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Download latest Google Play Store 4.4.22 port from Android 4.4
MobileSoftware 3 days ago

Download Google Play Store 6.2.10 APK – Adds Gmail-Based App Recommendations

A new version of Google’s Play Store is now available, taking the build to 6.2.10. Here are all the new changes a…
galaxy s6 marshmallow
MobileSoftware 3 days ago

Leaked Internal File Reveals Android 6.0 Features for Galaxy S6 and S6 edge

A Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge internal consumer guide, reportedly meant for Samsung employees only, has leaked …
MobileSoftware 1 week ago

Here’s How You Can See All Your Snapchat Posts After They Disappear

Snapchat is known for its ephemeral behavior where it tends to dispose posts after a certain period of time. Of course, …
watch super bowl online
GamesMobile 1 week ago

How to Watch Super Bowl 50 (2016) Live Online

It’s time for the most-watched television event of the year. You guessed it right, the Super Bowl is here! Which m…
MobileSoftware 2 weeks ago

WhatsApp To Get End-To-End Encryption And Facebook Integration Soon

WhatsApp is working on making your chats more secure by introducing end-to-end encryption along with a much deeper Faceb…
Deals 3 weeks ago

Featured Deal: Become a Coder with Courses on Watch OS, Web, iOS 9 & Android

Want to be the coolest kid on the dock? Waiting for a promotion or simply want to hone your coding skills before you get…
IndustrySoftware 3 weeks ago

Android’s Generated $31 Billion Revenue in its Lifetime – Secret Deal with A…

Google’s Android operating system has generated a revenue of $31 billion, according to a lawyer representing Oracl…
Flash BlissROM Android 6 Marshmallow on HTC One M8
MobileSoftware 4 weeks ago

Best Marshmallow Custom ROMs for Samsung, HTC, LG, Sony, and Nexus Devices

Custom ROMs and larger, crisper screens were believed to be the two biggest reasons for users going for Android smartph…
Voice calling
MobileSoftware 4 weeks ago

WhatsApp Drops All Subscription Fees And Goes Absolutely Free Forever

WhatsApp is without a doubt a household name in the world of instant messaging services, with over a billion users relyi…
Deals 4 weeks ago

Save $1,800 on the Game, App and Web Design Bundle; Become a Versatile Designer

We have shared with you some pretty amazing educational and training deals over the past few weeks. Some of them focused…
DealsGames 1 month ago

Learn to Create Epic 2D & 3D Games Using C# – 82% Limited Time Discount

Always wanted to have your name seen as the developer of a popular gaming title? Well, let’s jump from talking abo…
CES 2016Software 1 month ago

Full Android Desktop OS That Works on Windows and OS X Machines? It’s Here!

Users can run Android apps on their computers using various methods, however, it is hard to find a solution that gives y…
MobileSoftware 1 month ago

Twitter’s ”Beyond 140” Could Jump Its Character Limit For Tweets To 10…

After bumping up the character limit of its Direct Message to 10,000, Twitter is on the road to introduce the same chang…
Final Fantasy
Games 2 months ago

Classic Final Fantasy Games for iOS and Android On Sale Now

Square Enix is discounting all of their classic Final Fantasy games on the iOS App Store and Google Play Store just in …
GTA: Liberty City Stories
Games 2 months ago

GTA: Liberty City Stories Debuts on iOS, Runs at 60FPS And Has 3D Touch

GTA: Liberty City Stories came out on the PSP and PS2 back in 2005, and it was one of the better interim episodes of Gra…
Cortana Logo
MobileSoftware 2 months ago

Microsoft’s Cortana Digital Assistant Is Officially Available On iOS And Android

Microsoft’s Cortana digital assistant is now officially available for iOS and Android. After months of beta testin…
MobileSoftware 2 months ago

How To Hide Revines In Vine App For iPhone, Android

Here’s how you can hide Revines in a specific profile in Vine app for both iPhone and Android. Vine is a great s…
Cold Storage
Deals 2 months ago

WCCFtech Deals – Zools Cold Storage, Cause Hot Storage Isn’t an Option

Sometimes you don’t need traditional cloud storage, but something far more permanent and resilient., something to …






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