MobileSoftware 5 months ago

How To Turn On Instagram Post Notifications

Here’s how you an turn on notifications for specific users on Instagram in a few easy steps. Instagram revealed th…
iOS 93 main
MobileSoftware 5 months ago

iOS 9.3.1 Update With Fix For Safari Link Crashes Coming Soon, Confirms Apple

Apple has confirmed that it will be releasing a software update (iOS 9.3.1 presumably) to fix the dreaded Safari link cr…
IndustrySecurity 5 months ago

Apple Wins iPhone Encryption Battle, But FBI Has “Classified” the Hacking Me…

The legal battle between the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Apple is over, at least for now. The FBI has managed to…
iPhone 7 Camera concept
Mobile 5 months ago

iPhone 7 ‘Innovative Camera’ Concept Has Craziness Written All Over It ̵…

Every iPhone camera released so far by Apple features some sort of upgrade over its predecessor. From larger pixels to …
ios 9.3 final download
MobileSoftware 5 months ago

iOS 9.3 Build 13E237 With Activation Lock Bug Fix Released – Download Now

Updated version of iOS 9.3 with the Activation Lock bug fix has been released for all older iPhone, iPad, iPod touch mod…
MobileSoftware 5 months ago

Fix iOS 9.3 Crash Issue When Opening Safari Links

If iOS 9.3 is crashing or freezing on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch when you open Safari links, then try these handful of met…
os x SIP vulnerability
MobileSecuritySoftware 5 months ago

Here’s One Big Reason Why You Should Update To iOS 9.3 Right Now

If security and privacy has always been at the top of your list, then here’s one big reason why you should update …
Looks Like Apple Has Chosen A Clear Cut Winner For Mass Producing A10 Orders
LeakMobile 5 months ago

The iPhone 7 To Feature Fast Charging; Sources Expect 2A Specs To Match Qualcomm

As we’re almost done with March, the rumor mill has once again proven to be on point. We saw the launch of both th…
apple store thumb
MobileSoftware 5 months ago

Apple’s App Of The Week, Day One 2.0 Available For Free Through The Apple Store Ap…

The App Store was refreshed recently and right on the cue, Apple unveiled its Free App of the Week: Motorsport Manager. …
iPhone SE
Mobile 5 months ago

The iPhone SE Comes With TSMC And Samsung’s Chipsets; No Performance Fluctuations?

As we’re done with the launch of the iPhone SE, its time to take a look at what the device comes with under the ho…
iOS 9 Attention
MobileSoftware 5 months ago

Jailbreakers, Do This Now Before Apple Stops Signing iOS 9.2.1

It’s been a couple of days since iOS 9.3 was released to the masses for download. Those looking forward to a poten…
IndustryMobile 5 months ago

Watch Apple’s Super-Secret Recycling Bot “Liam” Rip Apart an iPhone

Along with a smaller iPhone and an iPad, Apple also unveiled Liam – an iPhone disassembly robot – at its Mar…
iPhone 7 feature
Mobile 5 months ago

This Is The Hottest iPhone 7 Concept We Have Ever Seen – Images

We have stumbled upon what we can only describe as the hottest iPhone 7 concept we have seen so far. More details and im…
apple fbi
MobileSecurity 5 months ago

Israel’s Firm Cellebrite Reportedly Helping FBI to Unlock the iPhone

Earlier this week, the DoJ requested the judge to postpone the scheduled hearing as it’s considering alternative m…
Google Keyboard iPhone main
MobileSoftware 5 months ago

Google Keyboard For iPhone Is On Its Way – Report

The official Google Keyboard for iPhone is in the works, and will feature a dedicated search button. Official Google Key…
Apple Renew Wallpapers feature
Mobile 5 months ago

Download Exclusive Apple Renew Wallpapers For iPhone, iPad

Apple is offering exclusive Apple Renew wallpapers for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users for download. You can grab the…
iPhone 7 and iphone 7 Pro concept
Mobile 5 months ago

New iPhone 7 And iPhone 7 Pro Concept Trailer Released – Video

A new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Pro concept trailer has been released showcasing a bunch of great and somewhat outlandish fe…
iOS 9.3 speed test
MobileSoftware 5 months ago

iOS 9.3 Final Vs iOS 9.2.1 On iPhone 6s, 6, 5s, 5, 4s – Speed Test Video

Is iOS 9.3 faster than iOS 9.2.1? Here’s a speed test video comparing Apple’s new firmware on every supporte…



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