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IndustryMobile 11 months ago

Samsung’s Got Plans To Take It All With World’s First 11K Mobile Display Pan…

With the launch of the Retina 4K iMac last year, Apple managed to woo quite a lot in the PC industry. Where 4K displays …
Mobile 11 months ago

Watch Out Apple; Samsung Is Said To Launch The Note 5 In Mid-August

We’ve been hearing quite a lot about Samsung’s Galaxy Note 5 over the past couple of days, with the Korean m…
android m
Software 11 months ago

Android M Developer Preview 2 For Nexus 5, 6, 9, Player – Direct Download Links

Google announced Android M at the Google I/O Keynote in May releasing the first Developer Preview on the same day. Andro…
LeakMobile 11 months ago

Thinner Than The Rest Xiaomi Mi5 Plus Leaks On China’s Certification Agency

Xiaomi’s got a big year planned for all of us so far, if the countless rumors and leaks that we have been seeing s…
OnePlus 2 to feature 5.5 inch and 1080p display
LeakMobile 11 months ago

The OnePlus 2 Looks To Have More Surprises As Device Cases Leak Today

As we ease into July, the date for the OnePlus 2’s unveiling inches closer and closer. The Chinese smartphone upst…
Galaxy Note 5 Will Feature ‘Write To PDF’ Function
Mobile 11 months ago

Here’s What The Galaxy Note 5 And S6 Edge Plus Will Come With This Year

More and more details have started to surface surrounding Samsung’s expected portfolio for the remainder of 2015. …
Mobile 11 months ago

Samsung’s Aiming High As Pricing Details For Galaxy Tab S2 Duo Surface

As big as it is, Samsung doesn’t only manufacture only one category of devices. Aside from top, middle and low tie…
Mobile 11 months ago

Samsung’s Looking For Premium Builds With Note 5 Not Coming With MicroSD

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 5 has seen almost every aspect about its details leak so far. We’ve seen performance s…
LeakMobile 11 months ago

Is That An External SIM Slot? Leaked Galaxy Note 5 Schematics Paint Good Picture

With September fast approaching, seems like flagship devices from the industry;s top manufacturers are in a rush to be l…
IndustryOp-Ed 11 months ago

Why Sony Will Never Completely Move Out Of The Mobile Business?

Despite releasing aesthetically appealing handsets that are only matched with its smartphone camera sensor’s prowess, …
Mobile 11 months ago

The Snapdragon 820 To Feature On Another Device – In Sony’s Xperia Z5 Rumore…

Sony’s been facing rather difficult times when it comes to flagship smartphones this year. After we saw some hype …
Xiaomi’s upcoming entry level device expected to a carry a $65 price tag
LeakMobile 11 months ago

A Dual Camera For 2015; Alleged Xiaomi Mi5 Images Shows New Feature

For 2015 smartphone launches, the leak saga just doesn’t seem to end over the past couple of days. After we’…
Mobile 11 months ago

Here’s How To Get OnePlus Cardboard Headset For OnePlus 2 Launch Event This July

OnePlus fans all around are in for quite a bit of waiting until the company launches its second flagship, the OnePlus 2 …
Mobile 11 months ago

The 2015 Nexus Will Be Built By LG On New Prototype; No Huawei In The Mix?

With hype these days focusing primarily around Apple’s iPhone 6S Duo launches for this September, news about other…
MobileSoftware 11 months ago

Google Photos Labels Black Couple As ‘Gorillas’; Really Google?

When Google announced its updated Photo app, users all around were excited to hear about its new features. With the abil…
LeakMobile 11 months ago

Samsung’s Galaxy S6 Edge Plus Case Renders Leak Showcasing Little Changes

As the day passes, the leaks don’t seem to be coming to an end it seems. We’ve seen one device after the oth…
LeakMobile 11 months ago

3 In 1; Consecutive OnePlus 2 Leaks Show Dual Camera And Three Variants

Its a good day for leaks all around, as we’ve seen speculations and leaks surrounding the iPhone 6S, Samsung’…
Galaxy S4 Android 4.4.2 bugs How to Improve your Android Device's Battery Life
Software 11 months ago

Dear Google, Critical Android 5.x Battery Drain Bug is NOT a “Small” Priorit…

We already shared with you that Android Lollipop is facing some serious battery drain issues and how to try tackling the…






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