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Videocardz has released some pretty interesting information regarding AMD’s upcoming Never Settle Forever Bundle (2014). The information not only mentions the exact games but the cards supported. However it seems that many modern games are not included, although it does contain its fair share of AAA titles from Square Enix and Eidos.

Never Settle Forever Banner

AMD’s Buyer’s Choice Game Offers

AMD Never Settle Forever 2014 Bundle – 3 Tiers scaled along the AMD Radeon GPU Lineup

Anyone familiar with AMD’s past Never Settle promotion bundles would recognize the three tiered reward mechanism of the promotion offer. Basically if you buy the low end, i.e. an R7 250 or an  R7 240 you will get only one game. If you buy the middle end, i.e. the R9 260, R9 270 or the R9 270X you will get 2 games. And if you buy the high end of AMD Radeon GPUs, namely the R9 280, R9 280X, R9 290, R9 290X and R9 295X2 you will get 3 games along with your brand new GPU. Here is the complete list of games that will be given to you courtesy of the AMD team and restrictions/Indie Packages that apply (if any).


MSI has revealed the pictures of their next generation XPOWER AC and MPOWER MAX AC motherboards which will feature built-in water cooling solutions. The pictures teased by MSI on their Facebook page showcase a new and improved design scheme for the flagship 9-Series chipset based XPOWER and MPOWER motherboards which will be aimed directly towards overclocking enthusiasts while the gaming lineup will be focused towards gamers.MSI XPOWER AC

MSI’s Next Generation XPOWER AC and MPOWER MAX AC Motherboards Pictured

Now, we have talked a lot regarding the MSI 9-Series motherboard lineups over the past few weeks since they have been releasing teasers on their Facebook page and even displayed some prototypes of their Next Gen chipset motherboards during CeBIT 2014. Well those were just prototypes and we couldn’t really make up as to exactly what features do these new boards support. From the few teaser images, we did make up that the new boards will come with interesting design and new features V-Check Points 2, OC Engine, Military Class IV components, Delid Die Guard (XPOWER AC), M.2 interface, Audio Boost 2 and last but not least, new design schemes.

So let’s get on with the OC 9-Series Motherboard lineup from MSI which includes a total of 6 motherboards listed below:

AMD logo

At the Red Hat Summit today, AMD’s server group made the first public demonstration of its second generation AMD Opteron X-Series APU codenamed ‘Berlin’. The APU runs on a Linux environment, based on the Fedora Project. The project was founded in 2003 as a result of a merger between Red Hat Linux and Fedora Linux projects and is a community driven Linux distribution. It aims to provide a familiar enterprise class operating environment to developers. It is an important development for developers looking to migrate to x86 APU servers but unwilling to introduce new tools and software platforms into IT environments, according to AMD.


Demo showcases the world’s first HSA (Heterogeneous System Architecture ) featured server APU.

This demo of Berlin is the first showcase in the world of Heterogeneous System Architecture, the Opteron X-Series. HSA aims towards blending scalar processing on the CPU, parallel processing on the GPU and optimized performance on the DSP. Through this, it intends to expose the capabilities of mainstream programmable computing elements. The demo also highlighted a variety of new advancements including Project ‘Sumatra’ which allows Java applications to take advantage of GPUs present inside the APUs. This combination of Linux and Java based on ‘Berlin’ creates a variety of possibilities. It creates a more optimized server platform for multimedia based workloads according to AMD. It will also help drive new levels of workload efficiency on data in data centers according to the company.


PlayStation Network is one of the two dedicated online multiplayer gaming and digital media content delivery services for the top two video game consoles. Brought into being by Sony, PlayStation Network is exclusive to Sony’s PlayStation gaming platforms. PlayStation Network provides all the latest games related content to PlayStation users and offers them multiplayer gameplay with other players around the world through a premium service known as PlayStation Plus.

PlayStation Network PSN

Sony Rumored to be Working on PlayStation Network Nick Change Option – Sony Vegas Devs Improving Upcoming PlayStation 4 Update

Since the debut of latest video games consoles, both Microsoft’s Xbox Live and Sony’s PlayStation Network have come across significant increase in user traffic and numbers of registered members. Developers now put a wide amount of money and work into the development of multiplayer gameplay of next-gen games. This multiplayer can only be enjoyed through becoming a member of either of the aforementioned services.

PlayStation Network currently offers a single nickname/gamerID each player. Once registered, players do not get an option to change their nickname. PlayStation Network members have long demanded an option which enable users to replace their current nicknames with new available ones’.

It seems like fans’ voice has finally been heard by Sony. A tweet from a reliable industry insider known as Tidux hints that Sony is apparently working on an option that allows users to change their PlayStation Network nicknames. While Tidux mentioned that upcoming 1.7 PlayStation 4 update will not include this feature, there are chances of it coming to the console afterwords.


You thought the Geforce 700 Series was over, didn’t you ?  Well think again. I am also willing to bet that when asked of an upcoming 700 Series GPU you wold have answered: GTX 790, well, Nvidia has other plans (Does not mean that the 790 isn’t coming). We have just received confirmation that Nvidia is adding not one but three GPUs to their Geforce 700 Series. Namely and in ascending order these are the GT 705, GT 710 and GT 720.


An Nvidia GTX 650

Nvidia Geforce GT 705, GT 710 and GT 720 to Debut as OEM Only Cards – To have Fermi and Kepler Cores

So basically what we have here is Nvidia rolling out some low end (and when I say low end, I mean really low end) and almost certainly OEM only products to the Geforce 700 series. Although the GT 720 might get to see the light of retail, the GT 705 and GT 710 will probably only ever appear in pre-made OEM pcs charging people extra because of a ‘dedicated gpu’ and before this results in a flame war the same thing happens with low-end Radeon. Pardon my presumptuousness but some marketing tactics are borderline illegal. Putting aside my rant, here is the spec sheet of the upcoming arrivals to the Nvidia lineup, which will probably be launched completely stealthily:

WCCFTech  GPU Core Core Clock Memory Clock (Effective) Memory Memory Bus CUDA Cores  TMUs  ROPs Transistors TDP
Geforce GT 705  GF119-300-A1 810 Mhz  1796 Mhz 1 GB DDR3  64 Bit   48  8  4 292 Million 29W
Geforce GT 710  GK208-301-A1 823 Mhz  1800 Mhz 512MB DDR3  64 Bit   192  16  8 Unknown Unknown
Geforce GT 720  GK208-301-A1 902 Mhz  1800 Mhz 1 GB DDR3  64 Bit   384  16  8 Unknown Unknown

GAME is among leading UK based online video game retailers, it also has a large chain of local stores which cater to the customers’ need for gaming products such as consoles and game discs. Recently, GAME announced that it is shutting down its Xbox-only GAME Boxpark video game products store that is located in London’s trendy Shoreditch area.

GAME Boxpark

Microsoft Exclusive Xbox-Only GAME Boxpark London Store to be Shut Down by the Video Game Retailer

Opened to public in June 2013, GAME Boxpark was structured to showcase Microsoft exclusive video game products such Xbox One and Xbox 360. The store was particularly planned to promote Xbox One and target the customers that would buy Microsoft’s latest console at its launch.

Explaining why the store is being shut down, GAME said that it was rented only on a “short-term contract.” The retailer has already shipped some of the store content to its other shops. The retailer also mentioned that GAME Boxpark was overall a success.GAME stores director Dave Howard spoke to MCVUK saying:

iPhone 6 launch date

iPhone 6 mockups and accessories:

Images taken at the Hong Kong Electronics Fair 2014 have been shared by a Japanese blog showing off the iPhone mock-up devices. According to the blog, accessory makers are using these iPhone 6 mockups to design cases for this year’s iPhone 6 expected to be released in September.
iPhone 6 mockups

Relevant read: Leaked Images of iPhone 6 Front Panel and Batteries in Production Tray

It is still a plenty of good months before Fall could bestow us with an iPhone 6 launch, however, as all the previous

Intel Haswell Refresh

The retail prices of Intel’s upcoming Haswell Refresh processors have been revealed by Computerbase which show variants ranging from the top $303 US Core i7-4790 to the entry tier Celeron G1840T which will cost $42 US. Intel’s Haswell Refresh processors will launch on 10th of May and would be available for both Mobile and Desktop consumer platforms.Intel Haswell Refresh

Intel Haswell Refresh Desktop and Mobile Processors Prices Confirmed

Intel initially launched their fourth generation Haswell processors in June 2013 at Computex. The processors featured the latest 22nm core 3D Tri-gate transistors technology which improved the IPC and efficiency by a decent amount of Ivy Bridge. The upcoming Haswell Refresh processors are no different then these featuring bumped up clock speeds and more SKU design schemes such as low TDP and low power variants available at similar price points. A total of 26 desktop processors have started shipping to retailers across the globe and  would be available for sale in the upcoming days prior to their official launch planned for next month.

The Core i7-4790 will be the flagship processor of the Haswell Refresh lineup and the first 22nm consumer CPU to obtain clock frequency of 4 GHz. It will feature 4 cores and 8 threads. The Core i7-4790 will also be available in ‘S’ and ‘T’ variants which will retail at the same price of $303 US but will feature lower clock speeds since they are aimed towards low TDP and low power platforms. Other models include Core i7-4785T, Core i5-4690, Core i5-4590, Core i5-4460, Core i3-4360, Core i3-4350, Core i3-4150 and several Pentium and Celeron variants all of which would be available in “T” and “S” variants.

AMD R9 Series Logo

It seems to be a good week for overclocking this week. Overclocking enthusiasts seem to be in the mood with new records being set every day. This time, their target has been the AMD Radeon R9 290X. Slovenian enthusiast Moonman has set new records for the card in HWBOT Unique Heaven with a score of 5504.9 points on the DX11 extreme profile. This translates into the global rank of 1 out of 1000 for single core GPUs and a rank of 1 out of 82 for the R9 290X.


Record achieved on the R9 290X by using liquid nitrogen to cool the ‘guinea’ on the core. Temperature lowered to -140 Celsius.

The card was overclocked by Moonman to achieve frequencies of 1540/7400 MHz. This was made possible by employing liquid nitrogen and  to cool the GPU and also by modifying the power subsystem on the video card. The use of liquid nitrogen allowed to achieve a load temperature of -140 degree Celsius and ambient temperature of of 22 degree Celsius. The thermal compound used was the Gelid GC-Extreme to boost overall thermal conductivity. The processor used by Moonman was the Core i5-4670 K. This was also overclocked to 5723 MHz. This was made possible by using the cascade system of phase transition. An interesting point here is the memory used by the enthusiast. The memory employed was single chanel 4096 MB DDR3 (SDRAM) with a clock speed of 1/305 MHz and it was on this single channel RAM that the overclocked frequencies were achieved. Moonman himself explained that in order to boot the system and increase overall stability single channel memory had to be used.

galaxy s5 fingerprint sensor

Samsung Galaxy S5 fingerprint sensor hacked:

Deja vu, anyone? Very much following the footsteps set in the mud by Apple’s current flagship handset, the iPhone 5s, Samsung Galaxy S5′s fingerprint sensor too has been hacked. Congratulations, everyone! Sarcasm aside, this is quite sad taking in consideration that Samsung was expected to up the game of biometric readers after seeing how Apple’s Touch ID wentGalaxy S5 fingerprint sensor hacked

- Recommended read: Fix iPhone 5s Touch ID Problems on iOS 7.1 – How to

While the fingerprint reader add an extra layer of security, they also make it more vulnerable and pose more security flaws if not implemented well. As seen with iPhone 5s Touch ID, it was possible to hack the fingerprint using a lifted fingerprint. In the similar fashion, SRLabs have been able to show how a faker fingerprint can be used to gain unauthorized access on Samsung’s latest Galaxy S5.

What is more troubling though is that Galaxy S5 is seems to be even more vulnerable than the iPhone 5s since there is no requirement of a passcode after a fingerprint entry. Apple iPhone 5s Touch ID requires a password the first time you boot a device, Samsung has set no such security restriction making it easier to hack into the SGS5 fingerprint sensor. Even after a reboot, Samsung requires no password and a simple swipe of a finger will unlock all of your phone to someone else.

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Galaxy S5 fingerprint sensor hacked

You should be more alarmed about this pretty easy hack if you had intended to use Samsung Galaxy S5 to make PayPal transactions as no password is required to access PayPal and make payments through the app. If you happen to lose your Galaxy S5, or it gets stolen, it is strongly recommended that you use Android Device Manager to wipe your Android handset remotely in order to be safe from any more financial losses.

However, PayPal reaffirms its confidence in a statement to BGR:

While we take the findings from Security Research Labs very seriously, we are still confident that fingerprint authentication offers an easier and more secure way to pay on mobile devices than passwords or credit cards. PayPal never stores or even has access to your actual fingerprint with authentication on the Galaxy S5. The scan unlocks a secure cryptographic key that serves as a password replacement for the phone. We can simply deactivate the key from a lost or stolen device, and you can create a new one. PayPal also uses sophisticated fraud and risk management tools to try to prevent fraud before it happens. However, in the rare instances that it does, you are covered by our purchase protection policy.

Galaxy S5 fingerprint sensor hacked video:

It is yet to be seen if Samsung could bring some software update to Galaxy S5 in order to address this hack by requiring a password or adding any additional security.

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Galaxy S5 cost
Gadgets Hardware

Samsung Galaxy S5 teardown shows that Galaxy S5 costs Samsung around $256 a piece. The Galaxy S5 teardown conducted by Chipworks shows the parts of this mega flagship while a leading market research firm, IHS, has analyzed the cost of all the components fitted in Samsung Galaxy S5. IHS had conduced a similar analysis for Galaxy’s main rival, iPhone 5s last year which, it estimated, costs around $199 to produce.Galaxy S5 teardownRelevant read: Samsung Galaxy S5 Deals being Offered by Carriers and Retailers

Samsung Galaxy S5 teardown:

Samsung is selling its current flagship smartphone for $650 carrier-free. The flagship comes at around $200 with a contract of two years. The leading research firm IHS estimates that the hardware components of Samsung Galaxy S5 cost about $256 to the company.

The analysis breaks down the cost tag for most of the components of Galaxy S5. According to IHS break down, Galaxy S5′s Super AMOLED display module is the most expensive component of the smartphone, coming at

iPhone 6 leaked images

iPhone 6 leaked images:

Two new sets of iPhone 6 leaked images have surfaced today giving some clues to how the larger iPhone 6 would look like. iPhone 6 front panel is being held next to an iPhone 5s with a seemingly factory background. The next set consists of images on batteries allegedly part of an iPhone 6.

iPhone 6 leaked images

iPhone Air Concept

This iPhone 6 front panel shows the cutouts for camera, ear speaker, light sensor, and the Home button. iPhone 6

Catalyst logo

Update - MSI has contacted us that the bug has been fixed through a new BIOS that was rolled out at the start of this month. The issue was related to AMD drivers and MSI’s double PWM fan control system on the TriFrozr graphics cooler. For those running MSI’s Radeon R9 290X Lightning, you can download the following BIOS file and update your cards using the LiveBIOS utility to ensure optimal performance.

[Report] At Hawaii’s launch there were multiple jokes about it running too hot. Well, if you are an MSI R9 290X Lightning owner then the joke might become a harsh reality for you. It turns out that a bug that ails only the 290X Lightning’s stops both side fans from working, causing severe heating issues. We were first notified of this critical malfunction by reader Greg Mann and a simple forum search revealed that the problem was rampant in practically every MSI Lightning (R9 290X) out there. At the time of writing, AMD has been notified of the problem.

Lightning R9 290X Catalyst 14.3 Fan Bug Overheating

Catalyst 14.3 Beta Drivers causes critical fan malfunction in MSI Lightning R9 290X

Catalyst 14.3 Driver Issue causes Side Fans of the MSI R9 290X Lightning to Stop Working

Thankfully however, from what we can see in the forum responses at least, all owners noticed the problem quickly enough and stopped any GPU intensive activity while downgrading to a safe Catalyst version. It is worth noting here that the Catalyst 14.3 is a BETA driver and AMD has warned about bugs like this on practically every documentation available.  However from a cursory glance this issue has been prevalent in even 14.2 BETA drivers. Here is the hierarchy of the problem:

  • Catalyst 14.3: Causes critical malfunction of side fans not functioning and middle fan locked at 30%. Manual override using MSI Afterburner or Catalyst Control Not possible. The result is almost certain damage to the GPU if it is put under continuous, heavy load.
  • Catalyst 14.2: Causes the auto feature to malfunction, resulting in the side fans not spinning up and increasing RPM when GPU is put under load. The result is inadequate cooling and overheating. Manual override is possible.
  • Catalyst 13.12: Everything works fine.

Today, we have a interesting leak regarding MSI’s upcoming gaming 9-Series motherboard lineup which is expected to launch next month. As you all may have noticed from our reports, Intel will launch their next-gen 9-Series chip-set on 11th May which will include the latest Haswell Refresh processors and the new 9-Series boards which will debut on the same date.MSI-Zxx-Gaming-9-AC-Motherboard 9-Series

MSI 9-Series Motherboard Gaming Lineup Leaked – Includes 6 Board

Now, we have talked a lot regarding the MSI 9-Series motherboard lineups over the past few weeks since they have been releasing teasers on their Facebook page and even displayed some prototypes of their Next Gen chipset motherboards during CeBIT 2014. Well those were just prototypes and we couldn’t really make up as to exactly what features do these new boards support. From the few teaser images, we did make up that the new boards will come with interesting design and new features V-Check Points 2, OC Engine, Military Class IV components, Delid Die Guard (XPOWER AC), M.2 interface, Audio Boost 2 and last but not least, new design schemes. Well, today we have the entire 9-Series motherboard lineup for you to feast your eyes upon which are detailed below. Do note that these 9-Series chipset based boards listed below are the Gaming tier boards from MSI and we are yet to see their overclocking (MPOWER/XPOWER) and legacy lineup which will be unveiled a few days prior to launch.

So let’s get on with the Gaming 9-Series Motherboard lineup from MSI which includes a total of 6 motherboards listed below:

XFX Logo

AMD Partners are releasing their more or less similar looking R9 295X2′s in an orderly fashion and today XFX have marked their entry with the XFX R9 295X2 ‘Core Edition’. Which is more or less your reference R9 295X2 with just the AMD sticker removed and a bordered XFX sticker in its place (it looks like theres nothing there, but its there). It will ship in a cardboard box and will retail for about $1499 MSRP.


XFX R9 295X2 Core Edition Revealed – A Reference R9 295X2 in a Box

XFX deserves a special mention in the tech world because its story is a sad one. It used to be a fluent Nvidia Partner back in the days (before 2009 to be exact) and rolled out some amazing cards. I still have the XFX GTS 250 Core Edition with me to this day. However it decided that it will start manufacturing AMD Radeon cards as well but that was against the exclusivity understanding they had with Nvidia. The result? they got a boot from Nvidia’s partners and ended up making AMD cards exclusively. Sadly Corporate Ethics is a debate better left untouched. Moving on.

The XFX R9 295X2 will be your standard Vesuvius, but for those who against all odds,  do not know, here are the official specs: 28nm Hawaii XT Cores, with 2816 Stream Processors per GPU and 8GB of memory (4GB per GPU) paired up with dual 512-bit memory interface. The GPUs are clocked at 1018MHz while the memory is clocked at a lazy 5Ghz. It uses Asetek’s custom cooling solution with water blocks and a 120mm radiator fan.

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