iOS 7.1 release date

iOS 7.1 released for iPhone and iPad:

Apple iOS 7.1 released finally after quite a long beta testing period. Apple has just rolled out the first major iOS 7 update after iOS 7 launch in September. This latest iOS 7.1 released update includes some major improvements in Touch ID recognition, fixes Home screen crashing issue, and introduces CarPlay (formerly, iOS in the Car) support along with other general upgrades.

Apple had seeded the first iOS 7.1 beta update to developers back in November which was followed with four more beta updates with the iOS 7.1 beta 5 coming in February 5.

iOS 7.1 release date

This latest iOS 7.1 released update will appease many as it brings in some long-awaited bug fixes along with the major improvements. Multiple UI tweaks are also part of iOS 7.1 update including a

ibettercharge ios app

iBetterCharge notifications:

Since we are swarmed by every sort – or rather size – of gadgets, it is becoming increasingly difficult to keep track of every single one. While I try to put away with my phone as much as I can, that’s not possible for all the time. Even the gadgets we hate to keep, have to be kept with us and charged up all the time. In such tiring times, the need of syncing tools is even more crucial than before.

Here is one such nice, helpful, tiny little utility. This small tool named iBetterCharge helps you to get the battery warnings of your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch right on your Mac’s desktop. Instead of checking each and every device for their battery usage, you can simply use iBetterCharge. This tool will get you battery warnings from your iPhone and iPad onto your Mac screen.

ibettercharge ios app

This tool is especially recommended for those who work for longer hours on their Macs and yet need to have their

hipjot jailbreak tweak

[Update]: HipJot jailbreak tweak is now available on Cydia. You’ll first need to add this repo: Once done, the tweak named nin will be visible; which will in fact be the only tweak in the repo. hipjot ios 7

HipJot jailbreak tweak system-wide keyboard:

Apple doesn’t allow third-part devs to create system-wide keyboards driving developers to work together on creating keyboards for their own apps. HipJot was introduced as one such note-taking iPhone app that includes a two-hand slide keyboard, speeding up the entire typing process to 120WPM.hipjot jailbreak tweak

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Similar to Swype keyboard, with HipJot you have to swipe more rather than the usual taps on individual letters. HipJot is even better than Swype as it allows simultaneous swiping by both fingers to increase the typing speed.

After the successful adoption of HipJot app, developers are now working on a jailbreak tweak that will replace the native iOS keyboard with the two-hand slide keyboard! According to reddit user, the HipJot jailbreak tweak will

all-glass iphone

A recent leaked image of iPhone 6 display component is suggesting some major design overhaul. The iPhone 6 leaked image shows the digitizer of an iPhone 4s, iPhone 5s, and the iPhone 6 side by side. The image shows that iPhone 6 would sport a bigger display, however, the size would be similar to the iPhone 5!iphone 6 leaked image

iPhone 6 leaked image of display:

How is that possible? Well, seems like Apple may have decided to go bezel-less with iPhone 6. It may sport a lager display but this wouldn’t affect the size of the smartphone. This bigger display is achieved by removing the side bezels and also increasing the screen estate vertically.

vertex ios 7 mission control

[Update]: Developed by Ian Burns and Xpod, Vertex iOS 7 is now available on Cydia for $1.49. Check out the details, settings, and video below.

Vertex iOS 7 Mission Control JB Tweak!

As we have shared with you before too, Vertex iOS 7 jailbreak tweak promises to bring the beautiful concept of iOS 8 proposed only a few weeks back. This jailbreak tweak promises to take your iOS 7 app switcher to a completely new level. Vertex brings the Zephyr-like swipe-up gesture to bring up the app switcher. This app switcher though includes both the app cards and control center, giving control a new look and ease of access.vertex ios 7 mission control

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jailbreak iOS 7.0.5

Just after a week of releasing evasi0n7 1.0.6 for the latest iOS 7 update 7.0.6, evad3rs has released a new version of jailbreaking tool. The evasi0n7 1.0.7 released fixes a problem with those iOS 7 devices where bundled package lists were not getting updated in Cydia.evasi0n7 1.0.7


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Download evasi0n7 1.0.7: 

flappy bird tips

Flappy Bird was taken down by its developer from both the iOS and Android stores after its crazy popularity. We saw many alternatives come and go and the Flappy Bird addiction died a bit too in the past few weeks. However, there are still many Flappy Bird who are looking for Flappy Bird alternative to keep their addiction satiated.Flappy Bird alternatives

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Worry not! As here is a fresh list of Flappy Bird alternatives. Who knows one of these might start getting the $50,000 for its developer. There have attempts from Apple and Android to restrict developers submitting Flappy titles; there seems to be no end to it though.

Top Flappy Bird alternatives:

change iphone battery indicator ios 7 wifi data signals

We see a plenty of guide using screenshots from iOS devices having different iPhone battery, WiFi and data indicators? How do they do it? Well, if you have jailbroken your iOS 7 device, here is how you too can change iPhone battery indicator along with usual WiFi and data bars!

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Check before you change iPhone battery indicator:

In case the themes you have selected for your jailbroken iOS 7 devices don’t offer custom indicators for WiFi, battery, and data, here is how you can get some free custom indicators.

Before that, you need to have:


Gestr is a popular Mac app that allows you to open applications and bookmarks with gestures. The developer of Gestr Mac app has just released Gestr iOS 7 jailbreak tweak on Cydia. Get the coolest launcher right on your jailbroken devices!

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Gestr iOS 7 jailbreak tweak:

Now you will be able to use the coolest way to launch apps on iOS 7 devices just like on Mac. The Mac app named Gestr has been made available on Cydia by developer Mathew Huusko V. Gestr iOS 7 app launcher brings an entirely new way to launch apps and multitask on iOS 7 devices. 


Notification banner jailbreak tweaks are coming in plenty, extending the functionality and looks of the notification banner and badges. Here are couple more Notification badges iOS 7 jailbreak tweaks to help you customize your notification badges.

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notification badges ios 7

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Notification Badges iOS 7 tweaks:

iphone 6 release date

Of course we couldn’t resist waiting for a few more months to start the barrage of rumors and speculations around iPhone 6. After the launch of iPhone’s main rival, the Galaxy S5 flagship‘s launch at MWC this week, the rumors about Apple’s next flagship have started appearing in bulk.iPhone 6 launch date

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iPhone 6 launch date:

This latest rumors is about iPhone 6 launch date. Apple usually launches its flagships in the Fall. However, the

ios 7

Developed by bushe, RocketLauncher iOS 7 lock screen tweak adds up functionality to your iOS device. Lock Screen tweak are one of the most sought after and looked out for tweaks. These tweaks not only change the looks of lock screen, but also add additional functionality to iOS devices.

Lock screen is the first thing you see on your device. Not only the notifications, but the look of it is also important. RocketLauncher iOS 7 lock screen tweak intend to give us both the good looks and additional functionality.

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RocketLauncher iOS 7 lock screen tweak:

The maker of RocketLauncher is also the developer of popular LockBar Pro. RocketLauncher offers you to launch

vertex ios 7 mission control

Remember the iOS 8 Mission Control concept that we shared with you a few days back? Well, it seems like the concept is coming to life. Of course, not by Apple; thank the ever-gracious jailbreaking community. Here is what iOS 8 Mission Control concept is about:vertex ios 7 mission control


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iOS 8 Mission Control merges App Switcher and Control Center together and brings them both with a simple swipe up from bottom gesture.

Along with App Switcher and Control Center, some changes have also been introduced in Notification Center. Replacing the current translucent Notification Center, iOS 8 concept shows a Notification card that comes down when you swipe.

Vertex iOS 7 mission control!

iOS 8 concept imagines to bring multitasking switcher and Control Center as one. Simple access to them both with a simple swipe-up gesture. If you had liked this concept of having the easy access to controls, Cydia has the

Cylinder ios 7

Want the free alternative to the popular Barrel 3D jailbreak tweak? Here you go!

Cylinder iOS 7 for free 3D effects:

We reviewed the popular jailbreak tweak Barrel a few days back. Barrel has been updated for iOS 7; however, it has been in the community since 2010. Barrel jailbreak tweak is popular for its 3d cube effects that it applies to your jailbroken iOS devices. This effect can be seen when you swipe through your Home screen pages. Barrel iOS 7 has been kept afresh by introducing new animations.

Barrel iOS 7

The makers of Cylinder iOS 7 aim to give you Barrel but without the $3.99 price tag, at least for now. The new

Galaxy S5 vs iPhone 5s LAUNCHED

Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S5 and Sony’s flagship Xperia Z2 have been showcased at the Mobile World Congress, 2014 in Barcelona. While Galaxy S5 tried to go different launching with various hardware and software improvements, it still couldn’t meet the expectations. After Galaxy S3’s crazy successful launch, Samsung is expected to bring out something different and innovative every time with its flagship. From the display quality to fingerprint scanning capability, Samsung was expected a lot.Galaxy S5 vs iPhone 5s LAUNCHED

In comparison, Xperia Z2 has received some positive feedback keeping up with Sony’s previous innovative iteration. While these two Android are definitely worth looking out for, the major rivalry has always between the Galaxy S flagship and iPhone. Here is a comparative post of Galaxy S5 vs iPhone 5s to help you get some early idea of how the device would stage against the faster, improved iPhone 5s.

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