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IndustrySecurity 6 days ago

Tor’s Upgrade Astoria Won’t Allow NSA And Others To Compromise Your Privacy …

For online anonymity, Tor has been the go to for users all around the world. The browser allowed users to keep their ide…
web security ssl tls
SecurityWeb 1 week ago

Critical Encryption Bug Affecting Millions Might Have Enabled NSA’s Attack on VPNs

A new vulnerability that is on the critical level of HeartBleed has been discovered by the security researchers. Codena…
IndustrySecurity 1 week ago

Apple and Google Ask Obama to Put an End to Police’s Access to Encrypted Data

FBI Director James Comey is back in the news – in a roundabout way. Tech giants Apple, Google, and others have urg…
popcorn time
GeneralWeb 1 week ago

You Can Now Run Popcorn Time Right From Your Browser!

Popcorn Time, the popular movie app for iOS, Android, and just about any other platform you could name, has just been la…
ios 7 safari tips
SecuritySoftwareWeb 1 week ago

Safari Spoofing Bug on iOS, OS X Opens Door to Malware

The more heavily we rely on digital products, the more vigilant we should be of attacks. Apple’s ecosystem was onc…
Industry 2 weeks ago

U.S. to Run Out of IP Addresses this Summer – Shift to IPv6 Inevitable?

Uh oh! That sounds bad. Well, not so much. According to latest reports, U.S. is going to run out of web addresses comes …
RumorSoftware 2 weeks ago

Key Android 6.0 “M” Features Expected to be Announced this May

One seemingly intentional mention of Android 6.0 on Google I/O schedule caught earlier in the month has been wildly shar…
GadgetsLeak 2 weeks ago

Moto 360 2 Spotted Online – Launching Sooner than Expected

Motorola announced the beautiful original Moto 360 back in March 2014 with its availability in consumer markets not ha…
Security 3 weeks ago

Court Rules NSA Mass Surveillance Illegal – Section 215 Possibly to be Slashed

A US appeals court has ruled that NSA mass surveillance is illegal. This ruling comes as a major shock to some sections …
apple bbc documentary
AnalysisGeneral 3 weeks ago

Apple Reveals Details On ‘Applebot’ As A Web Crawler To Improve Siri And Spo…

Recently, Apple revealed details on its Applebot, emphasizing that its an in-house web crawler designed to serve the lik…
quantum computer
Industry 3 weeks ago

First Quantum OS Brings Super Fast Quantum Computing Closer to Reality

World’s first operating system for a quantum computer has been developed in Cambridge using a proprietary supercom…
usb kill
Security 3 weeks ago

How to Turn Your USB into a Kill Switch When Your Laptop is Seized

Some Google search queries and a few postings on forums was all that it took a police officer to find who was behind the…
Industry 4 weeks ago

Apple is Trying to Put Spotify’s Free Music Streaming Service Out of Business R…

Department of Justice is reportedly looking into Apple’s business practices related to the launch of its upcoming…
Security 4 weeks ago

Malware Targeting Linux-Based Servers Discovered for Sending Spam Messages

A new research has revealed a family of malware called “Mumblehard” focused on targeting web servers running…
Games 4 weeks ago

[Update, not anymore] So, You Can Now Embed a Playable DOS Game in a Tweet Via The Inter…

[Update] Functionality seems to be hit or miss and it doesn’t seem to show up anymore. Looks like that was relativ…
Security 1 month ago

How to Hack a WordPress Website With Just a Comment – PoC

We have often reported various plugins that could affect your WordPress sites, however, it’s not always the plugin…
fix Apple Watch battery drain issues
Gadgets 1 month ago

Fix Apple Watch Battery Drain Issues – How to

Some early adopters of Apple Watch have reported facing battery issues on their latest wearables. Not only on the Apple …
The main office buildings of Samsung Electronics are reflected on a building under construction in Seoul
Industry 1 month ago

Just How Big Is Samsung? Ready To Be In For A Surprise Or Two!

Insanely big! All of us know just how big dear Sammy sounds to our ears. From home appliances to our smartphones, it se…






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