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Nvidia Logo Geforce
Hardware 24 hours ago

Nvidia GeForce GTX 970 Coil Whine Issue Raises Customer Concerns

The GTX 970 is one of the most popular cards from Nvidia at the moment. The card delivered fantastic performance that wa...
HardwareRumor 1 day ago

Nvidia Geforce GTX 980 8GB GDDR5 Allegedly Inbound – Landing in November

So something pretty exciting happened regarding the Nvidia Geforce GTX 980 flagship. Hermitage Akihabara, one of our mos...
AMD R9 Series Logo
HardwareRumor 2 days ago

AMD Will Be Launching 8GB Variants of the Radeon R9 290X ‘Hawaii’ in November

If you are a regular reader of tech news then you might wonder what is up with this news piece since the 8GB R9 290X ver...
Hardware 3 days ago

Alienware’s ‘Amplifier’ Revealed – Desktop Class Graphical Power for Alienware...

Gaming laptops or ‘luggables’ as they are called have a primary problem. You can either choose battery life or near ...
AMD R9 Series Logo
Hardware 5 days ago

AMD ‘Tonga XT’ R9 M295X Benchmark Surfaces – Impressive Results

The R9 M295X is a very elusive Mobility Radeon that has yet to be launched (technically). It does however feature in App...

AMD Radeon ‘Topaz XT’ GPU Spotted in The Wild – Full DirectX 12 Mobility Card?

Note: This is a highly exploratory editorial and while all sources are given, nothing in this write up is presented as t...
Catalyst logo
Hardware 6 days ago

Civilization: Beyond Earth gets Mantle API after Catalyst 14.9.2 Update

Sid Meier’s Civilization: Beyond Earth has finally received the much awaited, Mantle API patch in the Catalyst 14.9.2 ...
Hardware 6 days ago

Nvidia Tegra K1 Futuremark Icestorm Unlimited Benchmarks Smoke Apple’s A8X SoC

Just a few hours ago, the initial benchmark comparison of the Nvidia Tegra K1 SoC and Apple’s new flagship, the A8X ap...
ipad air 2 benchmarks
Hardware 1 week ago

iPad Air 2 GPU Benchmarks – Lightest Tablet Leads Over Tegra K1 Powered Nexus 9

Apple’s latest and apparently the brightest iPad Air 2 is powered by an unorthodox tri-core processing unit. An enhanc...
Tegra K1 Logo
Hardware 1 week ago

Initial Apple A8X GPU Benchmarks Appear – Beats the ‘192 Core’ Tegra K1

Nvidia has always had some pretty bad-luck in the Industry where the Tegra was concerned and now it seems that there is ...
Hardware 1 week ago

AMD Introduces New Price Cuts and Game Bundles For Desktop APUs

Entering the holiday season many companies have recently begun their seasonal promotions. . Yesterday we reported that N...
NVIDIA GeForce GTX Titan Z
HardwareOp-Ed 1 week ago

Nvidia Slashes Titan Z Pricing Again – Maxwell Replacement Perhaps Incoming

Two months ago Nvidia launched an OEM and system builder specific campaign. By which OEMs and system builders can get sp...
Gigabyte GTX 970 Mini Itx
Hardware 1 week ago

The Fastest Mini-ITX Nvidia Card is Here – Gigabyte GTX 970

Gigabyte has announced the first Mini-ITX version of Nvidia’s highly popular GTX 970 graphics card. What’s perhaps m...
AMD Radeon
GamesHardware 2 weeks ago

[Update] Exclusive Interview With AMD’s Robert Hallock – Submit Your Questions Her...

[Update] Hi folks, we’ve compiled the most popular questions in addition to questions that we found to be most interes...






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