We covered a tons of deals and gift packages over the holiday season to help you get a new Apple TV. If you are on the receiving end, and are looking for some Apple TV tips and tricks, we hope to help you with some. Here are some ways to make your life with Apple TV more productive and more fun!jailbreak apple tv tips


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Apple TV tips and tricks:

htc One m8 teardown

Teardown experts had found HTC One M7 of 2013 one of the hardest to fix due to various design factors. Is the HTC One M8 fairing any better? Or should you rather opt for the HTC Advance to save you plenty of bucks in case your device gets broken or damaged? Here are the details from HTC One M8 One m8 teardown ifixit

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HTC One M8 teardown:

Galaxy S5 vs HTC One M8

HTC One M8 and Samsung Galaxy S5 – the two premium Android flagship smartphones – are out in the business this year. The two devices that would be most talked about through out 2014, apart from Apple’s iPhone and Sony’s Xperia Z2, pack quite a few good hardware and software specs. If you intend to upgrade your smartphone this year and intend to know more about these two flagship Android smartphones, here is a Samsung Galaxy S5 vs HTC One M8 comparative post.Galaxy S5 vs HTC One M8

Samsung Galaxy S5 vs HTC One M8:


Apple iMac 2013
Gadgets Software

Apple 4K support with OS X 10.9.3:

The recent OS X update did not arrive with any features list. Apple provided developers with the first beta of the upcoming OS X Mavericks version 10.9.3. Seems like Apple is expanding support for 4k displays in this latest developer release of 4k display

iPhone 6 launch date

A recent leaked image of iPhone 6 display component is suggesting some major design overhaul. The iPhone 6 leaked image shows the digitizer of an iPhone 4s, iPhone 5s, and the iPhone 6 side by side. The image shows that iPhone 6 would sport a bigger display, however, the size would be similar to the iPhone 5!iphone 6 leaked image

iPhone 6 leaked image of display:

How is that possible? Well, seems like Apple may have decided to go bezel-less with iPhone 6. It may sport a lager display but this wouldn’t affect the size of the smartphone. This bigger display is achieved by removing the side bezels and also increasing the screen estate vertically.

Xperia Z2 display benchmark

Along with Samsung Galaxy S5, another flagship that was highly anticipated was Xperia Z2 from Sony. Launched at Mobile World Congress, Sony has introduced a major improvement in the display screen.

Sony Xperia Z2 display benchmark:

xperia z2 display benchmark

While Sony’s Xperia Z1 and Z both have been high-end Android smartphones with top-notch hardware, the display was lacking good viewing angles. Sony Xperia Z2 has covered up that aspect too offering much better display screen.


Samsung Galaxy S5, the latest flagship from the Korean mobile giant, has certainly overshadowed some other major releases that happened at Mobile World Congress this week. One of them was Sony’s latest flagship, the Sony Xperia Z2.

Sony Xperia Z2 vs xperia z1

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Xperia Z2 vs Xperia Z1 display screen:

While Sony Xpera Z2 looks like an incremental smartphone, there are a few differences setting it apart from its predecessor. Sony has kept similar display resolution and size: 1080p resolution and only .2 inch bigger. However,

samsung galaxy s logo

It’s just a day’s more wait until we see the highly-awaited and strictly-veiled Samsung Galaxy S5. Samsung’s very apparent Unpacked 5 is set to happen on February 24th at the Mobile World Congress. Samsung is yet to officially confirm that it’s going to launch the next flagship at the Unpacked event. However, the teasers seem quite obvious.galaxy s5 details

What exactly are we expecting from the Samsung Galaxy S5 when it is launched tomorrow - hopefully? Here is everything you need to know about Samsung Galaxy S5 that we have compiled from all the rumors, teasers, analysis, speculations, and leaks so far. However, beware that Samsung’s next flagship has proved to be one of the most guarded secret of the tech industry, affecting the entire concept that we normally are able to conceptualize before the launches. Here is a rough picture of what Samsung Galaxy S5 holds to offer us!

Virtual Reality
Games Hardware

Rumors and leaks about the Sony’s upcoming supposed PlayStation 4 virtual reality headset have been around for quite long now. Earlier, we reported that based on speculations, it was predicted that Sony might announce the PlayStation 4 virtual reality headset at Consumer Electronics Show 2014 but the manufacturer did not make any such announcement. However, a report came in recently that claims that Sony’s new virtual reality headset for PlayStation 4 is set for GDC 2014 reveal.

PlayStation 4 virtual reality 1

Sony’s PlayStation 4 Virtual Reality Headset is Coming In March -  You will be Impressed With Sony’s VR Resolution

The most awaited virtual reality gaming device after Oculus Rift is Sony’s PlayStation 4 virtual reality headset. Despite the fact that it has not been officially announced yet, it is certain that virtual reality for PlayStation 4 is inevitable. Rumors and leaks have been suggesting since last year that Sony is working on a device that will offer enhanced and real-time next-gen experience to PlayStation 4 users by providing immersive gameplays in virtual reality.

Recently, a well known industry insider, Ahsan Rasheed a.k.a Thuway, claimed to have some knowledge of quite a few PlayStation 4 virtual reality headset prototypes. He said that he is not allowed to share the specifics but he did mentioned that Sony’s PlayStation 4 virtual reality headset is going to be “amazing”.“Ugh I just got a bit of info I was sworn to secrecy on,” Rasheed tweeted “VR is going to be amazing. You will say KANDO.” Rasheed made another tweet saying, “Very interesting solutions, multiple prototypes, but the end product is Hnnnnng. Say hello to Gran Turismo 7.”

iphone 5s fingerprint sensor

The tons of rumors about Samsung’s upcoming flagship Galaxy S5 shipping with a fingerprint sensor weren’t off the mark, anyway. As shared with you a few times, many analysts had speculated that Samsung will follow Apple by introducing Galaxy S5 fingerprint sensor. However, from the recent news it seems like the Galaxy S5 fingerprint sensor won’t be embedded in the entire display screen, as was previously speculated.galaxy s4 fingerprint functionality

galaxy gear 2 concept Samsung Galaxy S5 fingerprint sensor

Fingerprint sensor, 2K display tech, improved air gestures and now the very much redesigned Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 – Samsung is looking at a definite smart tech winner here!

Samsung’s first attempt at producing mass wearable technology hasn’t gone that successful with its first ever smart watch. Poor battery life, not-at-par user interface were just a few of a plethora of other factors which left many ‘awestruck’ never to talk about it again. However, that of course is just a start. Samsung is all spruced up to bring in the next Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 smartwatch, this time coupled with the flagship Galaxy S5 and not the Note.

Galaxy Gear 2 concept

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Samsung Galaxy S5 + Galaxy Gear 2 – concept:

According to the recent rumors and industry tips, Samsung Galaxy S5 will land this year with a radically different and much improved Galaxy Gear 2. While the original duo of the popular Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and not-so-popular Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch did not go that well in the consumer markets, this one might just do it.

galaxy s5 fingerprint sensor premium

After yesterday’s beautiful rumor of Samsung’s tile-formatted home screen, seems like the Samsung Galaxy S5 jackpots keep coming! The latest Galaxy S5 rumor reveals the release and launch dates among other details.galaxy s5 launch date price specs

Samsung Galaxy S5 launch date rumor:

This latest rumor of Samsung Galaxy S5 launch date claims that Galaxy S5 will be unveiled in a pre-Mobile World


LG is allegedly producing the OLED displays for Apple’s long-expected and much awaited iWatch. According to the reports, LG OLED display for iWatch would be a curved 1.52 inches screen. lg oled iwatch


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LG OLED iWatch:

Korean website DDaily reports that Apple iWatch might not be that “unseen”. This latest rumor suggest that LG

Dell 4K Display Launch

After the blasting release of Dell 4k Display at Consumer Electronics Trade Show (CES) 2014, seems like the P2815Q is ready to be shipped and going on sale globally! According to a Chinese source, Dell 4K display, priced at $699, is ready to go on sale 23rd of January, just as Dell had promised at CES. Dell 4K Display Launch

Dell 4k display launch date and specs:

Grand Theft Auto IV

PC users can do nothing but gratify themselves with relatively old Rockstar game if they want to indulge in Grand Theft Auto open-world grab and run adventure as the developer has not launched the latest game in the series on PC. Still, some PC gamers know how to make an outdated game look stunning and so one user has uploaded a bunch of screenshots of Grand Theft Auto IV running on PC with mods and rendered at 4K.

Grand Theft Auto V

Screenshots Of Grand Theft Auto IV Running With Mods and Rendered At 4K – Looks Absolutely Stunning

Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto V was game of the year 2013 and best voted game on almost all major websites. With detailed graphics and immersive gameplay, the overall Grand Theft Auto V experience was incredible. Rockstar made sure that its latest game squeezes every ounce of PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 hardware capabilities but awkwardly, even after knowing the fact that the game could have done much better on PC in terms of graphics and gameplay, Rockstar did not launch it for the platform which has boundless openings.

If it comes to Grand Theft Auto on PC, all PC gamers can do is enjoy the fairly old Grand Theft Auto IV until Rockstar realizes that there is an actual need of Grand Theft Auto V PC release. Although, Some PC gamers know how to twist the game with mods and so they are still getting the most out of Grand Theft Auto IV.

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