Ubisoft claims Watch Dogs to be a brand new IP that will truly define next-gen graphics and in-game visuals. The game is said to be the first open-world action-adventure video game that has put PlayStation 4 and Xbox One hardware capabilities to test, since it is so dense that none of the next-gen consoles can run it at full HD 1080p resolution and 60fps. Below is a screenshot comparison that shows how Watch Dogs holds up against one of the top visually most impressive next-gen video games out there.


Watch Dogs vs InFamous Second Son Screenshot Comparison Shows Shadow Effects, Textures and Lightning Differences

Watch Dogs has been in development for around five years and it is counted among some of the most expensive games that Ubisoft has ever developed. The game was actually set to release last year, but after observing Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto V’s fame due to its uplifted visuals, Ubisoft delayed Watch Dogs in order to polish the game and make it look better than anything.

Being one of the most impressive games of previous-gen, Rockstar’s open-world title has a lot of life in it. Most people are comparing Watch Dogs with Grand Theft Auto V, but is not precisely a right comparison. Other than Watch Dogs itself, there are some very impressive next-gen games with which, Ubisoft’s upcoming game should be compared. For instance, how about a Watch Dogs vs Sucker Punch Production’s open world InFamous Second Son comparison?

battlefield 4

If you have been on the edge about whether or not to get EA’s Battlefield 4 for the previous generation consoles and just happen to be part of PlayStation’s very own and very rewarding Plus program then today is your lucky day.


Starting today PlayStation Plus members will be able to download the trial version of Battlefield 4  unto their consoles to see whether the word of mouth reviews from friends and internet hold up true.

Watch Dogs Logo

We have seen tons of leaked Watch Dogs screenshots, gameplay videos and GIFs coming from PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One and Xbox 360 versions of the game, but we have seen very little quality comparisons between all versions of the game. Below is an initial Watch Dogs GIF comparison showing differences between the game running on both last-gen and next-gen consoles.

watch_dogs 2014-05-24 11-47-19-60

Watch Dogs PS4 vs Xbox One vs PS3 vs Xbox 360 Head-to-Head GIF Video Comparison: PS4 Version Has Better AA, Xbox One Version Has Better Color Balance.

Before the launch of every AAA game, it is first brought under the spotlight by leaks that show every and all details of the game. Initial tests are done on the game which are then followed by some full blown tech analysis. Now since Watch Dogs is releasing next week, we already have a bunch of initial tests showing visual quality of the game across all major video game platforms except Nintendo Wii U, as Wii U version of the game will arrive later this year.

Everyone is comparing Ubisoft’s open world game on different platforms. GamingBolt managed to come up with a Watch Dogs GIF video comparison that shows the same scene running across PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One and Xbox 360 versions of the game. The source indicates that PC version of the game will be tested in their final verdict and the published GIFs are of high quality.


I have heard some pretty preposterous and outrageous names in my time of reporting names, so far this will have to be the one I will tell friends and family about. While Agent’s trademark got a refresh it appears that Sony decided to kill two birds with one stone and get a new trademark.

Sony may have filed a a new trademark for what could be … anything, my guess would point towards Last Guardian, Half-Life 3, Fallout 4, Shenmue 3, Sequel to XII, Left 4 Dead 3. . While we don’t actually know anything about the IP and Google doesn’t bring any pleasant results, we can only speculate that Sony has added another feather in their cap for the unveiling of E3.

Watch Dogs Logo

Ubisoft’s open-world hacktion video game title is hitting the local markets next week, but it is not necessary for you to wait until then to see how big and beautiful Ubisoft’s digital hyper-connected version of Chicago is. Thanks to the cascade of leaks, we have visually played Watch Dogs without even physically putting our hands on it. If you are wondering how big the in-game Chicago is, check out the Watch Dogs gameplay video below.


Entire In-Game Chicago Map From One End to the Other Revealed in Watch Dogs Gameplay Video

While some gamers are censuring the leaks for spoiling Watch Dogs gameplay for them, many are on a hunt to find new media content showing off the game. Looking around the online gaming community, it is clear that Ubisoft fell flat in stonewalling the game’s media content and details from appearing on the internet before its official release date. Anyway, the fact is, early gameplay videos and screenshots are always good for eyes.

Like many other gamers and reviewers, the good folks over at PlayStation Access have secured their copy of Watch Dogs, and doing so, they have already started to post gameplay videos showing in-game hyper-connected ctOS controlled Chicago city. In the Watch Dogs gameplay video shared below, we are granted a look at the entire game map, and the folks also show off the amplitude of the in-game city by driving from one end of Chicago to the other. I would recommend you against watching the video shared below if you do not want your Watch Dogs experience ruined.

Watch Dogs Logo

Earlier today we saw how Watch Dogs for the Xbox 360 had gotten leaked, while this was nothing out of the ordinary it appears that the previous generation of consoles will surely be giving the new generation runners a hard time in avoiding spoilers.

Thanks to the efforts of George Hotz, people all over the world are able to enjoy the benefits of a modified PS3 too, with the most recent benefit being the ability to download and play Watch Dogs on the PS3.

While the Xbox 360 has had an exceptional number of leaks to it, the PS3 has also had its moments of leaked games with this being one of them.Watch Dogs

Watch Dogs PS3 Version Leaked on the Internet, the Xbox 360 Version has some Company

If you have any friend on any outlet of social media and they have a modified PS3 or Xbox 360, I would highly suggest you be as nice to them as possible. Hell hath no fury like a gamer scorned.

Wolfenstein The new order logo

Wolfenstein: The New Order, one of the most awaited games, finally met its launch today in North America and Europe. The game can be counted as Bethesda’s second contribution to the library of next-gen games. As we speak, millions of fans are sitting next to their display units and are being blessed with Wolfenstein: The New Order’s gameplay. Below is a screenshot/GIF comparison between PlayStation 4 and Xbox One version of the game giving a glimpse at how the game looks on the latest consoles.

Wolfenstein the new order

Wolfenstein: The New Order PS4 vs Xbox One Screenshot/GIF Comparison: Game Looks Sharper on Microsoft’s Latest Platform

This month’s one of the most anticipated video game title; Wolfenstein: The New Order, is already out today for PC and both last and current-gen platforms. Developed by MachineGames using id Tech 5 video game development engine, Wolfenstein: The New Order is a cross-gen title but Bethesda confirmed that the next-gen versions of the game have been developed with more mass and the game runs at 1080p/60fps on both latest consoles.

Most next-gen games that have been released till now either look alike on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One or the PlayStation 4 version looks slightly better as Sony’s latest console has some advantage over the Xbox One due to added hardware potential. However, In some cases, games perform better on Microsoft’s latest console than the PlayStation 4, and here, it looks like, is a similar case.

Since everyone is playing Bethesda’s new release in the Wolfenstein first-person shooter video game franchise, a lot of media content from different versions of the game is showing up on the internet. In order to give a sneak peak to those who have not tried the game on the latest consoles, GamingBolt prepared a screenshot/GIF comparison showing how the PlayStation 4 version of the game differs from the Xbox One version.


Lately, Watch Dogs media has been all over the place but it appears that one anxious individual who appears to be in Saudi Arabia has got the game early on the PS4, is playing it and appears to be thoroughly enjoying the game. In many of his videos he shows how vehicle handling and free roam in the game work along with several pictures.

I have had my fair share of finding video game screens and videos in the most unlikeliest of places but I think this is the first time I will be linking Instagram as a source.

Instagram is the last place I would expect for any type of leak to occur but it appears that Watch Dogs is not only being sold in the markets, Saudi Arabia has earned a reputation for breaking street dates with the most recent examples being of Titanfall and Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes.Watch Dogs PS4 Beta (8)

With new Watch Dogs PS4 Off-Screen Videos and Images Surfacing on Instagram, can we expect snapchat to leak Destiny?

Watch Dogs is a game that is definitely on everybody’s radar and its certainly going to be a hot topic for many days if not months. The instagram user who appears to have made an account especially for the game goes by the handle of point_giveing, not the most scholarly name but at least the fellow is able to give us off-screen pictures and videos of the game and in pretty good quality at that.

PS4 and Xbox One

Next generation of gaming is slowly taking over the gaming industry. Both the latest video game consoles show significant architectural and software advancements over their predecessors. Both Sony and Microsoft granted their consoles with 8GB of influential RAM to ease the development process of next-gen games. PlayStation 4′s 8GB GDDR5 RAM is obviously more brawny than Xbox One’s 8GB GDDR3 RAM. However, it still looks like 8GB PS4/Xbox One RAM is not enough.

PS4 Xbox One

Crytek: 8GB of RAM Will Result in Adversities for PS4/Xbox One Video Game Developers

For now, next-gen video game developers and consumers look pretty much contented with the 8GB of PS4/Xbox One RAM. With little adversities, most developers are managing to optimize their video games on the latest consoles but considering the demands of high-end next-gen video games, it looks like both Sony and Microsoft will soon have to seriously think about performance upgrades.

Crytek, a Germany-based video game developer that is responsible for the remarkable Crysis series and Xbox One exclusive title; Ryse: Son of Rome, is quite experienced when it comes to stretching hardware in order to create splendid games. The studio developed one of the first games on Microsoft’s Xbox One and has some considerable knowledge about latest consoles’ hardware and 8GB of RAM that comes in PS4/Xbox One.


Watch Dogs have got us and millions of other eager fans pretty excited. The leaked media content of the game is just serving as an appetizer and the real fun lies in kicking some action in the game when it officially launches on May 27th, but until then, all we can do is try and quench our thirst by looking at gameplay videos and screenshots of the game, or even compare the game to Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto V.

Watch Dogs

Watch Dogs PS4 Beta Version vs GTA V Screenshot Comparison: Common Differences Clearly Visible

Unless you have been living under a rock, you should know that one of the biggest and most highly praised games of this year is going to launch next week. Hardly, if I guess, there will only be a very small number of gamers that might not be looking forward to this game, everyone else is ready to get a retail copy. Hype for the game is growing with every passing second and it looks like the game is ready to set some new records.

Watch Dogs was most certainly delayed because the developer of the game wanted it to shine brighter than Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto V. Now since people have already acquired Watch Dogs for their consoles, we can compare the game to the latest installment in Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto video game franchise and see how Ubisoft managed to outshine a game that sits among top last-gen video games ever released.

We recently shared some high quality screenshots of Watch Dogs beta version running on PlayStation 4. The screenshots came from DualShockers, and in addition to them, the site also managed to put up a screenshot comparison between beta version of Watch Dogs running on PlayStation 4 and Grand Theft Auto V. Let’s first take a look at the comparison screenshots and then calculate the differences between both games. In each pair, Watch Dogs screenshot is above Grand Theft Auto V’s screenshot.

Watch Dogs Logo

Ubisoft’s upcoming third-person shooter open world action-adventure video game, Watch Dogs, is not appearing on the shelves any time sooner than May 27, but the developer has launched beta version of the game and from the leaks that we have been getting this week, it looks like ample number of fans already own the game for their consoles. In addition to all the leaked gameplay videos, below we have some high definition Watch Dogs screenshots from beta version of the game.

Watch Dogs PC NVIDIA_Trailer_4

15 New High Quality Direct-Feed Watch Dogs Screenshots from PlayStation 4 Beta Version of the Game Show Beautiful In-Game Environments

Despite some non-disclosure agreements protecting Watch Dogs’ media content from getting leaked over the internet, the developer could not manage to completely fill the loop holes. There is still some time before Watch Dogs gets heavily purchased but the gaming side of the internet is already full of the game’s screenshots, videos, and GIFs. Leaks are coming from both beta version and complete retail version of the game.

Leaked initial gameplay videos and screenshots from the game are causing mixed reactions among gamers that are desperately waiting for the game’s launch. The game is widely being compared to Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto V as the main reason behind the game’s delay was that the developer wanted it to be much better than Rockstar’s last-gen pinup. While some people are admiring Ubisoft’s masterpiece, others are arguing that it has nothing up to the mark compared Grand Theft Auto V.

Earlier we shared some leaked Watch Dogs media content including full HD 1080p direct-feed gameplay footage from PlayStation 4 version of the game. Now, we are giving you a look at 15 HD 1080p Watch Dogs screenshots captured from PlayStation 4 beta version of the game. These screenshots were sent to DualShockers by an unknown source. According to the site, the screenshots were sent directly using PSN messages and were saved through PlayStation app to leave very little space for compression.


Watch Dogs’ launch is still over a week away and leaks from the game have already started to flood the gaming websites and discussion forums. Videos and screenshots from the beta version of the game are also contributing in the library of leaked in-game media content but most leaks are certainly coming from sources that have already got their hands on the complete version of the game.

Watch Dogs

Watch this New Watch Dogs Full HD 1080p Direct-Feed Gameplay Footage Leaked form PlayStation 4 Version of the Game

Ubisoft’s upcoming highly anticipated and most awaited open world action adventure video game, Watch Dogs, is about more than a week away from its worldwide launch, but it looks like plenty of fans are already sitting next to their display units and enjoying the game. Leaked Watch Dogs media content including gameplay videos, screenshots and GIF’s are emerging from various corners of the internet.

Almost all Watch Dogs Leaked media content that got our attention was from consoles version of the game, specifically from PlayStation 4. A couple of days ago we shared some leaked GIF’s, webm’s and even a leaked 4 minute video of Watch Dogs which was most certainly running on the PlayStation 4 that was plugged into the HDMI in port of an Xbox One.

PlayStation 4

Next generation of video game consoles is all about data throughput and processing, and hardware performance. The two latest PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles seem pretty much up to the minute, and analysts predict that this generation of consoles might last longer but the way things are moving fast in the gaming industry, its seems like only regular performance boosts can keep the latest consoles alive.

PS4  Xbox One PlayStation 4

Team ICE Allegedly Giving Sony’s PlayStation 4 a Massive Performance Boost – Might be Difficult for Xbox One to Catch up

Definitely both Sony and Microsoft are well aware of this fact and while Microsoft is stuck in getting the Xbox One stuff right, Sony is reportedly preparing to jump even further by giving its latest console an equitable performance boost. If the things mentioned below are anywhere near to reality, Microsoft might want to tighten up its rigging and prepare for a much tough battle.

A recent batch of tweets from two well-known industry insiders called Thuway and Tidux hints towards a new change allegedly occurring in the next-gen console war between the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Picked up by Gamepur,  a couple of days ago, Tidux furtively hinted some improvements and performance boost coming to the PlayStation 4; Sony’s latest video game console.


While making my usual rounds on the internet and taking my break from studying, My friend linked me a video on facebook and asked me if it was authentic. The video showed Wolfenstein New Order and some absolutely retarded AI. Friend at the time told me he downloaded this from an unlisted YouTube video and the description said that this was the PS4 version and was on the “Bring ‘em” difficulty which is the normal difficulty level.

If the AI Is really this dumb, could this be the easiest platinum in an FPS in the history of PlayStation gaming?


Minecraft is one of the most successful and prosperous games ever developed. The game can undoubtedly be recognized as the modern day substitution of Nintendo’s good old Mario of the 90′s. The game gained colossal fame on its original platform: PC, it was then developed and released for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. The next-gen versions of Minecraft are still in development, and below is the screenshot comparison showing how well the development work is proceeding.


4J Studios Officially Compares Next-gen Versions of Minecraft to the Last-Gen Versions

As of what we pick up from the frequent tweets by 4J Studios, it looks like the developer is working persistently to create the best Minecraft game for both latest PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles, and soon the players will get to play with the next-gen versions of the worldwide critically acclaimed sandbox world-builder indie video game.

4J Studios tweeted four new screenshots recently, each from PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One and Xbox 360 versions of the game. The comparison screenshots show how well the next-gen versions of the game are turning out as well as how Minecraft PS4 and Xbox One versions look compared to the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions.

Below is the official Minecraft PS4 vs PS3 and Xbox One vs Xbox 360 screenshot comparisons. Each comparison pair is followed by a gif (courtesy of Kotaku) so that you can spot the differences clearly. Of course, you will have to open the gif’s in new tab to get them working.

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