Apple Lightning Chip Reverse Engineered

Hackers rejoice! No we don’t mean jailbreakers or unlockers. This here is more about hardware hacks, and there aren’t many like this. We’ve had news from an unauthorized accessory maker that they’ve reverse engineered Apple’s Lightning Chip and they claimed that unofficial accessories might well be on their way.

These new cables and accessories include a light-up cable and a docking station. The accessories were highlighted on Tuesday for the first time. The 3rd party reseller claims that the new cable, featuring Apple Lightning Chip; “fully supports iTunes, Data Sync, Battery Charging for iPhone 5 and even supports all future iOS upgrades.”

The reseller even has a video on his website demoing the new gadgets and showcasing their functionality and compatibility by charging and syncing an iPhone plugged into a Macbook.

AppleInsider reported that these authentication chips were found inside Apple’s Lightening connector and these chips were found as a warning to users not to buy unofficial accessories as they might not be compatible with iPhone 5 and other devices featuring the same Lightening connectors.

Apple Lightning Chip

Chinese suppliers were reported to be working on cloning these chips but it was not at all expected that unauthorized devices would be available for sale months earlier. The video posted on Tuesday tells us that one company reverse engineered Apple’s new tech way faster than expected.

These unofficial accessories appeared immediately on sites like Amazon and reseller sites like after Apple announced iPhone 5  with its new connector pin. However, the shipping dates were delayed because these unauthorized resellers were unable to create their own phony Lightning accessories.

The official Lightning accessories are expected to be available on stores this fall. Third-party accessory makers have been put on-hold because Apple is making major changes to the “Made for iPhone” accessory rules, again showing their focus on quality.

The new connector is 80 percent more compact than its last-gen predecessor. This enables Apple to make its devices even smaller, take the iPod Nano for example. Also, the connector can now be inserted into the devices either ways, enabling better usability and lesser risk.

The new connector was a topic of great criticism among the critics, mainly because previous accessories would be incompatible with new hardware. Apple made an adapter for this purpose but it’s not a free/cheap solution so the voices continued to surface. However, we’re sure that users will ultimately make the switch because they frankly have very little choice in the matter.  For their sake, let’s hope Apple continues to offer incentives that justify the connector’s newest iteration, apart from the visual changes that we’re already familiar with.

iPad mini

Now that the hype of the all new Apple iPhone 5 has died down, we now turn our focus towards the upcoming iPad mini and we’re certain this time that it’s sporting a rear camera.

Gadgets Hardware

Apple has just announced the iPhone 5 with a whole list of new hardware in line for consumers all around the world.


This is something we don’t normally see happen. Apple’s website is the source for some new revelations just hours before the official iPhone 5 event. The search engine on Apple’s website has come up with links that confirm what products Apple is going to announce in just under an hour from now. Today alongside the iPhone 5, we will be treated to the new iPod touch, new iPod Nano as well as iTunes 11.


With less than five days to go, anticipation regarding next generation iPhone is at an all time high. Just two days ago Apple started sending out media invites for iPhone 5 release event, confirming our earlier suspicions that the event will be taking place on September 12. The event will be taking place at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco, California and preparations at the venue itself have kicked in to high gear.

At this point in time, most of the work is being done on the inside. However as the event date draws more near, the outside of this venue will also be decorated in the traditional Apple way ahead of a new product launch. For now a big Apple logo is visible from outside the venue.

Last year when Apple announced iPhone 4S, it invited the press over to its campus where the announcement was made at Apple Town Hall. It was not a big gather per se partly due to the fact that iPhone 4S was not a substantial upgrade over its predecessor. Major product announcements are always made in San Francisco, either at Yerba Buena or Moscone West. It should be noted that Yerba Buena Centre for the Arts will be seeing its first ever iPhone announcement this time as this venue as previously been used for iPod and iPad events only.

We have come to expect a lot from this upcoming iPhone. Rumors have us believe that Apple will announce an iPhone that will have a larger display, a thinner profile, a smaller dock connector, 4G LTE connectivity, a quadcore processor as well as a lot more. Regardless of all rumors we have heard from a plethora of sources, nothing can be said for sure about the device until Apple makes the official announcement. Lucky for us, that day is not far off anymore.

The iPhone 5 release event beings 10AM PT sharp on September 12. Shipments for the US are expected to commence just after nine days on September 21. No word on pricing or availability for other countries yet.


This must be one busy week for Apple. The company is going to announce its sixth generation iPhone on September 12, while there exists a possibility that it might also announce an iPad Mini alongside the upcoming iPhone as well. Apart from that, it is being reported that Apple is gearing up to release an 8GB iPhone 4S which will be replacing iPhone 3GS. The 3GS is being discontinued by Apple, or so it is believed at this point in time.

Make no mistake though, the iPhone 3GS once was the fastest iPhone of all time. Sure now it looks severely outdated with an unimpressive camera, slouching processor and unattractive finishing. There exists no logical reason for Apple to not discontinue this device. The iPhone 4S, with a modest eight gigabytes of storage, will be the perfect replacement for this aged smartphone.

This strategy is quite beneficial for customers who don’t want to spend upwards of $200 for an iPhone with a two year contract. In the current setup, iPhone 3GS is available free with a contract of two years. With the 3GS being phased out, the iPhone 4 will take its place and will be available free of cost as long as the customer commits to a two year contract.

To put things in perspective, the iPhone 4S touts a dual core processor, an 8 megapixel camera, Siri and the design we’ve all grown to love. While the iPhone 4 will go free on contract, the iPhone 4S will be available for just $99 with a two year contract. At the very end of the day, it is a great deal that many prospective iPhone buyers will surely not want to miss out on.

On September 12, 2012 Apple will announce the iPhone 5. There is no definitive news about the pricing of this smartphone yet but it is widely believed that current price points will be retained. This means that iPhone 5 will be available from as low as $199 with a two year contract. Shipments in the US expected to begin from September 21, while pre-orders will begin on the day of announcement.


Finally, the moment we have all been waiting for. Apple has just started rolling out media invites for an event that is to take place on September 12. The invite itself is pretty self explanatory and without a doubt this event is all about a new iPhone.


Whenever Apple is due to announce a new device we are treated by an enormous influx of rumors, speculation, information and component leaks. We can never be too sure in believing everything we hear about from a wide variety of sources.

Nevertheless we do have to cover important instances, such as when a fully assembled mockup of the next generation iPhone is spotted at the IFA 2012 conference in Berlin. We have seen other mockups of this upcoming smartphone in the wild as well but this one seems to be the most, for lack of a better word, comprehensive one.


The month of September is upon us and anticipation is sky high regarding Apple’s new iPhone. It is widely believed that Apple will announce its new smartphone on September 12. In the months and weeks leading up to this announcement, we have seen a plethora of rumors pertaining to this upcoming device. One of the latest rumors suggest that Apple might be introducing redesigned headphones with its sixth generation iPhone.

Gadgets Hardware

There is a predictable chain of events surrounding the release of an upcoming Apple device. First we are met by rumors from a plethora of sources. Then there are alleged part leaks followed by more rumors. In the final days leading up to the launch, the well known sources start feeding us with bits and pieces of information that sounds just about right.

This has been the case with Apple’s upcoming iPhone as well. We have heard and seen a lot about it. Today a photo of what is said to be the new iPhone A6 quadcore processor surfaced on the internet. Moreover, the much rumored smaller 9 pin dock cable has also made an appearance today compelling us to believe that some big changes are coming in the next iPhone.


August has almost come to an end and if rumors are to be believed, in almost twelve days Apple will be announcing a much awaited smartphone. While we are yet to officially receive media invites from Apple the rumors regarding next generation iPhone keep coming in.

High quality images of an alleged front panel of next generation iPhone were posted online today, being compared with the front panel of iPhone 4S. These new images, notwithstanding the question of their legitimacy, do reveal some previously unknown details.


Apple is yet to officially announce the release date of next generation iPhone. Rumor has it that the event will take place on September 12. There have been many other rumors about this upcoming iPhone, one which has stood out above the rest is the possibility of a smaller dock connector. Apple is said to be moving towards a smaller 9 pin dock connector instead of the former 30 pin one. Accessories for the next generation iPhone also further solidify the possibility of this change.

The legitimacy of the source may be called to question but it should be kept in mind that these accessories perfectly fall in line with all of the rumors we have been hearing about the next generation iPhone. It has been confirmed by a number of sources that Apple is replacing the old 30 pin dock connector with a smaller variant. Initially there was confusion as to whether the replacement will be an 8 pin or 9 pin dock connector, but not the latter is said to be the one Apple is going with.

These photos are of accessories manufactured by Scosche. These accessories include a car charger, various charging units as well as a micro USB to 9 pin dock connector converter. There exists a possibility that Scosche has manufactured these accessories for next generation iPhone based on rumors. Last year many case makers had manufactured cases for an iPhone with a totally new design whereas Apple only announced a new iPhone that came with no design changes at all. As far as current rumors go about the next iPhone, these accessories seem to be a perfect fit.

The reason why Apple is substituting 30 pin dock connector with a 9 pin one is space. A smaller dock connector would open up more space on the inside to cramp in more technology. Moreover it would also allow the device to be thinner and will also allow the repositioned headset jack on the bottom. Though until Apple formally announces the next generation iPhone, all this is hearsay.

iPhone 5 logo

With every passing day the announcement of Apple’s new iPhone is drawing near. Apple fans around the world can not wait to get a glimpse of this elusive smartphone. Much has been said and written about this upcoming device, however the rumor mill does not stop churning until the official announcement is made. Today another alleged front panel of the next iPhone was leaked. It confirms previous rumors regarding a larger 4 inch display.

Apple is expected to announce the next generation iPhone on September 12. The release date itself is based on rumors from certain sources, reliable and unreliable alike. However the timing is just right for a new iPhone. It has nearly been an year since Apple released iPhone 4S. Plus given how it’s competitors are gaining market share, suffices to say that Apple wants to put out its brand new smartphone as soon as possible on the market.

This leaked front panel doesn’t exactly bring anything new to the table, rather it just confirms most of the rumors we have heard up till now about the new iPhone. It can be said for sure now that the next iPhone is going to have a larger display, possible of 4 inches. Moreover the smartphone will also have a smaller dock connector which will free up more space on the inside so that new technologies can be squeezed in. 4G LTE connectivity and NFC are also expected to be on this device.

The panel also reveals a centered FaceTime camera. Apple is expected to bump up the resolution of both cameras, the iPhone 4S already has an amazing 8 megapixel back camera but the FaceTime camera definitely needs to be improved. A toned down SIM tray is also visible. Apple is really striving to make the new iPhone thinner and lighter than its predecessors and is shaving down any excess weight or thickness.

If all goes according to rumors, we shall have a new iPhone announcement on September 12 followed by the start of shipments in USA on September 21. If not, well we’ll probably have to wait for a couple of weeks. It’s coming though, the new iPhone is coming very soon.

iPhone 5 logo

No guys we aren’t joking about this one here! Apparently an insider at AT&T has confirmed with BGR of the launch of Apple’s new iPhone 5 by the end of September this year!

iPhone parts

Apple’s annual product release cycles come with their own ritualistic song and dance. Whenever the fruit company is close to announcing a new device, he hear a plethora of rumors from a wide variety of sources. Furthermore images of allegedly leaked parts surface every other week. One does not know what or who to believe unless and until Apple officially makes the announcement.

Apple is about to launch the next generation iPhone in approximately one month, which means that the aforementioned song and dance has already been well under way. Even today, images of what are thought to be leaked new iPhone parts have surfaced online and they do tell quite a story.

The leaked parts displayed in these pictures are supposed to form the face, so to speak, of the next generation iPhone. These parts include the front panel, black and white Home buttons, nano SIM tray, circuitry and a mysterious piece of, never before seen, what seems to be a metal plate.

From the looks of it the front panel tells a story we all want to hear. It seems to be large enough to accommodate the larger display we have been expecting on the next generation iPhone. Nano SIM try also confirms a previous rumor that the upcoming iPhone will support nano SIMs. The function of this mysterious black plate, thought to be of metal, is still unknown. Though it is likely that this plate will be used for protecting the innards of this device as well as providing overall structural integrity.

The legitimacy of the source which first published these images can obviously be questioned. For all we know, these components may never materialize on the next generation iPhone. Though almost all the components we see here solidify most of the rumors we have heard up till now. The announcement of this upcoming iPhone is expected next month and only then will we have final answers.

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