Just two days back Microsoft announced that the Xbox One will be getting continuous updates up till October. For fans of the console this was good news. Microsoft’s update system takes into account user feedback and then accordingly makes adjustments to the popular platform. The update came in the form of a tweet by the chief himself, Phil Spencer. For the uninitiated, Microsoft has been periodically updating the Xbox One since February, to much appreciation of its fans. Amongst the list of updates to be expected, much anticipated 3D Blu-Ray compatibility was listed as well.


PS4 To Get 3D Blu-Ray Support Through Firmware Update 1.75 By Next Week

Well, those in the PS4 camp need not be disappointed either. Within 23 hours of the tweet by Mr. Spencer, Sony has responded for the PS4. This response comes after the release of firmware update 1.74 for the PS4, which was only two days back. Of course, 1.74 was not a major update. It had a simple changelog and promised that “system software stability during use of some features has been improved.” Having a 194 Mb download size, no other patch notes were provided alongside. Well enough of that anyways.This news comes directly from the folks behind the PS4.

Through a twitter post, Sony promises Firmware Update 1.75 for the PS4. This will include 3D Blu-Ray compatibility for the console as well. In fact, it looks like the folks over at PS4 themselves are pretty excited about the news as well. The official tweet says “Coming next week: PS4 system software update 1.75 adds 3D Blu-ray film support. Woo-hoo!” Thats a very swift and enthusiastic response indeed. It should also be mentioned that the PS3 already has 3d Blu ray. Of course there are a couple of other things we’d like in the PS4 as well. These include a variety of features in its predecessor such as CD, MP3 and DLNA support. Plus, Xbox’s updates also include interesting features such as activity feed updates and an expanded area on the home screen. Try harder Sony, try harder.

xbox one logo

With the launch of the Xbox One, Microsoft promised to supplement it with periodic updates. In May the company also announced that it was going to separate Kinect from the popular console, leading to a $100 decrease in it’s price. This lead to sales of the Xbox One being doubled in June, when compared to May, according to Microsoft. So true to its words, the company has revealed that starting from July 21st, the next update will start rolling out for the console. This is for those with early access of course.

Xbox One

Next Xbox One Update To Roll Out On July 21st – Result Of Feedback Received From Xbox Feedback

Xbox One Logo

Since the launch of both the Play Station 4 and the Xbox One, it seemed clear who the winner was. Sony’s Play Station 4 surged ahead in sales with Microsoft left scratching its head. The company needed to act, and act fast. The PS4 reportedly dominated the US market for five consecutive months. Microsoft’s response to this was to drop Kinect as a must buy with the Xbox One. This of course came with a price cut in the price. The Xbox One was to now cost $399, as opposed to the previous $500 price tag.


Microsoft Claims Xbox One Sales Have Doubled – Sales In June Double Compared To May


The highly reliable has revealed the launch date of Nvidia’s upcoming gaming handheld and also the name. The Nvidia Shield 2 will be launching sometime in August and will feature Nvidia’s own Tegra K1 SoC (4+1 configuration) and Android 4.4.2 KitKat at launch. The device is said to have a library of over 100 games on the android platform already.Newegg Cyber Monday Shield

Nvidia Shield 2 Landing in August – Promises 1080/60Hz Streaming with a Capable Gaming PC

Resolution gate is all the cry nowadays and in that regard, the Nvidia Shield 2 promises streaming over LAN and the Internet at 1080p. Although the Internet side of things will probably be laggy or a delay ridden mess, over LAN it should offer impressive results. Infact the same source reveals that the Shield 2 is capable of streaming 1080/60Hz to any HDMI enabled television. Ofcourse to stream 1080/60Hz you will first need a gaming rig with powerful enough specifications to roll out that kind of frame rate or a game with lower requirements, but it is still impressive news. You can also connect bluetooth controllers while you are at it to convert the shield into a mini gaming console.

The Shield 2 will feature 16GB of internal memory and 4GB of RAM and even a low resolution camera. We have already seen the Antutu benchmark of the device and with a score of 43, 851 it basically blows most of the competition out of the water. Ofcourse you can’t really compare a mobile device to the Shield 2 primarily because the Tegra K1 SoC will have much more breathing room (in terms of TDP and heat) than any slab. Critically speaking however, until the Shield 2 gets Android L and the AEP (Android Extension Pack) it doesn’t offer much more than any high end android could offer you. Though there isn’t any app in my knowledge that would allow you seamless streaming at 1080/60Hz everything apart from that offers diminishing returns when compared to a high end android smart phone. With AEP and dedicated games for the Tegra K1, this might just change for the better.

E3 2013

Months finally turned into days and days are about to turn into hours. This year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo is only around a day away and it looks like everything is set for the show. Almost all major publishers that are attending the show have already released the schedule plan from their press conferences and some media content from already announced upcoming games has been confirmed to be released at the show. Here is out list of the most anticipated video games that you should be looking forward to at E3 2014.

E3 2014

The 10 Games Most Anticipated at E3 2014 That Everyone is Looking Forward to

It is June again and this means it is time to look forward to some very spicy video game announcements that will be brought about at the upcoming Electronic Entertainment Expo. In a day from now, nearly every major video game publisher will set its stage in Los Angeles and will show off its upcoming video games with trailers, screenshots, hands-on demos and more.

Many major developers and publishers have already announced their video games that will launch in 2014 and 2015, but now E3 2014 is the place where we will get more to learn about the upcoming games. And this is not all, there are tons of video game announcements coming at E3 2014 that we knowing nothing of. The publishers will also showcase their never-before-seen upcoming video game titles.

AMD logo
Games Hardware

While PC as a platform has always more to offer, it’s consoles where the top games arrive driving the global gaming market and economy. Granted, MOBA and other similar genres are strictly PC-only, which is leading to a resurrection in the PC gaming industry. With the new generation of consoles, namely the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, following PC-grade hardware under the hood, the strong line separating games on PC and consoles has evolved into a fine line.consoles_2013_gen

PS4 And Xbox One Successors To Arrive Sooner: AMD

The last generation of consoles, as everyone surely remembers, was unusually long. The Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 era lasted for 8 years before a successor to each were announced. Even now, next-gen exclusive titles are very few. But that isn’t our concern right now. According to AMD, the next-generation of consoles, i.e. after the PS4 and Xbox One, are already under consideration. We have reason to believe, according to several reports in the past, that Nintendo too is working on a Wii U successor. Hopefully, it will come with more capable hardware this time.

AMD is massively profiting from the semi-custom SoC design business. 12 million PS4 and Xbox One units have been sold combined; 12 million devices powered by AMD APUs (CPU + GPU) in just 6 months. In addition to that, 6 million Wii U units have been sold by Nintendo since its launch back in 2012. The Wii U uses a GPU designed and made by AMD.

Xbox One

Due to its somewhat bottom-rung hardware capabilities and the company’s way of presenting it, Microsoft’s Xbox One has been criticized by several analysts and millions of gamers. However, now it seems like the company’s perpetual struggle is bringing some effective improvements to the console. Keeping in mind Microsoft’s decision to unbundle the Kinect from Xbox One, it appears that the platform holder has finally started to alter and arrange its decisions wisely.

Xbox One

Xbox One Dev Kits Get 10% GPU Performance Boost – Developers Now Have Increased Graphics Processing Power for Next-Gen Games

After getting yelled at by almost every single fan, Microsoft finally decided to unbundle the Kinect from the Xbox One and sell it separately as an accessory. According to several analysts, this decision will greatly affect the console’s adaptability in a positive way, but on the other hand, the demand for first-party Kinect games might fall. Keeping sales analysis aside, one thing is for sure, ditching Kinect is proving to be a great decision.

Prior to the launch of Microsoft’s Xbox One console, the manufacturer varnished the console by boosting its hardware in order to make it ready for the market. The performance and clock speed of both the GPU and the CPU was increased, but now after the release, it looks like the hardware capabilities of the Xbox One are still not enough to catch up with other next-gen gaming platforms. To cover that up, Microsoft just announced a  performance boost for Xbox One GPU.

Corsair Hydro Series HG10 Graphics Card Cooler

American memory manufacturer Corsair has just unveiled its Hydro Series HG10 liquid cooling bracket. This bracket now gives gamers the opportunity to replace stock coolers on graphics cards with any of Corsair’s self contained liquid CPU coolers with a compatible graphics card. The company has displayed the Hydro Series HG10 along with new cases and peripherals at Computex taking place as we speak right now.Corsair claims that their solution results in drastically reduced temperatures. It achieves this through not only cooling the GPU but also through covering the power delivery and RAM on board through the bracket.

Corsair Hydro Series HG10

Corsair Demos The Hydro Series HG10 On AMD’s Radeon R9 290X. Temperature And Fan Speed Reduced By 15% And 27% Respectively.

The company claims that the HG10 offers full coverage for compatible reference GPU designs. According to the official press release, the HG10 GPU bracket allows enthusiasts to cool their GPUs by 50 C and VRM/ VRAMs by 25 C. At Computex today, the Hydro Series HG10 was demonstrated on AMD’s Radeon R9 290X. Running the TechPowerUp GPUZ 0.78 it could be seen at the demo that the GPU was cooled significantly from 94 C to 77 C. This is a 15% decrease in overall GPU temperature. Coming towards fan speed, prior to the bracket being installed, the Fan Speed was running on 47%. After the Hydro Series HG10 being installed, this decreased to a modest 27%.

The first edition of the Hydro Series HG10 will be available in this month. The initial model, first out of two is the HG10 A1 Edition. It will support AMD’s Radeon R9 290 and R9 290X reference graphics cards. The Hydro Series HG10 is priced at $39. It has been designed catering to specific AMD and Nvidia GPU layouts. The Hydro Series HG10 version supporting Nvidia’s GPUs, the HG10 N1 Edition will arrive later this year. Also support for other AMD GPUs will be extended as well. The Hydro Series HG10 is compatible with Corsair Hydro Series H110, H105, H100i, H100, H80i, H80, H75, H60 and H55.


After a pool of rumors regarding a next-gen sequel to Kaos Studios’ somewhat distraught first-person shooter video game, Crytek has finally announced the upcoming Homefront 2, officially named as Homefront: The Revolution. The game is an open world first-person shooter designed giving special attention to guerrilla tactics. Expected to release next year, the game will be published by Deep Silver.


Homefront: The Revolution Sparks a Revolutionary War in America’s Birthplace – Set to Hit the Local Markets Next Year

Just a few hours after the leak that emerged on the internet showing box art of the PlayStation 4 version of Homefront: The Revolution, the game was officially announced via a post on the PlayStation Blog by David Stenton, the Game Producer at Crytek, Nottingham. First details, trailer and screenshots from Crytek’s follow-up to the last-gen shooter were shared showing dynamic in-game environments and guerrilla warfare tactics.

Originally brought into existence by Kaos Studios and THQ, Homefront’s rights were acquired by Crytek one year after THQ lost its shares and went bankrupt. Kaos Studios was also closed down by the publisher after Homefront’s mixed reviews failed to impress the investors. Now, Homefront: The Revolution is being developed by those people who can be held responsible for all-time amazing games such as Crysis. The game will use Crytek’s famous CRYENGINE.

PlayStation Plus

PlayStation Plus is an exemplary program that was originally thought to be a mandatory multiplayer add-on around the time of Resistance 3, but when fans discovered that the program was actually giving people the ability to rent free games every month every year for the price of $50 the entire gaming industry changed. PlayStation Plus later on became mandatory for multiplayer (depending on developer) for the PS4, but this is still an ideal win-win situation where you get to have free games, access to deeper discounts in sales and participate in Beta’s before the general public are only a few of the goodies you get when you sign up for PlayStation Plus for $50 a year.

PlayStation Plus Now Gives Two Free Games, You’re going to need a bigger hard drive

In the previous years and months each console would only get 1 game on it, but it appears that Sony has had a huge change of heart as they have in the previous months leading to E3. This years biggest snatch will definitely make you want to renew or subscribe to the service, why you ask? Instead of giving a free game every month to PS3, PS4 and PS VIta owners, subscribers will now get 2 GAMES for EACH platform every month. Now if this isn’t reason for you to invest $50 a year for this opportunity then you don’t deserve good things in gaming. PlayStation has once again dug into their bag of surprises and blown our minds away. Where Sony used to give a game every month, they are now going to give away 2 GAMES on every platform starting with June, which conveniently happens to be the same month when we have E3 happening.

Watch Dogs Logo

Ubisoft’s looming open world action-adventure video game title that focuses on modern world technological intrusions is the only thing right now that almost everyone in the gaming community is talking about. The game has been leaked heavily and many fans are uploading gameplay videos and screenshots taken from different versions of the game. Recently, some new Watch Dogs GIFs emerged showing a cool feature that everyone seems to have missed.

watch_dogs 2014-05-24 10-30-21-06

“Interior Simulation” is the Coolest Watch Dogs Feature that Everyone Seems to Have Missed

For over a week now, we have been witnessing a great deal of Watch Dogs screenshots and gameplay videos captured from both PC and console versions of the game. PC gamers, who got early access to the game, took it to the whole different level by running the game at 4K resolution and sharing online the screenshots captured during the gameplay. Although most screenshots we have seen till now are just randomly taken, here are some GIFs that show a really cool feature of the game.

Watch Dogs is clearly full of great features, here is another one that has gone unnoticed till now. It is called “Interior Simulation.” It is some kind of internally rendered lightening effect that is present on almost every building in the game. Just like real-life, you see lights and small objects inside the in-game buildings when it is fairly dark. It looks like the spaces are not rendered in 3D, and the feature is based on reflection technology.

Watch Dogs Logo

We have shared some early gameplay videos and screenshots taken from PC version of Watch Dogs running at high and ultra high settings. The early media content from PC version of Watch Dogs show that the developer has done quite great work on visuals of the game. Today, some leaked screenshots came up on the internet showing PC graphics settings of the game.

Watch Dogs (4)

Watch Dogs PC Graphics Settings Menu Revealed – More 4K Screenshots Taken Under ‘Best-Case-TOD’ Scenarios

In the recent flood of leaks, Watch Dogs media content fell by both beta version and final retail version of the game. The beta version was downgraded to decrease the download size and so, some people now, after watching gameplay videos and screenshots from beta version of the game, think that Ubisoft’s brand new IP holds no good. Hopefully, the game will not disappoint us all when it releases after a few days.

It is clear that Watch Dogs is going to be one of the visually most impressive games ever created, this is what the developer claims. Mammoth amount of resources needed to run this game on ultra settings on PC may justify the aforementioned statement. To run this game on ultra high settings, you need some real quality PC hardware configuration. Below are a couple of screenshots shared by GamingBolt showing Watch Dogs graphics settings screen on PC version of the game.

Watch Dogs Logo

We exclusively leaked the first review of Watch Dogs a few days ago and took massive amounts of heat for it. Fake allegations aside even Ubisoft had the audacity to claim that “real” reviews would come on 27th. Yet a review published in a print magazine just yesterday was dubbed as the first real review, which made the criteria for real plainly obvious: Any review that gives Watch Dogs a perfect score is a real review. Well here is some more ‘fake’ exclusive material just for your viewing pleasure. Oh and this time we made sure to include features the comments had requested and which we had mentioned but not shown in our original review.

VR headset
Games Industry

Virtual Reality is the most advanced and somewhat ornamental trend that has got a load of the entire gaming industry. It is like game boy’s fantasy coming true. Until few years ago, virtual reality was manifested as just a dream, but now, everyone can get their hands on virtual reality headsets that are manufactured by several companies. Jumping in the race of virtual reality with its VR headset is apparently the first Chinese firm known as ANTVR.

VR Headset

Chinese Reveal Oculus Rift Competitor – Assumed to be Better than Both Oculus Rift and Project Morpheus

The dominating virtual reality company these days, without any suspicion, is Oculus Rift, after all the Oculus VR has got some very high-profile endorsers. The company is also the oldest in this field of technology and its first dev kit attracted quite a huge torrent of people associated with the gaming industry. But lets not forget, Oculus VR is not the only company in the market that offers VR technology.

A few months ago, Sony decided to jump in the VR battlefield with its Project Morpheus virtual reality headset, and we know that Microsoft will also, sooner or later, become a part of the VR industry, but before that happens, we have another virtual reality device to get excited for. This one comes from a Beijing-based startup known as ANTVR, and it is called ANTVR kit. The VR device is already up in the Kickstarter campaign.

PS4 and Xbox One
Games Industry

Since the Release of Sony and Microsoft’s respective PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles, the gaming community has stumbled upon more leaks and rumors than authentic official announcements and confirmations, and well this month is actually all about leaks and rumors. Today, we have some very interesting leaked details about PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, their developers,  their hardware, cloud gaming and other stuff related to video games.


PS4 and Xbox One Developer Leaks a Truckload of Details About Sony, Microsoft, Cloud, Latest Consoles and More – Flaks Xbox One, Props Up PlayStation 4

Sony and Microsoft have revealed a lot of details and information about their latest consoles since their launch last year. The manufacturers have explained hardware and software of their consoles, how the consoles work, how they provide next-gen entertainment, etc. However, unofficial sources have played a greater role in brining forth new critical information and details from within the industry.

Industry insiders and former company employees always keep on giving out stuff that makes cover of different gaming websites and discussion forums. Yesterday night a similar case happened. Some guy, claiming himself as a PS4 and Xbox One developer with seven years of experience in the industry responsible for AAA video game titles, conducted an AMA (Ask me anything) session on Reddit. In answers to people’s questions, the alleged developer revealed a lot of interesting details about latest video game consoles and their manufacturers.

Due to some NDAs in place, the developer was unable to come out of anonymity and verify his identity. However, the details he leaked look very appropriate, specific and believable. Some known developers like Dan Marshall also tweeted about this AMA session and as it is highly unlikely that some verified developers like them would contribute to spread wrong information, so more than half of the leaked details are most possibly true. Although with no official confirmation, it is hard to keep all these details in the verified section.

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