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Samsung Has Reported To Cut DRAM Output, Which May Lead To Spiking Of Prices
Industry 8 minutes ago

Samsung Has Reported To Cut DRAM Output, Which May Lead To Spiking Of Prices

The largest manufacturer of DRAM Samsung is going to cut production of standard RAM in order to focus on the mobile side…
Games 6 hours ago

Shaq Sports Game Franchise Would Be Game Changing

Shouldn’t Shaq start his own video game franchise? I think it’s about time that someone take over the mantle…
IndustryMobile 13 hours ago

Samsung Pay Expected To Give Apple Run For Money As It Enters Final Stages

Always eager to shake things up and introduce new features, Apple’s iPhone 6 Duo last year came with NFC chips on …
General 14 hours ago

This X-Ray Pill Will Make Medical Procedures Easier

Going to the doctor can be a nightmare for most people; it’s not a really pleasant experience, beyond the sterile envi…
Logo Apple iPhone
Mobile 14 hours ago

Bendgate Is Back; Latest Thermally Bent iPhone 6 Pictures Surface As We Head Towards The…

Well, well, well. Folks over at Apple must be quite busy this time of the year, with the upcoming iPhone 6S launches, wh…
Games 16 hours ago

Autodesk Finally Releases its Own Game Engine, Capable of Incredibly Stunning Visuals

Autodesk, the makers of some very fine professional 3D modelling products, are finally branching out to the gaming secto…
New retina iMac launch

New iMac Refresh With Faster Processors, Improved Displays Coming This Quarter

According to a high-profile industry analyst, Apple is set to refresh its iMac lineup with new processors and improved …
Nokia Has A Nice Payday By Selling Its HERE Mapping Service To Automotive Companies
Industry 1 day ago

Nokia Has A Nice Payday By Selling Its HERE Mapping Service To Automotive Companies

Former smartphone giant Nokia will have something to smile about because the Finnish company will be selling it’s HERE…
Logo Apple iPhone
LeakMobile 2 days ago

Today’s COMPLETE iPhone 6S Leak Shows Full Dimension With Real Life Images

Another day, another iPhone 6S leak. With the rate leaks have started to surround Apple’s flagships for this year,…
Industry 2 days ago

Dot Created a Smartwatch For The Blind

Research has been conducted for blind people in order to make information regarding world more convenient for them. But …
AMD Logo
HardwareReport 2 days ago

AMD Reveals the Monsterous ‘Exascale Heterogeneous Processor’ (EHP) with 32 …

There had been rumors about AMD working on a huge APU with Zen cores and Greenland HBM graphics, something that AMD had …
Logo Apple iPhone
LeakMobile 3 days ago

Force Touch Or No Force Touch? Assembled iPhone 6S Screen Has Leaked

Not a day passes that we don’t see an iPhone 6S leak. Apple’s flagship launch is one of the most anticipated…
HardwareLeak 3 days ago

Thought Helio X20 Was Powerful? Check Out MediaTek’s Helio X30 SoC Specs Leak

While Helio X20 is yet to be seen in action in handsets when it arrives later in the year and Taiwanese firm MediaTek mi…
LeakMobile 3 days ago

All Metal Adorns The Galaxy Note 5 And S6 Edge Plus In Latest Leak

With less than two weeks left until we see the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 with us, leaks have started to occur on SamsungR…
LeakMobile 4 days ago

We Might Get A Fingerprint Sensor On LG’s Nexus As Latest Images Surface

Its a good day for leaks folks, and while most of the specs, images and renders which have surfaced over the past couple…
GeneralIndustry 4 days ago

Amazon Is Going 100% Green In a Few Years

Amazon, the e-commerce giant, has smartly veered a little off course and has scheduled to start producing approximately …
LeakMobile 4 days ago

Fresh Multiple Galaxy Note 5 Images Leak Showing Device From All Angles

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 5 has been the talk of the town recently. The Korean manufacturer is expected to launch the …
Logo Apple iPhone
Mobile 4 days ago

Sapphire Reincarnated On iPhone? Apple Receives New iPhone Patent

Just as Force Touch is one of the most hyped up features when it comes to the iPhone 6S Duo, last year’s iPhone 6 …






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