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Being termed as privacy disaster, the latest Android bug can affect anyone not on the latest Android 4.4 KitKat. The bug infects your Android device when you direct the browser to a specially designed website that injects infected javascript into your device. This bypasses SOP protection used by most of the browsers to protect such an infection from happening. According to Alan Woodward, security expert University of Surrey, the exploit allows access to all of your private date potentially creating more problems for the victim using that data.

Considering the vulnerability is open to anyone not on the Android 4.4, the equation would make every 3 out of 4 Android users vulnerable to possible targets. However, the actual number is a lot lower considering the privacy disaster bug only affects those using the Android Open Source Platform (AOSP) Privacy Disaster bug

Android Privacy Disaster bug:


Ahead of the recent Google password leak, a new Timing exploit has been discovered which can be used to unmask the identities of Google users browsing the web. Just two days back a staggering 5 million Gmail passwords were leaked on a Russian bitcoin forum, resulting in many believing their security had been compromised.

Google however denied the validity of the data posted and claimed that the passwords posted were old and therefore useless. Well, a new vulnerability has been discovered in Google’s document sharing service and Google drive which can be used to unmask the identities of users visiting the website of the attacker.


Security Researcher Andrew Cantino Discovers New Timing Vulnerability In Google Drive

According to Andrew Cantino, Vice President engineering at Mavenlink, the exploit discovered can have several repercussions. In order to exploit this vulnerability an attacker would have to share a document with one or more email addresses but uncheck the option which sends a notification. This gives the attacking site an option to know when someone logged into one of the email addresses the document has been shared with accesses the site.

google drive

Tired of limited storage?

Google Drive is a handy Cloud Storage and Synchronization service which is linked with all of your Google’s online services including Gmail, Android, the Chrome and Google’s online applications like Google Docs but is now also called Google Drive. Amazingly the most common form is a file synchronization tool, it has many added extras which are perfect for helping you work in the Cloud.

Google’s free offering is the best pricing option available with the most generous of its rivals. You can get 15 GB for totally free just by having a Google account. Though paid storage options are incredibly cheap, 100 GB of storage will cost you $2 a month, which is a surely small price, even the most impressive part is that for $10 per month you can get 1 TB of storage, may be more than that your physical hard drive space. The limit of a single file size you can upload is 1 TB.

The one annoying part is that it’s shared between your Gmail and Google+ social networking accounts as well, although only large photos uploaded to Google+ will count towards your limits. YouTube, Google’s video sharing service doesn’t count towards this total.

Desktop Application

apple pay

2014 Apple Keynote brought a lot more than just the two iPhone 6 variants and the first ever Watch from the company. It introduced the very latest Apple Pay system that is here to transform the mobile payment system, and perhaps replace the current card-based transaction system – if we are allowed to be too enthusiastic about it. If you buy Apple’s latest iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus, or even if you own an iPhone 5s or 5c and pair them with the latest Watch, you can use this mobile payment system by Apple.what is apple pay

What is Apple Pay?

Apple Pay stores all of your credit cards in the Passbook app, Apple’s mobile wallet. By using the near-field communication (NFC) technology, it securely transfers data between customers and merchants. Apple was rumored to bring the NFC in the iPhone back in 2010, however, it took the company quite a few years to polish it up and make it useful and secure for everyday transactions. Apple Pay is the wave-and-pay service which makes the transactions swift, easier, and secure as it only requires the customer to simply beam the payment via NFC to the merchant’s POS terminal. The NFC based transactions are further protected by Touch ID fingerprint sensor making the authorization instant.

Tim Cook was quite eager to point out that Apple Pay is eventually meant to replace the current credit card payment system. Considering that the magnetic strip based credit and debit cards being used around the world


Five million Gmail passwords leaked recently are sourced to a Russian Bitcoin Forum, latest updates report. However, Google representatives claim that much of this leaked data is old and potentially useless. Which means that this lot of Gmail passwords leaked actually is an amalgamation of usernames and passwords leaked throughout the past few years creating a quite strong database. It is also commented by Google to Russian media that many of these leaked usernames are either suspended accounts or carry an unmatched passwords leaked

Five million Gmail passwords leaked!

The list of nearly 5 million combinations of Gmail addresses and passwords was posted online on Tuesday, claims a latest report from Daily Dot. However, there is no reason to panic as it seems that this list has scanned


Samsung announced its much-awaited next generation phablet, the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 last week at IFA in Berlin. The device has been getting accolades since its launch and there is no doubt that you would love to get your hands on this powerful and beautifully designed smartphone. Well, worry not as we are sharing you quite a super Samsung Galaxy Note 4 giveaway that is open internationally!Galaxy Note 4 giveaway

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is a 5.7-inch, 2560 x 1440 Quad HD display smartphone powered by the high-end quad-core Snapdragon and octa-core Exynos processing chips. Top of the line Adreno 420, a brilliant 16-megapixel camera with optical image stabilization module, and sensors along with water and dust resistance make this device crème de la crème.

Galaxy Note Edge specs

We had seen the leaked shot (albeit curved on a wrong end), but we didn’t believe it was going to come this soon. Samsung surprisingly launched its latest, and may we say quite adventurous, Galaxy Note Edge yesterday at its press event in Berlin. Samsung Galaxy Note Edge is the same pretty Note but with an edge. While it was expected that Samsung Galaxy Note 4 would be star of the entire event, it seems as if Note Edge is snatching some portion of that limelight, and deservedly so. While the first-of-its-kind and funky looking devices are always taken with a laugh and a smirk but this first attempt from Samsung actually looks quite genuine and clever. The Edge will not only help in saving battery by literally dividing the screen into parts, but will also provide better viewing angles while it rests on the desk. So here is what this device actually is and why we think you will eventually like this smartphone Galaxy Note Edge

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge:

IFA 2014

IFA 2014 is ready to start 5th of this month and will run through to 10th of September. However, IFA is used by various technology leaders to showcase their products in pre-IFA days. Considering that we are extreme followers of whatever happens with Sony, Samsung, HTC, Apple and more, here is complete IFA 2014 schedule. Jot down the times of your favorite OEMs / products and free the slot to follow the live streams and blogs.IFA 2014 schedule

Complete IFA 2014 Schedule:

iWatch battery

We know Apple for being a perfectionist. The tech leader takes its time in launching its products but makes a blast every time it introduces a new product in the market. After 2010, this is the first year that a completely new product is expected from Cupertino in the shape of a smartwatch, popularly known as iWatch. While many enthusiasts waited to buy any currently offered smartwatch and sort of relied on Apple to launch its iWatch, it looks like Apple may not just make a huge blast with iWatch. Expected to be launched alongside iPhone 6 variants on September 9, recent analysis reports that Apple may just have compromised on battery performance for better image quality.iWatch battery

iWatch battery details:

This iWatch battery analysis reveals that Cupertino may be making a few big compromises in its latest product.DisplaySearch analyst Charles Annis has released a new note suggesting that Apple has focused on the QVGA AMOLED display of the iWatch which possibly can be a bad news for battery performance. Considering its thinness, light weight, and of course image quality, Apple seems to have “prioritized image quality over battery life” as the analyst says:


The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is going in full swing with tech celebrities getting on the challenge. This ice bucket challenge is designed to bring awareness and raise funds to fight ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis), a progressive neurodegenerative disease affecting nerve cells in brain and spinal cord. Following the lead of the “human” leaders, we are now looking at the Samsung Galaxy S5 taking on the challenge and nominating other smartphones leading the smartphone technology world. In this video, Samsung Galaxy S5 has nominated HTC One M8, iPhone 5s, and Lumia 930.galaxy s5 ALS ice bucket

- iPhone 6 vs Samsung’s 4.7-inch Galaxy Alpha in Pictures

Galaxy S5 ALS ice bucket challenge:

While many are complaining about Sammy having turned a charity cause into a marketing gimmick, we don’t seem to hate it. Everything in this commercial world is definitely tweaked to benefit the products or the companies at the end of the day. It is no different then for the case of Galaxy S5 ALS ice bucket challenge. ALS

os x yosemite

Apple seeded out the sixth Developer Preview of OS X Yosemite yesterday with many a new changes. Among this package includes some brilliant new OS X Yosemite wallpapers that you can now enjoy on your Macs. The latest OS X 10.10 will be available publicly in Fall – however, there is no wait needed if you require that Yosemite jazz on your desktop right now!OS X Yosemite wallpapers

Read: Download OS X Yosemite and iOS 8 Wallpapers – How to

OS X Yosemite wallpapers from DP6:

OS X Yosemite 10.10 introduces a vast array of beautiful and powerful new features. Featuring a modern, clean

Industry Web

Tumblr is about to sign a deal with a photo-analytics startup, Ditto Labs. Cambridge, Massachusetts based company analyzes photos posted on social media websites to get brand-related data. Brand-affiliation data helps corporations track the way consumers interact with their brands. Acquired by Yahoo for $1.1 billion, this would be the first major move by the social media platform that could affect its user base. While it is being promised that this partnership is in no way based on advertisements, data analysis of brand affiliation could very well trigger targeted advertising, if not now then in future!tumblr ditto

Tumblr – Ditto deal:

Tumblr’s expected partnership with Ditto Labs essentially means that if you post a photo with a product, say your laptop, Ditto Labs will scan the photo to extract the brand details of that laptop. This brand recognition helps advertising companies in making better strategies of their campaigns. However, head of business development at Tumblr, T.R. Newcomb promises that no ad-related stuff will happen, “Right now, we’re not planning to do anything ad-related.”


finfisher hacked

The mighty FinFisher hacked!

One of the world’s most notorious surveillance software maker Gamma International’s FinFisher spyware has been hacked resulting in a 40GB file torrent on the interwebs. Gamma International UK Ltd is a British surveillance solutions maker that is world renowned for selling software to governments globally and helping them monitoring citizens. By exploiting the security lapses in anti-virus programs, FinFisher suite is designed to spy on a computer or mobile device without the user ever knowing about it. Earlier last year, University of Toronto’s Citizen Lab published an important report revealing that FinFisher had its command and control servers installed in around 36 countries! After getting much opposition by netizens and activists after Citizen Lab report, this hacked data further reveals information about this elusive cyber weapon used by governments to spy on their citizens.

Hacker announced on Reddit and Twitter about hacking this British-German company that exclusively sells surveillance tools to governments. The company is infamous for supporting some authoritarian states using the suite to spy on dissidents and activists, especially in the case of Bahrain turmoil where officials used the tool to monitor high profile activists. Here are the details as posted on Reddit by the hackers’ team:


Awaiting the Windows 9, Microsoft’s Windows 8.1 has become quite a fan favorite especially for those with a mouse and traditional keyboard. Albeit a large amount of Windows 7 users have been complaining since the release of Windows 8 for its lack of user friendliness and a dash of awkwardness that is usually felt maneuvering through the latest iteration of Windows. While things are expected to change with the next major Windows update in the shape of Windows 9, we are seeing some fantastic new Windows 8 themes to give your machine a completely new look. From night scenes of Budapest to icy-chill panoramas of Uppsala, Sweden and some artistic looking maps of Maryland and Alaska – you have got about everything here. Here are the links to these definitely eye-catching and quite serene Windows 8 themes. While the themes may have been advertised as Windows 8.1, you can enjoy it on any of your PCs.Windows 8 themes

Industry Software

Aircraft security at risk:

A security consultant has found out the vulnerabilities that enabled him to possibly hack the satellite communications equipment on passenger jets through the inflight WiFi and entertainment systems. Scheduled to share the details of this research at the Black Hat hacking conference in Las Vegas this week, Ruben Santamarta is being waited for his presentation that could help change the aircraft security mechanism. Black Hat hacking conference is held every year with an aim to help improve cyber security measures and identify growing threats posed to various industries globally. If this possibility of having been able to hack satellite communications proves to be right at the conference, the research could gear start an strong shift of aerospace security.

“These devices are wide open. The goal of this talk is to help change that situation” – Santamarta.aircraft security

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