Omer Saleem

General 5 years ago

Monster HDMI Cables are Waste of Money

I think one should really need to examine the products and then decide if that product is worth spending money or not …

Project Natal with PrimeSense a 3D Sensing Technology

Most of us remember great 3d animation science fiction/adventure cartoon The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest from late 80…
Software 5 years ago

Download and Manually Upgrade Motorola Droid with Android OS 2.1 [Guide]

For those who cannot wait for the Official OTA upgrade to Motorola Droid, download the upgrade here and do it yourself, …
GamesHardware 5 years ago

Gigabyte’s mini-ITX H55 with USB 3.0 Leaked Pictures.

Now a day’s it’s all about size and raw power.
GeneralIndustry 5 years ago

Apple to Launch Its Own Search Engine?

Rivalry between Apple and Google start heating up first there were unconfirmed rumors that Apple will launch iAds in ord…
Hardware 5 years ago

Intel Reveals New Xeon 7500 Series Processors

Intel has introduced the latest Xeon 7500 Series CPU for servers and workstations based on Nehelam chip architecture.

Microsoft Xbox360 SLIM Spotted (Pictures)

Rumors are circulating in cyber world that Microsoft is going to launch Xbox360 SLIM.
Software 5 years ago

First 10,000 Droid Users Will Get Android 2.1 Upgrade Tonight

The only downside right now is that it will only be on the first 10,000 users / customers of Verizon using the phone.
Mobile 5 years ago

Leaked iPhone 4G Video Revealed

It is hard to believe but I think we have a winner here. With 16:9 display, it is going to be better than any other iPho…

Userland (Browser based) Jailbreak for iPhone 3.1.3 iPod iPad Video

After the successful untethered jailbreak for the iPhone/iPod touch and iPad another hacker name “comex” uploaded a…
Mobile 5 years ago

Apple IS Launching New iPhone This Summer. CDMA Version Coming too!

This new version along with a new variant of GSM model will enable Apple to tap into the larger CDMA market, run by Veri…
Industry 5 years ago

Zune HD 64 Leaked by Microsoft Itself?

Remember I did an article on "Why Apple is Always in News", well I guess someone in Microsoft read it and tried to apply…
GeneralIndustry 5 years ago

Microsoft Office 2011 for MAC unleashed

Microsoft planning to release Microsoft office 2011 for Mac users. Microsoft will definitely earn big bucks because of t…
GamesIndustry 5 years ago

Leaked Xbox 360 Titles List for 2010 with Some Surprises

The list is comprehensive and it shows titles like COD7, James Bond Racing [yeah we are in a fix on this title too] and …
General 5 years ago

Symbian4 UI Development Roadmap Q2 2010

For the developers who are really interested in developing or helping out Symbian in creating a better User Interface (U…
Games 5 years ago

Sony Strips “Other OS” Functionality from PS3 3.21 Firmware Upgrade

Sony has announced the latest firmware upgrade (3.21) to the top selling Play Station 3 (PS3) but has taken out the "Oth…

Windows Phone 7 OS On HTC HD2 Video Proof

After uploading screenshots on HTCPedia a video was uploaded on you tube which confirms that Tom Codon successfully upgr…
General 5 years ago

Screenshots of Working Windows Phone 7 OS On HTC HD2

At last someone has done what Microsoft denied to do but does that mean MS will rethink about bailing out on HTC HD2 for…






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