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The iPhone 7 & iPhone 7 Plus Listed On TENAA With 1960mAh Battery Capacity And RAM Upgrades

The launch of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus came with the usual set of upgrades. We saw Apple upgrade the pair’s processor, camera, design and build. These changes finally changed the iPhone for the better, even if these changes are slight. One feature that Cupertino was eager to show off was the increased […]

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The iPhone 7 Features 3GB RAM And 2.23GHz Processor Show Alleged Benchmarks

Just like every year, Apple’s launch of the iPhone went away as quickly as it came. This year we saw a much stronger emphasis on design and build as compared to the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus. We also saw a drastic overhaul of camera specifications, which make yesterday’s launches by Apple stand out by […]

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The iPhone 7 Faces More Supply Problems As SK Hynix Fails Apple RAM Certifications

Apple’s upcoming iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus have seen leaks and rumors covering nearly every aspect. From design to renders, the iPhone 7 has been a regular feature of the rumor mill for the better part of this year. News and rumors from Apple’s supply chain in China have provided us with a lot […]

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SK Hynix and Samsung Talk HBM at Hot Chips 28 – Low Cost HBM, HBM2 and HBM3 In The Roadmap

The semiconductor industry has witnessed a massive departure from the conventional technologies in the last few years. The emergence of new memory standards, SOC architecture has paved the way for modern designs for upcoming products. High-Bandwidth memory or HBM might have first arrived in a graphics products but the potential to be part of a […]

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Samsung Introduces World’s First UFS Memory Cards With Up To 256GB Storage

Samsung has unveiled the first ever removable memory cards which are based on the JEDEC Universal Flash Storage 1.0 Card Extension Standard. The UFS memory cards support capacity of 32, 64, 128 or 256 gigabytes. However, the performance is what takes us aback compared to the fastest microSDs on the market. Samsung Announces World’s First […]

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Intel Optane Technology SSDs and Memory Roadmap Leaked – 3D XPoint Based SSDs To Land By Year End Under Mansion Beach Platform

The roadmap for Intel’s upcoming Optane platform has finally leaked out, courtesy of the good folks over at The new platform powered by 3D XPoint memory, which is sort of the halfway point between volatile DRAM and non-volatile but slow 3D NAND memory, is one of the most anticipated updates in storage technology for […]

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Mark Zuckerberg Becomes Target Of LinkedIn Hack; Pinterest, Twitter & Other Accounts Compromised

Even as Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook start to gain an increasing amount of influence all around, look’s like there are still some issues that the CEO has to solve. One of these is account security, as Zuckerberg becomes one of the many to suffer from the recent LinkedIn security breach. His Twitter and Pinterest accounts […]

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Samsung’s 512GB PM971-NVMe SSD Is Insanely Small And Mindbogglingly Fast

Samsung has just unleashed its brand new PM971-NVMe SSD with 512GB capacity. But what’s so special about this new drive? Its physical size and speed – it screams insane. A SSD Smaller Than A Stamp And Screamingly Fast? Look No Further Than Samsung’s PM971-NVMe SSDs are getting smaller and speedier with every release, but Samsung […]

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G.Skill Announces World’s Fastest DDR4 Gaming RAM For Laptops

G.Skill recently announced its Ripjaws V series of RAM kits and they might be on the expensive side, the company has broken another record, thanks to its latest announcement: unveiling the world’s fastest gaming RAM. G.Skill Announces World’s Fastest DDR4 Gaming RAM Kits That Can Run At A Speed Of A Whopping 3200MHz The new […]

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Intel Demos 3D XPoint Platform – Reveals Real Life Benchmarks of its Optane Based SSDs Against NAND Counterparts

Intel recently did a demo of its upcoming 3D XPoint platform, specifically Optane based SSDs. While the company has previously revealed numbers regarding the new technology, this is the first time that a live demo using a practical every-day application has been performed. It is worth noting here that as we move towards storage technology […]

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Review: Kingston SSDNow M.2 SATA: 850 Evo beater?!

This review is of a Kingston SSDNow M.2 SATA SSD 240GB drive which was provided by Kingston for review purposes. Intro My second Kingston review this month and coincidentally, the second Kingston thing I’ve ever had! This time we’re taking a look at one of Kingston’s M.2 SSD’s, marketed at system builders although available to […]

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Micron Begins Sampling GDDR5X Memory – Production Planned For 2H 2016

Last month, Micron officials stated that they will commence mass production of GDDR5X memory in Summer. Today, the company has started sampling the next generation GDDR5X memory to customers. With sampling initiated, consumers which mostly include GPU manufacturers will be able to leverage the performance of their upcoming graphics cards which are likely to hit […]

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SK Hynix To Commence Mass Production of 4 GB HBM2 DRAM In Q3 2016 – Aiming at NVIDIA Pascal and AMD Polaris GPUs

SK Hynix is planning to commence production of their HBM2 DRAMs in Q3 2016, as reported by The source reveals that SK Hynix will be initiating full fledged mass production of 4 GB HBM2 DRAMs in Q3 ’16 and followed quickly with 8 GB HBM2 DRAMs in Q4 ’16. SK Hynix will be aiming to […]

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Samsung Galaxy S7 Teardown Shows Critical Internal Upgrades And Components

With the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S7 and the Galaxy S7 Edge, we saw a couple of key features updated on the devices. An all new camera sensor, coupled with minimal design changes and the Snapdragon 820 on board, the Galaxy S7 and the Galaxy S7 Edge should prove to be an attractive offering […]

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Nvidia Wins Samsung Memory Patent-Infringement Trial – Given the All Clear to Continue Using Memory Chips for its GPUs

In what is turning into an episodic soap opera, this iteration of the Nvidia v. Samsung case has finally seen some wins for the green camp. Nvidia is one of the two largest manufacturers of graphic cards on the planet and entered into a legal battle with Samsung some time ago. While (as of yet) […]

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G.Skill Ripjaws V Series 128GB DDR4 Memory Kit Costs More Than A High-End GPU

Previously, it was reported that the new G.Skill Ripjaws V family was announced and would be available in the capacity range of 8 to 64GB and in the following colors: Blazing Red, Steel Blue, Radiant Silver, Gunmetal Gray, and Classic Black. Now, the company has unveiled the pricing details of its 128GB DDR4 memory kit, […]

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JEDEC Publishes GDDR5X Specifications – Double the Bandwidth of GDDR5 With Lowered Power Consumption

We heard about GDDR5X a few months back, as a rumor and it has finally been officially published as a standard by JEDEC (specifically JESD232 GDDDR5X SGRAM). The memory proposes to roughly double the data rate offered by conventional GDDR5 ram while keeping the power footprint in check. In fact, in our initial computations – […]

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Samsung Begins Mass Production of HBM2 DRAM – 4 GB HBM2 For HPC, 8 GB HBM2 Production Commences This Year

Last year, Samsung announced that it will be commencing mass production of their HBM DRAMs in early 2016. Today,  along with advanced graphics, network systems and enterprise servers. Today, Samsung has officially commenced mass production of their first 4 GB HBM2 DRAMs which are going to target the HPC platforms for high-end graphics rendering and […]

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JEDEC Publishes HBM2 Specifications – Will Scale Up To 32GB, 8-Hi Stacks, with 1 TB/s Bandwidth

High Bandwidth Memory needs no introduction. Debuting in the AMD Fury series, to great acclaim, the availability of high bandwidth to an ever-powerful GPU has been a much needed reprieve. HBM1 however, had its own limitations – one of the major ones being a maximum limit of 4GB and a maximum bandwidth of 512 GB/s. […]

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Nvidia Geforce and AMD Radeon Graphic Cards Memory Analysis

Memory has always been one of the more important components of a graphics card. Its importance, in recent times has become even more prominent – particularly thanks to the advent of HBM technology. While the focus of the industry has shifted to that of maximizing bandwidth while retaining an acceptable physical footprint – there lurks […]

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GDDR6 Memory Being Developed by Micron, Coming to Mid-End Graphic Cards in 2016 – Alleges Report [Updated]

Update: Micron contacted us shortly after this article was published and has debunked the GDDR6 story. Looks like Fudzilla got this one wrong. The company is only working on GDDR5X which  is intended to provide significant performance improvements to designs that are currently using GDDR5, therefore giving system designers the option of delivering enhanced performance without […]

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Samsung To Commence Mass Production Of World’s First 128GB DDR4 RAM Modules

The world’s largest memory manufacturer Samsung today has announced that it will be mass producing the world’s first ever TSV, or Through Silicon Via 128GB memory modules. However, as much as memory buffs and enthusiasts would probably be at the edge of their seats right now, you probably will not be able to purchase these […]