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Samsung To Commence Mass Production Of World’s First 128GB DDR4 RAM Modules
HardwareIndustry 3 days ago

Samsung To Commence Mass Production Of World’s First 128GB DDR4 RAM Modules

The world’s largest memory manufacturer Samsung today has announced that it will be mass producing the world’s first…
NVIDIA Confirmed To Be Supplied With Second-Gen HBM From Both Samsung And SK Hynix
HardwareIndustry 2 months ago

NVIDIA Confirmed To Be Supplied With Second Gen. HBM From Both Samsung And SK Hynix

In addition to SK Hynix, Samsung has also entered the HBM market and would commence mass production of the memory during…
HardwareReport 3 months ago

Micron Will Unveil the Hybrid Memory Cube 3.0 Specification in 2016 – Significant …

The Hybrid Memory Cube technology was one of the earliest concepts of stacked-DRAM alongside with the High Bandwidth Mem…
AMD HBM Fiji Fury X
HardwareIndustry 3 months ago

Samsung Enters The HBM Market In 1H 2016 – HPC and GPU Ready HBM With Up to 1.5 TB…

At IDF15, Samsung announced that they will commence mass production of HBM stacked memory starting early 2016. High Band…
Hardware 3 months ago

Intel’s Newest NUC, Swift Canyon, Smiles for the Camera at IDF

Kingston has proved an unlikely source of information for Intel’s upcoming Skylake update to their NUC platform. L…
Logo Apple iPhone
LeakMobile 3 months ago

The iPhone 6s To Feature RAM And Camera Upgrades According To Supply Chain Sources

Not a day goes by that we dont see some new leaks, rumors and specifications pop up about Apple’s upcoming iPhone …
Deals 4 months ago

Super Spiffy Fun Time Weekend Hardware Deals

Well, that might be a slight misnomer, but some are not so bad after rebate!. Some aren’t necessarily the most imp…
Contest 4 months ago

WCCFtech Reader Rig Contest Winner – Most Ridiculously Gorgeous Rig

And two weeks have reluctantly passed, far faster than we thought. There were so very many great looking rigs that you a…
Trident Z black angle
Hardware 4 months ago

G.Skill Unleashes High-Performance Trident-Z and Ripjaws V DDR4 Memory Kits – 4.0 …

With the launch of Skylake closing in, memory manufacturers are pumped and ready to unleash their latest memory kits for…
Hardware 4 months ago

Intel, Micron Unveil 3D XPoint Memory, 1000X Faster Than NAND Flash – Sampling Lat…

A new storage technology 1000X faster than NAND flash found in SSDs and has up to 10X the capacity of DRAM will debut la…
Hardware 4 months ago

The Best Hardware Deals We Could Find This Weekend

Well, it might just be time to upgrade that aging, yet effective, PC you have there. Why not peruse the deals below to h…
HardwareReport 4 months ago

UMC Begins Volume Production of TSVs for AMD’s HBM Powered Graphic Cards – F…

UMC, short for United Microelectronics Corporation, has entered into volume production of the TSVs (Through Silicon Vias…
Budget PC Build
Hardware 4 months ago

WCCFtech Builds- A Budget(ish) PC

Not everyone knows how to build a PC, despite it being a relatively simple process. That’s why we gathered togethe…
Hardware 4 months ago

WCCFtech Plays – Budget PC Build

Today we’re going to show you how to build a PC. It might be a simple process for some, but for others it’s …
PC Deals
GamesHardware 4 months ago

Summer Weekend Hardware Deals So Hot, You Might Melt

The summertime is a fun time, full of sunshine, beaches, vacations (sometimes) and enjoying the company of friends. Some…
Exclusive 5 months ago

Delightful Deals and Scrumptious Steals

Looking to upgrade or plan that upgrade this weekend? Or just perusing to see if prices are finally low enough on the PC…
IndustryMobile 5 months ago

SK Hynix Will Now Provide 64 GB UFS 2.0 Modules To Mobile Manufacturers As Well

Samsung, with its vast resources has managed to gain somewhat of a stronghold on the mobile hardware market. With its la…
Hardware 5 months ago

Holiday Weekend Hardware Deals And Slender Steals, Time To Get Your Upgrade On

You’d think that with wonderful money you can save on mattresses over the weekend, that those awesome sales would …






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