Destiny’s upcoming highly anticipated blockbuster game entered its beta testing phase recently and now both PlayStation and Xbox users are enjoying it on their latest and last generation consoles. Destiny beta is performing really great on all platforms, making the game one of the best cross-gen video games that exist right now. We all know that the Destiny beta is not running at the same resolution on the Xbox One as on the PlayStation 4, and this leaves people wondering how both versions stand up against each other, well here we have a screenshot comparison of the game showing differences between the beta running on both the latest consoles.

Destiny beta xbox one

Destiny Beta PS4 vs Xbox One Screenshot Comparison: Performs Great on Both Consoles With Few Differences

Bungie’s Destiny beta started almost a week ago on the PlayStation consoles, and according to the reports and the PlayStation 4 vs PlayStation 3 screenshot comparison that we shared, the game performs really well as a cross-gen. Now that the developer has fully launched the beta on Microsoft’s consoles too, Xbox fans are also playing their role in protecting the last city on Earth, and of course, comparisons between the beta running on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles are also cropping up.

We all know that Bungie confirmed previously that the Destiny beta would only run at 900p resolution on Microsoft’s latest video game console, and while many thought the PlayStation 4 version running at 1080p would look way more better than the Xbox One version, that is actually not the case. Thanks to our sister gaming website DualShockers, we have a screenshot comparison showing how the Destiny beta performs on the latest consoles, and while PlayStation 4 version is obviously good, Xbox One version is not all that bad.

Assassins Creed Unity Logo

Assassins Creed Unity is the next step in the famous game series that has quite the cult following. The game is powered by the Anvil Engine and Ubisoft recently did a tech demo for the upcoming iteration of AC which is Unity. The engine looks quite beautiful and boasts a plethora of interesting effects. CryEngine seems to be in trouble (if reports are to be believed) and the field is open for the next king of the hill when it comes to gaming engines.

Assassins_Creed_UnityImage courtesy of

Ubisoft Anvil Engine Shown Off Using Assassins Creed Unity Tech Demo

Although Unreal Engine is currently the  favorite for taking over the vacuum that could be left behind CryEngine (if hypothetically speaking, its troubles continue) multiple tech demos have been emerging on the scene. Assassins Creed Unity’s Tech Demo shows of the Anvil Engine to great effect. The developers managed to recreate old Paris in an almost 1 to 1 scale. The demo showed off some very advanced lightning features, volumetric lightning and shadows. But perhaps the most promising thing (at least according to the demo) was the Advanced AI.

PS4 playstation 4

The wait is finally over, following its updating methods and timeline, Sony Computer Entertainment has just released the PS4 firmware update version 1.74 for download across all regions i.e. Europe, United States, Japan and Asia. Just like the past three updates, this is another round of software stability. You can download and install this latest 1.74 update right now through the links given below.


PS4 Firmware Update 1.74 Now Available for Download; Improves System Software Stability

Unlike its primary competitor Microsoft, Sony has been much slower with releasing firmware updates for its latest PlayStation 4 console, but after promising new details about the upcoming update, Sony has directly released the latest PS4 firmware update version 1.74, which is now available for download across all regions, and well honestly, this isn’t the kind of update that we expected when Sony teased it recently.

The latest PS4 firmware update version 1.74 is far from the sweeping change that most users were expecting. The changelog is pretty simple and small one and it promises that the “system software stability during use of some features has been improved.” That’s all, there are no other provided patch notes. That being said, it looks like we will have to wait for PS4 firmware update version 1.8 to see some appropriate new features.


Destiny is apparently the next most anticipated and highly awaited multiplatform cross-gen video game that will be released later this year. Being developed by Bungie, the game is an open-world science fiction multiplayer first-person shooter that holds a great hype around it. Destiny recently entered its beta testing phase and the developer announced that the game’s beta on the Xbox One console will run at 900p, and while many believe the retail version of the game will also run at the same resolution, that is actually not the case. Here is the first-ever gameplay footage of Destiny running at native 1080p resolution on Xbox One.


Bungie Releases First Gameplay Footage of Destiny Running at Native 1080p on Xbox One

After alpha version of the game, Destiny beta is already up and running on the PlayStation consoles and thousands of fans are enjoying it. The beta will go live on the Xbox consoles in about a day and while users of all platforms will get a balanced fun treatment, Xbox One users will have to bear with native 900p resolution upscaled to 1080p. However, that doesn’t mean the final retail version of Destiny for Xbox One will also run at lower resolution than native full HD.

Bungie has already announced that Destiny Xbox One beta runs at 900p resolution, but it is for sure that the developer is committed to hit the mark of native 1080p resolution for the final retail version of the game, and this proof is right here. Courtesy of IGN, we have a gameplay footage of Destiny that gives the first look at the game running at 1080p resolution and 30 frames per second on an Xbox One console.

The Last of Us Remastered

Apparently, the only game right now that every PlayStation 4 gamer wants badly is The Last of Us Remastered. The game is only about a week away from its launch and the hype train is moving with full speed ahead. Promising true next-gen visuals and graphical enhancements all running at bright native 1080p resolution and 60 frames per second, the upcoming exclusive is a must-buy for those who never played the original game on the PlayStation 3 console, and while hundreds of thousands are waiting to get their hands on the game as soon as it hits the deck, some players are already enjoying it on their latest PlayStation 4 consoles.

The Last of Us Remastered (29)

Early The Last of Us Remastered PS4 Livestream Shows Initial Gameplay, Left Behind DLC and In-Game Settings Menus; Looks “Gorgeous”

PlayStation 3′s exclusive all-time hit action-adventure survival master piece rebuilt with next-gen hardware technology, The Last of Us Remastered, is apparently the most praised PlayStation 4 exclusive video game title. Naughty Dog, the developer of the game, has raised the expectations of the fans to the top level in previous months, and now everyone wants to grab this visually stunning work of art as soon as it is available for purchase. However, it looks like a few fellows have already acquired the game and now they are sharing in-game media content.


Sony’s latest PS4 system is considered to be the most powerful video game console ever developed. Known to be 10 times more powerful than its predecessor, the latest console features a full 8 core architecture and a compelling graphics processing unit which can perform 1.843 teraflops and packs a gigantic custom shader library. All this makes the PS4′s GPU the best ever rocked by a gaming console, and here is what video game developers think of it.


PS4′s GPU is a Pretty Beasty Processor, Says Roll7′s Director – API Implementation for Third-Party Developers is Great

Unlike Microsoft, Sony doesn’t have a proper PR team, so little is known about the technologies and programming methods that the Japanese platform holder uses to enhance the performance of its PS4 console. The company has also not publicly disclosed its latest console’s specifications in depth, but we do know that the PS4′s GPU is working great for video game developers. However, with the raid of modern GPU processors for gaming PCs, how well is the PS4′s GPU holding up?

Talking with Simon Bennett, the Director over at Roll7, the studio responsible for a skateboarding video game called OlliOlli, GamingBolt asked the same question, to which he replied: “I guess that all depends on how hard developers are willing to push GPUs over the generation. It’s a pretty beasty processor – I reckon it will hold its own.”

The last of us

The Last of Us Remastered is an upcoming reevaluated version of the 2013′s brilliant PlayStation 3 exclusive title that won over 200 game of the year awards. Just like Infamous Second Son, this upcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive title is boasted as a leading edge respected work of art, and the hype that encircles it is apparently greater than any previous exclusive title released for the console. Not much in-game The Last of Us Remastered screenshots have officially been revealed as yet, but thanks to a fan, we have 42 amazing new screenshots showing in-game scenes.

The Last of Us-6

42 Sparkling New The Last of Us Remastered Screenshots Show Initial In-Game Scenes

After waiting and hearing how The Last of Us Remastered is nothing but beauty, PlayStation 4 playerbase is as excited as it gets now, for the game is only under a couple of weeks away from its launch. Running at native 1080p resolution and 60fps, the game features twice as many shadows and four times the texture mapping than the original The Last of Us that still stands among some of the most awe-inspiring video games ever built for the PlayStation 3 console. Promising pumped up shadows and lighting, and several other gameplay improvements, The Last of Us Remastered is the game to buy as soon as it hits the stores.

The Last of Us

The Last of Us Remastered is one of the most visually impressive and highly anticipated next-gen video game titles that are set to release exclusively on the PlayStation 4 console this month. The game is a remastered version of 2013′s all-time hit PlayStation 3 title called The Last of Us, which was developed by Naughty Dog. Known as a visual masterpiece, The Last of Us stands as perhaps the best-looking PlayStation 3 title right now, but have you ever wondered, what would the game look like if Naughty Dog decides to remaster it for the PS1 console? Well, wonder no more and take a look at the image provided below.

The Last of Us

Ever Wondered How The Last of Us Would Look Like if it Was Originally Released, or Remastered for the PS1 Console?

Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us is one of those games that really define Sony’s seventh generation PlayStation 3 console. Now being released for the latest PlayStation 4 console, The Last of Us Remastered promises cutting edge visuals and completely reevaluated in-game environments while running at native 1080p resolution and 60 frames per second, but hold on a second, have you ever thought what would The Last of Us look like if it was released 15 or so years ago for the PS1, or if the developer now decides to remaster it for Sony’s inaugural home console.

PS4 and Xbox On3 1

The current eighth generation of consoles is filled with a lot of traditional, irrational and equitable controversies. Both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles are doing their job quite well, however, Sony’s latest console is leading this generation ever since it was launched back in 2013, and this is apparently due to the fact that the PlayStation 4 console is slightly powerful than its correlative. But now after recent revisions, it looks like the Xbox One console is also catching up and the performance gap that was established by several next-gen games is now slacking off.

Xbox One and PS4

PS4/Xbox One Performance Gap Closing, Says Rebellion – Sniper Elite 3 Will Likely Get a Patch on Xbox One

The so called resolution-gate issue has affected Microsoft’s Xbox One console in a major way. Several next-gen multiplatform games run at lower resolution and frame rate on the Xbox One than on the PlayStation 4, and apparently this is why Microsoft’s latest console remains shallow on the charts, but now after the company’s continuous struggle, it looks like the Xbox One console is finally resurrecting, and the performance gap is cutting off.

Xbox One

Sony is fully supporting its latest PlayStation 4 console by expanding the library of exclusive video games, and the upcoming latest addition to this library is a remastered version of 2013′s hit PlayStation 3 exclusive title known as The Last of Us. Bathed in the next-gen video game development technology, The Last of Us Remastered takes full advantage of the hardware that powers the PlayStation 4 console, and while some people think the game will also be launched on the Xbox One console, Neil Druckmann is making it sure that it won’t happen.

The Last of Us Remastered

The Last of Us Remastered on Xbox One? Creative Director Neil Druckmann Wants Xbox One Users to Dream

The last of Us Remastered is an upcoming action-adventure horror survival video game that will level up Sony’s latest PlayStation 4 console. Developed by Naughty Dog and set to run at native 1080p resolution and 60 frames per second, the game is boasted to be a next-gen masterpiece that will allow the PlayStation 4 users to experience the memorable journey of Joel and Ellie in a whole new way when it launches on July 29.

Now that the release of The Last of Us Remastered is only a matter of weeks, the hype surrounding the game is growing larger than ever, and it looks like some people are so hyped that they have fallen into a misunderstanding thinking that the game will also sooner or later be released for Microsoft’s Xbox One console. Of course, as far as we know, something like this is never going to happen, but fooling Xbox One users won’t do any harm right now, rather it will just fuel the hype.

xbox one logo

With the launch of the Xbox One, Microsoft promised to supplement it with periodic updates. In May the company also announced that it was going to separate Kinect from the popular console, leading to a $100 decrease in it’s price. This lead to sales of the Xbox One being doubled in June, when compared to May, according to Microsoft. So true to its words, the company has revealed that starting from July 21st, the next update will start rolling out for the console. This is for those with early access of course.

Xbox One

Next Xbox One Update To Roll Out On July 21st – Result Of Feedback Received From Xbox Feedback


From the creator of a multi-billion dollar franchise, Destiny is one of those upcoming video games that have created a much fueled hype around them. This online multiplayer action role-playing first-person shooter video game can easily be counted among some of the most visually impressive and highly anticipated upcoming titles. Releasing this year on September 9, the game is currently going through its beta testing phase. Given below is a screenshot comparison of Destiny Beta running on the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 consoles showing how much a jump from the last generation to the latest generation can really pay off.

Destiny Beta

Destiny Beta PS4 vs PS3 High Quality Screenshot Comparison Shows Generational Gap – This is How Cross-Gen Games Should Be Created

Destiny is undoubtedly one of those upcoming games that have pumped up the expectations of gamers to a whole new level. Being developed by Bungie, the studio responsible for remarkable Halo series, Destiny is an example of how the latest consoles are being used up by developers to create games that are visually much better than any game that currently exists on the last-gen video game platforms. Being a cross-gen game, Destiny also squeezes every ounce of the hardware power left in the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 consoles.

Now that the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles are being enjoyed by millions of gamers, most gamers think that cross-gen games put a cap on the offerings of the latest consoles, and in fact, it is true to an extent. Latest consoles are penalized by cross-gen games rather thickly in order to make room for the conditions that the last-gen consoles follow. Destiny is a cross-gen games too, and while most think this is the reason due to which the game will end up in shame, it is not the case.


Well it looks like Oculus VR is aiming high when it comes to developing gaming accessories. The company is known for it’s Oculus Rift headgear, which added head tracking to its list of impressive feature in the current version. Well it seems like head tracking and head gear don’t end up making the company completely content with it’s offerings. According to people familiar to the development process, the company is quietly developing motion sensors as well, reports CNET. These sensors will allow you to manipulate objects and immerse yourself in games with your hands. This will of course result in a much more deeply engrossing gaming experience.


Oculus Working On Its Own Motion Controllers To Complement The Rift – Looking To Turn Back On Third Part Developers

The Last of Us Remastered

Keeping some awesome third-party multiplatform next-gen video games that have been released up till now aside, Sony has been taking good care of the PlayStation 4 owners by releasing some very top quality triple A exclusive titles, and The Last of Us Remastered is one of those highly anticipated exclusives that are yet to come. With the game ready to be organized on the local shelves, the developer has now released some native 1080p screenshots taken from actual gameplay, and below is how one of those screenshots make The Last of Us PS4 look way better than the original PS3 version of the game.

The Last of Us-7

The Last of Us PS4 vs PS3 Screenshot Comparison Shows The Remastered Version is Really Worth all the Hype

Developed by Naughty Dog, an American video game development studio that is known for bringing many of the all-time most cherished PlayStation exclusives to life, The last of Us Remastered is an upcoming PS4 exclusive that has been boosted according to the offerings of the latest console. Running at native 1080p resolution and 60 frames per second, The Last of Us PS4 will allow the users to to embark on a memorable journey of Joel and Ellie that will leave them speechless, and those who have already played the game on PS3 can enjoy it one more time with enhanced visuals and overall improved gameplay.

Naughty Dog has been speaking very highly of The Last of Us PS4 every since it was officially revealed a few months ago. It is said that the visuals of the game are nothing like what you get to experience in the original The Last of Us PS3. Now that the game has gone gold and the developer has released some great native 1080p screenshots of the game, it is time to compare The Last of Us PS4 with the original PS3 version, and thanks to WorldsFactory for putting up the comparison that we have shared below.

The Last of Us Remastered

The remastered version of Naughty Dog’s most awarded 2013 PlayStation 3 exclusive The Last of Us is only a couple of weeks away from its launch, and the developer has now started rolling out the in-game media content. Due to launch on July 29, The Last of Us Remastered promises enhanced visuals and graphical details, and packs almost all of the additional content that was released for the original title. Recently, Sony published a new blog post revealing seven new screenshots and describing how it is like to play the game in 1080p/60fps on the PlayStation 4 console.

The Last of Us-5

How it is Like to Play The Last of Us Remastered in 1080p/60fps; 7 Fantastic Brand New Screenshots Show Detailed Visuals

The Last of Us Remastered is the next most anticipated and highly awaited PlayStation 4 exclusive. It is an enhanced and overall improved version of the PlayStation 3 exclusive award-winning title called The Last of Us. Developed by Naughty Dog, the upcoming game is apparently the most boasted PlayStation 4 exclusive. Almost everyone, from the developer itself to the industry insiders and those who have given it a try, commented positively on the game, and now that the game has gone gold and the developer is releasing its trailers and screenshots, we can finally see for ourselves if the The Last of Us Remastered is really worth the hype.

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