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With Apple having officially sent out invites for a launch event on September 9th, we can be sure to lay our eyes on the iPhone 6 soon. That however does not stop features and news about the smartphone leaking on the internet however. One of these news, the presence of an NFC chip on the device for mobile payments is one that can prove to be a game changer for Apple and the iPhone 6.

The presence of NFC on the iPhone 6 has been rumored for quite a while now. Starting from the initial word which was a month back,when Apple was reported to be in talks with its partners to launch a mobile payments platform with the iPhone 6. This was proceeded with pictures of an alleged logic board of the device which further elaborated on the feature.

This was followed by perhaps the most definitive word we’ve had so far about mobile payments on the flagship device. A reliable source for our friends over at VentureBeat laid out several features to be present on the iPhone 6. Well today we have word from another important source this time courtesy of Wired.com.


Qualcomm is teasing a new 64-bit Android smartphone and it is not HTC Desire 510 which has already been announced by HTC. HTC recently announced its HTC Desire 510 with Snapdragon 410 processor. This next 64-bit Android treat is also coming to consumers thanks to HTC as the tease seems quite similar to the one used by HTC usually. This is a new device from the company that is about to be unveiled at IFA and Qualcomm is also teasing it with a strong and mysterious it’s coming… 64-bit Android smartphone

Next 64-bit Android smartphone:

galaxy note 4 wallpaper

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is set for a big unveiling at IFA this September on 3rd. We already looked at some beautiful art that intends to make the Quad HD display of Note even prettier (you can download the Galaxy Note 4 wallpaper from this link). Right now, we are looking at some Galaxy Note 4 front render showing a pretty good device.  Galaxy Note 4 front

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 front render:

This latest Samsung Galaxy Note 4 render actually resonates with the earlier rumors of Sammy going for a more squared body. The device sports a metallic frame just like Samsung Galaxy Alpha. It was also rumored last week

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It’s official! Apple has finally announced its annual fall event for September 9, 2014. It was hugely rumored that Apple will unveil its next generation iPhone 6 on this day. Yesterday, we also saw some rumors claiming that Cupertino is gearing to launch its first ever smartwatch – popularly known as iWatch – on the same day along with iPhone 6 on Thursday morning.iphone 6 launch event official

iPhone 6 launch event official!

It is expected that Apple will unveil iPhone 6 variants (at least two models) on the day. This year is considered

galaxy note 4 wallpaper

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is set to be launched at IFA on September 3. The super rumored phablet is often considered as the primary device to beat in the category as others are following the lead to launch their own larger smartphones. With a brilliant 5.7-inch Quad HD Super AMOLED display, Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is set to keep its fans moving for one more year. While we await the release of the Super Phablet, here is a high-res Samsung Galaxy Note 4 wallpaper.

Relevant read: Samsung Teases S Pen and Handwriting on the New Note!

Download Galaxy Note 4 wallpaper:

galaxy note 4 wallpaper


Google has been surrounded by a ton of rumors for its Nexus lineup this year. First believed to be ditched for a new program, Nexus X is very much under the works as the new leak reveals. This latest Nexus X specs leak reveals many of the details of this device rejecting the earlier rumor of the smartphone featuring 5.9-inch display. Developed by Motorola, the latest leaked image shows quite a detailed overview of the Nexus X – aka Nexus 6.Nexus X specs

Nexus X specs leaked:

Labelled as Motorola XT1100 Nexus X, the smartphone packs a 5.2-inch screen, will be powered by a quad-core

xperia z2 display benchmark

New Sony Xperia Z3 leaked images have emerged on the interwebs revealing a disassembled smartphone. The leaked images confirm that the smartphone will indeed have a non-removable 3,100 mAH battery. Coming in a slimmer body measuring only 7mm, Sony Xperia Z3 features a 5.2-inch 1080p display and is powered by a quad-core Snapdragon 801 chip clocked at 2.5GHz. The upcoming flagship will have 3GB of RAM, 20.7-megapixel primary shooter and will be water-resistant like its predecessors.

Sony Xperia Z3 will characterize Sony’s OmniBalance design language with a few changes to set the smartphone

LG G3 Stylus

LG has released its new LG G3 Stylus specs before the IFA starts next week. While the device was previously rumored to be a competitor coming against Samsung Galaxy Note 4, specs don’t prove that. LG G3 Stylus is actually a downgraded LG G3 equipped with a pen coming as mid-range smartphone for a reasonable price. The latest LG G3 Stylus officially “offers large display and stylus-enabled user experience at exceptional price” giving some good alternative to phablet fans. LG G3 Stylus

LG G3 Stylus vs Note 4 and LG G3:

G3 Stylus is powered with a 1.3 GHz Quad-core processor, features 5.5-inch display with 960 x 540 resolution, 13-megapixel camera and Android 4.4.2 KitKat. The quad-core chip is of unknown name – as yet – and the device features a 13-megapixel shooter with a 1.3-megapixel rear camera and 3,000 mAh battery. Dimensions of the phablet are: 149.3 mm tall, 75.9 mm wide, 10.2 mm thin, and the device weighs in at 163 grams.

Now if you compare these specs to the flagship LG G3, you will see that South Koreans have compromised on a lot

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Apple’s iPhone 6 has got to perhaps one of the most worst guarded devices in company history. We’ve seen almost everything related to the flagship device in form of leaks. These cover the individual components of the Apple device as well as it’s retail box pictures and alleged images depicting the real device. To join the already expansive list of alleged iPhone 6 components today are images depicting the loudspeaker components of the flagship device.


iPhone 6 Loud Speaker Assembly Components Allegedly Shown In Image.


The majority of smartphones and devices that we use today run on Lithium-ion batteries. And even though battery life is a permanent issue that continues to plague almost all the smartphones out there, we’re still doing somewhat fine with the Lithium-ion batteries. Nevertheless, with the chemicals present in batteries, sometimes things tend to go awfully wrong.

That happened to one unfortunate OnePlus One owner whose device blew up while in his pocket. Yes that’s right, though it wasn’t the OnePlus One that was the culprit but rather it’s battery. OnePlus One owner calling himself “MiYzu” on the company’s forums, said that his device blew up in his pants’ pocket while he was walking on the subway.


IFA is almost with us folks. In two weeks we can except all smartphone and device hell to break loose. HTC, Samsung, Motorola, Sony all have launch events planned for next month. Oh and Apple’s all set to launch the iPhone 6 as well. Well, today HTC surely upped it’s competitors one by confirming that the upcoming Desire 820 will be the first 64-bit Android smartphone to grace our hands.

When it comes to pioneering features, HTC has almost always been in the lead in Android world. HTC was the first manufacturer way back in 2008 to introduce Android to the smartphone market through the HTC Dream. Afterwards, HTC was the one (unintended pun) to introduce 1080p display and f/2 camera aperture in Android Devices. The Company nicely sums up it’s accomplishments in the image below.

samsung Galaxy Alpha camera sensor

Reports suggest that Samsung is ready to launch some more phone drapped in metal following the first of the series – the Samsung Galaxy Alpha. This new Samsung A Series smartphones will include three devices with code names SM-A300, SM-A500, and SM-A700. Samsung Galaxy Alpha sports metallic design and high-end specs inside a slim and sleek body. Similar to the design ideology of Alpha, the upcoming Samsung devices will also feature better designing and metal frames including aluminum and other metals.Samsung A Series

Samsung A Series details:

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After a brief impasse, leaks about the iPhone 6 have started to occur once again. This time it’s about the co-processor on Apple’s upcoming device due to be launched in September. According to blueprints posted by GeekBench and spotted by GforGames, the iPhone 6 will see an update from the M7 found on the 5S. This new co-processor for the device will be in place mainly for healthkit data collection support.


iPhone 6 Co-Processor To Be Called Phosphorus – To Be Responsible For Collecting Health Kit Data

Update AT&T Moto X to Android 4.4 KitKat

Motorola’s next flagship smartphone, the Moto X+1 is started to see frequent leaks as it’s launch date gets near. Just yesterday @evleaks posted what he claims are the official press renders of the Moto X+1. According to the renders, the Moto X+1 will be quite different from the original Moto X. Well, today more details of the Moto X+1 have popped up. The Moto X+1 has been listed by the Brazillian vendor Livaria Logos and it’s specs aren’t that impressive.

Before we go into further details, it would be wise to remember that this isn’t the first time Livaria Logos has listed the Moto X+1 on it’s site. Even before we knew the release date of the smartphone, 2 months back detailed Moto X+1 specs were listed on the Vendor’s website. The specs posted then are somewhat similar but do feature a couple of changes. Back then, the Moto X+1 was touted to come with a 2.3 GHz Snapdragon 800 coupled with 2 GB RAM and 32 GB of internal storage. The screen size on the device was to be 5.2 inches with a 1920 x 1080 resolution.


Moto X+1 To Come With 2.2 GHz Quad core processor coupled with 16 GB Internal Storage

The Moto X+1 listed this time on Livaria Logos is to come with a 2.2 GHz quad core processor with 2 GB of RAM. This will be supplemented by 16 GB of internal storage and a display size of 5.2 inches. Camera for the Moto X+1 will have a resolution of 13 Megapixels and the device will be running on Android 4.4.4. A month back a video appeared showing what possible was the Moto X+1 running Android L. We guess the device wasn’t the X+1 after all.

As you can see above, that’s all we get from Livaria Logos at this point. However, we can get a complete picture of the device if we plug in a GFX Bench Benchmark which appeared a month back. The codename for the device, XT1097 is the same on the benchmark and on the listing. The Moto X+1 benchmark showed the device with a similar 5.2 inch screen and a resolution of 1920 x 1080. However the processor frequency was somewhat different and confusing on the benchmark.

The frequency for the Moto X+1 benchmark was shown as 2.5 GHz yet the processor was labeled as the Snapdragon 800. This led to speculation that perhaps the processor was named incorrectly as the Snapdragon 800 can achieve only 2.26 GHz. But with the listing which shows processor frequency as 2.2 GHz, perhaps the processor for the Moto X+1 really is the Snapdragon 800. A downer for sure, but specs weren’t the X series main selling point anyway.


The listing for the Moto X+1 has three different options which are differentiated on the basis of material backs. These are namely black, bamboo and a leather option for the device. This shows once again that the Moto X+1 will not disappoint when it comes to offering users customization options for device looks. The Moto X+1 launch is nearly upon us with Motorola having given a launch date of September 4th which is only 2 weeks away.

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Motorola Moto X Release Date, Specs and Footage Leaked

Motorola’s been a lot in the news lately. The company has allegedly 8 devices under the works for us before Christmas. These include the Droid, the Droid Maxx, the Droid Turbo, the Moto S, the Moto G, the Moto X+1, the Moto X Play and finally the Moto Shamu. And that’s not where the interesting part begins. Apparently, the devices are interlinked as well, meaning that the fate of one depends on how well the other does. If the X+1 does well, then we might not be getting to see the Droid Turbo. For more, click here.

Much hype has also been created about the Motorola Shamu which is being said to be the next Google Nexus smartphone, or the Nexus 6. Until now we have quite a good idea what the Motorola Shamu will be like, courtesy of leaks all around the internet. Just a week back, a huge Motorola Shamu leak laid out the device specifications in detail. According to a GFX Bench benchmark, the Motorola Shamu will be a high end device, a path not generally taken by Nexus smartphones.

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