Call of Duty Is Prepping up for a May 1st Reveal; Black Ops 2?

Rizwan Anwer
Apr 24, 2012
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A yearly Call of Duty video game is no big secret but when constant hint bombs of Black Ops 2 keep popping up (More recently in the form of a poster) It seems that there may finally be some light to those rumors as the same poster in the latter link and it seems that the image in the previous poster has made its way to the official Call of Duty website and the site is going berserk with videos and a count down timer to May 1st. Now the only question I want answered is whether or not this will REALLY be the long rumored Black Ops 2?

Black Ops 2 has been a long rumored title for 2012’s schedule of Call of Duty annual release, while Activision nor Treyarch has confirmed the games existence but constant rumors have been surfacing throughout the months pointing out at a possible Black Ops 2. Now with the arrival of the May 1st reveal its official that the site is planning something big as always but will the company be able to win back the fans love? Now that the highly acclaimed Modern Warfare series has finally been put to rest maybe they can now continue the amazing story of Black Ops and hopefully the return of newer and more innovative game play modes WITH the return of the ever so popular zombies mode with a new story line.

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Whatever the game I hope that it delivers just like Black Ops did and its able to outshine its predecessor in every way possible.

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