The Witcher 3

Widely recognized due to its famous open-world action-adventure fantasy role-playing video game series known as The Witcher, the Polish video game developer, CD Projekt Red, is currently hard at work with its upcoming next-gen title called The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. scheduled to launch next year on February 24 for PC and latest video game consoles, The Witcher 3 is a terribly demanding game, and while the developer is trying to optimize NVIDIA PhysX and HairWorks features for AMD hardware as well on PC, it looks like there is a possibility that the game probably won’t run at native 1080p resolution on the latest PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles.

The Witcher 3 s

CD Projekt Red Probably Prefers Better Frame Rate Over Resolution – AMD Users Will Enjoy NVIDIA PhysX and HairWorks Users

The Witcher 3 is a climactic third installment in the famous Polish fantasy RPG series that will bring the story of Geralt of Rivia, the protagonist of the game, to its end. Featuring unique tactical combats and rich, living open-world environment, the upcoming masterpiece is a thick mixture of impressive visuals and a character-driven non-linear story experience focused on player choice. The game is still under its development stages, but it still looks better than most major video game titles that have been released in previous months.

Mind Path To Thamlus Logo

Mind: Path to Thalamus – One Guy Made This!

Envisioned and brought to life by sole developer Carlos Coronado, : Path to Thalamus proves a rather impressive work. I have covered a fair few indie titles over the years, so I know full well the amount of talent that can be found in these smaller studios; often times leading to experiences that easily trump your average AAA release.


Remember the Radeon R7 SSD launch we told you about a few days back? Well, the official launch happened earlier today. The Radeon R7 SSDs are basically an initiative of AMD and OCZ to sell OCZ based Solid State Drives under the AMD brand name, therefore reaching more customers and targeting a specific market (gaming). I have the entire slide deck with me, but I am afraid I still don’t have word on what the pricing will be and how it will compare to the rest of the SSDs.

AMD Radeon R7 Series Page 01

AMD Officially Announces OCZ Based Radeon R7 SSDs – 120G, 240G and 480G

The Radeon R7 SSDs slot in between the ‘Mainstream’ Vertex 460 Series and the ‘Workstation’ Vector 150 SSDs. The R7 SSDs use the same controller as the Vector 150 and the only difference lies with the flash. Where the Vector 150 uses the 19nm MLC (Toshiba Multi Level Cell) node, rated for 50GB of write per day for 5 years, the R7 uses A19nm MLC (notice the added A) rated for 30GB of write for 4 years. The interface is ofcourse SATA III 6GB/s and the form factor is 2.5 Inches with an ultra slim 7mm width. The disk is 256 Bit AES path compliant and contains the usual features such as SMART and has an expected life span of 4 Years (30GB per day) or 42.7 Terabytes of write. It consumes a marginal 2.7W of power and can operate from 0c to 70c. The Radeon R7 SSDs can withstand shocks of upto 1500Gs and an operational vibration of 7-800Hz. Here are the specs and the complete slide set of the Radeon R7 SSDs.

Radeon R7 120G SSD
Radeon R7 240G SSD
Radeon R7 480G SSD
Max Read 550MB/s550MB/s550MB/s
Max Write470MB/s530MB/s530MB/s
Max Random Read IOPs85,00095,000100,000
Max Random Write IOPs90,00090,00090,000
Steady State Random Write IOPs12,00020,00023,000


PC modding community and gamers who have adopted the latest video game consoles are zealously waiting for next-gen port of Rockstar’s rich and famous open-world action-adventure video game called GTA V. Breaking several records and making a name for it on the last-gen consoles, GTA V is now headed straight for PC, and the latest PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles. The game is expected to launch sometime during the third or fourth quarter of the ongoing year, but reports claim that Rockstar might wait until 2015 before rolling out its highly anticipated video game.


Next-Gen GTA V Port for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One Might Not Come Until 2015

Taking the covers off the next-gen GTA V port at Sony’s E3 2014 press conference, Rockstar announced that its record-breaking and one of the most praised games in the modern video game industry will be landing on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One during this year’s third or fourth quarter with completely redone environments and rich graphical textures. The developer didn’t reveal any specific release date for the game and unless it does, there is a possibility that the game might be delayed until next year.

PS4 vs Xbox One composite

We have heard several times that the latest PS4 and Xbox One consoles feature great hardware specifications and are many times powerful than the last-gen PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 consoles, but every video game developer and those who work with the latest consoles have their own digits and thoughts to express. Geomerics, a well-known middleware provider, believes that having a nice balance of CPU, GPU and memory, the latest consoles can beat their predecessors with 10 times more hardware power.

Xbox One and PS4

PS4 and Xbox One Pack 10 Times More Powerful and Balanced Hardware Compared to the Last-Gen Consoles, Says Geomerics

Based in Cambridge, UK, Geomerics is a software middleware provider company that creates lighting technology for the video game industry. Having worked on many AAA cross-gen video games such as Battlefield 4 and Dragon Age: Inquisition, the good folks over at Geomerics have become somewhat familiar with the hardware that powers the PS4 and Xbox One consoles, but soon, they will be working exclusively on the latest consoles with games such as Mirrors Edge and Star Wars Battlefront, and this will help them understand and spend more time with the new hardware.

Coming out of the cross-gen and working only with the PS4 and Xbox One consoles means that the middleware provider will have more power and opportunities to deal with. Talking to GamingBolt, Chris Doran, the founder of Geomerics explained how the latest consoles are 10 times better than their predecessors, and how they can help in creating better lighting that matches with the rest of graphics pipeline. He said:

The Witcher 3

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, which is the next installment in the most critically acclaimed and widely recognized open world action role-playing video game series called The Witcher, has expeditiously been building a giant hype around it ever since it was announced early last year. The game looks gorgeous every time its demoed, and CD Projekt Red is trying to keep it that way on both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Keeping console parity in view, it looks like the developer won’t use any special graphical features for the game on both the latest video game consoles.

The Witcher 3

CD Projekt Red Won’t Use Any Special Graphical Effects or Hardware MSAA for The WItcher 3 on Consoles in Order to Keep Parity

Featuring “a living open-world larger than any other game in modern RPG history,” The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt marks the beginning of the end of the story of Geralt of Rivia, the main protagonist of the game. Packing approximately 50-hour long main storyline gameplay, the game is only being developed for the latest consoles and PC, and not the last-gen consoles as they are not able to handle its graphical fidelity and large, rich open-world environment.


Slightly Mad Studios’ upcoming highly anticipated and one of the most visually impressive motorsport simulator video games known as Project CARS (CARS is short for Community Assisted Racing Simulator) is getting some exceptional attention at its Gamescom 2014 booths. The game is either playable on Sony’s PlayStation 4 console, or on Alienware’s stand in 4K resolution. Packing a fairly fine number of polygons, Project CARS runs at 60 frames per second on the latest PlayStation 4 console, but it has not yet reached this goal on the Xbox One.

Project Cars

PlayStation 4 Handles Project CARS at 60fps, But Xbox One Currently Doesn’t – Cars Have 60K Polygon Count on Consoles, 300K on PC

Claimed to be the “most technically advanced racing game on the planet,” Project CARS is one of those games that millions of gamers are looking forward to. The developer, Slightly Mad Studios, is in full swing to make the game’s gameplay experience more authentic across all the platforms that will be hosting it once it launches later this year in November, and looking at the game’s Gamescom 2014 display, it looks like the developer’s hard work is really paying off.

Project CARS is being currently being shown off on Sony’s PlayStation 4 console at the ongoing Gamescom gaming convention, and DualShockers is enjoying a hands-on presentation. Talking to the site, VehicleArt Manager Jan Frischkorn threw some light on the optimization of the game across difference platforms and mentioned that the PlayStation 4 version is already running quite solidly at 60 frames per second, but the Xbox One version of the game has still not reached the goal.

The Crew

The latest PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are apparently the only two consoles that are being looked upon by gamers right now, but looking at the upcoming cross-gen video game titles, it becomes quite clear that previous generation of consoles is still a little syrupy. Bringing its MMO role-playing racing video game to the last-gen console as well, Ubisoft recently announced that The Crew will be released on Microsoft’s Xbox 360 console alongside PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on November 2014, and the game won’t be coming to the PlayStation 3 or Wii U console apparently because their technical infrastructure is not closest to the latest consoles.

The Crew

The Crew is only Coming to Xbox 360 Because it Has the Closest Technical Infrastructure to the Latest Consoles, Says Ubisoft

Ubisoft’s The Crew ranks among some of the most anticipated upcoming racing video game titles. Being developed by Ivory Tower and Ubisoft Reflections, The Crew is not something like a typical racer game. Set in an open and persistent world, the game allows players to roam the entire United States alone, with friends or with other players by using online co-op matchmaking feature. One of the best things about the game is that it doesn’t keep players waiting with in-game loading or pause screens, and allows them to design their own custom cars with a tie-in app for iOS and Android.

Ubisoft had announced the game as a next-gen exclusive only, but recently, the publisher announced that the game would be arriving on Microsoft’s Xbox 360 console as well, and last-gen version of the game will retain the features, scope, mission variety, and overall driving experience of the PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions. Confirming that The Crew would not be released on Sony’s PlayStation 3 or Nintendo Wii U console, Ubisoft said that they have chosen to bring the game only to the Xbox 360 because it is the closest platform to the latest consoles in terms of technical infrastructure. A Ubisoft representative said to VideoGamer:


This is probably the best news for PC gamers coming from this year’s Gamescom. Both episodes of a well-known and remarkable open world action-adventure third-person shooter stealth video game title called Metal Gear Solid V are coming to PC via Steam. Previously confirmed only for last-gen and latest video game consoles, Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes and The Phantom Pain have now been officially announced for PC platform by the creator, Hideo Kojima.

Metal Gear Solid

Kojima Confirms Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes and The Phantom Pain for PC – Will be Available via Steam

It looks like the famed Konami game creator Hideo Kojima has set a goal to break new news on every single day of this year’s Gamescom gaming convention. Following recent revelation that the Japanese game creator is working on a next-gen installment in the Silent Hill series, it has now been announced that both Ground Zeroes, which is the most critically acclaimed first episode of Metal Gear Solid V, as well as The Phantom Pain, which is the highly anticipated second episode of Metal Gear Solid V, are coming to Windows PC via Steam.


One of the things that PlayStation users complained about the most in past few months was the lack of new features in the PS4 firmware updates. However, listening to fans’ feedback, Sony finally announced a major PS4 firmware update v2.00 yesterday during Gamescom 2014. Arriving in Fall 2014, the new update will come packed with a wide range of fan requested features, yet still, there is no mention of some very important features such as suspend/resume and DLNA/multimedia, and this is upsetting the fans.


Sony Responds to Fans’ Accusations; Hints Suspend/Resume, DLNA/Multimedia, and Other Features with PS4 Firmware Update 2.00

Sony’s PlayStation 4 console is dominating almost every aspect of the console gaming right now, but there are some corners where Microsoft’s Xbox One takes the lead, such as getting new improved features via frequent updates. Sony has been very drowsy in introducing new features for its latest video game consoles through updates, but after protracted yelp of fans for new features, Sony finally went forward and came up with the good news.

Yesterday during Gamescom 2014, Sony announced a major PS4 firmware update v2.00, that will bring some most-demanded features to the latest console in Fall 2014. Some of the upcoming features include the ability to share gameplay videos directly on YouTube, the ability to remote control PS4 titles on internet, and Share Play feature that allows players to play online co-op games even if their friends don’t own the game in question.


After Sony and Microsoft, other major video game publishers are now taking their turn to announce their upcoming video game titles. During its Gamescom 2014 press conference today, Electronic Arts announced an always-online multiplayer horror video game title called Shadow Realms exclusively for Windows PC. Set to launch in late 2015, Shadow Realms is a 4v1 multiplayer that set heroes against a diabolic “Shadowlord”. The announcement came with some screenshots which can be seen below.

Shadow Realms (3)

Multiplayer Online 4v1 RGG Shadow Realms Revealed by EA Exclusively for PC – Closed Alpha to Start Next Month

Being developed by BioWare Austin studio, Shadow Realms is a class-based co-op asymmetrical multiplayer game that has been designed by online gaming specialists over at the Electronic Arts’ studio. After being heavily teased in past weeks under the slogan “you’ve been chosen,” the game was finally revealed today during EA’s Gamescom 2014 press conference by Jeff Hickman, who is the General Manager of BioWare Austin.

Set in a “modern fantasy world,” Shadow Realms is influenced by old-school pen-and-paper games, according to Hickman. Featuring dynamic online four-player co-op against single playable “Shadowlord” who controls “every aspect of the game,” the game will have magical-powered heroes “that wouldn’t look out of place in this room.” Developer James Ohlen says in a blog post:

Driveclub logo

Evolution Studios’ PlayStation 4 exclusive racing video game Driveclub is among some of the most anticipated photorealistic upcoming next-gen titles. Competing with Microsoft’s Forza Horizon 2 in a way, and offering real time racing experience to players, the game will be released later this year on October 7. The game just received a brand new Gamescom trailer, and following that, Sony Entertainment Network released a new batch of stunning Driveclub screenshots in might 8K (8000 x 4500) resolution.


Check Out These Stunning Brand New Driveclub Screenshots in Enormous 8K Resolution

At Sony’s Gamescom 2014 press conference, the upcoming PlayStation 4 racer known as Driveclub made quite an impressive appearance. A new gameplay demo was presented showcasing the new photo mode, that will further enhance the game’s dynamic weather experience by allowing players to snap beautiful in-game screenshots and share them online. The demo also showcased how players will be able to interact with other players in the certain club that they join. If you missed the gameplay trailer, check it out here.


Sony’s Gamescom 2014 PlayStation Press Conference was clearly not something that everyone expected, besides most indie stuff and small announcements, there was nothing much that could make the audience flip over, but there is one thing that left everyone wondering. Sony took the warps off what looked like a brand new interactive horror IP exclusively for PlayStation 4 called P.T., from 7780s Studio. Now, it has turned out that P.T. is just an upcoming next-gen Silent Hill game that is being developed by Hideo Kojima and Guillermo del Toro.


PS4 Exclusive P.T is Actually a New Silent Hill Game from Kojima and Guillermo del Toro

Among the games that Sony announced at its Gamescom 2014 PlayStation Press Conference, there was something really confusing called P.T., which was said to be a new interactive horror game from 7780s Studio for the latest PlayStation 4 console. Other than a teaser and that the game’s demo will be available on the PSN store, we were provided with absolutely no other information about the title. The demo is now available on the PSN store, and it warns players: “Avoid playing if you have a heart condition.”

11719Until Dawn_Logo01

Until Dawn, a horror adventure video game title that was previously expected to be launched as a PlayStation 3 exclusive title, has now been re-revealed for the latest PlayStation 4 console by Sony at its Gamescom 2014 PlayStation press conference. The game now allows players to use DualShock 4 controller instead of PS Move controller, and features a richer story. The latest re-reveal trailer of the game has been shared below.

Until Dawn

Horror Adventure Title Until Dawn Completely Remade Exclusively for PlayStation 4

During its Gamescom 2014 PlayStation Press Conference today, Sony re-revealed Until Dawn, which was formerly a PlayStation 3-exclusive game, for the PlayStation 4 console. The game is currently being developed by UK-based developer Supermassive Games, a studio that is known for its work on PlayStation Move titles like Start the Part, Tumble and Walking With Dinosaurs, as well as some core PlayStation games like Who: The Eternity Clock, Killzone HD, and some parts of LittleBigPlanet 2 and LittleBigPlanet.

White Xbox One

Microsoft is done with its Gamescom 2014 Xbox media briefing, and after making some really great video game announcements such as Rise of the Tomb Raider, the platform holder took the wraps off some very alluring limited edition Xbox One consoles. Total three consoles were revealed, the first is a gorgeous-looking Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare-themed Xbox One console which comes with 1TB harddrive, and the other one is a simple white Xbox One console bundled with a copy of Sunset Overdrive. You can check them out in the images provided below.

Xbox One

Check Out the Gorgeous-Looking White and Call of Duty-Themed Limited Edition Xbox One Consoles

Microsoft just announced three brand new limited edition Xbox One bundles during its media briefing at Gamescom gaming convention that is currently being held in Cologne, Germany. Two of these bundles look really splendid and worth every penny. Unfortunately, if you could not attend this year’s Gamescom, you probably won’t be able to get any closer to the newly announced limited bundles unless they hit the local markets. But don’t worry, thanks to Engadget, we have some closeups of the two beautiful limited edition Xbox One consoles.

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