The electronics giant Samsung introduced new accessories for its Galaxy Core smartphone this Friday. These add-ons are aimed towards helping it’s visually impaired users interact with their environment easily. According to a release on its press website, the accessories were designed after thorough research and in-depth interviews. These are a rare release which function an altruistic purpose by the Korean electronics giant.

The UltraSonic cover, Optical Scan Stand and Voice Label

New Features include detection of objects at a distance, scanning of documents and object distinction.

The first accessory is called the ultrasonic cover. This cover will be able to provide information about objects in the user’s proximit. It will use ultrasonic frequency to gain information of its surrounding.This will provide the user with the ability to gain knowledge about obstacles and unknown environments. The cover will provide information about potential obstacles either through a vibration or a voice alert.

Waterproof Galaxy S5 teaser

With the official announcement of Samsung Galaxy S5 two days away, a variety of cases from Spigen have already started popping up on the internet. Amazon being one of the online retailer listed a host of Spigen cases for the yet unannounced Galaxy S5 smartphone by Samsung. We will definitely know what the flagship from Samsung holds for us in terms of software, hardware and design not long from now, but for now, it would seem that Samsung Galaxy S5 may feature two variants judging by the cases that are mounted on the following S5 mockups.

Galaxy S5 variants

Samsung Galaxy S5 variants:

galaxy s5 launch date price specs

Samsung Galaxy S5 is rumored to be released with a premium model. According to the reports, premium version of Galaxy S5 will carry a metal body sporting a diamond-coated chassis. The reports are coming from Korean media ETNews.

Samsung Galaxy S5 diamond-coated chassis:

samsung galaxy s5 premium

holiday gift ideas

Confused about selecting gifts for your loved ones this Christmas? Let us help you select some very affordable and yet useful gifts. These Christmas gift ideas will suit teenagers, siblings, friends, and office colleagues. From iPad covers to speaker docks, save this holiday season and make your beloveds happy!

Christmas gift ideas:

- SPIGEN SGP Screen Protector for iPhone:

galaxy s5 launch date price specs

It’s crazy! 2013 went so good in terms of newer smartphones and newer ideas (hint: curved displays and good looks), and we are already set for the new year to bring more goodness. 2014 smartphones are ready to take the specs, designs and looks a little better than before. Much anticipated, here are the top 2014 Android smartphones that we are excited about; pretty sure, you too are!

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2014 smartphones to look forward to:

Gold iPhone

The iPhone Gold 5S is now a confirmed color of choice that will be available to a prospective iPhone buyer. The iPhone Gold 5S will not be technically pure gold in color, reports indicate that when saying iPhone Gold 5S we should think champagne and not ingots. We think that the Golden iPhone will exceed sales predictions because of a number of reasons.

iPhone Gold 5S

Top Reasons Why the iPhone Gold 5S will exceed sales expectation.

The iPhone Gold 5S is not Pure Gold in Color

Yes that’s right one of the major reasons in our arsenal is the fact that the iPhone Gold 5S is not pure gold. Why ? you ask, well its simple: The pure gold color has long since been associated with excessive bling and has begun to look highly unaesthetic since. The Pure Gold was bought by filthy rich people or the elite – a mark of status rather then beauty. The Gold iPhone will give you the best of both worlds: Beauty, Elegance and Status.

iPhone 5S Pictures
Gadgets Hardware

Keeping up with the loads of rumors coming up for the next-gen iPhone, the latest one is about Apple finally using unbreakable LiquidMetal for iPhone 5S and the next generation iPad casing. This rumor had first started with Apple iPhone 5, but as we saw it dint make to the iPhone 5. This time though, things are looking a bit more realistic.

Only yesterday the patent was approved for “bulk amorphous alloy sheet forming processes”, granted to the Crucible Intellectual Property. This patent would allow manufacturers to produce sheets of metallic glass of


Corsair Obsidian 900D

Corsair has unleashed its latest Corsair Obsidian 900D chassis at CES 2013. The Corsair Obsidian 900D is the successor to the Obsidian 800D and has been codenamed ‘Godzilla’ since it clearly represents it in terms of                      size.

Corsair Obsidian 900D – Godzilla of PC Cases

The Corsair Obsidian 900D is built to support all motherboard formats from E-ATX form factor of EVGA’s SR-2 motherboard all the way up to XL-ATX and HP-ATX formats. Corsair Obsidian 900D is built on a steel and cast aluminum frame with solid steel panels and a fully painted interior. The side comes with a large see-through window and also a mesh panel below it which can accommodate four 120mm fans.


Cooler Master, an industry leading chassis, thermal solution, peripheral, and accessory manufacturer today unveils the LAN box that takes the form to a whole new height, HAF XB. Packing full ATX motherboard support, modular features, portability, and excellent cooling, HAF XB comes in as the LAN box to beat.

NZXT Phantom 820_1

NZXT, a leading manufacturer of PC hardware today announced its next generation of Crafted Series Phantom line of Chassis by unleashing the Phantom 820 Full Tower Chassis. 

NZXT Phantom

NZXT Corporation, A leading hardware and PC Chassis manufacturer would be launching its Next Generation NZXT Phantom Chassis in a matter of days, the official site has been updated with a teaser image of the upcoming Phantom case alongwith a countdown timer which shows the exact time of arrival.

Corsair 900D

A leaked document from manufacturer Corsair has unveiled its latest full tower beast chassis – Corsair 900D Godzilla. In addition to the 900D, a mid-tower casing alongwith a AIO watercooling kit were leaked.


Today, BitFenix is proud to announce its latest chassis design - Ghost. Equipped with an all new silencing material while supporting high-end hardware such as water cooling radiators and long graphics cards, Ghost is the silent PC chassis that packs a serious punch.


Thermaltake, being the industry pioneer brand in PC chassis, power supply and thermal solution, launches the ARMOR REVO GENE – a mid-tower version of ARMOR REVO that is primed with full-tower features for gamers to take on the latest games and gears.


Xilence, a specialist in cooling, power supply and noise reduction for PCs and laptops, is proud to introduce the Coronet, a case for gamers and normal users. Calling this a mid-range case only makes sense if you compare it to the Dodge Coronet, the namesake of the latest design by Xilence.

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