As we go beyond the latest iOS 7.1 Beta 5 release for developers, there is a rumor going about Apple finally being ready to publicly launch iOS 7.1. Apple has released both the iOS 7.0.5 and iOS 7.1 beta 5 in the past week. While earlier reports claimed Apple making iOS 7.1 release date as March, it seems to be closer than that.

iOS 7.1 release date

iOS 7.1 release date for public:

evad3rds ios 7.0.4 jailbreak released

The jailbreak solution for iOS 7.0.5 is finally out! Team evad3rs has released the evasi0n7 1.0.5 to jailbreak iOS 7.0.5 which was released a week ago for several regions including China and Asia Pacific. If you had upgraded your iOS device to this latest iOS version, here is how to jailbreak it with evasi0n7 1.0.5.

Evasi0n7 was released earlier in December to jailbreak iOS 7 to iOS 7.0.4. With today’s evasi0n7 release, it will be compatible for those on iOS 7.0.5 too.

jailbreak iOS 7.0.5

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Note: This is not a required JB update. You are only supposed to use it in case you had upgraded your iDevice to iOS 7.0.5.

ios 7.1 beta 5 changelog

iOS 7.1 Beta 5 Changelog:

Seems like devs back in Cupertino are working real hard! Just two weeks, and another beta release from Apple has hit the news. Apple has just released its iOS 7 Beta 5 for iPhone and iPad. This has come just after two weeks when iOS 7.1 Beta 4 was released.

ios 7.1 beta 5 changelog

The last beta update dint bring any major changes and just brought it some bugs fixes and refinements here and

Liminal iOS 7 Theme

Some users have asked us about iOS 7 themes that don’t radically (read: drastically) change the iDevices. Well, if you too are one of the fans of iOS 7 minimal design and feel, and are looking for some good theme following the same flatter, elegant look, here is the best ever minimal and simpler iOS 7 winterboard theme!Liminal iOS 7 Theme

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ios 7 themes

Do you head out too much and want to get weather updates live on your lockscreen? Well, it is now possible!

iOS 7 themes: live weather updates on lockscreen!

iOS 7 LockScreen Weather iOS 7 theme will help you get live weather updates on your iDevice’s lockscreen. The beauty of this iOS 7 theme is its blending with native iOS 7 looking beautifully integrated.

The iOS 7 lockscreen weather theme is developed for any device with 4 inch screen. Which means iPhone 5S, 5c and iPhone 5 are good devices to get this theme for. However, it works well on other devices too. 

flagpaint ios 7

The much-awaited FlagPaint iOS jailbreak tweak is finally updated for iOS 7. Here is how to give your notifications some deserved different looks with this iOS 7 JB tweak.

flagpaint ios 7

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FlagPaint iOS 7 to beautify your notifications:

FlagPaint iOS 7 jailbreak tweak radically changes the colors of your Notifications based on the app that you are

A5X jailbreak for life

Developer of popular jailbreak tools, p0sixspwn and sn0wbreeze, the iH8sn0w has tweeted that he successfully become able to jailbreak for life by finding a new iBoot exploit. This exploit will make A5(X) devices jailbroken for life.A5X jailbreak for life

A5X jailbreak for life:

iH8sn0w has discovered this iBoot exploit to untether jailbreak devices powered by Apple A5(X) processor chips.

iOS 7 sleep mode jailbreak tweak

What could be more embarrassing than being in somber sort of event and having your iPhone beeping with some stupid notification? Well, I agree, there are worse things more embarrassing than this. But, when you do have tiny little, easy solutions to handle such situations, why to fall for such embarrassing moments and get those death stares? Here is one easy solution to make your iPhone automatically put itself to sleep rather than pushing you do it after it has proved to be alive in an event.

iOS 7 sleep mode jailbreak tweak

ios 7 lock jailbreak tweak

After sharing with you the app launcher to launch as many as six apps right from your iOS 7 lock screen, here are a couple other tweaks to help you enhance the features of your iOS 7 and increase the ease and accessibility.

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JellyLock is one of the popular tweaks inspired by Android’s lock screen; the tweak, thankfully, has just been updated for iOS 7JellyLock7


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JellyLock7 iOS 7 lock screen tweak:

download ios 7 iphone

Android is popular because of the ability it offers you to install third-party feature rich applications like SwiftKey, Swype, etc. While Tim Cook did promise in June 2013′s D11 conference that company plans to open up on the API front in the future, it hasn’t happened yet.

However, as the rumors had hinted earlier, SwiftKey developers have managed to launch SwiftKey as a note taking application for iOS rather than the actual predictive keyboard it is on Android.swiftkey ios 7

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SwiftKey iOS 7:

Remote Messages 3 iOS 7

While iMessage would certainly never come to Windows – at least in foreseeable future – and Mac is not getting SMS support for its own Message app, we do need some tweak to get us platform independence with SMS support. If you want to send and receive messages and SMS texts from a computer, here is updated Remote Messages 3 iOS 7 jailbreak tweak to get to achieve what you want!Remote Messages 3 iOS 7

Remote Messages 3 iOS 7 jailbreak tweak:

Remote Messages iOS 7 jailbreak tweak replicates the functionality of Messages app in modern web browser – work on any operating system unlike the iMessages for Mac; and it also lets you send the SMS text messages adding the functionality of phones.

The iOS 7 compatible Remote Messages 3 is a perfect tweak to send and receive messages on any computer, device that has a web browser. Remote Messages 3 iOS 7

Remote Messages 3 features:

  • Send and receive SMS messages
  • Send and receive iMessages
  • Communicate using any machine, mobile device
  • Platform independent – communicate between iOS and Android!
  • Camera Roll access
  • Contact pictures
  • Messages saved as drafts until sent; full emoji set!
  • Typing notifications, like in iMessages and WhatsApp
  • Since your phone acts as a web server, it can send battery and WiFi signal information too!
  • Now added support for iOS 7 in Remote Message 3
  • Fully compatible with 64-bit ARM devices such iPhone 5s, iPad Air, and Retina iPad MiniRemote Messages 3 iOS 7

Remote Message iOS 7 jailbreak tweak is available on Cydia BigBoss repo for only $3.99. While you may think it is too much to ask for a tweak, trust us as Remote Messages take you totally independent if you are an extreme communicator.

Once installed, you can configure Remote Messages iOS 7 jailbreak tweak from Settings app. Go to Settings Remote Messages Create a user account Enable toggle to turn the web server on.

Remote Messages 3 iOS 7

Finally, connect to Remote Messages 3 using device’s IP address and port.Remote Messages 3 iOS 7

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iOS 7 multitasking jailbreak tweak

Developed by Hamza Sood, MultitaskingGestures is one of the few awesome iOS 7 multitasking jailbreak tweaks. This tweak is very much like the favorite Zephyr multitasking tweak, which is unfortunately not yet updated for iOS 7. Don’t keep waiting for Zephyr iOS 7 as its update doesn’t seem to be in sight. Multitasking is the perfect alternative for those of us on iOS 7 JB devices!iOS 7 multitasking jailbreak tweak

Perfect iOS 7 multitasking jailbreak tweak:

download ios 7 iphone

iOS 7.0.5 released!

Apple has just released the incremental iOS 7 update for public, the iOS 7.0.5. The latest iOS 7.0.5 released OS is coming after some two months of iOS 7.0.4 update.


Jay Freeman, mostly known as Saurik, has shared a list of jailbreak tweaks he uses on his jailbroken iPhone. Considering Cydia founder would be using only the best of the jailbreak tweaks, many a users would be interested to snoop in to the tweaks used, or sort of endorsed, by the Saurik.

Jailbreak tweaks Saurik uses:

jailbreak tweaks saurik

If you want to check out what jailbreak tweaks Saurik uses, here is the list of jailbreak apps and tweaks:

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