Omer Saleem

General 5 years ago

Monster HDMI Cables are Waste of Money

I think one should really need to examine the products and then decide if that product is worth spending money or not …
GamesGeneralIndustry 5 years ago

Project Natal with PrimeSense a 3D Sensing Technology

Most of us remember great 3d animation science fiction/adventure cartoon The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest from late 80…
Software 5 years ago

Download and Manually Upgrade Motorola Droid with Android OS 2.1 [Guide]

For those who cannot wait for the Official OTA upgrade to Motorola Droid, download the upgrade here and do it yourself, …
GamesHardware 5 years ago

Gigabyte’s mini-ITX H55 with USB 3.0 Leaked Pictures.

Now a day’s it’s all about size and raw power.
GeneralIndustry 5 years ago

Apple to Launch Its Own Search Engine?

Rivalry between Apple and Google start heating up first there were unconfirmed rumors that Apple will launch iAds in ord…
Hardware 5 years ago

Intel Reveals New Xeon 7500 Series Processors

Intel has introduced the latest Xeon 7500 Series CPU for servers and workstations based on Nehelam chip architecture.
GamesHardwareIndustry 5 years ago

Microsoft Xbox360 SLIM Spotted (Pictures)

Rumors are circulating in cyber world that Microsoft is going to launch Xbox360 SLIM.
Software 5 years ago

First 10,000 Droid Users Will Get Android 2.1 Upgrade Tonight

The only downside right now is that it will only be on the first 10,000 users / customers of Verizon using the phone.
Gadgets 5 years ago

Leaked iPhone 4G Video Revealed

It is hard to believe but I think we have a winner here. With 16:9 display, it is going to be better than any other iPho…

Userland (Browser based) Jailbreak for iPhone 3.1.3 iPod iPad Video

After the successful untethered jailbreak for the iPhone/iPod touch and iPad another hacker name “comex” uploaded a…
Gadgets 5 years ago

Apple IS Launching New iPhone This Summer. CDMA Version Coming too!

This new version along with a new variant of GSM model will enable Apple to tap into the larger CDMA market, run by Veri…
Industry 5 years ago

Zune HD 64 Leaked by Microsoft Itself?

Remember I did an article on "Why Apple is Always in News", well I guess someone in Microsoft read it and tried to apply…
GeneralIndustry 5 years ago

Microsoft Office 2011 for MAC unleashed

Microsoft planning to release Microsoft office 2011 for Mac users. Microsoft will definitely earn big bucks because of t…
GamesIndustry 5 years ago

Leaked Xbox 360 Titles List for 2010 with Some Surprises

The list is comprehensive and it shows titles like COD7, James Bond Racing [yeah we are in a fix on this title too] and …
General 5 years ago

Symbian4 UI Development Roadmap Q2 2010

For the developers who are really interested in developing or helping out Symbian in creating a better User Interface (U…
Games 5 years ago

Sony Strips “Other OS” Functionality from PS3 3.21 Firmware Upgrade

Sony has announced the latest firmware upgrade (3.21) to the top selling Play Station 3 (PS3) but has taken out the "Oth…

Windows Phone 7 OS On HTC HD2 Video Proof

After uploading screenshots on HTCPedia a video was uploaded on you tube which confirms that Tom Codon successfully upgr…
General 5 years ago

Screenshots of Working Windows Phone 7 OS On HTC HD2

At last someone has done what Microsoft denied to do but does that mean MS will rethink about bailing out on HTC HD2 for…






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