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Pure Note 7 custom ROM for Galaxy S5
MobileSoftware 6 hours ago

How to Flash Pure Note 7 Custom ROM on Samsung Galaxy S5

Looking for a custom firmware for your Samsung Galaxy S5 that brings something new and exciting from the upcoming gadget…
Galaxy Note 7 Wallpapers
MobileSoftware 1 day ago

Download Leaked Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Official Wallpapers

The official launch of Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 is still a few days away, but some delicious wallpapers have alread…
MobileSoftware 2 days ago

How To Disable Watermark In Prisma Filtered Photos – iOS And Android

Here’s a complete step by step guide on how to disable Prisma watermark that appears in filtered photos on iOS and…
Pokemon GO
MobileSoftware 2 days ago

Pokemon GO Launches In Hong Kong And France – Android & iOS Download Links

Pokemon GO is now available in Hong Kong and France to download at long last. The title, as usual, is available on both …
Nexus 6P (2)
MobileSoftware 3 days ago

Google Play Overhauled With New Algorithm To Cut Download Sizes Drastically

When it comes to smartphones, both hardware and software must deliver together for top performance. After all, the only …
LeakMobile 3 days ago

Screenshots Leak Of Galaxy Note 7’s UI Showing Detailed Iris Recognition Criteria

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 has been seeing a good run of leaks lately. With the device’s launch almost with us,…
LeakMobile 3 days ago

Collection Of Galaxy Note 7 Renders Show All Angles And Three Colors

As the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 heads over, leaks about the device have started to approach a tone of finalit…
MobileSoftware 3 days ago

How To Level Up And Gain XP Quickly In Pokemon GO – Video

Want to level up and earn XP quickly in Pokemon GO? Here’s how you can with a complete video tutorial. Your ̵…
LeakMobile 3 days ago

Samsung Galaxy S8 Surfaces Once Again With Little Updates On Specifications

Courtesy of the ever active rumor mill, we’ve got a fair idea of what to expect on the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. The …
server status
MobileSoftware 5 days ago

How To Check Pokemon GO Server Status Online

Having login issues in Pokemon GO? Here’s how you can check the server status of the game by using a handy online …
Pokemon GO
MobileSoftware 5 days ago

PokeVision Will Show You Real-Time Location Of Pokemon In Pokemon GO – Try It Now!

PokeVision is a neat online service that will show you location of Pokemon in real-time on a map. It’s absolutely …
Pokemon GO
MobileSoftware 5 days ago

Pokemon GO Now Available In Japan – iOS And Android Download Links

Pokemon GO has finally launched in its home ground, Japan. We have the direct download links for both iOS and Android ve…
Mobile 6 days ago

PokeBall Shaped Power Bank Is The Ultimate Pokemon GO Companion

Playing Pokemon GO really hard recently? Well, then you’re obviously burning through your smartphone battery quick…
MobileSoftware 6 days ago

An iPhone Case That Lets You Run Android, And One Which You Can Actually Buy!

Remember the prototype case that lets a user run Android on an iPhone? Well, that was just a prototype to begin with. W…
Galaxy Note 7 (2)
LeakMobile 6 days ago

Here’s A Leaked Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Video Which Shows Increased Edge Radians

As its launch date nears, the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has started to stay a consistent part of news. We’ve been seei…
MobileSoftware 6 days ago

RazerGo App Lets You Chat With Nearby Pokemon GO Players

Razer is launching an app – RazerGo – for both iOS and Android that will let you chat with nearby Pokemon GO…
LG G5 (8)
LeakMobile 7 days ago

The LG NUCLUN 2 Makes Blue Moon Benchmark Appearance Showing Disappointing Results

When it comes to mobile processors, we’ve got only a handful of manufacturers out there that manage to make the cu…
Gaming 7 days ago

Telltale’s Batman Episode 1 Gets First Trailer, Will Debut on August 2nd

Telltale’s Batman is about to debut on August 2nd and a trailer was just released for Episode 1, titled ‘Rea…






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