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swiftkey thumb
Software 2 days ago

SwiftKey Keyboard For iPhone, iPad Gets a Theme Store

SwiftKey Keyboard, regarded by many on Android and iOS as the best third-party offering available, has just been handed …
ios 7 safari tips
SecuritySoftwareWeb 3 days ago

Safari Spoofing Bug on iOS, OS X Opens Door to Malware

The more heavily we rely on digital products, the more vigilant we should be of attacks. Apple’s ecosystem was onc…
soundcloud thumb
GadgetsSoftware 4 days ago

SoundCloud App for iOS Updated With Apple Watch Support

The Apple Watch does quite a lot, although at the same time, there’s quite a lot it doesn‘t do. Compared wi…
GadgetsSoftware 7 days ago

Feedly for iPhone Brings RSS Loveliness To Apple Watch

The fact that there are many more apps available than most of us could care to sift through may be considered a “f…
iOS 8 iPhone 6
Software 1 week ago

$40 Worth Of Paid-Turned-Free Apps For iPhone and iPad

Are you looking for great apps and games to grace your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad? Well you’ve come to the right p…
ExclusiveSoftware 1 week ago

Apple’s Software Hiccup Results In Delayed HomeKit Launch

As we all know, Apple has been planning to intervene the home automation platform with its HomeKit. However, recent repo…
iOS 8 iPhone 6
Software 1 week ago

How to Setup Handoff on Apple Watch – iOS Tips and Tricks

Apple introduced continuity feature last year with the release of iOS 8 and OS X 10.10 Yosemite. This feature has bee…
Nintendo logo
GadgetsGames 2 weeks ago

First Nintendo for iOS Title Coming This Year – Four More Games Expected By 2017

Nintendo had earlier announced about its partnership with DeNA to bring Nintendo games to mobile platforms. In today&#…
popcorn time
Software 2 weeks ago

Popcorn Time for iOS Can Now Be Installed On Mac

The guys at Popcorn Time have continually pushed to cover as many bases as possible, and having released a fork of the …
Software 2 weeks ago

Dropbox App for iOS Bringing Microsoft Office File Creation

The official Dropbox app for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad has just been updated, adding a comment feature for collaborati…
popcorn time
SoftwareWeb 3 weeks ago

Popcorn Time To Be Blocked in the United Kingdom

Popcorn Time, the movie streaming service that is seen as the Netflix of the torrent world, has been dealt a major blow …
fix Apple Watch battery drain issues
Gadgets 4 weeks ago

Fix Apple Watch Battery Drain Issues – How to

Some early adopters of Apple Watch have reported facing battery issues on their latest wearables. Not only on the Apple …
Software 4 weeks ago

Facebook Messenger Video Chat Coming iOS, Android

Video calling is everywhere. Whether using Skype or something a little less Microsoft-owned, there are many ways to en…
Space Gray Apple Watch Sport
GeneralSoftware 4 weeks ago

Here’s How You Can Add And Remove Contacts From Your Apple Watch

So you finally got your hands on the Apple Watch after all the shipment delays. With all the excitement, some of you mig…
set up handoff on apple watch
GadgetsLaunch 4 weeks ago

Apple Watch Available in Some Stores Worldwide – Here are the Early Unboxing Image…

Apple Watch is finally here after a long wait of eight months and unsurprisingly, there’s no first day rush at the…
Apple Watch teardown
Gadgets 4 weeks ago

Apple Watch Teardown Reveals Beautiful Engineering Behind This Miniscule Gadget

So the folks at iFixit travelled all the way to Australia to get their hands on the brand new and shiny gadget that is t…
GadgetsLaunchSoftware 4 weeks ago

Apple Watch App Store Goes Live!

As Apple Watch owners prepare themselves for the device’s release, the Apple Watch App Store just gone live. Featu…
knock header
Software 4 weeks ago

Here’s How to Unlock your Mac using Apple Watch

As the saying goes, there’s more than one way to skin a cat; in the digitally-charged world we find ourselves in, …






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