5 years ago 6

Gigabyte’s New Icon Based BIOS Revealed

Gigabyte has recently revealed its new Icon-Based BIOS which will be featured in its new motherboards.

5 years ago 8

GladOs is Alive, Needs Potato Power to Reboot.

A few hours ago a mysterious Countdown Timer appeared at Aperture Science site.

5 years ago 12

AMD’s Lower End HD 6000 Series Cards to Launch on April 19th.

AMD has revealed the launch date of its lower end HD 6000 series based graphic card.

5 years ago 8

Images of Upcoming Windows 8 App Store Leaked.

A few leaked screenshots have revealed Microsoft's Windows App Store which is an exclusive feature of its upcoming OS "Windows 8".

5 years ago 6

Windows 8 Leaked On The Internet!

You heard it right folks, Windows 8 has been leaked on the net just a few hours ago and has been posted at which is a private FTP site

5 years ago 31

Top 5 GPU Overclocking Utilities

Overclocking Graphics card was a tough job since day one. Unlike the Processor, GPU has a completely different architecture.

5 years ago 10

New Intel Roadmap Reveals “Sandy Bridge-E”, “Ivy Bridge and More.

A new Intel Roadmap has been leaked on the net which gives some interesting details on the upcoming Enthusiast Platform Sandy Bridge - E along with Ivy Bridge and Pentium/Celeron based processor

5 years ago 8

Intel Z68 Chipset to Launch on 8 May.

A few credible sources have confirmed the launch date of Intel's upcoming Z68 Chipset, The launch date is confirmed to be 8 May 2011.

5 years ago 16

Gigabyte Slide reveals AMD Bulldozer Launch Date, Will be launched on 7th June at Computex 2011.

A recent slide from gigabyte has leaked in the official launch date of the AMD Bulldozer based FX- Series CPUs.

5 years ago 10

EA releases new Battlefield 3 Concept Art, Storyboards and Screenshots.

EA has released a whole bunch of new Battlefield 3 Media which includes Concept Art, Storyboards and Screenshots.

5 years ago 9

Crytek Officially Announces DirectX 11 Patch for Crysis 2.

It's Official, Crytek have confirmed that they'll be releasing the DirectX 11 Patch soon.

5 years ago 12

New Uncharted 3 Details Revealed in Issue 57 of Official Playstation Magazine.

The Issue 57 of Official Playstation Magazine comes with some interesting details on the upcoming Uncharted 3: Drakes Deception game.

5 years ago 10

GameInformer May Cover features Mass Effect 3, Includes Major Details.

The May Issue of GameInformer will feature the cover of Biowares sequel to the RPG GOTY 2010 "Mass Effect 3".

5 years ago 9

Unreal Engine 3 Features Trailer Released, Better than CryEngine?

A new Unreal Engine 3 Features showcase trailer has been released which shows some amazing developments being made for Next-Gen games.

5 years ago 8

Dirt 3 Limited Edition Detailed, Will Cost 300$.

Codemasters have partnered up with Gamestop (US) to release a limited edition bundle of their upcoming racing game "Dirt 3".

5 years ago 12

[Press Release]Sharkoon Announces two external RAID Cases for SATA Hard Drives Enclosure.

Sharkoon has announced two new external RAID cases for SATA hard drives which come in a stylish black colored metal design

5 years ago 12

Witcher 2 HD Screenshots revealed along with System Requirements and Box Art.

New HD Screenshots of Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings have been revealed along with Box Art and Recommended/Minimum System Requirements.

5 years ago 5

Intel Readies 10-Core Xeon Processors.

Intel has finally announced its new line of Xeon based processors featuring upto 10 Cores.

5 years ago 11

Resident Evil: Revelations to be released in 2012, Concept Art Released.

Capcom has announced on its Official Facebook page that the upcoming Resident Evil:Revelations which is a much more traditional horror entry for 3DS than the Mercenaries would be released in 2012.

5 years ago 7

Mortal Kombat trailer featuring “Johnny Cage” Released.

A new Mortal Kombat Character trailer has been released by NetherRealm Studios which features Johnny Cage.

5 years ago 10

Nvidia Geforce GTX 590 Temp reaches 112C during Thermal Tests.

Nvidia recently released a new BIOS to fix the overheating issues encountered in its new Dual Chip Flagship GPU "Geforce GTX 590".

5 years ago 9

Xperia Play Released, 60 Games Available on Launch Week.

Sony Ericsson's "Xperia Play" has been launched today and is available with upto 60 Games on first week of launch.