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Report Suggests Pokémon GO’s Spawning Nests Have Been Completely Randomized Across The Globe

It seems that Pokémon GO’s “spawn nests” have been completely randomized for a rare Pokémon. Previously, Pokémon GO users were a little confused and disappointed when the spawn nest migration did not arrive on time as it was supposed to. However, now a new change has been implemented that will interest Pokémon GO players. Let’s see some more details on […]

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Google Chrome For Android Will Let You Download Web Pages And Save Data

Google is implementing a few changes in its Chrome app for Android. While some are centered towards improving connectivity, others are oriented towards saving data. Google Chrome’s Data Saver mode will very soon be able to compress video content with up to 67 percent less data for an MP4 file. Let’s see some more details […]

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YouTube Go Is Officially Announced for Effortless Offline Video Viewing and Sharing

Google has officially announced YouTube Go, which is essentially a dedicated app designed to provide even more accessibility to the average user while hovering around the extremely popular video sharing and streaming website. Offline content viewing and sharing has always been a complaint of millions of users, and YouTube Go intends on removing that gap […]

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Popular Mobile Game Fruit Ninja Is Advancing To Become A Movie

We have seen games moving on to become movies in the past. A lot of them were major titles and it totally makes sense since they feature a proper storyboard and a bigger perspective. However, there are some titles that have solely contributed to mobile gaming and have ended up becoming a movie. We have […]

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Pokemon GO 1.9.0 for iPhone, 0.39.0 for Android: Release Notes Revealed

Niantic has announced a new Pokemon GO update for both iPhone and Android – 1.9.0 and 0.39.0, respectively. Here are the release notes of the update. Upcoming Pokemon GO Update Focusses on the Little Things The new Pokemon GO update for iPhone and Android is bound for release very soon. But ahead of time Niantic […]

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Google Decides to Focus More on Surveillance and Less on Allo’s Privacy Protections

Google has released its new AI-powered messaging app Allo to iOS and Android users. But the version rolling out today will store all non-Incognito messages by default, which is a change from Google’s earlier promises. Google first announced Allo at its I/O event in May. Presented as a privacy-focused messaging app, Google had promised that Allo will […]

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Google Allo Launched – Boasts Familiar Features In Unfamiliar Places

Evan Blass was right when he said Google could unveil its AI powered messaging app this week. To top it off, he even marked 21st of September as the release date. Google has finally launched its new intelligent messaging app that comes with a handful of surprises and additions that we’re not used to from […]

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Top 10 Most Used Android Devices and Apps – Samsung and Google Lead the Lists

Google’s Play Store offers over 2 million apps to Android users. But only a select few of these apps have dominated the top charts for years. A latest report has analyzed data from over 3 million randomly selected Android users. The report confirms some expected popular names while also giving us a few shockers. Top […]

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Twitter Character Limit Now Excludes Photos, Videos And Other Media From Count

Even though Twitter has removed the 140-character limit from its Direct Message, it still firmly holds it for regular tweets. Currently, there seems to be no news if the company is even considering to remove the less 140-character limit. While the character limit for tweets remains unchanged from day one, the microblogging network is taking […]

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93% Off App & Game Development for iOS & Android: It’s Time to Finally Act on All Those Ideas

Got a cool idea that could beat Temple Run? Want to be the creator of an app that becomes the talk of the industry? If you have an idea that could be the next Flappy Birds or Prisma, you can now start working on those brilliant ideas. App and Game Development for iOS and Android is a […]

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Snapchat, Facebook & Google Maps Among the Top 10 Android Battery and Performance-Draining Apps

After every public release of Android’s latest versions, readers ask us to share battery saving tips with them. Not only battery drain, but we also experience performance and storage problems with Android devices. There are a lot of factors that go into play when it comes to how devices utilize their resources. While we may argue about […]

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Google Allo Could Possibly Launch This Week

Earlier this year at Google’s I/O developer gathering, the company unveiled its plans for two new apps, Duo and Allo. Duo has been released on both iOS and Android a month ago and provides a seamless video chatting experience across platforms. Users have been able to pre-register to Allo via the Play Store for a […]

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Pokémon Go Android APK Code Suggests The Game Is Coming To Android Wear

Pokémon GO is a huge hit, breaking records around the globe. Recently at Apple’s big iPhone 7 event, we came to know that the Pokémon GO frenzy is about to come to the Apple Watch. This amplified our interest to know whether it’s coming to Android Wear sometime in the near future. Seemingly, pokemongohub has some […]

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Pokemon GO with Buddy Pokemon, Pokemon GO Plus Support & More Released

Pokemon GO version 1.7.0 for iOS and version 0.37.0 for Android has been released with a ton of new features. Pokemon GO Released with Buddy Pokemon, Pokemon GO Plus Support & Loads of Other Features Niantic detailed its next Pokemon GO update a few days back, and fulfilled its promise by releasing said updates today for […]

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Pokémon GO Update Adds Pokémon GO Plus Support, Blocks Rooted Devices And More

Even though Pokémon GO is the most downloaded game of all time, the company still sees a decline in user data base everyday. Niantic Labs have taken note of the situation and they’re implementing some changes to retain the number. The company is now adding some previously announced features like support for Pokémon GO Plus and Buddy Pokémon. […]

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Instagram Zoom Feature Has Already Begun Rolling Out To Some Android Users

A few days ago, Instagram introduced a brand new feature on its iOS app that allowed users to zoom Instagram photos. It was a highly requested feature which would not make it to Android users until “the coming weeks”. However, as per Android Police, the Instagram zoom feature is now beginning to roll out on […]

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Facebook Updates Messenger With ‘Instant Video’ Feature To Bring Conversations To Life

Facebook just pushed out a significant update to Messenger on both iOS and Android, adding a new ‘Instant Video’ feature to the fore. What does the new feature do? We’ll run our readers right through it. Facebook Messenger Graces New ‘Instant Video’ Feature – Available For Both iOS And Android If you were seeking for further […]

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You Can Now Finally Zoom Instagram Photos On iOS, Coming Soon To Android

Instagram has been thriving to add features in its app. Apart from the usual updates, the major turn in terms of functionality began with Instagram Stories – probably the company’s answer to its rejected acquisition of Snapchat. Nonetheless, Instagram really took off by storm and has been attracting users ever since. Now, a new feature […]

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Primate Labs Inc. Releases Geekbench 4 For iOS And Android – Download Here

Measuring performance of a new smartphone is important for tech enthusiasts. Whether you’re an average consumer or a professional, performance is a key aspect when comparing with a predecessor or a rival smartphone. Geekbench by Primate Labs Inc. is a tool to measure real-world performance demonstration of a smartphone or a tablet. Previously, users have been making […]

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WhatsApp Decides to Share Your Information with Facebook – Here’s How to Opt Out

Today’s news of WhatsApp giving in to Facebook‘s hunger for more data might have annoyed some fans, but there is a way to opt out. Facebook has graciously offered a way for WhatsApp users to choose not to share their account information with the network. If it hadn’t, we might have seen a number of angry […]

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Pokemon GO 1.5.0 & 0.35.0 For iOS, Android Released – Download Links

The promised Pokemon GO update – dubbed version 1.5.0 for iOS and 0.35.0 for Android – has been released by Niantic. Latest Pokemon GO Updates Makes Team Leaders Far More Useful, Adds Bug Fixes As Well Niantic promised yesterday that a new Pokemon GO update will be on its way with a handful of changes. […]

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Prisma For iOS Now Works Offline For Some Filters – Android Later, As Usual

Prisma for iOS version 2.4 has been released. What’s the highlighting feature of today’s release? Offline support for filters. Prisma For iOS Now Works Offline For Some Filters – Android Users Will Get The Update Later If there’s one app that has managed to take the world of photo filters by storm, nothing else fits the bill better […]