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Apple Watch
MobileSoftware 3 months ago

How To Disable Apple Watch Activity Notifications Completely

Here’s a complete step-by-step guide on how to disable Apple Watch Activity notifications completely. Once done, y…
Mobile 3 months ago

Meet The Flip iPhone 6 (Concept Images)

Flip phones are long gone, and have been replaced by smartphones and non-flip, statically designed mobile devices. But …
iOS 9
MobileSoftware 3 months ago

How To Enable / Disable Siri Dictation On iPhone, iPad

Here’s how you can enable / disable Siri dictation on your iPhone or iPad. Disabling the feature gives the spaceba…
MobileSoftware 3 months ago

How To Enter iPhone, iPad Recovery Mode And When To Use It

Here’s how you can enter iPhone, iPad recovery mode, and we’ll also show you when you should use it. There …
MobileSoftware 3 months ago

How To Display iPhone’s True Signal Strength In Status Bar

Here’s how you can replace the signal bars on iPhone to a number representing the truth cellular signal strength. …
IndustryMobile 3 months ago

Next-Gen iPhone 8,1 And 8,2 Make An Appearance In Web Logs, iPhone 6c Missing

The iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus have started to make an appearance in Web logs, with the hardware being dubbed as the …
IndustryMobile 3 months ago

Facebook’s Mobile Ad Network To Host Native Auto-Play Videos

Facebook’s mobile ad network was launched back in 2014 that allowed advertisers to bring their content to third-pa…
MobileSoftware 3 months ago

LastPass Password Manager Goes Subscription-Free For Mobile

It makes sense to use a password manager because an increasing number of credentials are being stolen in major data brea…
Screen Shot 2015-08-11 at 1.50.31 PM
Mobile 3 months ago

What Happens When You Freeze An iPhone 6 Inside Jello? (Video)

Ever wondered what happens when you freeze an iPhone 6 inside jello? This video aims to answer your thought cringing que…
iOS 9 battery
MobileSoftware 3 months ago

Group iOS 9 Notifications On A Per App Basis – How To

Here’s how you can group iOS 9 notifications on a per app basis, making it easier to spot the important ones rig…
iPhone 6
MobileSoftware 3 months ago

How To Use Custom DNS Settings On iPhone, iPad

Here’s how you can use custom DNS settings / addresses on iPhone, iPad when connected to a WiFi network. This meth…
Beats 1 Logo
MobileSoftware 3 months ago

Listen To Beats 1 Radio In Unsupported Countries – How To

Here’s a complete guide on how you can listen to Apple’s Beats 1 radio station outside the United States and…
Mobile 3 months ago

iPhone 6s, 6s Plus And 6c To Arrive ‘Concurrently’

According to a reliable source, the iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus and iPhone 6c will ‘all arrive concurrently’ …
General 4 months ago

Plex For iOS Updated With Revamped Interface, Rotten Tomatoes Integration And More

Plex is one of the most popular media service that organize all of your music, TV, video, streams and photo collection. …
iOS Apps
MobileSoftware 4 months ago

Today: Pomodoro Timer Allows You To Time Your Tasks For Better Productivity

Some tasks require a lot of time while others are sensitive enough that require them to be completed within a given time…
Mobile 4 months ago

How To Transform iPhone Into A 3D Holographic Projector For Under A Dollar

The prospect of having a 3D or holographic display on an iPhone is quite far fetched seeing how things stand currently, …
iPhone 6s Plus Leaked Images Shows A Stronger Chassis
IndustryMobile 4 months ago

Fully Assembled iPhone 6s Display Leaked On Video

A fully assembled iPhone 6s display component has been leaked on video. The source claims that the panel is Force Touc…
MobileSoftware 4 months ago

How To Save Apple Music Songs For Offline Listening On iPhone, iPad, Mac

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to save Apple Music songs for offline listening on iPhone, iPad or Mac. This is…






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