Android Tips and Tricks: How to Block Phone Calls on Android – No Apps Required!

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Block Phone Calls on Android

Who doesn’t get bothered with unwanted calls that annoy you like some bad music. Worry not! Here are a few tricks to help you block phone calls on Android devices. Hope these tips helps you in getting some peace of mind.

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How to block phone calls on Android – Samsung Galaxy S4:

Samsung Galaxy S4 has a Reject List feature that will help you block the unwanted numbers on your phone. To block phone calls on Android SGS4, follow these steps:

  • Go to Setting and then tap on My Device.
  • Now select Call and then Call Rejection; here you will find a Auto Reject list.
  • In this list, you can add up to 100 unwanted numbers that you want your device to auto reject.
  • In case you want to remove some number from that list, simply delete it from the list.

Don’t have Samsung Galaxy S4 and want to block phone calls on Android HTC device? Here is how:


Block phone calls on HTC One:

Like Samsung Galaxy S4, HTC One also has a call blocking feature. Here is how to block phone calls on Android powered HTC One:

  • Go to Applications Contacts Menu and tap on Manage Contacts.
  • You will find a Blocked Contacts option here.
  • Tap on Add icon and select any numbers that you want to block.
  • Ta da!
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How to block phone calls on Nexus:

Although Nexus 4 doesn’t have the call blocking feature, this trick will help you block your calls.

  • Go to the People of contact app on your Nexus 4.Block Phone Calls on Android
  • Open the Menu and tap on All Calls to Voicemail

This simple trick will automatically reject all your unwanted calls. Also get hints from these settings above and search for similar settings on your other Android devices. Most probably, you will get some tweak do the trick for you.

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