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Cyanogen Mod
Software 24 hours ago

How to install CyanogenMod on your Android Device?

What is CyanogenMod and How do you install it? Google’s Mobile Operating System, known as Android, is a widely-used OS...
Gadgets 2 days ago

Oppo Launches The 4.85 mm Thin Oppo R5 – The World’s Thinnest Smartphone

Just two days back, Chinese manufacturer Vivo posted pictures about a device that would be the thinnest smartphone on th...
Gadgets 4 days ago

Move Over iPhone 6 – Vivo To Launch Stunning 3.8 mm Thin Smartphone

With thin being the new must have in any new tablet or smartphone launched these days, it’s no surprise that manufactu...
htc logo
GadgetsSoftware 4 days ago

Take A Look At The HTC One M8 Running Android L Combined With HTC Sense 7

With Android L out, every Android user out there is highly anticipating the day Google’s revamped OS comes to their de...
General 5 days ago

What is Inbox by Gmail?

Google reinvents the mail app known as Inbox       Last Wednesday, Google announced the launch of its new amazing ap...
Update AT&T Moto X to Android 4.4 KitKat
Gadgets 5 days ago

Motorola Droid Turbo To Be Unveiled This Tuesday

Thanks to new information and leaks about the Droid Turbo, looks like Motorola is ready to present us with another devic...
Gadgets 6 days ago

Meizu MX4 Pro With 2 GHz Samsung Eynos 5 Octa And 3 GB RAM Spotted On GFX Bench

The much rumored phone from the Chinese manufacturer Meizu, the Meizu MX4 Pro has just made an appearance in the GFX Ben...
Gadgets 6 days ago

Dell To Launch World’s Thinnest Tablet – The Dell Venue 8 7000 Coming Next Month

It appears that things have started to heat up in the tablet market. With the launch of the Nexus 9 coming with the Tegr...
Samsung Smart Watch
Gadgets 1 week ago

Samsung’s Site Displays Information About The Galaxy A7 – Device To Come With Full...

Samsung started adopting metal for it’s smartphones with the launch of the Galaxy Alpha, and it looks like the device ...
Android Lollipop
Software 1 week ago

Best Android Apps using Material Design

Google has launched its new Material Design Language and platform for developers in Google I/O 2014. It is being rapidly...
Gadgets 1 week ago

Samsung Galaxy S5 To Get Android L Update Starting This December

With Android L Google introduced several great new features to the platform. The OS comes with several upgrades and chan...
default Android l encryption
Software 1 week ago

Increased Security Measures in Android Lollipop Affect Rooting – Chainfire

Whoops! Seems like Google may have affected the rooting prospects of Android Lollipop with its increased security measur...
ipad air 2 benchmarks
Hardware 1 week ago

iPad Air 2 GPU Benchmarks – Lightest Tablet Leads Over Tegra K1 Powered Nexus 9

Apple’s latest and apparently the brightest iPad Air 2 is powered by an unorthodox tri-core processing unit. An enhanc...
General 1 week ago

Apple’s iPad Air 2 Dissected – What Makes Tri-Core Cyclone Beat Denver?

With the launch of Google’s Nexus 9 and Apple’s iPad Air 2, the big question we all had on our minds was, which devi...






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