With6 pre-orders already breaking global records at a staggering 16 million, many users are still left out of the lucky few getting their orders in at time. Well, for those who’re left out, a more thoughtful decision won’t result in harm. As we all know, Apple has launched the iPhone 6 in three colors, Gold, Space Gray and Silver.

These color’s remain the same from Apple’s last year offering of the iPhone 5S. But the iPhone 6 does not look like the iPhone 5S in any way and there are changes made to the front panel of the device as well. With the iPhone 6, if you want a white front panel then the space gray option is not for you. Only the Gold and the Silver color options have the white front panel.


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With the iPhone 6 launched, and pre-orders for the device started, the question on every Apple lover’s mind is which iPhone 6 is the right one? After all, this September marks the first time in company history that Apple has released two variants of it’s flagship smartphone and finally catered towards the larger screen demands of the market.

The two iPhone 6 models this year came with a Retina HD display. Retina HD was an upgrade from the iPhone 5S’ simple Retina display. So what really separates the iPhone 6 Retina HD from the iPhone 5S Retina display? Let’s find out in terms of the way points are mapped and rasterized onto screens.



Commenting on Apple’s latest smartphone, company CEO Tim Cook said that making a smartphone isn’t simply about increasing screen size. The comments fall in line with Apple’s long held policy of resisting to market changes and consumer demands.

“We could have done a larger iPhone years ago,” Cook said. Larger screened devices have been commonplace in the market for a long time before Apple’s launch of the iPhone 6 four days back. “It’s never been about just making a larger phone … it’s been about making a better phone in every single way. And so we ship things when they’re ready, and we think that both the display technology here, the battery technology, but all — but everything else and the software.”

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Apple announced its latest iPhone variants in the shape of larger 4.7-inch iPhone 6 and a 5.5-inch iPhone 6 Plus phablet. You can now pre-order iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus in some countries while the others have to wait. Here is a comprehensive post to help you see where you can pre-order iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus and what are the expected release dates in different regions.pre-order iPhone 6

Pre-order iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus:

If you really want to get your hands on the latest flagship smartphones, it is important that you pre-order iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus as quickly as you can to avoid supply issues. While Apple promised that the iPhone models will be available in various regions, there are only a few countries where iPhone 6 and 6 Plus pre-orders have opened today. 

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As we all know, Apple launched the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus yesterday. The iPhone 6 launch was one of the most anticipated events this year, as is generally the case with Apple events. Claiming to think different, the company has always stuck to the basics and improvement of individual aspects of the device rather than equipping it with high hardware specifications.

The iPhone 6 is in no way different from this philosophy and now we can finally compare the device to what might be said to be it’s biggest rival – the Samsung Galaxy S5. The Galaxy S5 is a beast when it comes to specifications. Packing an quad core 2.5 GHz processor with 2 GB of RAM on board, the device is fully set to charge at it’s competition.

So which device ends up being the better option? Lets find out.


Considering a good half day has passed since Apple released its bigger and bolder iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus and its first ever Apple Watch, we hope that you too know at least a little about yesterday’s saga. If you have missed on the details and highs and lows of yesterday’s event, here is an Apple Keynote roundup to help you get the gist of the event and its highlights. At the end of this post, you will see a streaming video that, if you are interested, will help you catch up with yesterday’s event live from AppleApple keynote roundup

2014 Apple Keynote roundup:

Keynote streaming yesterday was filled with lags here and there. While the live streaming was only open to the lucky many of us who owned a “Safari”, it too was filled with gaps and typical technical glitches. For the most part, live streaming kept repeating the first few minutes making it quite worthless, if we can be harshly honest. You, however, are a lucky person as we have presented to you a very concise glimpse of what Apple’s 2014 keynote was all about. So here we go with a thorough Apple Keynote roundup!unlocked iPhone 6 price Apple keynote roundup

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With both the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus launch alongside the much awaited launch of Apple’s first smartwatch, we are definitely looking at a new era for Cupertino. Both the Apple’s latest smartphones are bigger, brighter and slimmer. With enlarged size comes the worries of processing and battery drain. Apple claims that the latest iPhone 6 variants have a 25% faster CPU and 50% faster graphics – insane, right! So what about battery? iPhone 6 variants

Complete iPhone 6 variants specs and battery stats:

Thanks to the 20nm production method used for A8 processing chipset and a more efficient packaging, the 2,915 mAh battery for the iPhone 6 Plus and the smaller 1,810 mAh battery for the 4.7-inch iPhone 6 will keep

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The moment is here folks. The one that a lot of us have been waiting for. Apple has just launched the iPhone 6 and the device comes packing several impressive, albeit already expected features on board. Coming in two variants the iPhone 6 comes with Apple’s latest A8

The 5.5 inch variant as expected is called the iPhone Plus. The display size was a decision made from the start according to Apple. The devices are to be 6.9 and 7.1 mm thick respectively, which is not that much of a difference keeping in mind the advanced requirements of the larger screen variants.


Apple Launches Two iPhone 6 Variants – 4.7 inch And 5.5 inch Versions Do Not See Much Difference In Thickness

Saying that the upgrade in screen size was planned from the start, the iPhone 6 has Retina HD display aimed towards giving developers more options when designing apps for the iOS 8 on board. Apple SVP of marketing Phil Schiller the two devices 1,334-by-750 at 326ppi for the 4.7-inch and 1,920-by-1080 pixels for the 5.5-inch version.

Extra keys have also been added to the soft keyboard and Apple has added new display modes on the 5.5 inch iPhone 6 variants. The Retina HD display touted for both the phones has an even higher resolution than before. The 5.5 Inch iPhone 6 Plus features a staggering 185 percent more pixels than it’s predecessors.

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Apple has just introduced its two brand new smartphones at Flint Center, Cupertino. In a rumored but unlikely event, Apple has announced both of its larger iPhone 6 variants. Seems like rumors have been on the money this time as we can see that both the 4.7-inch iPhone 6 and 5.5-inch iPhone 6 are present. As rumored yesterday, 5.5-inch iPhone 6 is being named as iPhone 6 Plus.

“Today, we’re launching the biggest advancement in the history of the iPhone.”5.5-inch iPhone 6 Plus

- iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus: Complete Specifications and Battery Stats

5.5-inch iPhone 6 Plus launched:

Apple’s 5.5-inch iPhone 6 Plus has different interfaces than the smaller variant as it shows more data in both its horizontal and vertical modes. 5.5-inch iPhone 6 Plus has a horizontal home screen and horizontal modes in Mail, Messages, and other apps with more shortcuts on the keyboard.

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We already shared with you the iPhone 6 benchmark and some camera shots comparing night time photography from Apple’s flagship with iPhone 5s and LG G3. Seems like those three shots came from a massive lot where we can see a crazy amount of iPhone 6 camera samples and some real-life photos of the device set for a release in less than a couple hours!

First iPhone 6 Camera Samples after Launch – ImagesiPhone 6 images

iPhone 6 camera samples:

These iPhone 6 camera samples and real life shots come from a Chinese man Rui Kee who has shared theseimages on Weibo, Chinese social networking site. Kee held an interesting Q&A session on Weibo leaking specifications of the upcoming iPhone 6 and several camera samples of the device. Kee confirms that Apple is set to launch a 4.7-inch iPhone 6 with resolution coming at 750 x 1334 with 326ppi pixel density. GeekBench Benchmark were also posted by Kee which we have already shared with you and it showed iPhone 6 to carry an A8 dual core processing chip with a 1GB RAM – similar to iPhone 5s. The device, according to Kee, weighs about 129 grams.

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With a little over two hours left until Apple’s launch event at Flint Center, more iPhone 6 pictures have surfaced. The pictures show the device up and running what appears to be iOS 8. Such images and videos have been making rounds on the internet lately, with the majority of them originating from China.

Just yesterday we saw a video which claimed to compare the iPhone 6 to it’s predecessor, the iPhone 5S. Owing to the poor quality of the video we couldn’t say conclusively whether the device shown was a mockup or an actual device.

While overall performance of the model shown was fluid, something which the copies and knock offs fail to achieve, skepticism remained over the reviewer’s credibility. The further release of alleged iPhone 6 benchmarks by the same individual adds more confusion, since they seem to disagree with what we have seen so far about the device.

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Well folks, today’s launch is in full gear. Apple’s Online store went down a couple of moments back, promising to be back soon. When the Apple Store will be back, we can expect it to come with the iWatch and both the iPhones showing.

Complete information of today’s products can be expected with the Apple store coming back. Apple is expected to be in full gear to launch the iPhone 6 and the iWatch today. While the posting on the Apple Store will finally tell us officially what the devices are capable of, we already know quite a lot about them thanks to the numerous reports which have surfaced.


It was recently rumored that Samsung has three metal devices up its sleeves, all with some metal designing. We have already seen Samsung Galaxy Alpha and Samsung Galaxy Note 4 sporting a metallic frame, however, the next device will reportedly have a complete metal body!full metal body Galaxy Alpha

Samsung’s full metal body Galaxy Alpha:

Samsung’s enthusiastic plans were reported a couple weeks back to have three new devices in its A series of smartphones. This series of full metal body smartphones include model numbers SM-A500SM-A300, and SM-A700. Today comes new details about the first of these three devices, the SM-A500.

A500 will be the next of the Samsung Galaxy Alpha lineup, however, it will have a distinctive edge over the current model as it will sport a full metal body. The next Galaxy Alpha will possibly be Samsung’ first full metal body smartphone that will come without a removable back cover and a completely new design. This new

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Apple’s next-gen iPhone 6 leaks and rumors have been numerous with even the last day being filled with more than just a couple. It has to be said though that not much shade has been thrown on the naming policy of the upcoming iPhone 6 “variants”. As this year is the first that Apple is going to launch a larger 4.7-inch iPhone 6 and another 5.5-inch iPhone 6, Apple would definitely need more than just the c or s at the end. The latest iPhone 6 leak claims that Cupertino has named 4.7-inch iPhone as iPhone 6 and the larger 5.5-inch iPhone will be named as iPhone 6 Plus – a name that has never come up in any leaks surrounding the device so far.iPhone 6 Plus

5.5-inch iPhone 6 Plus:

A different naming scheme for two brand new iPhone 6 models was definitely needed. Earlier, we had quite a


Samsung announced its much-awaited next generation phablet, the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 last week at IFA in Berlin. The device has been getting accolades since its launch and there is no doubt that you would love to get your hands on this powerful and beautifully designed smartphone. Well, worry not as we are sharing you quite a super Samsung Galaxy Note 4 giveaway that is open internationally!Galaxy Note 4 giveaway

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is a 5.7-inch, 2560 x 1440 Quad HD display smartphone powered by the high-end quad-core Snapdragon and octa-core Exynos processing chips. Top of the line Adreno 420, a brilliant 16-megapixel camera with optical image stabilization module, and sensors along with water and dust resistance make this device crème de la crème.

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