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iPhone 6c leaked video
MobileSoftware 9 hours ago

This Is The Fastest Trick To Brick Your iOS Device Forever – Video

There has been an interesting bug found in iOS, which might brick your device for good. Moreover, the trick responsible …
iPhone 7 Plus massive storage and larger battery
IndustryMobile 11 hours ago

Patent Shows How Apple Watch Automatically Adjusts iPhone Volume

Apple has filed a new patent today that allows users’ Apple Watch to adjust their iPhone volume automatically acco…
Mac App Store icon
MobileSoftware 15 hours ago

Here’s How You Can Clear App Store Cache On iPhone, iPad

I’m sure many of us have been a victim of problems resulting in the App Store. Have you ever visited the App Store…
MobileSoftware 17 hours ago

Use 3D Touch On iPhone 6s To Avoid Sending Read Receipt In iMessage

Here’s how you can use 3D Touch on iPhone 6s to avoid sending a read receipt in iMessage using Messages app. We s…
iOS 9.3
MobileSoftware 1 day ago

iOS 9.3 Public Beta 3 Released To Testers

The third iOS 9.3 public beta is now available to all testers with an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. iOS 9.3 Public Beta 3…
MobileSoftwareWeb 2 days ago

How To Turn Off Twitter’s ‘Show Me The Best Tweets First’ Feature

Here’s how you can turn off the new Twitter ‘Show me the best Tweets first’ feature right away on iOS,…
The Martian
MobileSoftware 2 days ago

The Martian Game For iOS Is Free For Limited Time, Download It From Here

You can download The Martian game for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch absolutely free for a limited period of time. The game c…
Deals 2 days ago

Featured Deal: 21% Off Axis VIDIUS FPV-Camera Drone

What is better than a camera drone? A camera that can not only take beautiful shots from the up above, but can also stre…
IndustryMobile 2 days ago

Apple’s Screen Protector Installation Launches In U.S

Apple has launched its machine-assisted screen protector installation program in the U.S starting today. The service is …
Instagram logo
MobileSoftware 2 days ago

How To Add Multiple Instagram Accounts On iPhone

You don’t need to be famous to use multiple Instagram profiles. It all narrows down to your priorities and how you…
Apple, Apple Watch 2, iPhone 5se
MobileReport 3 days ago

Gene Munster Claims VR Devices Coming To iOS By 2018

Apple is thought to be working on its own VR technology, while some of its competitors are already growing in the market…
MobileSoftware 3 days ago

How To Dial A Conference Call On iPhone

Here’s how you can dial a conference call on iPhone using a few simple steps. While we regularly make one-to-one c…
bricked iphone error 53
Mobile 3 days ago

Error 53: Lawyers Taking a Class Action Lawsuit Against Apple’s “Reckless Po…

Apple confirmed last week that it was permanently disabling iPhones that have been repaired by unauthorized retailers. T…
MobileSoftware 3 days ago

[Updated: Feature Released for iOS and Android] Instagram Bringing Multiple Account Supp…

[Update]: Instagram has officially rolled out the feature to all the Android and iOS users. Version 7.15 brings the mul…
iOS 9.3
MobileSoftware 3 days ago

iOS 9.3 Beta 3 For iPhone, iPad – Download Now

iOS 9.3 beta 3 for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch has been seeded to registered developers and is available for download immed…
tim cook
IndustryMobile 3 days ago

Even Tim Cook isn’t Immune to Twitter Trolling – Grilled Over Blurry Super B…

Twitter has always been a medium of bullying and trolling. However, things get a little more comforting for the average …
MobileSoftware 3 days ago

Battle Your To-Do List With Victories For iOS

You never accomplish all of your tasks due to excessive procrastination, but what if we tell you a better way that will …
MobileSoftware 4 days ago

Uninstalling Facebook For iPhone Will Leave You With 15% More Battery Life

Despite rolling out an update that claimed to fix battery related woes for iPhone users, the official Facebook app is st…






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