News: Console

Games 4 hours ago

Sony Exec: “There Will be PS5″ – Could Either Be a Physical Console ...

It took around seven years for the gaming industry to revive itself and introduce new video game consoles equipped with ...
GamesHardware 5 hours ago

Nintendo Confirms New Console, Evidently Powered by AMD

Nintendo confirms that work is underway for a new game console. Evidently the same gaming device that AMD hinted at earl...
Facebook buys Oculus Rift
GamesHardware 8 hours ago

Microsoft Xbox Team confirms that its actively working on Virtual Reality

Although we might still be a bit far from seeing Virtual Reality in everyday games but it doesn’t mean that the de...
Games 3 days ago

Sony’s PlayStation 4 Winning the Console War in Germany

Here it is again. No matter how far your are in the gaming world you just can’t miss the rivalry between the Sony&...
Games 5 days ago

Analyst – PlayStation 4 Will Gain Massive Lead Over Xbox One In Titles Next Year

The console war continues with everyone choosing different sides and different views to how it will shape up in the futu...
PS4 Black friday
Games 6 days ago

15 Pre-Chrismas Console and Gaming Deals You Just Can’t Miss

Black Friday and Cyber Monday brought some very amazing deals to the table. The deals featured Xbox One for as low as $3...
Games 1 week ago

The PlayStation 4 On Sale For £19.94! – Learn More Here

Update: Sony PlayStation will be selling more of its Limited Edition Consoles online to customers in UK for £399 on Mon...
PS4 Firmware 2.0
Games 2 weeks ago

Sony’s PlayStation 4 20th Anniversary Edition Revealed – Features ‘R...

In celebration of its 20th anniversary, Sony has unveiled a new custom PS4 design which matches the original PlayStation...
Games 3 weeks ago

Microsoft’s Xbox One Overtakes the PS4 in Black Friday Sales

No one is new to the Xbox and the PS4 war. Both the sides want to win the market share in consoles and considering the X...
Games 3 weeks ago

A New Era for Cloud Gaming is Coming – Claims Predictive Analysis by Researchers

We’re entering an Era where almost everything is online. Streaming music and videos were a bit old concept to the ...
Xbox One
Gadgets 3 weeks ago

Microsoft responds to the claims of Xbox One being too ‘bulky’ as a consol...

On its release, XBox One was termed as the machine of the future with all the new features and introduction of some enha...
AMD Mantle Logo
Hardware 3 weeks ago

Mantle API Revisited at Future of Compute – Will Allow Console Optimization to b...

This part of AMD’s event dealt with Mantle API and I think most of the slides here are completely recycled. In any...
GamesHardware 4 weeks ago

Dell Alienware Alpha – Flagship ‘Steam Machine’ in Console Form Fact...

Dell has always stayed ahead of the curve in PC gaming through its Alienware series (at a certain premium) and now it ha...
GamesOp-Ed 4 weeks ago

Little Big Planet 3 – A Must buy for a PS4

Little Big Planet is the most adorable (in my opinion) and least criticized game you can play this year. It released rec...






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