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Games 1 week ago

Batman Arkham Knight – “Anime Skin” and New Details About Batman’…

WB Games has been sending emails promoting and exclusive character skin for Batman Arkham Knight, for WBPlay members. To…
GamesSoftware 3 weeks ago

Xbox One March Update Brings a Variety of New Features

Xbox One update this month will bring many of the most requested features, including screenshots and improved tile trans…
AMD Radeon Logo
Hardware 3 months ago

Sapphire Teases Liquid Cooled AMD GPU – Project NFC Coming in January

Sapphire is teasing a new liquid cooled AMD graphics card on youtube, could this be the R9 380X ? Dubbed project NFC …
Hardware 6 months ago

Swiftech H240-X Launched – 280mm Expandable CPU Liquid Cooler

The H240-X is a closed loop CPU liquid cooler by Swiftech. It’s the bigger brother to Swiftech’s successful …
Cold Pate
Hardware 6 months ago

DEEPCOOL Launches CAPTAIN Series – High End Prefilled CPU Liquid Coolers

DEEPCOOL is launching their new CAPTAIN family of high end closed loop liquid coolers. This new family has earned the co…
Industry 6 months ago

Cryogenic On-Chip Cooling Reduces Power by 10X And Brings Temperatures Down to -228C

A research team at the department of Materials Science and Engineering in the University of Texas at Arlington has publi…
Geforce GTX logo
Hardware 7 months ago

All New Twin Frozr V Cooling Teased By MSI

So it’s quite obvious that MSI got too excited about their new Twin Frozr V cooler design and decided to give us a…
Noctua Logo
Hardware 10 months ago

Noctua Shows Off Multiple CPU Coolers And Surface Fans – Several Innovations And U…

Austria based manufacturer, Noctua well known for its cooling solutions and fans has added several new coolers and CPU f…
Hardware 10 months ago

DeepCool Launches The WaterElement 120K – Support For LGA 1150 Included

Manufacturer DeepCool has finally listed its first integrated water-cooling system. It is a part of the company’s …
Hardware 10 months ago

White Galaxy Nvidia GeForce GTX 770 Waterblock Spotted – Potential Watercooled HOF…

Word on the street is that Galaxy will soon make a watercooled addition to it’s Hall of Fame premium card series. …
Hardware 10 months ago

Noctua Launches Two New Fan Series With Accessory Kits For Upgrading

Noctua today has launched two new fan series to cater towards performance conscious and budget conscious customer. The A…
Hardware 12 months ago

Noctua NH-D15 debuts in a blaze of Dual-Tower Design Schema – Succeeds the legenda…

I normally do not cover P.Rs but this one deserves an exception I think. To the well experienced hand, Noctua coolers ha…
holiday gift ideas
Gadgets 1 year ago

Some Holiday Gift Ideas for Every Age Group

Confused about selecting gifts for your loved ones this Christmas? Let us help you select some very affordable and yet u…
White Xbox One
GamesHardware 1 year ago

Xbox One Teardown – Looks More Like A PC Than The PlayStation 4

After ripping the PlayStation 4 apart and getting familiar with the hardware composition of the system, here comes the X…
Playstation 4 logo
GamesHardware 1 year ago

PlayStation 4 Heat Regulation Test Using Thermal Camera

A PlayStation 4 user who got his console on the launch date decided to take some infrared shots of it to check how stabl…






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