Syavash Pahore

I am a PC gamer at heart, love strategy/Simulation genre and quality games in general. Also interested and up-to date with all things Android and technology in general.

Gadgets 5 years ago

iPhone 4 antenna band flaw will be fixed by software update soon.

Apple has announced that a software update will fix the Antenna band issue with the iPhone 4
Hardware 5 years ago

MSI reveals new LGA1366 with excellent features and price.

MSI has revealed a new LGA1366 motherboard with excellent features and a relatively low price tag.
Hardware 5 years ago

MSI reveals its newest addition to the netbook market

MSI has revealed the Wind U160DX netbook. Powered by an Atom N455 processor this notebook has up-to 15hours of battery l…
Hardware 5 years ago

NZXT announces new touch sensitive fan controller

NZXT, a company well known for their gamer orientated products has announced the Sentry LXE fan controller.
Hardware 5 years ago

MSI reveals two new motherboards powered by the Lucid Hydra chip

MSI, a well known company in the PC hardware industry, has revealed two new boards that are powered by this chip.
Hardware 5 years ago

Seagate introduces 3TB hard drive

In addition to the existing drives in the GoFlex range, Seagate has revealed a 3TB external hard drive to meet the ever-…
Games 5 years ago

PSN Plus, a paid PSN account with extra features

PlayStation Network Plus, first got announced at E3, however there wasn't much information available about it's benefits…
Gadgets 5 years ago

iPhone 4 hacked, jailbreak with spirit

Although the iPhone 4 has only hit markets a few days earlier, some hackers have already gained access to th phone. Usin…
Gadgets 5 years ago

White iPhone 4 will not be available any time soon.

iPhone 4 white model has been delayed for a month due to manufacturing problems
Gadgets 5 years ago

iPad Theft incidents brewing up in NYC

According to the New York Post, an Apple Store in the city is experiencing theft incidents in bright day light.
Gadgets 5 years ago

iPhone 4 antenna band contact causes dead signals.

The iPhone 4 has a big problem when it comes to the antenna band, this problem is especially a nuisance for the left han…
Hardware 5 years ago

HP’s latest netbook aimed at school children

HP has announced the Mini 100e netbook designed for school children, priced at $299.
Software 5 years ago

Droid X Officially Announced by Verizon

Verizon has officially announced that the Droid X will ship starting 15th July.
Hardware 5 years ago

Lexar reveals Crucial’s latest budget SSD

Crucial's latest 64GB SSD offers great performance for a small price.






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