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fix Apple Watch battery drain issues
Gadgets 5 hours ago

Fix Apple Watch Battery Drain Issues – How to

Some early adopters of Apple Watch have reported facing battery issues on their latest wearables. Not only on the Apple …
IndustrySoftware 13 hours ago

Let Apple Watch Be the Trigger To Take Photos On Your iPhone – How To

For many of you, the camera might be the best feature on an iPhone. This is absolutely legit, since a huge portion of th…
GadgetsRumor 3 days ago

Apple to Refresh 4-inch iPod touch with A7 Chip, Improved Camera and Touch ID

It’s been long since we last heard any news showering some love on the iPod touch. From the new Macbook to the fr…

Apple Watch App Store Goes Live!

As Apple Watch owners prepare themselves for the device’s release, the Apple Watch App Store just gone live. Featu…
AnalysisGeneral 4 days ago

4-Inch iPhone Not To Be Released By Apple This Year – Analyst

As much as we would love to see the the 4-inch iPhone, there has been a news about its denial from the most accurate ana…
apple bbc documentary
Security 5 days ago

Latest iOS 8 Vulnerability Can Brick Your iPhone Through Endless Reboot

Apple’s iOS and iPhones are well known for their security features courtesy of closed architecture that Cupertino …
GadgetsGames 6 days ago

Gaming Benchmarks of iPhone 6, Galaxy S6, HTC One M9 and Nexus 6

We have already seen many benchmark tests of the currently-leading smartphones. However, today comes a new twist to this…
Software 6 days ago

YouTube App Support To End On Older iOS, Apple TV Devices

Google’s YouTube app is the gateway to the world’s largest collection of digital videos, and is used by bill…
Logo Apple iPhone
GadgetsRumor 6 days ago

Apple Suppliers Scrambling To Produce 4 Inch Displays For The iPhone

With Apple seemingly putting an end to the rumored about iPhone 6C, new word today suggests that the company might not h…
apple security
Security 7 days ago

1,500 iOS Apps Prone to Man-in-the-Middle Attacks Due to HTTPS-Crippling Bug

Some 1,500 iOS apps are vulnerable to man-in-the-middle attacks enabling attackers to intercept encrypted passwords, ban…
Software 1 week ago

iOS 8.4 Jailbreak Achieved By Leading Security Expert

An iOS 8.4 jailbreak would be the perfect tonic right now after the recent struggle for progress, and one experienced se…
Apple Pay’s And Apple Watch’s Latest Rival In NFC payments Is Jawbone’s UP4 Wrist Wearable
Gadgets 1 week ago

Apple Pay’s And Apple Watch’s Latest Rival In NFC payments Is Jawbone’s UP4 Wrist …

After Apple introduced its large screen iPhones, the tech giant also brought about a change in financial innovation cour…
apple bbc documentary
Gadgets 1 week ago

New Improved Materials Expected On The iPhone 6S Duo

With the launch of the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus, Apple ventured into unknown smartphone territory for the first ti…
Apple trade-in program for Android device owners started
AnalysisExclusive 2 weeks ago

comScore Reveals Apple Remain The Top Smartphone Manufacturer In The U.S

ComScore has revealed in a detail report about the market share of leading smartphone manufacturers and their platforms.…
GadgetsOp-Ed 2 weeks ago

Which One Takes The Crown? Exynos 7420, A8 And Snapdragon 810 Benchmarked And Compared

As the years pass by, our devices become more and more advanced. Manufacturers are in a rush to equip their devices with…
ipad air 2 Touch ID
Software 3 weeks ago

How to Fix iOS 8.3 Touch ID Issue – iOS 8 Tips and Tricks

Users started facing troubles with Touch ID after iOS 8.3 update, seeded out yesterday. Apple communities and forums alo…
Software 3 weeks ago

iOS 8.3 Jailbreak; Here Is What You Need To Know

iOS 8.3 has just been released, and you’re probably wondering what the deal is in respect to its jailbreak potenti…
Software 3 weeks ago

Download iOS 8.3 for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad

iOS 8.3 has just been released by Apple to iPhone, iPod touch and iPad users across the world, and provided your device …






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