired By Tequila Works; Working Hard To “Realize Its Aspirations For …

Developer of PS4 exclusive Rime, Tequila Works, has reacquired the rights to the Rime IP from Sony. The developer confir…
Dark Souls 3
Games 2 months ago

Dark Souls 3 New Gameplay Footage Showcases Elite Knight Gameplay

Earlier today, Sony has shown more of some of the upcoming PlayStation 4 titles in a new livestream. Among the titles th…
Games 2 months ago

PlayStation VR To Get 64% of Market Share in 2016 With 1.6M Units Sold, Says Analyst

PlayStation VR’s announcement of release date and price is the topic of the day, particularly among market analyst…
The Division
Games 2 months ago

The Division Future Content Possibly Revealed By In-Game Map, Phoenix Credits Earning Ra…

The Division, the new third person shooter game developed by Ubisoft Massive, is finally available in all regions on con…
Star Wars Battlefront VR
Games 2 months ago

Star Wars Battlefront VR Announced, Coming Exclusively On PlayStation VR

During its Game Developers Conference a few hours ago, Sony finally shared more details on its PlayStation VR headset, i…
GamesHardware 2 months ago

Playstation VR Price & Release Window Announced; More Than 230 Publishers & De…

Sony has finally announced the price and release window for Playstation VR (PS VR). Additionally, Sony has revealed that…
Games 2 months ago

[UPDATED] CryENGINE Gets DX12/VR Support & Pay-What-You-Want Model

UPDATE: There’s an actual CryENGINE Humble Bundle going on. You can pay what you want to get a huge amount of engi…
Shadow Tactics
Games 2 months ago

Real Time Tactics Game Shadow Tactics Revealed, To Release Later This Year On PC And Con…

If you are a fan of real time tactics games, there’s a very good chance you know about the Commando series, develo…
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Games 2 months ago

[UPDATED WITH NEW VIDEO] Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutants in Manhattan To Launch Th…

[Update] A new  Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutants in Manhattan gameplay video has been made available a few hours …






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