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AnalysisExclusive 12 hours ago

Google Is Planning To Launch Android Pay At I/O Conference – Says reports

There has been an inconvenience  in implementation for Google’s mobile payment systems. In all these years Google…
République Remastered
Games 13 hours ago

République Remastered – Unity 5 Powered Game Now Available

République Remastered has just released through Steam, GOG and Humble Store. The original title from Camouflaj, has bee…
samsung galaxy s logo
GadgetsLeakOp-Ed 15 hours ago

Call Us Pessimistic; But Little Seems To Have Changed On The Galaxy S6 With Today’…

The final piece in the puzzle when it comes to Samsung’s upcoming flagship launches at MWC seems to have been unco…
Gadgets 2 days ago

A Good Day For Leaks; Galaxy Tab S2 Sees Its Own Benchmark Posting

Samsung’s expected to overhaul its devices significantly this year, particularly if the hype surrounding the upcom…
samsung galaxy s logo
Gadgets 2 days ago

The Galaxy S6 To Cost $1000 Carrier Free? Latest Source Provides Detailed Look

Things have started to heat up in the Samsung Galaxy S6 territory, with several price points for the device starting to …
samsung galaxy s logo
Gadgets 2 days ago

Samsung Galaxy S6 Will Cost $50 A Month As Device Gets Posted For Pre-Order

Almost as in cue, following its earlier leaks, Samsung’s Galaxy S6 flagship just got posted online and then taken …
GadgetsLeak 2 days ago

HTC One M9’s Promotional Videos And Pictures LEAK! Showcase What To Expect From Up…

Looks like one device is eager to get ahead of the rest when it comes to leaks. And not, its not the Galaxy S6, as you&#…
samsung galaxy s logo
Gadgets 2 days ago

Wireless Charging For The Galaxy S6 Headed For The FCC; Spotted And Reviewed

With its launch about to occur within just a few days, today its time for wireless charging on the Samsung Galaxy S6 to …
GadgetsHardware 3 days ago

Samsung To Provide DDR4 RAM For LG And The Next iPhone Through Massive Deal Signing

Korean manufacturer Samsung seems to be having a good day when it comes to hardware. After the company’s announcem…
GadgetsHardware 3 days ago

10nm FinFET For Mobile Is Here; Samsung Claims World’s First 10nm Mobile SoC Techn…

Looks like Samsung has big plans for its future this time around. After the manufacturer chose to use its own in-house E…
samsung galaxy s logo
Gadgets 3 days ago

Carrier AT&T Seemingly Confirms The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

Its almost common news around that we can expect two flagship smartphones from Samsung this March at MWC. One of these w…
samsung galaxy s logo
Gadgets 4 days ago

No Stone Unturned; The Galaxy S6 To Feature Top Antenna Technology For Smooth Functionin…

After the processor, screen size, resolution, storage, design, camera and other details of the Samsung Galaxy S6 to have…
Gadgets 4 days ago

HTC’s One M9 Will Be A Real Treat For Music Lovers And Come With Three Color Optio…

Looks like the HTC One M9 has decided to pick up the pace when it to leaks and specs outing. After we saw several specif…
GadgetsLeak 4 days ago

Leakers Looking To Top One Another With Successive HTC One M9 Specs Leaks

Leaks and speculation surrounding two of the Android World’s most anticipated devices, the Samsung Galaxy S6 and t…
SoftwareWeb 4 days ago

Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel Talks About Expanding Service To Music

Snapchat is on the verge to achieve dazzling new heights nearly with a $19 Billion equity so far. However, there seems t…






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