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GamesSoftware 1 hour ago

NVIDIA Opens PhysX Code to Unreal Engine 4 Developers

When we think of compelling virtual worlds, we usually think of graphics. And with each new version of Unreal Engine, Ep…
GTX Titan X (2)
GamesHardware 3 hours ago

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Bundled with GeForce GTX 900 series

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, is undoubtedly one of the most anticipated games of the year. CD Projekt RED’s massive o…
Games 16 hours ago

Stardock Reveals Ashes of the Singularity – Nitrous Engine Strategy Game

Ashes of the Singularity, was revealed today by Stardock. The title is the first to use Oxide Games. Nitrous engine. Sta…
AMD Radeon Logo
Hardware 17 hours ago

AMD Officially Confirms New Radeon Flagship – R9 390X Ultra-Enthusiast Graphics Ca…

AMD officially confirms for the first time ever the existence of a new Radeon flagship. The Fiji XT based Radeon R9 390X…
AMD Mantle logo
Hardware 20 hours ago

AMD’s Mantle Lives On In Vulkan – Lays The Foundation For The Next OpenGL

The Khronos Group has chosen the best and brightest parts of AMD’s Mantle to serve as the foundation for “Vulkan…
Unreal Engine 4 (1)
GamesSoftware 23 hours ago

Unreal Engine 4 – RISE Oculus DK2 Tech Demo

Nurulize has just revealed a 4K trailer for Rise Oculus DK2 tech demo, at GDC 2015. It is running on Unreal Engine 4. RI…
GTX Titan X Logo
HardwareReport 1 day ago

Nvidia Geforce GTX TITAN X Unveiled – GM200 ‘Big Daddy Maxwell’, 12GB …

Note: Very little information was officially released by Nvidia – most of the information contained in this piece …
GamesSoftware 1 day ago


Crytek, has revealed some new screenshots for CRYENGINE for the GDC 2015 event. The images appear to be taken from a var…
Games 1 day ago

CD Projekt: ‘The Witcher 3 Ultra Will Be A Slap In The Face’ New GDC Gamepla…

During last nights Nvida announcement of the new Nvidia Shield Microconsole and the new updated cloud based game streami…
Hardware 2 days ago

Nvidia Unleashes The Shield 4K Microconsole – 3x the Power of Xbox One by Plugging…

The Nvidia GDC 2015 event just ended and it had some pretty interesting mentions throughout. However probably the thing …
GeForce Grid Logo
Games 2 days ago

NVIDIA Grid Officially Launching In May 2015 – Updated to Handle 1080P 60FPS Game …

GRID gaming compute platform infrastructure has been upgraded to be able to handle 1080P at 60FPS graphics natively so t…
Steam Logo Round
GamesGeneral 2 days ago

Valve Announces Steam Link

Valve announced Steam Link, a new streaming device to extend the Steam experience to any room in the house. Steam Link w…
Unity 5 (1)
GamesSoftware 2 days ago

Unity 5 Announced at GDC

Announced today at the Game Developers Conference, Unity Technologies has just released Unity 5. Unity 5 features an all…
AMD LiquidVR
GamesSoftware 2 days ago

AMD LiquidVR – Technologies for Virtual Reality

AMD (NASDAQ: AMD), has announced today, at the Game Developers Conference, an initiative focused on delivering the best …
Games 2 days ago

Gorgeous Unreal Tournament Map Revealed

Epic Games is celebrating the newly minted free status of their Unreal Engine it seems. They’ve just released a new ve…






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