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Ripple Announces Major Deal With Banks to Give SWIFT a Great Deal of Competition

SWIFT has always been the ‘go to’ transfer system for sending funds across the globe, but with the latest announcement and partnership that Ripple has undertaken with majority of banks to introduce a new standard, SWIFT will definitely be receiving some hefty competition. With the Help of Other Banks, Ripple has Created the Global Payments […]

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This One-Of-A-Kind Custom Lamborghini Centenario Xbox One S Is Jaw-Dropping

Custom consoles are becoming more and more common, but this one-of-a-kind Lamborghini Centenario Xbox One S is truly jaw-dropping. To celebrate the launch of Forza Horizon 3, which takes the racing series to Australia, Microsoft Australia is offering fans a chance to win this single custom-built Xbox One S console. To be able to win […]

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Space Isn’t As Colorful As NASA’s Photos Make It Seem And Here’s Why

Whenever you see pictures of space, the first thing that comes to most people’s minds is probably WOW! Look at those beautiful colors. But then there people who start exclaiming “This isn’t how space looks like!” And “These images are fake”. We know they are, but you shouldn’t be complaining about simple stuff like this, […]

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TSMC Roadmap Update: Will Be Ready To Take 7nm Orders By April 2017, Volume Production Scheduled To Begin By 2018

The silicon industry is nothing without the foundries that produce the brains for pretty much everything powered by technology; which is why the progress of these fabs in terms of technology and schedule is of immense importance to enthusiasts. We have just received word that TSMC, a leading pure-play foundry, will be ready to take […]

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Google Pixel And Pixel XL Leak In Flesh For First Time Confirming Several Details

It’s only a couple of days until the Google Pixel and Pixel XL are launched. The official launch date for the device is set at October 4th. We’ve managed to gather quite a bit of information related to them. This year’s smartphone from Google will be re-branded from head to toe. Google will ditch the […]

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Microsoft Surface Phone Rumored With Snapdragon 830, 20MP Rear Camera & 2K Display

As a company, Microsoft’s strength has always been software. Redmond’s operating system runs on the majority of computers worldwide. Its foray in cloud and analytical services has also started to see some wins lately. The Surface Pro and Surface Book lineup combine hardware and design specifications in an efficient manner. With smartphones, the company’s failures […]

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Microsoft Wants to Watch Over Whatever You’re Doing to Offer You Better Search Results

A new Microsoft patent reveals company’s bigger plans for data acquisition and improved search results. The tech giant is planning to watch everything you do and sync it between different apps to bring you quicker and better search results. Hmm… Microsoft to make your life easier with contextual search results Published yesterday, the new patent called “Query […]

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Twitter (NYSE:TWTR) Reportedly in Talks to Get Acquired, Salesforce Being One Suitable Firm

Twitter (NYSE: TWTR), according to people familiar with the matter, is in talks to be acquired, and while Salesforce does seem like a suitable firm that could takeover the social network, other companies also seem like potential suitors. In Addition to Salesforce, Twitter (NYSE: TWTR) Has Also Reported to Be in Talks With Google According to […]

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The Apple A10 Fusion Features Tighter Packaging, Die Utilization And Improved Libraries

Talking about overall design and product approach, Apple’s not a subtle company. Cupertino’s known for its unorthodox marketing strategies. Subtle upgrades on its products are showcased in striking ways that have worked out quite well for the company. With the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus we saw a similar approach. The pair’s processor in […]

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Pay What You Want for DIY Hardware and Internet of Things eBook Bundle

You can now get the “DIY Hardware and Internet of Things eBook Bundle” from WCCFtech Deals at a price of your choice. This is your chance to start learning about 3D printers, robots, Raspberry Pi and more. Pay what you want and learn to build robots using ROS, 3D printers, and create your own wearable projects using Arduino […]

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[UPDATE 2] Pachter: “PC Gamers Are Like Racists”; They Are “Arrogant Twits.”

[Update 2] Following Pachter’s comment in which he accused the Daily Star of “irresponsible” reporting, the British tabloid decided to release the actual audio recording from the interview. It turns out that Pachter was the one “irresponsible” here. Down below you’ll find a transcript from the audio recording. Daily Star: “For gamers that are more […]

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“State-Sponsored” Actors Hacked into Yahoo and Stole Data of over 500 Million Users

As shared with our readers earlier in the day, Yahoo was expected to release a public statement about a massive data dump that was being sold in the dark web in August. While hackers had said that data of over 200 million Yahoo users was available, the tech company’s statement suggests far worse effects. Yahoo has […]

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Yahoo to Confirm Massive Data Breach Affecting 200 Million Users – Chaos for the New Owners?

[Update]: Yahoo has released the official statement, confirming that the scope of breach was much wider than previously believed. The company has also suggested that the hack was carried out by “state-sponsored actors.” More details can be found in the statement. Yahoo was one of the many companies who was affected by massive data dumps this year. Reports back in […]

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North Korea – the Country of 28 Websites

The Internet has done everything to turn North Korea into some kind of sci-fi thriller. We get very few glimpses of the country, thanks to the state’s stronghold over communications. But, someone in North Korea made an error earlier this week, giving the world a rare chance to have a look at the country’s online presence. There are […]

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Limited Time Offer: 88% Off The Immersive Angular 2 Bundle

Angular 2 allows developers to architect larger scale and maintainable software. Emerging as a hot-button topic for developers to learn, we are bringing you a limited time offer to learn Angular 2 for just $41. With intensive 44 hours on web’s most exciting new framework, you can be sure to set yourself apart from others. […]

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Google Decides to Focus More on Surveillance and Less on Allo’s Privacy Protections

Google has released its new AI-powered messaging app Allo to iOS and Android users. But the version rolling out today will store all non-Incognito messages by default, which is a change from Google’s earlier promises. Google first announced Allo at its I/O event in May. Presented as a privacy-focused messaging app, Google had promised that Allo will […]

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YouTube Decides to Enlist Users as Moderators – Might Not Be a Good Idea

YouTube has announced a new program that will encourage viewers to help moderate comments and videos on the video sharing platform. The program is called “YouTube Heroes” where heroes will get extra moderation tools and new features before they roll out to the public. For years, we have seen the platform suffering from a vitriolic comment […]

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Hackers Successfully Hijack Tesla Model S to Remotely Control the Vehicle

Security researchers have identified a number of vulnerabilities that could be exploited to remotely hijack a Tesla Model S. The hack works both while the vehicle is on the move and when it’s parked. “We have discovered multiple security vulnerabilities and successfully implemented remote, aka none physical contact, control on Tesla Model S in both Parking and […]

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Making People Be Nicer on the Internet: Google’s Trying to End the Era of Trolls

Google is working to create an automatic response to online abuse and harassment. One of its ambitious projects, Conversation AI doesn’t boast to achieve breakthrough results in engineering. Its aim is to fix the worst gift of the Internet – trolling. Google’s trying to fight online harassment with AI Trolling has become a second identity of […]

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5 Inch Google Pixel Rumored With Prodigious $649 Price Tag And Financing Options

Google’s Pixel smartphones for this year have started to see a lot of information surface. The biggest surprise so far is the fact that this year’s smartphones will bid goodbye to the Nexus lineup. Mountain View will take a direct approach with its smartphones this year. The devices will carry the Google logo on their […]

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The iPhone 7’s Lightning To 3.5mm Adapter Stops Responding After 5 Minutes Claim Reports

The Apple iPhone 7 was an interesting launch. Cupertino finally made some upgrades on the device which in all honesty should have come last year. The removal of the 3.5mm earphone jack, a taptic home button and build upgrades all mark nicely for incremental changes on the lineup. The removal of the earphone jack in […]

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Firefox and Tor Browser Vulnerable to MitM attacks – Firefox 49 to Fix the Bug

A critical vulnerability in Mozilla’s Firefox browser allows “powerful adversaries” to launch man-in-the-middle (MitM) attacks. The flaw related to certificate pinning also affects the Tor Browser. Firefox and Tor Browser susceptible to MitM attacks Fully patched versions of Mozilla Firefox browsers carry a critical vulnerability. The flaw can be used by well-resourced threat actors to compromise systems […]