News: Windows Phone

Software 1 month ago

Ever Wanted to Flaunt Windows 98 on iPhone 6 Plus Without Jailbreaking? Possible!

Apparently, an iOS user has been able to port Windows 98 on the recently released iPhone 6 Plus – the highlight? ...
Lumia 730 camera samples
GadgetsRumor 1 month ago

Snapdragon 805 Powered Quad HD Microsoft Lumia 940 Leaked with 24MP PureView Camera

Microsoft seems to be quite determined to get new perspective for its Lumia brand. A new device Lumia 940 is leaked tod...
Software 3 months ago

Siri, Google Now, Cortana: The Ultimate Digital Voice Assistant?

Digital voice assistant: Siri, Google Now or Cortana? Love it or hate it, voice-activated digital assistants have become...
Lumia 730 camera samples
Gadgets 3 months ago

Nokia Lumia 730 vs Nokia Lumia 830 Camera Samples

Nokia has launched both its Nokia Lumia 830 and quite talked-about selfie-phone Nokia Lumia 730 at IFA 2014. Lumia 830 c...
Selfie Phone
Gadgets 4 months ago

Microsoft’s Selfie-Phone Officially Ready for a Launch at IFA!

Getting past the personal annoyance with selfies, we have to say Microsoft is actually going all genius with its latest ...
best iphone games
Games 11 months ago

‘GTA: San Andreas’ Now Released for Windows Phone 8!

GTA: San Andreas Windows Phone 8: Rockstar has released Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas for Windows Phone 8. “GTA: S...
nokia normandy
Gadgets 11 months ago

New Leaks: Nokia Normandy Running on Android 4.4 KitKat – Photos

It has been quite a good time since Nokia’s Android smartphone came into news. Codenamed “Normandy”, w...
Gadgets 12 months ago

LG G Flex vs Nokia Lumia 1520

Curved screens are all the hype these days. Phones such as the LG G Flex and the Galaxy Round have taken the tech-world ...
IndustrySoftware 1 year ago

Windows Phone To Overcome iOS : Forbes

The two most popular OS, Android and iOS may have some competition after all. According to Forbes, Windows phone has the...
Gadgets 1 year ago

Top 10 Smartphones Of 2013 – Best Phones To Buy

We cover the best smartphones of 2013 on this article. Its been an exciting year, in terms of mobiles. We have seen the ...
GadgetsSoftware 1 year ago

Upcoming Windows Phone Update Features Leaked

WIndows phone was a rather constricted OS when it launched some time ago. Till it’s WP8 update, it was buggy beyon...
GadgetsIndustry 1 year ago

Dell Win 8.1 Tablet For $300 – Near Black Friday Deals

With the black Friday at 29th November, deals are popping up on famous online sites. The Dell Venue 8 Pro 32 GB is avail...
iphone 5s camera
GadgetsHardware 1 year ago

Apple iPhone 5S vs Nokia Lumia 1020 Camera

One of the very few major upgrades introduced in Apple’s latest flagship iPhone 5s is its camera system. A new iS...
top android, iphone and windows phone apps
GamesSoftware 1 year ago

Top 10 Android, iOS and Windows Apps! The Ultimate List?

Android, iPhones and Windows smartphones – every one of these is coming pre-loaded with tons of apps and features....






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