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Security 8 hours ago

Lord of the Internet ICANN Falls Victim to Hackers Compromising CZDS

Quite a holiday season hackers are having this year making us crazy following their seemingly never ending saga of hacki...
IndustrySecurity 13 hours ago

Links Found To North Korean Goverment In Sony Pictures Hack – Hackers Also Make ...

The Sony picture hacking, which uncovered a conspiracy of its own has taken an interesting development. Recently, a grou...
Security 1 day ago

Reddit Bans Subforum and User Accounts after Sony Warns Media Outlets to Stop Sharing ...

As Sony faces threats from hackers who have been targeting the company for past few weeks, the company has managed to co...
Gadgets 1 day ago

Sony Annouces The Single Lens Module That Will Turn Your Glasses Into Smartglasses

With things in wearables moving at a reasonable pace, more and more companies have started to launch their own devices t...
the pirate bay swedish attack
Security 1 day ago

Avenging The Pirate Bay Seizure, Anonymous Hacks into Swedish Government Email Account...

Infamous online hacktivist group that goes by the name of Anonymous has hacked the email accounts of Swedish govern...
GadgetsIndustry 2 days ago

Going Big Next Year – Samsung’s Mobile Payment Service Could Knock Apple P...

One of the major highlights this years was Apple’s launch of Apple Pay, the company’s first attempt at intro...
AMD Radeon Nvidia GeForce Logo
HardwareLeakRumor 2 days ago

Nvidia GM200 Titan 2, AMD Fiji 380X and Bermuda 390X Benchmarks Leaked

Nvidia’s GM200 GPU / Titan 2 was benchmarked against AMD’s upcoming Fiji XT GPU / R9 380X and Bermuda XT / R...
Western Digital WD
HardwareIndustry 3 days ago

Western Digital Buys SSD Maker Skyera – May Become an Even Bigger Market Player

Western Digital announced yesterday that it had completed the transaction to acquire Skyera, an all-flash array / SSD ma...
IndustrySoftware 3 days ago

Major Windows 10 Leak Shows Off Significantly Improved Consumer Features

With Windows 10’s developer preview done with, we’re soon about to see the operating system’s consumer...
AMD logo
Hardware 4 days ago

AMD’s FirePro Professional GPUs compared to Quadro counterparts in promotion off...

AMD’s price cuts have been hitting the professional spectrum recently and these slides show that AMD is driving ho...
IndustryWeb 4 days ago

Let The Games Begin: Six Hollywood Studios Unite Against Goliath (Google?)

Just four days back, we saw a group naming themselves as GOP hack Sony Pictures in one of the biggest data heists this y...
General 5 days ago

Ubudu To Launch inHouse GPS “uBeacon Mesh” Early Next Year

Ubudu (a Paris centered company) is going to launch the uBeacon Mesh in US by early next year. Ubudu is a company that p...
IndustryOp-Ed 5 days ago

Microsoft’s Windows 10 Could use Subscription-based Model

As an alternative of going through the typical model, Microsoft’s intended new release of Windows 10 could use subscri...
HardwareIndustry 5 days ago

AMD May Engage in Nvidia – Samsung – Qualcomm Patent War

Just a couple of months ago Nvidia began a very aggressive legal campaign against Samsung and Qualcomm in which the comp...






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