Bulletstorm demo coming for XBOX 360 and PS3

Rizwan Anwer
Jan 14, 2011
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The consoles prevail YET AGAIN!!! After Dead Space 2 demo being exclusive to consoles the time has again for Bulletstorm Demo to hit the Consoles (Sorry PC fanboys).

The Demo will be released on PSN and XBL Market place on the same date as Dead Space 2 release date i.e 25th Jan 2011, with the games official release date being Feb 22nd. Bulletstorm looks like a very unique game with an impressive E3 demo and a constant slew of trailers this is definitely a great multi platform game to purchase along side Dead Space 2.

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The demo will feature Bulletstorm’s single-player ‘Echo’ mode, where players aim to score big and top scoreboards in snippets of the full campaign; you’ll want to practice Skillshots to best your chums. The demo’s section will see you “traverse a collapsed building on the deadly paradise planet Stygia as ex-Dead Echo leader Grayson Hunt.”

As a bonus, by playing the demo you can also unlock platform-specific bonuses, “from the Crimson Leash to Stealth Armor,” to use in the full game’s multiplayer mode. Goodo!

Source: ShackNews

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