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charging phone hack
MobileSecurity 21 hours ago

Charging Smartphones with USB Cable Could Lead to Data Thefts and Malware Infections

We don’t think twice before plugging our phone into a computer or a public charging station when it requires a rec…
myspace hacked
Security 24 hours ago

Hacker is Selling Over 427 Million MySpace Passwords for $2,800

Okay, we know nobody remembers MySpace anymore, but the site still surprisingly serves 50 million unique visitors a mont…
Security 2 days ago

You can Rent a Network of Enslaved Botnet Devices for DDoS Attacks for Just $5

Do you think you can’t get much for a fiver? Well, it could get you a beer, some overpriced coffee, and rented Dis…
download Google play store apk
MobileSoftware 2 days ago

Latest Google Play Store 6.7.12 is Now Available [APK Download]

A new version of Google’s Play Store is now available, taking the build to 6.7.12. The new APK brings some bug …
chrome 51
SecuritySoftware 2 days ago

Chrome 51 is Now Available With New Features – Patches 42 Security Flaws

A new stable version of Chrome web browser is now available for Windows, OS X and Linux, patching 42 vulnerabilities, an…
The Comprehensive Android Development Bundle
Deals 2 days ago

95% Discount On The Comprehensive Android Development Bundle

Learn to develop best-selling apps using the world’s most popular mobile operating system with The Comprehensive A…
microsoft password recovery scam setup fingerprint on galaxy s6
Security 3 days ago

Following LinkedIn Breach, Microsoft is Banning All Your Favorite Passwords

Weak passwords are one of the main reasons behind online accounts getting easily hacked and compromised. With services …
operation ke3chang
Security 4 days ago

China-Linked Ke3chang Resurfaces, Now Targeting Indian Embassies

A threat group which first came to the front two years ago, has resurfaced. Dubbed as Operation Ke3chang, the campaign w…
IndustryWeb 4 days ago

It’s Official: Twitter Will No Longer Count Usernames, Media In Tweets

Twitter has officially announced a major change to its service today, revealing that the social network giant won’…
compTIA A+
Deals 4 days ago

Prepare to Pass Premiere IT Professional Exam – CompTIA A+ IT Support 2016

You can save over $800 on CompTIA A+ IT Support Technician 2016 Certification Training. Prepare to pass the most premier…
IndustryWeb 5 days ago

Spotify’s New Family Plan Matches Apple Music Explicitly, Here Are The Details

Spotify just beefed up its family plan offering, allowing up to six accounts to operate under one umbrella for an amazi…
Game Of Thrones Episode 5 Has Been Confirmed To Be Leaked
GeneralWeb 6 days ago

Game Of Thrones Episode 5 Has Been Confirmed To Be Leaked

Game Of Thrones fans, we have one huge announcement coming your way that will definitely give you the jitters and that i…
facebook censorship
Security 1 week ago

Facebook Sued for Allegedly Storing Private Messages in a Searchable Database

Facebook is in trouble again. The social network may have violated federal privacy laws by scanning private messages wit…
google i/o 2016
Industry 1 week ago

The Top 5 Highlights From Google I/O 2016

At this year’s I/O, Google’s vision of conversational and interactive technologies was more clear than ever before. …
android apps for chrome and windows
Software 1 week ago

It’s Official! Chrome is Getting Android Apps and the Play Store

Will this help Google in introducing millions of Android apps to Windows and other operating systems?  Android apps…
android n features
MobileSoftware 1 week ago

Security, Productivity and Performance: All About Android 7.0 N

Google released Android N earlier this year, showcasing some of the features in the first two developer previews. Today,…
SoftwareWeb 1 week ago

Google Announces ‘Assistant,’ Here Are All The Details

Google I/O 2016 is underway and the first announcement to come through is “Assistant.” What does it do and w…
Ethical Hacker
Deals 2 weeks ago

Leap Towards a Career in Ethical Hacking with Ethical Hacker Professional Certification …

Today we bring you a huge 95% discount on Ethical Hacker Professional Certification Package, which offers you savings …






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