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Software 1 year ago

Add an Informative Weather Widget to Notification Center in iOS 7

NCWeather is a beautiful little jailbreak tweak that adds quite an informative weather widget to the Notification Center…
iOS 6.1.6
Software 1 year ago

Download iOS 6.1.6 for iPhone 3GS and iPod Touch 4G – Safe for Jailbreakers

iOS 6.1.6 released: Apple has just released both iOS 7.0.6 and iOS 6.1.6 (build number: 10B500) for iPhone 3GS and iPod …
best ios 7 themes
Software 1 year ago

Some of the Best iOS 7 Themes that You Must Have – List

Although we are trying to compile iOS 7 jailbreak tweaks and themes in one list (read: iOS 7 Compatible Jailbreak Tweaks…
Barrel iOS 7
Software 1 year ago

Favorite iOS 7 Tweak Barrel Updated with New Animations!

3D effects with Barrel iOS 7 JB tweak: Barrel was first released in 2010 bringing some very cool 3d-cube effects to the …
download ios 7 iphone
Software 1 year ago

Install Jailbreak Tweaks Without Cydia or iFile – How to

Although Cydia is brimming with jailbreak tweaks and the number seems to be increasing each day, there are still a plent…
UIColors iOS 7
Software 1 year ago

Color Your iOS 7 Device and Personalize it with a Custom Look

While there are a number of jailbreak tweaks trying to help add some hue to the keyboard or change the look and feel wit…
Mobius iOS 7
Software 1 year ago

Infinite Scrolling for Home Screen and Folders in iOS 7 – How to

Mobius iOS 7 helps you scroll through your Home Screen and folders in iOS 7 infinitely. Just like the popular jailbreak …
BootSound iOS 7
Software 1 year ago

Change Boot Up Sound on Your iPhone – How to

Bored of your iPhone or iPad booting up always the same way? Same old boring logo and sounds to welcome you? Well, why…
iPhone 5S
Software 1 year ago

Add New Features in iOS Native Camera App – How to

There comes plenty of moments in any user’s iOS life cycle when s/he wants to skip over iOS native camera for some…
GBA Logo
Games 1 year ago

Game Boy Advance iOS 2.0 Releasing Today – No Jailbreak Required! [Update: Release…

[Update]: GBA4iOS is now available for download supporting iPad. The upcoming version of Game Boy Advance emulator (GBA4…
Software 1 year ago

iOS 7 Compatible Jailbreak Tweaks, Apps, Themes II – Updated List April 16

Updated iOS 7 Jailbreak tweaks: As the number of iOS 7 jailbreak tweaks and themes grows, it is becoming harder to keep …
battsaver ios 7
Software 1 year ago

How to Improve iPhone’s Battery Life – iOS 7 Tips

Annoyed by the battery drain of your iOS devices? Well, we can assure you the iOS devices do offer one of the best batte…
Restore Jailbroken iPhone
Software 1 year ago

Restore Jailbroken iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch to Factory Settings – How to

Have jailbroken your iOS device and wants to reset it back? Facing some issues after jailbreaking or simply want to get …
Software 1 year ago

[Updated]: biteSMS 8.0 iOS 7 Messages Jailbreak Tweak Now Released for Public

[Update]: After a month of testing and 19 beta releases, BiteSMS 8.0 is officially released for public. You can also ge…
top ios 7 repos
Software 1 year ago

Top Cydia Repositories Updated for iOS 7 – Updated List

Now that we have already compiled an extensive list of jailbreak tweaks (and we are working on another one – don&#…
best ios 7 apps ios 7 jailbreak tweaks and apps
Software 1 year ago

Block Ads on Hulu, Pandora, YouTube, and More – No Jailbreak Required!

Who isn’t annoyed with the omnipresent ads on every other site we visit. While we may get through other sites, the…
Software 1 year ago

How to Delete ALL Messages in iPhone at the Same Time!

It’s quite fussy and irritating to some extent that there is no option to delete all messages in iPhone at the sam…
activator ios 7 jailbreak tweak
Software 1 year ago

Find Lost iPhone – Remotely Enable Location Services with Activator iOS 7

Activator is one of the most favored and used jailbreak tweaks. Developed by Ryan Petrich, Activator lets you assign dif…






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