LG G3 features

Latest leaked LG G3 packaging images:

LG G3′s latest leaked packaging images suggest that the company is speeding its process of releasing the next gen LG G flagship smartphone. Against earlier rumors, it is being reported now that the LG G3 might be launched as early as this summer in a matter of a month or two! leaked LG G3

These leaked LG G3 images confirm the name of LG’s next flagship and hints that the device will be available in the gold too. The source of these images is being reported to be a trusted one, so take this as one strong news piece of an early LG G3, if you are planning to buy it.

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The leaked LG G3 packaging images confirm that the smartphone will be called LG G3 and its availability in Gold. G3′s predecessor LG G2 was also available in gold, however in limited edition. The primary focus of LG G2 was on black and white variants. With these leaked LG G3 packaging images, seems like LG is planning to launch G3 primarily in the the Golden shade.

galaxy s5 fingerprint sensor

Samsung Galaxy S5 fingerprint sensor hacked:

Deja vu, anyone? Very much following the footsteps set in the mud by Apple’s current flagship handset, the iPhone 5s, Samsung Galaxy S5′s fingerprint sensor too has been hacked. Congratulations, everyone! Sarcasm aside, this is quite sad taking in consideration that Samsung was expected to up the game of biometric readers after seeing how Apple’s Touch ID wentGalaxy S5 fingerprint sensor hacked

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While the fingerprint reader add an extra layer of security, they also make it more vulnerable and pose more security flaws if not implemented well. As seen with iPhone 5s Touch ID, it was possible to hack the fingerprint using a lifted fingerprint. In the similar fashion, SRLabs have been able to show how a faker fingerprint can be used to gain unauthorized access on Samsung’s latest Galaxy S5.

What is more troubling though is that Galaxy S5 is seems to be even more vulnerable than the iPhone 5s since there is no requirement of a passcode after a fingerprint entry. Apple iPhone 5s Touch ID requires a password the first time you boot a device, Samsung has set no such security restriction making it easier to hack into the SGS5 fingerprint sensor. Even after a reboot, Samsung requires no password and a simple swipe of a finger will unlock all of your phone to someone else.

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Galaxy S5 fingerprint sensor hacked

You should be more alarmed about this pretty easy hack if you had intended to use Samsung Galaxy S5 to make PayPal transactions as no password is required to access PayPal and make payments through the app. If you happen to lose your Galaxy S5, or it gets stolen, it is strongly recommended that you use Android Device Manager to wipe your Android handset remotely in order to be safe from any more financial losses.

However, PayPal reaffirms its confidence in a statement to BGR:

While we take the findings from Security Research Labs very seriously, we are still confident that fingerprint authentication offers an easier and more secure way to pay on mobile devices than passwords or credit cards. PayPal never stores or even has access to your actual fingerprint with authentication on the Galaxy S5. The scan unlocks a secure cryptographic key that serves as a password replacement for the phone. We can simply deactivate the key from a lost or stolen device, and you can create a new one. PayPal also uses sophisticated fraud and risk management tools to try to prevent fraud before it happens. However, in the rare instances that it does, you are covered by our purchase protection policy.

Galaxy S5 fingerprint sensor hacked video:

It is yet to be seen if Samsung could bring some software update to Galaxy S5 in order to address this hack by requiring a password or adding any additional security.

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Galaxy S5 cost
Gadgets Hardware

Samsung Galaxy S5 teardown shows that Galaxy S5 costs Samsung around $256 a piece. The Galaxy S5 teardown conducted by Chipworks shows the parts of this mega flagship while a leading market research firm, IHS, has analyzed the cost of all the components fitted in Samsung Galaxy S5. IHS had conduced a similar analysis for Galaxy’s main rival, iPhone 5s last year which, it estimated, costs around $199 to produce.Galaxy S5 teardownRelevant read: Samsung Galaxy S5 Deals being Offered by Carriers and Retailers

Samsung Galaxy S5 teardown:

Samsung is selling its current flagship smartphone for $650 carrier-free. The flagship comes at around $200 with a contract of two years. The leading research firm IHS estimates that the hardware components of Samsung Galaxy S5 cost about $256 to the company.

The analysis breaks down the cost tag for most of the components of Galaxy S5. According to IHS break down, Galaxy S5′s Super AMOLED display module is the most expensive component of the smartphone, coming at


Smartphones camera comparison:

Wanted to get some camera comparison samples of all the current flagship smartphones? Seems like your prayers have been heard. Here are the camera comparison images of Samsung Galaxy S5, HTC One M8, LG G2, iPhone 5s, Sony Xperia Z1, and the Nexus 5.HTC-One-Big-Camera-Comparison-01

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Galaxy S5 battery test

Samsung Galaxy S5 is the hottest Android flagship this season which has just hit the stores. Improved camera, one of the best battery time, better UI, water and dust resistance are only some of the highlights of this Samsung beauty. If you plan to get this latest flagship smartphone, upgrade your current smartphone, or trade-in, these Samsung Galaxy S5 deals will help you in spotting the places best suited with your requirements.Galaxy S5 deals samsung galaxy s5 hidden features

Avail discounts or some free accessories and enjoy your journey with this latest Android smartphone!

Samsung Galaxy S5 deals:

- Walmart:

Walmart is offering Samsung Galaxy S5 deal for $168.88 with a 2-year agreement. This deal is only available with Verizon and AT&T networks.

- Target:

Another giant retailer, Target is offering a trade-in program for Samsung Galaxy S5. Trade your iPhone or older Galaxy device included in Target’s list and get a Galaxy S5 for just $99.

- Best Buy Galaxy S5 deals: 

Earlier, Best Buy was offering $10 gift cards if you pre-order. However, that is not being offered now. Best Buy is still offering some good Galaxy S5 deals for consumers who purchase the smartphone with a contract of AT&T, Verizon, or Sprint. If you get the smartphone from Best Buy, you can avail 20% off on select accessories including Bose headphones, speaker docks, etc.

- Ebay:

Ebay is offering a 16% discount on Samsung Galaxy S5 offering the smartphone carrier-free for $629 which is a little less than what the carriers are asking ($649). Galaxy S5 deals ebay

- Sam’s Club:

If you are Sam’s Club member, you can avail their Galaxy S5 deals which is even better than that of Walmart. Sam’s Club is offering an in-stores deal of Galaxy S5 for just $164. Sam’s Club is also offering a trade-in program. Head on to the nearest store to get more details.

- Costco:

Costco is offering Samsung Galaxy S5 with only a $10 discount. However, you do get the accessories pack with a charger ,screen cover, and other small accessories worth $50 or so. The Galaxy S5 smartphone from Costco will cost you $189 with a two-year contract.

Galaxy S5 deals from carriers:

Like always, Samsung Galaxy S5 too is available on all the major US carriers with the usual $199 on a two year contract. You can get this offer from Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T, Sprint, or US Cellular. Verizon, however, is offering some amazing deal of Buy One Get One free.


Sign a two year contract with Verizon and you can avail a buy one get one free deal for Samsung Galaxy S5. One free Samsung Galaxy S5! Just get a colleague, sibling or a friend and avail this awesomtastic deal!

- Sprint: Free Galaxy Tab 3 7-inch

Sprint is offering a free Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7-inch for every customer buying a Galaxy S5 on a family plan.

- US Cellular:

US Cellular is offering a $50 Google Play Gift Card when you get a Samsung Galaxy S5 with a two-years contract. The offer is not mentioned on US Cellular website, so please confirm if it’s available online or only on specific stores.

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Samsung is apparently winning the war of batteries this year! Although, other flagships are yet to hit the market, it is yet to be seen if they would be able to match with Galaxy S5‘s hours. Not only does it beat the iPhone 5s, Samsung Galaxy S5 gives you a long-lasting battery very similar to what tablets offer!Galaxy S5 battery test

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Samsung Galaxy S5 battery test:

downgrade LG G2 to stock Android 4.4.2 flash Android 4.4 KitKat on LG G2

LG got some attention last year with its G2 launch in September among the much crowded Android market. This year, we have already seen Samsung Galaxy S5, HTC One M8 in the markets with Sony Xperia Z2 coming soon. Although LG G2 was launched much later than the other Android flagships of 2013, the rumors and leaks have already started coming up for this G2 successor.

LG G3 features


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Impressive list of LG G3 features:

Aiming for some unique specifications to help G3 step out of the successful Android smartphones’ line-up, LG is

concept iPhone 6

iPhone 6 launch date:

Although still unconfirmed, a plenty of sources have been confirming Apple’s plans to launch two sizes of iPhone this year. Looking at the growing market of larger phablet smartphones, Apple seems to be ready to tap in to that region after been rather successful with the mid-range smartphone last year. September is the iPhone 6 launch date for the 4.7-inch model, while the phablet will come a little late.iPhone 6 launch date


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According to the recent rumors, Apple is planning to hold the 5.5-inches phablet iPhone 6 launch date until the

Galaxy S5 Water Resistance

Samsung Galaxy S5 water resistance test:

The global official release of Samsung Galaxy S5 is right upon us with its availability in markets worldwide in just a couple days. If you have fallen for the charms of a plenty of features, new introductions, software improvements, and hardware upgrades of Samsung Galaxy S5, you may also be interested in having a Galaxy S5 water resistance test. Galaxy S5 Water Resistance

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Charge phone in 30 seconds – possible?

Smartphones and the pile of tensions they bring in to our lives! Okay, I agree, some browsing ease, some (A LOT) waste of time stalking others, a dab of music fun, a pint of gaming, and a teaspoon of reading pleasure too. However, all these tasks – and infinitely more – can only and only be done until your battery supports you. Which it fails to do the more tasks you try to get out of your tiny little smartphone.Charge phone in 30 seconds

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Now that brings to us to the question, why to make smartphones tinier and lighter while not working on their battery power that much? While all the tech companies are trying to speed up and give us some software options (Samsung seemed to have introduced bigger batteries this time with Galaxy S5) of tweaking our smartphone to make the batteries retain the juice for a little more, we have seen everything but some meaningful leap towards better, faster chargers. Seems like, our pleas have been answered by just another start-up!

Galaxy Note 4

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 first leaks:

With Samsung’s Galaxy S5 release in global markets this 11th, the anticipation of the next big smartphone from Samsung has already started. Samsung’s monstrous Galaxy Note 3 received quite a raving reviews last year and pleased many a users who were looking for bigger screen sizes. This year other flagships like Galaxy S line-up, HTC One, and reportedly Apple’s next iPhone too have aimed for larger screen sizes.Galaxy Note 4 leaked specs

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galaxy s5 launched

This is the first year that Samsung has used its very own, in-house, sensor in its flagship smartphone. We saw the previous Galaxy models sporting Sony’s sensors; however, it is quite refreshing to see Samsung finally going with its own Galaxy S5 camera sensor.Galaxy S5 camera sensor


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Samsung Galaxy S5 camera sensor:

Galaxy zoom

Samsung Galaxy S5 Zoom leaked details:

Korean tech giant started a complete lineup of its Galaxy devices with a few companions of the highly acclaimed Galaxy S4. Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini, Galaxy S4 Active, and Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom were the smartphone models launched along the lines of the flagship. The recent Samsung Galaxy S5 Zoom indicate that the company plans to go forward with similar this year too!

Galaxy S5 zoom leaked

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galaxy s5

Samsung has released 100s of features of Samsung Galaxy S5 ahead of its global release this April 11th. The devices have already been placed at hundreds of Best Buy stores and other retailers for you to compare and decide if you would like to buy the latest Samsung flagship.

In the recently released document, Samsung shares details about every aspect of its latest smartphone. If you are considering to buy the Galaxy S5 this year; or want to know more about its features, this document should be on your reading list. While you may not read all of it, search for the keywords you most want in your smartphone to get the information about. Want to know about HDR (rich tone) effect in Camera; or it’s about the details of how resistant Galaxy S5 actually is to different sort of liquids; you can get all the details in this document.galaxy s5 features 3d gamingRecommended: Samsung Galaxy S5 Battery Beats iPhone 5s in 3D Gaming and Talk Time

Here are just a very few of the Galaxy S5 features from the document, which you can read in entirety below.

Samsung Galaxy S5 features officially shared:

Here are a few of the Samsung Galaxy S5 features shared officially in the user manual of model G900F, which is reportedly being the international variant of the latest flagship smartphone:

  • Some instructions about water and dust resistance:
galaxy s5

Galaxy S5 hidden features for parents:

Samsung Galaxy S5 has yet to hit the stores, but the search for Galaxy S5 hidden features is intense than ever before. You may be waiting for its launch and looking out for features that could help you over other smartphones. The latest screenshots show a features that could help you as a parent!samsung galaxy s5 hidden features

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Leaked recently, this feature is named Baby Crying Detector and lies under the Accessibility options of Settings.

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