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iPhone 6 leaked images

iPhone 6 leaked images:

Two new sets of iPhone 6 leaked images have surfaced today giving some clues to how the larger iPhone 6 would look like. iPhone 6 front panel is being held next to an iPhone 5s with a seemingly factory background. The next set consists of images on batteries allegedly part of an iPhone 6.

iPhone 6 leaked images

iPhone Air Concept

This iPhone 6 front panel shows the cutouts for camera, ear speaker, light sensor, and the Home button. iPhone 6

auki ios 7 jailbreak tweak

Auki iOS 7 jailbreak tweak:

Announced today, Auki iOS 7 jailbreak tweak is developed by Surenik and Benno, bringing quick reply, compose, silent mode and other nifty features to your iOS Messages app. auki ios 7 jailbreak tweak

The complete list of Auki iOS 7 jailbreak tweak features consists: Quick compose, quick reply, silent mode, stealth mode,


We love Instagram! Yes, we do, except the times when we crazily love some image shared on InstaG by some user but we cannot apparently save it. It is an intentional attempt to perhaps keep users at bay from taking others’ images, however, we can’t simply let go of them lovely images.Save Instagram Photos

Save Instagram photos on your device for free:

While you can of course use the power duo of Power and Home key to take a screenshot, crop it and save it, if you want to go the right way, here is how you can save Instagram photos on your camera in a second!

Instagram is doubtlessly one of the most popular photo sharing social networking sites at the moment. With the growing user base, businesses sharing their products’ images, designers instagramming their latest and in-work

download deb from Cydia

Directly download DEB from Cydia:

For the jailbreaking community, if you have ever wanted to get to those executable files, here is the guide to help you out. With few simple tips you can get the .deb files of any jailbreak tweak right from Cydia. Although this method does not apply to any commercial packages – unless you don’t pay for them – it would be a helpful guide for those looking to get the executables.download deb from Cydia

The jailbreak tweaks which depend on some other installation, you will have to first install them before you can get the deb of that particular dependent tweak.

How to download DEB from Cydia:

Here are the few steps to download deb from Cydia directly:

  • On your iOS device, launch Cydia and navigate to Search tab.
iPad Air Deals target

iPad Mini and iPad touch ID:

The latest rumors shed some light on the features of iPad models coming this year. While not many new features should be expected this year from Apple’s tablets according to this report, the speculation suggest that Apple will introduce Touch ID feature in iPad models launched in 2014.iPad touch ID

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Many iOS users have yearned for Windows app experience on their iOS devices, especially on the iPad. While there have been a few tweaks to give you that experience, one upcoming iOS 7 jailbreak tweak seems to be a winning shot!OS Experience iOS 7

OS Experience iOS 7 JB Tweak:

Named as OS Experience, this iOS 7 jailbreak tweak offers some promising features, as shown in the demo video.

concept iPhone 6

iPhone 6 launch date:

Although still unconfirmed, a plenty of sources have been confirming Apple’s plans to launch two sizes of iPhone this year. Looking at the growing market of larger phablet smartphones, Apple seems to be ready to tap in to that region after been rather successful with the mid-range smartphone last year. September is the iPhone 6 launch date for the 4.7-inch model, while the phablet will come a little late.iPhone 6 launch date


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According to the recent rumors, Apple is planning to hold the 5.5-inches phablet iPhone 6 launch date until the

videopane jailbreak app

App Videopane multitasking:

The genius Ryan Petrich is working on bringing the videopane multitasking capabilities to apps. As shared before, Videopane jailbreak tweak aims to enable users to watch videos while they use other apps. The tweak undocks the video from YouTube app and continues to play it wherever you go. It overlays the video on the top of whatever app you are using giving the actual meaning to multitasking.

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videopane multitasking

undo redo typing

Undo / Redo text on Apple iPhone and iPad:

If you are not familiar with how to undo redo typing on iPhone or iPad, this simple iOS guide will hopefully help you out. It doesn’t involve any technicality or combo keys to remember; here is how to undo redo typing on iPhone, your iPad or an iPod touch.

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How to undo redo typing on iPhone:

Auxo 2 iOS 7

A3tweaks has just released Auxo 2 iOS 7 jailbreak tweak after its crazy success with iOS 6 users. In iOS 6, Auxo offered a brilliant replacement for app switcher introducing app icons with a card-like preview, the feature introduced officially by Apple with iOS 7. The latest version of this tweak, updated for iOS 7, brings in the same features but completely re-imagines them. Auxo 2 iOS 7 lets you access the app switcher with a bottom up gesture.

Auxo 2 iOS 7


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Auxo 2 iOS 7 jailbreak tweak:

Here are the features that Auxo 2 iOS 7 jailbreak tweak offers:

iPhone 6 launch date

The latest iPhone 6 leaked images come from the Chinese social network Weibo. These images show iPhone 6 with an even thinner, taller, and a wider design. These iPhone 6 leaked images are sourced from Foxconn Factory.concept iPhone 6

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iPhone 6 leaked images:


Facebook Chat Heads were launched last year introducing a really helpful feature to chat with your friends while within your Facebook feed. The Facebook Chat Heads implemented on Android are system wide – you have them everywhere until you close it. However, on iOS, they are only available on Facebook feed and the Paper app. Here is, however, how you can enable system wide Facebook chat heads in iOS.Facebook Chat Heads

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Get system-wide Facebook chat heads in iOS:

concept iPhone 6

iPhone 6c renderings:

This year, Apple is heavily rumored to launch a larger display iPhone model. From a 4.7 incher to a magnanimous 5.7 inch variant is speculated. There have also been rumors of Apple launching two display sizes for its flagship this year. While it is highly unlikely that Apple would launch 4 variants of iPhone – two different sizes of iPhone 6, and two for iPhone 6c – recent leaks confirm the speculation of larger display size.

This latest leaked sketch come from Japan which reveals the possible design of the upcoming iPhone 6c models. This iPhone 6c rendering shows two variants: a 4.7 inch model and a 5.7 inch variant. It is also confirmed that Apple will keep launching two different models of iPhone every year. Even though there have been reports of iPhone 5c having a flop life; the sales have been tremendous.

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jailbreak iOS 7.1

Jailbreak iOS 7.1 not likely for public release:

Only a few days, we saw a 2 minutes long video showing the jailbreak running on iPhone 4. Winocm released the “iOS 7.1 untethered boot” video that shows a jailbroken iPhone 4 device on iOS 7.1. While this sounded like a promising news, it isn’t much of use considering various iPhone users have upgraded to the latest devices. 

The video had received a response from another jailbreaking expert ih8sn0w:

@iH8sn0w: @winocm does this mean I have to bust out my camera and shoot an untethered 7.1 A5 boot?:P

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hide stock apps from home screen

There have been a few tiny glitches in iOS 7.1 which are actually helping us achieve some things not usually available until we don’t jailbreak our iOS devices. We can create nested folders, and seemingly we can also hide iOS stock apps from home screen in iOS 7.1. The steps are similar to how we create nested folders as it also requires the nesting technique.

We often find several of native apps lying on the home screen quite annoying. There is no setting to hide or uninstall them. While these few steps, shared with you below, hide stock apps from home screen, they don’t uninstall the native applications.

Your storage will still be full of these installed native apps; you may see the hidden apps back again when you reboot your iOS 7.1 powered iPhone or iPad and would need to redo these steps; however, this will help you if you don’t switch your device off frequently.

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Hide iOS stock apps from home screen:

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