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ios 9
MobileSoftware 5 months ago

iOS 8.4.1 Vs iOS 9.0.1 On iPhone 5s, 5, 4s – Performance Comparison (Video)

Here’s a performance comparison of iOS 9.0.1 vs iOS 8.4.1 running on iPhone 5s, iPhone 5 and iPhone 4s. Within a w…
MobileSoftware 5 months ago

This App Will Tell You How Much Time You Spend On Your iPhone, Android – Download …

It absolutely boggles our minds when we take into account the amount of time people spend on their smartphones. From che…
Apple Expecting iPhone 6s/iPhone 6s Plus Pre-orders To Exceed 10 Million During Launch Period
Mobile 5 months ago

How to Get the New iPhone 6s and 6s Plus in Under 4 Hours

Apple’s former retail chief, Rob Johnson aims to deliver the new iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus to the your homes i…
MobileSecuritySoftware 5 months ago

Apple Reveals Names Of Top 25 Apps That Were Compromised By XcodeGhost Malware

As we are slowly moving away from the whole XcodeGhost fiasco, a lot of questions are being raised by people around the …
iPhone 6s again
Mobile 5 months ago

Latest Apple iPhone 6s Benchmark Scores Beat 12 Inch, Core-M Retina MacBook

Ah the iPhone 6s. Whether Apple’s S lineup of devices come with design overhauls or not, one thing’s for sur…
iOS 9 security
MobileSecuritySoftware 5 months ago

Here’s A Fix For iOS 9’s Security Flaw That Lets Anyone See Your Contacts, P…

iOS 9 boasts a lot of new and improved features that we all love. The adoption rate passed more than 50 percent, which i…
iOS 9.1 beta 2
MobileSoftware 5 months ago

iOS 9.1 Beta 2 For iPhone, iPad Released To Developers

iOS 9.1 beta 2 download for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch is now available to registered developers. The iOS 9.1 beta 2 up…
iOS 901 download
MobileSoftware 5 months ago

iOS 9.0.1 IPSW Download For iPhone, iPad Released – Here’s What Is New

iOS 9.0.1 update for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch has been released. Here’s what is new in the update. According t…
Home Button
MobileSoftware 5 months ago

Calibrate Your iPhone Home Button If It Stopped Working – How To

If you are the type of person who does not upgrade his iPhone every year, you might feel a little left out on speed. Whi…
Touch ID
MobileSoftware 5 months ago

How To Increase Touch ID Accuracy On iPhone, iPad

Touch ID taking several attempts to recognize your fingerprint on iPhone, iPad? Here’s how you can increase its ac…
iPhone 6s again
MobileSoftware 5 months ago

You Can Turn Your Keyboard Into A Trackpad Using 3D Touch In iPhone 6s

Users are beginning to feel anxious on their iPhone 6s and 6s Plus deliveries while some users are acquainted with email…
iOS 9
MobileSoftware 5 months ago

Silence Siri Voice Feedback On iPhone Using Mute Switch – How To

Here’s how you can use the iPhone mute switch to silence Siri voice feedback on the fly. If you’re a frequen…
MobileSecuritySoftware 5 months ago

How To Scan Jailbroken iPhone, iPad For XcodeGhost Malware

Here’s how jailbroken users can use Pangu’s online tool to check for XcodeGhost malware on their iPhone, iPa…
MobileSoftware 5 months ago

Fix iOS 9 WiFi Issues On iPhone, iPad – How To

Here’s a complete guide on how you can fix iOS 9 WiFi issues on iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Apart from cellular ne…
Cyte Cydia
MobileSoftware 5 months ago

Force Touch Activator Provides 3D Touch-Like Interactive Controls On Older iPhones

3D touch is the jewel on iPhone 6s and 6s Plus for this year. It boasts the ability to provide quick shortcuts and actio…
apple security
MobileSecurity 5 months ago

Apple will Notify Users If They Have Installed XcodeGhost Infected Apps

XcodeGhost malware is being identified as the biggest security breach iOS has ever suffered. Discovered last week, Apple…
apple bbc documentary
LeakMobile 5 months ago

The Apple iPhone 7 And A10 Processor To Focus On 10nm And Multi-Threading

With the iPhone 6s and the iPhone 6s Plus came Apple’s A9 processor. We didn’t see any major focus dedicated…
MobileSecuritySoftware 5 months ago

Apple Outlines Steps For Validating Xcode Following XcodeGhost Malware Outbreak

Following the recent XcodeGhost malware outbreak on the iOS App Store, Apple has outlined steps how users / developers c…






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