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Software 3 days ago

More Updates for Windows 10 – Now to Fix Surface Pro 3 and Surface 3 Errors

Microsoft seems to be on a mission to squash all the bugs that come its way of having a successful and smooth launch of …
Windows 10 Will Be Featuring A Screen Recording Function
Industry 4 days ago

Windows 10 Reduces Battery Life on Some Machines – Intel to Fix the Bug

Microsoft has released numerous security patches and hotfix updates to the Windows 10 10240 build in an attempt to rid o…
internet explorer logo
Security 4 days ago

Critical Exploits Plague IE11, Microsoft Too Busy with Windows 10 Development to Patch

Four zero-day vulnerabilities have been discovered in Microsoft’s Internet Explorer as the company makes plans for…
IndustryMobile 5 days ago

Microsoft’s Panos Panay to Reflect Surface 3 Success in Windows Phone and Other Pr…

As Surface lineup experiences continued growth in the consumer markets, so does the person responsible for its engineer…
Windows 10 Mobile Minimum Specs Are Insanely Low; Good News For Entry Level Device Owners
Software 5 days ago

Windows 10 Mobile 10166 Released to Slow Ring Insiders

Microsoft has managed to turn Windows 10 for PCs into a refined and bug-free operating system. So much has the OS been i…
windows 10
Software 6 days ago

Microsoft is Reportedly Removing Two Important Sync Features from Windows 10

Bucket full of beautiful new surprises but Windows 10 might fall short of being perfect for some users. Syncing is consi…
Software 6 days ago

In for Some Fun? Download Official Windows 10 Ninjacat Wallpapers

No matter how much loss Microsoft has incurred this year, as revealed in Q4 FY15 earnings call, it is certainly going to…
Industry 6 days ago

Microsoft Faces Losses Ahead of Windows 10 Launch, Surface Remains a Star with 117% Incr…

Still in awe of Apple’s $203 billion in cash? Well, let’s try to talk about some not-so-rich mega tech compa…
Windows 10 Will Be Featuring A Screen Recording Function
Software 6 days ago

Windows 10 10240 Receives Another Hotfix Update

Microsoft has released another Windows 10 update to the members of its Windows Insider program. This update patches some…
windows 10 screen recorder
Software 7 days ago

Microsoft Aims to Be Culturally Savvy with Windows 10 Cortana – Beautiful New Ad

Microsoft has finally realized how important role marketing plays in the successful adoption of any product. This month …
Software 2 weeks ago

Microsoft Finalizes Windows 10 with 10240 Build – Last RTM Milestone for Redmond!

The day has come! After several months of bug testing, some false alarms and quite a large number of PC preview builds,…
Windows 10 compatible games
GamesSoftware 2 weeks ago

Windows 10 Gets Gaming-Focused: All the Windows 10 Compatible Games Listed

Microsoft is ready to officially launch Windows 10 to the public on July 29. This is the “last” Windows from…
windows 10
Software 2 weeks ago

Dell, HP, Acer, and Lenovo Windows 10 PCs will be Available for Sale on July 29

Earlier, reports claimed that users won’t be able to buy machines with pre-installed Windows 10 on the day of the …
Exclusive 2 weeks ago

WCCFtech Deals: 50% Off ZeroLemon 20000mAh Solarjuice

Ever want to harness the power of the Sun? Me too, especially for allowing for a clean way to help keep my mobile device…
windows 10
Software 2 weeks ago

Windows 10 Mobile 10166 Released – Bids Farewell to the Old Store

Microsoft has now released the Windows 10 Mobile build 10166 to Fast ring members. This build was already released for P…
download windows 10 mobile wallpapers
Software 3 weeks ago

Download All the Latest Windows 10 Mobile Wallpapers in HD

We shared with you images of the leaked Windows 10 Mobile build 10162 earlier. Windows 10 10162 was released by Microsof…
IndustryMobile 3 weeks ago

Microsoft Grows Tired Of Nokia And Announces 7,800 Lay-Offs

Microsoft really tried to make it work out. The software behemoth known worldwide through its operating system, Windows,…
windows 10
Software 4 weeks ago

What Exactly is “New” in the Latest Windows 10 Preview Build?

Microsoft released a second Windows 10 PC Preview build this week with over 300 bug fixes and “one” new feat…






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