News: Windows Phone

IndustrySoftware 2 weeks ago

Cortana Spartan And Continuum – What To Expect From Microsoft’s Windows 10 E…

With Microsoft’s Windows 10 event all set to take tomorrow, its time to take a quick recap at what we know about t…
Software 3 months ago

Ever Wanted to Flaunt Windows 98 on iPhone 6 Plus Without Jailbreaking? Possible!

Apparently, an iOS user has been able to port Windows 98 on the recently released iPhone 6 Plus – the highlight? …
Lumia 730 camera samples
GadgetsRumor 3 months ago

Snapdragon 805 Powered Quad HD Microsoft Lumia 940 Leaked with 24MP PureView Camera

Microsoft seems to be quite determined to get new perspective for its Lumia brand. A new device Lumia 940 is leaked tod…
Software 5 months ago

Siri, Google Now, Cortana: The Ultimate Digital Voice Assistant?

Digital voice assistant: Siri, Google Now or Cortana? Love it or hate it, voice-activated digital assistants have become…
Lumia 730 camera samples
Gadgets 5 months ago

Nokia Lumia 730 vs Nokia Lumia 830 Camera Samples

Nokia has launched both its Nokia Lumia 830 and quite talked-about selfie-phone Nokia Lumia 730 at IFA 2014. Lumia 830 c…
Selfie Phone
Gadgets 5 months ago

Microsoft’s Selfie-Phone Officially Ready for a Launch at IFA!

Getting past the personal annoyance with selfies, we have to say Microsoft is actually going all genius with its latest …
best iphone games
Games 1 year ago

‘GTA: San Andreas’ Now Released for Windows Phone 8!

GTA: San Andreas Windows Phone 8: Rockstar has released Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas for Windows Phone 8. “GTA: S…
nokia normandy
Gadgets 1 year ago

New Leaks: Nokia Normandy Running on Android 4.4 KitKat – Photos

It has been quite a good time since Nokia’s Android smartphone came into news. Codenamed “Normandy”, w…
Gadgets 1 year ago

LG G Flex vs Nokia Lumia 1520

Curved screens are all the hype these days. Phones such as the LG G Flex and the Galaxy Round have taken the tech-world …
IndustrySoftware 1 year ago

Windows Phone To Overcome iOS : Forbes

The two most popular OS, Android and iOS may have some competition after all. According to Forbes, Windows phone has the…
Gadgets 1 year ago

Top 10 Smartphones Of 2013 – Best Phones To Buy

We cover the best smartphones of 2013 on this article. Its been an exciting year, in terms of mobiles. We have seen the …
GadgetsSoftware 1 year ago

Upcoming Windows Phone Update Features Leaked

WIndows phone was a rather constricted OS when it launched some time ago. Till it’s WP8 update, it was buggy beyon…
GadgetsIndustry 1 year ago

Dell Win 8.1 Tablet For $300 – Near Black Friday Deals

With the black Friday at 29th November, deals are popping up on famous online sites. The Dell Venue 8 Pro 32 GB is avail…
iphone 5s camera
GadgetsHardware 1 year ago

Apple iPhone 5S vs Nokia Lumia 1020 Camera

One of the very few major upgrades introduced in Apple’s latest flagship iPhone 5s is its camera system. A new iS…






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