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Gadgets 7 days ago

iPhone 6 Plus Woes Continue – More Issues Surface After Bendgate

Soon after the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus became publicly available, several users started reporting a strange issue...
apple security
Security 1 week ago

FBI Demands Backdoors in Android / iOS – Congress Pushes Back with “Zero Chance”

The director of FBI, James Comey commented on Thursday that Apple and Google have gone too far by offering encryption in...
default Android l encryption
Software 1 week ago

Take A Look At Some Great Android Lollipop Raw DNG Camera Shots Here

Google’s latest Android release, Android Lollipop, comes with several new features on board. Apart from subtle changes...
google security
Security 1 week ago

Google Introduces Today a New Level of Security with Security Key USB

Google has introduced today a new layer of security for Google Accounts with a physical Security Key. The added layer n...
Security 2 weeks ago

Facebook Proactively Searches for Stolen Passwords to Keep its Users Secure

While we were busy feeling lazy enough to create new passwords for every website, Facebook was apparently trying to pro...
Security 2 weeks ago

Millions of Dropbox Passwords Leaked Online In Exchange for Bitcoin Donations

According to reports nearly 7 million of Dropbox accounts have been hacked with hackers having leaked some 400 accounts ...
IndustrySoftwareWeb 3 weeks ago

Samsung Claims To Have Developed 60GHz Wi-Fi Technology – With Speeds Of Up To 575Mb...

Looks like Samsung would like to remind us all that the company is not only about mobile devices and gadgets. Rather tha...
default Android l encryption
Software 4 weeks ago

Visual Changes Spotted in the Latest Android L DP Build

It was a first for Google to release a Developer Preview of its mobile OS this year. With Android L already running on a...
GadgetsRumor 1 month ago

Samsung Responsible to Supply iPad Air 2 and iPad Pro Display Panels

Apple and Samsung have long been considered arch rivals due to having taken leading position in the consumer electronics...
bash bug linux shellshock
IndustrySecurity 1 month ago

Bash Bug Could Potentially Bring Down the Whole Internet, Claim Experts

We still haven’t quite gotten over the immense danger that Heartbleed posed to the Internet and now Bash is possibly t...
bash bug linux shellshock
IndustrySecurity 1 month ago

New Vulnerability Detected in Linux Utility Affects OS X and Might Not be an Easy Feat...

The injuries of Heartbleed bug are probably still fresh as the bug affected Internet users for a long time and remain un...
android security
IndustrySecurity 1 month ago

“Privacy Disaster” Android Bug Could Affect 75% of Android Devices

Being termed as privacy disaster, the latest Android bug can affect anyone not on the latest Android 4.4 KitKat. The bug...
Industry 2 months ago

New Timing Attack Discovered Could Compromise Google Users Further

Ahead of the recent Google password leak, a new Timing exploit has been discovered which can be used to unmask the ident...
google drive
Software 2 months ago

How Google Drive Wins Over Its Competition?

Tired of limited storage? Google Drive is a handy Cloud Storage and Synchronization service which is linked with all of ...






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