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Lumia 900 Accidentally Leaked by Nokia

Nokia Windows Phones are hyped to gust the mobile market with its creative handsets. Last month Nokia showed off their Windows Lumia Phone lineup at Nokia World Conference. Nokia announced Lumia 710 and Lumia 800 windows phones which will be available soon for sale. However, Nokia did not announce the most advanced handset of the […]

5 years ago 29

Samsung Galaxy Y Review

Samsung, a well-known brand that doesn’t need any introduction when it comes to electronics ranging from house hold appliances to alluring and tantalizing gadgets. The maker of many renowned smartphones such as the Galaxy SII and Omnia, Samsung has also blistered its mid-range phone line with innovative and altruistic cell phones captivating folks from all […]

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Download iTunes 10.5.1 with iTunes Match for Windows and Mac [Direct Links]

iOS 5 has really improved things with its revamped features and most important of all iCloud which has relieved all iOS users by eliminating the need of a PC for backups but that’s not the end as Apple had yet to apply the finishing touch to iCloud with iTunes Match for further accessibility. What is […]

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New Call of Duty Coming in 2012

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 came sprawling on 11/8/2011 and wrecked all the previous records with its huge profitable sales record. While people hardly enjoyed and experienced the superb game play a news broke out from Activision, the developers and brains behind the game regarding something that will once again lead you to a […]

5 years ago 14

Reboot your Windows Phone with this Homebrew App

Windows Phone is already gaining a lot of users everyday through their unique and simplistic OS. Further innovations from Nokia, HTC and Samsung have increased the intimidation amongst many rivals such as Anroid and iOS platfotms. The fun of Windows Phone OS was boosted by ChevronWP7 Unlock which was made available to public recently in […]

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Siri Ported to iPhone 3GS Successfully [Video]

After blazing the iPhone 4S, Siri has now been finding its way onto other iDevices. Hackers are working day and night, porting Siri to other devices. They have done it successfully on iPhone 4 and iPod Touch 4G and now the most anticipated of all, the iPhone 3GS port has been successfully completed as well. […]

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iOS 5 Untethered Jailbreak Coming Soon

Playing around with your iDevices on iOS 5 but afraid of letting the device shut down or restart as you are running a tethered jailbreak or haven’t jailbroken your device yet and waiting for an untethered jailbreak? Well we’ve got some good news for you today. Pod2G, a member of chronic dev team today told […]

5 years ago 9

Samsung Focus S and Flash Officially Up for Sale

Going to purchase a new phone and excited to get a windows phone? Well before making any decision you should know that there are some new additions. Samsung just updated their Windows Phone line and Samsung Focus Flash and Samsung Focus S are now available officially in US by AT&T with economical plans.     […]

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Windows 8 Startup Screen Screenshots Leaked

Perhaps the biggest project under Microsoft these days is that of Windows 8 which is still under development and has held the world restless. Expected to be officially released in summer 2012, many are anxious to know what’s coming in the new version of Windows OS. There are many questions concerning people these days. How […]

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ChevronWP7 Unlock Available Now: Install Homebrew Applications on Windows Phone

The future of smartphones and the main target of many huge companies Windows Phone OS has already raveled the market and has been a favorite for many over time. It has grown rapidly and has attracted many users as well as big companies such as HTC, Dell, Samsung, LG and now the ruler of mobile […]

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iPad 2S in March 2012, iPad 3 in Q3 2012 [Report]

We were about to see a slightly upgraded iPad 2 this year along with the iPhone 4S but unfortunately, we didn’t. Everyone’s expecting a new iPad along with an iPhone next year but according to a report there’s more than that. We will be seeing an iPad 2S and an iPad 3 next year as […]

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Download iOS 5.0.1 Beta and iTunes 10.5.1 Beta 2 for iPhone, iPod and iPad [Direct Links]

There came the iPhone 4 back in June 2010. It was met with sheer enthusiasm as always but then began to irritate the users due to what was later found to be the antenna gate issue. The antenna gate saga continued to roar until Apple finally released a software update to deal with the issue. […]

5 years ago 21

Download Gmail App for iPhone, iPod and iPad [Direct Link]

After bestowing a new look to the web interface of Gmail, Google Reader and others Google has now released an official Gmail App for iPhone, iPod and iPad today with the support of push messages. Don’t want to rely on iOS Mail app then get it on your iDevice now.

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Official Grand Theft Auto V Trailer

After successfully hitting the trilogy on Apple App Store the huge gaming company is all set to release the maestro Grand Theft Auto V or more commonly known as GTA V is soon to make its comeback on Xbox360, PS3 and PC. Rockstar, the developer of GTA and other renowned games today released the trailer […]

5 years ago 25

Get the new Gmail look Now

Google has started to revamp its services, bestowing a better Google+ oriented layout and user interface. Yesterday Google updated Google Reader and today the new look for Google Mail is available for all. You can switch to the new look today which will be forced in the coming weeks so it’s better to start adapting […]

5 years ago 14

Siri successfully ported to iPhone 4 and iPod Touch, connects to Apple’s Servers Now

Want an iPhone 4S? Why? Majority of the people would say in order to enjoy the exclusive voice control feature, Siri. But is it mandatory to get an iPhone 4S for that? Well until yesterday, yes, you definitely required an iPhone 4S as Siri is not available on other iDevices but things have turned around […]

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Early PS3 copy of Modern Warfare 3 Leaked

Battlefield 3 has already hit the shelves while the world is yet to see the official launch of Modern Warfare 3 on 8th November 2011 but something interesting has happened. Someone has got his or her hand on the retail copy of the game on PS3 already and has posted a video showing off the […]

5 years ago 26

Microsoft previews new Xbox Dashboard with Windows Phone Companion App

The Xbox Dashboard update is imminent and still we didn’t see any official detail from Microsoft until yesterday when they demoed the new Xbox dashboard along with Windows Phone companion device which is compatible with the new dashboard at Nokia World, showing off the new design and the perfect UI of the upcoming update.

5 years ago 5

Nokia 900 Ace Specifications Leaked

Too disappointed to see comparatively slower leaked Nokia Lumia 710 and 800 with respect to modern day mobiles? Well here’s something good. Minutes earlier the specifications of Nokia 900 codenamed Ace were also revealed and this one will surely tip you off with its splendid specifications.

5 years ago 9

Nokia Lumia 710 and 800 Specifications and Images Leaked

A big day is coming ahead which will mark the dawning of the sun which has lost its shine over the past years. That’s right folks! Tomorrow is the Nokia World Conference at which we’ll be seeing the once mobile leading company announce a series of new devices which will mark the ‘comeback’ of the […]

5 years ago 10

MacBook Pro Lineup Rejuvenated; Faster CPU, GPU and Larger Storage

A few days earlier Apple invigorated its majestic iPhone line up, releasing iPhone 4S with ecstatic new features, Siri being the most symbolic of all. Today Apple refreshed its MacBook Pro line up, showing off more speedy and powerful MacBooks that will be available today onwards. The Macbook Pros will now have a faster processor […]

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How to take screenshots on any Unlocked Windows Phone 7.x Device

A growing OS which is expected to drastically affect the market-Windows Phone 7.x. It is already available in some cool gadgets from HTC, LG, Dell and Samsung; more are expected to be launched by the once leading mobile company, Nokia, on October 26th at the Nokia World Conference. Meanwhile a lot of people have already […]