Prey 2 has been a game that has been enveloped in mystery. Much like The Last Guardian, Agent, Fallout 4 and many other dormant IP’s we KNOW that the game may or may not be in development but the updates regarding it have been less than fruitful. While there have been a number of follow ups done to find out what happened to the game and apparently there have been talks that a game which was never released will be going through a “Reboot” much like Doom 4. This is really surprising since the original game was an absolutely amazing work of art and a sequel should have been a cinch.


Watch Dogs Logo

Ubisoft’s hacker-themed video game Watch Dogs is already sitting on the local shelves, but it looks like gamers are not eager anymore to pick the game up. Initial reports suggest that Watch Dogs is a bumpy title on next-gen consoles and PC. On almost all platforms, the game’s players have to suffer with a very annoying bug that doesn’t allow the loading screen to move past 90%. If you are one of the victims and are running the game on PlayStation 4, here is a solution to the problem.

Watch Dogs Loading Screen

Ubisoft Shared a Temporary Solution to Watch Dogs’ 90% Loading Screen Bug on PS4

Watch Dogs is not as clean as it was colored to look like. It is definitely one of the best games by Ubisoft but that does not mean that you will face no problems while playing it. The game is stained by some major bugs on almost all platforms and one of these bugs can stop you from playing the game at all. This bug stops the loading screen at 90% and the game never moves forward, making players unable to enjoy the gameplay.

According to the reports, this bug apparently happens once the player downloads or claims any item from Ubisoft’s Uplay store. Those who have already bought the game are outraged over this issue. Asking for proper solutions, players have taken it to Ubisoft support forums and Watch Dogs Reddit. Ubisoft is well aware of the issue but no permanent fix has been released yet.


TellTale has just made an official confirmation that Walking Dead (Season 1 & 2) and The Wolf Among Us are going to be ported over to the PS4 and Xbox One, they also took this opportunity to announce the retail release of each of the two new entries meaning if you want to own the disc version of Walking Dead Season 2 or The Wolf Among Us then you can do so on the Xbox 360 or the PlayStation 3 too. This is quite the surprise even though the GameStop listings have practically foretold the coming of this months ago.


“Keep that hair short … We need to save Pixels”.


Project Beast is code name for From Software’s next game that is supposedly coming to the PS4. There were some screenshots of the game a few days earlier which definitely looked very legitimate and these Webm’s certainly don’t like something someone threw together in photoshop, so there is no need to take these with a grain of salt or skepticism. So far, Project Beast looks like a real beast and is definitely shaping up to look like a Souls game … WITH A SHOTGUN!

Have you ever wished to see a Souls game would change the setting / protagonist? For how long have we been restricted to Swords and Shields? What if we give the principles of a Souls game to a modern setting such as a protagonist in a cloak, a hat and bearing a shotgun? Could this be a formula for success? So far the graphics do appear impressive and there is even strong evidence to suggest the likelihood of actually being a new Souls game because one of the webm’s shows the fog gate transition.

E3 Logo

We are just about a couple of weeks away from witnessing the 20th annual trade fair for computer video games industry called Electronic Entertainment Expo, or most commonly E3. From June 10, 2014 to June 12, this exclusive industry-only event will punch the clock at Los Angeles Convention Center in Los Angeles, CA. Here is a stretching list of confirmed video game announcements that are waiting for us at E3 2014.

E3 2014

Here is a List of All Major Exhibitors and Video Game Titles Appearing at E3 2014

This year has been great so far in the gaming world. Many most anticipated next-gen video games are already resting on the gamers’ shelves and many are still actively being played in the interest of their immersive gameplay and eventful multiplayer. But June is yet to come, and this means that exciting huge video games announcements are not so far away. Presented by the Entertainment Software Association, E3 2014 is nothing but all about video games.

Many video game publishers and vendors have already confirmed their appearance at E3 2014 along with schedule plans for their shows. Just like all previous E3 events, besides famous video game publishers, this year’s event will also be greatly crowded by thousands of industry veterans and video game affiliates and journalists. Millions of gamers will also get a chance to stream their favorite press conferences live on their smart phone devices and PCs.

Watch Dogs

Ubisoft’s most anticipated next-gen open world action-adventure video game is finally out but it seems like it failed to make a hit and be conspicuous. Of course, Watch Dogs is way apart than any normal cross-gen game and it does shine on latest consoles and PC, but it is not all what the wallpapers said. Below are a few screenshots of the game showing how it should have looked like on the latest consoles.

Watch Dogs 1

Ubisoft Targeted Fully Optimized 1080p Watch Dogs for Next-Gen Consoles – The Game Was Reportedly Downgraded Before its Release

A true rival to Grand Theft Auto series, Watch Dogs is much immersive very enjoyable. Surrounding features of the game on latest consoles and PC are completely worth a major kudos, but that is not all what is needed to make a game famous like anything. Storyline of the game took some credit away from the review scores, leaving an impression that Ubisoft should have worked on making the campaign missions more memorable and fun.

Developing Watch Dogs for over five years, Ubisoft went through many ups and downs in putting everything together. Even in the final months, the hacker-themed game was altered many times. NeoGAF’s member ‘Vuze’ has shared three Watch Dogs screenshots that were captured by another member known as ‘Vortex’. Reported to be captured with a hidden render configurations, these screenshots show how the game really should have looked like.

PlayStation Plus

PlayStation Plus is an exemplary program that was originally thought to be a mandatory multiplayer add-on around the time of Resistance 3, but when fans discovered that the program was actually giving people the ability to rent free games every month every year for the price of $50 the entire gaming industry changed. PlayStation Plus later on became mandatory for multiplayer (depending on developer) for the PS4, but this is still an ideal win-win situation where you get to have free games, access to deeper discounts in sales and participate in Beta’s before the general public are only a few of the goodies you get when you sign up for PlayStation Plus for $50 a year.

PlayStation Plus Now Gives Two Free Games, You’re going to need a bigger hard drive

In the previous years and months each console would only get 1 game on it, but it appears that Sony has had a huge change of heart as they have in the previous months leading to E3. This years biggest snatch will definitely make you want to renew or subscribe to the service, why you ask? Instead of giving a free game every month to PS3, PS4 and PS VIta owners, subscribers will now get 2 GAMES for EACH platform every month. Now if this isn’t reason for you to invest $50 a year for this opportunity then you don’t deserve good things in gaming. PlayStation has once again dug into their bag of surprises and blown our minds away. Where Sony used to give a game every month, they are now going to give away 2 GAMES on every platform starting with June, which conveniently happens to be the same month when we have E3 happening.

Shadow Warrior Logo

With almost more than six months through, both the latest video game consoles are dominating the gaming industry. Developers are gradually exploring the hidden potential in the latest consoles but until now, Microsoft’s Xbox One seems allergic to running all next-gen games at fully optimized 1080p resolution. Shadow Warrior, an upcoming next-gen game, has been confirmed to run at 900p resolution and 60 frames per second on Xbox One.

Shadow Warrior

Shadow Warrior Runs at 900p on Xbox One and 1080p on PlayStation 4 – Microsoft’s Console Seems Allergic to Native Full HD

Developed by Flying Wild Hog as reboot of the 1997 3D Realm’s game, Shadow Warrior is a first-person shooter video game that was released for Microsoft Windows last year. The game caught pretty solid attention driving the developer to create a next-gen version of the game for latest video game consoles. The game is already confirmed to run at 1080p/60fps on Sony’s PlayStation 4 console and recently, the developer revealed the game’s final resolution on Microsoft’s Xbox One console.

Speaking to GamingBolt in an interview, CEO and Director of Shadow Warrior Michal Szustak and Lead Engine Programmer Krzysztof Narkowicz discussed various technical aspects of the upcoming next-gen first-person shooter game. The officials also confirmed that while PlayStation 4 version of the game will run on fully optimized settings, the console’s counterpart will run the game at 900p with 60fps.

EA logo

What started off as a fun game to keep zombies off the lawn with the help of horticulture come to life and has now elevated into a Team Fortress 2-esque shooter for the consoles with free DLC packs to match has had its time on the Xbox One, Xbox 360 and the PC, but now the time has come for the plants to spread their roots to the PlayStation platforms.

pvzWhile the game is slated to be released in 21st August for the US and 22nd August for the UK and Ireland, the price is still not mentioned. If you have put away your gardening tools then now would be a good time to get them ready for the PlayStation.

PS4 Sony E3

Now that Watch Dogs is out and running, the only upcoming big gaming thing that everyone should be excited about is E3 2014. We are only a couple of weeks away from experiencing one of the most important events in the world of gaming. All major video game publishers that will be present at E3 2014 are trying to deliver more to the players who will not be able to attend the event. Sony has made some very special arrangements in order to provide real E3 2014 experience to its fans.

Sony E3

Experience Sony’s E3 2014 PlayStation Press Conference Live on the Big Screen in Movie Theaters

The big players of the gaming industry that will appear at this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo have already released the schedule plan for their press conferences. Being the first one for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles, E3 2014 is really important for the platform holders as well as for the entire gaming industry. If you are one of those unlucky fellows who will not make it to the event in person, here is a good news for you, you can still watch E3 2014 in the big way.

Sony has made some arrangements to treat its fans with its E3 2014 PlayStation Press Conference in a special way. Skip the loading times and event streaming on browsers this time and get yourself a ticket to one of them 40-50 movie theaters where Sony will be showing its PlayStation Press Conference live on some massive screens. With an experienced guy hosting the shows, attendees will also cash 30 minutes of exclusive extra content and a few special surprise gifts. Below is the statement that can be found at PlayStation Blog.


The reboot of Mortal Kombat on the PS3 and Xbox 360 that would later on follow to the PC was a tremendous success, old and new fans of the series enjoyed the new installment with great enthusiasm and immediately had the question in their mind “What game can we expect next and more importantly, when?”

The wait is almost over, a mysterious poster has surfaced on the internet and with this matching with Ed Boon’s surprise announcement on June 2nd along with his teasers related to MK on twitter can easily lead to a new Mortal Kombat game announcement imminent.

Watch Dogs Logo

This year’s biggest open world action-adventure video game by Ubisoft is finally out and available for millions of gamers across the world. The game went on internet for download about a week ago from now and we got tons of early in-game Watch Dogs screenshots and gameplay videos from final as well as beta version of the game. Below are some Watch Dogs screenshots from PlayStation 4 and PC versions.

Watch Dogs

Watch Dogs PC vs Console Face-Off: PC Version Is Very Slightly Better Than the Console Version

Ubisoft’s brand new hacker-themed IP was originally aimed to release last year along with the next-gen consoles but pointing at the need of further polishing, the developer pushed the game back into 2014. Keeping the community updated with the development progress, Ubisoft Montreal stated earlier this year that utilizing great console potential, Watch Dogs will look visually stunning across PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One and Xbox 360.

According to the developer, Watch Dogs is one of those games that look almost same on PC and next-gen consoles. Many gamers have been wondering how this claim holds up now when the game is actually released and PC gamers are rocking it on their high-end setups. Here’s a side-by-side direct-feed screenshot comparison between PlayStation 4 and PC versions on the game showing how the console version of the game holds up against PC version running on ultra settings.

Battlefield 4 Hardline

Battlefield Hardline appears to be having a very bad day, The game was originally revealed through a Battlelog update and then it was only a few hours later that the assets would make their way to the internet and then in the span of another few hours the official site went live. Now it appears the what was supposed to the pilot gameplay trailer has also leaked online. Did an ex-Apple employee take employment at EA?

Battlefield Hardline is a game that is going to be a first of its kind. It will break away from the world of military combat and will make players fight under the guise of cops and robbers. Which side you want to be on is completely up to you but after games like Pay Day I would love to jump at the opportunity to be the hero rather than the villain in a robbery.

Battlefield 4 Hardline

Update: EA has officially confirmed that Battlefield Hardline would be unveiled at E3 2014 on 9th June 2014. They have launched a new website which can be accessed at –

It has been rumored since a while now that EA’s game developer, Visceral are developing a new Battlefield game that’s centered around squad and police based combat. While EA hasn’t officially announced the game yet since they are keeping things in wrap for E3 next month, koenv blog have leaked a massive set of details which confirm the existence of the game titled, Battlefield Hardline.
Battlefield Hardline Official Banner

EA’s Battlefield Hardline Game Details Leaked

Internally codenamed Havana, Battlefield Hardline is being developed by Visceral Studios, the same studio created some great titles such as Dead Space and Dante’s Inferno. Built with the latest Frostbite 3 engine which was initially developed DICE, the game would be aimed towards closed corridors gameplay however the addition of vehicles as suggested from the leaked details suggest otherwise and Battlefield Hardline seems to become a hit for the audience if it maintains the balance of infantry based combat. While the majority of development work would be handled by Visceral, Ghost Games and DICE would also lend in some help for the development of the game. This also confirms why Ghost Games isn’t developing a Need For Speed game moving away from their annual release cycle.

Viscreal Studios Logo

If you are curious on whether or not we can expect another Battlefield to be announced this year at E3 you can rest assured that all odds are currently pointing to “Yes”. In an update that hit a few hours ago on Battlelog, there seems to be some space given to “BFH” a game that appears to be coming for PS3/4, Xbox 360/One and the PC.

Viscreal Games

Battlefield Havana Spotted in Latest Battlelog Update? Please let THIS rumor be true

While it is currently believed that Visceral Studios, the studio behind Army of Two and Dead Space is taking helm on the latest Battlefield project which they have codenamed “Battlefield Havana”. Currently there has been no other information surrounding the game but could this be the first sighting of it?

Battlefield Havana is a project that Visceral Studios is working on, even though the Battlefield games have more or less been projects of DICE, maybe the studio is working on something bigger that requires more attention and effort?

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