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Razer Releases Its DeathAdder Elite – New Optical Sensor Combined With a Huge DPI Rating

After a series of revisions, including the DeathAdder Chroma, Razer has announced its DeathAdder Elite, which the company states is its best DeathAdder to date. Let us see what sort of hardware additions and changes have been made to latest gaming mice. DeathAdder Elite Features a New 5G Optical Sensor With DPI Scaling Which Crosses […]

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Steel Series Rival 700 Review – The Best Performing Optical Mouse?

Review sample provided by the manufacturer. Steel Series is well known for their rather diverse range of gaming products. The Steel Series Rival 700 is an enthusiast class product and lies firmly in the mid-high end spectrum of gaming devices. In this review we will be keeping the price bracket in mind and comparing it […]

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These Earbuds from Doppler Labs Are As Powerful As A Laptop From 2010

The sounds around us can be both beautiful and intriguing at the same time. Sound manipulation has become of the greatest areas of research over the years. It could vary from shutting down what we consider as noise or accentuating the sounds we wish to hear more. The researchers of Doppler Labs wish to put […]

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Titanfall 2’s Single-Player Campaign Won’t Feel Like a Call of Duty – Will Help Attract More Players

Respawn Entertainment, one of the promising, relatively new video game development studios, is preparing to hit the market once again with a sequel to its most critically acclaimed 2014 mecha first-person shooter game Titanfall. But this time, the budding developer is facing increased competition, but as the team behind Titanfall 2 works on the game […]

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Review: Razer Leviathan Mini, Little Package – Large Sound

This review is of a Razer Leviathan Mini bluetooth speaker which was provided by Razer for review purposes. Reviewed at $179.99 (Amazon US) and £129.95 (Amazon UK). Bigger is better. Bigger bigger bigger. BIGGER, BETTER, FASTER, HARDER, STRONGER! Go big or go home. The nuances around bigger being better permeate our society. If you’ve followed […]

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Corsair Launches New Ultra Fast RAPIDFIRE Keyboards

Corsair is on a roll with new product launches.  This time around it’s their newest the K70 RGB RAPIDFIRE, K65 RGB RAPIDFIRE and K70 RAPIDFIRE.  Featuring all new Cherry MX switches, it’s the first line of keyboards in the world to feature the Cherry MX Speed Switches with a linear mechanical key switches actuate at […]

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82% Off USB Network Gate: Connect PCs to Remote Devices Over Internet and Local Networks

Annoyed of having to walk toward the printers, scanners, modems and other devices every time you need to use them? Well, it’s healthy and all but sometimes you don’t want to break your workflow to use a device. Now, you can get your hands on the well-known and favorite USB Network Gate app at a […]

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The Hardware Review: Corsair Strafe RGB

Intro This review is of a Corsair Strafe RGB keyboard with Cherry MX Blue switches provided by Corsair for review purposes. CPU’s, GPU’s, RAM and motherboards… All key components many of us fret over when upgrading our machines or when putting together a new rig. However often left out or relegated to mere afterthoughts are […]

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The Future of Audio: OSSIC X

Preamble I remember when I first read about the reboot of Clash of the Titans. I’d loved the original as a kid, the trailer looked good, I was so excited for that movie. I watched the trailer a lot of times. I showed it to friends, family, getting more and more hyped each time I […]

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Oculus Rift Pre-orders Delayed; Status Update Sent Out

A lot of pre-orders for the Oculus Rift have been delayed, and Oculus has sent out a status update with new estimated shipping times. Those who pre-ordered the device back in January of this year, might now well see their VR set delivered in May or June – a delay of roughly 2 to 3 […]

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PS VR vs. HTC Vive! Fight! (thanks to nVidia!)

Intro I was at EGX Rezzed on Thursday. Prior to going, I had already booked in my slot to try out the PlayStation VR headset from Sony. Luckily for me on the day, I managed to finagle a go on the HTC Vive too thanks to the boys and girls over at the nVidia/HTC stand. […]

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The Hardware Review: HyperX Cloud II Headset

This review is of a pair of HyperX Cloud II headphones provided by HyperX for review purposes. Intro When I was a kid, walking through a bookshop while my parents were looking for some boring grown up book, I stumbled across the humour section and happened to pick up a comic called “Something under the bed […]

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Gamdias Hermes RGB Mechanical Keyboard Review

Introduction   At CES2016 it was more than evident in the peripheral space that this would be the year of RGB.  Gamdias was not to be left out on the beach and decided to ride this wave as well.  That’s where the Gamdias Hermes RGB comes in.  Features full RGB on each key with profiles […]

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Playstation VR Launch Bundle Announced; Comes With Camera, Move Controllers & VR Worlds

Following the recent Playstation VR news, Sony has now announced a Playstation VR launch bundle which includes the mandatory Playstation camera, and 2 Playstation Move motion controllers. Furthermore, the bundle features all of the contents of the PS VR core bundle, and a PS VR launch title – Playstation VR Worlds. The launch bundle will […]

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Playstation Exec: “Oculus May Have Better VR” Than PS VR

PlayStation executive vice president, Masayasu Ito, has admitted that the Oculus Rift might have better VR compared to Playstation VR (PS VR). According to Ito though, PS VR is “for the mass market”, and “not for the person who uses an expensive high-end PC”. In a recent article from Polygon, called ‘The Making of Playstation […]

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The Hardware Review: Sound BlasterX H5 Gaming Headset

The Sound BlasterX H5 headphones were provided by Sound Blaster for review purposes. Intro Ah, sound. Hearing is such a wonderful sense. Many underestimate it, but I love it, so when it comes to reviewing headsets, headphones, earphones etc. I’m a happy guy. I’ve always liked decent earphones/headphones for music, but only really got what […]

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Cooler Master Xornet II Gaming Mouse Review

Introduction   Cooler Master is bold enough to claim their Xornet II is, and I quote, “The best optical Gaming Mouse Design for Claw Grip”  Well… it? The Xornet II from CoolerMaster comes packaged in a sleek black box with a front flap that opens to show the mouse.  While this is, at its heart, […]

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Report: HoloLens Launch Games Revealed; Includes Conker & Fragments

Website Fortune might have broken an embargo for Microsoft’s augmented reality device, the HoloLens. The article from Fortune has already been pulled, but Reddit user Shooob was quick enough to post its contents on the HoloLens subreddit. The original post from Fortune reveals that the first Hololens development kit will be available for pre-order on […]

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Valve Presenting VR Adaptive Scaling Fidelity Method At GDC 2016

During the Game Developers Conference next month, Valve will be presenting a VR adaptive scaling fidelity method to consistently maintain VR framerate. The Game Developers Conference will be held in San Francisco from March 14 till March 18th. The event is focused on game developers, and judging from the planned sessions, it’s going to be […]

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The Hardware Review: AK Racing Premium V2 Gaming Chair

This review is for an AK Racing chair which has been provided to us by AKRacingEurope Test rig for this chair: One human adult male. 6’3 (190cm), 16 Stone 5 (229 pounds, 103.8kg). Intro There are really two things we pay for in this world. The first is pretty easy, we pay for performance. Performance […]

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PS VR; Console Effectively 60% More Powerful Than Equally Specced PC

During the AR/VR Vision Summit, Sony’s Richard Marks held a presentation about PlayStation VR (PS VR, previously known as Project Morpheus). The presentation provides an overview of PlayStation VR and the basic development process. The AR/VR event was held some weeks ago, but the presentation from Marks hadn’t been published until now. Some interesting details […]

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HTC Vive PC Specs Revealed; GTX 970/R9 290 Recommended

Yesterday we reported on the price tag for the HTC Vive, and today HTC has revealed the HTC Vive PC specs for Vive optimized PC’s. As reported yesterday, the HTC Vive will ship at $799 and will include the VR headset, two controllers, and a pair of  “Lighthouse” laser base stations which enable tracking in […]