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Games 2 months ago

XCOM 2 Season Pass, Deluxe Edition and Pre-Order Bonuses Detailed

Some new details have emerged about all of the goodies for XCOM 2. Of course there will be pre-order bonuses, a deluxe e…
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 965M_Front
HardwareReport 2 months ago

Nvidia Revising the Geforce GTX 965M in Q1 2016 – 15% More Performance Than The Cu…

Just a few weeks back we reported that the Geforce GTX 750 has been updated to the GM206 die. Well, something similar is…
HTC Vive
Games 2 months ago

HTC Vive to be Commercially Available in April, DK2 at CES

The HTC Vive is on track to arrive in April of 2016, according to a new post on HTC’s blog. This will put its rele…
Unity Game Development
Software 2 months ago

Unity Updated to Version 5.3, SSRR, Mesh Emitters, tvOS Support and Much More

Today is a great day for those that are developing their games with Unity. They’ve gone and updated it and added i…
AMD Freesync
Hardware 2 months ago

AMD Talks FreeSync in 2016, DisplayPort 1.3, HDMI 2.0a

It looks as if AMD is beginning to be more open about their GPU technologies, and further in advance than has been trad…
Hardware 2 months ago

AMD Bringing Better Pixels to PC, HDR and Larger Color Space to Consumers

At the recent Radeon Technologies Group Summit, AMD announced their plans to increase the quality of color in pixels on …
Dirt Rally
Games 2 months ago

Dirt Rally PS4 and Xbox One Release Date Confirmed for April 5th, PC Version Out Today

Dirt Rally, the newest rally inspired game from Codemasters is finally being fully released to the public today on PC (v…
ExclusiveGames 2 months ago

WCCFtech Weekly Review for the Sixth of December

This week Tiffany once again takes to the silver screen to go over and review the weeks main and most thought provoking …
AMD Radeon Nvidia GeForce Logo
Hardware 2 months ago

[UPDATED] AMD Responds To Cease And Desist Letter From Asetek

UPDATE : Dec 7, 2015 at 23:45 EST AMD : “We are aware that Asetek has sued Cooler Master. While we defer to Cooler Mas…
Fallout 4
Games 2 months ago

Where to Find All the Bobbleheads in Fallout 4, Complete Guide

Fallout 4 can be a fun game in a lot of different ways. It not only does this  in gameplay but also in the complexity …
Final Fantasy VII
Games 2 months ago

PSX Final Fantasy VII Remake Trailer Shows Off Exploration and Combat

At PSX today Sony showed off an incredible trailer for the upcoming remake of Final Fantasy VII. The trailer, below, giv…
AMD Tonga GPU Die Shot Official
Hardware 2 months ago

AMD’s Tonga GPU Indeed Rocks 384-bit Bus Interface – Not Utilized Due To Ine…

AMD launched their flagship Tonga GPU, the Radeon R9 380X, last month, featuring the updated GCN 1.2 GPU along with impr…
ExclusiveHardware 2 months ago

AMD Arctic Islands 400 Series Set To Launch In Summer of 2016 – Features 2X The Pe…

AMD’s next generation “Arctic Islands” family of Radeon 400 series is one that many gamers have been eagerly await…
Titan X SLI
ExclusiveHardware 2 months ago

SLI-ight Confusion With SLI in Just Cause 3, It’s Definitely Possible, NVIDIA Empl…

There seems to be some slight confusion with the state of SLI in Just Cause 3. In the PC Perfromance Guide posted by NVI…
Just Cause 3
Games 2 months ago

Only a Few Glithces and Bugs – Just Cause 3 Performance Tweaks and Settings Inside

Just Cause 3 is finally here, letting us control Rico as he systematically destroys the paradise island of Medici. But t…
AMD Radeon Software Crimson Edition Thumbnail Feature
Hardware 2 months ago

AMD Crimson Driver Update Released, Should Fix Fan Throttling Issue

AMD has released the update to their Crimson Edition driver that should resolve the fan throttling issue. This is where…
AMD Radeon R9 Fury X2 Gemini
HardwareLeak 2 months ago

AMD Radeon R9 Fury X2 ‘Gemini’ Paper Launching This Month – Market Ava…

We finally have a concrete date on the public disclosure of AMD’s upcoming dual GPU flagship: The Fury X2. The gra…
Descent: Underground
Games 2 months ago

Descent Underground Promises to Bring Back 6DOF in a Most Delightful Way

We had a chance to talk with the founder of Descendent Studios, Eric Peterson, to discuss the vision that he has with th…






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