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Software 3 days ago

Here’s Spartan; Microsoft’s Browser For Windows 10 Appears In All New Video

Given Internet Explorer’s general lack of popularity on the internet, Microsoft decided last year to give the brow…
Facebook logo
SecurityWeb 1 month ago

Facebook Claims Service Disruption Was Due To Internal Changes – Not Hacking

Around 1PM Eastern Time today, several social networking and sharing services went offline. The downtime lasted for arou…
GadgetsIndustry 1 month ago

Will The Smart Home Be A Reality Soon? Swift Industry Strides Might Make It To So

With this year’s Consumer Electronics Show having come to an official end, once again we’ve been able to see…
how to speed up google chrome
Software 1 month ago

Set Up Chrome Remote Desktop for iOS: How To?

The Chrome Remote desktop is nothing new that the Google has to offer but since it’s inauguration,  iOS had been left…
spartan browser logo
IndustrySoftware 2 months ago

Microsoft’s New Halo Inspired Web Browser ‘Spartan’ Gets Features Leak…

Microsoft’s Internet Explorer is the most unpopular of all present web browsers out there today, and while newer i…
CES 2014 logo
GadgetsIndustry 2 months ago

Smartphones, Gadgets, TVs, Wearables And More – At This Year’s CES 2015

With 2014 behind its, its time to kickstart 2015 and what a better way than to do so with one of the year’s larges…
SecuritySoftware 2 months ago

New iCloud Vulnerability Can Compromise Your Account Through Brute Force

While Apple’s operating systems and softwares are generally considered to be one of the safest around, owing to th…
GeneralIndustry 2 months ago

Google’s email service ‘Gmail’ finally blocked in China after months o…

Looks like China has taken additional steps to ensure that Gmail users won’t be able to access the world’s large…
Giveaway 2 months ago

[Winners Announcement] WCCF’s Merry Christmas Give Away – Happy Holidays!

$100 Steam Wallet Code Giveaway – Happy Holidays to all our readers Hey everyone, here are the winners of the give…
south korea hack
Security 2 months ago

Computers at South Korean Nuclear Operator Hacked – Possibly by North Korean Pyong…

South Korean nuclear plant operator has been hacked, breaching some key infrastructural points possibly to the Northern …
lawyer logo
IndustryWeb 2 months ago

Hollywood Vs. Goliath – Google Strikes Back And Sues State AG Jim Hood

The Sony Pictures hack which occurred a while back seems to have far reaching consequences that affect more than one maj…
Industry 3 months ago

Watch BBC Documentary Covering Apple Factories Undercover that “Deeply Offended…

A documentary by BBC has alleged iPhone factories breaking standards on “worker’s hours, ID cards, dormitori…
Security 3 months ago

Lord of the Internet ICANN Falls Victim to Hackers Compromising CZDS

Quite a holiday season hackers are having this year making us crazy following their seemingly never ending saga of hacki…
IndustrySecurity 3 months ago

Links Found To North Korean Goverment In Sony Pictures Hack – Hackers Also Make Th…

The Sony picture hacking, which uncovered a conspiracy of its own has taken an interesting development. Recently, a grou…
Security 3 months ago

Critical WordPress Plugin Bug Helps Hackers Serve Malware on Over 100,000 Sites

Researchers claim that a popular WordPress plugin is being used by criminal hackers to hijack websites and redirect visi…






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