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I'm 16 and from Rawalpindi. I love gaming and music. I'm into almost all video game genres save for turn-based and horror. I play on a PS3 and sometimes on my PC. I like cats as well. Oh, and I also prefer Windows Phone over iOS and Android. And I absolutely love the Elder Scrolls. Did I mention I like cats?

The wait is over. A concrete release date is set. Although rumors suggested Rockstar’s epic Grand Theft Auto V will show up on shelves in May, they turned out wrong. September 17th is the big day! So be ready, be very, very ready!


This just might be it, folks! The first entry in the next generation of consoles just might be unveiled in three weeks.  On February 20th, Sony will hold a “special event,” and it’s not confirmed what it will be about. Although, one could speculate that it is indeed about the PlayStation 4.

Can’t wait, can you?

PlayStation logo

I have no idea if I want the next generation to be here or not. On one hand, there is a wealth of juice left in the current generation of consoles. If Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs can somehow run on the Xbox 360 and the PS4 even remotely like the demo shown at last year’s E3, then I’m content. On the other hand, technology advances fairly quickly in this day and age, and that means that the next-gen will be quite powerful. How powerful? The rumors making the rounds say that it will be pretty powerful.


Probably not like this, but it’s the innards that matter, right?

PS3 All Stars Battle
Games Industry

When the PS3 launched back in 2006, nobody thought it would even be able to compete with the Xbox 360, with it’s outrageous high price tag and the average launch library (although I think that Resistance: Fall Of Man was a great game). Seven years later, it seems that PS3 is a force to be reckoned with, thanks to the numerous price cuts, top notch exclusives and the excellent Blu-ray capabilities.

The Super Slim PS3 seems to be doing quite well for itself.


I had been waiting for Journey since thatgamecompany, of Flower and FlOw fame, announced it and I only recently got my hands on it. I haven’t touched it yet, but will do when the time is right. When thatgamecompany was showing the game to the public, it became apparent that the game would end up as an artistic masterpiece, and it did, as shown by it being on the top of the PSN Store charts and being loved by critics and fans everywhere.

It has the distinction of being the fastest selling title on the PSN Store when it was released in March 2012, and afterwards it died down a bit but then 2013 rolled around and a plethora of video gaming sites handed Journey the PS3 Game of the Year, and some even handed it the big one, Game of the Year. And of course, it had an effect on the sales.

Journey was the top-selling game in December 2012, and all because of the limelight thrown on it because of the large number of awards it took home. But Journey is a sad thing too, as it ends the three game contract Sony had with thatgamecompany. This means that while they’ll hopefully keep pumping out more masterpieces, they won’t be exclusive to the PlayStation platform, this is not necessarily a bad thing as they’ll reach out to more people but my opinion is that Sony should keep this company under contract because in the coming years, they’re the one to watch out for in the downloadable category!


Let’s face it, compared to the high-end PCs of today, the consoles are much weaker, especially when it comes to multiplatform games. While a few exclusive games such as Halo 4 from the Xbox 360 and The Last Of Us from the PlayStation 3 might have awe-inspiring graphics, the fact is that 2011’s epic Skyrim ‘s console versions pale in comparison it’s PC counterpart, with or without mods. So its only sensible that both Sony and Microsoft are cranking away on the next gen of consoles, and that developers and publishers know about them.

This guy knows exactly what Sony and Microsoft are up to.


Let me get one thing straight right off the bat, October 31st will be one of the best days of this year. Why? Because Assassin’s Creed III. In my own opinion, no other new IP this generation has had as much impact on the masses as Ubisoft’s hstory/sci-fi series did. It almost always features a compelling story, enjoyable gameplay and gorgeous open world lands to explore. And today, Ubisoft uploaded the latest trailer to YouTube.


Dave Cox served as head during Castlevania: Lords of Shadow’s development, and is now doing two more Castlevania games. First being Lords of Shadow 2, on the home consoles and the second is Mirror of Fate, in development for Nintendo 3DS. But that might be the end for his and MercurySteam’s time with with the iconic franchise, Castlevania.

MercurySteam made the first Lords of Shadow pretty. Oh so pretty.

Games Hardware

Nintendo Wii U is an interesting piece of technology. The original Wii was a breath of fresh air when it came out with it’s motion controls that both Sony and Microsoft tried to recapture. And now the second generation of the Wii has a secondary screen on it’s controller. So it’s safe to say that Nintendo is doing a lot of innovation these days, but it seems like its coming with a price.


Radical Entertainment has been around for a long time and are perhaps best known for their Prototype series. They’re quite talented and their games have been getting better than average ratings, but Activision says that Radical’s newest offering, Prototype 2, failed to, “find a broad commercial audience,” thus leading to Activision shutting them down.

Its all fun and games until you turn into THIS.


The case could be made that Kaz Hirai led the PlayStation brand to where it is today. While the PlayStation was a straightaway hit in Japan and Asia in general, it couldn’t make as much as a big impact stateside since the game library was largely Asian. But due to the efforts of Kaz Hirai, the Playstation brand became a household name in the Americas and Europe by marketing and securing third party franchises.

Kaz Hirai shown here holding a PS Vita.

PlayStation Cloud Gaming Services

Sony’s latest handheld, the PS Vita, is getting a lot of love from it’s parents and third party developers. Ubisoft will release Assassin’s Creed: Liberation alongside the entrée, Assassin’s Creed III, while Activision is bringing the fight to the Vita with Call of Duty Black Ops: Declassified. But it seems that Sony has something else stored up it’s sleeve as well.

Nightmares, anyone?


After being handed over to Platinum Games, who are known for titles such as Bayonetta and the wonderful, over the top Vanquish, this new entry in the critically acclaimed Metal Gear series is set to boast super fast-paced action with a flashy cyborg ninja. Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance will bring Raiden into the spotlight as never before.

He's ready to cut through it all.


Sony has been introducing new colors to the DualShock 3 since some time now. There have been green, red and blue variants of the DualShock 3, in addition to the white, black and silver colors available at launch. But Sony has upped the ante with this baby.

Snazzy and oh so golden.

Heavy-Rain-box (1)

As previously noted by me, David Cage is one of the most innovative and genius minds of gaming right now. And the last offering by him was Heavy Rain, which introduced the Interactive Drama genre to the gaming industry on it’s own. And this E3, he showed Quantic Dream’s new project, Beyond: Two Souls which stars Ellen Page as the lead character, Judie Holmes. This is nothing like the tech demo, Kara, since it focuses on the supernatural and is just too different.

Blurring the lines between video games and Hollywood.

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