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GamesHardware 4 hours ago

Nintendo Confirms New Console, Evidently Powered by AMD

Nintendo confirms that work is underway for a new game console. Evidently the same gaming device that AMD hinted at earl...
General 7 hours ago

Google+ now added an automatic video enhancer to their features

Thanks to the handheld devices, videos are now much more common than ever a fore. We do expect the quality not to be so ...
General 7 hours ago

Microsoft’s new App, ‘Sway’ is now Available for General Public too.

Sway launched by Microsoft in early October is now finally open to general public. Sway is an app that helps expressing ...
Facebook buys Oculus Rift
GamesHardware 7 hours ago

Microsoft Xbox Team confirms that its actively working on Virtual Reality

Although we might still be a bit far from seeing Virtual Reality in everyday games but it doesn’t mean that the de...
General 7 hours ago

Amazon Launches One Hour Delivery Service in Manhattan, NYC

Casing tens of thousands of everyday essential products rolling out at Amazon, “Prime Now” brings in a tapering down...
Gigabyte X99 SOC Force Champion
Hardware 7 hours ago

Gigabyte X99 SOC Force Champion Pictured – Breaks 9 Overclocking World Records P...

Gigabyte’s upcoming X99 SOC Force Champion motherboard has been pictured prior to its launch at CES 2015. Gigabyte...
Geforce GTX logo
Hardware 1 day ago

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960 Supposedly Launching On 22nd January – Will Feature Singl...

According to a report published by GDM.OR.JP, it seems like NVIDIA will be launching their budget tier GeForce GTX 960 g...
Industry 1 day ago

Watch BBC Documentary Covering Apple Factories Undercover that “Deeply Offended&...

A documentary by BBC has alleged iPhone factories breaking standards on “worker’s hours, ID cards, dormitori...
Leak 1 day ago

Finally Some Substantial Galaxy S6 Aluminum Unibody Images Leak

Samsung started deviating from its years long plastic-based designing this year with Samsung Galaxy Alpha, the A Series ...
Intel Skylake
HardwareLeakRumor 1 day ago

Intel Skylake Performance Benchmarks Leaked on SiSoftware Sandra

The HWBot team has spotted a very interesting entry on the SiSoft Sandra database of a quadcore eight thread Skylake CPU...
AMD Catalyst Logo
Hardware 1 day ago

AMD’s Reveals New GPU Power Scaling technology: DFRC (Dynamic Frame Rate Control...

Contrary to popular belief, less demanding games don’t make the GPU sip proportionally less electricity than highe...
HardwareIndustry 2 days ago

Samsung and Globalfoundries Beat TSMC to FinFET – What This Means For AMD, Nvidi...

Both Globalfoundries and Samsung beat TSMC to FinFETs with their 14nm LPE and LPP nodes. Announcing that mass production...
Security 2 days ago

Lord of the Internet ICANN Falls Victim to Hackers Compromising CZDS

Quite a holiday season hackers are having this year making us crazy following their seemingly never ending saga of hacki...
iOS 8.2 Beta 3 ipsw
Software 2 days ago

RELEASED: iOS 8.2 Beta 3 IPSW Direct Download Links Now Available

Following the release of iOS 8.2 Beta 2 some 10 days ago, Apple has just rolled out the latest beta update. iOS 8.2 brin...






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