News: Industry

Motorola Moto X Release Date, Specs and Footage Leaked
Gadgets 13 hours ago

New Leaked Press Render Shows Enticing Motorola Droid Turbo – Device Seems Set For L...

After the launch of the Nexus 6, looks like Motorola has another amazing looking device on it’s hands. Motorola, with ...
iOS 8 Beta 6 IPSW
Software 16 hours ago

Five Things To Expect From iOS 8.1 – And Why You Should Update

After the launch of iOS 8 and the subsequent updates of iOS 8.0.1 and 8.0.2, Apple announced on it’s iPad launch event...
Hardware 17 hours ago

The 27 Inch 5K Retina iMac Taken Apart – See What Lies Under The Hood

Three days back Apple launched the 5K Retina iMac. The 5K screen of the iMac is the first of it’s kind in the industry...
Gadgets 1 day ago

Go Big Or Go Home – iPad Air 2 Nexus 9 And Galaxy Note 4 Dissected Analyzed And Comp...

Apple launched the iPad Air 2 the day before yesterday and now we can finally see how well the device stacks up against ...
Gadgets 2 days ago

All You Need To Know About The iPad Air 2 – And How It Compares To The iPad Air

After much anticipation, Apple finally launched the iPad Air 2 just two days ago. The tablet was everything that was bei...
Security 3 days ago

Facebook Proactively Searches for Stolen Passwords to Keep its Users Secure

While we were busy feeling lazy enough to create new passwords for every website, Facebook was apparently trying to pro...
Industry 4 days ago

The Monstrous 5K Retina iMac Launched – With An Equally Bold Price Tag Of $2499

As expected, alongside the iPad Air 2 and the iPad Mini 2, Apple has also launched a brand new 5K 27 inch iMac. The iMac...
Gadgets 4 days ago

Apple Launches The iPad Air 2 – Take A Look At Complete Specifications Features And ...

The iPad Air and the Retina iPad Mini are official folks. And they’re everything we’ve been telling you about so far...
default Android l encryption
Security 4 days ago

Android Lollipop Leading User Privacy and Security with a Full “Kill Switch”

There are a lot of features and new powerful sides of the recently-released Android 5.0 Lollipop. However, security and ...
Intel Logo
HardwareOp-Ed 4 days ago

PC Market Is Not Dying After All – Intel Quarterly Results Exceed Expectations

I honestly cannot count the number of times analysts have predicted the decline of the PC Market and a paradigm shift to...
android lollipop security
General 5 days ago

Google Releases The Much Anticipated Android Lollipop /5.0 Mobile OS

After much waiting and anticipation, Google has finally announced it’s next release in Android OS – Android 5.0 or A...
Gadgets 6 days ago

Researchers Develop New Lithium Battery With 20 Years Life

No matter how advanced our devices become, there is always one limitation that ends up putting the fire out: Battery lif...
Security 6 days ago

Millions of Dropbox Passwords Leaked Online In Exchange for Bitcoin Donations

According to reports nearly 7 million of Dropbox accounts have been hacked with hackers having leaked some 400 accounts ...
IndustrySoftwareWeb 7 days ago

Samsung Claims To Have Developed 60GHz Wi-Fi Technology – With Speeds Of Up To 575Mb...

Looks like Samsung would like to remind us all that the company is not only about mobile devices and gadgets. Rather tha...






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