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A couple of days back there was word about something else coming with the IPhone 6 this fall. According to some sources, Apple was reportedly in talks with its partners to launch a Mobile Wallet. Through the Mobile Wallet consumers could make payments directly from their iPhone 6. This would eliminate the need for credit cards or any other form of payments as long as you had your iPhone 6 on you. In addition to this, Apple was reported to base the Mobile Wallet platform around Near Field Communications or NFC. This, coupled with a secure element on the iPhone 6 would make the smartphone suitable for mobile payments. Well now nowhereelse.fr has some photos which it claims are of the logic board of the iPhone 6. On the logic board shown in these photos NFC is present as well.

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Well folks, it looks like Apple really is going to launch the two iPhone 6 variants separately. In fact not only will the 4.7 and 5.5 inch variants of the iPhone 6 see separate launch dates, but Apple is looking to launch the 4.7 inch iPhone 6 completely separately. What this means is that the iPhone 6 will be launched as expected on September the 19th. The 5.5 inch iPhone phablet, the next iPad mini and the iPad Air 2 will be launched afterwards. This is probably being done so that the iPhone 6 remains the flagship product of Apple and others do not end up stealing its spotlight. Particularly after the fact that iPad sales continue to decline for Cupertino. This information is once again straight out of China.

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Well well well. It seems like things clearly are getting out of control in the iPhone 6 rumor arena. With previous rumors covering almost everything from the screen to the processor to the battery, there really wasn’t much left. Heck, even the alleged fingerprint sensor of the device seemed to have leaked out. Weren’t we in for a surprise though courtesy of retailer XtremeGuard. XtremeGuard has listed on its site what seem to be four variants of Apple’s upcoming flagship. Something which should undoubtedly surprise Cupertino as well.

iPhone 6C-580-90

Retailer XtremeGuard Lists Screen Protectors For Four Different Variants Of The iPhone 6

Well ladies and gentlemen, as we know Apple has always portrayed itself as a maker of premium devices. This has, expectedly led to its devices being a tad bit overpriced. The iPhone, since its launch had always been about being the best at what it does. The original iPhone has been said by many to be the primary reason smartphones are popular today. According to some, the iPhone did indeed revolutionize the smartphone industry as it is. Keeping up to that precedence is hard in itself. So every one was a bit surprised when Apple decided to launch a plastic version of the iPhone 5 as well – dubbed as the iPhone 5C. Dubbed as being ‘colorful’, the 5C was said to be made for those who preferred a variety of options when picking their smartphone.

How does all of this relate to XtremeGuard? Well, according to the retailer, Apple is also launching an iPhone 6C. Now keep in mind that the iPhone 6 is coming in two variations, so that makes a total of four new iPhones being with us this summer. Seems highly unlikely to us. Why? Because, first of all there have been absolutely no rumors about the iPhone 6C. Secondly, the images beside the devices are all the same renders. So XtremeGuard is probably just being overly cautious. An interesting listing though. Perhaps Apple really is looking to cover all market segments this time. Who knows.


We’re all familiar with the hype that surrounds Apple and its launch events held in September. So, its no surprise that this year does not seem to be any different at all. In fact, for all the Apple fans out there, it might be a year  with the most diverse product lineup yet. Apple is reportedly gearing up to launch two variants of the iPhone, two iPads and the iWatch this September. Following these we can expect to see the 12 inch Retina MacBook just as Intel makes the BDY-M available. This is expected in either Q3 or early 2015. In addition, two MacBook Airs (11 and 13) have also reportedly entered production.

So all in all, it seems to be a very busy year at Cupertino indeed. With all of this product development underway, who would have expected Apple to be working on something completely new. Well, according to The Information, and reported by The Verge, Apple is reportedly gearing up for a Mobile Wallet as well. This is to be expected to launched alongside the iPhone 6 this September.


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Apple In Talks For Mobile Wallet Platform – Might Be Launched With The iPhone 6

Before we get started on today’s news, first lets take a look at the Mobile Wallet platform. Simply put, through Mobile Wallet, you can make payments directly from your smartphone, instead of the whole credit card hassle. Apple’s talks with companies aren’t the first time the Mobile Wallet platform has been experimented with. Almost two years back, cooperation between Google and Verizon broke down. This was related to Verizon refusing to offer Google Wallet for the Galaxy Nexus because it required the Secure Element on the smartphone in order to function.

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iOS 8 and 4.7-inch iPhone 6 release date:

With only a few weeks till the expected *huge* iPhone 6 release event, more and more people are speculating about the exact date of the event. Traditionally, Cupertino has always kept iPhone release events in September, but the dates differ. Apple’s new iOS 8 is also set to make to the big launch event along with the new iPhone 6 variant(s). We have already received the iOS 8 Beta 4 build which brings the launch date even nearer. Earlier reports indicated iPhone 6 release date to be September 25th, however, today another source is claiming the date to be September 15.iPhone 6 release

While the date may not seem to matter much to a few, Apple’s loyal fan following waits for the smartphone release event every year. Followed by millions around the world, iPhone 6 release keynote event is one of the few major tech events. This year is even more important as it is the first time that Apple seems to be giving the nods to the demand of a larger display screen catered majorly by the Android based smartphones. Having kept similar design and screen size, this is the first year that Apple will release a larger and slimmer, curved iPhone – if the trillions of rumors and leaked images are to be believed.

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iOS 8 jailbreak

Seeded yesterday on July 21, as was predicted earlier, iOS 8 Beta 4 is here with a few new changes and welcoming features. Apple keeps on adding new changes in the beta releases which helps in getting the developer community tuned in with the OS updates. Released last month, Apple’s iOS 8 brought in a number of new features like custom keyboards, third party app support, interactive notifications, etc. Here are the new iOS 8 beta 4 features introduced in the beta release.iOS 8 beta 4 features

iOS 8 Beta 4 features:

One of the first thing that you will notice after upgrading to the latest beta is the lack of the Bug Reporter app. Bug Reporter app was shipped in the iOS 8 to let developers easily file bug reports. Seems like the intense flood of bugs reported made folks at Apple withdraw the app! Other changes include a new Settings menu and a welcoming new controls center look. Here is a list of iOS 8 beta 4 features:

4.7-inch iPhone 6 models pre-order iPhone 6

Thanks to Alibaba marketplace, you can now pre-order iPhone 6 ahead of Apple’s official release of the upcoming flagship smartphone and all of its variants. While Apple gets ready for the announcement in September, Chinese market is way ahead of the Cupertino manufacturer – thanks to Apple’s manufacturing partners? As reported, some Chinese vendors are accepting iPhone 6 pre-orders offering the “exclusive introduction to the iPhone 6″. Using the promotional materials very alike to that of Apple’s official website, the sellers have got everything right to tease about the device.4.7-inch iPhone 6 models pre-order iPhone 6

However, the legitimacy of these offers is shady considering the unverified status of these sellers. While that may be to stay safe from any court rulings, the idea of forking cash deposits from consumers makes the entire deal a


Apple’s iOS is renowned for its security when it comes to protection against hackers and malicious software. In fact, that is one major thing the company has always prided it self on. It has also been one of the major arguments in the favor of creating a device locked, closed operating systems. Well, it looks like that just might not be the case anymore. Forensic scientist Jonathan Zdziarski has today posted slides in his talk at New York which highlight several backdoors present in the iOS. These vulnerabilities are identified primarily as  Identifying Backdoors, Attack Points, and Surveillance Mechanisms.

Zdziarski is also know as the ‘Nerve Gas’ hacker in the iOS world. He has worked on several jailbreaking projects and is a well known expert regarding iOS security. These vulnerabilities aren’t the traditional kind i.e. those that let hackers or malicious software gain access to your device and wreak havoc. No. In this ever growing conscious world of governmental spying on our private data, Zdziarski has discovered a bunch of services which can bypass encrypted data and can be accessed via USB, wifi and “maybe cellular.” He also notes that simply setting a passcode on the lockscreen does not encrypt data on your iPhone. Rather, you have to switch the device off to completely encrypt data.

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Keeping up with the intensive barrage of leaks and analysis coming for iPhone 6 may not be an easy game for everyone. If you are one of those who gets bothered with so much hype around the upcoming flagship devices and still want to stay updated on the highlights, this iPhone 6 rumor roundup video is something designed for you! Comprehensively putting together all the leaks and speculations around every major component of the iPhone 6, this 60 seconds long video intends to keep you up to date with all that is being happening around Apple’s next gen iPhone. If you are more into infographics than videos, then click on this link to see an equally helpful image to get all the information that you need about iPhone 6: Comprehensive Infographic Summarizes iPhone 6 Components’ Rumors, Expectations and their Probabilitiesiphone 6 rumor roundup

iPhone 6 rumor roundup:


We have seen a number of different aspects of iPhone 6 in the leaked photos of the upcoming smartphone. Given that iPhone 6 is expected to release in only a couple of months, we are almost getting new updates and leaked images every other day. New photos provide a closer look at iPhone 6 notifications light-up Apple logo on the back of the smartphone. While some users have always wanted a lit-up logo for the iPhone, iPhone 6 may just make this a possibility.iPhone 6 notifications

iPhone 6 notifications light up Apple logo:

Previously, Apple has embossed the logo on the rear panel of the iPhone 6. Today’s leaked images show the insides of the rear which now has a plastic panel covering the aperture of the Apple logo. These images have geared started a new conversation about the possibility of iPhone notifications lighting up the rear Apple logo. With this, your iPhone’s back logo will light up whenever you receive a new email, phone call, or any other notifications. iPhone 6 notifications

ios 7 jailbreak contact tweak

Apple rolled out its latest iOS 7.1.2 update for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch earlier in July. As usual, this was just an iterative update to bring in some bug fixes and improve performance. However, quite a huge number of users are complaining about an intensive case of bad battery life after the upgrade along with contacts synchronization problem. While we have already shared a guide with you on how to fix iOS 7.1.2 bad battery problem, this one will cater to the second issue. For many users, iOS 7.1.2 update not only messes up with iCloud synchronization but some users are also complaining about missing contacts. If you too are one of such users, here is how to fix iOS 7.1.2 contacts problems. This tutorial will also help you in restoring all the contacts. fix iOS 7.1.2 contacts

Fix iOS 7.1.2 contacts issues:

While many believe that these problems come from iCloud and the syncing of the contacts, it seems to be an issue with iOS setup and quite easy to solve. The problem is not anything to do with iOS 7.1.2 code and is not an actual bug. After upgrading to the latest iOS update, a small setting change occurs messing up your contacts storage. 

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Looks like the iPhone 6 rumor mill has started to go in full flow again. The one aspect that previous rumors had continued to negate about the upcoming flagship was its battery details. Up so far, we’ve only seen two rumors/reports related to the battery details of the iPhone 6. Given that the battery is perhaps the backbone of any smartphone, this left a very unfulfilled gap indeed. Well this seems to be changing.

Just a day back, pictures surfaced showing pictures taken of the battery pack to appear on the 4.7 inch iPhone 6. The pictures put the battery capacity of the 4.7 inch iPhone 6 to be around 1810 mAh. This was, of course in confirmation of a previous report covered by us which lay out the battery details of both the variants quite effectively. Well, more pictures have just surfaced and they appear to cover the battery pack of the 5.5 inch iPhone 6, also to be potentially called the ‘iPhone Air’.

iphone 6 ipad mini retina

Popular designer, Martin Hajek, has finally released some 3D renderings of the the upcoming iPhone 6 and the 3rd gen Retina iPad Mini. These renderings, while not final, show quite an accurate picture of the upcoming Apple products. Designer is famous for producing some beautiful and accurate concepts of the upcoming Apple products.

Martin Hajek

Martin Hajek iPhone 6 and iPad Mini 3 renderings:

iPhone 6 is expected to be launched in two variants of larger display sizes: a 4.7-inch iPhone 6 and 5.5-inch iPhone 6 sapphire display phone, which is expected to be released in a separate event later in the year. While the former too is expected to be made with sapphire, some reports suggested that Apple might not introduce both the smartphones with scratch-resistant, expensive glass.

iphone 6

Following up months of rumors, leaks, analysis, reports and leaked images, here is an extremely comprehensive, easy-on-the-eye infographic that is trying to summarize all of the leaked and reported material circulating the iPhone 6. This iPhone 6 infographic breaks the next gen iPhone into its design and hardware components and beautifully summarizes the probability of each of the spec coming this fall.concept iPhone 6 infographic

iPhone 6 infographic:

A plethora of leaks and rumors come every year trying to predict the year’s iPhone and its various specifications. This year too, we have seen many from haptic feedback to sapphire crystal display and a major focus on an


4.7-inch iPhone 6 enters mass production:

A report from Reuters sources to Taiwan’s Electronic Daily News claiming that the eighth gen iPhone is set to go into mass production this month. The 4.7-inch iPhone 6 will be produced by the world’s largest contract manufacturer of electronic goods, Foxconn. Report also reveals that Foxconn intends to start the production of larger, 5.5-inch iPhone 6 in August which confirms the earlier rumors of a late release of the larger smartphone-phablet.4.7-inch iPhone 6 models

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