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Mobile 6 months ago

Three For One; Samsung Norway Posts(?) Three Of The Most Potent Galaxy S6 Features

With the upcoming Galaxy S6 launches this March, Samsung has been quite busy, both at preparing the devices for launch, …
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GeneralSoftware 6 months ago

Youtube To Launch Youtube Kids App For Children, On Android

On this Monday, Youtube announced to launch its app targeted for kids. The app would offer enumerable legit episodes bas…
AnalysisGeneral 6 months ago

The Refurbished Desktop Layout Of Play Store – Google Tests Sidebar For Related Apps

Google Play Store mobile has been a great repository for the provision of applications to us and Play Store for web just…
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Mobile 6 months ago

Insiders Leak Detailed Specifications Of The Samsung Galaxy Tab S2; Exynos 7420 Present

Samsung’s updates for its Galaxy Tab S lineup made headlines a couple of days back, owing primarily to the fact th…
Latest leak for HTC’s One M9 Plus shows 5.2 inch screen size, QHD display
Mobile 6 months ago

Major HTC One M9 Benchmarks Posting Turns Out To Be Disappointing – No Snapdragon …

With things getting interesting before the upcoming flagship launches at the Mobile World Congress due to be held in Bar…
MobileSoftware 6 months ago

The Next Android Update (5.1?) Will Be Coming This March – HTC VP Remarks

Google’s Android Lollipop update last year was one of the more important software updates the search engine giant …
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HardwareMobile 6 months ago

2600 mAh Battery Is A Go For The Samsung Galaxy S6 With Some Authentic Looking Images Ha…

Samsung’s upcoming flagship for the Android world, the Samsung Galaxy S6 cannot stay out of the news these days. J…
Cat Simulator
Games 6 months ago

Cat Simulator?

Kickstarter can sometimes be a great platform, not always of course. But it has a tremendous amount of potential to prod…
HardwareMobile 6 months ago

The Going Just Got Better With Super Fast (eMMC 5.1) Storage On Galaxy S6

The Samsung Galaxy S6 seems to be one impressive phone indeed with the amount of rumors, speculations and leaks surround…
Latest leak for HTC’s One M9 Plus shows 5.2 inch screen size, QHD display
Mobile 6 months ago

Complete List Of Sense 7 Apps Leaks For The HTC One M9 Showing What The Flagship Might C…

Following the leaks and rumors surrounding the Samsung Galaxy S6 which will be shown off by the manufactured in Barcelon…
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Mobile 6 months ago

Eager To Impress Samsung Posts More Galaxy S6 Teasers Boasting Battery Performance

Looks like Samsung intent to build up as much hype as it can when it comes to its next generation flagship device, the S…
MobileSoftware 6 months ago

Android Lollipop For The Xperia Z3 Finally Gets Certified; Expected To Come Soon

With almost all of today’s mobile flagships having received the Android Lollipop update, its time for Sony’s…
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Mobile 6 months ago

Eager To Break Records; Galaxy S6 Edge Pops Up Again On GeekBench

Like component leaks on the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus before it, the upcoming Samsung Galaxy is turning out to be o…
IndustryInterview 6 months ago

Qualcomm VP States Samsung Loss Not A Big Issue; Company Can Ship Handsets Like Blockbus…

With Samsung choosing to leave behind traditional SoC partner Qualcomm for the processor on the Galaxy S6 this year, one…
Mobile 6 months ago

LG Looking To Stand Out By Launching The LG G4 In April Claims Insider

With the Samsung Galaxy S6 and to some extent the HTC One M9 dominating news these days, another Android flagship also d…
LG Optimus Pro Specs
MobileSoftware 6 months ago

Good News For LG G3 Users As Android Lollipop Starts To Roll Out On Sprint

After other Android flagships, its now time for LG users all around to finally get a chance to experience Android Lollip…
Mobile 6 months ago

Taking Down iPad Air 2? Rumored Galaxy Tab S2 Will Be Thinner Than Apple’s Tablet …

When Apple launched the iPad Air 2 last year, it managed to surprise most of us with the thickness and the performance o…
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Analysis 6 months ago

New Rumor Suggest Modest 2600 mAh Battery On The Galaxy S6

Rumor suggests that Galaxy S6 would have a display no bigger than its predecessor, reaching the 5.1 inch mark. However t…






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