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SecurityWeb 1 day ago

Regin – How A Presidential Office And An Entire GSM Network Were Compromised And...

Just two days back, researchers over at Symantec discovered a highly sophisticated computer bug dubbed as ‘Regin&#...
SecuritySoftware 3 days ago

Highly Sophisticated Government Spying Bug Hidden For Six Years Discovered – Cap...

In an interesting turn of events related to cyber security and general internet privacy concerns around the world, resea...
Gadgets 5 days ago

Save More Than 50% on HHGREGG Black Friday Doorbusters

Today starts the madness that holiday season brings into the shopping groups. While Thanksgiving may be a week away, ret...
mass surveillance detekt
Security 5 days ago

Detekt – First Tool to Detect Known Surveillance Spyware

Post-Snowden revelations, a visible shift toward tackling terrorism was felt among the journalism and activism communit...
Galaxy S5 Black Friday
Gadgets 5 days ago

Starting Today Get the Best Black Friday Rates at Best Buy and Walmart

Major retailers have started offering early Black Friday deals from today – a week ahead of the actual shopping ev...
amazon app store apk
Gadgets 6 days ago

2014 Amazon Black Friday Doorbusters Start Tomorrow!

Black Friday starts the mad tradition of shopping frenzy every year that lasts over the holiday season. Falling on Novem...
IndustrySoftware 1 week ago

Groups By Facebook – How It Changes Your Networking By Going Back To Basics

Facebook in the good old days was vastly different from what we know and experience today. Back in the first half of the...
Best Buy Black Friday 2014
Gadgets 1 week ago

Black Friday Discounts on iPod touch and iPod Nano

Black Friday deals this year have already started – as expected earlier. iPod Black Friday deals will surely save ...
iphone 6 black friday deals
Gadgets 1 week ago

Best Black Friday Deals on iPhone 6, Samsung Galaxy S5 and Other Smartphones

Black Friday starts the beautiful season of holiday bringing in the onslaught of some amazing deals and discounts on gad...
Security 2 weeks ago

[Update: Blocked in Senate] Tech Companies to Support a Bill in Senate Limiting NSA Sp...

Update: Bill could only get a procedural vote of 58 to 46, which is two votes short of proceeding further. It received ...
Industry 2 weeks ago

Internet as a Utility? Obama Agrees to Keep Internet Out of ISPs’ Claws

President Obama has today released a statement in support of net neutrality pushing Federal Communications Commission to...
apple security
Security 3 weeks ago

First Dedicated iOS Malware Discovered – 350,000 Downloads Already

Dedicated malware designed to infect iOS or OS X are rarely seen thanks to the closed and secure environment that Apple ...
happy birthday android
Industry 3 weeks ago

Android Celebrates its 7th Birthday Today – Powers 85 of Every 100 Phones

Android’s birthday is popularly celebrated on November 5 despite all the controversies around the actual / final d...
Gadgets 3 weeks ago

Apple iPhone 6 To Be Available For $99 On Nov 15th

For all Apple fans still looking to buy an iPhone 6, there’s good news today. All the variants of the iPhone 6 wil...






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