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apple bbc documentary
LeakMobile 6 hours ago

iPhone 6s Rose Gold Renders Offer Good Look At Device Today

With just a little over a week left until its launch, the Apple iPhone 6s has started to see the final stages in its lea…
Industry 8 hours ago

GlobalFoundries Rumored To Be Acquired By The Chinese For The Most Obvious Reason

GlobalFoundries, the semiconductor manufacturing firm that has begun the production of the 14nm FinFET process through a…
the immortus
GeneralIndustry 1 day ago

The Immortus: A Solar Powered Sports Car That Can Run Indefinitely On Energy From The Su…

After going all solar in the line of electricity, Australia has another solar electric surprise for us. It’s a limited…
Vulkan Logo
HardwareReport 1 day ago

Khronos Group’s ‘Vulkan’ API, Performance Numbers Revealed – Pro…

One of the most promising APIs in development right now is the Vulkan API. Not only does it have all the low level capab…
LeakMobile 2 days ago

Google Nexus 8 Design And Dimensions Surface Through Images Leak

When we talk about Nexus devices this year, the discussion surrounds the upcoming Nexus smartphones from both Huawei and…
Mobile 3 days ago

The 2015 LG Nexus Sees Potential Release Date Surface

When it comes to the summer, and upcoming devices expected this quarter and fall, we’ve been hearing about a few o…
Siri Give Us A Hint
IndustryMobile 3 days ago

What To Expect From Apple’s ‘Hey Siri, Give Us A Hint’ September 9th E…

Apple made its iPhone 6s event official yesterday by sending out invites for its keynote to the press. The company also …
GeneralIndustry 4 days ago

The LG Rolly Is A Full-Size Bluetooth Keyboard That Can Be Folded Into A Pocket Stick

LG has announced that they will launch their new full-size keyboard during the IFA 2015 trade show next week in Berlin…
GeneralIndustry 4 days ago

Google’s New Patent Could Track Potholes And Help You Avoid Them

While driving, we face a lot of hurdles that can potentially damage our car, and one of those hurdles is, you guessed i…
General 4 days ago

New York City’s Taxi Industry Launches Their Own App To Rival Uber

Taxi Medallion prices were on the rise since the last three decades but a decline was seen in the past few months becau…
Logo Apple iPhone
Mobile 4 days ago

iPhone 6s Plus To Feature Smaller Battery As Apple Relying On Other Features

With the iPhone 6s duo set to be with us in only a couple of weeks, leaks and rumors surrounding the upcoming flagship h…
Mobile 4 days ago

Reduced A9 Core Area To Result In Major Performance Increase

Apple’s known to be notoriously tightlipped when it comes to future product launches, even after said launches occ…
HardwareReport 5 days ago

AMD Next Generation ‘Arctic Islands’ Graphic Cards Will Be Manufactured on t…

So it looks like we have the first independent confirmation about AMD Radeon’s exact node. TSMC will be manufactur…
Mobile 5 days ago

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Coming With 11 And 14 Inch Screen Sizes, Say Supply Chain Source…

The Microsoft Surface Pro 4 has started to see an increasing amount of media attention over the past couple of weeks. Re…
apple bbc documentary
Mobile 5 days ago

Apple iPad Pro To See 30% Reduced Thickness With Oxide TFT Display

Apart from the regular 9.7-inch iPad, Apple has no other large screen tablet in the market. But the Apple iPad Pro, a my…
Logo Apple iPhone
LeakMobile 5 days ago

Apple iPhone 6c Sees Its First Case Leak Today

We’ve been hearing quite a lot about upcoming Apple products over the past couple of days. With barely two weeks l…
uber logo
GeneralIndustry 5 days ago

Uber Partnering With University of Arizona To Research On Self Driving Cars

Uber, after its successful testing of Smart Routes and other vehicle sharing services – UberPool, Uber X etc. R…
office 2016
Software 5 days ago

Microsoft Office 2016 For Windows Is Coming Next Month

Microsoft is expected to launch the latest edition of Microsoft Office by the end of next month, in a bid to merge all O…






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