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Qualcomm Refutes Rumors That Its Snapdragon 820 Suffers From Overheating
Mobile 2 weeks ago

The Snapdragon 820 Beats Apple A9 In GPU Performance Claim Sources

As winter begins to set in, things have started to warm up in the mobile hardware race. Both Qualcomm and Samsung have s…
apple bbc documentary
Mobile 1 month ago

Apple iPhone 7 To Feature OLED Displays With No Home Button

Even though its nearly a year until Apple launches the next generation of its iPhones, reports about the device’s …
Surface Pro 4 4
Mobile 2 months ago

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Vs iPad Pro; Specifications, Features, Multimedia & Price

With it being more than a year when we saw the first Surface Pro 4 specifications leak take place, its time for us to fi…
lg v10
Mobile 2 months ago

Dual-Screen 5.7-inch LG V10 Wows in Durability Tests

Korean manufacturer LG officially unveiled its very first smartphone in the new V series. Sporting a 2.1-inch secondary…
nexus 6p2
Mobile 2 months ago

The Huawei Nexus 6P Vs The LG Nexus 5X – Specifications, Features, Price And Desig…

After a lot of rumors speculations and leaks heading our way, Google’s finally launched two Nexus devices this yea…
FreeSync Logo
Hardware 2 months ago

AMD FreeSync Monitor Hack Expands Refresh Rate Range – Full Step By Step Guide

A tweak has been discovered that lets users expand the variable refresh rate ranges of their AMD FreeSync enabled gaming…
iPhone 6s again
Mobile 2 months ago

The iPhone 6s Sees RAM And Other Critical Features Revealed In iFixit Teardown

Ever since the launch of the iPhone 6s and the iPhone 6s Plus, there have been a lot of questions surrounding Apple̵…
GamesIndustry 3 months ago

AMD’s Robert Hallock: “The vast majority of DX12 titles in 2015/2016 are partner…

While the ongoing debate over DX12  performance favoring one architecture over the other is still going strong, with cl…
ASUS ROG Matrix GTX 980 Ti Platinum.jpg
Hardware 3 months ago

ASUS ROG MATRIX GTX 980 Ti Platinum Graphics Card Unveiled – New ROG Swift G-Sync …

ASUS has also unveiled their latest ROG MATRIX GTX 980 Ti Platinum graphics card at IFA 15 along with two new, G-Sync en…
Logo Apple iPhone
LeakMobile 3 months ago

The iPhone 6s Plus Leaks With Force Touch In Hands-On Images

With this year’s iPhone launches being an ‘s’ lineup of devices, Apple’s got to be hard pressed …
HardwareReport 3 months ago

Intel Planning to Support VESA Adaptive-Sync Monitors with Future Processors – Kab…

The battle between the Sync standards has been heating up as of late, with Nvidia championing its proprietary G-Sync sta…
Logo Apple iPhone
IndustryMobile 3 months ago

Apple’s Sapphire Supplier Produces World’s Largest 300lb Sapphire Crystal

Ah sapphire. While for the uninitiated it might seem that our smartphones might be coming with precious stones embedded …
Steam Logo
Games 4 months ago

Steam Hardware Survey Shows 1080P is the Majority – Intel HD 4000 Still Most Used …

Even though Steam still isn’t used by everyone, it does allow us to see a majority representation of the different…
Contest 4 months ago

WCCFtech Reader Rig Contest Winner – Most Ridiculously Gorgeous Rig

And two weeks have reluctantly passed, far faster than we thought. There were so very many great looking rigs that you a…
windows 10
Software 4 months ago

How to Fix Windows 10 Flickering or Failed Nvidia Driver Installations – Windows T…

[Update]: NVIDIA GeForce Hotfix Driver 355.80 Released, Fixes Windows 10 SLI Issues Following the upgrade to Windows 10…
Logo Apple iPhone
Mobile 4 months ago

Sapphire Reincarnated On iPhone? Apple Receives New iPhone Patent

Just as Force Touch is one of the most hyped up features when it comes to the iPhone 6S Duo, last year’s iPhone 6 …
Glorious 4K Giveaway
Giveaway 4 months ago

WCCFtech Giveaway: Samsung 50-Inch 4K TV & Media Device of Your Choosing

Now is the perfect time to upgrade to a 4K resolution, especially when you can win a 4K Samsung TV and a media device of…
GamesHardware 4 months ago

Oculus Acquires Pebbles Interfaces (Not Pebble), Better VR Controllers Coming Soon?

Oculus has announced that they just acquired a company known as Pebbles Interfaces. They specialize on digital sensing t…






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