Latest WhatsApp features:

World’s most popular messaging app, WhatsApp, has released a new beta version introducing a few small new features. Installed on almost every operating system and smartphone globally, WhatsApp is aiming to power the world of communications.latest WhatsApp features

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Just released, this new version include some latest WhatsApp features. The latest WhatsApp features in the beta


Charge phone in 30 seconds – possible?

Smartphones and the pile of tensions they bring in to our lives! Okay, I agree, some browsing ease, some (A LOT) waste of time stalking others, a dab of music fun, a pint of gaming, and a teaspoon of reading pleasure too. However, all these tasks – and infinitely more – can only and only be done until your battery supports you. Which it fails to do the more tasks you try to get out of your tiny little smartphone.Charge phone in 30 seconds

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Now that brings to us to the question, why to make smartphones tinier and lighter while not working on their battery power that much? While all the tech companies are trying to speed up and give us some software options (Samsung seemed to have introduced bigger batteries this time with Galaxy S5) of tweaking our smartphone to make the batteries retain the juice for a little more, we have seen everything but some meaningful leap towards better, faster chargers. Seems like, our pleas have been answered by just another start-up!

concept iPhone 6

Previous year saw some leaks about Apple’s iPhone 5s and 5c and helped designers predict the products. While iPhone 5c was hinted that Apple was working on a Nano inspired design and would bring colors to the usual grey hues of Apple’s flagship smartphone. 2014 has yet to get any solid iPhone 6 leaks.

The larger sized iPhone 6 is hence all on the creativity of the designers to predict. We have already seen a rather contemporary design on an Air-inspired iPhone 6 along with the other contenders. Another concept artist Martin Hajek has gone beyond the Nano colors and is thinking about a Nano-inspired design for iPhone 6. This concept iPhone 6 looks much like an oversized iPod nano.

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Nano-inspired concept iPhone 6:

Martin Hajek’s nano-inspired concept iPhone 6 is in line with the usual Apple iPhone design: iconic iOS and proprietary Touch ID button. The design has become boxy much like that of Nokia Lumia series ditching Apple’s usual curved form. iphone6concept-nano1

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ios 8 leaks

iOS 8 leaks so far:

After the release of iOS 7.1, leaks of iOS 8 have started floating in. Although we have just received the first major iteration of iOS 7 – the popular major update that Apple had introduced in September 2013 to completely overhaul the design concept of iOS – seems like devs at Cupertino are hard at work on the iOS 8.

TextEdit & Preview Mac apps:

In the recent leaks, we are seeing iOS devices finally getting TextEdit and Preview apps. Both these apps extensively used on Mac and support iCloud syncing. These both apps make it easier to sync text documents, images and PDFs. Seems like, Apple is finally bringing these sought-after apps for iOS devices with the upcoming iOS 8 version. textedit preview iOS 8 leaks

all-new-htc-one-m8-wallpaper-15 (1)

The All New HTC One (or HTC One 2) is going to be unveiled on March 25 after a barrage of beautiful and comical videos. According to reports, the new HTC One will hit the shelves of consumer markets as early as this April. However, until we wait for the launch of all new HTC One, and think about whether to buy it or not, here is the treasure trove of leaked wallpapers from All New HTC One.HTC sense 6 One teaser

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whatsapp voice services

The news of the year? Well, WhatsApp could be the first ever virtual network operator in the world!

A couple weeks ago, we had reported that WhatsApp has announced to go voice in a few months. After the acquisition by Facebook, some big plan was highly expected. Some first details have surfaced about the possible plan of WhatsApp’s going towards voice offering. whatsapp eplus

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WhatsApp deal with German operators:


Futuristic iWatch Concept:

Since the announcement of Apple launching an iWatch, the barrage of iWatch concepts keeps coming. Some are more traditional while others are directed towards futuristic styles. Here is a new concept designed by Argentine design student Tomas Moyano. Moyano’s Apple iWatch is a pretty neat design. Round shaped design is more futuristic and details quite a few good specifications. iwatch concept

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Concept iWatch Specs:

Here are specs that Tomas would like to see in the Apple’s iWatch:

  • 1.4 inch diagonal sapphire display

Everyone was whining about just why would Facebook snap 19 mega billion dollars at WhatsApp. However, 465 million active users do mean billions of dollars when you talk tech business. Seems like things are going rather speedy at the Duo as we are hearing WhatsApp is planning to go voice, finally!whatsapp voice services

WhatsApp Voice services:

Chief Executive of WhatsApp, Jan Koum, has announced at Mobile World Congress today that WhatsApp voice

Jailbreak iOS 6.1.4 Firmware for iPhone, iPad

iOS 7 completely changed things with reference to multitasking. Effects were brought in, designs were flattened and neatness was preferred in this completely revamped Apple OS update. However, the way to bring the switcher up remained same by double clicking the Home button.ios 8 concept mission control


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iOS 8 Mission Control:

A new iOS 8 concept has emerged changing the way multitasking switcher works. It merges App Switcher and

jailbreak iOS 7.0.6 released

iOS 7.0.6 released!

Apple has just released iOS 7.0.6 (Build number: 11B651) for all the new iOS devices. You can get this latest for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch from OTA and direct download links shared below.

The update seems quite hefty with more than 30 MBs of size on iPhone. As shared on the release note, iOS 7.0.6 includes a security update fixing SSL connection verification.

download iOS 7.0.6 firmware

Also released: Download iOS 6.1.6 for iPhone 3GS and iPod Touch 4G – Safe for Jailbreakers

download ios 7 iphone

Although Cydia is brimming with jailbreak tweaks and the number seems to be increasing each day, there are still a plenty not yet available in Cydia. If you want to use some such tweak that hasn’t yet made to repositories, you can manually install it with iFile.

The problem is, you will have to pay $5 for iFile. If you want to install jailbreak tweaks without Cydia AND iFile, here is the free way to go!

How to install jailbreak tweaks without Cydia and iFile:


Facebook WhatsApp deal:

Yep, you read that right! According to Form 8K filed with SEC, Facebook is buying WhatsApp, the crazily popular cross-platform messaging app, for $16 according. This deal will also see WhatsApp’s founder Jan Koum joining Facebook’s board of directors.Facebook whatsapp deal


WhatsApp for iOS 7 – Better Privacy, Auto Downloads, and Camera Widget

The details mention that Facebook will pay $4 billion in cash, while the remaining $12 billion will be paid in

Office for iPad app

Microsoft Rethinking Office for iPad:

Steve Ballmer had earlier said that Microsoft will build native Office edition for iPad and Android tablets. However, the project dint seem much certain until now. While official details are still unclear about the Office for iPad app, but it’d definitely be like Office Mobile for the iPhone.Office for iPad app

Can I Get Google Maps On iOS 6

We can’t have access to internet connectivity all the times – ideal world, really! During navigation or travelling in a new place we have started relying on the awesome Google Maps simply too much. But what about those times when neither your cellular network connectivity nor is WiFi available and you terribly need to use the Maps?

Worry not as here is how you can use Google Maps offline on Android and iOS devices!use google maps offline

Three Ways to Sync Your iPhone Calendar with Your Android Device – How to

How to use Google Maps offline?

Flappy Bird alternatives

Even though Flappy Bird is gone, it is not yet wiped off the face of planet Earth making it very much possible for us to get it someway or the other. If you have deleted the game accidentally, or want to have it just to be part of this craziest gaming episode of the recent times, here is how to get Flappy Bird or restore it. Don’t worry if you have missed out on this party or accidentally lost it. Here are the ways that we hope would help you.

how to get Flappy Bird

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How to get Flappy Bird back or restore / find it?

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