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AMD Microsoft
HardwareRumor 9 hours ago

AMD Buyout Rumors Emerge Again, It’s Microsoft Allegedly Showing Interest This Tim…

Microsoft has allegedly approached AMD and shown interest in acquiring the company according to a recent report citing a…
GadgetsHardware 14 hours ago

[Throttle Breakdown] Snapdragon 810 Vs Exynos 7420 Vs A8 Vs Snapdragon 808 Vs Intel Z358…

Before its launch and availability in devices, Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 810 was being touted as being the companyR…
Galaxy Note 5 and iPhone 6s rumor round-off
AnalysisGadgets 15 hours ago

Galaxy Note 5 Vs The iPhone 6s: What We Know So Far

There have been several hardware and feature leaks surrounding two of the most anticipated and powerful handsets to be r…
GadgetsLeak 17 hours ago

Microsoft’s Got The Snapdragon 810 All Ready For Lumia 940 XL

Despite its apparent shortcomings, Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 810 is far from being dead. The company does have serious…
Gadgets 18 hours ago

Latest Leaks Suggest Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus To Feature 3000 mAh Battery

We’ve been hearing quite a lot about another Samsung Galaxy S6 device over the past couple of days. While the Gala…
General 2 days ago

Alleged OnePlus 2 Images Leak Showing Misplaced Measurements

Another flagship seems to have gotten caught in the internet’s infamous leak mill. We’ve seen top tier flags…
Micron Aims At 16 nm DRAM; Will Compete With Samsung
Industry 2 days ago

Micron Aims At 16 nm DRAM; Will Compete With Samsung

Earlier, it was reported that Micron has begun commercial shipment of its 20 nm GDDR5 chips. Now the third largest compu…
Industry 3 days ago

Micron Has Started Commercial Shipments Of 20 nm GDDR5 Chips

American company of semiconductors Micron has announced that that it has commenced commercial shipments of GDDR5 chips t…
Xiaomi’s $97 smartphone is a Redmi 2A; 4.7 inch coupled with LTE modem is a nice affordable package
GadgetsIndustry 3 days ago

No Immediate Plans For US Smartphones Says Xiaomi Chief

While we learned a couple of days back that Xiaomi’s looking to expand in the US at a moderate pace, with the Chin…
Nintendo logo
Industry 3 days ago

After US Supreme Court, Nintendo To Allow Same Sex Marriage As Well

The United States Supreme court made a historic and one of its most controversial ruling just 24 hours back, through its…
brainport v100 1
General 3 days ago

‘BrainPort V100′ Helps Blind People See Through Their Tongue

A device named BrainPort V100 has been approved through FDA (Food and Drug Administration) in US before the availabili…
PSN Sale
GamesReport 3 days ago

PlayStation Network Down in Several Countries With Sluggish Download Speeds

Earlier, we reported an issue in Batman Arkham Knights PS4 leaderboards and it might have depicted that the issue was an…
General 4 days ago

Google Self-Driving Cars Can Now Be Seen On The Streets Of California

The Self driving car phenomenon seemed a bit too good to be true for all of us, at least until a few years ago. Since th…
samsung galaxy s6 logo
AnalysisGadgets 4 days ago

[Benchmark Dissection] Samsung Galaxy S6 Vs iPhone 6 Vs LG G4 Vs HTC One M9 Vs ZenFone 2

The Exynos 7420 found on Samsung’s Galaxy S6 Duo is the first mobile SoC to come with 14nm FinFET architecture. Th…
GadgetsHardware 4 days ago

Snapdragon 820 To Feature Kyro Cores With Speeds Of 3.0 GHz

There have been several reports published stating that Qualcomm’s flagship SoC, Snapdragon 820 is going to be fabricat…
Industry 4 days ago

Double Capacity Lithium Batteries Inbound Thanks To Samsung

With mobile SoCs drawing nearer to the processing prowess of desktop and laptop CPUs, we have to wonder why is battery t…
Gadgets 4 days ago

OnePlus 2 Gets Official Launch Date; With ‘Virtual Reality’ In The Mix

Well, well, well. Here’s something that we don’t get to see everyday. While OnePlus has been known to be lau…
GadgetsSoftware 5 days ago

You Might Not Get To See Android 5.1.1 On The G4 According To LG

Android 5.1 has started to see a gradual roll out to devices with Samsung’s Galaxy flagships already having starte…






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