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Ark Starmap
Games 3 days ago

Star Citizen’s ARK Starmap Revealed, Their Solution to the Galaxy Map, Viewable on…

The overall galaxy map that’ll be featured in Star Citizen has been revealed today at CitizenCon as well. The ARK …
Facebook Reactions
MobileWeb 5 days ago

Facebook Announces ‘Reactions,’ A Six Emoji Extension For The Like Button &#…

Facebook has today taken the wraps off a new feature which the company is calling ‘Reactions.’ The feature …
Deals 6 days ago

WCCFtech Deals – Getflix: Lifetime Subscription

Traveling abroad comes with some challenges. There’s making sure you have your passport up to date, ensuring that…
IndustrySecurity 2 weeks ago

Personal Data of 15 Million T-Mobile Customers Exposed in a Latest Hack

Personal information of over 15 million T-Mobile customers has been exposed in a latest security breach of Experian, a v…
usa freedom act snowden leaks
Security 2 weeks ago

Snowden Joins Twitter, Talks to deGrasse Tyson About Cats and Immigration on Mars

Edward Snowden, former US intelligence contractor and whistleblower, has joined Twitter this Tuesday following only th…
facebook dislike
Industry 2 weeks ago

[Update: It’s Back, Back, Back] Is Facebook Down? Yep, And It’s Not Just You

Wondering why Facebook isn’t working on your end? Well, Facebook is down worldwide as is being reported by several…
facebook security
Security 3 weeks ago

Too Excited for the Facebook Dislike Button? Don’t Fall Prey to Early Offers

Remember the new dislike button that Facebook is working on? Apparently, it has already been part of a pretty nasty scam…
logjam used by nsa
Security 1 month ago

Chrome, Edge, IE, and Firefox to Kill Outdated RC4 Encryption Starting 2016

Google, Microsoft and Mozilla have all announced to drop support for the RC4 encryption in their respective web browsers…
GeneralIndustryWeb 1 month ago

Google Unveils Its New Logo – Video

Google has just unveiled its brand new logo which the company will be using on the Web and across different services t…
Games 2 months ago

Amazing Grand Theft Auto Anime where Doraemon is Literally the Dog

The Grand Theft Auto series is an role-playing action-adventure video game series developed by Rockstar Games and is a h…
bing snake
GamesWeb 2 months ago

Remember the Old Classic “Snake” Game? It’s Back, Now on Your Browsers

Do you often get the cravings of playing the old classic Snake game? Microsoft understands your cravings and is bringing…
Deals 2 months ago

Pay What You Want: Back-End Developer Course Bundle

Want to be the coolest kid on the dock? Waiting for a promotion or simply want to hone your skills before you get back t…
Software 2 months ago

Stop Windows 10 from Sending Your Data Online – Windows 10 Tips

Now that we all know about Windows 10 being quite sneaky in its working, it’s time to try to cut down on at least …
Web 2 months ago

Google Brings Tweets From Twitter Straight To Desktop Search Results

Google has today announced that it will be integrating tweets from Twitter right into its search results on the desktop…
Security 2 months ago

Patched Zero-Day Internet Explorer Vulnerability Still Being Leveraged by Attackers

Microsoft released an out-of-band security patch this Tuesday for Internet Explorer 7 through Internet Explorer 11. This…
CompTIA IT Certification Bundle
Deals 2 months ago

Save Over $1,000 on CompTIA IT Certification Bundle – WCCFtech Deals

WCCFtech Deals offers you a whopping 95% off on CompTIA IT Certification Bundle. This bundle includes courses on Network…
DealsMobile 2 months ago

“iPhone Forever” Promotion Offers You to Upgrade to an iPhone for $22/Month

If you have been craving to get a new iPhone but couldn’t save up enough dollars to do that, here is one awesome d…
Deals 2 months ago

WCCFtech Deals – Lifetime Subscription to Skyhub Cloud Unlimited Backup

We are very much a data driven culture these days. Nearly everything we do has data associated to it in some fashion. Wh…






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