iphone daylight saving time

A lot of buzz has been created around the internet with users wondering if their iPads or iPhone’s clock will automatically set itself back by an hour when Daylight Saving Time ends.  Yep! Your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Mac will automatically set their clocks an hour back on their own. No consent required from you! That is actually convenient if you are in the same timezone, however, some users have also reported that their devices haven’t automatically moved back an hour. 

Download iOS 6.1.3 Firmware

Developer of Sn0wbreeze, iH8sn0w, who has been working on the untethered jailbreak for iOS 6.1.3 and iOS 6.1.4 has just given an update. Bad news for the users with A5+ device – launched after iPhone 4 – who have been

Install WhatsApp on iPad and ipod touch

Many apps have already received some new looks for the latest Apple’s iOS 7 update. However, WhatsApp is still missing from that list of updated apps. App makers have confirmed they are working on the upgrade, but when would they release it, there are no news.


The newest version of WhatsApp for iOS 7 has now been released. You can get the update from here.

Relevant latest update: WhatsApp iOS 7 Update Rejected by Apple!

WhatsApp for iOS 7 images have been leaked in the past. However, this time there seems to be some confirmed

encrypt iphone backup

The thought of having the ability of restoring your Apple iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch at any from iTunes, is simply peace inducing. Plenty of users have thanked for those times when they have lost their phones and other devices and manage to get their precious data back from the iTunes backup. However, we store some very important data along with our social identities and contacts on our phones, tablets and iPod which makes these device pretty sensitive for our image and safety along with other people attached to us.

In order to be able to restore any iOS device, it is required to store all of this information directly to iCloud or your computer. If iCloud data is used, then it is automatically protected by the password you use for the iCloud

how to set music app to stop playing music in ios

Fond of falling asleep while listening to music and wondering how to set music app to stop playing music in iOS devices after a certain time? The latest and the beautiful iOS 7 update brought a lot of new features, tiny updates and improvements to our Apple devices. Added to that list is a tiny little tip that would certainly help the music lovers.

air display 2

Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and the iPod Touch the second version of Air Display too is now launched on App Store. Air Display 2 is a great business / education app to help you increase your screen real estate, or share the screen among different users. The maker, Avatron Software has just released the sequel of its very popular external monitor app for the iOS, Air Display. The app is optimized for iOS 7 and works beautifully.

how to turn off photo stream

Apple’s cloud based Photo Stream is a photo sharing service that allows you to easily share your photos between devices and among other users. These photos can be viewed from any Apple device, including iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Mac, and Apple TV along with Windows-based PCs. The feature was introduced with iOS 5.0 and has been evolving since. While Photo Stream acts a very good and useful features for the times when you have to share a complete album of an event or several photos of your vacation with your family members, it eats storage space.

When you turn the Photo Stream on – by default – it automatically shares your latest photos between any of your

ios 7 security features keychain

One of the new features of iOS 7 is the popularity-gaining iCloud Keychain. In iOS 7 and OS X Mavericks, iCloud syncs your Safari website usernames, passwords, credit card info, and WiFi network information (SSIDs and pass) across all your Apple devices. The Keychain also syncs mail, contacts, calendar and messages on the Macs. All information on iCloud is stored and transmitted using the 256-bit AES encryption. When you add a new device, all other devices will ask for your explicit consent before the data is synced. This guide is intended to help you on how to set up iCloud Keychain on your iOS 7 device.


Apple’s share price is estimated to increase as the tech giant moves to announce its quarterly earnings next week. With the sales of the iPhone 5s steadily rising, overcoming the lower priced 5c and with the announcement of the upcoming iPad retina and the iPad air, it is inevitable that the share price will rise.

iPhone 6

Here’s Why an Increment in Apple’s Share Price is Inevitable – Mostly to do with iPhone 6

Tips pertaining to the new Apple iPhone 6 which is going to be released in Q2 next year are coming in. It Is expected to have a Bigger screen than its predecessor. Reports suggest that it is going to be released in next year summer,rumored to be released around that time is the Apple  smart watch or iWatch, the new iPhone will incorporate the NFC technology to keep it aligned with its competitors. NFC aka near field communication is increasingly being incorporated in a number of devices to serve a number of needs, most importantly the Google wallet.

With Apple Share Price currently at $526, experts expect it to increase at least by $100 to $630. With the rumors of the iPhone 6 flying around it may be possible that Apple share price increases beyond bounds, in its prime when sales were paramount, it neared almost $750.

Gadgets Software

Since iOS 7 was a major OS update to hit the Apple devices, we seem to never get lost of finding new and amazing features. The Apple’s OS update brought a completely redesigned experience to the users – though it did have a few UI bits taken from Android – of iPhones, iPads and the iPods. Couple months back, we already did a Top iOS 7 Features You Should Know About post. In this second list of iOS 7 features, we will try adding some new hidden features along with some from iOS 6 who deserve to be back in the limelight because of their awesomeness!

Some of the hidden iOS 7 features:

ios 7

The iOS  7.0.3 Update was seeded to fix minor issues, fixes include accelerometer improvement and revised lock screen to name a few.The addition of the “iCloud” key chain which keeps saves your credentials across all Apple devices is also included. This feature works as advertised and is a handy tool for people of different ages.

7.0.3 Update

The ‘Hidden’ 7.0.3 Update & The Catch

However this update has a hidden improvement which comes in the form of better graphic performance. The GFX benchmark has been optimized by 10%. The graphic part of the A7 chipset powered by the quad core PowerVR G6430, already powerful to handle any task put before it has been boosted even further,transitions have been speed-ed up, this optimization and more in the future will unravel the power the 64bit chip carries.

The performance improvement is evident from these:

7.0.3 Update


An improvement of roughly 800 points in the GFX 2.5 Egypt offscreen 1080p .

Other fixes include

  • Bug fixes for smooth usage of imessage
  • Reduces system crashes
  • Improvements and bug fixes for siri
  • Improvement in lock-screen security
  • Reduced motion sickness

The whole list can be viewed on apple’s site :http://support.apple.com/kb/DL1691

The update has been out for 3 days now, if u haven’t got it yet, go to apple support and upgrade immediately. Apple still has a lot of bugs to fix, lots of optimizations to do, fixes are needed for the blue screen of death and battery drain problems to name a few. There are indeed a few problem which arise after this update, but the advantages outweigh the problems, so either wait for the 7.1 update or try the 7.0.3 Update

Although the iPhone carries remnants of the old iPhone 5, the chip set was revamped and now only time will tell how much driver and software optimizations can be done on it.

With this new update, Apple proves that its software support is top notch as ever.

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Logo Apple iPhone

The Apple iPhone was the pioneer of high quality highly capacitive touch screens, screen which made their competitors look like sluggish snails. In fact even quite recently in a screen touch latency benchmark Apple’s iPhones did quite well. Shockingly however, they failed miserably in this test.


Apple’s iPhone 5s and 5c Fail Accuracy Benchmarks – Galaxy III Passes with Flying Colors

The benchmark was conducted by measuring the accuracy of the sensors. OptoFidelity had put smartphone touchscreens to a test by a robotic hand that basically poked the display and then compared what the phone actually registered. Interestingly, iPhones it turns out are more accurate in the bottom part of the screen – exactly where the keyboard is located, while in other parts of the display and even around the edges of the keyboard they are horrible. In fact they are so bad they don’t register touch at all! Here are the benches:


Over the last couple of years in the mobile business, Apple has held its ground ground with just one weapon in its arsenal. When the iPhone was released, it was a formidable product with something new to it. Well, Apple has done it again with its next generation of the iPhone, namely the iPhone 5s.

iphone 5s

Here’s Why the iPhone 5s is a better buy than Galaxy S4

Most people will disagree that the new product brings something out of the ordinary. In our opinion, It heralds the dawn of a new horizon.

  • The new Apple A7 Chipset ticking inside the 5s brings with it the newer 8th version of ARM’s instruction set, With this comes 64bit computing allowing 4gb+ ram to be addressed and utilized although the iOS does its job with just 1GB. With the new instruction set comes sheer power which apple has put to good use.
  • The graphic area is covered by the PowerVR G6430, which again is the latest in the market. Ironically this whole soc is manufactured by Apple’s arch-rival Samsung .
  • The S4 on the other hand utilizes the older ARM v7 instruction set via its cortex A15/Krait 300/Krait 400. It is saddening to see the abysmal performance 4 cores have against just 2.
top android, iphone and windows phone apps
Games Software

Android, iPhones and Windows smartphones – every one of these is coming pre-loaded with tons of apps and features. In this list, we have put together some top Android, iPhone and Windows Phone apps. Most of these are basic apps available on all platforms, with their recommended alternatives – if any. At the end of this list, you can see more platform-dependent apps – both free and paid.

If you have any favorite iOS, Windows or Android app – be it a productivity tool, a game, camera editing app, or any other stuff – let us know and we would add your favorites in this list too. 

lcd vs amoled 10.5 inch amoled tablet
Gadgets Hardware

Whenever you think about upgrading your smartphone to the latest ones, there are a few things you particularly look forward to: OS, design, camera, performance, a little bit of battery, and screen. Considering the commercialization of all the flagships from every big mobile tech company, these questions come up pretty frequently now.

AMOLED vs LCD comparison: Samsung is biggest proponent of AMOLED screen technology as the Korean company has been

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