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Gadgets 5 hours ago

Bendgate For iPhone 6 Plus Fixed? New Evidence Suggests So

Looks like Apple has learned a lesson or two from its previous device fiascos. While the iPhone 4S antenna problem gaine...
Industry 1 day ago

Google Sells Motorola To Lenovo – Duo A Winning Combination Says Lenovo CEO

Its official folks. Google has finally taken smartphone manufacturer Motorola off its hand and sold the company to the C...
Industry 2 days ago

Google Working On New Tech To Detect Cancer And Heart Attacks

Google is attempting to make its way into the health sector with folks over at Google X working on new technology that w...
Hardware 3 days ago

Intel’s 14nm Broadwell is the True 14nm Node – Professional Analysis Confirms

The first sampling of Intel Broadwell processors arrived a few days ago in the form of Core M SoC in Lenovo’s Yoga 3 P...
ARM Logo
Hardware 3 days ago

ARM Introduces The Mali T800 GPU Family And Mali-DP550 Video Block

With smartphones and processors seeing upgrades every day, more and more manufacturers are starting to update their prod...
apple pay
Gadgets 4 days ago

NFC To Go Beyond Apple Pay In iPhone 6- Company Looking To Expanding Service

By introducing Near Field Communication in the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, for the first time in smartphone history, App...
Hardware 4 days ago

MediaTek To Launch Two Octa-Core 64 bit Chipsets Next Year

With the race in smartphone chipsets having moved towards 64-bit, more manufacturers seem to be catching to this trend. ...
Gadgets 4 days ago

Apple iPad Mini 3 Shows Poor Battery Life Compared To The Mini 2 In Latest Tests

At Apple’s latest launch event in Town Hall California, it was the iPad Air 2 which received the most attention. And r...
Gadgets 6 days ago

Apple’s Multi SIM for iPad Air 2 To Be Locked By AT&T

Apple launched the iPad Air 2 with several distinctive features on board. Apart from being the thinnest tablet on the ma...
Gadgets 1 week ago

Does The iPad Air 2 Bend? Device Tested To The Limits In New Video

When scouting for gadgets, buyers consider several aspects of a device beforehand. They relate mostly to performance, di...
HardwareOp-Ed 1 week ago

Intel and ASML Holdings EUV Lithography Slated for 2016 Debut – End of 10nm Cycle

As the node shrinks are getting ever smaller, mundane physics of the real world are starting to kick in. It is becoming ...
apple security
Security 2 weeks ago

Chinese Government Hacking Apple with MITM Attacks, Collecting iCloud Data

Chinese government is apparently phishing iCloud info with man-in-the-middle attacks. Reports claim that Apple is now be...
Motorola Moto X Release Date, Specs and Footage Leaked
Gadgets 2 weeks ago

New Leaked Press Render Shows Enticing Motorola Droid Turbo – Device Seems Set For L...

After the launch of the Nexus 6, looks like Motorola has another amazing looking device on it’s hands. Motorola, with ...
iOS 8 Beta 6 IPSW
Software 2 weeks ago

Five Things To Expect From iOS 8.1 – And Why You Should Update

After the launch of iOS 8 and the subsequent updates of iOS 8.0.1 and 8.0.2, Apple announced on it’s iPad launch event...






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