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Enjoy an Ad-Free and Secure Internet Experience with OneVPN, Now for $29

Another week, another VPN deal. Secure your online existence by staying anonymous and get a lifetime subscription of OneVPN at a 75% discount. Head over to WCCFtech Deals to grab the deal while it lasts, or read on for more details about OneVPN subscription. OneVPN: Lifetime Subscription VPNs offer an invaluable service, cleaning up your […]

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How to Watch 2016 Presidential Debate Live on iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, Apple TV, Web

Here’s how you can watch 2016 Presidential Debate between Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump live on iPhone, iPad, Android, Mac, Windows, Apple TV or the Web. Don’t Miss The 2016 Presidential Debate – Catch it Live on iOS, Mac, Apple TV and the Web All set to become the most-watched Presidential Debate ever, these are […]

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Google’s Pixel Launcher to Introduce 3D Touch-Inspired Shortcuts and Rounded Icons

Google has previously always released its newest version of Android when launching new hardware. This year, however, Android 7.0 Nougat was released ahead of time. But, that is not the only change that Google has planned for this year. Unlike before, Google’s upcoming hardware will not be labelled as “Nexus,” but will be known as […]

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Pay What You Want for DIY Hardware and Internet of Things eBook Bundle

You can now get the “DIY Hardware and Internet of Things eBook Bundle” from WCCFtech Deals at a price of your choice. This is your chance to start learning about 3D printers, robots, Raspberry Pi and more. Pay what you want and learn to build robots using ROS, 3D printers, and create your own wearable projects using Arduino […]

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“State-Sponsored” Actors Hacked into Yahoo and Stole Data of over 500 Million Users

As shared with our readers earlier in the day, Yahoo was expected to release a public statement about a massive data dump that was being sold in the dark web in August. While hackers had said that data of over 200 million Yahoo users was available, the tech company’s statement suggests far worse effects. Yahoo has […]

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OpenSSL Fixes Over a Dozen Exploits, Including a High-Severity Vulnerability

The OpenSSL Project has fixed over a dozen vulnerabilities in OpenSSL, releasing versions 1.1.0a, 1.0.2i and 1.0.1u. One of these patched flaws includes a high severity vulnerability that can be exploited for denial-of-service (DoS) attacks. Tracked as CVE-2016-6304, attackers could exploit the flaw by sending a server a large OCSP Status Request extension, causing memory exhaustion to […]

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Yahoo to Confirm Massive Data Breach Affecting 200 Million Users – Chaos for the New Owners?

[Update]: Yahoo has released the official statement, confirming that the scope of breach was much wider than previously believed. The company has also suggested that the hack was carried out by “state-sponsored actors.” More details can be found in the statement. Yahoo was one of the many companies who was affected by massive data dumps this year. Reports back in […]

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North Korea – the Country of 28 Websites

The Internet has done everything to turn North Korea into some kind of sci-fi thriller. We get very few glimpses of the country, thanks to the state’s stronghold over communications. But, someone in North Korea made an error earlier this week, giving the world a rare chance to have a look at the country’s online presence. There are […]

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Limited Time Offer: 88% Off The Immersive Angular 2 Bundle

Angular 2 allows developers to architect larger scale and maintainable software. Emerging as a hot-button topic for developers to learn, we are bringing you a limited time offer to learn Angular 2 for just $41. With intensive 44 hours on web’s most exciting new framework, you can be sure to set yourself apart from others. […]

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Serious Vulnerability Could Have Allowed Hackers to Hijack Any Facebook Page

A security researcher earned $16,000 from Facebook after discovering a serious vulnerability. If known, hackers could have exploited this flaw to hijack any Facebook page. Facebook Pages are now used by every small and big organization, celebrities and even publications. Facebook’s free tool known as Facebook Business Manager allows page owners to manage advert accounts, apps, […]

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YouTube Decides to Enlist Users as Moderators – Might Not Be a Good Idea

YouTube has announced a new program that will encourage viewers to help moderate comments and videos on the video sharing platform. The program is called “YouTube Heroes” where heroes will get extra moderation tools and new features before they roll out to the public. For years, we have seen the platform suffering from a vitriolic comment […]

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Hackers Successfully Hijack Tesla Model S to Remotely Control the Vehicle

Security researchers have identified a number of vulnerabilities that could be exploited to remotely hijack a Tesla Model S. The hack works both while the vehicle is on the move and when it’s parked. “We have discovered multiple security vulnerabilities and successfully implemented remote, aka none physical contact, control on Tesla Model S in both Parking and […]

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Build Databases & Analyze Data with Database Administration Super Bundle

Database Administration Super Bundle brings over 86 hours of training to help you build databases professionally. With 9 different courses, you will able to analyze data and get highly rewarding job offers. Head over to WCCFtech Deals and get Database Administration Super Bundle for just $59 instead of its original value $2,700. 97% off Database Administration […]

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Making People Be Nicer on the Internet: Google’s Trying to End the Era of Trolls

Google is working to create an automatic response to online abuse and harassment. One of its ambitious projects, Conversation AI doesn’t boast to achieve breakthrough results in engineering. Its aim is to fix the worst gift of the Internet – trolling. Google’s trying to fight online harassment with AI Trolling has become a second identity of […]

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Firefox and Tor Browser Vulnerable to MitM attacks – Firefox 49 to Fix the Bug

A critical vulnerability in Mozilla’s Firefox browser allows “powerful adversaries” to launch man-in-the-middle (MitM) attacks. The flaw related to certificate pinning also affects the Tor Browser. Firefox and Tor Browser susceptible to MitM attacks Fully patched versions of Mozilla Firefox browsers carry a critical vulnerability. The flaw can be used by well-resourced threat actors to compromise systems […]

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Stream Unblocker: Enjoy Your Favorite Streaming Services Without Location Restrictions & On ALL Devices

We are bringing back one of our most popular deals from WCCFtech Deals today. TNT Stream Unblocker lifetime subscription. With TNT Stream Unblocker, you can enjoy your favorite streaming services, including Netflix, without any location restrictions. If that wasn’t enough, TNT Stream Unblocker works on ALL of your devices! Head over to WCCFtech Deals and grab […]

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Limited Time Offer: 97% off Microsoft Front-End Developer Training Bundle

Microsoft’s front-end developer training bundle teaches you to start designing professional-looking scalable websites. With the courses offered on CSS, HTML5, and more, you will analyze the techniques to make improvements to a website, create logos with Adobe Illustrator, get started with CSS, and learn to build your first applications. With a retail value of over […]

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Has Mark Zuckerberg Become the World’s Most Powerful Editor?

Earlier in the year, Facebook was accused of deliberately suppressing articles from conservative news sites. The social networking site recently fired its team of editors who managed the trending topics section, replacing them with algorithms. However, algorithms haven’t proven to be the solution of this dilemma where Facebook wants to be in a position to control […]

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Download New iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus Wallpapers

Apple released its latest iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus on Wednesday. A lot has been said about the handful of changes that Apple has introduced and some feature-losses that users are already missing. With pre-orders opening today, you will soon be able to get your hands on the brand new iPhone 7 and iPhone […]

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Chrome to Label HTTP Pages with Password or Credit Card Fields as Not-Secure

Google announced today that Chrome 56 will start labeling HTTP pages that feature a password or credit card form as not-secure due to their sensitive nature. The changes will come into effect starting January, 2017. Chrome to warn when you visit insecure websites In a post on Google’s security blog, Emily Schechter informed users of the upcoming changes. […]

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Why I Already Hate the New iPhone 7 – Apple’s “Courageously” Adequate Reveal

After spending months following the rumors surrounding iPhone 7, it is fair to say that Wednesday’s unveiling was underwhelming and merely adequate. Not one bit was a surprise, not one change made it look like a major upgrade year. Since the event yesterday, many have called it the 6s-s update, and fairly so. Apple once […]

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Learn Ruby on Rails with Help from a Community of over 30,000 Developers

Get a 85% discount on Codeplace 1-year all access pass, and learn Ruby on Rails. With the help from a community of over 30,000 developers, you will be able to learn at a self-paced and yet accelerated way. Head over to WCCFtech Deals and get Ruby on Rails 1-Year All Access Pass for just $49. 85% Off […]