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Like almost all other gadgets, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One video game consoles are also made up of several crucial and effective shards of hardware. Three most important parts in the latest consoles are RAM, GPU and CPU and last two of these are developed by a chip development company known as AMD and manufactured by some foundries associated with the company.


AMD’s New Associate Manufacturer will Craft PS4 and Xbox One’s APUs’ Chips This year – Company is Pleased With Console Sales

AMD develops and provides Sony and Microsoft with system chips that power the manufacturers’ latest video game consoles. These chips are designed by AMD and are manufactured at a certain foundry connected to the company. According to a new report, the foundry where chips for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are manufactured is being switched.

AMD spoke about the new foundry at its quarterly earnings conference call which was meant to disclose the company’s profits and losses for the first fiscal quarter of 2014. The chip maker talked about how the latest consoles gave a boost to its earnings and gave some noteworthy information about the chips that give dominance to both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles.

Xbox One Logo

A few months back, many news outlets reported that Xbox One runs 3 Operating Systems. They further went on to claim that the one was a stripped down version of Windows 8, one was the Xbox One OS and the last was a switching layer between the two. Well they were wrong. Xbox One does indeed run three operating systems but the correct ones are: a full fledged windows 8, a stripped down windows 8 and a Host OS (RTOS). The implications for this are immediate and stunning and we will go upon each in this article.Xbox One runs Windows 8

Xbox One Games and Apps Actually run on Windows 8

We recently received the slides from Frank Savage’s presentation at Build 2014 along with the audio of the same. And we noticed something that many news outlets failed to report. The fact that Xbox One runs Windows 8. Not only that, but we realized that so many of the news outlets had gotten the initial leak completely wrong. Because if you run a game or an app on the Xbox One, it will either run in the full Windows 8 or  the stripped down version of Windows 8. Either way it runs on Windows 8. Let me start by explaining the three operating systems present in Xbox One.

The first tier ‘Host OS’ and the ‘to-the-metal- operating system present in Xbox One dubbed the ‘Host OS’ is an RTOS (Real Time Operating System) has complete control over the entire Xbox One hardware and resources. In Frank Savage’s words “… owns where everything and how everything works…. owns CPU…GPU”. This is your basic Xbox One Operating System. However the thing is , this particular OS only handles tasking and the security layer. It does not run any game or application. It does however host (in a non – hyper-v form) the ‘OS’ and the ‘Exclusive OS’, which is Windows 8 and the stripped down Windows 8.


With growing technology and online user data interaction, the industries contributing in keeping the digital world alive by providing digital media and entertainment are gradually becoming more prone to exploitations and online piracy. Almost everything from songs to movies and games can now be pirated and provided to users free of cost. In turn, the investing industries suffer with huge revenue loss.

Xbox One hacked

A Group of Hackers Claim Xbox One Homebrew is Coming Soon – Serious Exploit Discovered

Video game consoles also undergo exploitations and hacks. Microsoft has combated piracy problem for years on their consoles and now just like Xbox 360 which was considered to be more close to hacker than PlayStation 3, it seems Microsoft latest Xbox One console is also soon going to be hacked to play pirated media content and games.

The indication comes from a chat log that is reported to be obtained from EFnet lobby #xbonehack and later posted to Pastebin. The log belongs to a conversation between a group of hackers confirming that Xbox One homebrew is about to become a reality soon enough. According to the hackers, Homebrew for Xbox One is still in discovery phase and the development team has already started working on the exploit.



Gaming headsets are a thriving niche of the market and every significant company is targeting every possible price point. However the company from which I am going to review this headset today is a pretty big name in Germany but are only beginning to expand to the international market, so you will be pardoned if you have not heard of them. However expect great things from them and at great prices too as you will see today. However where True 5.1 Surround Sound is concerned, the Speed Link Medusa 5.1 Headset has probably no real competitor at this price point.

Resident Evil 7

As Electronic Entertainment Expo 2014 is coming up, various leaks and rumors have started to show up through the online gaming community. It is for sure that both Sony and Microsoft have saved utterly surprising announcements for E3. The companies are trying to conceal all the news before it is officially revealed at E3 but still, completely filling up the loop holes is pretty much impossible and so, leaks keep surfacing.

Resident Evil 7

Capcom’s Upcoming Important Game Expected to be Resident Evil -  E3 Reveal Reportedly Pending

The latest installment in Capcom’s survival horror action-adventure video game series known as Resident Evil came last year. Since the franchise has not seen a title for latest consoles, rumors around the internet suggest that the developer is working on a Resident Evil 7. It is also being said that the new title would be exclusive to Microsoft’s Xbox One gaming console, though according to a report, the game would rather be a multiplatformer.

A noticeable Japanese Economic newspaper website called Sankei Shimbun published an article lately (spotted by DualShockers) reporting that the list of upcoming PlayStation 4 video game titles apparently includes an important game from Capcom. The game is expected to be Resident Evil 7 and Capcom will most certainly reveal it at Electronic Entertainment Expo. The article also mentions that the global sales expectations for seemingly upcoming Resident Evil 7 are over 5.6 million copies sold after its release, similar to its predecessor.


Wreck it Ralph Arcade machine

The Vintage Looking 20 000 Dollar Arcade Machine at the Heart of Wreck-it-Ralph

Wreck-it-Ralph was a very special movie. Bluntly put it was like a Toy Story for video games, but it enraptured gamers with hidden easter eggs from popular franchises all over the world. Infact, one of my primary motivations for watching the film was to find easter eggs. However the basic premise on which the movie is based on, a timely arcade machine, has just arrived on ebay for a price tag of $20 000. There are only a few units in existence (Around 12 if the seller is to be believed) that were created by Disney in 2012 and the last time a unit appeared for sale, it was taken home after 20k of cash changed hands.

Now even though the machine was created back in 2012, the actual unit is completely scuffed up. And its all artificial. Every dent, every scratch and even the rust has been painstakingly added by Disney to give it a synthetic ‘Vintage’ look and I must say they have succeeded. The look is very authentic and I had difficulty believing that wasn’t actual damage.

AMD Gaming Evolved
Games Hardware Industry

Sony and Microsoft’s respective PlayStation 4 and Xbox One video game consoles have been brought to life by the manufacturers by putting together small different pieces of very powerful hardware. Both the consoles rock top quality hardware including RAM, CPU and GPU. The central and graphics processing units of the next-gen consoles are specially made and customized by AMD.

AMD Event

Next-Gen Console Sales and Demand for Radeon Graphic Cards Boosted AMD Earnings

Advanced Micro Devices, abbreviated and most commonly known as AMD, is a veteran American multinational semiconductor company that manufactures computer related technologies and chips. Two most important components i.e. GPU and CPU of the next-gen video game consoles have also basically been developed by AMD, customized specially to fit each console.

Despite being one of the leading central and graphics processing units developer, AMD’s financial conditions over past few years have not been smashing. Other companies such as NVIDIA prove to be a durable competitor to AMD. One thing that makes AMD more notable over other computer chips manufacturers is that it powers PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and certainly this is why the company’s earnings have improved quite well.

Games Hardware

Videocardz has released some pretty interesting information regarding AMD’s upcoming Never Settle Forever Bundle (2014). The information not only mentions the exact games but the cards supported. However it seems that many modern games are not included, although it does contain its fair share of AAA titles from Square Enix and Eidos.

Never Settle Forever Banner

AMD’s Buyer’s Choice Game Offers

AMD Never Settle Forever 2014 Bundle – 3 Tiers scaled along the AMD Radeon GPU Lineup

Anyone familiar with AMD’s past Never Settle promotion bundles would recognize the three tiered reward mechanism of the promotion offer. Basically if you buy the low end, i.e. an R7 250 or an  R7 240 you will get only one game. If you buy the middle end, i.e. the R9 260, R9 270 or the R9 270X you will get 2 games. And if you buy the high end of AMD Radeon GPUs, namely the R9 280, R9 280X, R9 290, R9 290X and R9 295X2 you will get 3 games along with your brand new GPU. Here is the complete list of games that will be given to you courtesy of the AMD team and restrictions/Indie Packages that apply (if any).

PlayStation 4 Xbox One

Console wars have been around ever since the gaming industry started making substantial progress and the number of competitors started growing. Gamers have always preferred to chose one side over another and stand for it and especially now, when the PS4 vs Xbox One console war between the latest consoles is in full swing, it has become important to choose a side.

PlayStation 4 vs Xbox One

Titanfall Developer Says PS4 vs Xbox One 1080p Debate Matters Little – Some Games will Always Look Better on One Console

No generation of gaming can be considered complete with out each contributing platform holder taking a flak from critics. Now when the gaming industry has stepped into a new era of video games, console wars have become more of a daily dose. At a brighter side, PS4 vs Xbox One debate also results in making respective manufacturers speed up their work in improving their consoles.

Both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles are having their fair share of criticism but on the charts, Microsoft’s latest video game console is considered to be led by Sony’s PlayStation 4. The main topic of most ongoing arguments nowadays is ‘resolution-gate’. The fact that PlayStation 4 is optimizing next-gen games according to developers’ commands and Xbox One is causing adversities is widening PS4 vs Xbox One debate.

It is not as serious as I state but still, users of both the consoles pay almost equal sum for their video game entertainment yet PlayStation 4 players enjoy almost all the next-gen games in native 1080p resolution running at 60fps while Xbox One users mostly get upscaled version of most next-gen games, some even locked at 30fps. Even Microsoft’s biggest exclusive title known as Titanfall does not run at native 1080p resolution on Xbox One.

PlayStation Vita Titanfall

Respawn Entertainment’s most critically acclaimed first-person shooter, always online multiplayer next-gen video game known as Titanfall has proved to be worthy of all the anticipation that was built upon it. Already out on Microsoft’s gaming platforms including Microsoft Windows, Xbox One and Xbox 360, Titanfall is growing to be one of the largest multiplayer Xbox One game.

PlayStation Vita  Titanfall

Sony offered PlayStation Vita to Respawn Entertainment for Titanfall – The Game was Prototyped Using Ratchet and Clank Engine

Respawn Entertainment signed an exclusivity agreement with Microsoft to keep Titanfall limited to only Microsoft Windows and Xbox consoles. However, new details reveal that after examining Microsoft’s Xbox One and becoming familiar with its hardware capabilities, the American video game development studio communicated with Sony to discuss specification of the manufacturer’s next-gen video game console.

This happened before Respawn Entertainment decided to sign Titanfall’s exclusivity agreement with Microsoft. According to the details, Sony refused to share talks regarding the specifications and hardware capabilities of its next-gen console and instead, pushed the developer for PlayStation Vita version of Titanfall but the results did not turn out well and Titanfall for PlayStation Vita never came into existence.

The new details were revealed in journalist Geoff Keighley’s newly released feature known as The Final Hours of Titanfall. The feature has been released in form of an app for iPad, Windows Surface and PC/Mac (via Origin). The Final Hours of Titanfall explains what was Repawn Entertainment legal situation during the development of Titanfall in detail. Thanks to Gamespot for picking up the important points.


PlayStation Network is one of the two dedicated online multiplayer gaming and digital media content delivery services for the top two video game consoles. Brought into being by Sony, PlayStation Network is exclusive to Sony’s PlayStation gaming platforms. PlayStation Network provides all the latest games related content to PlayStation users and offers them multiplayer gameplay with other players around the world through a premium service known as PlayStation Plus.

PlayStation Network PSN

Sony Rumored to be Working on PlayStation Network Nick Change Option – Sony Vegas Devs Improving Upcoming PlayStation 4 Update

Since the debut of latest video games consoles, both Microsoft’s Xbox Live and Sony’s PlayStation Network have come across significant increase in user traffic and numbers of registered members. Developers now put a wide amount of money and work into the development of multiplayer gameplay of next-gen games. This multiplayer can only be enjoyed through becoming a member of either of the aforementioned services.

PlayStation Network currently offers a single nickname/gamerID each player. Once registered, players do not get an option to change their nickname. PlayStation Network members have long demanded an option which enable users to replace their current nicknames with new available ones’.

It seems like fans’ voice has finally been heard by Sony. A tweet from a reliable industry insider known as Tidux hints that Sony is apparently working on an option that allows users to change their PlayStation Network nicknames. While Tidux mentioned that upcoming 1.7 PlayStation 4 update will not include this feature, there are chances of it coming to the console afterwords.


GAME is among leading UK based online video game retailers, it also has a large chain of local stores which cater to the customers’ need for gaming products such as consoles and game discs. Recently, GAME announced that it is shutting down its Xbox-only GAME Boxpark video game products store that is located in London’s trendy Shoreditch area.

GAME Boxpark

Microsoft Exclusive Xbox-Only GAME Boxpark London Store to be Shut Down by the Video Game Retailer

Opened to public in June 2013, GAME Boxpark was structured to showcase Microsoft exclusive video game products such Xbox One and Xbox 360. The store was particularly planned to promote Xbox One and target the customers that would buy Microsoft’s latest console at its launch.

Explaining why the store is being shut down, GAME said that it was rented only on a “short-term contract.” The retailer has already shipped some of the store content to its other shops. The retailer also mentioned that GAME Boxpark was overall a success.GAME stores director Dave Howard spoke to MCVUK saying:

Sucker Punch

A couple of weeks ago we published an article showing how the American video game developer Sucker Punch Productions managed to create a highly impressive PlayStation 4 exclusive video game title known as inFamous: Second Son. Here are some more details on how PlayStation 4′s hardware is utilized for creating awesome games such as inFamous: Second Son itself.

Infamous Second Son

Sucker Punch Production Finding Ways To Utilize Full PS4 RAM – CPU is Already at Maximum Utilization but Improvements are Possible

Out on shelves last month, inFamous Second Son is the one PlayStation 4 open world action-adventure game that truly gives a next-gen feel to the players. This is undoubtedly because of the constant hard work and struggle of Sucker Punch Productions.

Since the release of inFamous Second Son, Sucker Punch Productions has, at various events, demonstrated how the game works and utilizes PlayStation 4′s every bit of available hardware potential. The developer explained in detail at Game Developers Conference 2014 about how inFamous Second Son tickled PlayStation 4′s limited amount of RAM, CPU and GPU to become the top PlayStation 4 game.

DirectX 12 logo
Games Industry

Microsoft announced DirectX 12 at Game Developers Conference 2014, a newer version of its famous and widely utilized DirectX gaming API. Along with the support for PCs, Laptops and Windows Phone devices, Microsoft also boasted individual Xbox One DirectX 12 support, claiming that the new API will provide much-needed strength to the latest next-gen console.


DirectX 12 Comes with Titles Resources Feature – Gives More Control to Developers and Allows Further Optimization

In this situation where Microsoft’s Xbox One video game console has to bear swelled amount of blame everyday, the company’s new advanced API support for the console appears kind of a reinforcement. The new enhancements and improved hardware utilization that Microsoft promises DirectX 12 will offer seems quite an addition to the new API.

Software aside, DirectX 12 may seem like an aide for the Xbox One by tweaking hardware utilization mechanism but it is apparently quite clear that it will not directly put a great influence on the hardware and increase its overall aptitudes. Though the better software optimization will provide increased efficiency and will make the development process easy. Middleware SDKs like Graphine Software’s Granite SDK will correctly profit from upcoming DirectX 12.

Granite SDK is actually a graphical landscape generator. It is a set of software development tools that has been developed by middleware software company known as Graphine Software. Granite assists video game developers in creating HD in-game textures while preserving concentrated compression. Such SDKs will outwardly produce good results if utilized in PlayStation 4 and Xbox One game development.

Speaking to Gamingbolt, CEO of Graphine Software Aljosha Demeulemeester explained what new improvements could Microsoft’s API offer. After explaining how company’s Granite SDK performs with DirectX 11.2+, Demeulemeester shed light on how developers can benefit from improved capabilities of DirectX 12. He said:

“DX12 continues to build on DX11.1+ and as such, also includes the Tiled Resources feature. DX12 is however closer to the metal and gives more control to the developer.

This allows us to further optimize our tiling back end (for DX12) that takes care of loading texture tiles into video memory. Also, we get more access to how data is stored in video memory, which is very important for us. Specifically for our tiling back end, we expect a performance increase compared to DX11.1+ but we don’t have any hard numbers on this yet.”

It is still in debate that whether DirectX 12 will truly prove to be a win for Xbox One or if it will not be more of a little assistance. The upcoming gaming API will release next year but it has already unhinged the table. What do you think about DirectX 12? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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Watch Dogs NVIDIA

Ubisoft’s next-gen open world action-adventure video game title based on advanced technology and hacking is still more than a month away from its release but the developer has already released all the details and information that is required to upsurge the thirst of those gamers that are impatiently waiting to jump into the game.

Watch Dogs PC NVIDIA_Trailer_4

Watch Dogs PC Trailer Was Recorded on Intel Core i7-3930K and GeForce Titan – Players Using AMD Graphics Cards Will Enjoy NVIDIA’s
HBAO+ but no TXAA

Since the delay of Watch Dogs, Ubisoft has released many details about the game including new screenshots and gameplay trailers. Though most visual details and trailers released by the developer were from the consoles’ version of Watch Dogs, specifically from PlayStation 4. Apparently considering it the right time, Ubisoft released a Watch Dogs PC trailer a few days ago.

The PC trailer showed dynamic in-game environment and textures, giving the credit to NVIDIA for collaborating with the developer and introducing new exclusive features and technologies for Watch Dogs. During the trailer, Watch Dog’s lead PC engineer explained how teamwork with NVIDIA resulted in more enhanced and immersive gameplay experience.

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