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Apple To Launch MacBook Pro & MacBook Air In October With Intel Skylake Claims Analyst

As Apple gets done with the launch of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, we now turn our attention to other potential offerings from the company. The MacBook upgrades from Cupertino have surfaced in the rumor mill regularly. Information so far suggests a secondary OLED display for the MacBook Pro that will display function […]

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What Will Apple Announce At Its September 7th Event – Roundup

Here’s everything we believe Apple will announce at its September 7th media event. Roundup Of Things Apple Will Announce At Its Media Event On September 7th Apple has sent out invites for its September 7th media event while also revealing that the keynote will be live streamed the world over. It’s fairly obvious at this point […]

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Microsoft Surface Book 2 Can Feature Kaby Lake And Eliminate Fulcrum Hinge

Since its inception, Microsoft’s focus has been on software. Aside from the Xbox, Redmond’s found it quite difficult to launch successful hardware. The failure of Windows Mobile to generate effective market interest is a good example. The last couple of years seem to change these trends for the company. With good execution of the Surface […]

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2016 MacBook Pro To Feature Touch ID Power Button, Touch-Sensitive OLED Function Keys

A new report suggests that the upcoming 2016 MacBook Pro notebook will feature a Touch ID-enabled power button as well as touch-sensitive OLED function keys. Upcoming MacBook Pro Notebook Will Feature Touch ID Built Right Into The Power Button – OLED Touch Bar Still In Tow A short while back it came to our knowledge […]

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Geforce 10 Series Pascal Mobility GPUs Landing This Month – Flagship GTX 1080M Part Shows Comparable Performance To A GTX TITAN X (Old)

Nvidia will be launching the Geforce 10 Series, Pascal Mobility lineup at Gamescom in a few weeks from August 17-21. The new lineup will consist of the GTX 1080M, GTX 1070M and the GTX 1060M and will be replacing the older 9 series models currently out on the market. The new lineup will be based […]

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Latest MacBook Air Leak Claims Type-C And Thunderbolt 3 For Notebook

As opposed to the iPhone 7, the MacBook Air hasn’t seen encouraging news lately. A lot of quarters are expecting the lineup to be discontinued next year. The launch of the 12.9 inch iPad Pro will play a special role here. After all, the MacBook Air isn’t a hard hitter in performance. Apple’s in-house processors […]

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Apple Pay’s Support For Online Retailers Shows Cupertino Expand Service Scope

As iPhone sales begin to fall, Apple’s been eager to consolidate its services as far as possible. Today’s WWDC saw several moves being made in that regard, particularly with regards to Siri making it on macOS, a feature that a lot of folks had been anticipating for quite a while from the company’s end. In […]

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Dell Unveils Massive 17-inch Inspiron 7000 2-in-1, Other Models – Everything You Need To Know

Dell has announced a flurry of notebooks at Computex, including the Dell Inspiron 17 7000 2-in-1 along with the Inspiron 11 3000, Inspiron 5000, Inspiron 15 and 17 5000. From Large Notebooks To Budget Hybrids, Dell Knows How To Please Its User Base Inspiron 7000 2-in-1 Large laptops are aplenty, but nothing is quite like the […]

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ASUS ROG GX800 Is The World’s Most Powerful Gaming Laptop With A Liquid-Cooled Solution

ASUS ROG GX800 is an upgraded version of the company’s GX700, featuring even more powerful specifications and of course that removable watercooling solution that will help you get the most of your overclocking activities. ASUS ROG GX800 Sports A Dual-GPU Setup And A Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, Making It The Fastest Gaming Laptop In The World […]

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Nvidia Geforce GTX 1080M Pascal Mobility Flagship Inbound – ASUS Teases Pascal Based Laptop Faster Than The GTX TITAN X

It looks like Pascal is going to be landing on the mobility side of things with a huge splash come Computex 2016. ASUS recently teased benchmarks for a gaming laptop that will blow everything out of the water. The liquid cooled laptop features what can only be a Pascal based GPU solution (the GTX 1080M […]

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Apple Introduced 50% Discount For New Apple Music Student Membership

Apple has announced a new membership option for Apple Music, which is centered towards students. The new Apple Music student membership option allows subscribers to get a 50 percent discount on the standard per person price. This means that students would be charged $4.99 per month for all of Apple Music’s services. However, you must […]

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2016 MacBook Pro Revamp Concept Looks Dope – Images

According to rumors flying on the Web, Apple is set to release a new set of MacBook Pro notebooks this year which are going to be faster, and of course, thinner, compared to the current lineup. But what will the new notebooks visually look like is anyone’s guess at this point. One designer took a bold […]

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Apple To Upgrade MacBook Air And Pro With Skylake This March Claim Sources

As things settle down in the Android world, soon we’ll get to see Apple’s March event, all set to take place in just two weeks from now. Quite a few products have been rumored for this event, which just might manage to outshine the generally larger iPhone launch affair that takes place in September each […]

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Notorious Ransomware KeRanger Infects OS X; Effects To Start Surfacing Tomorrow

As technology and gadgets become an increasing part of our lives, users continue to cede over control to devices and software. Apple, known for its closed systems, has always in particular provided security as one of the primary reasons behind its unorthodox ways; a fact that’s become even more pervasive over the course of the […]

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Windows 10 Redstone 14267 is Out – Improvements to Cortana, Edge, Skype, & Messaging

Microsoft has released a new Windows 10 Redstone preview build 14267 to the Insider members on the Fast ring. Here are all the new features and known issues. Windows 10 Redstone 14267 shifts the course from bug-fixing to new improvements: Windows 10 Redstone preview build 14267 has started rolling out to those on the Fast […]

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Write Code Whenever & Wherever with This Powerful Cloud-Based Editor

Codeanywhere is a cloud-based development environment supporting over 75+ programming languages and auto-complete capabilities. Wondering why the need of a cloud-based environment? Ease of coding, no matter where you are. You can code, edit, collaborate from any device, anywhere. No longer the need to be stuck up with the same machine even during the travels […]

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Windows 10 PC to Receive a New Cumulative Update Next Patch Tuesday

We reported yesterday that Microsoft is planning to release a new Windows 10 Mobile Insider preview build to the Fast ring members, next week. Reports today claim that Windows 10 PC will also see a new update, possibly on Tuesday. – How to Avoid Windows 10 Automatic Upgrades on Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 Windows 10 […]

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Microsoft Pushes Windows 10 as a “Recommended” Update for Windows 7 and 8.1 Users

Just when we thought Microsoft has started getting a sanity potion for its Windows 10 OS, here we are again with the “similar” news of last year. After a month’s hiatus of Microsoft introducing any new aggressive tactics to its Windows 10 upgrade policy, a new blog post reveals today that Microsoft has stepped up again to […]

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Microsoft Delaying Windows 10 Redstone Features to Focus on OneCore

Microsoft is reportedly planning to delay some of the earlier planned Windows 10 Redstone features. Due in a few months, the company was expected to release two major updates, codenamed Redstone, bringing some new features to the OS. However, if a latest report is to be believed, the company is trimming some Windows 10 Redstone features to […]

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Dell Announces Business Class Latitude 12 7000 2-in-1 and a 13-inch Ultrabook

Focusing on its business class products, Dell has unveiled its thinnest and lightest 12.5-inch two-in-one device, bringing some style to the Latitude 7000 series. A cheaper 2-in-1 and a sleek 13-inch Ultrabook were also announced today. Dell refreshes Latitude 7000 Series with USB Type-C: Bringing style to its existing lineup, Dell’s brand new Latitude 7000 Series […]

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Nvidia Releasing Geforce 920MX, Geforce 930MX and Geforce 940MX GPUs in Early 2016 – Upto 24% Performance Increase Thanks to Optional GDDR5 Support

Nvidia seems to be undergoing a refresh cycle on the mobility side of things because a report from NotebookCheck indicates that new versions of the Geforce 920M, Geforce 930M and Geforce 940M are in the pipeline. The new generation will be donated by an additional ‘X’ suffix so that the nomenclature becomes Geforce 920MX, Geforce […]

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Intel’s USB-C Integrated Thunderbolt 3 Lands On Revamped Dell XPS Range

The 12-inch Retina MacBook had to sacrifice a lot in order to keep its thin form factor. The single USB-C port had limited utility to users and it was definitely not something a power consumer would opt to use. However, the introduction of Thunderbolt 3 with USB-C integration might change the scenario. However, Intel’s new […]