Omer Saleem

Gadgets 5 years ago

iPhone OS 4.0 Now with Multitasking… Old Clothes, New Brand Name

For now, I am disappointed! On the other hand, it is a never ending war and there will never be an end to it.
HardwareIndustry 5 years ago

Apple 7 inch iPad mini arriving in 2011

According to Digitimes senior analyst Mingchi Kuo Apple is planning to launch Apple iPad mini in first quarter of 2011.
Software 5 years ago

Google Earth For DROID Available Now

Google has released Google Earth for Verizon DROID.
GeneralIndustry 5 years ago

HTC Dual Screen Smartphone/Notebook

HTC Corp is best known for producing smartphones running the Android and Windows Mobile operating systems for themselves…
Software 5 years ago

Sprint HTC EVO coming on June13th 2010

We all are eagerly waiting for shining black knight powered by Android OS
Industry 5 years ago

Microsoft Windows 7 Service Pack 1 Beta Leaked

After a successful launch of windows 7 Microsoft released windows 7 beta service pack 1.
IndustrySoftware 5 years ago

HTC Legend Sense UI Video

2010 Will Be a Great Year for HTC
HardwareIndustry 5 years ago

Sprint Samsung Moment 2 ( Leaked Pictures )

Sprint is going o launch their first Android 2.1 handset Samsung Moment 2 aka the SPH-M910.
Hardware 5 years ago

World’s First Android Based HDTV

A Swedish based company launches world's first Android based TV.
Gadgets 5 years ago

Apple iPhone 4.0 Preview Event on April 8th 10AM PT

It's only three day's away so keeping in view the secrecy Apple had on this OS, it must be big.
Hardware 5 years ago

Nokia N900 Overclocked to 1.0GHz

Nokia N900 has been successfully pushed to achieve 1.0GHz speed.
GadgetsSoftware 5 years ago

Apple A4 Vs Qualcomm Snapdragon CPU Showdown

We have all heard each company claiming its processor to be the best but who is the real winner here. Details from bench…
Gadgets 5 years ago

iPad Spirit Jailbreak by MuscleNerd

MuscleNerd, a well respected Apple iPhone Jailbreaker has claimed in a video release to have Jailbroken the latest iPad.
Industry 5 years ago

Microsoft Removes “Series” From Windows Phone 7 Series

It will not be called Windows Phone 7 and previously added Series at the end has been removed by Microsoft as commented …
Hardware 5 years ago

HP and Dell to Reduce Investment for 10-inch Netbooks

It was bound to happen one day as the competition is growing in the Netbook market due to entry of mass production by AS…






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