Hassan Mujtaba

Hardware enthusiast and PC Gamer. Also in charge of the Illuminati clan at WCCFTech.

HardwareIndustry 4 years ago

Crucial Announces Adrenaline 50GB High-Performance Caching SSD

Crucial, a leading global brand of memory and storage upgrades, today announced the Crucial Adrenaline Solid State Cache…
HardwareMobile 4 years ago

RAZER teases Project Fiona – PC Gaming on an all-new Form Factor

Razer, A Leading Gaming Hardware and Peripheral manufacturer, today teased a new video of its upcoming Project Fiona wh…
HardwareIndustry 4 years ago

Nvidia Kepler “GT-600” to Unveil in Q1 2012

Fudzilla has confirmed that Nvidia’s Next Generation 28nmKepler based GT-600/ GT-700 Series will be arriving in Q1…
Hardware 4 years ago

Intel’s Fastest 22nm Mobile Ivy Bridge Chip “Core i7-3920XM” Tested

Intel would be launching its 22nm Ivy Bridge Processors for Desktop and Mobile Market in Q2 2012 as a part of Intel̵…
Hardware 4 years ago

AMD Radeon HD7970 Gets Benchmarked in Quad-Way CrossFireX Mode at 1600Mhz+ Core Clock

Overclocker Andre Yang overclocked AMD’s latest Radeon HD7970 to a record breaking 1650Mhz Core Clock last week, N…
Hardware 4 years ago

ARCTIC Cooling Prepares Accelero Xtreme 7970 VGA Cooler for Radeon HD7970 GPU

ARCTIC Cooling today announced that it would be launching a new VGA Cooler “ARCTIC Accelero Xtreme 7970” for…
Hardware 4 years ago

Gelid Launches “DarkForce” PC Case for Gamers

Thermal Solutions specialist GELID Solutions reveals its first tower case “DarkForce” for its GAMER product …
Hardware 4 years ago

EK Water Blocks Readies Custom Water Block for AMD Radeon HD7970 Graphic Card

EK Water Blocks has unveiled a picture of its upcoming Water Block which would be compatible with AMD’s latest  2…
Hardware 4 years ago

Thermaltake Unleashes Frio Series “Frio Extreme” Cooler, Provides Maximum Co…

Thermaltake, the leader and pioneer in PC thermal solutions, a worldwide designer and supplier of high-performance compo…
Hardware 4 years ago

Tt eSPORTS Announces Pyrrhus Gaming Mouse Pads for Hardcore Gamers

Tt eSPORTS, the leading expert in professional e-sports gaming, invites you to witness the latest material science appli…
Hardware 4 years ago

AMD Southern Islands Successor Exposed, Codenamed “Sea Islands”

AMD is just about to launch its highly anticipated “Southern Island” Series graphic cards, However AMD̵…
Hardware 4 years ago

Sapphire Non-Reference Radeon HD7970 Models Listed, FLEX 6G Edition HD7970 to feature 6G…

An official document from leading graphics designer Sapphire has been exposed by a Chiphell Forum Member which lists a b…
Hardware 4 years ago

MSI and HIS Radeon HD7970 Stock Spotted, Benchmarked in 3-Way CrossFireX Mode

A Complete Stock of MSI and HIS branded Radeon HD7970’s has been spotted over at British retailer Overclockers.uk…
Hardware 4 years ago

AMD Radeon HD7770 “Cape Verde XT” Specs, Pictures Leaked, Benchmarked on Int…

Chiphell Forum member “bigpao007” has once again broken the NDA and provided a set of Benchmarks and Picture…
Hardware 4 years ago

Thermaltake Announces Extreme Frio, Frio Snow Edition and Frio OCK Snow Edition CPU Cool…

Thermaltake has announced that it would be launching three new CPU Coolers in the upcoming months – Extreme Frio, …
Hardware 4 years ago

AMD Radeon HD7970 “Tahiti XT” Overclocked to 1650Mhz on Core using LN2

It’s been a week since AMD (Paper) launched its next generation HD7970 graphic card featuring the 28nm Tahiti XT c…
Hardware 4 years ago

AMD Radeon HD7000 28nm “Southern Islands” Specs, Pricing and Release Dates U…

Complete Specs of AMD’s Next Generation 28nm based HD7000 “Southern Island” Graphic Cards have been re…
Hardware 4 years ago

AMD Radeon HD7950 “Tahiti Pro” Technical Specs Revealed, Packs 1792 Stream P…

Specs of AMD’s Next Generation 28nm HD7950 “Tahiti Pro” Graphics Card have been leaked, The HD7950 wou…






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