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Everyone has been waiting restlessly for this time for years now. Microsoft is known for its highly intrusive operating system, Windows, which is used by a vast majority throughout the world. Next in line is Windows 8 which has yet again captivated all the users as this time Microsoft is about to revolutionize the Windows OS. Since the past few months we have been talking about the new features in Windows 8 but there was no official word from Microsoft regarding the first beta version of Windows 8 until today. It’s coming in February 2012 folks!

Update AT&T Moto X to Android 4.4 KitKat

The mobile industry is expanding at a fast pace these days. Every other day new mobile phones are announced on various platforms; let it be the highly popular open source Android or the simplistic Windows Phone. Today a new smartphone was leaked, probably for which you had been waiting for a long time now. Folks it’s Droid 4 by Motorola whose official specs have finally been leaked, given after the break.

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Siri Siri Siri! The recurring word on every magazine, blog and mouths of all tech enthusiasts since October has been gaining a lot of fame since then. Everyone is sublimed by the emerging voice recognition feature in the latest iPhone 4S. It has truly wrecked the ego of Android and Windows Phone owners. Microsoft and Google have already said that it’s nothing new and has been here for a long time and say that it’s just revamped speech recognition and nothing special. To whom should one believe; Microsoft, Google or Apple? Microsoft has claimed that it’s TellMe voice recognition is at par with Siri and now it’s time for you to witness and decide which one’s better.


Looking to spend a hand full of money on your most favorite games which were to expensive to afford? Black Friday is here and now you can afford all of them. Here’s a complete list of games which you can buy from various stores for your PC, PS3, Xbox 36, DS or PSP, courtesy of Hot Blooded Gaming.


asus-transformer-prime-preorder 125x125

The growing trend in today’s gadgets is mostly focused on tablets. Taking place of laptops with their portability and handy usage, tablets are the most desired gadgets these days. Many huge companies such as ASUS, Dell, Samsung, Apple etc have all made alluring tablets which are being upgraded with advanced technology day by day. With the release of Nvidia quad core chip Tegra 3 the future of gadgets has been enlightened and everyone was expecting one soon. Asus wins that race and has already announced Transformer Prime which will be available next month. But here’s the good news, pre-orders have started from today.


Apple has always been one step ahead in technology revolutionizing mobile phones and then the tablets. Now that it has emerged as one of the top notch brand of today’s gadgets, Apple is planning something flabbergasting yet again. With the death of Steve Jobs it was thought that Apple will suffer a lot as they had lost the mind behind everything but luckily the ambition of Steve Jobs is still alive as directed in his biography and it’s time for Tim Cook to fulfill his abandoned dreams. The dream of transforming HDTVs.


Dual-core phones have already invaded the market, gaining a lot of glamour already. Now that Nvidia has unveiled the Tegra 3 chip, quad-core phones are no longer a suspicion. In fact we can expect quad core phones sometime in 2012. Samsung Galaxy SII is a prominent dual-core phone and has been applauded by many tech enthusiasts because of its tantalizing features. How further can mobile technology progress? Well Tegra 3 is a simple answer. But the fact of the matter is will we see a quad core phone as soon as early 2012? Will it be the successor of Samsung Galaxy SII, namely Samsung Galaxy SIII?

nokia lumia 125x125

Nokia Windows Phones are hyped to gust the mobile market with its creative handsets. Last month Nokia showed off their Windows Lumia Phone lineup at Nokia World Conference. Nokia announced Lumia 710 and Lumia 800 windows phones which will be available soon for sale. However, Nokia did not announce the most advanced handset of the lineup, Lumia 900 or Ace which was leaked earlier and hence Lumia 800 remains the top of the line handset. But Nokia Ace is still out there in the wild as it has been leaked accidently by Nokia.

Samsung S5360 Galaxy Y

Samsung, a well-known brand that doesn’t need any introduction when it comes to electronics ranging from house hold appliances to alluring and tantalizing gadgets. The maker of many renowned smartphones such as the Galaxy SII and Omnia, Samsung has also blistered its mid-range phone line with innovative and altruistic cell phones captivating folks from all walks of life.

Samsung holds a major share of Android smartphones available in a broad price range. Holding a powerful marketing strategy Samsung not only addresses geeks and tech lovers with high end smartphones but also looks after the young generation, which are often looking for fairly priced phones. Samsung Galaxy Young or more commonly known as Samsung Galaxy Y is the young counterpart of the majestic Galaxy SII that has specifically being designed to target the youth. A cheap android phone full of exciting features; isn’t that what you want?



iOS 5 has really improved things with its revamped features and most important of all iCloud which has relieved all iOS users by eliminating the need of a PC for backups but that’s not the end as Apple had yet to apply the finishing touch to iCloud with iTunes Match for further accessibility. What is really iTunes match, how does it work and how to get it? Read on to find out.


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 came sprawling on 11/8/2011 and wrecked all the previous records with its huge profitable sales record. While people hardly enjoyed and experienced the superb game play a news broke out from Activision, the developers and brains behind the game regarding something that will once again lead you to a tentative countdown timer.

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Windows Phone is already gaining a lot of users everyday through their unique and simplistic OS. Further innovations from Nokia, HTC and Samsung have increased the intimidation amongst many rivals such as Anroid and iOS platfotms. The fun of Windows Phone OS was boosted by ChevronWP7 Unlock which was made available to public recently in order to install homebrew apps and now Windows Phone users have finally got a homebrew app to reboot their phone.

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After blazing the iPhone 4S, Siri has now been finding its way onto other iDevices. Hackers are working day and night, porting Siri to other devices. They have done it successfully on iPhone 4 and iPod Touch 4G and now the most anticipated of all, the iPhone 3GS port has been successfully completed as well. A sigh of relief for the iPhone 3GS users as they won’t be bothering upgrading to iPhone 4S only for Siri anymore. But does Siri work perfectly on iPhone 3GS? Watch the video after the break.

iphone jailbreak

Playing around with your iDevices on iOS 5 but afraid of letting the device shut down or restart as you are running a tethered jailbreak or haven’t jailbroken your device yet and waiting for an untethered jailbreak? Well we’ve got some good news for you today. Pod2G, a member of chronic dev team today told that he has found a loop hole in iOS 5 that could lead him to an untethered iOS 5 jailbreak, and that he has started to work hard on it.






Going to purchase a new phone and excited to get a windows phone? Well before making any decision you should know that there are some new additions. Samsung just updated their Windows Phone line and Samsung Focus Flash and Samsung Focus S are now available officially in US by AT&T with economical plans.









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