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Star Citizen
Games 4 hours ago

Insider Trading: CitizenCon & Star Citizen

Contributed by Adrian Ip. Adrian has gamed on everything from an Apple IIe to a 5960X, Titan X rig with pit stops at var…
HardwareReport 12 hours ago

TSMC Aggressively Ramping Volume Production of 16nm FinFET Devices – Pure Play Fou…

The foundry market is something that is arguably the backbone of the PC (gaming) market. This includes TSMC and Global F…
Xiaomi Reportedly Hires Executive To Complete Its Laptop Launching Plan
MobileRumor 14 hours ago

Could Xiaomi Announce The Mi5 On Its October 19 Event?

The Xiaomi’s next flagship smartphone is the expected star announcement of the October 19 event. The company has s…
Games 16 hours ago

Ubisoft Issues Statement About Might & Magic VII Deceptive Marketing Claims

There has been quite the controversy over how the Might & Magic Heroes VII Collectors Edition has been marketed. It …
Deals 18 hours ago

WCCFtech Deals – Python Programming Pro Bundle

Python, the big snake of a language that’s both huge and utterly all-encompassing is also one of the easiest langu…
Dell Has Confirmed The Largest Acquisition In Tech History – See All The Details Here
Industry 18 hours ago

Dell Has Confirmed The Largest Acquisition In Tech History – See All The Details Here

Who would have thought that Dell, the American tech company would be making history today by making the largest acquisit…
Surface Pro 4 4
Mobile 2 days ago

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Vs iPad Pro; Specifications, Features, Multimedia & Price

With it being more than a year when we saw the first Surface Pro 4 specifications leak take place, its time for us to fi…
HardwareReport 2 days ago

Nvidia Did Not Invent The (Modern) GPU – ITC Court Rules In Samsung’s Favor,…

Some time ago, Nvidia filed a class action law suit against Samsung for, eh, basically inventing the (modern 3D) GPU and…
Games 3 days ago

Blizzard Teams Up With Microsoft To Stream Blizzcon 2015 To Xbox One

For the very first time ever, Microsoft has teamed up with Blizzard as a sponsor for Blizzcon 2015. Fans will be able st…
MobileSecurity 3 days ago

Apple Removes Encrypted Traffic Snooping Apps from the App Store

Apple has removed some applications from its App Store that it said could spy on user data traffic. Apple pulls some ap…
Mobile 4 days ago

Pre-Order Microsoft Surface Book and Surface Pro 4 On Amazon, BestBuy And More

Microsoft’s managed to gain quite some interest over past couple of days with the launch of the Surface Pro 4 and …
Mobile 4 days ago

Microsoft’s Surface Book Specifications Might Feature A Custom GTX950M

In attempt to bring some fresh offerings to its gadget lineup, Microsoft recently upgraded its Surface Pro lineup and in…
Games 4 days ago

Microsoft’s Spencer Needed To Regain Team Confidence And Customer Trust Following Xbox…

Microsoft and its Xbox brand was burnt to the ground following the announcement of their DRM policy, and the always on-l…
Toshiba And SanDisk Rumored To Be Taken Over By A Chinese Firm
IndustryRumor 4 days ago

Toshiba And SanDisk Rumored To Be Taken Over By A Chinese Firm

Tsinghua Unigroup has been relentless as far as its takeover rampage is the primary concern, only this time, popular NAN…
ZOTAC GeForce GTX 960 ITX Compact_Top
HardwareReport 4 days ago

Nvidia to Discontinue 2GB Versions of the Geforce GTX 960 – 4GB Version Better Sui…

Nvidia’s GTX 960 is an interesting card. At a price tag of approximately $200  (~$220 retail on Newegg for the 4G…
Facebook Reactions
MobileWeb 5 days ago

Facebook Announces ‘Reactions,’ A Six Emoji Extension For The Like Button &#…

Facebook has today taken the wraps off a new feature which the company is calling ‘Reactions.’ The feature …
IndustryMobile 5 days ago

Samsung’s Mobile Payment Partner LoopPay Hacked With Breach Undetected For Months

As our gadgets advance, so do their capabilities and features with smartphones become an integral part of your everyday …
Leak 5 days ago

OS X 10.11.1 Beta Code Includes References To Magic Mouse 2, Magic Trackpad 2, Magic Key…

According to references found in the code of OS X 10.11.1 El Capitan beta, Apple is all set to launch updated and enhanc…






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