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YouTube Go Is Officially Announced for Effortless Offline Video Viewing and Sharing

Google has officially announced YouTube Go, which is essentially a dedicated app designed to provide even more accessibility to the average user while hovering around the extremely popular video sharing and streaming website. Offline content viewing and sharing has always been a complaint of millions of users, and YouTube Go intends on removing that gap […]

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Facebook Ordered to Delete WhatsApp User Data by German regulator

One German privacy regulator has ordered social networking giant Facebook to stop collecting and storing data of German users. The order was given on Tuesday and with Facebook collecting WhatsApp data of German smartphone users, the regulatory authority wants to put an end to this immediately. Facebook Infringing Data Protection Law, According to the German […]

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AMD X370 Chipset For Enthusiast AM4 Motherboards Detailed – Designed For Summit Ridge CPUs, Full Overclocking Support

Details regarding the AMD X370 chipset have leaked out over at Planet3dnow. The details confirm that X370 will be the high-end chip designed to support the upcoming Summit Ridge processors. These processors will be designed using the next-gen Zen core architecture that offers up to 40% IPC increase over Excavator and higher efficiency. AMD X370 […]

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Google Prepping a Pixel Notebook That Could Be Running the Andromeda OS

After the announcement of Pixel C, Google is aiming to bring the functionality of laptops and the portability of tablets in a single package, even though this particular package is said to be a notebook as well. That being said, Google is said to be working on a new Pixel laptop that is going to […]

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Apple To Launch MacBook Pro & MacBook Air In October With Intel Skylake Claims Analyst

As Apple gets done with the launch of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, we now turn our attention to other potential offerings from the company. The MacBook upgrades from Cupertino have surfaced in the rumor mill regularly. Information so far suggests a secondary OLED display for the MacBook Pro that will display function […]

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Yahoo Faces Loads Of Questions After It is Revealed That It Was Hacked Two Years Ago.

Yahoo may have confirmed that it was hacked in 2014 but its statement left a gaping hole in our knowledge and has left us with various pressing unanswered questions. The idea that the personal data of approximately half a billion users has been stolen by ‘state-sponsored’ hackers raises a lot of questions. According to the […]

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TSMC Roadmap Update: Will Be Ready To Take 7nm Orders By April 2017, Volume Production Scheduled To Begin By 2018

The silicon industry is nothing without the foundries that produce the brains for pretty much everything powered by technology; which is why the progress of these fabs in terms of technology and schedule is of immense importance to enthusiasts. We have just received word that TSMC, a leading pure-play foundry, will be ready to take […]

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Google Pixel And Pixel XL Leak In Flesh For First Time Confirming Several Details

It’s only a couple of days until the Google Pixel and Pixel XL are launched. The official launch date for the device is set at October 4th. We’ve managed to gather quite a bit of information related to them. This year’s smartphone from Google will be re-branded from head to toe. Google will ditch the […]

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MediaTek To Launch Additional Helio X35 In 2017 Based On TSMC’s 10nm Process

In mobile hardware, we’ve got two manufacturers that are at the top. Samsung and Qualcomm have consistently managed to make their presence known in both top tier devices and high benchmark scores. We’re yet to see a third manufacturer join their ranks, but this gap might close soon. Major upgrades in mobile hardware are expected […]

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AMD’s Zen Processor Might Power Next-Generation Apple MacBook Pro – Custom SOC Design With HBM2 Memory System

The next generation of Apple MacBook Pro products are rumored to feature an AMD chip inside them. Bits and Chips reports that due to tech stagnation in regards to Intel’s mobility processors, Apple might jump ship over to camp AMD and use their latest Zen based processors to power off the MacBook Pro lineup. Next-Generation […]

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Palmer Luckey Oculus Rift Founder Seems To Be Spending Loads Backing pro-Trump ‘shitposts’

A surprising news just came up and it seems that Palmer Luckey, who is none other than the creator of ‘Oculus Rift’ (Facebook’s virtual reality headset). It is said that he is a secret backer for the pro-Donald Trump organization that is aiming to turn the tide of the elections by campaigns through memes and […]

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AMD Zen PLUS 7nm “Gray Hawk” APU Launching In 2019 – Features 4 Cores, 8 Threads & Power As Low As 10W

AMD is working on a family of APUs code named “Gray Hawk” to debut in 2019 on Globalfoundries’ recently announced 7nm FinFET process. This next generation family of high performance Accelerated Processing Units will feature up to four Zen+ cores and eight threads with a thermal and power footprint as low as 10 watts. Powering the […]

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Microsoft Surface Phone Rumored With Snapdragon 830, 20MP Rear Camera & 2K Display

As a company, Microsoft’s strength has always been software. Redmond’s operating system runs on the majority of computers worldwide. Its foray in cloud and analytical services has also started to see some wins lately. The Surface Pro and Surface Book lineup combine hardware and design specifications in an efficient manner. With smartphones, the company’s failures […]

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Apple’s A10X Will Be Manufactured On TSMC’s 10nm Says Engineer Job Description

Apple’s got its own set of rules when it comes to gadgets. Cupertino’s holistic approach on design and performance is one reason that its products continue to do well. This is despite the fact that hardware wise, Apple products, especially its mobile lineup is underhanded in terms of core hardware specifications. Still, a couple of […]

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NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti and GeForce GTX 1050 Variants Detailed – GP107 Based, Up To 4 GB VRAM, $149 and $119 US Price Points

NVIDIA is expected to launch their entry-level GTX 1050 graphics card next month. Latest leaks suggest that it might not be one variant that will be available to consumers, but to totally different cards. The details coming in from HWBattle indicate that both variants will use the latest Pascal GP107 graphics core. NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 […]

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New Budget Announced For NASA Seems To Be Cancelling Their Amazing Asteroid Capturing Mission

US Congress just announced the budget for NASA’s upcoming fiscal year. The agency has been allotted US $19.5 billion so that it can develop clear and efficient strategies for human exploration in space. This may sound cool and sufficient but it seems that there is one thing that the Congress wants to cut; a project […]

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Some iPhone 7 & iPhone 7 Plus Users Are Complaining About Poor Sound Quality

Previously, some iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus owners were complaining of a hissing noise emanating from their devices. This was due to extreme stress being exerted on the processor, but only a fraction of consumers actually reported this. Now, it appears that another fraction of those users have started complaining about poor sound quality […]

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Nvidia GTX 1070 Undressed, GP104 GPU Gets First Ever Die Shots – Dissecting The Heart Of GeForce

Nvidia’s GeForce GTX 1070 graphics card gets undressed and dissected. Its core the Pascal GP104 GPU exposed and beautifully photographed. These are the first ever public die shots of the 314mm². If you’re a hardware enthusiast grab a drink, sit back, relax and prepare to drool. Nvidia GP104 GPU Dissected – Cutting Through The Heart Of The GTX 1080 & […]

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Resident Evil 7 PC Requirements Released Way Ahead of Time by Capcom

Today, Capcom unexpectedly posted the Resident Evil 7 PC requirements on the game’s Steam page. It is rather unusual to get the official requirements four months ahead of launch; regardless, these specs are pretty appropriate and shouldn’t constitute an issue for anyone who built a gaming PC in the last two or three years. Capcom […]

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Twitter Will Be Live Streaming the US Presidential Debates – Here’s How You Can Be Part of It

Thanks to the partnership between Twitter and Bloomberg Media, streaming of the US Presidential and Vice Presidential debates on the microblogging website are going to take place. If you want to check out the debate schedule, those details have been posted below, along with other pointers on the matter. Live Streaming of the US Presidential […]

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Apple Rumored to Acquire McLaren, the Luxury Carmaker

According to sources close to the matter, Apple has approached British luxury carmaker and Formula One team McLaren concerning a potential acquisition, and here are all the details you would like to know. Apple Rumored to Acquire McLaren for a Hefty Amount, Most Likely to Revitalize Its Secret Car Project Details of the rumor suggest […]

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Experimental Drug Helps Fight Metastatic Pancreatic Cancer Without Any Side Effects

Scientists are pretty excited about the discovery of a drug that is effective against metastatic pancreatic cancer and has no obvious side effects. This type of cancer is no doubt one of the deadliest forms of cancers that exist today. Such a pancreatic cancer is known for its ability to hide and protect itself from […]