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Jailbreak iOS 9.1
MobileSoftware 5 months ago

Jailbreak iOS 9.1 On iPhone 6s, iPad Pro, iPad Mini 4 And More Using Pangu 9

Jailbreak iOS 9.1 on iPhone 6s, iPhone 6, iPad Air 2, iPad Pro, iPad mini 4, iPod touch 5 and more using newly updated …
IndustryMobile 5 months ago

The iPhone SE, iPad Pro Mini, FBI, iOS 9.3 & March 21; Here’s Everything To E…

As Apple’s event for March 21st gets confirmed, industry speculation on what to expect from the company in less th…
IndustryMobile 5 months ago

Edward Snowden Claims That The FBI Is Lying As Eddie Cue Defends Apple In iPhone Unlock …

Apple’s managed to stay a part of the news consistently over the past couple of months, despite the company’…
Chinese Patent World’s First Ever Lithium Battery Immune System
MobileSoftware 5 months ago

Apple Confirms: Closing Apps From App Switcher Doesn’t Help Save Battery Life

It’s widely believed by a huge portion of the iOS using community that closing apps from the app switcher on iPhon…
Apple Let us Loop you in
IndustryMobile 5 months ago

Apple Sends Out Invites For March 21st ‘Let Us Loop You In’ Media Event

It’s official and the cat’s out of the bag, Apple will be holding a special media event on the 21st of March…
iPhone Cases
LeakMobile 5 months ago

Apple iPhone SE Case Leaks Provide Limited Design Confirmation As Company Event Approach…

Apple’s upcoming March event has started to see a lot of rumors and information surface w.r.t the company’s …
iPhone 6s again
MobileSoftware 5 months ago

This iOS Glitch Will Make Your iPhone Lightning Fast – Video

A new iOS glitch has surfaced, and strangely enough, it’s the first ever of its kind that actually does something …
iPhone 6s 3
MobileSoftware 5 months ago

Find iPhone, iPad Model Number Without Retail Box

Lost your iPhone, iPad retail box? Here’s how you an still find out the device’s model number in a few easy…
Google Photos
MobileSoftware 5 months ago

Here’s One Big Reason Why You Should Use Google Photos On iOS

Google has just updated its Google Photos for iOS app on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, giving us a huge reason why we should…
MobileSoftware 5 months ago

Find Out How Much Data FaceTime Call Used Up Over Cellular / WiFi

Here’s how you can find out how much data a FaceTime Video or FaceTime Audio call used up over cellular or WiFi. F…
Galaxy S7 (2)
Mobile 5 months ago

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Vs iPhone 6s Plus; Benchmark Breakdown Shows Unimpressive Perform…

With the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S7 and the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, users and enthusiasts all around were wondering…
iOS 9.3
MobileSoftware 5 months ago

iOS 9.3 Beta 6, Public Beta 6 Has Been Released

iOS 9.3 beta 6 and iOS 9.3 Public Beta 6 download are now available for registered developers and public testers. iOS 9…
Motion Sensor
MobileSoftware 5 months ago

Capture A Moment Exactly When It Happens With Motion Sensor

Capturing the right moment on camera is either a lucky shot or takes a lot of patience. If you’re the kind of pers…
iPhone 4s
MobileSoftware 5 months ago

iOS Users Receiving Ghost Emails From 1st January 1970

A few weeks ago, there was a bug discovered in Apple’s iOS that had the potential to permanently brick a user̵…
MobileSoftware 5 months ago

Flex 2.5 Beta Update Brings Support For Searching App Patches In The Cloud

If you’re lucky enough to possess a jailbroken status, then at some point in time, you would have made use of the…
MobileSoftware 5 months ago

iPhone 6 Or 6s Mysteriously Running Out Of Storage Space? Try This Fix!

I frequently delete unwanted media files from my iPhone so as to not run out of storage space. What took me aback was wh…
Toca Kitchen 2
MobileSoftware 5 months ago

Grab Toca Kitchen 2 As Apple’s Free App Of The Week

Every week, Apple’s in-house editors select an app for promotional purposes which is then offered for free. This w…
apple fbi
IndustrySecurity 5 months ago

Tech Titans and Privacy Groups Join Apple’s Legal Fight Against the FBI

The public may be divided on whether to support Apple or the FBI over their latest legal battle on encryption, but tech …






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