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The Apple iPhone was the pioneer of high quality highly capacitive touch screens, screen which made their competitors look like sluggish snails. In fact even quite recently in a screen touch latency benchmark Apple’s iPhones did quite well. Shockingly however, they failed miserably in this test.


Apple’s iPhone 5s and 5c Fail Accuracy Benchmarks – Galaxy III Passes with Flying Colors

The benchmark was conducted by measuring the accuracy of the sensors. OptoFidelity had put smartphone touchscreens to a test by a robotic hand that basically poked the display and then compared what the phone actually registered. Interestingly, iPhones it turns out are more accurate in the bottom part of the screen – exactly where the keyboard is located, while in other parts of the display and even around the edges of the keyboard they are horrible. In fact they are so bad they don’t register touch at all! Here are the benches:


Over the last couple of years in the mobile business, Apple has held its ground ground with just one weapon in its arsenal. When the iPhone was released, it was a formidable product with something new to it. Well, Apple has done it again with its next generation of the iPhone, namely the iPhone 5s.

iphone 5s

Here’s Why the iPhone 5s is a better buy than Galaxy S4

Most people will disagree that the new product brings something out of the ordinary. In our opinion, It heralds the dawn of a new horizon.

  • The new Apple A7 Chipset ticking inside the 5s brings with it the newer 8th version of ARM’s instruction set, With this comes 64bit computing allowing 4gb+ ram to be addressed and utilized although the iOS does its job with just 1GB. With the new instruction set comes sheer power which apple has put to good use.
  • The graphic area is covered by the PowerVR G6430, which again is the latest in the market. Ironically this whole soc is manufactured by Apple’s arch-rival Samsung .
  • The S4 on the other hand utilizes the older ARM v7 instruction set via its cortex A15/Krait 300/Krait 400. It is saddening to see the abysmal performance 4 cores have against just 2.
top android, iphone and windows phone apps
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Android, iPhones and Windows smartphones – every one of these is coming pre-loaded with tons of apps and features. In this list, we have put together some top Android, iPhone and Windows Phone apps. Most of these are basic apps available on all platforms, with their recommended alternatives – if any. At the end of this list, you can see more platform-dependent apps – both free and paid.

If you have any favorite iOS, Windows or Android app – be it a productivity tool, a game, camera editing app, or any other stuff – let us know and we would add your favorites in this list too. 

lcd vs amoled 10.5 inch amoled tablet
Gadgets Hardware

Whenever you think about upgrading your smartphone to the latest ones, there are a few things you particularly look forward to: OS, design, camera, performance, a little bit of battery, and screen. Considering the commercialization of all the flagships from every big mobile tech company, these questions come up pretty frequently now.

AMOLED vs LCD comparison: Samsung is biggest proponent of AMOLED screen technology as the Korean company has been


Rumors were going rounds and rounds last week about the iOS 7 jailbreak tethered boot coming for Apple iPhone 4 users. However, we haven’t seen any signs or any of the official updates from jailbreak developers. BUT, some hackers have been bragging about and claiming to be running Cydia iOS 7 with tethered boot on iPhone 4! Evidently, some may have been right.

We have got a few pictures of an iPhone 4 running Cydia on iOS 7 with new layout and User Interface. Cydia on iOS 7 seems to


Well if you have seen the Slow Motion feature in the iPhone 5s and the resulting Slow Motion footage then you must want it. If however you don’t have an iPhone 5s, but do have an iPhone 5 or iPhone 5c then don’t despair, we can help you out (if you have an iPhone 4 or below then feel free to despair.)


How to add Slow Motion Video Recording to Your iPhone 5 and iPhone 5c

The iPhone 5s records Slow motion at 120fps, although its something you use only for fun, its quite popular. Sadly even with alternative software you can only do 60fps on the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5c. To get Slow Motion in the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5 you need the help of “SlowCam foriPhone“. This app promises to gain hardware level access to your iPhone camera and grant you Slow Motion for just $1.99.

How to get slow motion on iPhone 5 SlowCam

SlowCam is a pretty promising app with a plethora of features. Theres even a button for “Torch” so you get a bonus Torch Button as well in your $1.99 app, and for good measure too. The more frames per second you increase the less lighted the video footage will become. A room that appears well lit in 30 fps can appear pitch black in 240fps, so the torch is essential for recording in Slow Motion indoors.

So once again, to get Slow Motion for iPhone 5 and iPhone 5c download the SlowCam App from this link: SlowCam for iOS

For those people who are interested, SlowCam also works with iPhone 5s , though we aren’t sure why you would get SlowCam for iPhone 5s (maybe perhaps for the torch?).


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Apple iOS 7 Release Date 18

Since the iOS 7 release, Apple support and discussion forums have been filling with complaints about the discontent with new OS’s Parallax and zooming effects. Cases of having bouts of nausea, vertigo, dizziness, and motion sickness have been reported so far. While the Apple support have declined any possible steps to disable the overall effects, there is a way to disable iOS 7 Parallax effect.

Parallax effect in the homescreen makes the background move further behind as if it’s far behind the icons. It is

apple iphone features fingerprint scanner
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Hackers claim to have broken Apple’s Touch ID fingerprint security just after a day of iPhone 5S‘s launch. iPhone maker has been talking a lot about fingerprint technology providing high level of security. Chaos Computer Club (CCC)’s hacking team has claimed to have successfully managed to bypass the biometric security of iPhone’s TouchID using everyday means.

Logo Apple iPhone

Well that didn’t take long did it? It only took two days for Apple’s greatest security measure, the Touch ID Finger Print Scanner, to become nothing more then a gimimck. Thats right a German Hacking Group called the “Chaos Computer Club” has done it in less then 48 hours after the iPhone 5s was released. Not only that they are now awaiting massive prize money for accomplishing this feat.

iphone 5s touch id finger print scanner hacked

Apple Touch ID Finger Print Scanner Has Been Hacked – Heres How

As we already mentioned, this feat was accomplished by CCC a German hacker group. Whats ironic is that people were so sure of the un-hackable nature of the iPhone’s Touch ID Finger Print Scanner that there is a site that would reward anyone who gave proof that they accomplished the impossible: http://istouchidhackedyet.com/

Currently the status on the site is “Maybe” as they wait verification and authentication from CCC to dish out the bounty to them. Here’s how the Chaos Computer Club  say they did it:

“First, the fingerprint of the enrolled user is photographed with 2400 dpi resolution. The resulting image is then cleaned up, inverted and laser printed with 1200 dpi onto transparent sheet with a thick toner setting. Finally, pink latex milk or white woodglue is smeared into the pattern created by the toner onto the transparent sheet. After it cures, the thin latex sheet is lifted from the sheet, breathed on to make it a tiny bit moist and then placed onto the sensor to unlock the phone.”

Chaos Computer Club Hacked iPhone 5s TouchID

What will it mean for Apple?

If this hack is easily replicate-able and by the looks, it is, then this could be very bad for Apple. Unlike Android smartphones where a physical defect can just be replaced in the next model, Apple’s iPhones are major events. You have to wait for the next iPhone to even think about replacing anything. With a security flaw as big as this, things look very grim indeed for Apple.

Even more alarming are reports that the Touch ID Finger Print Scanner can be fooled by mere latex printed finger gloves – so much for the futuristic security measure.

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Download Black Berry Messenger BBM for iPhone

This just in, BBM (Black Berry Messenger) for iPhone has just been released on App Store for iPhone. Download Black Berry Messenger BBM for iPhone Links are given below. BBM is a secure messenger service that uses the Black Berry PIN System to transmit messages and is highly accredited for its reliability.

Download Black Berry Messenger BBM for iPhone

Download BBM for iPhone (Direct Links)

[BBM for iPhone Download Link has been posted below]

Black Berry Messenger is one of the most reliable messaging services available today. It is highly secured and used by many high profile personalities. Infact someone would say its security is second only to the IRC (Internet Relay Chat), excluding all Encryption-Based programs. BBM works over wifi too, which is an added bonus for iPhone users.

To our knowledge the BBM Black Berry Messenger for iPhone has currently only gone online on the iPhone App Store of New Zealand. Download BBM for iPhone here.

BBM for iPhone

BBM is ready to launch for Android on Saturday, September 21st. Be sure to check out other apps to on the iPhone App Store. Android users will have to wait a little before BBM is released on the Android Platform, which should be any time now.

Black Berry Messenger service has gained critical acclaim for a reason and the fact they are expanding towards other platforms instead of a purely Blackberry based service speaks volumes. Nevertheless we still urge our users who deal in sensitive information to use Encryption over any third party based secure messaging service. However if you are the average guy looking for a highly reliable service. BBM is the way to go for you.

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download ios 7 iphone

Since the official release of iOS 7 on Wednesday, everyone is trying to find some more helpful features which may have been gone out of the limelight due to the immense number of new features introduced in iOS 7. In the latest operating system update, it seems that Apple has included a pretty useful networking surprise. A new networking protocol called Multipath TCP is featured in iOS 7 final release which will allow Apple devices to simultaneously use multiple connections such as cellular network, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to transmit data.

From a logs captured from an iOS device while connecting to Siri servers, it is evident that the very latest

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According to many Apple Fans, iPhones and iPads have always felt more ‘responsive’ and ‘natural’ then their Android counterparts. Well thanks to to the TouchMark 1 technology we might just finally be able to explain the reason behind it all: iPhones Touch Latency.

iphones touch latency

iPhones Touch Latency A Main Factor Behind Their Success?

TouchMarks 1 (Agawi )is a relatively unknown benchmarking technology in the tech world. It is still fledgling but of extreme importance. The TouchMark 1 Technology was developed by Agawi and utilizes both Hardware and Software mechanisms; both of which are open source. And the TouchMark team came up with very impressive results: the iPhone 5s is a basically in a league of its own where the iPhones Touch Latency is concerned. The only product anywhere near the iPhone 5s is the older version of the iPhone.

ios 7 GM

In this tutorial we will guide you through the process of downloading and installing the iOS 7 GM for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. iOS 7 Gold Master was announced right after the announcement of iPhone 5S and 5C. The OS will be made publicly available on 18th September so you won’t be needed to have your device’s UDID to be registered in order to download the OS. But since it hasn’t yet been officially released, you will have to be a registered developer with Apple to get access to iOS 7 GM download links.

How to download iOS 7 GM (Gold Master):

ios 7 features

With iOS 7 release yesterday, everyone of us wants to update to the latest iOS. The official release date doesn’t come any sooner than the September 18th, but you can update your Apple device to the latest iOS final version following these steps. We hope there won’t be any issues but do take a backup of your device in case something goes wrong. Also, since iOS 7 requires a later version of iTunes so you might not be able to use it after the update – install the beta if that happens.

How to update to iOS 7:

iPhone 5S Thumbprint Scanner

Well we have always wanted a smartphone with a thumb print scanner. Remember those fake apps in which you scanned your thumbs using the touch screen. Well the iPhone 5s not only makes it a reality but in an even better way, as rumored the Home Button is actually a thumb print scanner!

iPhone 5S Thumbprint ScannerPhoto Credits Only: The Verge

iPhone 5s Thumbprint scanner Detailed

iPhone 5S Thumbprint scanner is basically a TouchID Based Capacitive scanner with a 500ppi resolution and 170 microns thickness. the scanner read in all angles and because it scans your sub epidermal layer it wont be much affected by slightly dirty skin. However it does raise the very obvious question. What if you cut your thumb? are you locked out of your iPhone 5s till you heal? Lets Hope not!

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