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best ios 7 apps ios 7 jailbreak tweaks and apps
Software 8 months ago

Block Ads on Hulu, Pandora, YouTube, and More – No Jailbreak Required!

Who isn’t annoyed with the omnipresent ads on every other site we visit. While we may get through other sites, the one...
Software 8 months ago

How to Delete ALL Messages in iPhone at the Same Time!

It’s quite fussy and irritating to some extent that there is no option to delete all messages in iPhone at the same ti...
activator ios 7 jailbreak tweak
Software 8 months ago

Find Lost iPhone – Remotely Enable Location Services with Activator iOS 7

Activator is one of the most favored and used jailbreak tweaks. Developed by Ryan Petrich, Activator lets you assign dif...
autook ios 7
Software 8 months ago

AutoOK Jailbreak Tweak Updated for iOS 7 for Easier Access

With the four digits code of passcode, that when you enter, your iOS device gets unlocked without the need of hitting on...
ayeris ios 7 theme winterboard
Software 8 months ago

[Updated]: The Popular Winterboard Ayecon’s Sibling Ayeris iOS 7 Theme

[Update]: Ayeris iOS 7 is now available on Cydia for $3.99. Ayeris is developed by Thientam Bach – popularly known a...
blueboard iOS 7 Keyboard
Software 8 months ago

Change the Color of Keyboard on iOS – How to!

Bored of iOS native keyboard colors? Here is how you can change the color of Keyboard system-wide on iOS.  BlueBoard iO...
Can I Get Google Maps On iOS 6
Software 8 months ago

How to Use Google Maps Offline on Your Android and iOS Devices

We can’t have access to internet connectivity all the times – ideal world, really! During navigation or travelling i...
General 8 months ago

4.7 Inch iPhone 6 will look like this? May be.

Hot on the heals of Sonny Dikson’s release of what is being regarded as leaked pictures of the probable 4.7 inch iPhon...
Software 8 months ago

Three Ways to Sync Your iPhone Calendar with Your Android Device – How to

Since these are the times of keeping more than just one mobile device, big chance of you owning an Android and another i...
forecast ios 7 theme
Software 8 months ago

Forecast iOS 7 Animated Wallpapers – Weather for your Location on Lock Screen!

Forecast iOS 7 offers a very simple and minimalist look on lock screen with animated weather themed wallpapers. For thos...
guestmode ios 7 jailbreak tweak
Software 8 months ago

Add Guest Mode to Your iPhone with GuestMode iOS 7!

GuestMode iOS 7 jailbreak tweak adds the Guest Mode feature to your iPhone – as apparent from its name. Highly anticip...
weasel iOS 7
Software 8 months ago

Weasel Productivity iOS 7 JB App for iPhone and iPad

Weasel is a new jailbreak tweak extending the features and capability of Spotlight. Just like Alfred productivity app fo...
catchr ios privacy app
Software 8 months ago

Catchr: Catch and Track Curious Family, Friends and Collegues Using Your Phone in Your...

Have you ever wondered if someone you trust tries to snoop in to your mobile phone or use it in your absence? Well, Catc...
Flappy Bird alternatives
Games 8 months ago

You Can Still Buy Flappy Bird on eBay – For Thousands Of Dollars Of Course

Unless you are living under a rock, you know that the game which created an enormous uproar during past few weeks in the...






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