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Deals 1 day ago

Get TigerVPN Full Lifetime Subscription for Just $49 and Start Browsing Safely

Today’s featured deal brings you a lifetime subscription offer of TigerVPN. Retailing at $799, you can now protect…
Steamcrate 12-Month Subscription
Deals 2 days ago

60% Off SteamCrate Gaming Subscription: New Batch of Games Every Month That Are Yours to…

SteamCrate is a gamer’s dream come true, delivering 10 Steam games every month at a fixed low cost. The popular 12…
Professional Python & Linux Administration Bundle
Deals 2 days ago

95% Off Professional Python and Linux Administration Bundle

Looking for a comprehensive course bundle that helps you gear start or grow in your IT System Administration career? Tod…
MCSE Data Platform Certification Exam Prep
Deals 3 days ago

Save $1,250 on MCSE Data Platform Certification Exam Prep

You can now build enterprise-scale data solutions by completing MCSE Data Platform Certification Exam Prep course. WCCF…
Ultimate CompTIA+ Certification Bundle
Deals 1 week ago

Save Over $2,400 on the Ultimate CompTIA+ Certification Bundle

CompTIA certification is a top validation for professionals working in the IT industry. You can not only gear start a l…
Hack Smartphones with Hidden YouTube Voice Commands
Security 1 week ago

Watching a YouTube Video? Hackers can Infect Your Device Using Hidden Voice Commands

With malware and ransomware campaigns running left and right, it is not surprising to see security researchers trying to…
Amazon Echo Smart Home
Giveaway 1 week ago

The Ultimate Smart Home Giveaway: Win Amazon Echo and 4 Other Products for a Futuristic …

The first true smart home device, Amazon Echo is designed to respond to your voice commands. With seven microphones, bea…
Virtual Reality Box Headset
Deals 2 weeks ago

Experience a Whole New Virtual Reality World with Smartphone-Compatible VR Box Headset

Looking to go beyond your current reality and venture into the enticing world of VR? Today’s featured deal helps y…
mac malware
Security 2 weeks ago

Scary New OS X Malware Allows Hackers to Hijack Macs and Spy Using Webcams

Apple’s OS X is popularly considered immune to malware campaigns. While smaller in count when compared to Windows…
JavaScript Coding 2016 Bundle
Deals 2 weeks ago

Become a Master Web Developer with JavaScript Coding 2016 Bundle – 96% Off!

You can now become an expert web developer with JavaScript Coding 2016 Bundle that WCCFtech Deals is bringing to you wit…
API Mastery
Deals 2 weeks ago

86% Off API Mastery Bundle: Learn to Incorporate Google, Facebook, Twitter & More A…

APIs are an extremely powerful way to access content and interact with servers across the internet. Being able to create…
CompTIA and comptia, Windows Server Administrator Certification
Deals 3 weeks ago

Get These 6 Premium IT Professional Certifications to Jumpstart Your Career

CompTIA is a top certification that validates your technical competency in network administration and support. This cert…
Radix .tech Domain
Deals 3 weeks ago

Be an Internet Pioneer and Move Over to the “.tech” Side for Just $49.99

Are you bored with those mundane .com, .net, .org, and several other equally old domain extensions? Well, it’s tim…
MobileOp-Ed 3 weeks ago

An Open Letter To Apple; Here’s Why You Should Kill The iPhone

The influence of the Vietnam era on Apple’s overall brand strategy and on Steve Jobs to an extent has been undenia…
facebook malware scam
Security 3 weeks ago

Simple Facebook Notification Infects Over 10,000 Users in Just 48 Hours

Thousands of users have been infected by a Facebook malware that tries to take over a user’s account. This lates…
Healthcare Hack
Security 3 weeks ago

Hacker Tries to Sell Over 9 Million Patient Records on the Dark Web

We have seen quite a few large-scale data leaks in the past two months, that have been sold on the dark web. After Linke…
Coding Bootcamp
Deals 3 weeks ago

Interactive Coding Bootcamp: Learn to Code for Just $29 with 1-on-1 Mentor Support

Fascinated by the world of coders, their flexible (read: endless) working hours and well-paid jobs? Or, you are already …
Google Is Testing Internet Speeds Straight From The Search Results
Web 3 weeks ago

Google Is Testing Internet Speeds Straight From The Search Results

For a vast number of years, Ookla has dominated the internet speed test traffic results, until Netflix counted itself a …






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