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PlayStation 4 console
GamesOp-Ed 2 weeks ago

The Console War: A Brief Look at 2014 And Predictions for 2015

Nobody needs to remind you again that we’re in the middle of the never ending console war and it’s never bee…
Nintendo logo
Games 2 weeks ago

New Nintendo 3DS XL: Whats New in the Handheld

Nintendo is releasing it’s new Nintendo 3DS XL handheld console on the 13th of February. The device has been annou…
Xbox One Logo
Games 3 weeks ago

Portable Xbox One Tablet – Learn How to Make it Yourself

‘Portable Xbox One’ is an awesome idea, but you’ve probably have heard of Xbox One and PlayStation 4 l…
Games 3 weeks ago

Top 5 Upcoming Exclusive Titles of Xbox One in 2015

A couple of weeks ago we brought to you the Top 5 upcoming exclusives for the PlayStation 4 and it seems only fair that …
Razer Forge TV_5
Hardware 3 weeks ago

Razer Forges PC and Android Gaming With The Forge TV Console For Living Rooms – Fe…

Razer has announced their latest Forge TV console for living rooms which merges the bridge between PC and Android gaming…
Games 3 weeks ago

PlayStation 4 Sales Reach 18.5 Million Worldwide

In the midst of console war, where exclusives are being revealed and pricing is adjusted for maximum turnover, we reach …
Gaming Deals Logo
GamesGeneral 3 weeks ago

Amazing All-Platform Gaming Deals Offer Great Value for Money

Here is a list of the weekly video gaming deals. Since the deals change weekly and on a daily basis, a lot of deals are …
Games 4 weeks ago

PlayStation Wants to Make Up for the Christmas Downtime

Well it’s no news now that PlayStation Network and Xbox Live were hit during Christmas holidays and as a result th…
Games 1 month ago

PlayStation Network Getting Back on its Feet – Official and Unofficial Fixes to Ge…

Sony Online Entertainment announced earlier yesterday that the PlayStation network is getting back on its feet after and…
Cloud logo
Games 1 month ago

Next-Gen Cloud Gaming: Possibility and Benefits of the Next Cloud-Based PlayStation and …

Last week, Sony Computer Entertainment Executive Vice President Masayasu Ito expressed his thoughts on the PlayStation 5…
Games 1 month ago

Top 5 Most Anticipated Upcoming PlayStation 4 Exclusive Games

Probably the biggest difference between the Wii, PlayStation and the Xbox is the difference in the games they host where…
Games 1 month ago

Xbox and PlayStation Network Live Now – Lizard Squad Stops Attacks

Yesterday, the Xbox Live and the PSN were down for for over 24 hours, thanks to the notorious hacker group Lizard Squad.…
Games 1 month ago

PlayStation 4 Releases a new Eye Catching Trailer Titled “See Future of Play”…

The days running into Christmas are usually the busiest shopping days of the whole year. Gifts all around make it a very…
Nintendo logo
Games 1 month ago

Big Claims – Nintendo Claims 11 More ‘Great’ Games Than PS4 and Xbox O…

Nintendo has often been known to get into the console competition even though some might differentiate in opinion that i…






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