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CORSAIR Announces New Carbide Air 740 Case

FREMONT, CA – September 2nd 2016 – CORSAIR®, a world leader in enthusiast memory, PC components and high-performance gaming hardware today extended its multi-award winning range of performance PC cases with the release of the new CORSAIR Carbide Air 740. Featuring CORSAIR’s innovative dual-chamber Direct Airflow Path™ design, exceptional cooling capabilities, unique bold design and […]

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Corsair Launches The Carbide SPEC-ALPHA Case – For Gaming PCs

Computer cases without 5.25” drive bays seem to be all the rage these days and the Corsair Spec Alpha is no different.  Originally shown off at CES 2016 the Corsair Carbide SPEC-ALPHA has now been released to the marked at an MSRP of $79.99USD and carries a 2 year warranty. Specifications Bold Exterior Design with […]

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Apple iPhone SE Case Leaks Provide Limited Design Confirmation As Company Event Approaches

Apple’s upcoming March event has started to see a lot of rumors and information surface w.r.t the company’s expected product upgrades. We’ve been hearing quite a bit about an all new iPad and a smaller screened iPhone, with both devices to change how the Cupertino manufacturer’s product lineup is managed. A smaller iPhone would mark […]

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The LG G5 Surfaces On GeekBench As Quick Cover Case Officially Unveiled

With exactly 10 days left until we get to see both the Samsung Galaxy S7 and the LG G5, leaks have started to become more specific in nature. After the Galaxy S7‘s live image leak earlier, now get to take a look at the LG G5 in the form of case renders and a Geekbench […]

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LG G5 Case Renders Corroborate Dual Camera Alongside Other Design Upgrades

As we sink our teeth in February, things have started to become quite stable in the smartphone world. Each day leads to a new leak about upcoming devices, namely Samsung’s Galaxy S7, HTC’s One M10, LG’s G5 and Apple’s iPhone 7. Out of these, both the LG G5 and the Samsung Galaxy S7 are expected […]

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Another LG G5 Images Leak Provides More Evidence For A Dual Camera Setup

As we exit January, things have started to shape up nicely when it comes to upcoming smartphone launches. The first half of 2016 will be very packed when it comes to smartphone launches, particularly from the Android world. At the top of the list is Samsung’s Galaxy S7, a device which has been a regular […]

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Tesla Starts Selling High Quality Leather iPhone 6 / 6s Cases

Known for forging the best electric cars in the world, Tesla is a no-joke company, and ensures that things are kept to the highest level of standards along every step of the way. Keeping that very same notion in mind, the company has updated its online store with new products, which happen to be iPhone cases […]

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iPhone 6s Smart Battery Case Teardown Reveals What’s Underneath The Hump

Apple released the iPhone 6s Smart Battery Case a couple of days back to mixed fanfare. Majority of the users believe that the case is rather ugly and is something which Apple wouldn’t make from a design perspective, all thanks to that undeniably visible hump at the back. While that hump won’t magically go away, […]

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Official iPhone 6s Smart Battery Case Released By Apple, Costs Just $99

Apple has jumped onboard the ‘battery pack’ bandwagon and has released the official Smart Battery Case for iPhone 6s. The Official iPhone 6s Smart Battery Case Has Arrived As iPhones are getting thinner and lighter every year, Apple has to cut corners to make sure that their smartphones look and feel as svelte as possible […]

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Official iPhone 6s and 6s Plus PRODUCT(RED) Leather Case Released

The official iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus PRODUCT(RED) Leather Case has been released, and you can pick one up directly from Apple itself. The PRODUCT(RED) iPhone 6s and 6s Plus Leather Cases Have Arrived Apart from numerous third-party accessory manufacturers, Apple itself makes cases for its smartphone lineup, with the official Leather and Silicone […]

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OnePlus Launches Official Sandstone Case For iPhone 6s, 6

OnePlus has so far released three premium handsets to the market – the OnePlus One, OnePlus 2 and most recently the OnePlus X. The OnePlus One and 2 however are the company’s bread and butter smartphones with top notch hardware attached with a relatively low price point. In fact, if you take a look at the […]

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Shuttle Launches Skylake Based SH170R6 Barebones Chassis

Shuttle may not exactly be the barebones force in the marketplace that they once were, though they’ve just announced and released their newest barebones PC that’s based off of Skylake, the SH170R6. Shuttle’s SH170R6 The SH170R6 uses the same R6 chassis that has been a staple of Shuttle SFF series since 2013 when they introduced […]

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WCCFtech Deals – End of Summer Clearance, Dones, Headphones and More

The summer is coming to a close. Technically it doesn’t end until September 23rd 2015 at 4:21AM EDT, but we want you to be able to enjoy every last minute of the warmest and most inviting months of the year. No one wants it to end, neither do we, so to help you create even […]

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Super Spiffy Fun Time Weekend Hardware Deals

Well, that might be a slight misnomer, but some are not so bad after rebate!. Some aren’t necessarily the most impressive deals you’ve ever seen, but at the very least these are from legitimate establishments with workable return policies. That and some of these deals might just be able to sway you just enough in […]

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WCCFtech Reader Rig Contest Winner – Most Ridiculously Gorgeous Rig

And two weeks have reluctantly passed, far faster than we thought. There were so very many great looking rigs that you all showed us in the comments. A tremendous amount of gorgeous PC’s that make us jealous. Fast, well put together and with cable management that could make anyone jealous. But we had to choose […]

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The Best Hardware Deals We Could Find This Weekend

Well, it might just be time to upgrade that aging, yet effective, PC you have there. Why not peruse the deals below to help enable that upgrade itch. The unfortunate part is that CPU’s don’t seem to have as many delicious and mouth-watering price cuts, discounts or other deals like some other components on the […]

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WCCFtech Builds- A Budget(ish) PC

Not everyone knows how to build a PC, despite it being a relatively simple process. That’s why we gathered together some fantastic slightly budget components to slap together for you on camera. Re-watch us put together this PC from start to finish, complete with commentary and interaction with our viewers. Don’t know how to build […]

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WCCFtech Plays – Budget PC Build

Today we’re going to show you how to build a PC. It might be a simple process for some, but for others it’s a daunting journey that just needs a bit of encouragement and perhaps a few tips. Watch live video from WCCFtechPlays on Come build a budget PC with us! The components selected […]

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Summer Weekend Hardware Deals So Hot, You Might Melt

The summertime is a fun time, full of sunshine, beaches, vacations (sometimes) and enjoying the company of friends. Sometimes that means scouring the Internet during the most sizzling portions of the day for the best hardware deals. Even though Skylake is just around the corner (pre-order anyone?), it’s a good time to upgrade, especially with […]

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Get A Large Battery And MicroSD Card Slot For Galaxy S6 With Incipio Offgrid Case

Despite the fact that the Galaxy S6 family features the most powerful SoC present in Android handsets, the fact that it does not feature a MicroSD card slot and is incorporated with a small 2,550 mAh battery (2,600 mAh for Galaxy S6 Edge), it pretty much kills the deal of owning the most powerful Android […]

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The OnePlus 2 Looks To Have More Surprises As Device Cases Leak Today

As we ease into July, the date for the OnePlus 2’s unveiling inches closer and closer. The Chinese smartphone upstart has manged to gain a significant amount of following and market interest in its devices, even though it’s launched only one device so far. The OnePlus One followed a simple formula. Keep your device as […]

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Case Leak For iPhone 6S Duo Confirm Force Touch And Width Increase

We’ve seen several component and features leak of the iPhone 6S so far, but the list would be incomplete without a case leak of Apple’s upcoming flagship smarpthone duo. Case manufacturers after all get information about devices beforehand, in order to prepare their products, and one such manufacturer has been kind enough to provide some […]