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Software 10 months ago

New Windows 10 Build Coming This Week with Phone App Support

Microsoft is set to officially launch Windows 10 on July 29. Only a month away, Redmond is not showing any speed bumps w…
General 10 months ago

Alleged OnePlus 2 Images Leak Showing Misplaced Measurements

Another flagship seems to have gotten caught in the internet’s infamous leak mill. We’ve seen top tier flags…
LeakMobile 10 months ago

The Snapdragon 820 Benchmarked; Slower Than Exynos 7420

After Samsung is to mass produce 14 nm FinFET chips that will be used to manufacture the Snapdragon 820, the latest benc…
Mobile 10 months ago

Galaxy S5 Neo Spotted In Czech Republic; Exynos 7580 Present

Galaxy S6 Plus duo and Galaxy Note 5 are already expected to be released by Samsung very soon, and here, we have yet ano…
android 5.1.1 battery
Software 10 months ago

Fix Android 5.1.1 Battery Drain Issues – Android Tips

Android 5.1.1 Lollipop has just been with us for a few weeks and interwebs are already full of battery drain complaints.…
MobileOp-Ed 10 months ago

Here’s Why The Galaxy S6 Duo Doesn’t Feature Expandable Storage

We all agree to an extent that companies who do not end up incorporating MicroSD card slots in their devices are pure ev…
sony xperia z3 released
Software 10 months ago

CarbonROM Android 5.1.1 Now Available for Xperia Z3 – How to

Until Sony decides to adorn your Xperia Z3 with the beautiful Android 5.1.1 Lollipop in July, here is how to do it manu…
Software 10 months ago

Best Android 5.1.1 Custom ROM for Nexus 4 – How to

EuphoriaOS is one of the most popular custom ROMs available for the Android devices. It’s also one of the first fe…
android 5.1.1 custom rom
Software 10 months ago

Update T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S4 M919 to Android 5.1.1 – How to

Samsung Galaxy S4 SGH-M919 finally gets some latest Lollipop love from MoKee. This custom ROM is stable and odexed for f…
resurrection remix android 5.1 custom rom
Software 10 months ago

Smooth and Fast Custom ROM Based on Android 5.1.1 for Galaxy S3 – How to

Android 5.1.1 Lollipop custom ROMs list is getting quite extensive. With more ROMs, we get the option of choosing only t…
samsung galaxy s6 logo
AnalysisMobile 10 months ago

[Benchmark Dissection] Samsung Galaxy S6 Vs iPhone 6 Vs LG G4 Vs HTC One M9 Vs ZenFone 2

The Exynos 7420 found on Samsung’s Galaxy S6 Duo is the first mobile SoC to come with 14nm FinFET architecture. Th…
Software 10 months ago

Microsoft Pulling The Plug On Outlook App For Older Android Devices From July 31

Software giant Microsoft has generously extended many of its products to Android and iOS, such as its Office app. Apart …
Mobile 10 months ago

Snapdragon 820 To Feature Kyro Cores With Speeds Of 3.0 GHz

There have been several reports published stating that Qualcomm’s flagship SoC, Snapdragon 820 is going to be fabricat…
Mobile 10 months ago

OnePlus 2 Gets Official Launch Date; With ‘Virtual Reality’ In The Mix

Well, well, well. Here’s something that we don’t get to see everyday. While OnePlus has been known to be lau…
MobileSoftware 10 months ago

You Might Not Get To See Android 5.1.1 On The G4 According To LG

Android 5.1 has started to see a gradual roll out to devices with Samsung’s Galaxy flagships already having starte…
Mobile 10 months ago

Samsung Galaxy S7 Will Not Be Released This Year

Only recently, it was reported that Samsung was prepping to roll out the successor of its Galaxy S6 duo during the secon…
fix Nexus 6 battery
MobileSoftware 10 months ago

Fix Nexus 6 Battery, Heating and Performance Issues – Android Tips

Nexus users have often reported how their smartphone gets hot at times with performance lags happening too. Not only he…
Latest Huawei Ascend P8 smartphone’s blueprint reveals fingerprint sensor and slim design
Mobile 10 months ago

Huawei’s Honor 7 Sees Twist In Speculation With 5.2 Inch Screen

When it comes to Chinese smartphone manufacturers, Huawei has been at the top of its game recently. The company has mana…






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