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Sony’s latest gaming console, PlayStation 4 has been experiencing huge customer response since its release. PlayStation 4 is the company’s best gaming console yet and it has broken company’s sales records. PlayStation 4 sales are growing fast, it is crowned the fastest-selling console in UK, beating the Microsoft’s Xbox One sales in the region.

PlayStation 4

Global PlayStation 4 Sales Reach 2.1 Million – Becomes UK’s Fastest-Selling Console Ever

Sony launched PlayStation 4 on 15th November 2013 and since then, the console has been selling widely and stores are rapidly running out of stock. The manufacturer has delivered its best in the PlayStation 4 and it seems like Sony is getting paid for its efforts. Sony is revealing PlayStation 4 sales figures continuously and according to new figures, PlayStation 4 has set a new record in UK.

Cyber Monday

Black Friday deals are over and Cyber Monday Deals are covering up now. Gamers can get a lot of great games and the latest gaming consoles at the stores this week. PlayStation 4 and Xbox One Cyber Monday deals are now live, grab the consoles before the stock runs out.

Cyber Monday

PlayStation 4 and Xbox One Cyber Monday Deals For U.S.

PlayStation 4 and Xbox One units have been extremely difficult to track down after the huge launch day success, many retailers went out of stock soon after the release. Only some selected retailers managed to introduce Black Friday deals for the latest consoles but if you missed out those deals, you can still avail PlayStation 4 and Xbox One Cyber Monday deals.


PlayStation 4 Cyber Monday Deals:

PlayStation 4’s growing demand is causing unavailability of stock in major stores but still people can take advantage from PlayStation 4 Cyber Monday deals. However, only some retailers are offering Cyber Monday deals for Sony’s latest gaming console.

Walmart is offering best PlayStation 4 Cyber Monday Deal. The console bundle is priced at $517 and it includes the console, controller and a game.

Amazon is selling games for PlayStation 4 at decreased prices. Visit Amazon Cyber Monday video game deals hub for PlayStation 4 games.

GameStop also has various PlayStation 4 games in the Cyber Monday video games section.

Xbox One

Xbox One Cyber Monday Deals:

Xbox One is the latest gaming console by Microsoft and it has broken all the company’s sales records since its release. The console was not widely available in Black Friday deals and some retailers that were offering the console went out of stock very quickly. If you missed Xbox One Black Friday deals, here are some Cyber Monday deals that could be worth spending money on.

Microsoft store has reduced prices for Cyber Monday on couple of Xbox One bundles. Xbox One Day One Complete Bundle comes at the price of $699.95, it includes the day one version of the console, Xbox Live 12-month gold membership, Microsoft complete for the console and two games of the customer’s choice.

Xbox One Day One Ultimate bundle at Microsoft Store is available for $799.99, the bundle includes day one version of the console, Microsoft complete for the console, Xbox Live 12-month gold membership, one Xbox One controller and three games of the customer’s choice.

GameStop is offering immediate delivery on Xbox One Bundle. The price of bundle is $739.99 and it includes the console, one additional Xbox One controller and three games that are Forza 5, Dead Rising 3 and Ryse: Son Of Rome.


Walmart is selling Xbox One for $559 with customer’s choice of game or accessory.

Amazon is not offering any deals on the Xbox One but the retailer has reduced prices for the Xbox One games and controller. Following are three best games for Xbox One.

Dead Rising 3 for $49
Forza Motorsport 5 for $50
Ryse: Son of Rome for $50

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Black Friday deals are over but gamers can still grab the latest consoles by Sony and Microsoft with the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One Cyber Monday deals. The latest consoles are not getting many deals because the demand is high and most retailers are already out of stock.

Cyber Monday

PlayStation 4 and Xbox One Cyber Monday Deals For U.K.

Cyber Monday deals for UK are flowing in fast with Black Friday deals fading away. UK retailers have some great deals and stuff in stock that can be pleasing, but you would have to grab it before the deals or stock runs out. PlayStation 4 and Xbox One have just been launched and due to their huge demand there are unlikely going to be much deals for the consoles but few famous online retailers are offering PlayStation 4 and Xbox One Cyber Monday deals for UK. Have a look at these deals below:


PlayStation 4 Cyber Monday Deals:

PlayStation 4 is apparently the most demanded purchase right now at any store that offers a gaming section and that is why the console would not be getting much Cyber Monday Deals.

GameStop is offering one of the best deals in UK, a PlayStation 4 console at just £329, which is much cheaper from what the other retailers are offering.

Argos has no specific PlayStation 4 Cyber Monday deals but the retailer just got new shipment of PlayStation 4 consoles and it is selling various PlayStation 4 bundles. The normal edition PlayStation 4 console only is available at £349.99.

You can win a brand new PlayStation 4 from British retailer Phones 4u by entering its holiday prizes website.

Amazon UK is offering PlayStation 4 games with decreased prices for limited period only.


Xbox One Cyber Monday Deals:

All of the big retail stores such as Amazon, Walmart, Gamestop and others have already sold out the first Xbox One allocation that was provided by Microsoft so there are almost no Xbox One Cyber Monday deals.

Xbox Live market place is offering great discounts on the games below:

Far Cry Blood Dragon XBLA 75% off will be £2.50

Red Dead Redemption 75% off will be £5

The Witcher 75% off will be £5

Dark Souls 75% off will be £3.75

BattleBlock Theater XBLA 67% off will be £3.37

Rayman Origins 50% off will be £7.50

L.A. Noire 75% off will be £5

Fast and Furious: Showdown 75% off will be £7.50

Men in Black: Alien Crisis 75% off will be £5

Amazon UK has also decrease the prices at bit on Xbox One games and controller.

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tesco cyber monday uk

Tesco UK Cyber Monday deals are going to end midnight Monday. Make sure you make the most of this last day of Tesco’s Cyberdeals 2013. Tesco Cyberdeals include a tons of gadgets, accessories and electronic appliances.

tesco cyber monday uk

Tesco Cyber Monday deals offer some good savings on Apple’s iPod, selected smartphones and phone accessories.

Games Hardware

Since the launch of PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, gamers have gone crazy on both the consoles and are considering only these two systems as their gaming platforms. NVIDIA, the leading graphic card manufacturer suggests the gamers to mull over getting PC as their gaming platform. According to the company, PC is superior to next-gen consoles.


PC Is Superior To Next-Gen Consoles, SaysNvidia – Gamers Should Get A PC For Best Gaming Experience

With the release of Sony and Microsoft’s latest gaming console, gamers are keeping their choices limited to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. NVIDIA wants to make sure gamers do not forget they also have a way more powerful gaming platform that would be best for the next-gen gaming experience.

Nvidia has released a set of smaller and more living room friendly PCs alongside the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The firm has released these PCs as more powerful and strong platform alternative to the next-gen console and according to the GPU makers, PC is superior to next-gen consoles. Matt Wright, consumers sales manager at Nvidia said in an interview to MCV: “We are proposing small form-factor PCs to be a viable alternative to the next-gen consoles. Enthusiast players want the ultimate games system and that is the PC”.

PlayStation 4 and Xbox One

PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are both very powerful gaming consoles that would run some pretty hefty games easily but beside only gaming, there are a lot of different things that console can do such as playing videos, movies and songs, all of this even more enhanced with dedicated third party apps. Here is PlayStation 4 and Xbox One launch day apps comparison.

PlayStation 4 and Xbox One

PlayStation 4 And Xbox One Launch Day Apps Comparison – Which Console Offers Best Entertainment

The gaming industry has changed according to today’s demands. Gamers now do not buy a console only looking at its gaming capabilities, they are also concerned about what the console has to offer other than just cool games. PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 brought with them the trend of watching movies and videos, browsing web or listening to music on the consoles and ever since people want their living room console to be more socialized with a lot of apps to complete the living room experience.

Microsoft was the first one to properly introduce third party apps into a gaming console and when Microsoft added Netflix and Hulu Plus to the Xbox 360’s apps portfolio, Sony and Nintendo realized their consoles were missing something that was gaining customer’ s attention. Apps have been important, a research by Microsoft shows that 50% of all Xbox Live activity is based on users that use their consoles to listen to music, browse the web in Internet Explorer or watch movies or television shows.

PlayStation 4 Xbox One

PlayStation 4 and Xbox One have been launched recently rationally pushing the gaming industry into a new eighth generation. People have massively responded to the launch of both the consoles viewing that Sony and Microsoft sold over 1 million PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles in less than 24 hours. People want to put their old consoles aside and jump into the new experiences and capabilities that the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One have to offer, but is it worth buying any of the two consoles just after their launch? Here are the ten reasons you should think about before going to store for grabbing your eighth generation console.

Xbox One vs PlayStation 4

Ten Reasons To Avoid Buying PlayStation 4 And Xbox One Right Now – Take A Break, Try Next Year

Well the launch of Xbox One and PlayStation 4 is already behind us. Both Microsoft and Sony experienced a record-breaking launch for their next-gen consoles. Sony sold over 1 million PlayStation 4 units in just 24 hours after launch of the console in the U.S. and Canada only while Microsoft made the same record but by launching the Xbox One in 13 countries. There were a lot of people who did not get their consoles due to limited number of day one consoles.

The reason people went crazy for the launch was probably because of the long life span of PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Both the consoles are in the market from 7 years and because next-gen hype had reached its peak and people wanted to see what the next-gen consoles would really feel like.

Gran-Turismo-icon GT logo

One of the world’s leading car manufacturers, Mercedes Benz has build a splendid concept super car for Gran Turismo racing video game franchise. Polyphony Digital, owner of the franchise, asked world’s leading car manufacturers to build a never before seen future of sports car design, everyone from Alpha Romeo to Zagato  signed up for the opportunity but Mercedes Benz is the first one to avail it.

Mercedes Benz AMG Vision Gran Turismo

Mercedes Benz Builds A Splendid Concept Super Car for Gran Turismo Anniversary

Gran Turismo is a popular PlayStation exclusive, real driving simulator franchise owned by Polyphony Digital. The Gran Turismo series is renowned for its real driving and cars experience. The franchise is celebrating its 15th anniversary this year and Polyphony Digital has made some big plans for the party. The game series developer planned Vision Gran Turismo project, asking the world’s leading car manufacturers to formulate a concept super car for Gran Turismo, the car would then be included in the Gran Turismo 6, the latest PlayStation 3 exclusive installation in the series.

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Games Hardware

Sony recently released PlayStation 4, company’s best shot in the sprint of next-gen consoles. The console comes with an impressive price tag of $399 that is $200 less than the current-gen PlayStation 3 launch cost and $100 less than the price of Microsoft’s next-gen Xbox One. A recent research has revealed how much is the PlayStation 4 build cost and once again it looks like Sony is not profiting much from the console.


Sony Spends $381 On PlayStation 4 Build Cost – Only $18 Less Than The Original Price Of The Console

Console gamers went crazy to buy Sony’s next-gen console, PlayStation 4 on its launch and even after the reports of broken PlayStation 4 hardware, the number of fans is far from decreasing. One of the main reasons of Sony’s successful PlayStation 4 launch is an attractive $399 console price tag, an uncut bill of $100 to save on the Sony’s next-gen console if you are deciding between PlayStation 4 and Xbox one because Xbox One costs $499. But how is Sony managing to provide such a piece of next-gen hardware at this aggressive price, seems like Sony is keeping the burden of high cost to itself.

PS4 Controller vs Xbox One Controller

The next generation of consoles would be complete after Microsoft launches the Xbox One, then it is all about which platform is leading the list of most anticipated next-gen games. There are a lot of much awaited next-gen titles for both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One such as ten that are under discussion here.


Our List Of Top Ten Most Anticipated Next-Gen Games

PlayStation 4 has already been released while Xbox One is to hit the shelves of local stores on coming Friday, October 22nd and Wii U….Well it is still trying to make its place among the next-gen consoles. According to analysis, the attach rate of Xbox One and PlayStation 4 is 3.25 which means an average gamer will buy 3 games with his/her next-gen consoles. The attach rate is moderate for both of the consoles but what is concerning is that which games will make it first into the hands of desperately awaiting gamers.

There are already a lot of next-gen games announced, with new technology comes new possibilities and so each of them looks better than the other. The list of most anticipated games is also long including platform exclusive and multiplatform games. Here is an estimated list of the top ten most anticipated next-gen games that are yet to be released, disregarding of exclusives and multiplatform. The list does not includesthe titles that have already been released such as Battlefield 4 and Call Of Duty: Ghosts.

PlayStation 4 PS4
Games Hardware

Sony has offered some troubleshooting tips for the PlayStation 4 pulsing blue light error. Reports spread throughout Internet after the launch of the PlayStation 4 claiming the console carries a technical defect, something similar to the long feared red ring of death error on Xbox 360. Some users who got the PlayStation 4 even before its launched also suffered with the similar problem.

PlayStation 4 PS4

Sony Offers Troubleshooting Tips For PlayStation 4 Pulsing Blue Light Error – No Official Statement Given Till Now

PlayStation 4 showed some serious defects right after its launch. Many of PlayStation 4 owners have reported that their console stopped working after some hours of usage while other owners report they got a non-functional unit right out of the box. The error is that the console refuses to output display and the blue light of the console, which is supposed to turn white when console boots, keeps pulsing blue. The error is widely reported and is being called blue light or blue pulse of death.

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Games Hardware

A PlayStation 4 user who got his console on the launch date decided to take some infrared shots of it to check how stable is the PlayStation 4 heat regulation. The images capture the temperature of PlayStation 4 placed at different positions and performing different tasks.

PlayStation 4

Have A Look At These Thermal Images To See How Stable Is PlayStation 4 Heat Regulation

Overheating is one of the scariest nightmares for electronic industries. It causes many troubles in the development and manufacturing of electronic problem. Gamers from any platform are well aware of the unpleasant effects of overheating. Console gamers are also really concerned about the problem when it comes to all-day-long gaming because whether it is a PC or any of the consoles available in the market, overheating can cause some major damage.

Apparently the only thing that console gamers care about for now are the next-gen consoles and with PlayStation 4 already launched, tons of reports about the merits and demerits of the console are coming in. To check the how true the PlayStation 4 overheating reports really are, a user took out his thermal camera to put PlayStation 4 heat regulation on test.

uncharted 3

Naughty Dog announced a new The Last Of Us single player DLC in the PlayStation 4 All Access event and afterwards surprised the audience with a teaser trailer for the new installment in its most famous PlayStation exclusive franchise, Uncharted. The new installment is to be released as a next-gen title on PlayStation 4.

Uncharted and the last of us

Uncharted Is Headed To PlayStation 4 – New Last Of Us Single Player DLC “Left Behind” Announced

PlayStation 4 All Access event was full of great stuff. Some of the presumptions were granted to be truth. Naughty Dog officially announced The last of Us single player DLC and also confirmed that their next-gen project is indeed a new installment in the Uncharted series, targeted to release on PlayStation 4. That is all we know for now. Nothing else on the game have been revealed, not even what the game is going to be called.

The developer teased the game with a short teaser trailer that only features a map and some seconds of voice work. The voice actor in the trailer is said to be Todd Stashwich, an actor from popular TV shows such as “Grey’s Anatomy”, “Supernatural” and “Criminal Minds”. He would be playing a character in the new game. Trailer shows no hint to the return of Nathan Drake, who knows if they thought it was time to change. Anyway, the game might hopingly arrive in the holiday season of 2014.

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Games Hardware

Update: Addressing the issue, President of the Sony Computer Entertainment, Shuhei Yoshida has tweeted that Sony is investigating the reports of faulty consoles. The number of faulty consoles is very minor compared to the shipped consoles and that these are only “isolated incidents”.

Original Story: Many individuals who got their hands on the PlayStation 4 before its official release are reporting broken hardware problems. Most likely some of the PlayStation 4 units are shipping with faulty HDMI ports because reportedly the console does not output the display when turned on.

playstation 4 reveal

Early Owners Report PlayStation 4 Hardware Problems – Console Outputs No Display

Recalling the year after PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 was launched, a lot of problems and hardware issues came in, some even ending with the death of the consoles. Every device shows a little timidity in its early stages after launch, and now comes the next-gen PlayStation 4 with some issues that may worry the buyers that are planning to grab the day one console.


Sony’s next-gen console is coming with an exciting new feature, the PlayStation 4 voice command. Sony is a little late in announcing the voice command feature for PlayStation home console taking that Microsoft’s Xbox 360 users are already enjoying it Since the launch of Kinect in 2010.

ps4 camera

PlayStation 4 Voice Command Demonstration – Works Fast and Smooth

Just like Microsoft’s Xbox 360 or Xbox One, PlayStation 4 now also features voice command. PlayStation 4 voice command will allow the users to navigate and control their PlayStation 4 using their voice, it will also help the developers in enhancing the experience of the next-gen games and making them voice command enabled.

Unfortunately, PlayStation 4 voice command would be limited at the time of launch. Only few commands such as going back to the home screen from a game or an app, turning off the console or taking a screenshot would be supported initially. Users would not be able to turn on the console and no third party apps would support the voice command right away. PlayStation 4 voice command would come with the PS camera, an accessory for the console that must be bought separately for $60.

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