Samsung to become NVIDIA’s primary chip supplier, says latest report
Hardware 2 hours ago

Carmack Finds Nvidia’s Patent Lawsuit “Disturbing” – Criticizes It On Twitte…

The 44 year old CTO of Oculus described Nvidia’s on-going patent infringement lawsuit against Samsung and Qualcomm…
Star Wars Battlefront_1
Games 3 hours ago

Star Wars: Battlefront will be the First Game to Support Dolby Atmos but Only on PC

During the Star Wars: Battlefront media briefing at the Star Wars Celebration event, it was revealed that it will be the…
GamesSoftware 5 hours ago

Crytek Preparing New Demo for E3 “Will Be Really Good”, “People Will Like It”

Crytek will have a new demo to demonstrate at E3 2015 in June. Crytek’s Producer Fatih Özbayram has tweeted that…
Games 6 hours ago

Check Out When When The Witcher 3 Xbox One, PS4, PC Unlocks, 35GB on PC/PS4, 25GB on Xbo…

CD Projekt RED has announced that pre-load options are live for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, so people can download the gam…
Hardware 7 hours ago

TSMC Promises 10nm Production In 2016, 7nm In 2017

TSMC has announced at its Q1 2015 earnings conference that it will be bringing 10nm technology to market in 2016 with 7n…
Xenoblade Chronicles X
Games 8 hours ago

Xenoblade Chronicles X Trailer Now With English Subtitles

Nintendo released a fantastic trailer for their upcoming Wii U exclusive, Xenoblade Chronicles X, a week ago. Unfortuna…
Hardware 8 hours ago

Intel’s 5th Generation Unlocked Broadwell Desktop, Socketed Processors To Arrive i…

Intel’s 5th generation broadwell processors are launching for the desktop market in mid-2015 as reported in a slid…
Acer XB280HK G-Sync
Hardware 9 hours ago

Nvidia G-Sync Enabled 4K Monitor From Acer Now At $599 – XB280HK

That’s right, you can buy a 28 inch 3840×2160, 60Hz Nvidia G-Sync enabled monitor from Newegg for $599 right …
mass effect
GamesLeak 9 hours ago

Mass Effect 4 Story and Gameplay Details Might Have Been Leaked Through Survey

Mass Effect 4 development progress has been constantly teased by members of the development team at Bioware, with bits o…
Games 10 hours ago

Hackers Access Hidden GTA V PC Files – Reveal Zombie DLC Files, Horses and More

It took quite some time before the modders started to assemble some proper gameplay enhancement mods for GTA IV on PC. H…
GeneralSoftware 15 hours ago

Google Play Services 7.3 Updates To Trusted Places UI And Dismissible Android Wear Notif…

Google Play Services have made a significant jump from 7.0 to 7.3 in the latest update, offering some pretty neat featur…
Alienware Alpha
AnalysisHardware 15 hours ago

Can The Alienware Alpha Acually Play GTA V? Let’s Find Out!

The short answer to that question is a resounding and, perhaps surprising, yes, because it can certainly play GTA V. Th…
Industry’s First Ever M.2 NVMe PCIe SSD For Desktops And Laptops To Be Produced By Samsung
Hardware 19 hours ago

Industry’s First Ever M.2 NVMe PCIe SSD For Desktops And Laptops To Be Produced By Sam…

Fortune has finally started shining profusely in Samsung’s direction. After releasing its Samsung Galaxy S6, S6 Edge a…
Hardware 22 hours ago

Jeff’s Weekly Hardware Deals and Price Cheats

GTA V has now been released with gorgeous looking graphics that necessarily require some upgrades. Not to mention the S…
Games 1 day ago

Star Wars: Battlefront Tons of New Information from Design Director About Graphics, Size…

Star Wars: Battlefront has been finally revealed with an incredible gameplay trailer that uses in-game assets, and acco…
Deus Ex (1)
Games 1 day ago

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Lead Actor Details his Experience as Adam Jensen

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided was recently revealed with an incredible CGI trailer, and there have been a few updates from me…
Games 1 day ago

Star Wars: Battlefront to Run at 60fps on all Platforms, Aims for Photo-Realism

Following the reveal of Star Wars: Battlefront with the incredible Gameplay trailer, DICE Producer Craig McLeod, reports…
root Android 5.0 Lollipop
Software 1 day ago

Android 5.1.1 Lollipop Coming Soon Possibly to Fix “Memory Leak” Issue

Google had only just beginning to roll out the official Android 5.1 Lollipop update for Nexus smartphones and tablets in…






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