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Exclusive 4 days ago

WCCFtech Weekly Review, Emulation Edition

And it’s that time of the week again folks. When Tiffany takes us through the most exciting news and happenings th…
Deals 1 week ago

Black Friday Came a Little Early Here at WCCFtech Deals, An Extra 10% Off Select Items

Just in case you really wanted to get some of the best deals possible on some very cool stuff for the holiday season, we…

WCCFtech Weekly Review – Friday The 13th Edition (on Saturday!)

It’s time for another weekly review here at WCCFtech. Tiffany takes us through the weeks top stories, discussing …
SNES Controller
Deals 2 weeks ago

WCCFtech Deals – SNES30, SNES Inspired Bluetooth Game Controller ($29.95)

What better way to celebrate the heyday of console gaming than by paying the proper homage to the controller that likely…
Deals 3 weeks ago

Step Into Virtual Reality With Homido VR Headset ($69.95)

VR is quickly becoming quite the phenomenon. Movies are being made to take advantage of headsets, new API’s from N…
Nuka Cola
Games 4 weeks ago

Fallout 4’s Nuka Cola Quantum Becomes Real, Coming 11/10 at Target Only

And wouldn’t you know, in the spirit of bringing to life some of the tasty post-apocalyptic beverages that are fou…
Deals 4 weeks ago

WCCFtech Deals – CCNA and CCNP Certification Prep Course Bundle ($65.99)

Ever want to be a confident and awesome network professional? Notice that Cisco gear is nearly everywhere and that their…
Tekken 7
Games 4 weeks ago

And the Real Surprise Announcement? Tekken 7 Gets PlayStation VR Support

Sony’s PGW conference was full of some very interesting announcements. A few new game and a lot of action packed t…
SKEYE Nano Drone
Deals 1 month ago

WCCFtech Deals – SKEYE Nano Drone: Matte-Black Limited Edition ($39.99)

Why is it that we feature the SKEYE Nano Drone so often here? Because it’s freaking awesome, that’s why. A m…
Games 1 month ago

Xbox One Users Still Use the Kinect, Future Update Removes Some Kinect Functionality

Speaking to Polygon on the impact that Kinect has on the Xbox One and how prevalent it is the chief marketing officer fo…
Deals 1 month ago

Monster Digital 128GB SSD Portable Hard Drive ($44.99)

Being able to bring your previous data with you and have it local is a true godsend at times. Storage might be cheap in …
You Will Be Able To Use Your Xbox Wireless Controller On Windows 10 From Oct. 20
Software 1 month ago

You Will Be Able To Use Your Xbox Wireless Controller On Windows 10 From Oct. 20

Soon, you will no longer have ‘strings attached’ when you want to start gaming on your Windows 10 computer because y…
Sony Project Morpheus (1)
Games 2 months ago

Sony Dev Explains Why PS VR Screen Is Crisper Than The Others, Says Project Started In L…

Virtual Reality was the main topic at Immersed 2015, held in Toronto a few days ago. While there, Tom’s Hardware m…
Sony Project Morpheus (1)
Games 2 months ago

Sony Acquires Softkinetic Systems, Likely To Be Used In PlayStation VR

In a press release issued today, Sony announced that Belgian software house Softkinetic Systems is now a wholly-owned su…
Hololens (2)
Games 2 months ago

Microsoft’s HoloLens Development Kit Costs $3K, Available In Q1 2016

Microsoft announced today at their Windows 10 devices event that it will now take applications for the HoloLens developm…
Games 2 months ago

Half Life 2’s Unreal Engine 4 Environment Recreation to be Available to the Public…

A couple of months ago we reported about the Half-Life 2 environment recreation fan project by Polycount’s member…
Raspberry Pi
Deals 2 months ago

WCCFtech Deals – A Complete Raspberry Pi 2 Starter Kit, Get Building

The Raspberry Pi 2 is a device that has almost limitless possibilities. What ever your heart, or imagination desires, yo…
Oculus Rift
Games 2 months ago

Oculus Rift Retail Unit Will Cost More, Oculus Founder Explains Why

The Oculus Rift is scheduled to launch sometime in Q1 2016, everything from final specs to supporting API’s and ot…






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