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HardwareRumor 11 hours ago

Intel Gets Ready for $10 Billion Altera Acquisition – Negotiaion in Progress

Altera is a very well known manufacturer of SoCs and FPGAs and recent industry rumors indicate that the Blue Giant is ge…
General 15 hours ago

Finally, A City in Texas Is Switching To Renewable Energy Soon

As Costa Rica was finally able to power seventy five days consecutively without using any source other than renewable en…
Samsung Smart Watch
AnalysisGadgets 2 days ago

Gamma, Color Accuracy And Rest Show Vastly Improved Samsung Galaxy S6 Flagships In Today…

With the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, Samsung brought some much needed improvements to its flagship platform. These range from…
Gog com
GamesIndustry 3 days ago

GOG Extends Their Refund Policy To 30 Days Worldwide

When Valve recently updated the wording on their refund-policy for Steam users in the EU, they made some interesting cha…
Logo Apple iPhone
GadgetsHardware 3 days ago

Apple’s Caught In A Rut With A9 As TSMC And Samsung BOTH Will Get Orders For SoC

With things changing fast in the mobile SoC world, looks like Apple’s going to have to enter into quite a dilemma …
HardwareReport 3 days ago

Nvidia CUDA 7 REL Update Disables Double Precision on the Geforce GTX Titan Z

Double precision is one of the major selling points of the dual GK110 based Geforce GTX Titan Z. However it reports sugg…
General 3 days ago

World’s First Hydrogen-Powered Tram Has Been Built

Chinese Scientists teamed up in order to bring in a new development in existence, the world’s first hydrogen-fuel…
GamesRumor 4 days ago

Call of Duty 2015 Will be Different than Older Games

Activision announced that they would be releasing a Treyarch developed Call of Duty game this year. Treyarch has created…
AMD Logo
Hardware 4 days ago

AMD’s Research Budget Reaches Record Lows in 10 years – Intel and NvidiaR…

Research budget is a very relevant indicator when it comes to measuring a semi conductor company’s progress, poten…
n2 neo
General 4 days ago

A Smartpen For The Ages Is Finally Here, NeoLab’s N2 launched

Neo smartpen N2 is finally launching today as announced by NeoLab Convergence in bid to fuse digital and paper writing. …
Samsung AMD

Samsung To Allegedly Acquire AMD To Compete With Intel And Qualcomm Head On

A fresh report from South Korea has just surfaced with claims that Samsung will allegedly attempt an AMD buyout to compe…
Gadgets 5 days ago

HTC’s One M9 Plus Gets Launch Date Confirmed As Latest Device Specs And Images Lea…

Following the increasing trend in the mobile world to launch two flagship device instead of one, many fans were expectin…
GamesGeneral 5 days ago

Youtube Live to Take on Twitch – To be Announced at E3

Last year Google was denied a buyout of livestreaming platform Twitch. In an effort to alleviate the loss, Google decide…
Azure logo

Microsoft’s Azure App Service Launches Today – A New Set of Tools For Develo…

Microsoft is launching its new cloud based App service today which will give developers a single outlet to develop mobil…
Samsung Galaxy S4
GadgetsHardware 6 days ago

A New Dawn Approaches As Qualcomm Looks To Samsung For 14nm Chip Supplies

With the launch of the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, Samsung entered a new era of mobile manufacturing. Not only did the device…






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