Apple’s next gen chipset, the A8 may be manufactured by TSMC ( Taiwan Semi-conductor Manufacturing Limited). The Wall street journal in June reported that Apple and TSMC had a breakthrough in their understanding and hinted at the possibility of TSMC taking over Apple’s chip manufacturing.

Samsung May Not Make Apple’s Next SOC

The coming year will most probably see chips made in 16nm fabrication technology. Apple’s A8 is rumored to be a 20nm chip. Even then, TSMC will have the capability to manufacture it.

Analysts say that mass 20nm chip production could put TSMC in a position to dethrone Samsung Electronics Co as the supplier of Apple Inc’s next-generation A8 chip next year”,”The company is expected to ship 165,000 20nm chips to Apple next year, accounting for 10 percent of its revenue that year, Daiwa Capital Markets analyst Eric Chen”.

iphone 6 concept iphone 6 release date

Update: this post has been updated with latest iPhone 6 concepts from various designers - as they keep coming.

Apple used the earlier iPad Mini designs in its latest iPad Air. Beautiful ultra thin design with diamond-cut chamfered edges and metallic finish at the back. It is being speculated now that Apple’s next iPhone will carry the similar design features. The upcoming Apple smartphone flagship is going to be called an iPhone Air or iPhone 6, we aint sure yet. However, the speculations about Air designs are plenty much.iphone air concept

iPhone Air concept:

iphone 5s christmas

A plethora of retailers are slashing the prices on Apple’s latest iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c smartphones. As the 2013 ends, it is already being reported that iPhone 5s sales have topped on all major U.S. carriers confirming the consumer interest in Apple’s latest smartphone.

Here are some of the best iPhone 5s Christmas deals that you can look forward to get this year’s best smartphone before Christmas.iphone 5s best buy

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iPhone 5s Best Buy deal:

best ios 7 apps ios 7 jailbreak tweaks and apps

As the year nears the end, there will be a barrage of top of the…best of the, year end lists. We apologize to be a part of this trend and overload you with information. But, we can’t help it, can we now! So here goes the best of the best list of iOS 7 apps that we used in 2013 and that you will need through out the coming year too. Or so we believe. This list has some essential iOS 7 apps along with some rather more sophisticated, fancy apps. Let’s see if this list makes your transition to the new year a bit easier.

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new apps ios 7 list

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iOS 7 apps – the essentials:

Hardware Industry

It’s been some time since news regarding the working conditions of Apple’s major suppliers has reached us. Foxconn, a supplier of Apple has been continuously maimed because of the inhumane conditions the laborers work in. Pegatron another of Apple’s supplier is in hot water. An underage worker has recently died at a Pegatron factory.

Apple’s Supplier Accused Of Labor Violations

The laborer “Shi zhaokun” worked at the factory by using a fake id, according to a report he worked more than 75 hours per week which is more than the 60 hour limit per week set by Chinese law.

“Apple’s supplier responsibility statement bars employees of supplier companies in China from working more than 60 hours a week; so does Chinese law. But Mr. Shi worked 79 hours in his first week, 77 in his second and 75 in his third, all apparently in violation of the law, according to documents provided by his family.

Pegatron said that the work logs the family kept are records of when the young man clocked in and out, and may not include breaks. The company said his hours did not exceed the legal limit.”

According to a Pegatron spokesperson, the death was not workplace related. Apple has not released a statement on this issue. Although Apple started the efforts to form a “Supplier responsibility program”, news related to disagreeable workplace conditions are not very uncommon. This is indeed sad news.


iPhone 5S cyber monday

t-mobile iphone 5s cyber monday dealSeems like everyone is geared up for the Christmas in the tech world. After getting the news of iPhone 5s finally catching up with demand and being completely available at every store, here comes another good piece of news. T-Mobile has decided to sell iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c for just $0 down!

No doubt iPhone 5s is one of the top items being looked for as Christmas gifts after Apple iPod Touch and T-Mobile has made it easier to get this beautiful smartphone (are we looking forward to get something even more beautiful next year?).

T-Mobile iPhone 5s, 5c, iPad Air and Retina iPad Mini Christmas offers:

airplay music to unsupported bluetooth speakers

AirPlay is an iOS compatible music streaming service that allows you to easily and quickly stream music from any Apple device. It instantly streams music from any iOS device to compatible speakers over WiFi without any requirements of pairing process. Although AirPlay music is quite perfect for parties, a lot of speakers aren’t compatible with Apple’s AirPlay. Here is how you can AirPlay music to unsupported Bluetooth speakers with a simple tweak.airplay music to unsupported bluetooth speakers

AirPlay music to unsupported Bluetooth speakers:

12 days of gifts us app

12 Days of Gifts US app:12 days of gifts us app

Apple has released its annual 12 Days of Gifts app for iOS devices today to celebrate Christmas. The Cupertino based company has given its consumers in Europe, Canada, Japan and, some other countries 12 days of Gifts, also known as 12 Days of Christmas, for the past many years. However, 2013 is the first year when the free giveaways

china mobile iphone preorders
Gadgets Industry

China Mobile’s official website is advertising iPhone 5s pre-order sales beginning from this Thursday. A few days back China Mobile and Apple closed a deal to bring the iPhone to China’s largest mobile network – a network which could bring some 24 million iPhone sales in 2014 for Apple!china mobile iphone preorders

China Mobile iPhone preorders: 

iphone charging issue

Are you facing iPhone charging troubles with your lightning cable? Here is an easy fix for your iPhone charging. Thanks to redditor beddel37, you can solve your iPhone charging issue with a little trick. Here is how.iphone charging issue

How to fix iPhone charging issue:

Bedell37 suggests a little tinkering around the Lightning port with a toothpick should will  get your iPhone to charge again:

Was at dinner with a friend who works for Apple. Told him my charger wasn’t working, so he went to the front of the restaurant and got a toothpick. Started picking in the lightning charger input, picking out tons of lint. Like it had to be BURIED in there. He said phone gets lint built up in the pocket. Picked it out, and it’s good to go. Said they would probably have charged me at the Apple store, but it took all of 2 minutes. - Bedell37

While Bedell37′s Apple friend is most probably wrong about Apple charging for such a small task; it is a good old trick to first clean up your phone’s slot before heading out for getting professional help.

Let us know if this solves your iPhone charging issue.

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free spotify for mobile

Spotify is planning to introduce a free, ad-supported version for its mobile users. The music streaming service is already available for free without a paid subscription for desktop and laptop users. Free Spotify for mobile will replace the currently available subscription model.free spotify for mobile

Free Spotify for mobile devices:

fatal itunes error

The very latest fatal iTunes error is being reported by a plenty of users across the country. Reportedly, Apple ID is unable to get logged on into the iTunes to make purchases. This is affecting and in fact frustrating holiday shoppers a lot. fatal itunes error cannot connect to itunes

Fatal iTunes error – no Apple support so far!

assassin's crowd: pirates for ios

assassin's creed: pirates for ios 7

Assassin’s Creed: Pirates for iOS:

Ubisoft announced Assassin’s Creed: Pirates earlier at this year’s Digital Days. Assassin’s Creed: Pirates is a standalone Assassin’s Creed game designed for smartphones and tablets. The popular console game is now released on App Store for iPhone and iPad users! This very much anticipated game was much awaited by game enthusiasts ever since its announcements some three months back.

This exclusive Caribbean adventure for smartphones and tablets will give you a chance to become one of the most feared pirates. You will play as Alonzo Batilla – the ambitious young captain eager to take on the fieriest of enemies! Break the rules, challenge empires, make fortune or engage in real-time battles. You can also upgrade your ship with better weapons and recruit new crew members to become a better captain. Living the life of a pirate was never this easy!

iphone 5s vs iphone 5

iPhone 5s camera comparison with iPhone 5c and 5:

One of the very few major upgrades introduced in Apple’s latest flagship iPhone 5s is its camera system. A new iSight camera lens with five-element Apple-designed lens with a larger f/2.2 aperture. Having been improved, it has been compared against the Nokia Lumia 1020′s 41MP camera – arguably termed as the best camera phone so far. However, here will will compare iPhone 5s camera internally with its predecessor Apple iPhone 5 and the plastic companion, the iPhone 5c.

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play youtube in background

It is distressing to search your favorite song, stream it and see it abruptly stop playing when you move to some other app or turn the screen off. Yep, that’s how YouTube behaves on your smartphone or iPad. Here are a couple of tricks to play YouTube in the background and get some music-y peace.play youtube in background

How to play YouTube in background on iOS 7 – method 1:

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