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privacy security
Security 2 days ago

FBI One Step Closer to Hacking Any Computer They Want

On Thursday, the US Supreme Court approved a proposed change to Rule 41 of the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure, givi…
Security 5 days ago

User Credentials Show Up on Pastebin, But Spotify Denies Data Breach

A list containing hundreds of Spotify account credentials appeared on Pastebin, in a possible security breach of the mus…
Software 5 days ago

Instagram Testing a Flatter, Monochromatic Design Overhaul

Since everyone is going modern and trendy by adopting a flatter, whiter and so-called simpler design, designers back at …
smartdns vpn
Deals 1 week ago

Unblock Streaming Sites Globally with StreamJack TV, Now at a Jaw-Dropping Discount

WCCFtech Deals is bringing a limited time offer on one of our most favorite products – StreamJack TV SmartDNS. Sm…
SoftwareWeb 2 weeks ago

Opera Releases Browser For Desktop With Free Built-in Unlimited VPN – Download It …

Opera has just released an updated version of its developer based browser, and it comes packed with a bunch of great fea…
Industry 2 weeks ago

Handsome Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Reveals His Inner Computer Geek

You know that place called Canada – yes, the same one where most of the Revenant was shot, getting Leo finally that Os…
BlackBerry is not going anywhere, according to CEO
MobileSecurity 2 weeks ago

BlackBerry’s Supposed Security Takes a Hit; Canadian Police Intercepted Over 1 Mn …

Blackberry may no longer be one of the top tech companies, but it kept a hold of the title of being the most secure mobi…
fbi iphone
MobileSecurity 3 weeks ago

FBI Paid Grey Hat Hackers, Not Israel-Based Cellebrite, One-Time Fee to Hack iPhone

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) announced last month that it managed to break into the iPhone belonging to a …
JP Morgan Could Switch Worldwide Systems To Cloud9 To Facilitate Seamless Trading
GeneralIndustry 3 weeks ago

JP Morgan Could Switch Worldwide Systems To Cloud9 To Facilitate Seamless Trading

Transmitting trades was being carried out by JP Morgan through phone lines, but it looks like the largest US bank (in te…
Surface Pro 4 4
Software 3 weeks ago

Microsoft Working on Its Own Picture in Picture Mode for Windows 10 Tablets

Windows 10 is going to receive a major update this summer, as a number of new features and improvements are expected to…
Software 3 weeks ago

How to Download and Run “Bash on Ubuntu on Windows 10”

The latest Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 14316 brought in a ton of new features, including Windows Subsystem for Linu…
james comey fbi
MobileSecurity 3 weeks ago

FBI is Unable to Hack into Newer iPhones – James Comey Confirms

After the FBI received help from a private party in unlocking the iPhone 5c used by a San Bernardino shooter, Apple so…
Deals 3 weeks ago

Fly Like a Maverick with SKEYE Nano OR Hexa Drones – Ship FREE with Over 30% Disco…

SKEYE drones are a hit among our readers, which is why we keep bringing back some of the most requested copters from WCC…
Security 4 weeks ago

Following Apple-FBI Battle, WhatsApp Offers End-to-End Encryption to Its 1 Billion Users

The battle over encryption between Apple and the FBI may have come to an abrupt halt after a third-party helped the FBI …
Deals 4 weeks ago

Last Minute Savings: 63% Off Private Internet Access VPN 2-Yr Subscription

In this month’s VPN deals, we bring you a 63% discount on Private Internet Access VPN. As security and privacy bre…
iPhone boost security
MobileSecurity 4 weeks ago

[Fixed] Siri Bug Lets Anyone Access Your Photos and Contacts – How to Protect Your…

If you own an iPhone 6s or 6s Plus and have upgraded to iOS 9.3.1, you might be in for some trouble. A flaw discovered i…
microsoft edge security
Security 4 weeks ago

No Zero-Day or Known Exploits have Targeted the Edge Browser – Microsoft Claims

Microsoft launched its new Edge browser last year with the release of the Windows 10 operating system. At its Edge Summi…
microsoft edge security
Software 4 weeks ago

Web Notifications, Customizations and More Features Coming to Microsoft Edge

At the Edge Summit 2016, Microsoft revealed some new features that will be coming to its Edge browser. Remember, Microso…






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