With the launch of the Oculus VR, and the company reportedly looking to further expand the headset the future of virtual reality seems to be near us. Oculus’ VR headset is an impressive product indeed and is gaining quite a lot of traction in the correct market. Looking at its popularity, looks like Microsoft doesn’t want to be left behind here either. According to Eurogamer, the company has just acquired a Japanese startup with technology thats even more impressive than the one touted by Oculus. The Japanese startup FOVE has just been accepted into Microsoft Ventures London accelerator program. What’s interesting here is that the Microsoft Ventures London program, as the name suggests is for UK based companies only. So Redmond must really be impressed with what it sees in FOVE.

Logo Apple iPhone

Well folks, it looks like Apple really is going to launch the two iPhone 6 variants separately. In fact not only will the 4.7 and 5.5 inch variants of the iPhone 6 see separate launch dates, but Apple is looking to launch the 4.7 inch iPhone 6 completely separately. What this means is that the iPhone 6 will be launched as expected on September the 19th. The 5.5 inch iPhone phablet, the next iPad mini and the iPad Air 2 will be launched afterwards. This is probably being done so that the iPhone 6 remains the flagship product of Apple and others do not end up stealing its spotlight. Particularly after the fact that iPad sales continue to decline for Cupertino. This information is once again straight out of China.

Motorola Moto X Release Date, Specs and Footage Leaked

Motorola seems determined to get everything right about the Moto 360. From the brilliant design to a thinner bezel when compared to other Android Wear devices, the Moto 360 really is set to impress. Ask almost anyone about their favorite smartwatch and in most cases the Moto 360 is what you’ll hear. That’s how good this device really is. Sadly however, very little information is available about the Moto 360 when compared to Samsung’s Gear Live or LG’s G Watch. Well, that’s about to change, if only by a little. And it’s not an everyday internet rumor either. This piece of information comes from Motorola demonstrator Cathay Bi in a video TechCrunch hands-on video of the device.

Logo Apple iPhone

Well well well. It seems like things clearly are getting out of control in the iPhone 6 rumor arena. With previous rumors covering almost everything from the screen to the processor to the battery, there really wasn’t much left. Heck, even the alleged fingerprint sensor of the device seemed to have leaked out. Weren’t we in for a surprise though courtesy of retailer XtremeGuard. XtremeGuard has listed on its site what seem to be four variants of Apple’s upcoming flagship. Something which should undoubtedly surprise Cupertino as well.

iPhone 6C-580-90

Retailer XtremeGuard Lists Screen Protectors For Four Different Variants Of The iPhone 6

Well ladies and gentlemen, as we know Apple has always portrayed itself as a maker of premium devices. This has, expectedly led to its devices being a tad bit overpriced. The iPhone, since its launch had always been about being the best at what it does. The original iPhone has been said by many to be the primary reason smartphones are popular today. According to some, the iPhone did indeed revolutionize the smartphone industry as it is. Keeping up to that precedence is hard in itself. So every one was a bit surprised when Apple decided to launch a plastic version of the iPhone 5 as well – dubbed as the iPhone 5C. Dubbed as being ‘colorful’, the 5C was said to be made for those who preferred a variety of options when picking their smartphone.

How does all of this relate to XtremeGuard? Well, according to the retailer, Apple is also launching an iPhone 6C. Now keep in mind that the iPhone 6 is coming in two variations, so that makes a total of four new iPhones being with us this summer. Seems highly unlikely to us. Why? Because, first of all there have been absolutely no rumors about the iPhone 6C. Secondly, the images beside the devices are all the same renders. So XtremeGuard is probably just being overly cautious. An interesting listing though. Perhaps Apple really is looking to cover all market segments this time. Who knows.


We’re all familiar with the hype that surrounds Apple and its launch events held in September. So, its no surprise that this year does not seem to be any different at all. In fact, for all the Apple fans out there, it might be a year  with the most diverse product lineup yet. Apple is reportedly gearing up to launch two variants of the iPhone, two iPads and the iWatch this September. Following these we can expect to see the 12 inch Retina MacBook just as Intel makes the BDY-M available. This is expected in either Q3 or early 2015. In addition, two MacBook Airs (11 and 13) have also reportedly entered production.

So all in all, it seems to be a very busy year at Cupertino indeed. With all of this product development underway, who would have expected Apple to be working on something completely new. Well, according to The Information, and reported by The Verge, Apple is reportedly gearing up for a Mobile Wallet as well. This is to be expected to launched alongside the iPhone 6 this September.


Not Related To Apple.

Apple In Talks For Mobile Wallet Platform – Might Be Launched With The iPhone 6

Before we get started on today’s news, first lets take a look at the Mobile Wallet platform. Simply put, through Mobile Wallet, you can make payments directly from your smartphone, instead of the whole credit card hassle. Apple’s talks with companies aren’t the first time the Mobile Wallet platform has been experimented with. Almost two years back, cooperation between Google and Verizon broke down. This was related to Verizon refusing to offer Google Wallet for the Galaxy Nexus because it required the Secure Element on the smartphone in order to function.


With all the hype surrounding Apple being mostly related to the iPhone 6, other parts of Apple’s lineup for this September seem to have been ignored mostly. Well, that ends today with new information having surfaced about the next iPad Mini. And starting from the basics, it seems that the tablet is going to get an entirely new nomenclature. The next iPad Mini is reportedly going to be called the iPad Mini Air from this September. This all seems justified with what the latest report seems to claim however. The Chinese Media is reporting that the  iPad Mini Air will be a staggering 30% thinner than the current version.


We’ve said quite a lot about smartphone theft here at wccftech. Smartphone theft is one of the unfortunate drawbacks of the advent of this technology. As your phones are able to do more, they also cost more. This leads to the misguided looking to make a couple of quick bucks a golden opportunity to cash in. When you loose your smartphone, not only do you incur financial losses but also put yourself at risk. Your phone undoubtedly contains sensitive data that anyone with malicious intent can use against you. Well, a safeguard for that is available. Well, its been available since last year and is called the Android Device Manager. With Android Device Manager, you can now easily protect your data with a few simple steps. Learn how to do that right here.


Smartwatches seem to be the next thing in gadgets these days. They seem to be offering a variety of features which will facilitate everyday and smartphone use. With three smarwatches being officially announced at Google’s I/O by makers Samsung, LG and Motorola the wheels had started to set in motion. They were to come with Google’s Android Wear which was to complement several features on its Android OS. These include the ability to receive notifications and such from the phone directly. Well, it seems Samsung has decided to a U-Turn when it comes to its devices using Android Wear. The Information is reporting that Samsung has ditched Android Wear in favor of Tizen software rather than Android Wear.


Samsung Is Investing In Devices Such As Gear 2, Gear 2 Neo Rather Than Gear Live – Larry Page Expresses Displeasure

According to The Information’s report, last week Google’s Larry Page and Samsung CEO Jay Y held private meetings last week. The atmosphere in the meetings was tense according to those to whom familiar with it. Page was frustrated with Samsung regarding its strategy concerning smartwatches. He reportedly seemed to be displeased about the fact that Samsung was investing more in devices such as Gear 2, Gear 2 Neo and Gear Fit. These devices are to be based on the Tizen software rather than Google’s Android Wear. The Samsung Gear Live is the only smartwatch based on Android Wear. While Samsung seems to be switching to Tizen to lesses its reliance on Google and Android, Page want greater Android Wear support for its compatibility with Android and its devices.

apple logo

Word has finally appeared related to Apple’s MacBooks. With all the hype surrounding the iPhone 6 and the iPads, we were left wondering at what Cupertino was up to with its popular notebook range. Well, wonder no more. Taiwan’s economic daily news has several updates for us in this regard. These cover the 11 and 13 inch variants of the MacBook Air as well as a much anticipated 12 inch Retina MacBook Pro.


Both MacBook Airs Enter Production – 12 Inch Retina MacBook To Arrive In Q3 Or 2015

xbox one logo

With the launch of the Xbox One, Microsoft promised to supplement it with periodic updates. In May the company also announced that it was going to separate Kinect from the popular console, leading to a $100 decrease in it’s price. This lead to sales of the Xbox One being doubled in June, when compared to May, according to Microsoft. So true to its words, the company has revealed that starting from July 21st, the next update will start rolling out for the console. This is for those with early access of course.

Xbox One

Next Xbox One Update To Roll Out On July 21st – Result Of Feedback Received From Xbox Feedback

Water Dew

While it actually is not coming “after” the sand technology but taking the limelight certainly after the sand-awesomeness did, which claimed that sand can triple the battery life of smartphones and other electronic gadgets. Scientists at MIT University have found a way to use the power of water dew to charge our phone. Unlike sand, it will not replace the current battery techniques but will be used as a good resource when out of charge especially in the remote areas.battery

Water dew for better battery life:

The research team at MIT discovered that the energy is generated when water condenses on the specially treated copper plates due to back and forth jumping movement. This movement allows picking up an electrical


There’s been a lot of hype related to smartwatches lately. With Android Wear being made available by Google, the platform was open for manufacturers to design and develop their devices around the OS. Three manufacturers entered the fray. These were LG, Motorola and Samsung, and all of them demoed their devices at Google’s annual I/O event held this year. The three watches announced were LG’s G Watch, Motorola’s Moto 360 and Samsung’s Gear Live. We did a detailed comparison of their features for you. If you want to take a look at that, click here. Well, it seems like HTC has decided to enter the fray as well. And seriously at that. HTC was rumored previously to have had interest in the smartwatch arena, with the device being called HTC’s One Wear. At that time, the device was rumored to be similar to Motorola’s Moto 360, which by far is the most popular smartwatch currently. Well, today @evleaks puts these rumors to rest; with another rumor of course. The tipster has posted an image which is the first render of the HTC One Wear, according to him.


As time passes, we see smartphones and other gadgets getting better day by day. This is only natural of course. Nowadays, all the hype seems to be surrounding Apple’s upcoming iPhone 6 and its features. But today we have something different for you. And its straight from China. Recently, Chinese manufacturers made headlines around the world when released their own iPhone 6 versions. These were, of course not the real thing, but clones. Kudos to the Chinese for cloning a device even before its official release. Well, today’s news is much different and is more technologically sound. Chinese manufacturer Takee has unveiled what it claims to be the world’s first holographic smartphone.



Well it looks like Oculus VR is aiming high when it comes to developing gaming accessories. The company is known for it’s Oculus Rift headgear, which added head tracking to its list of impressive feature in the current version. Well it seems like head tracking and head gear don’t end up making the company completely content with it’s offerings. According to people familiar to the development process, the company is quietly developing motion sensors as well, reports CNET. These sensors will allow you to manipulate objects and immerse yourself in games with your hands. This will of course result in a much more deeply engrossing gaming experience.


Oculus Working On Its Own Motion Controllers To Complement The Rift – Looking To Turn Back On Third Part Developers

Xbox One Logo

Since the launch of both the Play Station 4 and the Xbox One, it seemed clear who the winner was. Sony’s Play Station 4 surged ahead in sales with Microsoft left scratching its head. The company needed to act, and act fast. The PS4 reportedly dominated the US market for five consecutive months. Microsoft’s response to this was to drop Kinect as a must buy with the Xbox One. This of course came with a price cut in the price. The Xbox One was to now cost $399, as opposed to the previous $500 price tag.


Microsoft Claims Xbox One Sales Have Doubled – Sales In June Double Compared To May

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