Black Mesa Is Still Alive and They Want 20,000 Likes On Their Facebook Page

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Black Mesa has been a highly anticipated project with a large fan base, focusing on remaking Half-Life 1 from the ground up and giving it for free as a mod the game has been constantly going on and off the radar but now it seems that the studio is indeed still alive and are asking for Likes on their Facebook page so they can reveal “new media” this definitely means that the game is still in work. Currently the page has 8,000 likes. Let’s see how fast it reaches 20,000.

While Black Mesa has been in development for a very long time and the team always likes to make an appearance on and off the radar and some times vanish with radio silence it seems that the game is still alive and kicking but the people behind the project are asking 20,000 likes on their Facebook page, the only problem is the page is at 8,000 likes and hopefully we can make it reach 20,000 Likes by today.

Here is the link to their Facebook Page, Even if you aren’t a regular user of Facebook you should do this as a gamer.

and of course here is the tweet which you see Here

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