Xiaomi made to some pretty headlines yesterday with its mega announcement of a new flagship. The latest Xiaomi Mi 4 got an increased focus because of its new Sony sensor that the flagship’s camera is featuring. Later on yesterday, we did get to know about the details about this raving Mi 4 camera and its sensor but samples were missing. Apart from camera samples, Xiaomi Mi 4 benchmark scores are also up now. xiaomi mi 4 benchmark antutu


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Xiaomi Mi 4 camera samples:

Thanks to the Chinese site My Drivers, we have also got some Mi 4 camera samples. The site has already managed to get the announced new flagship and has released the first few third-party camera samples. Apparently, the first Xiaomi Mi 4 camera samples do not look at par with what we had earlier expected. But that could be a case of bad photography or the third-party app used. We will wait for some more samples to see how great exactly is Xiaomi Mi 4′s shooter.


While the world of technology is being led by the giants like Samsung, Apple, and Sony, it is the cowboys from China who are offering the similar (and sometimes even better) specifications with half of the price tag. The design and sleek look arguably may not be premium like the world-renowned names, but if you can get past the brand name and a few bits of “premium” then there is a much wider market for you to search for your perfect smartphone without worrying about losing half of thousand bucks in the process. Huawei-Honor-3X-Pro-and-Honor-3C-4G-hits-the-road-running

Xiaomi launched today its brilliant new flagship Mi 4 which followed the unveiling of other two major smartphones, the Huawei Honor 6 and the Nubia Z7 Mini by ZTE. In this post we will do a Xiaomi Mi 4 vs Huawei Honor 6 vs ZTE Nubia Z7 Mini comparison to help you find out which one of these lacks where and which one satiates your favorite feature with the best possible spec. For one, we are in love with Xiaomi Mi 4′s superb 13 megapixel camera that uses a new Sony sensor taking low-light photography and HDR video recording to a whole


Xiaomi finally unwrapped its much talked about beauty, the Mi 4, at a huge event earlier today. While the device is still not official for the United States and Europe, there are hopes that the Chinese favorite will get to the bigger markets too with its amazing features and a fighting specifications list. The smartphone is at par in terms of features with the other primary flagships that we usually talk about, however, what is the cherry of this features’ list is the Xiaomi Mi 4 camera! At 13 megapixel, the rear shooter uses a new Sony sensor that not only makes low-light photography a real charm, but also tackles with earlier issues of recording and HDR photography.Xiaomi Mi 4 camera

Xiaomi Mi 4 camera:

Xiaomi Mi 4 has launched today with a 13 megapixel primary shooter with a wide f/1.8 aperture. Xiaomi Mi 4 camera features a new Sony sensor IMX214 which is a BSI stacked CMOS sensor with a 1/3.06″. The new Sony


Prior to its launch, the Xiaomi Mi 4 had its fair share of internet hype. Starting from renders of the device, to its specifications being leaked, almost the entire device was covered beforehand. This was topped up by the company’s top management itself adding fuel to the fire by making clarifications regarding its build. Well the wait is finally over. The Xiaomi Mi 4 is finally here after being launched today at the company’s launch event in Beijing. In addition to the launch of the flagship smartphone, the company also posted posted official renders and hands on pictures of the device for the press. These cover the device in its entirety and every angle of it.

note 4

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is expected to be officially released at IFA in September which makes us only a couple months away from the launch event. While there have been largely a lack of leaks around the upcoming version of the crazily-popular phablet device, seems like we are getting to a point where we are mostly able to get a complete picture of the upcoming devices. Korean site, ET News, has published reports indicating that the next gen Note will have a premium metallic design and a flexible screen along with a Galaxy S5-like 16 megapixel camera with optical image stabilization module.samsung galaxy note 4

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 latest:

Previous few months have largely focused on Samsung’s entry into better (read: metal) designing for its devices starting with a new and premium smartphone tagged Samsung Galaxy F aka Alpha. While this device is under the


We have seen a number of different aspects of iPhone 6 in the leaked photos of the upcoming smartphone. Given that iPhone 6 is expected to release in only a couple of months, we are almost getting new updates and leaked images every other day. New photos provide a closer look at iPhone 6 notifications light-up Apple logo on the back of the smartphone. While some users have always wanted a lit-up logo for the iPhone, iPhone 6 may just make this a possibility.iPhone 6 notifications

iPhone 6 notifications light up Apple logo:

Previously, Apple has embossed the logo on the rear panel of the iPhone 6. Today’s leaked images show the insides of the rear which now has a plastic panel covering the aperture of the Apple logo. These images have geared started a new conversation about the possibility of iPhone notifications lighting up the rear Apple logo. With this, your iPhone’s back logo will light up whenever you receive a new email, phone call, or any other notifications. iPhone 6 notifications

LG Optimus Pro Specs

With the LG G3 being launched only recently, word has popped up relating to the LG G3 ‘Prime’ as well. The news comes from Korea, which is also the operating base of manufacturer LG. Rumors related to the LG G3 Prime had started popping up with gaps, but this is the first time we’ve been able to know about the launch date of the smartphone. The LG G3 Prime has apparently been scheduled for a release on the 25th of this month. This makes the launch date of the phone a mere four days away. As expected, the phone is to be launched first in Korea, and then hopefully throughout the world.


LG G3 ‘Prime’ To Be Launched On 25th Of July – To Boast LTE-A


Well, not even a day has passed and we have more news for you about Xiaomi’s soon to come Mi4 flagship smartphone. Just 17 hours ago we received several fresh updates about the Xiaomi Mi4. These include first alleged pictures of the device and official word from the company’s VP. According to Mr. Li Wanqiang, the Xiaomi Mi4 will not have a metal back like several flagships out there. Instead, the back of the phone will be made of plastic. He however assures us that the Xiaomi Mi4 will not disappoint as the smartphone is being launched on the fourth anniversary of Xiaomi. Well, there are more updates about the Xiaomi Mi4 and these come courtesy of an online retailer who has listed the smartphone for pre-order just a day or two prior to its launch.

mi4 listing

Xiaomi Mi4 Listed By Oppomart – To Cost $499 And Come With Snapdragon 805


We’ve said quite a lot about smartphone theft here at wccftech. Smartphone theft is one of the unfortunate drawbacks of the advent of this technology. As your phones are able to do more, they also cost more. This leads to the misguided looking to make a couple of quick bucks a golden opportunity to cash in. When you loose your smartphone, not only do you incur financial losses but also put yourself at risk. Your phone undoubtedly contains sensitive data that anyone with malicious intent can use against you. Well, a safeguard for that is available. Well, its been available since last year and is called the Android Device Manager. With Android Device Manager, you can now easily protect your data with a few simple steps. Learn how to do that right here.


Xiaomi’s Mi4 seems to be the current ‘in’ smartphone. With only a day left in its launch, new pictures and details have started to emerge about the device. Just two days ago we covered a leak about the alleged renders of the Xiaomi Mi4. These renders showed the device in both black and white. Well, this time pictures of the device have surfaced and spotted courtesy of mobilissimo.ro. These pictures in fact look remarkably similar to the renders leaked before. So that makes for two leaks covering the device just one day before its launch. But the Xiaomi Mi4 controversy does not end here. New speculation has started on the fact that whether the back of the device is made up of plastic, as thought before, or of metal.

Logo Apple iPhone

Looks like the iPhone 6 rumor mill has started to go in full flow again. The one aspect that previous rumors had continued to negate about the upcoming flagship was its battery details. Up so far, we’ve only seen two rumors/reports related to the battery details of the iPhone 6. Given that the battery is perhaps the backbone of any smartphone, this left a very unfulfilled gap indeed. Well this seems to be changing.

Just a day back, pictures surfaced showing pictures taken of the battery pack to appear on the 4.7 inch iPhone 6. The pictures put the battery capacity of the 4.7 inch iPhone 6 to be around 1810 mAh. This was, of course in confirmation of a previous report covered by us which lay out the battery details of both the variants quite effectively. Well, more pictures have just surfaced and they appear to cover the battery pack of the 5.5 inch iPhone 6, also to be potentially called the ‘iPhone Air’.

Water Dew

While it actually is not coming “after” the sand technology but taking the limelight certainly after the sand-awesomeness did, which claimed that sand can triple the battery life of smartphones and other electronic gadgets. Scientists at MIT University have found a way to use the power of water dew to charge our phone. Unlike sand, it will not replace the current battery techniques but will be used as a good resource when out of charge especially in the remote areas.battery

Water dew for better battery life:

The research team at MIT discovered that the energy is generated when water condenses on the specially treated copper plates due to back and forth jumping movement. This movement allows picking up an electrical


We have more news for you today from the Chinese world. It seems like smartphone manufacturers in the country on a roll. Just minutes ago we told about the world’s first holographic smartphone, courtesy of Chinese manufacturer Takee. Well, we have more news for you today from that side of the world. It seems like first renders of Xiaomi Mi4 have popped up on the internet. Courtesy of playfuldroid.com, these show a much sleeker and thinner device than the previous models launched by the company. The Xiaomi Mi4 is expected to be announced officially in four days. This makes for a launch date for 22nd July, for those of you unwilling to do the math.


As time passes, we see smartphones and other gadgets getting better day by day. This is only natural of course. Nowadays, all the hype seems to be surrounding Apple’s upcoming iPhone 6 and its features. But today we have something different for you. And its straight from China. Recently, Chinese manufacturers made headlines around the world when released their own iPhone 6 versions. These were, of course not the real thing, but clones. Kudos to the Chinese for cloning a device even before its official release. Well, today’s news is much different and is more technologically sound. Chinese manufacturer Takee has unveiled what it claims to be the world’s first holographic smartphone.



4.7-inch iPhone 6 enters mass production:

A report from Reuters sources to Taiwan’s Electronic Daily News claiming that the eighth gen iPhone is set to go into mass production this month. The 4.7-inch iPhone 6 will be produced by the world’s largest contract manufacturer of electronic goods, Foxconn. Report also reveals that Foxconn intends to start the production of larger, 5.5-inch iPhone 6 in August which confirms the earlier rumors of a late release of the larger smartphone-phablet.4.7-inch iPhone 6 models

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