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World’s First Android Based HDTV

A Swedish based company launches world's first Android based TV.

6 years ago 10

Apple iPhone 4.0 Preview Event on April 8th 10AM PT

It's only three day's away so keeping in view the secrecy Apple had on this OS, it must be big.

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Nokia N900 Overclocked to 1.0GHz

Nokia N900 has been successfully pushed to achieve 1.0GHz speed.

6 years ago 7

Apple A4 Vs Qualcomm Snapdragon CPU Showdown

We have all heard each company claiming its processor to be the best but who is the real winner here. Details from benchmarks and tests done by Anand Shimpi

6 years ago 5

iPad Spirit Jailbreak by MuscleNerd

MuscleNerd, a well respected Apple iPhone Jailbreaker has claimed in a video release to have Jailbroken the latest iPad.

6 years ago 8

Microsoft Removes “Series” From Windows Phone 7 Series

It will not be called Windows Phone 7 and previously added Series at the end has been removed by Microsoft as commented on WP7 official Twitter account.

6 years ago 9

HP and Dell to Reduce Investment for 10-inch Netbooks

It was bound to happen one day as the competition is growing in the Netbook market due to entry of mass production by ASUS, Acer and Samsung.

6 years ago 10

Apple Files for Phone Dock Patent for Gaming on iPhone

Thank God April 1st has passed and this is not a joke. Apple was spotted in a latest patent filed by the company for a docking station which will house a phone or a similar device solely for gaming purpose.

6 years ago 7

Verizon BlackBerry Bold launching in MAY 2010

How true, only time will tell but since April fools has passed and this was before that, we would take it as something cooking in Verizon's kitchen.

6 years ago 9

HTC Desire Firmware 1.15.405.4. Over The Air (FOTA) update

HTC released first firmware for HTC Desire 1.15.405.4. At this point of time there are no details available for general public as to what exactly are the new features in this

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Save your Money & buy Verizon web OS Phones Palm Pre Plus & Pixi Plus

Today on 1st April 2010 ( No April Fool ) Verizon Wireless started promotion on their web os phones Palm Pre Plus and Pixi Plus.

6 years ago 10

Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Only for $149.99 at Rogers Canada

Rogers recently announced that they will be launching Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 based on Android operating system exclusively for Canada in second week of April 2010.

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No Replaceable Batteries in Windows Phone 7

Apple products are dead simple and easy to use. Love it or Hate it, Take it or Leave it There is no in between.

6 years ago 8

Verizon Stocks HTC Incredible for Launch This Month?

Leaked shots of Verizon's internal warehouse DB showing over 150000 stocked HTC Incredible phones.

6 years ago 3

iPad Unboxing Video

First of many iPad unboxing videos being released as people are getting their hands on the device.

6 years ago 7

Monster HDMI Cables are Waste of Money

I think one should really need to examine the products and then decide if that product is worth spending money or not Expensive products doesn't always mean they're better.

6 years ago 8
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Project Natal with PrimeSense a 3D Sensing Technology

Most of us remember great 3d animation science fiction/adventure cartoon The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest from late 80s and early 90s in which a 3D a boy named jonny used to fight bad guys cyberspace realm known as "Questworld".

6 years ago 11

Download and Manually Upgrade Motorola Droid with Android OS 2.1 [Guide]

For those who cannot wait for the Official OTA upgrade to Motorola Droid, download the upgrade here and do it yourself, without rooting your phone. This is the official Google upgrade from their site.

6 years ago 8

Gigabyte’s mini-ITX H55 with USB 3.0 Leaked Pictures.

Now a day’s it’s all about size and raw power.

6 years ago 7

Intel Reveals New Xeon 7500 Series Processors

Intel has introduced the latest Xeon 7500 Series CPU for servers and workstations based on Nehelam chip architecture.

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Microsoft Xbox360 SLIM Spotted (Pictures)

Rumors are circulating in cyber world that Microsoft is going to launch Xbox360 SLIM.