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Different Apple products’ launch dates are getting leaked today thanks to an insider source. We earlier reported that Apple is getting ready for a tentative iPhone 6 launch event in mid-September along with iOS 8. With iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite aiming for a consistent platform and offering many similar features, one expected both the mobile and desktop operating systems to have a single launch event. However, turns out Apple is delaying the launch event of OS X Yosemite which will be a month later in October along with a new 12-inch Retina MacBook and an Apple 4K desktop!Apple 4K desktop

Apple 4K desktop, Retina MacBook and OS X Yosemite

iOS 8 for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch is set for a September launch event. On the other hand, the Mac OS X Yosemite is pushed a month ahead for October release according to sources. With Developer Previews coming every two to three weeks as planned, OS X Yosemite developers will receive a final Preview build on September 29th followed by a Golden Master build on October 10th, according to the sources close to 9to5mac. The site shares authoritative bits of Apple’s news and leaks and have previously correctly broken a few rumors.


Xiaomi finally unwrapped its much talked about beauty, the Mi 4, at a huge event earlier today. While the device is still not official for the United States and Europe, there are hopes that the Chinese favorite will get to the bigger markets too with its amazing features and a fighting specifications list. The smartphone is at par in terms of features with the other primary flagships that we usually talk about, however, what is the cherry of this features’ list is the Xiaomi Mi 4 camera! At 13 megapixel, the rear shooter uses a new Sony sensor that not only makes low-light photography a real charm, but also tackles with earlier issues of recording and HDR photography.Xiaomi Mi 4 camera

Xiaomi Mi 4 camera:

Xiaomi Mi 4 has launched today with a 13 megapixel primary shooter with a wide f/1.8 aperture. Xiaomi Mi 4 camera features a new Sony sensor IMX214 which is a BSI stacked CMOS sensor with a 1/3.06″. The new Sony


Automated homes seem to be next big thing nowadays. With the way investments and plans seem to be going right now, it seems that in the upcoming future we’ll be interacting with our homes the same we we interact with our smartphones. We already covered Google’s NEST in detail for you previously. With the technology Google is pursuing in NEST, pretty soon your house will set the temperature and wash your clothes before you’ve even entered your garage. Well Samsung doesn’t want to be left behind in the race either. According to techcrunch, Samsung is in negotiations to purchase SmartThings for a whooping $200 Million. The deal appears to be in its final stages as of yet. By bringing SmartThings under it’s wing, looks like Samsung is hoping to get ahead of Google’s NEST in the race for automated homes.

Tory Burch Fitbit

Fitbit is considered as the pioneer of fitness tracking producing gadgets in the shape of a wristband. Released earlier last year, Fitbit provides water-resistant Fitbit Flex wristband which tracks everything ‘health’ about you. While we are seeing more mass-centric wearable technology in the shape of Samsung Gear Live, LG G Watch, and expected Moto 360 and iWatch, Fitbit has remained the favorite of health conscious consumer market. In an attempt to make the wearable more fashionable – which is apparently swaying every tech company around – Tory Burch has officially launched her high-end accessory collection for the Fitbit Flex.

Tory Burch Fitbit Flex collection:

Announced on Tuesday, Tory Burch Fitbit collection brings a refreshed style to the usual unattractive concept of a fitness tracker. No more cheap rubbers or plastics, Tory Burch Fitbit comes more like a jewelry accessory than a fitness tracker. Tory Burch has worked with the company to release four accessories that “house” the Fitbit’s

Android L

Google’s introduction of a flatter, simpler Material Design philosophy will be integrated in a variety of tech giant’s products including Android L, Android Wear, Chrome OS, and desktop applications. In the similar attempt, we have already seen Google+, docs, and sheets receiving some transformation. This is in essence to introduce beautiful, small transformation over the coming months and not change everything overnight which could definitely irk the users. Today, a new tease is making rounds which shows off a leaked version of Android L Google Play Store looking all perfectly artistic and beautiful with some amazing artwork thrown in in the background.

Android L leaked photos

The leaked Android Google Play Store images definitely have managed to give an immersive look and feel to the OS refresh. Coming in to match the Material Design concept, Android L Google Play Store is beautifully placing the content at the front with a card layout while pushing the design elements at the back, still managing to keep the design enhanced and beautiful.

Android L Google Play Store:

Succeeding the Android 4.4 KitKat, Android L 5.0, supposedly named as Android Lollipop, is the biggest change that Google is introducing since Halo. Announced at Google I/O this year, the company focused exclusively on the Material Design throughout the different product launches and upgrades. It was apparent, hence, that Google will deliver updates from time to time to gear start a shift towards a new design era.

Origin Logo 3

Update: A slight clarification on my part. The screenshot only proves that the origin client is actively looking at the list of the programs recently run. Basically it shows that origin is aware of the files you have on your PC (that have been run).

[Report] A very interesting thread on the Reddit was sent to me by my colleague Tyler Roemhildt. It turns out that EA is snooping files aka spying on your usage habits via the Origin client. And it looks like this is more or less confirmed because Origin representatives claim “they are trying to get to the bottom of this”.Origin Logo

Origin Client is File Snooping – EA Representatives Start Investigating the Matter

Privacy is a very sensitive topic in the world of Internet and one of the biggest gaming clients spying in your usage habits is cause for concern. Now what exactly does “usage habits” mean? Well, from the looks of it, Origin is taking its merry time looking around the personal files on your computer, most probably when they are running, and this includes your browser as well. Now while we do not know whether it can spy on your browsing activity as well, the mere fact that it is accessing the browser process is discerning. Take a look at the screenshot posted by user drsniper121:

Can I Get Google Maps On iOS 6

use google maps offline

Google Maps version 3.2:

Google has released a new update for iOS Google Maps on the App Store bringing more features to the popular app. One of the most popular iOS apps on the Store, Google Maps enjoys wide success in the users due to the many features and ease of use it offers. Today’s update to iOS Google Maps brings more key details within the map view along with other features.

These details in the map view will make it easier for users to see important details without tapping more screens. Google Maps will include maps search results and their descriptions in the map view. Apart from that, Google Maps app will also show you the details to make a reservation or an appointment from the map view.

App will also have a new Explore setting allowing you to discover new places around you. The good thing is that


Motorola has some crazy marketing department that makes the company release the photos and the videos of the gorgeously, adjective-filled Moto 360 and then have us wait for a “later summer launch”. While the smartwatch is expected to be priced much higher than its other two competitors – the Samsung Gear Live and LG G Watch – Motorola Moto 360 has successfully managed to gather one crazy fan following already.

It is yet to be seen if the smartwatch keeps up to its expectations or it would just be another fail – if that happens, my heart will be broken in 2 million pieces, at least! Motorola Moto 360 is sending us some more love with this new video that talks about the need of a smartwatch and its magical shape. Truly magical round, indeed!Motorola Moto 360

Motorola Moto 360 smartwatch video:

Here is the newly released Motorola Moto 360 video that you can drool over until August happens:


Android L and iOS 8 are set to see a fall release this year bringing up the regular Google vs Apple battle. This year is specifically more heated as Google has shifted its design focus to an entirely new era with Material Design. On the other hand, Apple made this shift last year with introducing minimal, flatter design philosophy for iOS 7. Apple is expected to make its iOS 8, thus, more features-rich than design-focused. The two new versions of rival tech giants do deserve a side by side, Android L vs iOS 8 comparison based on whatever we know so l vs ios 8

This post is no way trying to take side of on mobile OS over the other considering the definite differentiating points of the both OS. However, you are free to stay on whatever territory you are as we are all well aware of how a mobile consumer is supposed to be either a crazy Apple fan or a maniac FAndroider.

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Android L vs iOS 8:

One thing that was apparent in Google I/O this year was a focus on Material Design, introduced at the conference itself. From Android Wear to Android L, Google is gearing towards a complete ecosystem design shift. Offering consistency across Android, Chrome OS, Desktop, Chrome browser, and the Android Wear, Google aims to offer a user interface that is aesthetically clean and uncluttered.

Apple Back to School

Yay! It’s time again for the Apple’s “Back to School” promotion that is set to offer some good discounts for students getting ready for the fall. Launched today, Apple is offering Apple Store gift card with the purchase of any iPhone, iPad, or a Mac. Unlike previous year when only iTunes credit was offered, this year brings in the store gift cards.

Apple Back to School promotion 2014:

This year, in Apple Back to School promotion, Cupertino is offering a $100 Apple Store gift card with the purchase of a Mac. You will get a $50 gift card when you purchase an iPhone or an iPad. Previously, Apple has only offered incentives in the shape of iTunes Store, App Store, or iBookstore gift cards. Apple Back to School

Apple Back to School promotion starts from today, July 1 and will run through September 9. To be eligible to avail this promotion, you should be a college student or a parent buying a gadget for a college student. Faculty and staff members also get to avail this promotion offered by Apple. Here are the devices that you could get on this Apple Back to School promotion:

android l

Perhaps one of the best things that happened at this year’s Google I/O conference in San Fran – which by the way ran like a marathon, ugh! – is the brilliant new Android L. While we still do not even know the name of the upcoming Android L, a complete design overhaul was hugely expected this year from Google.

Keeping in line with Material Design, also showcased at I/O 2014, Google promises to give us an Android experience which is robust, cleaner and will help better the battery scenario. From power consumption to notifications, everything is being taken care Android L

This year’s going-to-be best Android L will not be in our hands till far. The Android L preview is available for developers to make the most of it and create beautiful apps that match the entire L experience. While they do their thing, here is one easy way to get that pizzaz of Android L. Download Android L wallpapers, which are drop-dead gorgeous landscapes and digital abstract art, and get that zing of the upcoming Android experience.

Download Android L wallpapers:

Artists have really gone awesome with these Android L wallpapers keeping the entire look with Material Design philosophy. The idea of Material Design and thus Android L is to add more perspective, layered and immersed feel to the user.


Google Fit

Google Fit unveiled:

Google today launched Google Fit at the I/O 2014 Conference. Coming directly in response of Apple’s Healthkit service for iOS users, Google has introduced a platform to centralize all the data from various health sensors and merge the data in different apps to ease a user’s fitness experience. 

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Sundar Pichai introduced a new program of the company earlier today at Keynote of Google I/O 2014. Called Android One project, Google aims to have millions of people from emerging markets access to internet and smartphones. The easy access to smartphones, Google says, will be possible by identifying vendors that manufacture high quality but affordable components for smartphones, and then sell those at an affordable price range.Android One

Possibilities of Android One:

Android TV

Google has officially unveiled Android TV today after a successful run with Chromecast among a vast array of products including Material Design, Android L, and Android Wear. Similar to Apple TV, Android TV will run on the set-top boxes as previewed at the I/O today. Google TV was earlier launched back in 2010 with a strong ambition of turning your TV into a phone – realism is happening now. Google Android TV

Android TV:

Today’s announcement confirms the expectation that Google indeed is rethinking Android TV, earlier launched in

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Google I/OGoogle I/O 2014 conference is just around the corner. Meant for developers, the biggest tech event of the year also carries importance for a mere user because of various products announced and talked about at the conference. This year is going to be big. Yes, we always hear that, however, we have some backing to help our claim. While every year Google comes up with big things, this year is set to bring in some nerd things like robots and completely redesigned mobile OS. The most talked about and highly expected product this year is the next Android version. It is about time that Google launched the Android 5.0 L (some are calling it Lollipop). While the focus will be predominantly on mobile operating system, we are looking at ‘internet of things’, robotics, and perhaps a Nexus. The two hours long keynote at Google I/O 2014 will not be able to have it all, but lest be certain there will be much to swoon about.

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