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The Nvidia Shield Tablet is a niche product that has yet to fully demonstrate its potential, however Sweclockers reveals that the controller that you get with the tablet is getting windows compliant drivers this fall. For the tech averse, yes, this means you can use the Tablet Shield Controller to play games on your PC. Shield_controller_0003_Layer+3+0001

Windows PC Capability for Nvidia Shield Tablet Controller Landing this Fall

To be honest, I am not quite sure why you would use the shield controller to play games on your PC, since there are literally tons of controllers out there, but it certainly unlocks a nice functionality for existing Shield users. The PlayStation Vita has found its ‘niche’ as a streaming device for the PlayStation 4 and it appears that the Shield Tablet is angling for a somewhat similar place in your lounge.

The ability of Steam and Nvidia Control Panel to stream in-house, or via your local WiFi/LAN network, is proving to be a game changer for the usual living room scenario. While cloud based gaming is still unfeasible due to high latency and transmission quality, there is nothing stopping you from playing a game with negligible latency over your local network. This is where the shield tablet comes in. You can have a ultra  high end PC doing the grunt work and broadcasting the game to your tablet; basically a division of the back and front end. Connect the Shield Tablet to a Television and get the Shield Controller and you have yourself the slimmest pseudo-console with the capability to output games in 4k (from your PC).

Resident Evil Revelations

Among the list of upcoming survival horror action video games is Capcom’s Resident Evil: Revelations 2, which was confirmed recently in Japan on September 1. The game is the successor to 2013’s critically acclaimed video game known as Resident Evil: Revelations. Slated for release on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One and Xbox 360, the upcoming zombie-themed game will be an eposidic adventure featuring intimidating in-game environments and horrifying creatures, and you can see a glimpse of what this all would look like in the screenshots below that have just been shared by Capcom.

Resident Evil Revelations 2 (1)

First Resident Evil: Revelations 2 Screenshots Show Horrifying Environments and Creatures – The Game Will Be an Episodic Adventure

Capcom’s upcoming Resident Evil: Revelations 2 is not among the games that are releasing in 2015 and are already famous right now, but it surely ranks high as a survival horror zombie-themed title. Following the recent reports that claim that the upcoming game will follow the story of Claire Redfield and Barry Burton’s daughter, Moira Burton, and Claire Redfield will be the main protagonist, we now have some official details and screenshots sent in by Capcom. The new details throw light on the gameplay form, and shape while screenshots gives a first scary look at the game.

Amazon France Pulls Pre Order List Due to Take Two Interactive Legal

Going through the online video game community and websites recently, you might have come across some  reports suggesting that the famous video game publisher, Activision, is planning to get its hands on Take-Two Interactive and 2K Games, the former is a multinational publisher that owns Grand Theft Auto series developer Rockstar, and the latter is a subsidiary that holds the rights to publish Bioshock, Borderlands, and other big video game series. The available information right now is scarce, but an analyst believes that it would be a “no-brainer” for Activision to put its hands on Take-Two Interactive.

Activision Take Two 2K Games

Buying GTA and 2K Game’s Parent Company Take Two Would Be an Easy Task for Activision

There is an unconfirmed report making rounds on the internet that the famous American video game publisher, Activision, that is responsible for rolling out the praised Call of Duty series, is planning to buy Take-Two Interactive, a multinational game publisher that owns Grand Theft Auto developer Rockstar, and 2K Games, which is the publisher of some major Triple A video game series such as Bioshock and Borderlands.


[Editorial] Something very interesting was given to me recently. A slide from a PS4 presentation which showed the total bandwidth of the PS4 GPU. The Bandwidth in question is claimed by most PR documents to be around 176GB/s as most of you know, but it turns out that the actual bandwidth is somewhere around 140GB/s and drops even more when heavy CPU utilization occurs. While the latter isn’t particularly shocking, the same can’t be said for the actual bandwidth limit. Before I begin, let me state that I have dropped Sony PR an email and will update this editorial as soon as I get a response.PS4 bandwidth not 176

PS4 GPU has an Effective Bandwidth of 120 to 140 GB/s, Not 176 GB/s As Previously Reported

The slide comes from a technical presentation of the Sony PS4 system and as such, it must be treated with the utmost caution. However, from what I can see, if there is one thing you cannot deny, its  that the effective/usable/actual (whatever you want to call it) bandwidth available to the Pitcairn GPU of the PS4 is 120GB/s to 140GB/s. By this I mean the actual bandwidth available to the developers to play with. The problem is, this is something that cant really happen. Not unless the memory clock we know is incorrect too. Confused? let me explain. The bandwidth and the effective memory clock are linked. this is how the equation goes. Lets assume a memory clock 5500 Mhz and a bus of 256Bits. This is how the equation will go [5500 Mhz * 256 Bits =  1408000] then [1408000/(8*1000) = 176]. As you can see, a memory clock of 5.5Ghz and 256 bit bus has to result in 176 GB/s bandwidth. Unless, one of the other variables are incorrect, or the basic premise is flawed.

console logo

Update: The PS4 pic is from last year and not Gamescom 14. Leaving the Op-ed as it is though.

[Op-ed] You know, I find Microsoft’s antics pretty interesting. They go through all that trouble to rig up Xbox One showcases even after the high number of times they have been caught using PCs behind the curtains.  False advertisement aside, won’t it be better just to openly admit that these are Target Renders running for the purpose of showing off only? Hmm, maybe not. Interestingly though, a thread at r/PCMasterRace reveals that Sony might be guilty of the exact same thing.Xbox One PC Gamescom

Microsoft Caught Using Nvidia-Powered PC Builds at Gamescom – Who would’ve guessed?

The first thought that came to my mind when I happened across this news at multiple other sites was “Oh no, not again…”. And no, I was not quoting Agrajag from Hitch Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy but rather expressing my exasperation on Microsoft’s antics. However, I found something very interesting in my reddit feeds as well. The subreddit r/PCMasterRace has posted very suspicious pictures of what looks like Sony attempting the same ploy. Frankly speaking, after this, I doubt I am ever going to trust a console demo completely, no matter how much it looks like the real deal. And I have a feeling, that I wont be alone with these trust issues. Microsoft has garnered a lot of bad PR in the past in their use of PCs to demo games with amazing graphical prowess and then later releasing a cut down and downgraded version to retail. But if Sony is doing the same here, and that’s a big if, logic dictates that this might not be the first time they have done something like this.


Sony’s latest PlayStation 4 console is only a few months away from completing its one whole year as an eighth generation video game console in the local markets, and it has already exceeded the platform holder’s expectations by breaking several sales records that were set by previous consoles. Unlike PlayStation 4 that arrived almost seven years after its predecessor, assumptions are that the PlayStation 5 will make its public appearance fairly sooner, and reports suggest that Sony has plans to power its next console with blisteringly fast 3D stacked RAM.


Sony Partnering Up With Micron to Design Ultra Fast 3D Stacked RAM for PlayStation 5 – Microsoft Might Leave the Gaming Business

Launched back in November 2013, Sony’s PlayStation 4 console has already been adopted by more than 9 million gamers, and while the numbers continue to grow rapidly, the ninth generation of consoles also keeps getting more certain. Analysts claim that compared to the latest consoles, the next generation will arrive fairly sooner, and knowing that Sony might already be working on PlayStation 5 (if that is what they are going to name it), reports and speculations are inevitable.

Of course, it is still a little early to predict anything about the compelling hardware that will bring the PlayStation 5 console to life, but a report published by Insiderp suggests that the console in discussion will be powered by blisteringly fast ReRAM, which is otherwise known as resistive random-access memory, RRAM or most grippingly, 3D stacked RAM. The reported RAM will be many times powerful that the 8GB GDDR5 memory that the PlayStation 4 console uses to handle the latest games.

Resident Evil 7

Probably every gamer who enjoyed thrashing the brawn out of buffoons in survival horror video games in old times already knows by now that Resident Evil, one of the most creepy and remarkable survival horror video games, is being remastered with next-gen technology for all the major video game platforms except Nintendo Wii U. Capcom, the developer of the game, broke the news yesterday with some fine screenshots showing the added improvements, and today, the developer has updated Resident Evil HD Remastered’s official website revealing resolution and frame rate of the game across different platforms.

Resident Evil HD Remaster 1

Resident Evil HD Remastered Will be 30fps on all Platforms; 1080p on PS4 and Xbox One, and 720p on PS3 and Xbox 360

Shortly after a rumor report, Capcom announced a remastered version of its already remastered famous 2002’s Nintendo GameCube’s title known as Resident Evil, which is the first game in a well-known horror fiction video game franchise. Named as Resident Evil HD Remastered, the game will land on Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, and Xbox 360 early next year.

Giving out an introduction for the game, Capcom stated the fact that the original Resident Evil was released in 1996 on Sony PlayStation and it was the later ported over to other platforms, this game marked the launch of a franchise that has now sold over 61 million video game copies worldwide. The original game was revived completely from scratch in 2002 for Nintendo’s GameCube console, and now that remastered version is again being improved using modern technology for all the major video game consoles except Nintendo Wii U.


This year’s Gamescom is only a little over a week away, and even while the hype is not as big compared to E3, where every passing second contributes in the delight of gamers, it is still quite huge. Being Europe’s largest annual gaming trade fair, Gamescom 2014 will see big announcements from many major video game publishers, and a crowd of thousands of gamers that will gather to mark this event. While players will decide the best upcoming video games for themselves by trying them out at video game booths, there will be a jury of professional journalist that will assign the official Gamescom Awards to the best upcoming games, and list of all the games nominated for Gamescom 2014 Awards is given below.

Gamescom (2)

Gamescom 2014 Awards Nominees Revealed; Evolve Leads the Pack With 5 Nominations, Microsoft and Nintendo Secure 6, While Sony 5

One of the things about Gamescom that everybody looks forward to is the Gamescom Awards. Following the tradition, a jury of journalists will be given the job to choose the best video game from nominated titles in each category and reward it with the official Gamescom 2014 Award. The results will be announced on August 15th, during the upcoming gaming convention in Cologne, Germany, and according to the full list of nominees sent by the event’s organizers, there are total 140 entries competing for Gamescom 2014 Awards in 13 categories.

The game that is leading the pack with 5 nominations is Turtle Rock Studios’ co-operative first-person shooter called Evolve, that was recently delayed until February 2015. Talking about the three big players, this time Sony only managed to bring home 5 nominations, while Microsoft and Nintendo took the lead by securing six nominations each. Other publishers such as Take-Two secured 6 nominations, Warner Bros. 5, Ubisoft 3, Activision 3, Bethesda 3, Square Enix 3 and Electronic Arts got 2 nominations.

PS4 vs Xbox One composite

Sony and Microsoft released their latest video game consoles about more than half a year ago, and now it is all up to video game and middleware developers to utilize the hardware capabilities of both the PS4 and Xbox One in best possible ways, several third-party software developers have shared their thoughts about how the latest consoles are bringing a vast change in the way video games are developed for consoles. Today, BabelFlux, a middleware developer, also shared some thoughts on how useful the fast memory of the latest PS4 and Xbox One is.

PS4 and Xbox One

BabelFlux CTO Says PS4 and Xbox One Feature Very Modern Processors

BabelFlux is a middleware developer company that is responsible for NavPower, which is an AI path finding software that has been used in several tripe AAA video game titles such as EA’s Dead Space 2 and DarkSpore, and it will apparently also be used in upcoming next-gen games too. Knowing that middleware developers get to know about consoles’ hardware capabilities as much as video game developers, it is nothing wrong in asking the former about what they think about the latest console’s specifications.

Xbox One

There is apparently no wrong in saying that Microsoft’s Xbox One console is fairly getting better and more neat now. The company has taken several meaningful turns in past months such as deciding to announce a Kinect-less Xbox One bundle that allows you to safe $100, and the result is that the console’s sales have seen a considerable boost. Unlike Sony, Microsoft is very frequent with releasing system updates for the Xbox One that add new features to the console, but even while it happens, it appears that Microsoft always forgets to add some fixes and tweaks for the console’s operating system, which is reported by many users to be fairly slow and sluggish.

Xbox One OS

Users Complain About Slow and Sluggish Xbox One Operating System; Demand Software Stability Updates

Both Sony and Microsoft are taking good care of their respective latest PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles by frequently releasing system/firmware updates that keep the consoles in shape. Microsoft’s system updates are considered to be much better because they add new features to the console compared to Sony’s firmware updates that mostly only stabilize the software. However, now it looks like that Microsoft also needs more updates that specifically speed up the software of it latest console and accelerate the operating system, as this is what many users want.


Just two days back Microsoft announced that the Xbox One will be getting continuous updates up till October. For fans of the console this was good news. Microsoft’s update system takes into account user feedback and then accordingly makes adjustments to the popular platform. The update came in the form of a tweet by the chief himself, Phil Spencer. For the uninitiated, Microsoft has been periodically updating the Xbox One since February, to much appreciation of its fans. Amongst the list of updates to be expected, much anticipated 3D Blu-Ray compatibility was listed as well.


PS4 To Get 3D Blu-Ray Support Through Firmware Update 1.75 By Next Week

Well, those in the PS4 camp need not be disappointed either. Within 23 hours of the tweet by Mr. Spencer, Sony has responded for the PS4. This response comes after the release of firmware update 1.74 for the PS4, which was only two days back. Of course, 1.74 was not a major update. It had a simple changelog and promised that “system software stability during use of some features has been improved.” Having a 194 Mb download size, no other patch notes were provided alongside. Well enough of that anyways.This news comes directly from the folks behind the PS4.

Through a twitter post, Sony promises Firmware Update 1.75 for the PS4. This will include 3D Blu-Ray compatibility for the console as well. In fact, it looks like the folks over at PS4 themselves are pretty excited about the news as well. The official tweet says “Coming next week: PS4 system software update 1.75 adds 3D Blu-ray film support. Woo-hoo!” Thats a very swift and enthusiastic response indeed. It should also be mentioned that the PS3 already has 3d Blu ray. Of course there are a couple of other things we’d like in the PS4 as well. These include a variety of features in its predecessor such as CD, MP3 and DLNA support. Plus, Xbox’s updates also include interesting features such as activity feed updates and an expanded area on the home screen. Try harder Sony, try harder.

xbox one logo

With the launch of the Xbox One, Microsoft promised to supplement it with periodic updates. In May the company also announced that it was going to separate Kinect from the popular console, leading to a $100 decrease in it’s price. This lead to sales of the Xbox One being doubled in June, when compared to May, according to Microsoft. So true to its words, the company has revealed that starting from July 21st, the next update will start rolling out for the console. This is for those with early access of course.

Xbox One

Next Xbox One Update To Roll Out On July 21st – Result Of Feedback Received From Xbox Feedback

Xbox One Logo

Since the launch of both the Play Station 4 and the Xbox One, it seemed clear who the winner was. Sony’s Play Station 4 surged ahead in sales with Microsoft left scratching its head. The company needed to act, and act fast. The PS4 reportedly dominated the US market for five consecutive months. Microsoft’s response to this was to drop Kinect as a must buy with the Xbox One. This of course came with a price cut in the price. The Xbox One was to now cost $399, as opposed to the previous $500 price tag.


Microsoft Claims Xbox One Sales Have Doubled – Sales In June Double Compared To May


The highly reliable Sweclockers.com has revealed the launch date of Nvidia’s upcoming gaming handheld and also the name. The Nvidia Shield 2 Tablet will be launching sometime in August and will feature Nvidia’s own Tegra K1 SoC (4+1 configuration) and Android 4.4.2 KitKat at launch. The device is said to have a library of over 100 games on the android platform already.Newegg Cyber Monday Shield

Nvidia Shield 2 Tablet Landing in August – Promises 1080/60Hz Streaming with a Capable Gaming PC

Resolution gate is all the cry nowadays and in that regard, the Nvidia Shield 2 promises streaming over LAN and the Internet at 1080p. Although the Internet side of things will probably be laggy or a delay ridden mess, over LAN it should offer impressive results. Infact the same source reveals that the Shield 2 is capable of streaming 1080/60Hz to any HDMI enabled television. Ofcourse to stream 1080/60Hz you will first need a gaming rig with powerful enough specifications to roll out that kind of frame rate or a game with lower requirements, but it is still impressive news. You can also connect bluetooth controllers while you are at it to convert the shield into a mini gaming console.

The Shield 2 will feature 16GB of internal memory and 2GB of RAM and even a low resolution camera. We have already seen the Antutu benchmark of the device and with a score of 43, 851 it basically blows most of the competition out of the water. Ofcourse you can’t really compare a mobile device to the Shield 2 primarily because the Tegra K1 SoC will have much more breathing room (in terms of TDP and heat) than any slab. Critically speaking however, until the Shield 2 gets Android L and the AEP (Android Extension Pack) it doesn’t offer much more than any high end android could offer you. Though there isn’t any app in my knowledge that would allow you seamless streaming at 1080/60Hz everything apart from that offers diminishing returns when compared to a high end android smart phone. With AEP and dedicated games for the Tegra K1, this might just change for the better.

E3 2013

Months finally turned into days and days are about to turn into hours. This year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo is only around a day away and it looks like everything is set for the show. Almost all major publishers that are attending the show have already released the schedule plan from their press conferences and some media content from already announced upcoming games has been confirmed to be released at the show. Here is out list of the most anticipated video games that you should be looking forward to at E3 2014.

E3 2014

The 10 Games Most Anticipated at E3 2014 That Everyone is Looking Forward to

It is June again and this means it is time to look forward to some very spicy video game announcements that will be brought about at the upcoming Electronic Entertainment Expo. In a day from now, nearly every major video game publisher will set its stage in Los Angeles and will show off its upcoming video games with trailers, screenshots, hands-on demos and more.

Many major developers and publishers have already announced their video games that will launch in 2014 and 2015, but now E3 2014 is the place where we will get more to learn about the upcoming games. And this is not all, there are tons of video game announcements coming at E3 2014 that we knowing nothing of. The publishers will also showcase their never-before-seen upcoming video game titles.

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