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Hardware 4 years ago

AMD Fusion Demonstration Video Leaked, Llano Outperforms Sandy Bridge in CPU/GPU Benchma…

The video shows a side to side comparison of AMD's Llano chip with Intel's Top of the Line Sandy bridge CPU (i7 2600K).
Industry 4 years ago

Physical Model of Wii 2 Displayed, Is this what Wii’s Successor would look like?

Not the real but physical models of the Nintendo's upcoming Wii 2 were displayed on what looks like a conference table.
Hardware 4 years ago

AMD’s Bulldozer based Processors Require 900 Series Chipset to enable Power Gating…

The Zambezi - FX CPU's come with a new Power gating feature which can only be enabled by implementing the new 900 series…
Hardware 4 years ago

EVGA based Rig sets 3D Mark 01 World Record

A member over at xtremesystem.org with username "TiN_" has set a new world record of achieving the highest score in the …
Industry 4 years ago

New Lenovo Leak Reveals Upcoming ThinkPad Tablet Featuring Tegra2/Android 3.0

A new leak of Lenovo has surfaced which shows that the company will be releasing a new tablet device by July.
Industry 4 years ago

Leaked Dell Roadmap reveals Upcoming 10-inch Android and Windows tablets

Dell confirmed earlier that it was working on new 10-inch tablets which would be released with in 2011 but didn't provid…
Industry 4 years ago

Nintendo Wii 2 “Stream” Touch Screen and HD Controllers Leaked

New leaks have surfaced at NeoGAF which detail Nintendo's upcoming Wii 2 " Stream" Codenamed Project Cafe.
Hardware 4 years ago

Gigabyte to Launch Geforce GTX 560Ti with WindForce 2X Cooler.

Gigabyte is about to launch its fourth GPU variant of the Geforce GTX 560Ti based on its famous WindForce 2X Cooler.
Hardware 4 years ago

Intel Considers to Ship Liquid Cooling Solutions with Sandy Bridge-E Lineup

Intel has started considering to bundle stock liquid cooling solutions with its upcoming Next Generation Sandy Bridge-E …
Games 4 years ago

Dirt 3 System Requirements Go Official on Steam.

The Official System Requirements for Codemasters "Dirt 3" have been revealed on Steam.
Software 4 years ago

Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread ROM Update Leaked For Samsung Galaxy ACE

Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread ROM Update has been leaked and now available to download.
Games 4 years ago

New Mass Effect 3 Details reveal Characters, Locations and More

Tons of new info of Bioware's upcoming RPG "Mass Effect 3" have been revealed which details new characters, locations an…
Hardware 4 years ago

EVGA Details its P67 Lineup with Updated Prices.

EVGA has revealed its new P67 motherboards lineup which will support the Current Gen LGA 1155 Compatible Sandy Bridge Pr…
Industry 4 years ago

Nintendo’s Project Cafe to be called “Stream”, Technical Details Revea…

IGN just posted tons of new details of Nintendo's Upcoming Project Cafe which include system's estimated pricing, releas…
Hardware 4 years ago

AMD’s Southern Island Based HD 7000 Series Codenames Leaked

Codenames of AMD's upcoming Southern Island based HD 7000 series have been leaked today through a changelog of the HWiNF…
Hardware 4 years ago

Intel’s LGA 2011 Platform will not include 8 Core CPU’s

Another Slide has been leaked by donanimhaber.com which shows that the Intel's Upcoming LGA 2011 Platform (X79) won't co…
Hardware 4 years ago

Intel Roadmap Leak Reveals Sandy Bridge-E Processors

Another Intel roadmap has been leaked which reveals Intel's upcoming Sandy Bridge-E Processors.
Games 4 years ago

Crysis 2 Benchmarking Tool “Adrenaline 2″ Released

Great news for PC gamers and Hardware Enthusiasts as a benchmarking tool called "Adrenaline 2" is now available to ben…






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