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MobileSoftware 2 months ago

How To Better Manage Background Apps On iPhone Running iOS 8

Here’s how you can take full control of background apps on your iPhone. This process will ensure that you end up …
Angry Birds 2
GamesMobile 2 months ago

Angry Birds 2 For iOS, Android Released [Download Links]

After initially dropping a teaser for its upcoming game, Rovio has flipped the switch and has made Angry Birds 2 officia…
iPhone Camera
Mobile 2 months ago

Take Better Photos Using iPhone Camera – The Definitive Guide

Here’s how you can take the best possible photos using just your iPhone camera. Our guide will ensure that you en…
Logo Apple iPhone
LeakMobile 2 months ago

Latest iPhone 6S Leak Shows Intricate Changes Under Hood; Protruding Camera To Stay

As we slowly begin to near September’s Apple iPhone launches, component leaks related to the upcoming devices have…
update 1.1.23
MobileSoftware 2 months ago

Top 5 iOS 8.x Jailbreak Tweaks You Can Download This Week

Here’s a list of the best Cydia jailbreak tweaks for iOS 8.x which you can download this week. There are a handful…
Yahoo Livetext
MobileSoftware 2 months ago

Yahoo Releases Livetext Silent Video Chat App For iOS, Android

Yahoo has just released a brand new app for iOS and Android called ‘Livetext.’ The concept of the app is si…
iPhone 6s camera will be able to capture 4K footage
MobileSoftware 2 months ago

How To Backup iPhone, iPad Using iCloud, iTunes

Here’s how you can backup iPhone, iPad, iPod touch using iCloud or iTunes on your PC or Mac. Creating a backup ens…
USB Charger
Deals 2 months ago

WCCFtech Deals – Kinkoo 40W 6-Port USB High Speed Charger

USB is becoming the charging standard of the world, that is that most devices seem to terminate in the good ol’ US…
iOS 9 Wallet
MobileSoftware 2 months ago

How To Add iTunes Pass To Passbook / Wallet App On iPhone

Here’s how you can add iTunes Pass to Passbook or Wallet app on iPhone. Once added, your iTunes Pass will be a t…
Mobile 2 months ago

Should You Wait For iPhone 6s Or Buy iPhone 6 Right Now?

The iPhone 6s is due for launch in September, leaving potential customers in hot water whether or not they should wait f…
Cyte Cydia
MobileSoftware 2 months ago

Alympus Tweak For iOS 8 Released, Here’s How You Can Download It

As excited as us jailbreak folks were for this mighty tweak, Alympus has finally made it to the public domain and is now…

T-Mobile Adds Free Apple Music Streaming, Free Upgrade To iPhone 6s

T-Mobile has just announced that it is bringing free Apple Music streaming to all its users through its Music Freedom in…
Obscura Camera
Software 2 months ago

This Is One Of The Best Third-Party iPhone Camera App Out There

iPhone camera apps are aplenty over at the App Store. Just dive into the Photo & Video category, and you’ll co…
MobileSoftware 2 months ago

Periscope Updated For iOS, Brings Handoff Support, Muting And More

Twitter had refreshed Periscope application for iOS 8 with interactive notifications and draft support. The newest updat…
iOS Photos App
MobileSoftware 2 months ago

Straighten Photos In iOS Using Native Photos App – How To

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how you can straighten photos in iOS using the native Photos app. If you’ve…
Logo Apple iPhone
LeakMobile 2 months ago

We Just Might Get An iPhone 6C This Year – Device Battery Leaks Allegedly

Ah the iPhone 6C. Apple’s original low cost iPhone saw a poor response from the company’s dedicated fan base…
MobileSoftware 2 months ago

Delete Old iCloud Backups On iPhone, iPad, Mac To Free Up Space

Here’s how you can delete old iCloud backups right from your iPhone, iPad or Mac and free up some precious cloud s…
iOS 9 public beta
MobileSoftware 2 months ago

How To Download, Install iOS 9 Public Beta On iPhone, iPad

Here’s a complete guide on how you can download and install iOS 9 Public Beta on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. The …






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