Dragon Age

BioWare recently sprung into action showing off the magnificence of its upcoming action role-playing video game known as Dragon Age: Inquisition. The developer has released a ton of screenshots and new details about the game, even though, the game is still months away from its launch. As the third major game in the franchise, Dragon Age: Inquisition will contain elements of both earlier games in the series.


BioWare Reveals 27 New Dragon Age: Inquisition Screenshots and In-Game Class and Character Details

BioWare has released almost 30 new Dragon Age: Inquisition screenshots that are dotted around the official website of the game. The screenshots show everything from beautiful new in-game characters to terrifying giant beasts. It looks like some of the provided new Dragon Age: Inquisition screenshots have been captured from the trailer that was released recently.

Not only the new Dragon Age: Inquisition screenshots can be found on the game’s site, BioWare has also been wise enough to put in a bunch of new class and character progression details. Three main character classes are included in the game, which are, Mage, Warrior and Rogue. Further more, each of these are divided into three specialized characters’ classes, which are, Artificer, Knight Enchanter and Champion. Descriptions for these classes are given below along with the new Dragon Age: Inquisition screenshots.

PlayStation 4 console
Games Hardware

The crowd for next-gen consoles upon their release was greater than ever. Both Sony and Microsoft pulled off the launch of their consoles successfully and since then, both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles are selling by the truckload. However, Sony’s PlayStation 4 console is way ahead in sales than its entrant. The latest sales stats report 6 million PlayStation 4 consoles sold worldwide, and in contrast, only 3 million Xbox One units shipped. Nevertheless, greater sales do not ease off common technical PlayStation 4 issues that the console users encounter on everyday basis.

PlayStation 4 issues 11

Steps to Fix the Top 5 Most Reported Technical PlayStation 4 Issues and Problems

Tons of common and atypical problems and issues have been reported by the users of both next-gen consoles. Sony’s PlayStation 4 console shares an equal part in these reports. As a matter of fact, the amount of common everyday PlayStation 4 issues is increasing with its carefree march to the top and even manufacturer cannot help it because of their minor nature.

According to the latest report by Fixya, a do-it-yourself (DIY) community that suggests simple DIY solutions for electronic devices and consoles’ problems and issues, PlayStation 4 issues and problems are getting aggravating. Countless of the total 30 million members of Fixya community have reported issues that are not as serious as red ring of death, blue light of death, console catching fire etc. but they still are bothersome and uninspiring.

Unreal Engine 4 logo

This year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo is over a month away and developers have already started to tease the surprises that they have for gaming community at E3. Of course, this year’s E3 is going to be the first to have PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles as exposed adherents. Since the next-gen is all that matters right now, most of the titles and video game content being teased is for both the aforementioned consoles. Unreal Engine

Epic Teases a Number of Unannounced Unreal Engine 4 Titles and a High End Game That will “Push Next Generation Graphics”

Just like most other developers, Epic Games recently came out of the bushes with two of its new puppets. The developer announced two new games; Fortnite for PC and virtual reality title Couch Knights, which has been demonstrated with Oculus VR. However, it seems like this is not all from the developer. Epic Games has much more concealed within its studios. Tim Sweeny, Epic Games’ co-founder teased a high end game title that will “push next generation graphics.” According to the developer, the game is still in development and once completed, it will truly define next generation graphics by utilizing the full potential of new Unreal Engine 4. The game will create a wow greater than Gears of War’s Xbox 360 era.

PlayStation 4 2

Sony surely knows how to improve on things. The Japanese manufacturer built a fine PlayStation 3 video game console to compete in the race of seventh generation of gaming and then kept on improving the console by releasing several updates as well as exclusive video game titles that made the console look more pretty. Then when it was time, Sony unveiled its latest much more improved and advanced PlayStation 4 console.


Sony Aiming to Maximize PS4, PS3 and PS Vita Performance by Taking Advantage of Unique Platforms’ Architecture

While PS4 is already performing well out of the box, Sony Computer Entertainment’s primary focus is on squeezing out as much juice from PlayStation video game platforms as possible. The manufacturer’s main card in the game is PS4 but still, it is also finding more ways and options to improve the potential capabilities of its other two major video game consoles i.e. PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita.

Sony has posted a new job ad on PlayStation US Blog according to which, the company requires a Staff Developer Support Software Engineer. The post is for a guy who can help first and third-party developers by providing optimized solutions and lead the projects that are based on innovative techniques, ideas and algorithms that boost the performance of PlayStation platforms by bringing in use platforms’ advanced architectures.


Following a tease made by the developer, Codemasters has now announced a new upcoming installment in the GRID series known as GRID: Autosport. The game will be the third title in the GRID franchise and a sequel to GRID 2 that was released last year. The game will reportedly be released on June 27, 2014. Below are the first screenshots of the game revealed by the developer.

Gird Autosport (15)

GRID: Autosport Announced by Codemasters For PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 – First Screenshots of the Game Reportedly Revealed

Unless you have no affection for racing games, you know that GRID 2 is one of the most famous racing video games released on Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Codemaster managed to keep the quality of the game higher than the Dirt series and in meantime, give more on-track real-racing experience to the players.

Recently, some leaks and rumors emerged on the web regarding a new upcoming GRID game reportedly known as GRID: Autosport. The developer of the game franchise also published a teaser video on GRID’s youtube channel and now according to BrasilGamer, Codemasters have officially announced GRID: Autosport.

AMD Gaming Evolved

Like almost all other gadgets, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One video game consoles are also made up of several crucial and effective shards of hardware. Three most important parts in the latest consoles are RAM, GPU and CPU and last two of these are developed by a chip development company known as AMD and manufactured by some foundries associated with the company.


AMD’s New Associate Manufacturer will Craft PS4 and Xbox One’s APUs’ Chips This year – Company is Pleased With Console Sales

AMD develops and provides Sony and Microsoft with system chips that power the manufacturers’ latest video game consoles. These chips are designed by AMD and are manufactured at a certain foundry connected to the company. According to a new report, the foundry where chips for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are manufactured is being switched.

AMD spoke about the new foundry at its quarterly earnings conference call which was meant to disclose the company’s profits and losses for the first fiscal quarter of 2014. The chip maker talked about how the latest consoles gave a boost to its earnings and gave some noteworthy information about the chips that give dominance to both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles.

AMD Gaming Evolved
Games Hardware Industry

Sony and Microsoft’s respective PlayStation 4 and Xbox One video game consoles have been brought to life by the manufacturers by putting together small different pieces of very powerful hardware. Both the consoles rock top quality hardware including RAM, CPU and GPU. The central and graphics processing units of the next-gen consoles are specially made and customized by AMD.

AMD Event

Next-Gen Console Sales and Demand for Radeon Graphic Cards Boosted AMD Earnings

Advanced Micro Devices, abbreviated and most commonly known as AMD, is a veteran American multinational semiconductor company that manufactures computer related technologies and chips. Two most important components i.e. GPU and CPU of the next-gen video game consoles have also basically been developed by AMD, customized specially to fit each console.

Despite being one of the leading central and graphics processing units developer, AMD’s financial conditions over past few years have not been smashing. Other companies such as NVIDIA prove to be a durable competitor to AMD. One thing that makes AMD more notable over other computer chips manufacturers is that it powers PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and certainly this is why the company’s earnings have improved quite well.

PlayStation 4 Xbox One

Console wars have been around ever since the gaming industry started making substantial progress and the number of competitors started growing. Gamers have always preferred to chose one side over another and stand for it and especially now, when the PS4 vs Xbox One console war between the latest consoles is in full swing, it has become important to choose a side.

PlayStation 4 vs Xbox One

Titanfall Developer Says PS4 vs Xbox One 1080p Debate Matters Little – Some Games will Always Look Better on One Console

No generation of gaming can be considered complete with out each contributing platform holder taking a flak from critics. Now when the gaming industry has stepped into a new era of video games, console wars have become more of a daily dose. At a brighter side, PS4 vs Xbox One debate also results in making respective manufacturers speed up their work in improving their consoles.

Both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles are having their fair share of criticism but on the charts, Microsoft’s latest video game console is considered to be led by Sony’s PlayStation 4. The main topic of most ongoing arguments nowadays is ‘resolution-gate’. The fact that PlayStation 4 is optimizing next-gen games according to developers’ commands and Xbox One is causing adversities is widening PS4 vs Xbox One debate.

It is not as serious as I state but still, users of both the consoles pay almost equal sum for their video game entertainment yet PlayStation 4 players enjoy almost all the next-gen games in native 1080p resolution running at 60fps while Xbox One users mostly get upscaled version of most next-gen games, some even locked at 30fps. Even Microsoft’s biggest exclusive title known as Titanfall does not run at native 1080p resolution on Xbox One.


To keep the latest consoles fresh and error free, Sony and Microsoft frequently release firmware and system updates for their respective PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles. Microsoft has already released the latest update for its next-gen video game console while Sony’s new PlayStation 4 firmware 1.7 update is still in works.

PS4 Firmware1_7-2

SCE Japan Posts PlayStation 4 Firmware 1.7 Update Release Date, Later Removes it – New UI Screenshots Show New Upcoming Features

While Sony Computer Entertainment America has not stated anything concerning the release date for PlayStation 4 firmware 1.7 update, Japanese arm of the firm mentioned in a post that the update would be available on April 30, however, the release date was later removed from the post. Found and translated by DualShockers, a post over at the Japanese PlayStation Community stated:

“At the booth there will be corners for you to experience the new features that allows to broadcast to the popular Nico Nico service from PS4, that will be implemented in the update coming on Wednesday, April 30th.”

On the other hand, new details and screenshots showing the PlayStation 4 firmware 1.7 update have also been revealed by Sony Computer Entertainment Japan and Asia in a press release that was sent this morning. The new screenshots provided in the press release show the new firmware 1.7 update running on a PlayStation 4 console.

PlayStation Vita Titanfall

Respawn Entertainment’s most critically acclaimed first-person shooter, always online multiplayer next-gen video game known as Titanfall has proved to be worthy of all the anticipation that was built upon it. Already out on Microsoft’s gaming platforms including Microsoft Windows, Xbox One and Xbox 360, Titanfall is growing to be one of the largest multiplayer Xbox One game.

PlayStation Vita  Titanfall

Sony offered PlayStation Vita to Respawn Entertainment for Titanfall – The Game was Prototyped Using Ratchet and Clank Engine

Respawn Entertainment signed an exclusivity agreement with Microsoft to keep Titanfall limited to only Microsoft Windows and Xbox consoles. However, new details reveal that after examining Microsoft’s Xbox One and becoming familiar with its hardware capabilities, the American video game development studio communicated with Sony to discuss specification of the manufacturer’s next-gen video game console.

This happened before Respawn Entertainment decided to sign Titanfall’s exclusivity agreement with Microsoft. According to the details, Sony refused to share talks regarding the specifications and hardware capabilities of its next-gen console and instead, pushed the developer for PlayStation Vita version of Titanfall but the results did not turn out well and Titanfall for PlayStation Vita never came into existence.

The new details were revealed in journalist Geoff Keighley’s newly released feature known as The Final Hours of Titanfall. The feature has been released in form of an app for iPad, Windows Surface and PC/Mac (via Origin). The Final Hours of Titanfall explains what was Repawn Entertainment legal situation during the development of Titanfall in detail. Thanks to Gamespot for picking up the important points.


PlayStation Network is one of the two dedicated online multiplayer gaming and digital media content delivery services for the top two video game consoles. Brought into being by Sony, PlayStation Network is exclusive to Sony’s PlayStation gaming platforms. PlayStation Network provides all the latest games related content to PlayStation users and offers them multiplayer gameplay with other players around the world through a premium service known as PlayStation Plus.

PlayStation Network PSN

Sony Rumored to be Working on PlayStation Network Nick Change Option – Sony Vegas Devs Improving Upcoming PlayStation 4 Update

Since the debut of latest video games consoles, both Microsoft’s Xbox Live and Sony’s PlayStation Network have come across significant increase in user traffic and numbers of registered members. Developers now put a wide amount of money and work into the development of multiplayer gameplay of next-gen games. This multiplayer can only be enjoyed through becoming a member of either of the aforementioned services.

PlayStation Network currently offers a single nickname/gamerID each player. Once registered, players do not get an option to change their nickname. PlayStation Network members have long demanded an option which enable users to replace their current nicknames with new available ones’.

It seems like fans’ voice has finally been heard by Sony. A tweet from a reliable industry insider known as Tidux hints that Sony is apparently working on an option that allows users to change their PlayStation Network nicknames. While Tidux mentioned that upcoming 1.7 PlayStation 4 update will not include this feature, there are chances of it coming to the console afterwords.

Sucker Punch

A couple of weeks ago we published an article showing how the American video game developer Sucker Punch Productions managed to create a highly impressive PlayStation 4 exclusive video game title known as inFamous: Second Son. Here are some more details on how PlayStation 4′s hardware is utilized for creating awesome games such as inFamous: Second Son itself.

Infamous Second Son

Sucker Punch Production Finding Ways To Utilize Full PS4 RAM – CPU is Already at Maximum Utilization but Improvements are Possible

Out on shelves last month, inFamous Second Son is the one PlayStation 4 open world action-adventure game that truly gives a next-gen feel to the players. This is undoubtedly because of the constant hard work and struggle of Sucker Punch Productions.

Since the release of inFamous Second Son, Sucker Punch Productions has, at various events, demonstrated how the game works and utilizes PlayStation 4′s every bit of available hardware potential. The developer explained in detail at Game Developers Conference 2014 about how inFamous Second Son tickled PlayStation 4′s limited amount of RAM, CPU and GPU to become the top PlayStation 4 game.

Trials Fusion

Trials Fusion is one of the many upcoming next-gen multiplatform games. Currently in development by RedLynx and Ubisoft, Trials Fusion is a racing game involving physics-based motorcycles. Trials Fusion is the first game in the franchise that would be released on PlayStation platforms. The game is set to release on April 16 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Xbox 360. The PC version of the game will come on April 24.

Trials Fusion 1

Xbox One Resolution-Gate Issue Continues – Trials Fusion Performs Better on PlayStation 4 than on Xbox One

Despite Microsoft’s best efforts, Xbox One is still suffering from ‘Resolution-gate’ issue. Developers are comparatively finding it cumbersome to achieve full video game optimization on Xbox One because of the lower specifications of the console, and yet another game has been declared running at lower resolution on Xbox One.

Ubisoft has confirmed that while Trials Fusion runs at maximum settings on PlayStation 4, they were not able to achieve full HD 1080p resolution on Xbox One. According to a Ubisoft representative who talked to VentureBeat, Trials Fusion will run at native 1080p resolution on PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One version will be upscaled to 1080p from native 900p resolution.

PlayStation Now

Sony announced its Gaikai-based video game streaming service PlayStation Now at Consumer Electronics Show 2014. PlayStation Now will enable users to stream PlayStation gaming content directly to their televisions, PlayStation consoles including PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita and mobile devices including smart phones and tablets.

PlayStation now

PlayStation Now Beta Update Version 2.0 Now Available  – Leaked Screenshots Show List of New Games

Sony demoed some of its major games such as The Last of Us, Beyond: Two Souls, and God of War: Ascension when it first revealed PlayStation Now during CES 2014. The video game streaming service has since been under its testing and improvements stages. Some useful details about PlayStation Now surfaced on the internet when in January 2014, Sony launched a closed Beta for the U.S. residents only.

According to Sony, PlayStation Now will run on modified PlayStation 3 hardware. The service will not provide PlayStation 4 video games initially but Sony might later add next-gen titles to the list. Complete consumers’ version of PlayStation Now is expected to be available in second of third quarter of 2014.

Currently, PlayStation Now beta version is being tested by selected group of individuals. DualShockers Recently reported that a tipster provided some details about PlayStation Now beta version to the site. According to DualShockers’ anonymous tipster, PlayStation Now beta has now been updated to version 2.0 for beta testers. The version 2.0 update was only 42 megabytes heavy but it brought with it 19 new games for testing. Below is the list provided by the tipster.

The last of us

Unless you are living under a rock, you know that The Last of Us was one of the very top and fine games released last year. The game won over 200 game of the year awards and became leading PlayStation 3 game of 2013. To continue the legacy of it’s highly critically and commercially acclaimed video game title, Naughty Dog has decided to bring the game to PlayStation 4.
The Last of Us Remastered

The Last of Us Remastered Announcement Trailer Revealed – Naughty Dog’s Arne Meyer Comments on Cutscenes and 30 vs 60 FPS Dilemma

Developed by an American video game developer known as Naughty Dog, The Last of Us is an open world action-adventure survival horror video game that was released exclusively on PlayStation 3 on June 14, 2013. The game bombarded the awards and sales charts by selling over 1.3 million copies in first week of its second largest video game launch of 2013. After the launch of PlayStation 4, most gamers questioned that will Sony bring The Last of Us to its next-gen video game console.

Plenty of rumors and speculations came up after the launch of PlayStation 4 regarding The Last of Us next-gen port. Most gamers knew the port was inevitable. A couple of days ago, some news about a leak regarding the game came up on the internet. It was reported that a neoGAF user had captured an ad on PlayStation Store which revealed The Last of Us Remastered for PlayStation 4.

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