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MSI just announced upgrades to its GS70 Stealth gaming laptop. The upgraded version now contains the Nvidia GeForce 870M, which is an upgrade from the previous GeForce GTX 765M. The GS70 Stealth claims to be the world’s thinnest 17 inch portable gaming machine.

Eric Kuo, VP Global Sales and Marketing MSI points out a myriad of innovative features in the GS70 Stealth.

MSI_GS70_Stealth_02The GS70 Stealth comes equipped with the 4th Gen. Inter Core i7-4700HQ. The processor packs a base frequency of 2.4 GHz with turbo boost speeds going up to 3.4 GHz. In the graphics department it now features the  GTX 870M with 3 GB DDR5 VRAM. The  GTX 870M is 35% faster than the GTX 770M on the 3D Mark 11 performance benchmark.

Other features on the GS70 Stealth include the Super Raid 2, the SteelSeries engine, SteelSeries gaming keyboard and the Matrix display. The Super Raid 2 contains 3 Solid state drives and gives writing speeds up to 1500 Mb/s. According to MSI it is 3 times faster than other laptops employing single SSDs and 15 times faster than conventional drives.

The SteelSeries engine allows full customization of keys and other specific commands of an individual gamer. It allows users to create individual styles using personal key use and functions, plus integration of peripheral devices. The SteelSeries keyboard is a specially designed keyboard for MSI. The keyboard comes with five different backlight scenarios and seven different types of light changes.


ASUS ROG just boosted its G-Series gaming laptops with announcement of new models for the series. Equipped with the 4th Gen Intel Core i7 processors and the new GTX 800M series, the G750 models look fully set to raise the standard of portable gaming even higher.


ASUS RoG G750 Gaming Notebooks with Maxwell GPUs Launched

With options available from NVIDIA GTX-770M to GTX880M, the latest additions to the G-Series G750 can easily decode HD movies. That coupled with the 1920 x 1080 glare reducing display promises a genuine viewing experience. Plus, Maxwell Variants are included which give approximate 4 times the performance per watt as their older counterparts.  All this ensures that the G-Series will be able to cope to the performance needs of almost all the major games available today in the market. But the GPUs are not the only things it has in store for us, an option called TurboMaster now allows users to safely overclock their GPU, ensuring that performance requirements are met even in the most resource intensive circumstances.


Article Written By Naveed Siraj, Country Manager for Intel Pakistan.


Like any new device, a computer will always start shiny and smooth. However, as it ages, the daily wear and tear will impair performance. We’re here to help you reduce the issues you experience and ensure you get the most out of your mobile device. 



Begin with the basics. A laptop bag or cover will protect your laptop from most drops and knocks when you’re on the move. You can also add on a hard plastic cover to protect it during use but these tend to make your device considerably thicker. 

AORUS Gaming Brand logo

We are only a few hours away from the CES Conferences of Nvidia and AMD and a new gaming company has just sent out invitations stating its debut. You might remember the mysterious invitations that were sent out a few weeks back? Well Alienware and Razer Beware, there’s a new omni-gaming player in town.


AORUS: Super Slim Gaming Notebooks and Gaming Peripheral ”Giant” will Debut at CES 2014

We made predictions (mostly divided into Laptop Vs Peripheral) on what AORUS would be during its hush hush stage and it turns out we were more or less right. AORUS will focus on just about gaming related. From the information we have so far, AORUS will be a Gaming Notebook and Gaming Peripheral company.

Rather like Razer, Infact probably in direct competition. Their slogan ” Witness Dawn of A New Era” suggests great ambition on their part and if even a fraction of the hype is true then we might just get a worthy competitor. Which is good news for everyone. Featuring Egyptian Hieroglyphs and a claws outstretched eagle, this new arrival appears to be a major one.

AORUS Gaming Brand logo

The Gaming scene is dominated by very well known brands such as Razer, Steel Series, Alienware and of course our beloved Red and Green. However there’s an new brand in town, and its all very hush hush at the moment. The mysterious entry is of course a PR Stunt but it leaves us wondering what they will be about – we have absolutely no clue.

AORUS Gaming Brand

Invitations for CES 2014 Sent Out of a New and Mysterious Brand Called AORUS

Ofcourse we have our suspicions at what this new brand will be but rest assured they are just that. Here is our list of what we think the brand will be:

50% Probability : Gaming Laptop Company – focused on producing true slim gaming laptops, not luggables.
40% Probability: Gaming Peripheral Company – focused on creating aesthetic looking and slim (?) gaming peripherals.
10%(9.99%) Probability: Gaming Casing Series (Doesn’t make much sense though)
0.01% Probability:  New Console Vendor. (Android?)
0.001% Probability: New Graphics Card Vendor to create small form factor cards.


Last few days till Christmas and everyone is so delightfully exuberant in this festive season. While many of us have already bought the gifts for the loved ones and goodies for self to keep busy in the holidays, still many are looking out for last minute Christmas shopping.

Here are some “MacBook Christmas” offers that would give you some discount on your holiday shopping of MacBook Air, Pro, and iMacs.

Relevant read: Holiday Giveaway Alert! Win a Free Samsung Galaxy Note 3 or Tab 3 7.0!
macbook christmas deals

Apple “MacBook Christmas deals”:

MSI G Series logo

The gaming world has been caught into the race to the 4K standard and now MSI has taken the first step to a Mobile 4k Standard; introducing the world’s first 3K gaming laptop.The best part is: MSI realizes that the 3k Resolution would be heaven-sent for professionals on the go and has thus also given the option for a Quadro Variant.


MSI GT60 20D-261US 3K Ultra HD Gaming Laptop and Optional Workstation Variant.

The MSI GT60 20D-261US (wow that’s a mouthful) is an absolute beast in terms of mobile gaming power. It will feature the GTX 780M and the Intel i7-4700MQ Processor, coupled with 16 GB of 1600Mhz DDR3L Ram. The exact resolution is 2880×1620 and the screen size 15.6 inch, though we have no information of the color gamut of the screen.However keep one thing in mind, such a high gaming resolution and only one Gtx 780m would mean you would have to compromise on the 60fps standard in some games (Crysis 3 at 3k with one 780m? Dream On). In our opinion 1080p/1440p/60fps is just fine for a 15.1 Laptop screen. Now onto the optional workstation variant.

samsung cyber monday

So it’s just a few hours left in Samsung’s Cyber Monday deals! Deja vu? Actually no. We had shared Samsung’s “Only hours left! Don’t miss out on great deals” a few days back. Apparently Samsung Cyber Friday deals are mostly Black Friday extended. How sad of these store who first made many consumers make rush decisions and now are extending their offers? Can’t be too bad though as we still get a few good hours to make any last minute purchases.samsung cyber monday

Samsung Cyber Monday 2013 deals:

tesco cyber monday uk

Tesco UK Cyber Monday deals are going to end midnight Monday. Make sure you make the most of this last day of Tesco’s Cyberdeals 2013. Tesco Cyberdeals include a tons of gadgets, accessories and electronic appliances.

tesco cyber monday uk

Tesco Cyber Monday deals offer some good savings on Apple’s iPod, selected smartphones and phone accessories.

mac black friday

Many Black Friday deals are now live. Here are some of the great savings you can have on Apple’s MacBook Air, MacBook Pros and iMacs. The following deals are scoured from Apple’s stores, Best Buy and other retail stores. Let us know if you know of any other great Mac Black Friday offers!mac black friday

Mac Black Friday deals at Apple Stores:


The time of the year is finally here! The deals that had been pouring in from all directions in the last many weeks are finally ready to be availed – in a matter of a few hours. We decided to help you quickly surf through the different deals available and help you compare deals, long term contracts, and prices. This post is divided in to sections to help to easily get to the part you are interested in. Dive in and get your top Black Friday deals of tech gadgets!

Top Black Friday tech gadget deals:

Top Black Friday tablet discounts:

Gadgets Industry

I just received Samsung’s notification mail shouting at me, “Only hours left! Don’t miss out on great deals”. Which actually reminded me I was supposed to check out Samsung’s Black Friday 2013 promotions. Samsung’s has been promoting its Black Friday deals with a hashtag BestBlackFridayEver. These deals from Samsung are only to be pre-ordered and guess what, it is only the last few hours till you can pre-order your choice of Black Friday Deals from Samsung.

samsung bestblackfridayever

black friday apple deals

Walmart Black Friday 2013 deals ad is online and although there are so many good deals, some of them should better be avoided. Here are some of those bad deals which you should consider skipping this year. You can check out some amazing deals here: Some Big-Saving Black Friday Deals from Walmart and Best Buy.walmart black friday 2013

Walmart Black Friday 2013 deals to avoid:

os x mavericks features

As reports are coming in, Apple is seeding an updated version of OS X Mavericks [Read: Some of the OS X Mavericks Features – Making Mac Users Even Happier!] internally. This Mavericks update includes updated versions of iBooks, Safari, Remote Desktop, and Mail and is being sent out to employees with performance improvements and bug fixes.

In this Mavericks update, Safari version 7.0.1 is a performance improvement release of the all new version of Safari that had been included in the OS X Mavericks. Although Apple hasn’t specified to its employees what the

app nap

We wrote about the amazing features of OS X Mavericks update just a couple of days ago[Read: Some of the OS X Mavericks Features - Making Mac Users Even Happier!]. In that review there was a very useful feature to help you save the battery of your Macs and help you use it for longer hours namely App Nap! Here is a guide to help you turn off specific applications on App Nap on your OS X Mavericks laptop!

App Nap automatically ends the currently unused applications. However, some users have complained that

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