Top 5 file managers for Android

You have frequently browsed through the file system of your Android device to manage or locate some files. At the end you’ve come to the verdict that the native file explorer is lacking in its capabilities and in most cases you will not find the File Manager though like on my HTC One mini.

Happily, if you ever look into Google Play Store, you’d find plenty of file manager apps designed to make the finding, editing, syncing, and managing easier on you Android Device. Finally, to save your time and hassle, I’ve tested personally following file managers for Android.

Note: They are ordered on which I liked the most.

1. X-Plore


X-Plore has taken a unique split-screen approach to file management, giving you two interfaces to swipe between. You wonder to see that its dual explorer setup make it quite easy to switch between copy/paste files and directories.

top 5 file managers for android top 5 file managers for android top 5 file managers for android

google drive

Tired of limited storage?

Google Drive is a handy Cloud Storage and Synchronization service which is linked with all of your Google’s online services including Gmail, Android, the Chrome and Google’s online applications like Google Docs but is now also called Google Drive. Amazingly the most common form is a file synchronization tool, it has many added extras which are perfect for helping you work in the Cloud.

Google’s free offering is the best pricing option available with the most generous of its rivals. You can get 15 GB for totally free just by having a Google account. Though paid storage options are incredibly cheap, 100 GB of storage will cost you $2 a month, which is a surely small price, even the most impressive part is that for $10 per month you can get 1 TB of storage, may be more than that your physical hard drive space. The limit of a single file size you can upload is 1 TB.

The one annoying part is that it’s shared between your Gmail and Google+ social networking accounts as well, although only large photos uploaded to Google+ will count towards your limits. YouTube, Google’s video sharing service doesn’t count towards this total.

Desktop Application


Digital voice assistant: Siri, Google Now or Cortana?

Love it or hate it, voice-activated digital assistants have become quite popular on smartphones now. They allow us to control various things on our phones without the use of hands, offer a speedy alternative to ask questions and they feel like the future. As smartwatches like Pebble, Galaxy Gear or G Watch and other wearables like Google Glass take off, which lack the big touch screens we find on our phones, voice controls are going to get even more important.

However, Microsoft had offered basic voice commands in the old Windows Phone since, but now they appeared in bandwagon of rivalries with the name of Cortana (an intelligent assistant) that offers basic commands just like Siri but also draws on your calendar, contacts, location and browsing history to offer personalized experience just like its big rival Google Now. Lets take a deeper look to measure all three.


(Microsoft Windows Phone)

update Nexus 10 to KTU84L Android 4.4.3

We live in a world where nearly everyone now and then has constant access to camera of some sort of. These days passionate photographer get their hands dirty on DSLRs but however not everyone can afford it. However, following are the best photography apps for your Android. Having tested these apps on my  HTC One. You may use these apps to improve everything from how you take photos to how you organize and edit them.

Top 5 photography apps for Android:

1. Photoshop Touch

Download from Google Play Store

As far as Adobe Photoshop is concerned, the grand daddy of all photo editors now has a feature full option for Android that is Photoshop Express.

top 5 photography apps for Android


It offers advanced features. Layers, item selection and other complex operations are easy to use in large part because they’ve been reworked for touchscreen interfaces. However, Photoshop Express does not give all features as Adobe Photoshop. But it is surprisingly the best photo editing tool and its clean interface is fun to play with.

2. Camera 360

swing copters

Not sure what is the reason behind the level frustration that Dong Nguyen soaks his games into but it seems to be working – so far. After a truly crazy success of Flappy Bird, the indie game dev is back with his latest: Swing Copters. I am sure you must have tried this game already and have pulled a few hair out of your head too. However, similar to Flappy Bird, it is quite easy to score better at the game with a few simple Swing Copters cheats – or more of tips and tricks.

Before you read on to find the simple and yet quite helpful Swing Copters cheats and tips to score better at this ridiculously hard game, here are the links to download the game: get it for free on Android and iOS here, until it’s taken down and goes for sale on Ebay for more than a few grands!Swing Copters cheats

Swing Copters cheats and tips:

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