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SwiftKey Neral Alpha
MobileSoftware 5 hours ago

SwiftKey Testing To Make A Smart Keyboard With Neural Network language

In an attempt to make the worlds smartest keyboard, the London-based startup is churning up some algorithms that will mi…
MobileRumor 3 days ago

Microsoft to Invite Google on Stage to Show Off Google Apps for Windows

Microsoft appeared at Apple’s iPhone 6s event in September to talk about its productivity apps, helping Apple lure…
MobileSoftware 6 days ago

EA Releases ‘Need For Speed: No Limits’ For iOS – Download Here

EA’s Need For Speed: No Limits is the first original Need For Speed racing game developed for mobile devices. The …
google photos
Software 1 week ago

Google Photos Users Have Uploaded 50 Billion Images and Videos – Three New Feature…

Google introduced the new Google Photos service back in May and took over the world of images. Google Photos is undoubte…
Skype Suffers From Major Breakdown Worldwide
MobileSoftware 1 week ago

Skype 6.4 Updated With Conversation Management Tools On Android Wear

Skype for Apple Watch was updated a few months back, while Android Wear remained short. Microsoft has always been keen t…
google play store on windows 10 mobile
MobileSoftware 2 weeks ago

Microsoft to Patch an Exploit That Allowed Android to Run on Windows 10 Mobile

We shared with you previously how Android subsystem in Windows 10 Mobile could be used to run Android on the Windows sma…
MobileSoftware 2 weeks ago

This App Will Tell You How Much Time You Spend On Your iPhone, Android – Download …

It absolutely boggles our minds when we take into account the amount of time people spend on their smartphones. From che…
MobileSoftwareWeb 2 weeks ago

Android And Web Hosts Gmail’s New ‘Block Sender’ And ‘Unsubscrib…

PR flacks would have made us all crazy if it wasn’t for email filter which have existed since a long time. In that…
Final Fantasy
Games 3 weeks ago

Final Fantasy Type-0 Online Announced for Mobile and PC

Square Enix took to their Final Fantasy XV Twitter account to announce that a new persistent online adventure is coming …
Android App
MobileSoftware 3 weeks ago

Apple’s ‘Move To iOS’ Is Basically A Third Party App From Media Mushro…

A few days back, Apple announced iOS 9 as its next in the line operating system. iOS 9 brags major changes under the hoo…
Deals 3 weeks ago

WCCFtech Deals – 6 Month Pandora One Subscription

Music is a magical thing, able to inspire and help you be creative. Not for nothing, it can help you through an emotiona…
MobileSoftware 3 weeks ago

Apple Releases ‘Move To iOS’ Android App – Here’s How It Works

Apple’s iOS 9 has been officially released and by the looks of it, Cupertino has outdone itself once again. Howev…
Live Stream
MobileSoftware 3 weeks ago

Facebook Will Broadcast Missing Children Alerts To UK Subscribers

To increase awareness of the missing children in the UK, Facebook has partnered with UK charity Missing People and other…
Deals 3 weeks ago

WCCFtech Deals – 1 Yr Subscription to SitePoint for Premium Tech E-LEarning

Learning is a never-ending process, one that we do on a lifelong basis. There are always new experiences to be had and n…
Move To iOS
MobileSoftware 3 weeks ago

Apple’s ‘Move To iOS’ Android App To Be Launched With iOS 9 Tomorrow

Apple’s ‘Hey Siri’ event caught a lot of highlights last week. The event harnessed new releases, upgra…
MobileSoftware 4 weeks ago

Pokémon Go For iOS And Android To Debut In 2016

Pokémon is set to go mobile with an upcoming game developed for both platforms, Android and iOS. The company has announ…
MobileSoftware 1 month ago

This iOS, Android App Lets Your Friends Or Family Members Walk You Home Virtually

The increase in street crimes is an issue of security and concern for students and pedestrians. Either on a walk home fr…
Street View
MobileSoftware 1 month ago

Google’s New Standalone Street View App Lets You Upload 360-Degree Photos

While Huawei was bragging its Mate S’s Force Touch display in the 2015 IFA event in Berlin, Google announced a gig…






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