Call of Duty Ghosts Into the Deep and No Man’s Land Mission Gameplay

Rizwan Anwer
Jun 10, 2013
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Call of Duty Ghosts is a breath of fresh air to the annual series, we takeĀ  break from Black Ops and the Modern Warfare and instead explore a new story line. The latest videos show us a look at Call of Duty Ghosts Into the Deep and No Man’s Land Mission with the latter being a mission that shows the benefits of having the dogs on your side for a change in the single player campaign, The game definitely shows promise but of course the real icing on the cake would be the multiplayer.

Call of Duty Ghosts Into the Deep and No Man's Land Mission

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Call of Duty Ghosts Into the Deep and No Man’s Land Mission show what to expect in the game.

Get an early taste of the single player portion of the game and also learn how Riley, The Dog who will be accompanying you on some missions might be more useful than what fan were led to believe. The Dog will act as a recon of sorts and this dog isn’t all bark and no bite, he isn’t afraid to sink his teeth into enemies.

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You can also see the full access game play preview:

and for those of you who are interested, here are some screenshots: (Courtesy of AllGamesBeta)

and an added bonus, Here is a Call of Duty Ghosts Next Gen Graphics Demo, hot off the presses.

So far, Call of Duty Ghosts definitely shows a lot of potential and a lot of promise if handled properly, I would love to deviate from the Modern Warfare / Black Ops storyline for once and explore a change of scenery and it looks like Call of Duty Ghosts is just what the doctor ordered, with E3 only hours away now it won’t be soon till we have a massive amount of information surrounding the game at the tip of our fingers.

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