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MS: PC Gaming Had a Real Renaissance & Eclipsed Consoles Much More Significantly Than Ever Before

Speaking to the Guardian, Microsoft’s Senior Director of Product Management & Planning Albert Penello admitted that PC gaming’s renaissance and technology push in the last few years allowed the platform to outshine consoles far quicker than in previous console generations. In the last five years, there’s been a real renaissance in PC gaming, and that’s […]

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“Life Is Strange” Dev Releases New Vampyr Screenshots Detailing The Game’s Combat

Focus Home Interactive and developer Dontnod have released new screenshots for the upcoming action-RPG Vampyr, detailing the game’s combat. The new screenshots show the game’s hero more aggressive and bloodthirsty side. Check them out in the gallery below: Armed with an array of conventional melee and ranged weaponry, attack and dodge foes to fill up […]

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PlayStation Experience 2016 & The Game Awards Are Both Coming Back in Early December

While convention season is gone, with E3, Gamescom and PAX West well behind us, that doesn’t mean there won’t be any further shows dedicated to games before the end of the year. In fact, we recently got date confirmations for two. PlayStation Experience 2016 is coming back, to begin with, as announced by Sony on […]

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Dishonored 2 New Trailer Showcases Clockwork Mansion Mission And Emily’s Lethal Skills

One of the most interesting features coming in Dishonored 2, the new entry of the series launching next month on PC and consoles, is the ability to control Emily Kadwin, who will come with a set of skills that will make her quite different from Corvo. If you’re wondering how much Emily will differ from […]

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Phil Spencer Wants “Xbox To Be Seen As A Great Consumer, Gaming Brand”; Discusses Scorpio’s Price

Before the beginning of the current console generation, Microsoft had to deal with a lot of backlash following the reveal of some features that were supposed to come with the Xbox One console. Gamers have been quite vocal about their opinions, and Microsoft eventually took a few step backs. Following the console’s release three years […]

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MS’s Spencer Doesn’t “Look” At PC As Competition For Xbox Scorpio Like Sony Does

While Sony has stated that the PC is the main competitor of the PS4 Pro, Microsoft’s head of Xbox, Phil Spencer, looks at things differently for the upcoming Xbox Scorpio. Following the reveal of the PS4 Pro during Sony’s PlayStation Meeting earlier this month, Sony’s Andrew House stated that their enhanced PS4 console is aimed at […]

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Beyond Good & Evil Creator Michel Ancel Shares Another Teaser Image, “Ready for the Fight”

Earlier this week, Rayman and Beyond Good & Evil creator Michel Ancel shared a new image on his Instagram profile, an image that seems to tease a new entry of the Beyond Good & Evil series. Not much else has been said on the matter, but a few hours ago yet another teaser image has […]

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Dear Esther: Landmark Edition Review – Simply Unique

When I first played Dear Esther, I had no idea what to expect. Having been recommended by a friend, I found its initial directionless atmosphere difficult to comprehend. Being one of the forerunners of the emerging Walking Simulator genre, there was no point of reference from which to understand and identify the game. It took […]

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Titanfall 2 Won’t Get A 10 GB Big Day One Patch, Team Working To Get HBAO+ Performant On Both Brands

Pretty much all modern high profile releases require players to download big day one patches at launch to enable online features and fix issues that might make the experience less enjoyable. Thankfully, it looks like this won’t be the case with one of the biggest games launching in the next few weeks, Titanfall 2. A […]

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Dead Rising 4 To Have a Great Story & Great Character Development for Frank West, Says Capcom

It’s a big year for Dead Rising, between the remastered Triple Pack (which we’ve just reviewed) and the upcoming brand new Dead Rising 4. Capcom’s franchise turns ten and welcomes back original protagonist Frank West, who’s going back to Willamette sixteen years after the first outbreak. Capcom Vancouver’s Joe Nickolls and Art Director Geoff Coates […]

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Wasteland 3 Announced for PC/PS4/XB1, Will Feature Co-Op & Vehicles

inXile Entertainment is very busy these days. They just announced Wasteland 3 (which will start a round of crowdfunding on Fig next Wednesday for a minimum goal of $2.75 million) and they also have Torment: Tides of Numenera as well as The Bard’s Tale IV coming up. Wasteland 3 is today’s focus, though, and you […]

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No Man’s Sky Is Under Investigation By UK’s Advertising Standards Authority

It’s no mystery that No Man’s Sky, the space exploration game developed by Hello Games for PC and PlayStation 4, released lacking some features that were promised before release. While this happened with other titles in the past, things have taken an interesting turn in the past few hours. According to Eurogamer, the Advertising Standards […]

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Dishonored 2 Hands-on – Devious and Deadly

It’s a strange thing, waiting in line for an hour to play a game for twenty minutes. Is that enough time to really grasp the game? Probably. There was only one of the seven people sent in with me who were actually interested in playing as Corvo. Myself and the other six? All Dishonored veterans […]

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Project Scorpio’s True 4K Gaming Claim Is “The Ambition”, Developers “Have To Go Through A Transition”

During this year’s E3, Microsoft revealed Project Scorpio, a new version of their current home console which aims to introduce true 4K gaming for consoles. With the console not launching until next year, there’s no way to know if Microsoft’s claim will eventually come to fruition, but something new on how the company sees Project […]

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Tretton: It’s Good for Everyone, even Sony, That Microsoft Has Recovered Well; Both Companies Are Innovating

Jack Tretton, former President and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment America, appeared in the latest IGN Unfiltered 11 video show. In over forty minutes of conversation, he looked back at his nineteen years of employment at Sony. While talking about PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, he stated that it’s good everyone – possibly even for […]

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Battlefield 1 Gets Additional Information On Single Player Campaign’s Chapters, Mostly Focused On Allies As Of Now

Battlefield 1’s main focus is obviously on the game’s multiplayer features, but even those who prefer to play single player content will have something to look forward to. Yesterday, EA and DICE released a brand new Battlefield 1 single player trailer showcasing the single player campaign, and more details on it have also emerged online […]

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CoD: Modern Warfare Remastered Features Original MP Announcer

Raven Software has announced that CoD: Modern Warfare Remastered will use the original MP announcer for the original game modes. Amos Hodge, Raven Software’s lead designer confirmed this on Twitter. According to Hodge, the original announcer voice over from the original game will be used for Modern Warfare Remastered. This applies to the game’s original […]

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Sunset Overdrive On PC? Insomniac Would “Love” To See It Happen But It’s Up To Microsoft

Developer Insomniac Games would love to see Sunset Overdrive appear on PC, but Microsoft has the call on this. The decision is not up to Insomniac, as stated in one of their recent Tweets. “We’d love it if it could happen but [the] ball is in Xbox’s court on it,” the developer said to a […]

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Homefront The Revolution The Voice Of Freedom DLC Now Available, New Screenshots; New PC Patch Adds Fixes And Tweaks

Homefront The Revolution, the first person shooter game developed by Dambuster Studios, has been released earlier this year on PC and consoles, but its launch wasn’t exactly smooth, as the game suffered from a variety of issues that prevented many from enjoying the game. The team, however, worked hard to fix most of the technical […]

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Destiny 2 to Receive Major Engine & Narrative Changes; Sony Is Still “All In”, “Super Vested” in This Sequel

The rumor mill keeps going on Bungie’s Destiny 2. Yesterday we reported from multiple sources that the game will be out on PC as well as PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, but a few hours ago renown insider shinobi602 posted a lot more info in a series of Neogaf posts. He began by detailing some […]

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Report – Destiny 2 To Hit PC Next Year with Major Gameplay Changes

UPDATE – Additional information posted here. ORIGINAL STORY – Bungie’s Destiny 2 won’t be skipping PC, according to several rumors appeared today on the Web. The first one was published on Neogaf by user benny_a, who added that Vicarious Visions and High Moon Studios will help out Bungie with Destiny 2. Later today, Kotaku’s Jason Schreier […]

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New Battlefield 1 Single Player Trailer Shows The Frostbite Engine At Its Best

EA and DICE have released a new Battlefield 1 single player which shows off some gorgeous cutscene visuals. The single player trailer was teased yesterday, and now we can finally enjoy DICE’s official single player trailer for the upcoming Battlefield 1. Previous trailers for the game were already impressive, and this new 2-minute extended trailer […]