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Google Is Testing Internet Speeds Straight From The Search Results
Web 1 day ago

Google Is Testing Internet Speeds Straight From The Search Results

For a vast number of years, Ookla has dominated the internet speed test traffic results, until Netflix counted itself a …
CCTV Botnet Launches DDoS Attack
Security 1 day ago

Botnet of 25,000 Cameras Located in 105 Countries Launches Massive DDoS Attacks

A distributed denial-of-service botnet has been discovered that is made up of over 25,000 internet-connected CCTV devic…
Cerber Ransomware Hits Again
Security 2 days ago

Cerber Ransomware Targets Millions of Users, Bypassing Microsoft’s Security Defens…

A massive attack was launched against Microsoft’s Office 365 users last week, in which over 57% of companies that …
Unlimited Backup Lifetime Subscription
Deals 2 days ago

93% Off G Cloud Unlimited Backup: Safeguard Your Data and Back Up Limitless Photos, Vide…

We have seen an increasing number of data breaches in the past two months, leaking user data on the web. While we can…
Sundar Pichai Quora Hacked
Security 3 days ago

Zuckerberg Hackers Broke Into Google CEO Sundar Pichai’s Quora Account

Monday blues? Sundar Pichai has it worse. The CEO of Google is next in line to have his online accounts hacked after Mar…
windows 10 forced upgrade
IndustrySoftware 3 days ago

Woman Sued Microsoft Over Forced Windows 10 Upgrade, Won $10,000

There’s only a month left for Windows 7 and 8 users to upgrade to Windows 10, if they don’t want to pay for …
Machine Learning
Deals 3 days ago

Master Artificial Intelligence and Achieve the Impossible – 94% Discount

Today’s featured deal brings you a massive 94% discount on the Complete Machine Learning bundle. This learning bun…
SecuritySoftware 4 days ago

Latest Loophole Allows Users To Reset OS X Firmware Passwords For $100

Security and Apple are two things that often go hand in hand. After all, the primary reason behind Cupertino’s ins…
Chrome Bug
Security 6 days ago

Unpatched Chrome Bug Allows You to Illegally Download Movies from Netflix

If you believe there’s nothing wrong with piracy, this might be a great news for you. Security researchers have d…
PayPal Security
Security 6 days ago

PayPal Exploit Allowed Hackers to Deliver Malicious Images Using Payment Pages

A recently discovered security vulnerability in PayPal could have allowed hackers to insert malicious images into paymen…
Deals 6 days ago

Want to Stay Relevant? Make Smarter Business Decisions with this Essential Data Analysis…

You work in finance, technology, sports or in a not-for-profit organization, no matter what the industry you are working…
Download Safari 10 Beta for El Capitan and Yosemite
Software 7 days ago

Apple Now Offers Safari 10 Beta on OS X El Capitan and Yosemite

Apple started offering Safari 10 beta last week to developers testing the macOS Sierra developer beta. The upcoming vers…
Timekeeping with Cosmic Watch App
MobileSoftware 7 days ago

Explore the Cosmos and Travel Back in Time with the Visually Stunning Cosmic Watch

Do you miss looking at a clear sky with all those shiny little stars? Well, we could take a vacation and head out to som…
C++ Programming Bundle
Deals 7 days ago

Master the Super-Portable C++ Programming Language & Start Building Large-Scale App…

Today’s featured deal brings you a 92% discount on C++ Programming bundle. The language seems intimidating at fir…
android malware
MobileSecurity 1 week ago

You Think Rooting Devices Is Fun? Wait Until “Godless” Does It For You

A new malware has been discovered that targets devices running Android 5.1 Lollipop or earlier versions. Affecting over …
Mark Zuckerberg
Security 1 week ago

Zuckerberg’s Security 101? Tape Up Your Webcam and Microphone

In a time when we are seeing news of hacks, security breaches and spying attempts almost every single day, how do you…
T-Mobile Insider Data Breach
Security 1 week ago

T-Mobile Hit by Insider Breach; Staffer Steals Over 1.5 Million Customer Records

Following the high-profile data breaches of LinkedIn, Tumblr and MySpace, T-Mobile is the latest victim. However, this t…
IndustryMobile 2 weeks ago

Beijing Says Apple iPhone 6 and 6 Plus Copy Chinese Phone – Ordered to Stop Sale…

Beijing’s Intellectual Property Office has ruled that the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus violate the design patents of a Chin…






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