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It always feels more convenient, more easier, more “my favorite” sort of feeling to have a favorite contact right on your home screen. Swipe and make a call, and ta da! If you have also dreamt of having that one favorite contact number (or even more – although we don’t recommend calling just too many people too much) right on your iPhone’s homescreen, we have found just the right iOS 7 jailbreak tweak to help you do it!QuickContacts iOS 7 Jailbreak Tweak:

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QuickContacts iOS 7 jailbreak tweak:

download ios 7 iphone

The year twenty thirteen was indeed an upsetting one when you look at all the news, leaks and reports that whirled around Snowden case. In the past couple months, there has been an increasing number of reports, proved by leaked documents, of agencies like National Security Agency (NSA) prying over our smartphones. While many of us mobile users are still aren’t that freaked out to the level we should be, there are those who are eagerly looking forward to way they can make their mobile experience more private, more security apps

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Android and iOS are two major mobile OS being used today by millions of users worldwide. In this post, we will focus on some Android and iOS security apps that would help you making your online presence safer than before.

iOS and Android security apps:

- The Guardian Project:

The Guardian Project provides a collection of open source security apps with a focus on mobile OS security and privacy. Various apps like Orbot (Tor-like service allowing you access censored, blocked material), Orweb (web browser with a focus on increased privacy), ChatSecure (encrypted messaging app), Ostel (make encrypted phone calls), etc are part of this security apps

The Guardian Project is a complete security and privacy based attempt at making these tools more freely available. The project also keeps a track on third-party apps with a focus on encryption and security. All the apps at the Guardian Project are available for free. You can (should) read and access apps and details from this link.

- Hotspot Shield VPN:

Perhaps one of the most popular security apps, Hotspot Shield VPN is available for Android, iOS and Windows OS platforms. “Protect Your Privacy. Secure Your Data. Unblock Websites.” is the tag line of Hotspot Shield saying it all. You can read the details and get the apps from hereandroid security apps

- Silent Phone:

“Silent Phone” is a secure mobile privacy solution allowing you send encrypted text messages, make secure phone calls, send files and more. Available for both iOS and Android, Silent Phone lets you make cross-platform call over 3G, 4G, and WiFi. The app also offers encrypted video calling and ios security apps

Get more details and download links from the official website.

- mSecure Password Manager:

Security experts have always advised users to never stick to one password for multiple sites. As the number of sites, bank accounts, and apps increase, it is becoming more tedious to keep a track of your passwords. However a good and credible password manager can help you in keeping your passwords secure and safe.

mSecure Password Manager is available for both the iOS and Android. Albeit a little pricey at $9.99, mSecure Password Manager lets your store your passwords, credit card digits and other sensitive information safely. Following strong encryption protocols, mSecure can lessen you memory troubles while securing your sensitive security apps

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iphone keyboard tweak ikeywi ios 7 jailbreak

The default keyboard that is displayed on iOS devices doesn’t show digits on the first screen and you have to tap on the 123 each time you have to enter numbers. Having digits on the same screen along with alphabets is not only convenient but also save that tiny bit annoying extra time.iOS 7 Keyboard Tweak ikeywi


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So here is one of the most popular iOS 7 jailbreak Keyboard tweak to help you add a fifth row on your keyboard.

Add digits-row with iOS 7 keyboard tweak:

iOS 7.1 release date

Update: iOS 7.1 Beta 4 has been released! Check out this link for details.

We have all been craving for Apple’s iOS 7.1 release in the hopes that it might cure the iOS 7 crash issues been faced on iPads. Seems like iOS 7.1 is well on its way. According to the latest news, Apple is ready to seed iOS 7.1 Beta 4 to developers tomorrow on 21st January.ios 7.1 beta 4

Read about what was new in iOS 7.1 Beta 3: Photos: New Features in iOS 7.1 Beta 3 – Changelog

Apple releasing iOS 7.1 Beta 4:

BGR reports that Apple has seeded iOS 7.1 Beta 4 to its carrier partners and is ready to seed it to developers tomorrow. The latest iOS 7.1 Beta 3 was released some two weeks back. The upcoming iOS 7.1 beta release will fix keyboard issues and introduce more UI changes. According to rumor from BGR, this next iOS 7.1 beta 4 will also cure crashing issues being faced by 64-bit iDevices users. BGR reports:

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Another couple of weeks, another iOS 7.1 build. Like we previously reported, iOS 7.1 is going through a long testing period with a tentative public release set for March. There are also about six planned builds to be released for testing, and the latest, iOS 7.1 beta 4 (build 11D5127c), should be released to developers soon as it is already in the hands of Apple’s testing partners. Apple’s last iOS 7.1 beta was released to developers on January 7th. We are told there are various fixes in this latest version, including fixing keyboard issues, problems with the contacts app, more changes to the phone UI, and other changes. We have heard from sources that with iOS 7.1, Apple is working very hard to address some large memory bugs and other issues in iOS 7 that have caused crashes and restarts for a lot of people. Additionally, iOS 7.1 should help unify iOS 7 better graphically, with various user interface updates across the entire system and in apps for a more cohesive feel.

Let’s see if iOS 7.1 beta 4 patches the security exploits used by evasi0n7. We though believe that Apple would release its security patches with the iOS 7.1 release and not give jailbreakers an extra month to prep for the upcoming release.

Source: BGR

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ios 7 crash

Apple’s latest iOS 7 has been with us for past few months. However, it still can’t be labelled as a perfect and smooth OS. While it does give you a smooth experience on your Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, iOS 7 seems to crash quite a lot especially on older devices.ios 7 crash

Apple sent out the iOS 7 update making it compatible for the latest 64-bit A7 chip powered iDevices – iPad Air, Retina iPad Mini, and the iPhone 5s. This support might be the cause for lagging software experience on other Apple devices.

Latest iOS 7 crash:

iOS 7 Home Button Jailbreak Tweak
Gadgets Software

While major and almost all of the things on iOS can be performed with the touchscreen, our iDevices are still a bit dependent on the physical hardware buttons. Crucial tasks of turning the device on / off, getting App switcher, etc are still only possible because of hardware keys of Home and Power. If you have managed to somehow ruin the Power and more importantly, Home button, you might be in some serious trouble. However, here is some free replacement. Yes, you heard it right. FREE REPLACEMENT!iOS 7 Home Button Jailbreak Tweak

if you have jailbroken your iDevice powered by iOS 7, then you can get a free iOS 7 Home button jailbreak tweak. This latest iOS 7 jailbreak tweak rescues you from any hardware buttons issue related to the Home button.

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iOS 7 Home button jailbreak tweak:

Apple ID Phishing Scam

A plethora of Apple focused websites and iOS users are complaining about receiving a phishing scam email in their mail boxes. While we don’t really “alert” our readers in case of emails that look “phishing” types, but we have to considering this one has almost all the looks and contents of an official Apple mail. Apple ID Phishing Scam

Phishing attacks are a norm in Internet world, the motive is all about getting your ID, passwords, credit card details and such sort of sensitive details. This is traditionally achieved by sending devious emails to a tons of users from a seemingly trusted source. Even if a small fraction of recipients respond to such mails, the job is done! If you use same ID for multiple accounts, things are more serious, time-sensitive and critical for you.

Apple ID phishing scam:

This latest Apple ID phishing scam is actually doing a good job (well done, phishers!) as it mimics an official Apple

iOS 7 Jailbreak Dock Tweak

We know that many many and just too many of iOS users have been wanting to add that favorite app right at the device’s dock. However, iPhone and iPad docks come as fixed settings from some teachers. Too bad. However, there is always something good coming out for those who dare to jailbreak their iDevice. Yep, you heard it right! Here is an iOS 7 jailbreak dock tweak that will let you add that extra and the most used app of your choice right on the dock.

iOS 7 Jailbreak Dock Tweak

iOS 7 Jailbreak dock tweak:

Substrate safe iOS 7

The famous Jay Freeman from the jailbreaking fraternity, also known as Saurik, has added a major change to Cydia store application updating Substrate Safe Mode for iOS 7. The Substrate Safe Mode iOS 7 is also applicable on the ARM 64-bit devices such as iPhone 5s, Retina iPad Mini and the iPad Air. Substrate Safe Mode feature allows jailbreakers to recover from reboot loop problem that could occur trying to install some broken tweak.

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Substrate Safe Mode iOS 7:

swipeselection ios 7 text editing jailbreak tweak

Looking out for some cool iOS 7 text editing jailbreak tweak? We might just have something hidden for you!

iOS 7 text editing jailbreak tweak:

ios 7 text editing jailbreak tweak

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iphone 6 release date

It is getting hard keeping up with the latest smartphones and their upgrades coming along. Samsung’s next flagship, the Galaxy S5 and Apple’s iPhone 6 are definitely the highest attention seekers as was the case previous year too. Here is the iPhone 6 rumor roundup to help you keep up with the rumors and speculations being made for Apple’s next flagship smartphone. iphone 6 rumor roundup

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iPhone 6 rumor roundup – better and larger display:

weather ios 7 jailbreak tweak

Developed by HamzaSood, hacker / developer, “LiveWeatherIcon” is an iOS 7 compatible jailbreak tweak. This iOS 7 jailbreak tweak replaces the Weather icon on your home screen to display current weather in iOS 7. Fully compatible with iPhone 5s, LiveWeatherIcon will make you able to get quick weather summary without even launching the app. weather ios 7 jailbreak tweak

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LiveWeatherIcon – weather iOS 7 jailbreak tweak:

iphone 6 specs

There have been speculations around Apple’s next flagship being a phablet. In the past few months, we have seen various leaks and rumors suggesting Apple iPhone 6 will sport larger display screen. However, it is the first time that iPhone 6 metal frame images have been leaked giving some confirmation to the display speculation.iphone 6 concept

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iPhone 6 metal frame leaked images:

activator ios 7 jailbreak tweak

Activator iOS 7 jailbreak tweak has been updated with new features and functions. The developer of so many Touch ID based tweaks, Ryan Petrich, has now released a beta version of Activator adding some new features for iPhone 5s users. activator ios 7 jailbreak tweak

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Activator iOS 7 jailbreak tweak lets you use Activator for any action. Now updated to the beta 1.8.4-beta2,

iOS 7.1 release date

Finally, here is the iOS 7.1 beta 3 changelog showing us what new has been introduced in this latest OS update – if any.

ios 7.1 beta 3 changelog

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iOS 7.1 beta 3 features:

– Different lock screen interface for Power Off.

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