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MobileSoftware 14 hours ago

Twitter Stickers Are Now Available Even If You Don’t Need Them

Twitter is up to something new despite its slow revenue growth since it went public back in 2013. Starting today, Twitte…
MobileSoftware 4 days ago

Prisma Photo Filter App Is Finally Available On Android

A few weeks back, iOS users went crazy over a new photo filter app called Prisma. At the time, it wasn’t available…
Pokemon GO
MobileSoftware 4 days ago

Pokemon GO Launches In Hong Kong And France – Android & iOS Download Links

Pokemon GO is now available in Hong Kong and France to download at long last. The title, as usual, is available on both …
Pokemon GO
MobileSoftware 7 days ago

Pokemon GO Now Available In Japan – iOS And Android Download Links

Pokemon GO has finally launched in its home ground, Japan. We have the direct download links for both iOS and Android ve…
MobileSoftware 1 week ago

RazerGo App Lets You Chat With Nearby Pokemon GO Players

Razer is launching an app – RazerGo – for both iOS and Android that will let you chat with nearby Pokemon GO…
Pokemon GO
MobileSoftware 2 weeks ago

Pokemon GO Launched In Canada; France Release Has Been Slightly Delayed

Pokemon GO is now available for download in Canada on both iOS and Android. For those in France, you will be seeing a s…
Pokemon GO
MobileSoftware 2 weeks ago

Pokemon GO Rolls Out In 26 European Countries – Here’s The Complete List

Pokemon GO is now available in 26 European countries. We have the complete list of the nations right here. Pokemon GO E…
Pokemon GO
MobileSoftware 2 weeks ago

Pokemon GO Now Available In UK – iOS And Android Direct Links

Pokemon GO has been released in the UK and we have the direct download links for both iOS and Android versions of the ga…
Android Malware Ad Revenue
MobileSecurity 3 weeks ago

Chinese Ad Company Hijacks Over 85 Million Android Devices – Generates $3.6 Millio…

A new Android malware campaign has been found infecting over 85 million devices worldwide. The campaign has generated a…
hidemyass vpn
Deals 4 weeks ago

HideMyAss VPN Offers High-Speed Browsing While Protecting You Online

Most VPN services slow down your browsing speed to an annoying drag. While protecting your identity and keeping your dat…
Unlimited Backup Lifetime Subscription
Deals 1 month ago

93% Off G Cloud Unlimited Backup: Safeguard Your Data and Back Up Limitless Photos, Vide…

We have seen an increasing number of data breaches in the past two months, leaking user data on the web. While we can…
Timekeeping with Cosmic Watch App
MobileSoftware 1 month ago

Explore the Cosmos and Travel Back in Time with the Visually Stunning Cosmic Watch

Do you miss looking at a clear sky with all those shiny little stars? Well, we could take a vacation and head out to som…
android malware
MobileSecurity 1 month ago

You Think Rooting Devices Is Fun? Wait Until “Godless” Does It For You

A new malware has been discovered that targets devices running Android 5.1 Lollipop or earlier versions. Affecting over …
android nanodegree
MobileSoftware 1 month ago

Google Launches Android Basics Nanodegree – A Free Program for Novices

Google has announced today its Android Basics Nanodegree, a new program in collaboration with Udacity to help people lea…
Security 1 month ago

New Malware Makes Mysterious Google Talk Calls, Collects Data and Sends Text Messages

Security researchers have discovered a new piece of malware that uses Google Talk to make rogue calls. Once invoked, a b…
android game and app developer
Deals 1 month ago

Save Over $1,800 on the Complete Android Game & App Developer Bundle

World’s most popular mobile operating system, Android offers tons of opportunities to aspiring mobile app and game…
Programming Language Bundle
Deals 1 month ago

Begin Your App Development Odyssey with Android Game & App Developer Bundle

Looking for tools and training to develop and create Android games and apps? You can now make your dreams come true as …
GamingMobile 2 months ago

Microsoft Rolls Out Xbox Apps for iOS and Android with Refreshed Looks and New Features

Microsoft has announced its refreshed Xbox apps for iOS and Android ahead of its keynote at E3. The app is already avail…






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