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videopane jailbreak app
Software 1 year ago

Petrich’s Videopane UI Now Being Developed for iOS Apps Multitasking

App Videopane multitasking: The genius Ryan Petrich is working on bringing the videopane multitasking capabilities to ap…
undo redo typing
Software 1 year ago

Undo / Redo Text on Your Apple iPhone and iPad – How to

Undo / Redo text on Apple iPhone and iPad: If you are not familiar with how to undo redo typing on iPhone or iPad, this …
Auxo 2 iOS 7
Software 1 year ago

Auxo 2 Launched for iOS 7 with Re-Imagined UI and Plenty of New Features!

A3tweaks has just released Auxo 2 iOS 7 jailbreak tweak after its crazy success with iOS 6 users. In iOS 6, Auxo offere…
all-glass iphone
Gadgets 1 year ago

iPhone 6 Leaked Images from Foxconn Factory – Thinner Design, Rounded Edges

The latest iPhone 6 leaked images come from the Chinese social network Weibo. These images show iPhone 6 with an even th…
galaxy s5 ALS ice bucket
Gadgets 1 year ago

Samsung Galaxy S5 Battery Beats iPhone 5s in 3D Gaming and Talk Time

Galaxy S5 vs iPhone 5s battery: Latest Samsung Galaxy S5 vs iPhone 5s battery comparison tests reveal that Samsung’…
Software 1 year ago

Get System-Wide Facebook Chat Heads in iOS – How to

Facebook Chat Heads were launched last year introducing a really helpful feature to chat with your friends while within …
concept iPhone 6 infographic
Gadgets 1 year ago

Renderings of iPhone 6c Show Two Display Sizes as Previously Rumored

iPhone 6c renderings: This year, Apple is heavily rumored to launch a larger display iPhone model. From a 4.7 incher to …
Jailbreak iOS 7.1.1
Software 1 year ago

iPhone 4s on iOS 7.1 is Jailbroken – Public Release not Expected

Jailbreak iOS 7.1 not likely for public release: Only a few days, we saw a 2 minutes long video showing the jailbreak ru…
hide stock apps from home screen
Software 1 year ago

Hide Stock Apps from Home Screen, Thanks to this iOS 7.1 Bug

There have been a few tiny glitches in iOS 7.1 which are actually helping us achieve some things not usually available u…
concept iPhone 6 infographic
Gadgets 1 year ago

iPod Nano-Inspired iPhone 6 Concept Design Looks Like a LumiaPhone

Previous year saw some leaks about Apple’s iPhone 5s and 5c and helped designers predict the products. While iPhon…
DockFlow iOS 7
Software 1 year ago

Add Brilliant New Animations to Your iPhone Dock with DockFlow iOS 7

DockFlow is a wonderful new iOS 7 tweak bringing wonderful new animations to your iPhone dock. While you may be a fan of…
fix motion sickness in iOS 7.1
Software 1 year ago

Fix Annoying Motion Sickness of iOS 7.1 – iOS 7 Tips and Tricks

iOS 7.1 introduced a new toggle to disable the parallax effect that has been annoying various of the iOS 7 adopters. iOS…
send messages without internet
Software 1 year ago

Send Messages without an Internet Connection on iOS 7 – How to

Apple always rolls out things hidden in the iOS updates that do not affect us immediately. Like many other hidden iOS 7 …
use facial recognition to unlock iPhone
Software 1 year ago

Use Facial Recognition to Unlock iPhone – How to

The concept to unlock iPhone with facial recognition always sounds cool. Now you too can unlock your iPhone using facial…
drunk mode ios 7
Software 1 year ago

“Go Home, You Are Drunk!” – Restricts Your iOS 7 Device When You’…

Drunk Mode iOS 7 novelty jailbreak tweak: As the weekend starts, we thought to share some fun little tweak about which w…
Software 1 year ago

Create Nested Folders in iOS 7.1 – How to

If you like creating categorizing and having an organized life, you must be a fan of nested folders too. Nested folders …
ProWidgets iOS 7
Software 1 year ago

ProWidgets iOS 7 Multitasking Jailbreak Tweak for Widgets-Based Multitasking

Craving some multitasking on your iOS 7 powered device? This new jailbreak tweak will let you dismiss, activate, or mini…
Software 1 year ago

iOS 7.1 Tips and Tricks: Enable Button Shapes in the Latest iOS 7.1

Apple introduced quite an immaculate design philosophy with iOS 7. The problem? It was often too white for the eyes an…






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