Ali Raza

I'm a fervent fan of gadgets and consoles. I love to play sports, action and adventure games on Xbox 360. Beside that I keep myself updated with all the exhilarating news from the world of technology, primarily Android and iOS.

best Black Friday deals on smartphones
5 years ago

Black Friday Game Sale Guide

Looking to spend a hand full of money on your most favorite games which were to expensive to afford? Black Friday is her…
asus-transformer-prime-preorder 125x125
5 years ago

ASUS Transformer Prime now Available for Pre-Order

The growing trend in today’s gadgets is mostly focused on tablets. Taking place of laptops with their portability and …
5 years ago

Apple HDTV to be Launched in mid-2012 [Report]

Apple has always been one step ahead in technology revolutionizing mobile phones and then the tablets. Now that it has e…
5 years ago

Samsung Galaxy SIII in early 2012?

Dual-core phones have already invaded the market, gaining a lot of glamour already. Now that Nvidia has unveiled the Teg…
nokia lumia 125x125
5 years ago

Lumia 900 Accidentally Leaked by Nokia

Nokia Windows Phones are hyped to gust the mobile market with its creative handsets. Last month Nokia showed off their W…
Samsung S5360 Galaxy Y
Review 5 years ago

Samsung Galaxy Y Review

Samsung, a well-known brand that doesn’t need any introduction when it comes to electronics ranging from house hold ap…
fix itunes 12
5 years ago

Download iTunes 10.5.1 with iTunes Match for Windows and Mac [Direct Links]

iOS 5 has really improved things with its revamped features and most important of all iCloud which has relieved all iOS …
5 years ago

New Call of Duty Coming in 2012

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 came sprawling on 11/8/2011 and wrecked all the previous records with its huge profitable…
5 years ago

Reboot your Windows Phone with this Homebrew App

Windows Phone is already gaining a lot of users everyday through their unique and simplistic OS. Further innovations fro…
Siri logo
5 years ago

Siri Ported to iPhone 3GS Successfully [Video]

After blazing the iPhone 4S, Siri has now been finding its way onto other iDevices. Hackers are working day and night, p…
iphone jailbreak
5 years ago

iOS 5 Untethered Jailbreak Coming Soon

Playing around with your iDevices on iOS 5 but afraid of letting the device shut down or restart as you are running a te…
5 years ago

Samsung Focus S and Flash Officially Up for Sale

Going to purchase a new phone and excited to get a windows phone? Well before making any decision you should know that t…
5 years ago

Windows 8 Startup Screen Screenshots Leaked

Perhaps the biggest project under Microsoft these days is that of Windows 8 which is still under development and has hel…
5 years ago

ChevronWP7 Unlock Available Now: Install Homebrew Applications on Windows Phone

The future of smartphones and the main target of many huge companies Windows Phone OS has already raveled the market and…
apple logo
5 years ago

iPad 2S in March 2012, iPad 3 in Q3 2012 [Report]

We were about to see a slightly upgraded iPad 2 this year along with the iPhone 4S but unfortunately, we didn’t. Every…
5 years ago

Download iOS 5.0.1 Beta and iTunes 10.5.1 Beta 2 for iPhone, iPod and iPad [Direct Links…

There came the iPhone 4 back in June 2010. It was met with sheer enthusiasm as always but then began to irritate the use…
5 years ago

Download Gmail App for iPhone, iPod and iPad [Direct Link]

After bestowing a new look to the web interface of Gmail, Google Reader and others Google has now released an official G…
5 years ago

Official Grand Theft Auto V Trailer

After successfully hitting the trilogy on Apple App Store the huge gaming company is all set to release the maestro Gran…



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