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DICE has detailed its upcoming “Back To Karkand” DLC for Battlefield 3 which would release next month. The Back To Karkand Pack would be the first DLC for Battlefield 3 and would feature Four Battlefield 2 map remastered in Frostbite 2 Engine along with a new Gameplay Mode (Conquest Assault mode) and Vehicles/Weapons.


Intel has just released its high end enthusiasts platform Sandy Bridge-E Platform this week which supports the Next Gen Core i7 3000 Series Processors and details have already started to emerge on Intel’s Next Upcoming Enthusiast based platform codenamed Ivy Bridge-E.


Thermaltake, A leading brand in providing vast chassis and thermal solutions for PC is thrilled to announce the global partnership with MSI, the leading international mainboard and graphics card maker, on the joint of a limited sale promotion hosted by MSI. The limited sale promotion offers fanatics Thermaltake Frio Advanced CPU cooler and MSI X79A-GD65 (8D) mainboard as a package. Both items will prepare fanatics for LGA 2011 socket which support the latest Intel’s 2nd generation Core i7 processors.


Kingston, the independent world leader in memory products, today announced a range of HyperX Genesis memory in 8GB, 16GB and 32GB kits to support the new Intel Sandy Bridge-E X79 quad-channel processors and X79 Express-based motherboards. Kingston HyperX Genesis is the perfect solution for enthusiasts who require 4x raw performance increases afforded by quad channel over single channel solutions.


ASUS has started preparing a second ROG (Republic of Gamer) Series Motherboard based on the X79 Chipset “ROG Rampage IV Formula”. ASUS recently revealed its complete X79 based lineup which we detailed here. The Rampage IV Formula would be available for a cheaper price than the Top Tier Rampage IV Extreme but would retain all the essential features for overclocking and enthusiast usage.


Minecraft has gone gold, says the developer of the Sandbox FPS Sensation Markus Persson aka Notch. Minecraft, A Sandbox Block Building game which still isn’t officially released yet has won several awards and sold over 4 Million Copies.


GIGABYTE TECHNOLGY Co. Ltd., a leading manufacturer of motherboards and graphics cards, today announced the launch of its latest X79 Series Motherboard lineup which would feature the LGA 2011 Socket to support Intel’s Sandy Bridge-E Processors. The lineup includes GIGABYTE G1.Assassin 2, GIGABYTE X79-UD7, GIGABYTE X79-UD5 and GIGABYTE X79-UD3.

GD65 8D

MSI, A leading Graphic cards and Motherboard manufacturer today announced the official release of four new motherboards based on  the X79 Chipset, The lineup which includes X79A-GD65 (8D), X79A-GD65, X79A-GD45, and X79MA-GD45 mainboards feature the LGA 2011 Socket which supports Intel’s latest Sandy Bridge-E Processors.


Four new Intel® X79-based LGA 2011 Socket motherboard series have been launched by maker of the world’s best-selling and most innovative motherboards, ASUS. These include the P9X79 Series, ROG Rampage IV Extreme, TUF SABERTOOTH X79, and P9X79 WS.


Corsair, A Leading Memory and high-performance PC components supplier/designer today announced the availability of its new Quad Channel DDR3 Memory Kits specifically designed for Intel’s Latest High End Sandy Bridge-E Platform.


EVGA has announced the launch of its X79 Motherboard lineup which would support Intel’s newly launched Sandy Bridge-E Processors. The lineup includes three new motherboards which are listed and detailed below:

  • EVGA X79 Classified
  • EVGA X79 FTW
  • EVGA X79 SLI

Intel has finally launched its much anticipated High End Sandy Bridge-E Platform with the release of two new Core i7 Processors. Both Processors, Core i7 3960X and Core i7 3930K are supported by the LGA 2011 Socket motherboards featuring the X79 PCH Chipset.


Leading Memory Manufacturer G.Skill today announced the launch of its High End RipjawsZ Quad Channel Memory Kits which are built exclusively for Intel’s X79 Platform. These Super Sized and Super Speed Memory Kits are designed specifically for Intel’s LGA 2011 based Sandy Bridge-E Processors.


AMD Radeon’s Next Gen Southern Island GPU’s release dates have been leaked on Yahoo Finance Forum. According to the release dates, AMD would be launching its High End HD7000 Series graphics cards in January 2012 while the Mobile Discrete chips would be launched in next month in December 2011, AMD also plans to launch a Dual Chip flagship card codenamed HD7990 in March 2012.


It has just been a day since Bethesda’s new Elders Scroll game “Skyrim” was released and it has already got 250,000 concurrent users playing it on Day One of its launch. Scoring a 94/100 on Metacritic  and a handful of positive reviews from major gaming sites such as IGN and PCGamer, Elders Scroll: Skyrim is with a doubt a top game of the year contender for 2011.

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