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General 3 hours ago

Discover; a brand new feature launch of Snapchat

After a huge success of Snapchat stories, snaps and “our stories”, it now brings in a discover feature to Sn…
AMD Logo
HardwareLeak 4 hours ago

AMD Bristol Ridge APUs Will Succeed Kaveri Refresh in 2016 on the 28nm Node

We have another interesting update from the reliable today. Turns out, the new lineup that will be repla…
AMD R9 Series Logo
HardwareLeak 5 hours ago

AMD Radeon R9 400 Series GPUs Will be Codenamed Arctic Islands – Hints at Energy E…

An update from has revealed the code name of the next-next-gen AMD Radeon R9 400 Series GPUs. It goes wi…
Gadgets 7 hours ago

Download iOS 8.1.3 Right Here For Several Fixes On iPhone And iPad

Apple has updated its mobile OS today, with the release of iOS 8.1.3. Over the last few update cycles, the company’…
samsung galaxy s logo
Gadgets 7 hours ago

New Rumors Greatly Increase Galaxy S6 Functionality Through Back Covers

Not a day passes now without us seeing some rumor,news or leak about the Samsung Galaxy S6. Whether it is a confirmation…
Samsung Galaxy S4
Gadgets 9 hours ago

Snapdragon 810 Does Not “Overheat”; Samsung Looking To Enter Chip War

Apparently, Samsung is ditching Snapdragon 810 processor for its next flagship, and the cause is- once more apparently, …
Facebook logo
SecurityWeb 15 hours ago

Facebook Claims Service Disruption Was Due To Internal Changes – Not Hacking

Around 1PM Eastern Time today, several social networking and sharing services went offline. The downtime lasted for arou…
Graphene Transistors
GeneralIndustry 1 day ago

New Graphene ‘Wonder Material’ Breakthrough Enables Doubling of Solar Panel …

One of the major reasons that solar panels are facing such hurdles to replace conventional electricity sources is becaus…
Nvidia Logo Geforce
Hardware 1 day ago

Nvidia Geforce GTX 970 Specs Updated: Only 56 ROPs and Less than 2MB L2 Cache

Nvidia has finally given a very detailed and technical explanation to PCPer on why the GTX 970 faces memory allocation i…
Hardware 1 day ago

AMD Zen To Be Featured Inside Summit Ridge Family of 14nm Processors – Rumored To …

The next generation AMD Zen architecture is still undergoing development and will take some time before it’s avail…
The order 1886 logo
Games 1 day ago

The Order: 1886 Gameplay Explained on Reddit: Questions About Its Replayability

One of the most anticipated games of the year is the PS4 exclusive known as ‘The Order: 1886′ which was originally a…
Apple vs Samsung logo
Gadgets 1 day ago

Samsung To Fabricate Majority Of A9 Chips For Apple’s Next Generation iPhone

Samsung will offer majority of Apple’s A9 chips, to be used in next generation iPhone, says Maeil Business (a South Ko…
Hardware 1 day ago

AMD Allegedely Readying “Godavari” Kaveri-Refresh Platform For Launch In Sum…

AMD is possibly preparing a new APU platform codenamed “Godavari” for launch in summer 2015 as alleged by Sw…
HardwareLeak 2 days ago

AMD R9 380X Listed Online – New Fiji XT Board Certified

AMD Radeon R9 380X has been listed online by two different etailers and a new Fiji XT graphics board has reportedly been…






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