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vpn security
Deals 2 days ago

Keep All Your Online Activity 100% Secure with Celo VPN Lifetime Subscription

Looking for a VPN service that doesn’t cost a fortune? Bringing you a 91% discount, you can now get a lifetime sub…
LeakMobile 3 days ago

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 6 Resurfaces With Snapdragon 823; Key Details Emerge Yet Aga…

With summer approaching fast, we’re expecting things to heat up soon about a lot of device. Among the flagship gad…
Huawei Mate 8 sold one million units
LeakMobile 7 days ago

Huawei Kirin 960 Specifications Include Artemis And 8GB RAM; No Jump To 10nm Expected

As things roll down in 2016, we’re starting to see the rumor mill pick up the pace when it comes to upcoming gadge…
Motorola Introduces Its Cyber Monday Deals: Check The Out Right Here
LeakMobile 7 days ago

2016 Moto X Specifications Include Snapdragon 820 And 4GB RAM; No Other Changes Expected…

When it comes to the Android world, over the past couple of years we’ve seen the sphere being dominated by manufac…
HTC 10 Price Tag Leak That Shows Company Is Not Following An Effective Strategy
IndustryLeak 7 days ago

2016 Nexus Smartphones Dubbed As HTC M1 And S1 Internally; No Information On Launch Date

As we head along a slow 2016, there’s little news on what to expect on the gadget front in the upcoming months. Wi…
G925VVRU4CPC2 Galaxy S6 Edge Plus G925VVRU3BOG5
MobileSoftware 1 week ago

How to Flash CRISSCROSS Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow on Galaxy S6 edge

Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 edge have received the official Android Marshmallow updates, however, there is no fun like the…
android security ransomware
MobileSecurity 1 week ago

Hacking Team Exploits Used to Deliver ‘Cyber Police’ Ransomware – Dema…

Just another day in the world of Android. A latest exploit dubbed “Cyber Police” has been doing the rounds, …
MobileSoftware 1 week ago

Netflix Will Let You Use Your Google Play Account For Billing – At Long Last

If you’re an iOS user, then you already know that you can pay for your Netflix subscription by utilizing your iTun…
Software 1 week ago

Instagram Testing a Flatter, Monochromatic Design Overhaul

Since everyone is going modern and trendy by adopting a flatter, whiter and so-called simpler design, designers back at …
hard reset factory reset android reset
Mobile 1 week ago

How to Hard Reset LG G5 – Helps Speed Up Your G5 and Fix All the Issues

We keep sharing with you fixes of several issues that we experience on our Android devices. From performance to speed an…
Android Marshmallow Developer Options
DealsMobile 1 week ago

Learn to Build 14 Apps with Complete Android Developer Course for Just $17

Looking to get into the wonderful world of Android app development? If you have always felt amazed at how successful an…
MobileSoftware 1 week ago

How to Flash CyanogenMod 13.0 Custom Firmware on Nexus 6P

The stable version of CyanogenMod 13.0 is now available for Nexus 6P. If you have been planning to get the awesomeness o…
galaxy note 3 rom
MobileSoftware 1 week ago

How to Flash Galaxy S7 Edge Custom ROM on Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Looking for a custom firmware that brings features from the latest smartphones like Samsung Galaxy S7 edge, Galaxy Note …
IndustryMobile 1 week ago

Samsung & LG Speed Up OLED Investments Consolidating Resources And Market

Things definitely do seem to be heading in a new direction this year, as April comes to an end, as far as the smartphone…
project astoria
Software 1 week ago

Is Google Planning to Unleash Millions of Android Apps on Windows?

Several different reports and new evidence show that Google may be preparing to bring millions of its Android apps to…
MobileSoftware 1 week ago

Flash WETA Custom ROM on Galaxy S6 G920F, for Better Audio and Stability

Based on the latest Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow, WETA custom firmware for Samsung Galaxy S6 is fully deodexed and zipalign…
IndustryMobile 2 weeks ago

Samsung Details 7nm EUV Manufacturing; 14nm LPC And 10nm LPP Detailed

Things on the gadget front have finally settled down in the mobile world, with the only major launches expected now to b…
game design
Deals 2 weeks ago

Save Over $1,400 on Game Design Bundle and Asset Collections – Now Just for $69

Creating a game doesn’t have to be a tedious and time-consuming process. With the right tools and access to a wide…






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