News: Internet

Deals 16 hours ago

WCCFTech Deals – VPN Mega Sale!

The best protection is at least some protection when it comes to browsing through the Internet. And that’s not bec…
Web Development
Deals 2 days ago

Pay What You Want: Learn to Code Bundle (Web Development)

And now it’s time for you to name your own price for yet another great and massive bundle of courses. For today w…
Facebook break
IndustryWeb 7 days ago

Facebook’s New Feature Will Help You Forget About Your Ex

Facebook is rolling out a new set of tools that will help you forget about your ex in the swiftest manner possible. We&#…
Deals 7 days ago

Last Chance Deal – Private Internet Access VPN: 2-Yr Subscription ($59.95

VPN’s can be invaluable security measures for both in-home Internet access and especially when outside of your hom…
Security 7 days ago

World Bank Site Hacked to Serve a Convincing PayPal Phishing Page

The website of a World Bank’s project site has been hacked and then exploited to host a very convincing PayPal phishin…
Deals 2 weeks ago

WCCFtech Deals – JavaScript & jQuery Front-End Developer Bundle ($29)

JavaScript is a surprising useful and powerful language. Despite those naysayers that have you think it’s complete…
Deals 2 weeks ago

WCCFtech Deals – Private Internet Access VPN: 2-Yr Subscription ($59.95)

A good VPN is a great tool to have in your toolkit. And they aren’t just useful for those doing bad things over th…
Deals 3 weeks ago

WCCFtech Deals – Essential JavaScript Coding Course Bundle ($29)

Deep dive into the wonderful and wide world of JavaScript with our latest course bundle. JavaScript, though criticized f…
Pay what you want game development
Deals 3 weeks ago

OSTraining Developer Courses: Lifetime Subscription ($69)

One should never stop learning, ever. And if you’re at all curious about any number of awesome subjects, then mayb…
Deals 4 weeks ago

WCCFtech Deals – CCNA and CCNP Certification Prep Course Bundle ($65.99)

Ever want to be a confident and awesome network professional? Notice that Cisco gear is nearly everywhere and that their…
Star Wars: The Force Awakens
General 1 month ago

The Newest Trailer for Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens is Absolutely Remarkable

The trailer, though a quick 2:35 happens to explain more of the backstory than might be possible. Two disparate people c…
Cyber Security
Deals 1 month ago

WCCFtech Deals – Cyber Security Professional Training & Certification Bundle …

Have you been itching to get right into the wonder wide world of cyber security but haven’t quite known what the f…
Ark Starmap
Games 2 months ago

Star Citizen’s ARK Starmap Revealed, Their Solution to the Galaxy Map, Viewable on…

The overall galaxy map that’ll be featured in Star Citizen has been revealed today at CitizenCon as well. The ARK …
Facebook Reactions
MobileWeb 2 months ago

Facebook Announces ‘Reactions,’ A Six Emoji Extension For The Like Button &#…

Facebook has today taken the wraps off a new feature which the company is calling ‘Reactions.’ The feature …
Deals 2 months ago

WCCFtech Deals – Getflix: Lifetime Subscription

Traveling abroad comes with some challenges. There’s making sure you have your passport up to date, ensuring that…
IndustrySecurity 2 months ago

Personal Data of 15 Million T-Mobile Customers Exposed in a Latest Hack

Personal information of over 15 million T-Mobile customers has been exposed in a latest security breach of Experian, a v…
usa freedom act snowden leaks
Security 2 months ago

Snowden Joins Twitter, Talks to deGrasse Tyson About Cats and Immigration on Mars

Edward Snowden, former US intelligence contractor and whistleblower, has joined Twitter this Tuesday following only th…
facebook dislike
Industry 2 months ago

[Update: It’s Back, Back, Back] Is Facebook Down? Yep, And It’s Not Just You

Wondering why Facebook isn’t working on your end? Well, Facebook is down worldwide as is being reported by several…






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