ASUS Z97 motherboard lineup has been leaked which include their upcoming Z97 ROG, Sabertooth and Legacy series products. We also have details regarding the features which ASUS’s next generation Z97 motherboards feature for gamers and overclockers.ASUS Z97 Motherboards

ASUS Z97 Motherboard Unveiled – ROG Maximus, Sabertooth and Deluxe Boards

The ASUS Z97 motherboards lineup includes a total of 6 new leaked products which range in different tiers. Starting with the flagship ROG (Republic of Gamers) overclocking lineup which includes three motherboards:

  • ASUS Maximus VII Hero
  • ASUS Maximus VII Gene
  • ASUS Maximus VII Ranger

MSI has revealed the pictures of their next generation XPOWER AC and MPOWER MAX AC motherboards which will feature built-in water cooling solutions. The pictures teased by MSI on their Facebook page showcase a new and improved design scheme for the flagship 9-Series chipset based XPOWER and MPOWER motherboards which will be aimed directly towards overclocking enthusiasts while the gaming lineup will be focused towards gamers.MSI XPOWER AC

MSI’s Next Generation XPOWER AC and MPOWER MAX AC Motherboards Pictured

Now, we have talked a lot regarding the MSI 9-Series motherboard lineups over the past few weeks since they have been releasing teasers on their Facebook page and even displayed some prototypes of their Next Gen chipset motherboards during CeBIT 2014. Well those were just prototypes and we couldn’t really make up as to exactly what features do these new boards support. From the few teaser images, we did make up that the new boards will come with interesting design and new features V-Check Points 2, OC Engine, Military Class IV components, Delid Die Guard (XPOWER AC), M.2 interface, Audio Boost 2 and last but not least, new design schemes.

So let’s get on with the OC 9-Series Motherboard lineup from MSI which includes a total of 6 motherboards listed below:


Today, we have a interesting leak regarding MSI’s upcoming gaming 9-Series motherboard lineup which is expected to launch next month. As you all may have noticed from our reports, Intel will launch their next-gen 9-Series chip-set on 11th May which will include the latest Haswell Refresh processors and the new 9-Series boards which will debut on the same date.MSI-Zxx-Gaming-9-AC-Motherboard 9-Series

MSI 9-Series Motherboard Gaming Lineup Leaked – Includes 6 Board

Now, we have talked a lot regarding the MSI 9-Series motherboard lineups over the past few weeks since they have been releasing teasers on their Facebook page and even displayed some prototypes of their Next Gen chipset motherboards during CeBIT 2014. Well those were just prototypes and we couldn’t really make up as to exactly what features do these new boards support. From the few teaser images, we did make up that the new boards will come with interesting design and new features V-Check Points 2, OC Engine, Military Class IV components, Delid Die Guard (XPOWER AC), M.2 interface, Audio Boost 2 and last but not least, new design schemes. Well, today we have the entire 9-Series motherboard lineup for you to feast your eyes upon which are detailed below. Do note that these 9-Series chipset based boards listed below are the Gaming tier boards from MSI and we are yet to see their overclocking (MPOWER/XPOWER) and legacy lineup which will be unveiled a few days prior to launch.

So let’s get on with the Gaming 9-Series Motherboard lineup from MSI which includes a total of 6 motherboards listed below:


Only six months after their release, Intel has started making deliveries of updated models of the Atom Z3000 series. The Atom Z3000 series are processors designed to be used in tablets, which use the Bay-Trail-T platform. The Bay Trail-T is a variant of the Intel Atom family, powered by the company’s Silvermont micro-architecture, for even lower power consumption and competes with SoCs releases by manufacturers including Qualcomm, Samsung and Nvidia.


Updates to include cheaper versions of Android, support for 64-bit OS and 4GB of main memory.

Specification: The Atom Z3000 Series

Model Cores x frequency GPU Frequency Memory Memory Support
Atom Z3735D 4 x 1.33 to 1.83 GHz 311-688 MHz 2 GB DDR3L-RS 1 333 MHz
Atom Z3735E 4 x 1.33 to 1.83 GHz 311-688 MHz 1 GB DDR3L-RS 1 333 MHz
Atom Z3745 4 x 1.33 to 1.86 GHz 311-778 MHz 4 GB LPDDR3 1066 MHz
Atom Z3745D 4 x 1.33 to 1.83 GHz 313-792 MHz 2 GB DDR3L-RS 1 333 MHz
Atom Z3775 4 x 1.46 to 2.39 GHz 311-778 MHz 4 GB LPDDR3 1066 MHz
Atom Z3775D 4 x 1.50 to 2.41 GHz 313-792 MHz 2 GB DDR3L-RS 1 333 MHz
Atom Z3795 4 x 1.60 to 2.39 GHz 311-778 MHz 4 GB LPDDR3 1066 MHz

MSI has teased their upcoming flagship Z97 XPOWER AC motherboard on their Facebook page detailing several of its impressive features. The Z97 chipset motherboards are expected to hit the market around 10th May as hinted in several leaks earlier and will debut along with the Haswell Refresh processors replacing the current CPU lineup.MSI Z97 XPOWER AC Delid Die Guard

MSI Z97 XPOWER AC Flagship Motherboard To Support Delid Haswell Processors

When Intel launched their 8-Series platform, we saw an abundance of OC and Gaming motherboard from several manufacturer’s. Boasting unique and impressive design, features and specifications, the Z87 chipset based boards were an overclockers and gamers dream. The Haswell processors on the other hand brought several design and process enhancements plus featuring support for new and improved overclocking features but heat issues kept a lot of users from fully utilizing the OC potential of these chips. Only users who had either beastly water/air cooled PCs were able to churn some impressive OC numbers out of their chips while the rest of the audience was happy running it either on stock or around a easy 4 – 4.5 GHz clock speed.

During that time and Ivy Bridge before it that also had heating issues, several enthusiasts had started to use Delid processors which was the process to remove the heat-spreader off of the CPU so that the cooler base could make a direct contact with the core die to enable greater cooling to be directed towards the CPU. This eliminated the heating issues caused by the use of a low-quality TIM between the heatspreader of the Haswell and Ivy Bridge CPUs although a little blame has also had to be put on the FVIR design on these chips. But nevertheless, the high-end enthusiast market had find a way to tackle the issue. Some retailers even started selling pre-delid processors which showcased their demand by the enthusiast community.

MSI G Series logo
Hardware Industry

MSI has released cheaper motherboards for the Mini ITX and Micro ATX based on the budget B85 Intell Haswell chipset. The new boards intend to provide a complete gaming experience to users running on a budget. The new boards feature Audio Boost, USB Audio Power, Killer LAN and a new hardware design for increased performance.

New boards include a variety of features including Military Class 4 components, OC Genie 4, BIOS 4 and Command Center

Starting from Audio USB, the board eliminates the problem of audio output being affected by high power consumption of high-end USBs. The MSI USB Audi Power continues to deliver 5V to USB ports on the motherboard separately, thereby improving USB and audio performance. This results in stable power and better audio signals.


When AMD announced the FX-9590 last year it was seen as an attempt to connect back with its enthusiast community. Boasting a clock speed of 5 Ghz, the chip was faster than anything else on AMD’s lineup. Even then, it would have a hard time competing with Haswell and Ivy-Bridge E. Now, according to our sources, the FX-9590 is reaching the end of its life cycle only after a mere 9 months.

FX-9590 Exiting before its time, is Heat Problem the real reason?

FX-9590Heat was naturally going to be a problem the 9590 would have to face after being able to clock at 5 Ghz. The TDP of the board is very high 220 Watts. This brings strong problems in areas of motherboard compatibility with a variety of hardware. Another problem is the cooler choice for this heat produced. However, perhaps the most valid reason for the exit of the FX 9590 is the release of Mantle.

Mantle, as we know, works by cutting down CPU bottlenecks and therefore allows applications to utilize the CPU and GPU capabilities more effectively. This allows greater control over the hardware installed. Therefore, due this better utilization, the clock speed of CPU’s in gaming and other applications could be less important, with greater focus being paid towards better utilization of available hardware resources. This leaves the 9590 rather in the middle, with it’s selling point left obsolete.

Intel Haswell Refresh

Just a few weeks back, we brought you the news that a few motherboard manufacturer’s have showed off their upcoming Z97 motherboards. The motherboards displayed by the vendors were only prototype and didn’t show any specific features of the next generation design but companies have started to tease these features over the recent days which look impressive.Gigabyte Z97 GA-Z97X-UD5H

Motherboard Vendors Tease Upcoming Z97 Motherboards

Intel’s 9-Series chipset details were leaked a few days back showing that there would be two SKUs, the Z97 and the H97 chipset. As expected, there’s little difference in the feature set of the 9-Series chipset when compared with 8-Series. Both feature support for Haswell and Haswell Refresh processors on the LGA1150 socket. There’s only a few changes such as support for PCIe M.2 interface, extra USB / SATA ports and a few changes here and there. While Intel’s Haswell and Haswell Refresh series are supported by both chipsets, its only the 9-Series that will support Intel’s next generation Devil’s Canyon and Broadwell processors. Devil’s Canyon which is the code-name used for Intel’s K-Series Haswell Refresh processors are targeted towards compatibility with just 9-Series while the 14nm Broadwell K-Series which feature the impressive Iris Pro graphics chip will also be supported by the same chipset series. So if you are aiming for overclocking Intel’s next generation bad boys, then a 9- Series Z97 motherboard is a must to get your hands on.

Intel Logo

A short update,  the Haswell Refresh ‘K’ Series will indeed be supported on the Intel 9 Series Motherboards, these slides were leaked by Hermitage Akihabra, a well known leak source. According to the slides, the Haswell Refresh K-Series processors would be specifically targeted for compatibility with the 9-Series chipset while the rest of the Haswell Refresh lineup would be compatible with both 8-Series and 9-Series chipsets.


Images are courtesy of GDM.OR.JP!

Haswell Refresh K Series Supported on H97 and Z97 Boards

Now interestingly previously leaked slides actually show support for both Haswell and Haswell Refresh platforms and now we know that they also support the Haswell-K Refresh Platform. This should be good news for all the people who are left stranded from a new generation just because of a shift in motherboard. Here is the relevant slide from the leak.

Notice the “Unlocked Processor Design” and the note ” Targeting compatibility with Intel 9 Series Chipsets”. This slide has leaked before by the way but this is an update slide as can be seen by the yellow note on the top right corner. This is very interesting news for over clocking enthusiasts since targeted compatibility for the Intel 9 Series Chipset could mean future proofing for a short time.  Ofcourse Intel has used the suspiciously ambiguous term “Targeting Compatibly” instead outright declaring support, which makes me think that our enthusiasm should be reigned in just yet. Since these are leaked slides and pre-release slides are bound to change, Intel might just decide to revert this change. If it can accomplish it in the first place that is. Other than the K-Series Unlocked options, the rest of the processor lineup would work with ease on current and next generation LGA1150 socketed boards.


Alongside the launch of the world’s fastest GPU, this Tuesday Nvidia also launched what it calls the world’s ”first mobile supercomputer”. The Jetson TK1 developer kit will now enable development of technologies such as seamless navigation of robots, ability of cars to avoid pedestrians and more importantly, the ability of doctors to perform mobile ultrasound scans. The launch of this platform opens countless doors in further development of machines that are less reliant on human operators.nvidia-jetson-tk1,K-G-428416-22

With a total performance of 326 Gflops, the Jetson TK1 is many times more powerful than the Raspberry Pie

The developer kit includes a full C/C++ toolkit based on the NVIDIA CUDA parallel computing architecture, making it much easier to program upon than the existing platforms available in the market. Powered by the 192 core, Kepler based Tegra K1 super chip, the platform will be able to bridge the gap betwen mobile computing and super computing, NVIDIA claims. Designed specifically for CUDA, the platform will enable developers to quickly develop and deploy computer intensive systems. NVIDIA also claimed that the chip will be able to bring next generation PC gaming to mobile devices and match the graphics performance of gaming consoles.

Intel Logo

This week, American enthusiast L0ud_sil3nc3 overclocked the Intel Xeon X5698 to a shuddering 6162 MHz. The CPU was overclocked using liquid nitrogen to prevent any heating problems whatsoever.

Liquid Nitrogen

Record for dual-core processors in Cinebench R15.

The frequency of the processor was increased to a ground breaking 6126 Mhz. This is a new record for dual core processors in the overclocking club. This also goes on to demonstrate the true potential of the Xeon series. The base clocking speed of the processor is 4400 MHz, making the leap a staggering 1762.

The CPU however failed to impress in the Cinebench R11.5. Over here, L0ud_sil3nc3 only managed to score only 5.3 points. This makes it only the fourth place in a subset of dual solutions. The frequency achieved here was 6192 MHz.

MSI G Series logo

Intel is just a month away from launching their latest Haswell Refresh platform which would be compatible with the next generation 9-Series chipset compatible H97 and Z97 Motherboards. Recently, HardwareLuxx managed to get a first look at MSI’s upcoming Z97 motherboards prototypes which were displayed at an NDA briefing by the hardware manufacturer.MSI Z97 Motherboards

Image is courtesy of VR-Zone!

MSI Shows Off Next Generation Z97 Motherboards Prototypes

The Z97 motherboards showcased by MSI are bare prototypes and lack the heatsinks which will be featured on the final retail models. The two boards we are looking at include the Z97 Gaming 7 and Z97 Gaming 3 so its not hard to assume that these will be part of MSI’s next generation Z97 Gaming motherboard lineup. MSI will also offer Z97 motherboards under their XPower and Legacy brand but we don’t have any information on those at the current moment.

MSI G Series logo

In addition to the Radeon R9 290X Lightning, MSI has also showed off their latest A88X chipset based boards which were spotted by PCPerspective. The motherboards include the first A88X chipset based gaming board called the A88XM Gaming and the A88XI ITX motherboard featuring support for next generation Kaveri APU.MSI A88XM Gaming Motherboard A88X Chipset

Images are courtesy of PCPerspective!

MSI A88X Chipset Based A88XM Gaming and A88XI ITX Spotted

The MSI A88XM Gaming features the FM2+ socket and A88X chipset which will support Kaveri, Richland and Trinity generation of accelerated processing units. The motherboard sticks with the Dragoon style design with black and red color scheme which looks attractive. The motherboard comes with an extremely high quality PCB design which incorporates the Military Class IV components such as High C-Cap, Dark Cap and Super Ferrite Chokes to enable the most stable working and gaming experience.

The board is powered by a 24-Pin ATX connector while the socket is supplied power through the 8-Pin connector slot. The power area and VRMs are cooled with two heatsinks interconnected with heatpipe to direct heat off the board. A third heatsink is placed on the A88X chipset which features an embedded Dragoon logo. There are four DDR3 memory slots on the board capable of supporting upto 32 GB memory with frequency of upto 2400 MHz (OC) while expansion slots include two PCI-E 3.0 x16 and two PCI-E 3.0 x1 slots.



It has been over a month since Intel launched their latest Haswell platform for consumers. The Haswell chips or specifically, the K-Series processors brought some revolutionary new features for overclocking that were before limited to the HEDT X79 platform. Intel’s Haswell CPUs come with an Integrated voltage regulator “FVIR” along with enhanced BCLK overclocking. With the launch of Haswell platform from Intel, motherboard manufacturers popped up some really impressive designs and features for the new platform that were not available on the main stream platform.

Elite Computer Systems or ECS as is formerly known has been serving the hardware market since 30 years with a rich portfolio of PC products and have recently entered the expanding mobility scene. With the launch of Intel’s Haswell platform, ECS launched their new L337 gaming brand which focuses on delivering high-performance Z87 chipset based motherboards for online gamers, enthusiasts and overclockers.

L337 was created to dedicate efforts in developing products focused on gamers.We believe in the spirit of competition and the fruits of our labor will be passed to our customers as we strive to tailor our products for them.

Gaming is the beginning of your life, not the end and ECS is here to help you start with the best tools for success. Today’s gamers are tomorrow’s leaders so we strive to create products that give you that competitive gaming edge so that your successes in gaming will lead to success in life. With high quality components and top notch performance ECS will help you get Battle Ready for the gaming world as well as the real world. L337 in life… L337 for life. ECS L337 Webpage

Today, we will be taking a look at the ECS GANK Drone Z87H3-A3X motherboard which is an entry level board in the L337 Gaming lineup which is interesting for the feature set it has to offer. But before we talk about the board itself, let’s take a look at the Z87 chipset and socket which support the latest Haswell processors and to our recen knowledge, also supports the Haswell Refresh processors which arrive in second quarter of 2014.

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The Newegg Cyber Monday Sale for the year 2013 are now live and we have compiled our list for the top 5 PC hardware deals for you guys so check out and buy them as soon as possible since a couple of hours are left before the sale officially ends. Newegg has a bunch of hardware deals on the Cyber Monday Sale with hardware selling with upto 70% discounts.

Newegg Cyber Monday Sale 2013

Newegg Cyber Monday Sale 2013 – Top 5 PC Hardware Deals

Our writers have already provided you a great coverage on other Cyber Monday deals such as gaming consoles and gadgets which you can see in the list for yourself below:

Me being the hardware guy will provide you with a list of 5 PC hardware deals which i found the most interesting on Newegg Cyber Monday Sale. You can see the deals listed below:

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