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Security 19 hours ago

Lord of the Internet ICANN Falls Victim to Hackers Compromising CZDS

Quite a holiday season hackers are having this year making us crazy following their seemingly never ending saga of hacki...
IndustrySecurity 23 hours ago

Links Found To North Korean Goverment In Sony Pictures Hack – Hackers Also Make ...

The Sony picture hacking, which uncovered a conspiracy of its own has taken an interesting development. Recently, a grou...
Security 2 days ago

Critical WordPress Plugin Bug Helps Hackers Serve Malware on Over 100,000 Sites

Researchers claim that a popular WordPress plugin is being used by criminal hackers to hijack websites and redirect visi...
Security 2 days ago

Reddit Bans Subforum and User Accounts after Sony Warns Media Outlets to Stop Sharing ...

As Sony faces threats from hackers who have been targeting the company for past few weeks, the company has managed to co...
the pirate bay swedish attack
Security 2 days ago

Avenging The Pirate Bay Seizure, Anonymous Hacks into Swedish Government Email Account...

Infamous online hacktivist group that goes by the name of Anonymous has hacked the email accounts of Swedish govern...
Rumor 4 days ago

WhatsApp Web Version in the Works – App for Desktop Might Launch Soon

WhatsApp helps more than 600 million users to connect with each other. Largely used on smartphones, we showed you how t...
IndustryWeb 5 days ago

Let The Games Begin: Six Hollywood Studios Unite Against Goliath (Google?)

Just four days back, we saw a group naming themselves as GOP hack Sony Pictures in one of the biggest data heists this y...
General 5 days ago

Ubudu To Launch inHouse GPS “uBeacon Mesh” Early Next Year

Ubudu (a Paris centered company) is going to launch the uBeacon Mesh in US by early next year. Ubudu is a company that p...
the pirate bay swedish attack
Industry 6 days ago

The Pirate Bay is back, and this time IsoHunt is powering it

Popular torrent site isoHunt has been unofficially resurrected. The Pirate Bay at which is a fully func...
IBM logo
General 2 weeks ago

IARPA ‘s Superconducting Exascale Supercomputer and The C3 Program.

The Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity (IARPA) has embarked on a multi-year research to create a supercond...
Google captcha
IndustrySecurity 2 weeks ago

Say Hello to reCAPTCHA! Google’s One-Step Plan to Kill Annoying CAPTCHA Tests

Google has announced today that it has launched a new system to differentiate between humans and bots which is way less ...
Security 2 weeks ago

[Update] How to Hack Any PayPal Account with a Single Click? Security Analyst Demonstr...

Three critical vulnerabilities have been discovered in PayPal that could lead a hacker to bypass the security and take c...
twitter anti-harassment
Security 2 weeks ago

Twitter to Roll Out New Anti-Harassment Tools Making Reporting Abuse Easier

Social media websites, especially the bigger ones like Twitter and Facebook are constantly used to harass and malign peo...
Security 2 weeks ago

Anyone Can Remotely Crash Your WhatsApp By Sending a Specially Crafted Message

600 million strong user base of WhatsApp is reportedly at the great risk of remote crashes. According to latest discover...






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