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Logo Playstation experience
Games 19 hours ago

Sony: Would you want the PlayStation Experience Again?

The PlayStation Experience this year has ended with lots of new releases and upcoming excitement in the following year. ...
Games 2 days ago

Sony Exec: “There Will be PS5″ – Could Either Be a Physical Console ...

It took around seven years for the gaming industry to revive itself and introduce new video game consoles equipped with ...
GamesHardware 2 days ago

Nintendo Confirms New Console, Evidently Powered by AMD

Nintendo confirms that work is underway for a new game console. Evidently the same gaming device that AMD hinted at earl...
Facebook buys Oculus Rift
GamesHardware 2 days ago

Microsoft Xbox Team confirms that its actively working on Virtual Reality

Although we might still be a bit far from seeing Virtual Reality in everyday games but it doesn’t mean that the de...
Halo 5 logo
Games 2 days ago

Halo 5: Guardians Beta – Amazing Video of Gameplay

The upcoming first person shooter game Halo 5: Guardians released it first beta gameplay video to Xbox owners and it sho...
Uncharted 4
Games 3 days ago

Uncharted 4 Dev Demonstrates Drake’s Next-Gen Character Model with Direct-Feed W...

Sony’s PlayStation 4 console is getting a number of impressive triple A video games next year, but among the currently...
Dying Light
Games 4 days ago

Techland Responds to Dying Light’s Graphical Downgrade Claims – Latest PC ...

Bringing the development work on Dying Light to a close and polishing the game for PC and the latest consoles, Techland ...
Games 5 days ago

Steam Reportedly Region-Locks All PC Games to Cease Low Currency Value Exploits

It looks like Russia’s falling currency have forced the hand of another tech company to amend its policies and adjust ...
Games 5 days ago

Sony’s PlayStation 4 Winning the Console War in Germany

Here it is again. No matter how far your are in the gaming world you just can’t miss the rivalry between the Sony&...
Games 5 days ago

Electronic Arts Replies to a Fans Petition relating to Mirrors Edge 2

The increasingly popular website has yet another petition related to games which was a letter to the EA team ...
gta online logo
Games 6 days ago

GTA Online Heists Revealed With Screenshots and New Trailer for PC and Consoles –...

After a bunch of leaks and rumors regarding the upcoming highly awaited update, Rockstar has finally revealed Heists –...
Devil May Cry DMC
Games 6 days ago

DmC and Devil May Cry 4 Next-Gen Versions Announced – Will Run at 1080p/60fps on...

And here is yet another already released last-gen video game being remastered for the latest PlayStation 4 and Xbox One ...
Witcher 3 logo
Games 7 days ago

The Witcher 3 Delayed Due To Attention To Detail – CD Projekt Board Member

CD Projekt did a very unusual thing according to the current gaming world, they basically defied all norms and moved the...
Games 7 days ago

Analyst – PlayStation 4 Will Gain Massive Lead Over Xbox One In Titles Next Year

The console war continues with everyone choosing different sides and different views to how it will shape up in the futu...






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