BREAKING: Non-Devs can also Install the Very Latest iOS 7.1 Beta!

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Yesterday Apple released its first beta version of iOS 7.1; first major update after the mega iOS 7 release! Inherently, iOS 7.1 Beta is only available for developers to download. However, if you wish to check out the features of this latest iOS 7.1 Beta update [Read: Features Introduced in iOS 7.1 Beta], you can also manually download iOS 7.1 Beta and update to this release even if you are not a developer. 

This method also works even if you do not have UDID registered. You can easily download to this latest update and also downgrade [Read: Downgrade from the latest iOS 7.0.4 – How to] if you find any ios 7.1 beta

Note: It is not though recommended for non developers to try this latest update. Unlike iOS 7 this is not a major beta release and carries only a few new features poised with many beta bugs.

Download iOS 7.1 Beta:

To install iOS 7.1 beta, download firmware file for your device and follow these steps:

download ios 7.1 beta

  • Connect your Apple device to iTunes using USB cable.
  • Hold Option key (Shift on Windows) button and press Check for updates
  • Locate the downloaded iOS 7.1 beta file and install it.

Again, make sure to realize it is a beta update and certainly carries many bugs. Only download iOS 7.1 Beta if you are feeling too adventurous!

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